The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1890
Page 4
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Townsend & Lancdon's time [ft f&Sffi, fi&MS ti Mgh> to dfflfsrefilteet a»d a few sample prices: 48 Ibs Choice Rolled Oats lor .(1.00 17 Ibs Choice Butter Crackers for 1.00 20 Ibs Dried Peaches for 1.00 M1M Choice fctcefor..........> 1.06 Clothes Pins, per dozen.. .01 Lawia 1 1Jr6, fat box .10 Aklo Grease, per box. .06 A Good Wftsh Beard f<tf IB tillmftx(Tab, fwrlb.. 40 Spear Head Tab, per IBJ....I. .40 AGoddFlneCut for.. '.88 fJlioii Stove Polish, per pkgf....;..... .05 Gloss Starch, per Ib. .05 Soda, per pit? 08 We sell all kinds of SC Yeast tot. . .......$ .03 We sell a choice Hard Wheat Flour for «>•••••• *•<» We sell a Half Patent Mafd Wheat flour for., 1.2$ We sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for 1.40 We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for. 9° And We take produce in exchange for groceries. Come and get our prices before you buy, TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, flonstipation, I F not remedied in season, la liable to become habitual andohronlc. Drastic purgatives, by weakening the bowels, confirm, tather than cure, the evil. Avert Pill*, being mild, effective, and strengthening in their action, axe generally recommended by the faculty aa the beat of aperients. "Having been subject, for years, to constipation, without being able to find much relief, I at last tried Ayer's Pills. I deem it both a duty and a pleasure to testify that I have derived great benefit from their use. For over |wo yearg cast I have taken one of these trill* every night before retiring. I would not wilfingly be without them.',.'—G. W. Bowman, 26 East Main St., Carlisle, Fa. "I have been taking Ayer's Fills and using them in my family since 1867, and cheerfully recommend them to all m need of a safe but effectual cathartic." —John U.Boggs, Louisville, Ky. , "For eight years I was afflicted with constipation, which at last'became so bad that the doctors could do no moro for me. Then I began to take Ayer'a Fills, and soon the bowels recovered their natural and regular action, so that now I am in excellent health."—8. L. Loughbrldgo, Bryan, Texas. " Having used Ayer's Pills, with good results, I fully indorse them for the purposes for which they are recommended." —T. Connors, II. D., Centre Bridge, Fa. Ayer's Pills, nUVAMDBT Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mats. Bold by til DruggliU ud DM!»I in HtdltlM. VIBRATOR Every Enterprising Thresherman knows that the threshing machine that will work the fliost rapidly, clean perfectly, and save all the grain will bring him the best jobs and best prices, and so he will Write now to at once -investigate our claim that He '^WiY/lj beats anything heretofore made in all these and other points. The wide-awake Farmer will also get Our circulars and satisfy himself whether, he can afford to have his grain wasted by other threshers when he can make money by having his grain threshed with the New Vibrator. Our pamphlet giving full 'information about Threshing Machinery and Traction Engines eent on application, NICHOLS & SHEPARD BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN. CRANDALL & GARFIELD M their stop In the Grand Army building, bundle tbe celebrated Star Spring Bed wlilcli nas been awarded premiums at eighteen state (airs and eiposltlona and gold medal at Lon don lor elasticity, strength, aii(f beuutr. It excels ever;thing Iu |bu line now extant. They alao do Furniture Repairing and Upholstering In tbe most approved planner. Also keep the largest line of samples west o Chicago und con fumlih anything In Hie uphols taring Hue on short notice. All work guarantees satisfactory. II (Jartleld It authorized collector for tula Arm. Looking for a Painter, Did p Say? Well, If you are you should see WALTER WARP, who will be pleased to llgure with jou for anything In the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, Those desiring paper hanging done are respectfully referred to the various plecea of work In Iliu town done by we, which speak for themselves. I feel warranted In raring that I can guarantee uat- IsfuoUou In every case. Prices are Alwayy Moderate. Come and Interview me. A Good Farm for Sale, located •!'