The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1890
Page 4
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Nd. 13 Elttot (ros StPfttil ft .... 14 8:30 pm . .4:10 p m Elttwre"pM8.13t30 p m «:B6 a M Des Moln«8 ft 7:3S p m &A. Clock 'ft wtt&ifewfiiitt. fASt MAIL LISfi with waotric lighted and steam heated vestlbulsd trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TKAKS-CONWKENtAL JftOUTE Wlth'elec- Omftha, or Si GREAT NATIONAL tt go, Kansas City, am' : between Chtca- oSeph, Mo. 5700 MILES OP ROAD reaching all principal points in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. . Fo* mass, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc., apply to the nearest station agetit of the Chicago; Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or to any raflway agent anywhere In the world. A. V. H, CARPENTER. General Passenger and Ticket Agent ROSWEbL MILLER, General Manager. ^-For Information In reference to lands and towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. O. Hangen, land commissioner, OMcngo, 111. THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most Important cities and towns In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Tho train service IB carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through aud local travel, and includes FAST VESTIBULED TEAINS qt dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAtJl, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, _____ AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change, COLONIST SLEEPERS C hlcngo to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free Reclining Chair Cam from Chicago to Denver, via Council D. and Omaha. For time ot trains, tickets, and all Information. apply to station agents ot the Chicago A Northwestern railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. .: W. A. THRALL, 'General Passenger and Ticket Agent W. P. NEWMAN, J. M. WHITMAN. Third Vice-pros. Qen'l Manager. Jndigestion IS not only a distressing complaint, of 1 Itself, but, by causing the blood to become depraved and the system enfeebled, is the parent of Innumerable maladies. That Ayer's Sarsaparllla is the beat cure for Indigestion, even when complicated with Liver Complaint, Is proved by the following testimony from Mrs. Joseph Lake, of Brockway Centre, Mich.: — "Liver complaint and Indigestion made ray life a burden and came near ending my existence. For moro than klnils of fund dlstrcssud me, anil only tlm most dcllcato could bo digested at. ni;. Within the time mentioned several nli.vMri:uM treated 1110 without giving relief. Nutlilmr, that I took seemed to do any permanent good until I commenced the USD of A\vr'» Sarxaparllla, which lias prutlucinl wonderful results. Soon nftor poiiiinnnciiig to take the Sarsapa- rllla I coulil see an improvement In my condition. My appetite lie"au to return anil with it camu tho ability to digest all the food taken, my strength Improved each day, anil after a few months of faithful atlcntlon to your directions. I found myself a well \vomnii, able to attend to ull household ilutiiiH. The medicine lias given me a new lease of life." Ayer's Sarsaparilla, „ „ you like Harrison township The board ftsed the countj attorney'a ealftry at$800aycar for the next two years. A flower plant used at the school exorcises is unclaimed and is at M. t). Bailey's. D. B. Atey's fathet-in-law is he*e to stay, and is building ft house west of D. H. Btatchins', TheTermant house believes in the efficacy of new .paint. Painting is getting to be epidemic in town. The Catholic ladles Will serve ice dream and lemonade next door to the Mnk on the Fourth. All are invited. The Corwith Crescent notes the marriage at that place of Jos. Cosgroye of Wesley and Emma Johnson of Algona. Recent marriage licenses are issued toRobt. Lane and Bertha T. Isen- bereer, Hiram Raymond and Luolla Surface. We heaf that 80 kegs ot " original package" were ordered from one locality In the county to be here for the Fourth. James Stacy is building a new house, which ho will occupy hereafter, tend call his home, for 1890. Another improvement Geo, C. Call and M. Stephens went to SioUx City with the delegates to the state convention, and took in the prci* ceedings. Col. Spencer has sold a couple of full blood Jersey bulls, one to Wm. Shrouf e in Plum Creek, and one to Mr. Thornton in Cresco. A- brother of Robt. Stephenson has torn down an old building on west state street, and will build a big barn on the back of the lot. Herman Rantzow's little child hit its arm on its buggy wheel last week, and put its elbow out of joint. It is getting on all right. Ella June Meado, the vocalist and personator, Lu B. Cake, the poet wit, in original songs and Characters. The date will be given later. There was a little irony in naming Judge Cook's township "Harrison." The judge will probably odd a dollar an acre to his big stock farm. The first tile and brick mode by our new factory are being put in the kiln (or burning. In a couple of weeks the county will see some Algona tile Pat. Ktiln was a pleasant caller yesterday. He is one of the county's " cattle kings" and says tho prospect for stock is pretty good this year. After organizing another alliance in Union township, Mr. Ploughman went home yesterday to remain this week. He will return and finish tho county soon. D. A. Duitnmn was up from Lu Verne Monday. He says a, Britt man opened an original package shop that day. This is tho first wo know of in tho county. Old Mr. Sessions is out again after his paralytic stroke. The only bad effect he feels now is a numbness in his thumb and forefinger, weakened a little. besides being Tho interior of tho postofflce is much improved by the new paper that has been put on the walls. The postmaster should wear a plug hat to keep up with tho procession. C. D. Pettibone has been saving specimens of the various strata of soil in the town well and intends to put them together to exhibit the character of the earth under us. Fred Watorhouse was in Corwith last week, and reports that he ran into the largest soldiers' gathering he bos seen lately. They were holding a big reunion and indulging in a bean supper, C. H. Blossom says that he is making more butter than a year ago. With the number of new creameries starting up, this shows a big gain in our butter making, continue. Prices aro low, and will so Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Man. Pll:u $1 ; »i< botlite, $5. Worth $& » bottle. The joke is on our old friend Addison Fisher. He was a delegate to the state convention, and spent a day in Algona waiting for the train, and then missed it when it went through. He did not visit Sioux City. Dr. Lacy, tho editor in chief of the Lu Verne News, was up Monday, and made a call at this office. His mind is still bandaged, but ho thinks he will not lose any fingers as a result of his accident in the job press. Wesley came over to tho board to get $200 paid on account of tho scarlet fever quarantine. The county attorney looked up the law, and found that in such cases the township had to boar tho expense, ing. and the county was out noth- |HE Grain-Saving, Tir.-.r.-S: ing, Money-Saving 'riiict!,;! of this day and age. . |AS More Points of Exclusive Superiority than all others combined. (VERY Thresherman and Farmer is delighted with itu marvelous work, OT only Superior for all of Drain, but the only successful handler of all Seeds. JNTIRE Threthlng Expenten (often 3 to 5 times that amount) made by extra Grain Saved. WORKMANSHIP, Material, and Finish beyond all comparison, [IBRATOR owners get the best jobs and make the most Money. INCOMPARABLE for simplicity, Efficiency, and Durability. JEYOND oil rivalry for Rapid Work, Perfect Cleaning, and for Saving Grain. JEQUIRESno attachments or rebuilding to change from u i am to Seeds. BROAD and ample Warranty L'iv.m en t>U out machinery. ".ACTION Engines Unrivaled in Material, Safety, Power fcnJ Pi.r-bility. U' 3 . rv.i.vhk-t giving full in- fwinna'.ion, sent Free. It tells ubout this yrcat EVOLUTION in Threshing Machinery. Send for parn- phUt. Address • .'-• ••. SHEPARO BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN. Tho flag to be given to the township showing the most teams in the proces slon Friday is in the postofflco, and is a handsome banner. There is no fake about this flag. Some township will have a good one for its own uso hereafter. Our state delegates took a prominent part in tho doings at Sioux City, and supported the winning men with the exception of Mr. Lyons. They wanted Mr. McCarthy, who helped so ably in our normal school contest, but the fates wore against him, J. B. Jones and tho county have sot a contagious example over on Thorington street. Wo hear that the cigar factory, Geo. C. Call and others will soon have painters at work freshening up that part of tho city. New paint don't mako a town, but it does help its appearance. It is now settled that company F will go into camp at Spirit Lake August 16 with tho other companies of the Oth regiment. The full regiment of regulars at Omaha will camp with them. Spirit Lake is one of the handsomest spots in Iowa, and tho boys are to bo congratulated on their luck In camping there. Sorter, tho cigar man who was arrested lost week by the sheriff, was taken by a deputy who came from Plattsmouth, Neb. lie was wanted on a charge of seduction, and said before leaving that he intended to get .out of difficulty by marrying the girl. He expects to return to Algona und go to work again. An important improvement soon to bo made is the addition of a now front to F, S. Stough's boot and shoe store. Peter Purvis has the wood work done, and the glass is ordered. Tho whole front of the building will bo ronovutod, large windows put in, and a chango intuit) that will be greatly to tho credit of stuto street. Lot tho good work go on. President Harrison is sure of fame. The board made a new township of the J,aa*v$ Matter-, arid «fg- „ v&$ tfefc *etl6 of early County histoi'y, and that totte 0 the people may know something about It. Through the kindness o! Col. Com stoolt and other members of a forme" f? reading circle ia AlgOna, the Algona reading room has come into possession of a number of copies of the Popular Science Monthly, the Bdlnburg Beview the Nifteteeftth ^Century^aiid the Noi-th American Review. These r" valuable periodicals and the thanks o the ladles ot the reading room asaooia tlon are due to those who so kindly donated the magazines. The fireworks committee tested thi outfit received for the Fourth Monday evening, and everything shootfl as recommended. The rockets are the largest ever brought to Algona, and while the display will not be extravagant, the pieces will be hovel am beautiful. The Japanese bomb shells which explode in the air, have nevet been brought to this section before, am If the wind is low the ballous carryini fireworks will be very beautiful. I*. M. Taylor calls our attention to the case of Miss Louisa Steinman, a deaf and dumb girl of nineteen year who has lately come to Algona wit! her family. She has been educated a the Jacksonville, 111., school where she learned plain and fancy sewing, and she Is prepared to do any work in her lino for those -who desire her services. He case is one meriting the consideration of all, aud we take measure In giving this notice. Any having work In he line can confer a favor that will be appreciated by securing her. It is easy to be cute at the expense o other people's feelings or reputation But the paper that don't stand up fo its own town and its own people wil never be cute enough to pay its way The towns ^vhich get ahead are th ones that do not let personal spite interfere with united work for on< object, and the papers that represen such towns are the ones that encouragi a friendly feeling of co-operation, an let little personal feelings alone. Thli bit of sound philosophy has aloca bearing not only in Algona, but In th county as well. J. E. Paul is in town again af to spending the spring in fishing In Stive and Iowa lakes. He says he and hi companions have taken out over8,OCK pounds of fish with a hook this season and put them on the market. For week past the work has not been profll able, as It has cost too much to keo the moat. The report that he wa using a seine he says is untrue, am cost him some trouble, as parties ther came over to investigate and stop hi further use of the lakes. After satisfy ing themselves he had no furthe trouble. His best catch was 67 pickere In ono day averaging over two pound apiece. The steam pump was applied to th town well Monday, the engine whlstlec a crowd of sagacious witnesses gatherec the word was given and tho machiner was sot In motion. Tho water ra awhile at a great rate—some say 1,40 barrels a day—and It that the supply would seemed llkol be. exhausted but suddenly something happened, an tho pump was out of fix. There was four feet of water to begin with and a at end of two hours it had been lowere 18 inches. But as soon as the pumpin stopped it rose again at onco, and thor it stands. Mr. Stephens says it can no be pumped out, and as the sand get into the valve In this pump, it is no likely it can be now. He thinks ther is a permanent supply of water. D. H. Hutchins, when, ho came from California three years ago, brough over some seed of alfalfa, tho grass e prolific in that country. Ho sowed i on a barren piece of ground west of hi house, and there it has survived tw winters and is now in a- flourishing con dition. purple It smells like clover, and has blossom shaped like a clove blossom. Tho stem is tougher tha clover, the grass grows higher, is mor luxuriant, and grows faster. In Cal fornia they cut tho crop as high as six and seven times a year getting from on to two tons of hay each time to the acre Hero Mr. Hutchins thinks it could be cut three times. If it will stand th winter here, there can be no doubt tha it would bo well worth trying, an many will watch the little patch o Mr. Hutchins' lot with curiosity. A falfa may provo a valuable product fo this country. PERSONAL MENTION. H. K. Hoss was in Des Moincs o business over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lan Sessions havo gon to Wisconsin for a short visit. Ole Neeling came down from Minm apolis on a short visit last week. H Is well pleased with city life. Miss Blanche Bishop of Arcadii Wis., arrived hero last evening, and : the guest of Mrs. R. B. Warren. Miss Gertrude Clarke is home from St. Mary's for her summer vacatlo after a very pleasant term of school. J. H. Hawkins was up from De Molnes last weok fixing up a title t tho farm owned by Mr. Lewis south town. Mrs. Willis Hallock is visiting rela tlves and friends at her old homo i Illinois. Mr. Hallock went to Eagl Grove to seo her off. Glen. Brunson came homo from Ch: cago Monday. Ho has been playing 1 bands in that country, and thinks h will return before long, Dr. McCoy's family aro enji visit from a nephew, Mr. " Madison. Ho is a student in • t~t .cUoy o tho Wis north called two thirds of Greenwood, and it Harrison. As half tho members aro democrats, tho result allows their confidence in the present head of our national affairs. Let Harrison township now come down and win tho Fourth of July banner and begin itu glorious career. C. F. Bukor, who has boon toaohiug near Wesley, has an interesting