/, miles from Algouu, a.nd Hi uilloa tiow Irvlngton, on the river. Twenty uci'ea of .cbolee young timber, ull fenced; good spring of water; live-acre puHture; balance meadow .and plow land. •very deulraule farm. re puHure; Good bnilcUugn, For parU X, care Upper Ues Moluen ofllcu. , well etc. culuro Q, Real Estate Agent, "UBu OB BU , - ' ,.\ 'i* . •* r c-i ^* THE CITY, Ileiiil tho now ndvevtlsement of tho Jrnngo storo, \V. A. Lituendorf hns oponod u nobby cstHiirunt In the Helse building on Miorlngton street. Gco. Giilbriiith its {minting MB store \ cream color, nnd repainting tho jlBce throughout. Tho Congregational ladies invite voryono to out loo creiunut the church omorrow evening. The Republican says Tennimt's 1 King David" is a good " runner 'ho editor is still nlive. Birch Mntson nnd Chns. Cohlnour OOBO tho engle on tho Fourth in German township, A picnic is tho order of the day. Wesley will celebrate, nnd B. P. Reed will orate. Music, races, fireworks, Buffalo Bill, and nil tho desired attrnc- rlons are advertised. Another little lady this morning ilacod this ollico under obligations for i beautiful boquot, Theso little favors are highly appreciated. The horses and cuttle iu tho towns uro not being counted in tbe census. How much will anyone know about tho stock in Iowa ivfth those figures loft out? Tho city well in at a stand still. Tho last effort U to got a pump from Dubuque. It is almost impossible to got a pump anywhere to pump the water out, Tlio grunge picnic in A. J. .Tones' grovo, Salurdny, was woll uttundcd, and onjiiyud by all. SpooehcH, inunic, au.l .'.\'. n;i.s,;H liy tho children wero tho oi'dor ui ill.' J:.y. t'.)l. Spencer brought some bountiful speeiimin* of hutuilu hunm I nick with him. Tiiu.y have bt-i-n exhibited in Miss DodU'ri show oaso, and attract general attention. The Courier's now sign is all right, but such a one would never do us. We are going to have a much better one and Sid. Cotterell is going to make it, too. Just watch our smoke. Tho music committee for the celebration have received their new music, and now intend to get'up a big chorus for the occasion. The finest vocal music ever given in Algona is promised. By an unlucky turn C. L. Lund stepped on a twenty penny wire nail on his farm a week ago running it nearly through his foot. Ho was laid up several days, but is rapidly getting better. Enumerator Clenry still lives with no broken bones, and is nearly done counting the numerous population of tho city. The rules prevent him from giving any intimation of how many heads ho has counted. Tho flag to bo presented to the township outside of Algona having the largest number of teams iu tho parade on the Fourth will be on exhibition ietobeofbWfik, afid he „.» fit, h&rtfif until October to complete the wotk. They Mil get something that Is fl«ft class from Mf. Conner's hands. A curious will is OB file In the clerk** office, a reminder of days gone. It is from Baltimore, and on file here Because the deceased had some land Itt thecoimty. The Will at length Hateres over the old slaves which the man oftce 6wfcM &M provides a big afiriutty tor each one and after th«r leath to their children. Mr. Brunspn says that the bequest amounts to $800 or more a year to a large number of them, enough to keep them well. „ It .there Was afiy choice in slavery the darkies named in this Will should be thankful that they fell into as goM hands as they did. The Will names each beneficiary ifi- cludlrig the Children. O. fi. Palmer was catching burglars last Wednesday night. He came home from the Spencer races, ate heartllyat 10 o'clock, read carefully the tlPPfen DEsMoiNES. and incidentaly the account of the Lnngaon burglary, then went to bed and into the arms of Morpheus. He had been asleep but a short time when he encountered a burglar and engaged with him In a haha>to-hand