question before him. On account of scarlet fever his school was closed for somo time, and the board refuse to pay him. It is the same trouble UM was ny hi had in dUITDALL & OARFIELD *=" / Star Spring Bed U ACS beta awarded premiums at eighteen ttla efi<>. wposllloiis and gold irtedal at ton- or elasticity, strength, auiT tf -iiiy. U excel* lhlug (nthlullne now wtunt. They ulnodo furniture Repairing sod Upholstering Iftfto.ww' ^f$ ¥ $ »Wfi»- IM vi «MS'i went of I \f authorised collector (pr Ui| 8 gr ttl Swea last winter. Tho teachers there got their pay finally, but the Wesley board want the matter tested and propose to huve tho law on it. Olof Johnson secured his sugar cano outflt while in HOOU huvo it sot up. Mollies, and will Ho bought u much consin university, and off for a vacatlo visit. Geo. Glennan, lato manager of th John Paul lumber yard, has been in town the past week on a visit. Hi many friends have given him a hearty grooting. Thos. McDermot IB home from th stuto university whore bo has spent tho past three years. Ho expects now t go back and take the law course nox fall. Ho has been one of tho bos students in tho university, Willie Straw, the boy who has-been visiting at. Geo. E. Clarke's, starlet for his homo in Gullford, Maine, las Friday. Ho has spent several years in Algona and mado many friends amonf the young people, who will regret tha he is not to live hero permanently, It is now Dr. Geo. W. Ingham, as diploma from the Michigan state mil versity testifies. Ho returned Frlclit; evening to Algona and will spend 1 short vacation before deciding on u final location for practice. With this year ho completed a very rigid throe year's course in medicine, F. S. Stough and B. A, Myors won: up to the depot one morning lost week to go west for a fishing trip. Tho train was lato and so they took tho one goint oust, and got off ut Clear Lake. They fished ull day und did not get a bite, This report wo uro glad to publish, bo cuuso there is un air of probability und truthfulness ubout it, that will commend it. Spovlul OrUcr for July \ . Tho uso of fireworks and other explosives is positively prohibited during Ihe passage of tho procession ovor any portion of the city on July 4, und ull persono are requested to use caution In the discharge of fireworks ut all times during the day. This ordor is for the safety of tho spectod. public and must be re- J, R. JONES, Mayor. larger machlno than ho at first intended and can grind out sweet enough to keep tho whole county good uutured. Ho bus nine uores of cuno on tho flat north o( tho water mill, and suya thoro is ubout 100 acres in the county. Ho will put tho mill uour his field of cane. Tho extent of Algona 's business was illustrated liwt week by uu order which came to Frank Nicoulin Irooj T, V. Robinson in Minneapolis for u buggy to bo shipped from hero. This ia the second wagon he has sent to Minneapolis. In speaking of the rnuttor ho says be bus spld buggies to ull the railway men uloug the Milwaukee line to Prairie '' '' wept- , ing local compotiUon. A ouriop ftjd, H.ea,th,'» is Till:! First National bank will be open from 8 to 10 o'clock u. m., July 4. SUE Matson, McCall & C'O.'H Fourth of July bats. Tho prices on them uro way down, very low. THE Bcnbuin residence is tor rent. Inquire of Mrs. N. B. Beuhaiu, at tho pluce.-14ta _ I HAVE the finest lino ol children's shoes in town. P. S. Stough. ON July 4 drink ice water out of tho red barrel, und V>uy 'your groceries at tho Cash Stove. roy *g and $8,25 Witt &M^T%e_PrelMffr Sale 6f th« fbtindfy—fhft Carnp MeSttrig to Class today—5iH Military Cort- psny-tither Locals. The complete arrangements for the Fourth have been perfected, and Algona will be in gala day attire Friday. fh6 programme as published will be carried out. A salute of 100 guns a( sunrise opens the day. At 9:46 the procession forms opposite the cour house, and inarches to the grounds in Call's park. Two fine bands of music will be Oh hftfid, Compabjr F Will head the procession, floats with girls repre seating the states, and Other attrac tions will be displayed. To the town ship making the largest showing of teams, the fine banner how on exhlbi tlon will be presented. At the park the exercises will con sisfc of mtiBlcby a chorus, invocation by Rev. Whitfield, reading of the delaro- tion by S. Mayne, and an ofatiott by A L. Hudson. These will be followed b; a basket picnic. Music will be furnished by the bands during the afternoon and evening, ntu at early dusk some very beautiful fireworks will be displayed, The pro- gramme presents a very pleasant day's entertainment, The exercises will not be long drawn out, and what is given will be the best. It is needless to assure our readers that Mr, Hudson's oration will be as fine as any given in Iowa, and the music and other features will be fully equal to the occasion. THE RACES. Entries for the races on the Fourth close today, and enough are insured to make the nest-contested trials over seen on the race track. There are fivi horses here from Chicago, and others from all parts of the country, Tlu charges for admission to the. track wil be 86 cents for adults and 16 cents foi children under 16 years. Admission for teams will be 86 cents. SHOOTING AND BOWERY DANOB. There will be a shoot at tho ground on the morning of tho Fourth from 7 tc 9 o'clock. In the evening there will be a bowery dance at the old skating rink There will be no dramatic entertain ment, as the Wesley company couli not bis here. _____ A Now Deal at the Foundry. Somo recent changes have put W B. Spencer, our old court reporter in possession of the foundry. Thatinstltu tlon has been badly managed, and its proprietors havo hod bad luck. Mr Baum, who was to put new life into th concern, departed a week ago rathe suddenly, and as he had borrowed Spencer, ho gave a bill of sale of hi share, and we learn that tho latter has since bought up the other claim stand ing against a clear title. Mr. Baum i in Dakota with the well dlglng machine lately made hero, and has contracts fo putting In five 000 foot wells at $2 foot. This is certainly profitable, an there Is no reason why he should no be able to clear up his financial affairs before he leaves for good. That ther is a good field hero for a foundry no on has doubted. With good managcnion It could be made to pay well, and th plant hero is an excellent one. / factory for a dozen kinds of implomont could be successfully established, am there is no reason why tho concern should not bo taken by somo ono wh desires a good opening. As a result o Mr. Spencer's getting possession w hope that something will bo done tc put the institution on a good business basis. A Full Voiced RGllglouB Mooting. The F.reo Methodists havo boon con ducting a rousing camp meeting 1 Call's grove the post week. They hav a big audience tent, and besides ther are 14 living tents all full to 'overflow ing. There are somo 75 visltlni brethren Including tho preachers Rev. V. A. Dako and wife of Chicag aro the evangelists, and havo arrouse groat enthusiasm. Among the pastors are Rev. Sumner, presiding elder the Algona district; Rov. Long, loca pastor; Rev. Wolcott of Hebron, Minn. Rev. Cooke of Ruthvon, Rov. Ray o Peterson, Rev. Anderson of Armstrong Rov. Kane of Wlnnobago City, Rev Sutton of Wells, Minn. Monday Mrs Kate Shemeld, for five years a mission ary in Africa, delivered an address Sunday a contribution of $05 was take up to pay expenses, and as that ind; cates, the meeting is considered a grea success. Rev. Sumnor in speaking o it says tho members feel under obliga tions to Algona peoplo for tho good bo havlor that has attended their meeting and also for tho interest manfestcc They will close this evening. Tlio Military Company, As the time of tho encampment draw near it is proper to cull attention to th fact that the town has thus far don nothing towards maintaining Compan F, and that Col. Boutin has numerou anxious applicants for a company wh are willing to put up money to get 11 and that at least ono company has boo disbanded because tho citizens hav taken on interest in it. Algona shoul certainly do something to show Its ap preoiatlon of having such an organization, for we believe it is a great advan tago to the town. To say nothing o the exorcise and training ft affords th young men, a well drilled company is fine addition to all parades, and is standing advertisement. Having company will give some 60 of tho boys u week's drill at Spirit Lake this year a no expense to themselves. But koep ing un armory, furnishing fuel, etc. costs money each year, besides buyini uniforms, und part of this the towi ought to be willing to bear. We bo liove the city should furnish un armor freo of rent. That is as little us is don in ull other places, and if huving thi company is not worth that it Is no worth anything. • Now Fnrmoi-u' Alliances, During tho past week several now nlllances huvo boon organized in thi county, and they now number ten in all Mr. Plowman, who is doing the work has gone homo to visit during tho Fourth, but will return und get many townships interested as possible Tho latest organizations are as follows Fonton, J. M. Moore, president; Edna Tibbetts, vice-president; J. L. Blunt secretary; und Fred Dehnert, treasurer Block Cat: F, A, Ames, president, A H. Nufus, vice-president; Chus, Hunnu secretary; and Thos. Hanna treasurer. This alliance stands out with 21 ohartot members. Tlio Good Templars' Convention, The convention of Good Templars held last Friday, though not largely attended, was a very interesting moot- ng, thoro being present delegates from Britt, Bancroft, Wosley, and Whltte- moro. W. W. Walton of Bancroft was appointed chairman. Goo. E. Bluokford secretary, und Miss Bertha Goetsch ol Whittomoro, assistant secretary. The >rinoipul subject under consideration being "County Organization," and it was finally agreed to unite tho lodges if the county in. u county convention. On motion it was decided to allow odges in tho adjacent counties u seat in /he convention. Next followed election of officers with the following result: ?. L. Cotton of Whittemore, a T; Mrs. T, H. Connors of Algona, V. T.; Mr. Skinner of Bancroft, Sooty.; Miss C. Junsmoro of Britt, T.; Rev. Ward of Sanoroft, Chap.; 0. G. Wright of West Jend, M.; W. McDonald of Burt, S.; MSB A. Moore of Fonton, G.: Pr. Gar- jeld of Algonu, P. C. T.; Mrs. Hoteling of Whittoinore, S. J. T. Whittemoro was soleote< .., v , ,„ „ - Oted us the place or holding the next meeting of the, convention. Several important items f business were then transacted, after •hleh tho meeting closed sine die. YUore tjie "yunny item*" c'ome (row, Wo elip the following from tho Tovvo Huuto, I«d., Express n,ot «o much be- it m eWfffieB: «So fdu «»u. «, , SftSBB the.JleVeme.ffm 36 „._ •""raltis? Well, to e>el61e fiakeB the ife fly,- ttte blacksmith makes tho fife fly, the Cftrpferiter makeS the Saw fly, the driver make! the horse fly, the grocer makes the Sand fly, the boarder makes the butter fly, and {f that is hot enough for yea, y'ou will hate to pursue yciur studies in entymolgj alohe." tfti* BenofHinntod. W. B. Quarton represented Kossuth county at tblfe yesterday at the judicl al convention. Judge Carr Was unani mously nominated to succeed hlrneet' amidst great enthusiasm, and the dell gates adjourned. B. H, Clarke was chosen committeeman for this count; for the coming year. A Sad Drowning. Charles Fisher, brother of our schoo teacher, Miss Bessie Fisher, and son o a former Lu Verne business man, was drowned at Webster City last Satur day. He was swimming hear the dam ind waded into a swift current, and be Ing a poor swimmer, was carried down He was 19 years of age, and his deatl is a sad blow to his relatives. Recent Arrivals. A fine boy put in an appearance a the home of Rev. and Mrs. Davidson this morning, and that household in dulges in the regulation amount of happiness In consequence. At Peter Larson's they offset the above With a bouncing girl—same age All are doing nicely. llonl Estate Transfers. Following are the important transfer of real estate in Kossuth county, fut Dished this paper by C, M. DOXBOO, ab stracter of titles, and real estate ageni for month ending June 27: Callanan & Bavery to Fred Klnnotz, warranty, ehf BW l!i-»,88 1 Albert Kuhn to T F Cooke, deed, w hf se 14-100.77,11 hf BW se BW SO, w hf nw 33100, Si... Callanan & Bavery and wives warranty to L A Anderson, n htsoO-BO, 30...... W H L Stout to F Smith, warranty, BW 13100, 28 1,600 Owen P Miles to Herman Wehrspun warranty, ne 18-96, 80 8,060 N B L & T Co. to Jabob German, warranty, shfhw 80-90,117.......... gr Oeo Ivey to Geo M Prlchard, warranty, ehf, swse 10-M, 80 W Wm Shaw Adamson and wife to C Luthl warranty, BW sel»-W, 30 66C S Mover to P R Crone, warranty, land In Edwin' easier' to' Adoiph' Clarke',' quit claim, nw 10-96, S7 J C Hockart and wife to Thos A Way, warranty, BW 85-OB, 88 3,801 O K Miles to A Zumach, warranty, se 496,30 .I j 1,400 Callanan & Bavery to Oscar Cooley, war- rantyshtse 1-U6, 98 68C Jas Quick and wife to Henry Qoscho, warranty, nw 11-100,87 1,600 B F Rood and wife to O Dyson, warranty 1 acre In so nw 84-06,811 J K O Sherwood and wife to S E Hart, and 0 F Pllcher, warranty BW S1-.IOO, 87 1,380 J R Armstrong aud wife to A R Bush, warranty, BW ne 36-95,88 401 John A Robertson to John Drown, quit claim, sw w hf «o 17-91, 27 1,700 Wm H Nycum to Harm Aalfs, warranty 8039-95,80.... 8,400 Qeo W Eastman and wife to Jacob Llch- telg, warranty, s hf uw 89-05, Hi Lewis Russ trustee to Peter Hanson, s hf so 11-96, 87 First National bank to Henry Brass, warranty, B hf nw 15-06,29 F and F P Butler to W F Miller, warranty, all 17-1M, 89 16,001 S O Warner and husband to Conrad Johnson,'warranty, u hf nw 11-97,89... 1,09 E O Brown to L E Jones, warranty, no 4-94,87 1,10 Jesse Tyson and wife to Emll Holtz, warranty, nwS4-IOO, 87 Rosallna Krauso and husband to F Lclb warranty, so ue 3.VW, 30 F White and wlfo to FV Ilohiton, warranty, e hf 18-100, 88 3,801 J T Fox and wife to O F Vandechten, warranty, w hf w hf 35-94, 89 1,030 Chas E Buck and wlfo to M L Porklna, warranty, nw 83-95, 30 60 May R Lacy etal to Henry E Stoakcs, warranty, sw 36-94, 87 I,MC Sarrli F Mattocks to Peter Rowley, warranty, ehf nw 31-100,87 Same to G W Pangburn, warranty, n hf nw 81-100,87 Herman Schrajder to Wm Schroader, warranty, w hf nw 33-97. 27 700 Gustave wudtko to Luis Split, warranty, nw 34-100,87 1,601 F V HoUton to Leila Holaton, warranty, ehf 23-100, 88 3,80 D A Buell and wlfo to Salem society M E church, warranty, s 150 feet out of lot 3 Hurt Iowa 800 A A Call and wife to Phebe A Webster, warranty, lot 5 blk 1 Call's B add to Bancroft Laura M Sanders and husband to E Perry Fox, warranty, part lot 3 blk 3 Call's add to Wesley 601 M L Clarke and wife to B E Colo, warranty, lot 4 blk S5 Call's add to Algona 1 D S Ford and wlfo to J M Conistoclt, quit 47 claim, lota a, 4,7,8, blk M Algona A A Call and wife to F N Miller, warranty, lots 1, a, blk 68, All T M Lanean and wife ary 3 Clarke, warranty, lots 6, a. blk 51, Algona 9,OC Oeo C Call to A D Clarke, warranty, blk 87, lots 1,2,3, 6, 7, 8, blk 181, Call's add.. L 3 DeGraw to Bertha Goetach, warranty, lot 0, blk 8, Whittomore. r PLa " — ' J F Lacy and wife to W H Lacy, warrau- ty, und X a 5-6 lots 5, 6, and all 7, bikini, Algona BHfttler and wife to John E Martin, warranty, out lot 1, and lots 1, 2. 