conflict. The struggle was fierce, but short and decisive, and was brought to an abrupt termination when out 1 mead Palmer landed on the floor with hie heels in the air, and thus awoke to find himself the victim of a horrible nightmare. , Until the Courier" can distinguish be. tweeh a news article and editorial expression it should be less lavish with Its criticism. This paper has not offered an apology for "original pack" age" venders, and no one knows this better than Bro. Hlnchon himself, But that is not the point. His whole effort in to make it appear otherwise, and in this wo can assure htm that he will fall, As has beort said by the leading paper in lown, tho UPPER DBS MOINES early formed the-habit of tolling all tho news. That is what it hns done about this "original package" business- nothing moro. Tho two sleepy organs who get the news weekly from our columns are welcome to print it second hnnd. CLOSING OUT • A $15,000 STOCK • CLOSING OUT A rare opportunity to purchase Dry Goods. We iiaire reduced prices on our ENTIBE STOCK. Here are a few of our leaders: Best Satin finish Print reduced from Best common Print reduced from Second Grade Amoskeag reduced from 8c to 6c, Best Merrimack Print reduced from 6c to Sc, Best Amoskeag Shirting reduced from to lOc. Third Grade Amoskeag reduced from 6c to 4c 15 to lie 10 to Be BUST LAWBEN01 L, L, SHEETING, 6c Ulrl» Wanted, A chambermaid, dining room and laundry girl wanted at tho ington house immediately. girl, Thor- i i HiHSTE OF Best all-wool, 65c, ser | Second grade, otlier 45c, | Best Napier Matting, in. ^xoportiOEL. 35c tho post olllce UH soon na It comes. will arrive this week. . A flno dramatic entertainment by a celebrated theatrical company will be f iven in the court house tlie evening ol uly 4. Tho curtain will rise at 7:30 sharp and popular prices of admission be charged. Full particulars will bo given next week. Business cards from Spokane rood " C'omstock & AimiB, loans, collections und real estate." Their lotters indicate that they ore well located and not yet sick as tho Courier intimates. It wouldn't do to have them get discouraged quite so quick. Give them a year. We hour that Dr. Lacy of tho Lu Verne News got his right hnnd badly crushed in a job press last week. Dr. Shore went to Lu Verno immediately, and bandaged tho wound in the hopes of saving the fingers. All the fingers were cruHlied und possibly one or more will bo lost. Tho district shooting contest which was to have boon held at Mason City this month is postponed to the middle of July. Tho colonel has appointed a regular to bo present and give instructions to tho officers of tho four companies contesting. A like mooting will be hold ut La Mws at tho sumo time. Two new Furmoi'*' Allta'icos wore organized last week. At Burt Peter Kriethe, is president; H. R, ttel&bHry, vice-president; W. M. Cooke, secretary, and J. N. Shafer treasurer. At Lotts is pr vice-president; N, , and Mrs, Black, treasurer. C. Taylor, Taylor, secretary Wo received u communication this morning front Peter J. Walker about tho proponed »»lo of the Letts Creek library, but too late for publication. Mr. Walker says tho m\0 was properly ordered, und that it was p/Mtponed because of tbe small crowd of bi44ws. Ho intimates that it will bo advertised again and sold. * The State Register has it that Gco. W. Hanna seconded Dolliver's nomination at Boono, but its reporter must have mistaken E. Tolller for him, for Mr. Telljar is tho man who made tho speech. HO \a\& tho convention that Dolllvor got 428 majority in Kossuth before, and that a vigorous endeavour would bo made to bring it to 500 this year. A telegram came Monday for the 1 arrest of u cigar maker in Elekenrodt & Waterhouse factory named Fred Sorter, und Sheriff Stephens took him in charge, but did not look him up. The ground of arrest was not given in the telegram, but Sorter said no IflJuw tho trouble and that it was of a dementia nature. Tho arrest was ordered from Pluttsraouth, Nob. Tho rapid growth of our county mutual insurance company will muko the laws of general interest and wo give them this week. The company took in $23,000 of insurance in cloven days after their annual meeting, or over $2.000 a day. Somo fine now certificate!* have lately been printed and tbo company feels that It is past ;ho experimental stage. At the election hold lust evening by Jompany F to till the vacancy caused by the resignation of B. W. Haggard, A. W. Crood was chosen first lieutenant, und J. O. Keuver second lieutenant. The sergeants wore not appointed, but H. J. Kdons was recommended for orderly sergeant. At tho close of the meeting tho now officials escorted the company to ice craum mrlora, and ox- jrowied their thunUs in something looling. T. H. Conner's second trip to Rolfe, lust week, resulted U> hl# securing tho " ,- u Iwge tfoliool builduur » there by '"- LADIES' hats at reduced prices until after tho Fourth. Mies Amos has a large stock which she wishes to dispose of right away, and will muko prices to accomplish the result. Go and seo her olegant stock. You can save money by It. _____ Special Notice. All barber shops will charge 15 cents for.shuving on tho coming Fourth. I'ERSOXAL MENTION. Old Mr. Sessions is recovering slowly from his paralytic stroke. Mrs. Gaylord of Chicago him boon visiting Mrs. Gulbraith a few days. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Clarke saw Miss Edith graduate at Evanston lost week. Gardner Cowles is about again, and limps a little HB the only effect of his accident. H. E. Ulst mid Bon. Ilnggurd wont to Mi .moil polls lust Friday uvunlng on :u bu.Hiiii'KK trip. Mrs. W. 13. Quurton and habiuH sire visiting nt home in Osknloosu. W. B. will batch it a few weeks. Mrs. Hodrlck visited Mason City last week and brought her mother back to make her home in Algona. Jas. Grose is one of tho returning students. Ho has been in tho state university law school for tho past term Julius Bohn, the hig Minneapolis railway contractor, was in town lost week on business und to visit his parents. Mrs. C. D. Creed and Miss Hattlo Acers will spend n couplo of weeks at Spirit Lake. On their return Miss Acers will visit Algona. John G. Smith, Henry Durant, Dr. West, and Charlie Grimm of Clear Lake went west last evening for the Dakota state shoot at Alexandria. Miss Alice Spear loft Algona yes day morning with her aunt for Minneapolis. After a visit there she goes east to attend school. Mr. and Mrs. Spear will not go for several weeks. Tho most modest fish story is reported by Rev. Davidson and Prof, Dixson. They visited Spirit Lake last week for two days, and in one fishing took in seven pickerel, All they boast of is tho pure enjoyment they got out of the trip, and the recreation. Chris Anderson, for many years the head man on Lund's stock farm, started for Chicago last night. He takes in four cars of cattle, but will not return. Mr, Lund has secured a young Irshman named Butler to take his place. Mr. Butler is a new conisr, his parents having recently settled near Whittemore. Rev. Olson of Ft. Dodge was in town Monday looking after interests of tho religious liberty league. The league wants the government and the churches to remain distinct, its active workers being those who observe Saturday as the Sabbath. A case is now appealed to tho United States supreme court from Tennessee in which a seventh day man has been fined for working on Sunday. The seventh day people believe they should bo allowed to observe what day their conscience dictates. J, J. Wilson attended tho national millers' convention ut Minneapolis last week and reports it one of tho largest and most successful gatherings he ever witnessed. Tho t'oiwrt tlfut Cuba is arranging to practically prohibit American flour on account of our tariff policy led the convention to interrogate Mr. Blaine, nnd drew out the response which has created so much discussion. Blaine answered that ho favored treaties exchanging free importation with all the American countries, und has boon urging Ms yiews since at Washington, Hfi lutogt (ibnOHnPPpent is that corn would not bo selllpg at 18 cents a bushel if the