11, 13, blk 10, Whlttemore Homer A Latta to H K Hose, warranty, lots 6, 7, 8, blk 8, Algonil 10.5C Forty-eight transfers—consideration.... K7V, 1 Tho "NVcoIC'B Meetings. The monthly covenant meeting wl bo hold at the Baptist church nox Saturday, The Baptist pastor will speak ngal on "Christian Temperance" next Sun day evening. Regular communion at theCongrega tlomu church next Sunday morning Preparatory lecture, Saturday 8 p. n On Sunday morning at St. Thomas mission the pastor will continue h series of addresses on t ho Episcopa Church, subject, "Tho Church Idea.' On Saturday afternoon, July 6, a ladies interested are requested to moo at tho reading room for the purpose o considering the matter of puvolinsln books. An ecclesiastical council will meet a Whittomoro next week Thursday, tc recognize the newly organized Baptis church. A Sunday school convontlo follows tho next day. The Baptist society will servo ro froshmonts in tho Parish restauram near tho Grange store, on July '_. Lunch, 15 cents, with coffee und tea Ice cream and lemonade will also be served. Also lunch, cream and etc, at the grounds, Tho Show of All Now Features, Thla may with Puritan precision bo sal of tho Rlngllng Brothers' United Monsto Railroad Circus, Museum, und Menugerlo tho enormous institution which exhibits a Algona, Saturday, July 19. With regard b detail may It also bo observed that thl groat show possesses more actual groa features than any other of tho few big rail roadshows. Among tho lists of their cit CUB and hippodrome nrtlsU wo find th names of tho most celebrated riders, gym ousts, acrobats, aorlaltsts, choriotters, etc. among them Mile. Julia Lowuudo, th world-famous Brazilian lady rider; Ed ward Shipp, tho great four and slx-hors equestrian; La Hole Bros., tho flying meu of the air; Andrew Gaffnoy, "tho old oak;' tho Ash tons, tho Japanese performers; thi Arab horsemen, and scores of others. The rreut double menagerie wo find wonder fully complete, In fact a perfect hmovutloi to all lovers of natural history. The won ster hippopotamus, tho amphibious bovo UPBUS ; tho only genuine African zebras the -umbrella-cared elephant, the baby clo phuut, tho clown elephant, the giunt olo >hunt Babylon, beside the enormous eolloc- ,lous of other caged and uncaged animals constitute a zoological collection that can not bo equaled by any other management und In which the managers seoin to have actually outriugliugod tho Rlugliiigs. Whei ve take into consideration tho grout world's lorso fair, tho wonderful museums, the rou ast , pos of performing animals, etc., and but not least, tho grout, glorious, free street parade, it must bo confessed that Saturday, July IB, will be tho greatest holiday event th»t Algoua will havo for many ,'CWB to come, or until the great Uhigllug how again spends a day among us, Kocol- oot that tho only show In America that 'assesses real African zebras Is Ulngllug Brothers' monster railroad shows. At Al, Saturday, July IV. T -- • Tliovo are Cjront Hurtful us n hats und ull millinery goods ut Mut- sou, MoCull & Go's. . Olrlu A oluuiiborumld, dining room girl, nd laundry girl wanted ut tho Tnor- ngtou houeo immediately. JULY 4— No original packages, but ood loo-cold water ivt tho Cujh Story. Lungdcm. I Aid agent for the Briulloy & MetcuU nd Lllly-BiwkoU shoos. y. S. Stough. THY Nibs, 860 u pound, ut Towusond ' SAY? S to, F, by buying PW 8. BtnjATnift I? f tfffifnjfte in ftnatM io $80 & Month. « Courier's Foolish Attack on eh Old SoWtet—Full f ext erf ih6 Kew Pinsien La*'. The reports from the pensiofl depart- Bent last week contained the name o 8. Benjamin, who has had his allowance doubled, receiving now $8fl per month Everyone will congratulate him; as the increase was fully deserved. For mani years he got only $i).% a month, an< inly lately has had $15. He was severe iy injured in the service, and has been tor many years disabled for hard Work His present allowance Will remove th need of any anxiety for the future, ani put our Worthy veteran at least out o want's way. It is' a pension worthll; bestowed. AN TJNCAiLED FOR ATTACK. The Courlor in its two last.issues bos had items reflecting in a slurlhg man ner on the recent honor received by S C. Spear. What the occasion for the attack is is not known, but that it is un called for is apparent, for the honorar; appointment of Mr. Spear on Gen Miles' staff was not only a complimen to him but highly creditable to Algona as well. That the honor should have come to a citizen of-this county Instead of going elsewhere, ought to encourag at least respectful treatment. But thi Courier not satisfied to air some pett: grievance sneers also at Mr. Spear' military- service. As he is severa years younger than tho Courier edlto the Incident naturally suggests a com parlson. While Hinchon was husilj engaged in staying at home, Mr. Spea ran away at tho ago of 10 to enlist, niu was In active service for over a year and in several of the hard fought battle which closed the war. It comes with pretty poor grace for a stay at home t sneer at even tho humblest service o the mon who showed a willingness t stand by their colors. Mr. Spoar has been a good citizen of Algona, has taken fully as good a position as th editor of tho Courier, and is entitled tc decont treatment by the press. Th Courier is neither in good journalism nor decont business when it tries tc ridicule him or any other citizen o Algona, and it will find that It will go but little encouragement. THE NEW PENSION LAW. While not strictly local, tho text the new disability pension law will b of considerable interest in tho county Tho bill was signed by President Harr son last week. It will admit, It is est: mated', 800,000 new pensioners oxclu sive of tho widows, who are also pro vlded for. Tho lowest estimate of th amount appropriated by this law is $40 000,000 a year, while somo say it wi! not bo less than $00,000,000. Tho lav goes Into effect at onco, and Is as follows: Sec. 1. That In considering tho ponsto claims of dependent parents, tho fact of th soldier's death by rouson of any wound, in Jury, casuultty, or disease which, under th conditions aud limitations of existing laws would have entitled him to an invalid pen slon, and tho fact that tho soldier left n widow or minor children having boon shown by law, it shall bo necessary only to show • ' • " ' ' Idc by competent and sufficient evidence tha such parent or parents are without othe present means of support than their owi manual labor or tho contributions of other not legally bound for their support; prc vlded, that all pensions allowed to depoiu ont parents under this act shall comment from tho date of tho filing of the applica tlon hcroundor und shall continue no longo than tho existence of tho dopondenco. Sec. 3. That all persons who served thre months or more In tho military or nova service of tho United States during the lati war of tho rebellion and who have bee honorably discharged therefrom, and wh are now or who may hereafter bo sufferln from a mental or physical disability of permanent character, not tho result of the: own vicious habits, which incapacitate them from tho performance of manual labo in such a degree as to render them unab to earn a support, shall, upon making du proof of the fact, according to such rule und regulations as the secretary of the In tcrlor may provide, bo placed upon the Us of Invalid pensioners of tho United State and bo entitled to receive a pension not 1 exceed $12 per month and not loss than t per month, proportioned to their iuablllt to earn a support; and such pension sha commence from the date of tho filing of th application