markets . of H)P African continent were open tp pur commerce, The banquet ut the convention was eluborute, beginning ut 0 o'clock und closing ut 2:30 in tho morning. Hot Vo Hungry. Snndwiches, coffee, tea, ice croam, calioand lemonade will be served on the Poutllf at Wilson's hotel opposite G. A. R. hall, one of the best Stock Farms in the county. A 240-aore FARM two miles from Bancroft; 100 aores under cultivation; One hundred and twenty aores of land two miles from Ledyard. •• . . Two choice building lots, with new barn, but three blocks from State street. House and two lots on Phillips street, lots on Lind street. House and lot on State street. House and two BETTER SERVICE IN YIEW. The Northwestern Folks Will Probably Give Us What We Want on This Line. Wanted. I want to contract for the cutting and stacking of about 800 tons of hay near Algona and Wesley. I also want to hire two good men to work on farm during haying and harvest. I8t2 0. L. LUND, Algona, Iowa. 'fhe Week'* MeotlntfB. Tho Baptist, ladles will serve refreshments at tho old Parish restaurant on the Fourth. Tho next regular mooting of J. (i. Taylor post will be held in the evening of Wednesday, July 2. Tbe womans' relief corps will moot Saturday evening at memorial hall. Mrs. Dr. Ohtttflton will bo present, und all ladles are invited to bo present. Publlo baptism will be odmlnlstej'Qt} on Sabbath next at Buffalo Creek neap tho residence of E. G. Munley, preach? ing service likewise. Services will be in charge of Revs, A- G, Ward and $. G. Jones. Service in tho afternoon ut 8 o'clock. At St. Thomas' Mission, on Sundiiy morning, the pastor will give his Bocpna address on the Episcopal elm con. Subject, The Claims of the Church. Synopsis: A Church with a Scriptural Ministry and Government. A Church, with Clour Doctrinal Statements and u Set' tied Faith. A Church True to the Bible, and its Heavenly Mission. A Church with a Reverent aud Scriptural Liturgy. A Church Wide In }ts r Educational Influence and Comprehensive InThought. A Church with Authority. A Perpetual Church. Services at 1) o'clock All uro Invited to fttteAd, Miss Edith Clarke's Graduation at Evanston—A Pleasant Wedding—Miscellaneous Local. In u conversation with Potor A. Doy of tho board of railway commissioners, last week, ho stiid that sovurul letters had been received from Northwestern officials asking that no action bo taken on tho complaint from this line, as they hod plans for better service. Tho commission are waiting to see what they intend to do. The Northwestern Is being candidly discussed at other points. Tho Carroll Sentinel says in its last issue: " It is well known, or at least everyone thinks ho knows, that the policy of the Northwestern, as well as of other Iowa roods, Is to make no improvements in this state that are not absolutely necessary. About tho only thing the Northwestern is doing in the way of improvement in tho stale at present, is tlie building of a double track between Clinton and Cedar Rapids. This was begun last week, and was mode necessary by tho enormous increase in the road's business." To this increase Carroll, Algona, and plenty of towns similarly situated have materially contributed. Tho Northwestern owes it to these places to make such Improvements as at least put its service on a par with that of average roads of tho state. There is not a road in Iowa at all similarly situated that gives so poor passenger service as tho Northwestern does on this branch. An Evuiibtoii Graduate. The following complimentary notice Is received from a resident of Evanston, 111.: Miss Edith Clarko has won fresh laurels ut Northwestern University, from which institution she was graduated with tho degree of bachelor of literature, Thursday, Juno 10. During her fpur years at Evanston, Miss Clarke, by her uniform courtesy and her industry as a student, hus won a very high place In tho estimation of both professors and students. The magnificent completion of her career at North- typptPfn } s full proof of this fact. Honored by her classmates and by tho faculty, she has