In the pension office, after th passage of this act. upon proof that tho dli ability then existed, and shall continue du lug tho existence of such disability ; prc vlded, that such persons who are now r ceivlng pensions under existing laws o whose claims are pending in tho ponslo office, may by application to tho comml slonor of pensions, in such form as he ma prescribe, showing themselves entitle thereto, receive tho benefits of this act, an nothing herein contained shall be so coi structca as to prevent any pensioner thor under from prosecuting his claim and r ceivlng his pension under any other gonero or special act; provided, however, that n person shall receive more than one penslo for tho samo period; and provided, lurthe that rank in the service shall not bo con sldored In applications filed underbills ac Sec. 3. That if any officer or enlisted ma who served 00 days or more in tho army o navy of tho United States during tho la war of the rebellion, and who was houo ably discharged, has died or shall hcreafto die, leaving a widow without other moan of support than her daily labor, or mino children under tho ago of 10 years, sue widow shall, upon duo proof of her hu bands death, without proving his death to be tho result of his army service, bo place on the pension roll from tho dote of the a] plication therefor under this act, at tho ru of tti per month during hor widowhood, an shall also bo paid $3 per month for eac child of tho officer or enlisted man under 1 years of ago, and in case of tho death or re marriage of tho widow, leaving a child o children of such officer or enlisted ma under tho ago of 10 years, such ponslo shall bo paid such child or children till th ago of 10: provided, that In case a mlno child is insane, idiotic, or otherwise po manontly helpless, the pension shall con tlnuo during the life of said child, or durin the period of such disability ; and this pr< vision shall apply to all pensions herotofor granted or hereafter to be grunted undo this or any former statute; and such pei slons shall commence from the date of th application thorofor, after tho passage o this act; and provided, further, that sal widow shall havo married said soldier prl to tbo passage of this act. Sec. 4. That no agent, attorney, or othe person engaged In preparing, presenting, o prosecuting any claim under tho provision of this not shall, directly or indirectly, coi tract for, demand, receive, or retain fo such services in preparing, presenting, o prosecuting such claim u sum greater tha $10, which sum shall bo payable only upo tho order of tho commissioner of pensions and any person who shall violate any of th provisions of this section, or who shal wrongfully withhold from a pensioner o claimant the whole or any port of a ponslo or claim allowed, or sue such pensioner o claimant under this net, shall bo doomoc guilty of u misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall for each and every SUP offense bo fined not exceeding $500. or b Imprisoned ut hard labor not oxaoadtng tw years, or both, in the discretion of tho court llooll. Tho Chicago Tribune in reviewing Shooting on Upland, Marsh, ani Stream," tho book to which John G Smith is u loading contributor, says Tho articles aro in Tutrrativo stylo and tho reader accompanies the writei on an imaginary shooting trip especial y planned in quest of tho bird selected. 1'hoy treat of tho habits, haunts, am methods of pursuit of tho difforenl fitino birds, management of dogs, unc ttiquotto of tho Held, und give many ntoresting unoodotos and personal OK- wrleiicos of tho writers. Tho work is uoro on the ordor of short Bloi'ies o! [old sports tluiu instruction to amateurs, >ut the stories uro so well worked out n dutall that each contains in ploasunt orm much information for the inox- lorloncod. It is u book in which old portsraen will find uuuiy realistic icones, und from whioh young onoa will KI ivble to gain u fair knowledge of tho uvblts und methods of uuccossf ul pursuit f the game birds trailed. Tho volume i well bound and tho numerous illustra- ioiiB ure of inodorii stylo und true to ,fe. Altogether the book will prove ttraotlvo to tho uriny of American (lortsmou. " __ __ Tho Crop lloport. Qottor ovop prospocts uovor existed , tho county thuu do ut present. 'hu hot weather of lust week brought 10 corn up, while buy uad groin we joth iu good shape. There is $om,o rust n wheat. Tb,e WueWngtou vepoi't tot 10 week JB that the wQoJhor b,oj heea stern |tatog. Tb,e eicipi lit the ttmttM heavy Showers during ________ , ___ the 1 gretefit etftlcictR ft* -hSt ctfof is nearly' a* favorable afi at hecofrespbftdiflg date last year. Tills llustrates the marvelous resources of Soil and climate in Iowa for the production of that great staple. Other cereal crops are doing well: ihe principal complaint being of an excessive growth of straw in some counties, and the appearance of rust in the se'cticms where the rainfall was heatiest during the recent heated term. Gener ally the crop outlook Is highly en couraging for a season of bountiful productiveness. The harvest of winter wheat is begun in some of tho southern counties, and the yield is good. Barley Will soon be ready for the reaper. ifr A Good SflSkfi Story. A strange and somewhat improbabl story comes from Montezuma, but the Tlpton Conservative vouches for it reliability, Thomas Ballard who re sides just outside the town and i engaged in raising horses. A year ago soon after being bred, one of his mare was bitten by a rattlesnake, but sufferei no serious effects from it. Becentl;, she gave birth to a colt, which WOE found to have a large lump on its law which prevented it from sucking. Thi was Out off, and on being opened was found to contain a lot of small siz rattlesnakes. The colt is doing nicely and anyone who is at all skeptical as t the truth of the Story is invited by Mr Ballard to call and see the snakes Which havo been carefully preserved ii spirits. _ __ THE COUNTY TOWNS. WESLEY, July I.— Wesley is goin to celebrate the glorious Fourth thl year. The programme is quite length and will be carried out in full, fo Wesley never does anything by halves Wm. Colby Is the president of the day with a score or more of vice-president from different parts of the county. G W, Eddy, marshal; B. F. Reed, orato of the day. Tho Wesley brass ban will furnish the music. There will b a grand display of fireworks at night. Our township board of trustees mo last Saturday afternoon to transac some important business. They settle with Dr. Cole of Britt for tending th Smith family during their sickncs with tho scarlet fever. Tho scarlet fever has finally passe away. All those who have been sicl aro well. The quarantine has bee raised, and every body is at liberty t go and come when they please. Tho hot weather is making the cor grow very fast. Nearly all tho cor now is ahead of what it was this tim last year. All small grain; is lookln well and bids fair for a rather big yielc Some of our smart young men wer amusing themselves last Saturday b running their horses up and dow Main street. Our board of trustee several years ago gave notice that ther should bo no moro horse racing on ou streets. Wo are not aware that tha order has boon rescinded since. W hope they will look a little lifter thi work, and seo that there is a stop pu to it. E. E. Waite has prepared a rac course a half mile north of town whor those who wish to try the speed of thei horses can without endangering th life of others. Tho editor of tho Corwith Croscen was in our town Saturday. Prof. Gilohrist will hold religlou services at Wesloy next Sunday 11 a. m. Died, Juno 25, infant child of J. ~ Gallagher aged three months. Th funeral services wore hold at the hous conducted by Rev. Whitfiold of Algona Our hotel keeper is in great need < hired' help. He told some of hi boarders that unless ho can get som help ho will bo obliged to close hi house. Any ludy or couple wantin steady employment in a hotel will 6 well to apply. ' Our town has got an original paokag establishment at last, forty full case of beer were put off last Saturday. H. Smith has it in charge and we hop that those who do sell it will keep i bounds of tho law, and also those wh may drink it may try and keep in th bounds of decency, while under tho in lluence of it. Some of our good tern porance people of Wesley perhaps wi get a chance to fulfill some of the: obligations ere long in seeing the la enforced should it be broken. Bu perhaps they will be with this as the were a year ago when our druggist wai indicted for selling whiskey, some c them, held up their hands and sai " what a shame it was for anyone to in form on him, it was just too bod fo him" etc. But lot that be as it ma tho law if broken will be enforced if th evidence can bo had. Let thoso goo temperance people say what they ma wo hope to see the day in Wosley thi law and order will prevail and prohlb tlon established throughout the stati Wo have no UBO for the saloon, let be carried on under what form it ma; and less use yot for thoso. lop side "good temperance" people who ai talking temperance and are ready t screen thoso that violate tho law at th same time. Our now bank building will soon finished. The workmen have it reac to plaster and by another week evorj thing will bo in running order. Tl workmen on the Kunz building ar iroarly ready for tho brick work to gin. _ . Hand-oft. Register, 25: Mrs. Littlofield Seneca has bought tho lot west of H. Breese'B, and has the carpenter i work on hor house already. Bancro seems to ba drawing citizens from th country. Mrs. Henry Johnson wont to Chicag last Thursday to visit her sisters an attend tho marriage of hor sister, Ann Stlnson, which occurs in that cit tomorrow. Twenty-three hood of oattlo wei killed by lightning in one of tho here northwest of Bancroft week before las Onp of our butchers was out an relieved them of their hides. Soveru woro killed in another herd tho sum night. Goo. W. Skinner, who doparte " these diggins" about six weeks ago was here on Monday and Tuesday, H has become u citizen of Chicago an took advantage of tho lenient divorc law of Illinois to secure a decree of d: vorco from his former wlfo. Tho corner stone laying at Bultal Forks last week was well attended b people of tho surrounding country liovs. Pratt, Whitfield, and Jones wer present and conducted tho services Mr, Jones is working up considorubl interest in religious work in that noigh borhood mid this church soon to bo bo gun und completed is tho result of hi untiring efforts. Father Nichols wug umong ous call era on Friday last and reported $1,65 subscribed for the now Catholic church They had a business meeting Saturday when preparations were to commence for building. They had not dooidoi liow largo they would build but it wil not bo loss than iiOxUO foot. The con truot will bo lot and work commence on tho carpenter work in July, Special telegram from Northwood to ;he Pes Moiues papers stuto that Mrs Alioa Wagenor, formerly of tills place uid been arrested for abandoning he,i nfunt daughter, which was born a Milwaukee the 27th of Muy. She valked 18 miles north of Noriv Springs md loft tho child at Lorg Hover's She gave tho name of tho father pf the shilcl and stated that her Unsound lofl lor three yours ago, During a heavy thunder shower 01: itonday, lightning struck tho houao of Mrs. Luuni Sourlo, demolishing tho ihimnoy, tearing ti piece of plastering ibout us largo us u man's hand off, and nuking a small hole in tho lloor under he stove. Mrs. Seurle was standing >vor the stove und was shocked so that he could not hoar anything for u few Domonts, but was' not otherwise inured. Tho escape from severe Injury looms almost miraculous. LuVorne. Nov?s: Phil 0. Hwuitt attended the ongresslouul convention at Boono lust reel*. Phil te still awaiting his appointment to a consulate and has hopes of otting thoro in time. R. S. DJUT had 38 head of cuttle all illod by ono stroke of lightning during' ho storm on Uwt Thursday ulght. Tho «ttlo wore a part of ij large herd which Vh-. D»UT has on tho nvnge up iu Poou- ontas county. T — A S,atm'dtty while moving the ' ' flu Pftttpn, lr •ftSMfihSi Townsend & Lan UBTNote a few sample prices: 28 Ibs Choice Rolled Oats for MM 11 Ibs Choice Butter Crackers for..... 1.00 20 Ibs Dried Peaches for 1.00 20 Ibs Choice Rice for 1.00 Clothespins, per dozen 01 Lewis' Lye, per box 10 Axle Grease, per box 06 A Good Wash beard for Climax Tab, per Ib Spear Head Tab, per Ib A Good Pine Cut for Dlxon Stove Polish, per pkg Gloss Starch, per Ib Soda, per pkg. We sell all kinds of $c Veast for $' We sell a choice Hafd Wheat Flour for l,i We sell a Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour for f.'z. We sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for I4C We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for And we take produce in exchange for groceries, Come arid get our prices before you buy, TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. the end gate behind. It struck upon one end and jarred tho earth liko a fall- lug meteor, but aa the ground was sof it wiis not injured to amount to any thing. A Dangcroaa Policy. t,. A. Shootz, tho druggist, wishes to ro mind his patrons that -It is a dangeroui policy to wait until taken sick before buy Ing a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every family should bo provided with some rellabli remedy for bowel complaints, ready fo immediate use, whenever required, during tho summer months, and this remedy i unquestionably far superior to any other It can always be depended upon, and 1 pleasant and safe to take. It is put up hi 25 and CO cent bottles. THY a sack of our $1 send & Langdon. flour. Town I HAVE just received an Invoice o men's flue shoes in kangaroo and cor dovan. F. S. Stough. H Gave ((nick Relief. W. W. Moore of the Grand Opera house Des Moincs, Is on early settlor in that par of Iowa, and has had a great deal, of ex perieuce in his time. Ho soys: "A various times I havo had acute attacks o bilious colic and violent pains in th stomach, and found nothing that gave m relief like Chamberlain's Colic, Choler and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every person,' he says, "should havo a bottle." Fo sale by L. A. Shcetz. Fourth of July Hats Very cheap. Closing them out at re markably low prices, at Matson, Me Call & CO'B. The Lending Question. The leading question now is:' "Are yot provided with a bottle of Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, as safe-guard against an attack of bowel com plaint during the summer monthsl" N family can afford to risk being withou this invaluable medicine during the ho weather. It Is almost certain to be needec and Is a friend indeed when required, as i never falls mid Is pleasant to take. 25 am 50 cent bottles for sale by L. A. Sheetz. ' To and For tho People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance Do you want to rent a farm or gras land? Do you want to sell or trade you farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unim proved land on long time with but' lit tie or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on you farm at the lowest current rate pf inter est and favorable terms? Do you want anything in the lino legitimate banking? For any and all of tho above pleas consult B. M. Richmond, at tho Com mercial hotel, and Farmers' and Trai era' Bank block, Bancroft, Iowa. Standard Stock 1'ood. For horses, cattle, and hogs. It wi' pay you to use it. Get it at J. J. Wl son's.