rounded out her halcyon college days in a highly creditable manner. She has boon awarded first grade honors in scholarship and special honors in tho departments of history and French, in which branches she has become especially proficient. Her class elevated her to the dignified position of class poet, and on class day she read u very sweet original poem which was universally praised. After a your of hottest competition among the members of tho sonlor class, Mho was one of tho happy ton whon tho faculty chose to represent tho class on commencement day in competition for the Kirk prize in oratory. This is tho crowning event in a student's life at Evanston. Miss Clarke, with characteristic earnestness and with rare ability, discussed "The Race Problem." Her oration was well received, and mode u fine impression uppn the vast audience and tho judges of tho contest. The degree of bachelor was conferred' upbn-Algona's representative. It la understood that Miss Clarko has received a very flatterjpjr offer to teach In one of tho high schools of the wost. Kansas, president of tho National Teachers' association. Tho original package decision was discussed and tho conclusion was that it is tho best thing for prohibition that cvor happened. Tho per cent, of gain of Good Templars was shown to bo large, Increasing in membership from 280 in October II . to 1,700 at the present time. It was decided to hold the next district mooting in Algonn, providing Algona accepts. Tin 1 (looil Temiilnra' t:onvt-iillun. Tha county convention ol Good Temp- hirs will bo hold In Algona on Fridny. The afternoon exorcises will bo at Grange hall, und will bo devoted to organization. In tho evening a pro- gramme will bo given at tho Methodist church, in which Revs. Ward of Bancroft and Whitfiold and Smith of Algona will participate. Music and othot entertainments will bo provided, and an entertaining evening is insured. AV are invited. ABOUT ELECTRIC LIGHT. Some Figures Jleenrdluir tlie Cost of a Good Plant. A few figures concerning tho Marongo oloctrlct UK lit plant may bo of interest In Algona. Marongo is some smalloi than we are, nnd has put in just such a plant as has boon proposed here. I may bo said to begin with that tho dy namo is run above its capacity to supply the demand, and that,tho stock of the company is not on tho market. Tin people are very enthusiastic over it and will enlarge tho capacity as soon as it can bo arranged. Tho capital stocl of tho company organized at homo i $12,000, Of this $7,000 was paid for tin electric plant with a capacity of 50 lamps. Tho engine, etc., cost $2,278 and a flno brick building was built cost ing $2,000. The engine burns a ton o slack a day costing them $1, tho ongitl cor gets $00 a month, and tho firomai $25. The town uses sixty 82 candl lamps for street lighting. Theso arc the same as are used in tho houses am give a fine street light although not a bright as the white lights. For those tho town pays about $1,000 a year, remaining lamps are all in demand in the stores and houses. A 10 candl power light costs for three hours pel night, 60 cents a month. Throe o those light alarge roorr). A fine librar; light is ono 25 candle power lamp, ant a lamp for any room is a 82 «; power. Tho last cost for four hours i night, $1.50 a month, for thruo hours $1.25 u month, for two hours, DO oonts i mouth, and for one |)pur, 45 cents i month. A 10 candle power lump enough for bedrooms, etc. Considering ie consider tho electric lights cheapo en r , . convenience, work, dirt, etc., tho peo p t han oil, and use all they can got. grade . A Happy Mnrrlojfe, Tho marriage of Miss Lora Rico to O. W. Pangburn of Elmore was con- Bumjnjrtod at the bride's homo in Plum Creek township last Wednesday evening. Tho relatives and immediate friends of the bride and groom only wore present, and the ceremony yvaa performed by Roy, "Wm. Whltflold. Some very elegant and costly presents were received by the happy couple, and they left Thursday for the new home built for them in Elmoro, bearing away the heartiest good wishes of uU who