—10t8 Wanted. I want to contract for tho cutting an stacking of about 800 tons of hay nea Algona and Wesley. I also want t hire two good men to work on farm dur ing haying and harvest. 1812 C. L. LUND, Algona, Iowa. JAS. A. OUR, painter, decorator paper hanger, etc., solicits the patron ago of thoso who have work in this line and guarantees 8atisfaction.-2mQ A Safe Investment. It one which Is guaranteed to bring you satlafac lory reaulta, or In ease of (allure a return ot pu chnse price. On tnls safe plan you can bur froi our advertised druggist u bottle of Dr. King's Ne Discovers tor Consumption. U Is guaranteed t bring relief IB every case, when used for any affeo tlon of throat, lungs, or chest, such as consumption, Intlummatlou ot lungs, bronchitis, asthma whooping cough, croup, etc., etc. It U pleasun and agreeable to taste, perfectly safe, ana can n ways be depended upon. Trial bottles free at L A. Sheet:' drugstore. 1 Merit Wins. We desire to say to our cltUens, that for years ne huve been selling Dr. King's New Discovery fo Consumption, Or, King's New Lite Pills, Buck ten's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and hav never handled remedies Ikat sell as well, or tha have given suoh universal satisfaction. We do no hesitate to guarantee them every time, and w stand ready to retund the purchase price. It satis factory results do not follow their use. These rem edles have won their great popularity purely o their merits. L. A. Sheetz, druggist. 1 Thousands of Children Die Annually that might bo saved if proper!} treated in time, Cholera iiifantum, diar rhoea, and dlsontary are the most fatal dls eases. Dr. T. W, Wood's Blackberry Cor initiative is a certain cure In such cases, I is sold by L. A. Sho.otz.-lSta Failures in Lift, People fall In many ways. In business, in mor ullty, In religion, In happ.ness, and In health. A weak heart in often an uninspected cause ol fall uro In life. If the blood does not circulate proper Iy la the lungs there Is shortness of breath, usth inn. etc.; In Hie brain, dizziness, headache, etc. In the stomach, wind, pain, Indigestion, fuln ipella, eta; In the liver, torpidity, congestion, etc ruin In the left side, shoulder, und stomach Is mused by heart strain, for all these maladies Dr. Miles' New Cure for the heart aud lungs is the jest remedy. Sold, guaranteed and recommeude< by K. W. Dlugloy, f realise free, * a An Important Mutter. Druggists everywhere report that tho sales of the •lestoratlve Nervine—a nerve food mid medicine- are aiuonlshlng. exceeding anything ever bad while It gives universal satisfaction In headache lervousness, sleeplessness, sexual debility, back ache, poor memory, flts, illzzlnets, etc. Taylor Bros, of Dryun. 0., Ambery ft Muruby of Bultle Jreek, Mloli., 0, H. Witudwortli & Co. of Ft, Wayne DM., and hundreds pf others state that they never mndled any medicine which sold so rapidly or gave such satisfaction. Trlul bottles of this greal iiedlalne and book on nervous discuses free at V. W. Mnglpy's drug store. *8 There's No UBO Denying the Truth. Ellert's Extract of Tar uad Wild Cherry toi Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr, J»«me8' German Worm. Oalies destroy aud remove worms from the system. Dr. Wlnchell'v U'eothliig Syrup Is the best fuv general aluueuts of children. All druggists, Happy Homo Dlooa Purluer and Health Ton c purities the blood and make homo happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uuole Sam's Nvrre and Bono I4ulmeiit—these two roat inoiUuluea are sold by all druggists- UucUeu'a Arnica Salve. The best Ijlve In the world for cull, bruises, ores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, (oiler, tapped huntls, ohllbltilue, corns, and all skin erup oiis, and positively cures piles pr no pay mulred. j|g auurutiloodtpglve perfocUtillsfnotion or mon- |;re!uuded. Price 850 net bo*. Sold by ft 4, WIJos' Neyye and i4vw '£M$U!l WWUUd « fleflUTBlMu: THE CASE IN A NUTSHEIJ,. When Buby was tick we gave her Caitorla. When she was a child she cried for Cantoris, When she became Miss nhe clung to Castorln, When she hud children she cave them Castorln Kossiilli Cony Bank ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... »BO,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, Colluutloni made promptly and a general banking buslnesi transacted. Passage ticket! to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INOHAM. Prcslilelit. J. B. JONK8, Vice President, LEWIS 11. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. B. Ingham, Jno. n. Smith, J. D ; .TOUCH, T. Cbrlschllles, Lewis II. Smith, J. W, Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, • - $6O,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIBECTORS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. liutchiim. 3. C. DIack ford, Philip Homelier, Wm. K. Ferguson, (teo. C. Call, C. D. Hutching. OFFICERS. iMUIIOflK A. ClIX, D. H. HDTCUIKd, President. Vice President. » J. C. BLACKFOIID. Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. BANCROFT, IOWA. R. M. Richmond, Ptea. It. R. Blcluncnd, V. F. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business.. Collections a specially. Money transferred to all ports ot the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from the old country for sale. "Tares paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Lnan and Insurance Ag'l and Salary 1'ubllc. 110,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent Now Is the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land boyrad the reach ot the average home-seeker. , COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. First class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention given the traveling public. LOOK. Pat. whole wheat flour per sa<:k. .81 00 t3f~£veru nock warranted. QraJiam flour per sank. 50 Salted corn meal per 'sack 25 Buckwheat Hour per sack 25@BO Bran per 100 60 Shorts per 100 60 Ground, feed (corn and oats) 70 Ground feed (corn, oats, barley)... 60 Best hard coal per ton 9 00 Best Sd-vetn Illinois coal per ton. 4 50 Best lower-vein Iowa Block coal 4 00 Salt per barrel 1 25 I handle only the Best Coals, FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY. Leave orders at the Big Flour and Feed store, kinds ot Grain, Seeds, etc. J. J. WILSON. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If you ure 7011 should see WALTER WARD, who wll| be (ilenscd to lluuro with jcn tor till)IUIIIB In ihulinuof Painting, Paper Hanging! -, ETC. Those desiring paper hanging done are respectfully referred to the various pieces of work la this town done by me, which speuk for themselves. 1 feel warranted In eaylng that I can gunruntee satisfaction In every case. Prices are Always Motlarute. Come and interview me. AUCTIONEER, U A, HAGGARD, Will err city and farm property, make collodions oi ' 1 * 1 A,t usl ?S 8 ?, °* »JPW 8 nll ' llre will be strictly ooiifldeutlul. Ofllcowlth K. U, Tailor, over Aunls Uros. L. A, SHEETZ, Dealer in DEWS AND MEDICINES, trullasiwiraem always ou baud, of Drug), Modi plnei, and pure liquors tor inedlelasTuur- posei only, Books uua stationery. . X*, Real Estate Agent, mUuJlon, Special f ml estate in or non-res deut fcaeeeomr udfroui ^ Good Farm for Sale, located W t luUos from Algom nun Irvlautou, ou tUt> river. 1 jolco young Umber, uli fenced twatw; 8ve-ftpi'o nusturo: "•"' i.nA plow land, CJuo.5 Uuir ery ucalrftble farui. for ",fi%rappnsrp lft s«o;" - IK wllou ot •

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