know them. The bride became well lcn.own tp pearly everyone 'during her three year's ' wovU Jn the treasurer's otilce, and won universal esteem. The groom is tho lawyer, land agent, and all around business man of our thriving northern 'neighbor. Ho Is a graduate of Upper Iowa university located ut Fayette. and took his law course at Jpwa City. As a genial, trustworthy, and supopwf »l young lawyer and business ma» he Stondd Bjgh, »nd prosperity bio? fal? to attend Kirn. Good wlsUoe for happiness and all that Iou4p tp happiness go with them, and none Joins with jrroatov pleasure tbwi the D«fl p got. Th< city lamps run till midnight. Thi system used is the WostlnghouHo. Tin experience In Marongo certainly war rants the belief that when properly managed the electric light Is practic able, and not expensive. Should Algo na decide to adopt it, u big saving could be mode by combining the power on tho water works with the dynamo. One good engine could run both, and one building do for both. A Dangerous Policy. L. A. Bliootz, tho druggist, wishes to ra mind tils patrons that It is a dangerous policy to wait until taken sick boforo buy ing a bottlo of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every family should bo provided with somo reliable remedy for bowel complaints, ready for imwedlBfp USP, whenever renutrod, during tho summer months, and this remedy is unquestionably far supm'lor to any pthor It can always be depended upon, and Is pleasant and safe to take, It Is put up in 30 and DO emit bottles. It U»vc ((alck Keller, W. W. Moore of tho Grand Opera house Dea Moiuos, is an early settlor in that part of lowu, and has had u great deal of experience In hU time, He says: "Ai various tiinos 'I havo'had ucuto attacks of bilious collo and violent pains in the stomach, and found nothing that gave mo relief like Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every person," ho says, "should have a bottle." For sale by L. A. Sboetz. Cherries! C'UerrlesI Cherries! Wo expect a good supply this week. It will bo your best chance perhaps to To the Editor: The hu'ffest district meeting of Good Templar* over hold IB the Dtato was the one at Clear Lake last week, , The number of delegates present WHS over 800, representing*! lodges. oiftRthueiiwiu \vi\s good and outlook very uronjlelug for ft caoUaua} wove- mjBirt,* Among the BBBatos present wweG. " Uoriuuu Millet at J. J. Wllson'8.-lH8 ' Dross MnUluif *>ud Vamlly Dpnptppj'dor, J wHl bo g}ad tP welcome oW ptWPB aM ajafl (jeg pnps, " Aw you Tlip f/eadlug The loading (mention now is : provided wlUi » bpttle of Collo, Oholowif and PlfOThoea Rouiody, i»» « safe-guard itg&liwt un attack of bowel complaint during .the auinmer months?" No family oftu'nfford to rl»k being without this invaluable • modloiuo during the hot weather. It U almost oortniu to \w needed. d t» u friend Meed whcij reimlrod, M it vw t alto MM* U pleasant .to take, to aud cent uottloj) tor Bjftle by L- A. Shoot?. THE NORMAL GRADUATES. I'liclr Commencement Programme Was One of the Best Yet Rendered In Algonn. The Banquet and the Reception—Notes Concerning the Teachers and Students. Tin; roinmoiK'i.'iiK'iil exoruisos (if the norinul xchool bugan lust week with Prof. UilulirlsL's annual sermon Sunday, and clofeid Thursday with the graduation of the class of 1890. They wore woll attended throughout, am were tho best yet given by tho school Tho sermon was a masterly effort, am as tho closing address that tho professor will make in connection with the school, was especially noteworthy During four years ho has mode man; friends In Algona and established rein lions with tho community that all wil regret to see severed, and his appear anco with tho graduates to tako loav< of tho school gave additional intorcs to the occasion. First of the literary exercises was tho programme of tho students at norma hall Monday evening as follows: Invocation. Music Como to the Mountain Normal Cliolr. Recitation The Drowned Marino Franc Kelley, Clmrlua City, lown. Esuay French Revolution Guss Peek, Alyouii, lown. Declamation 'i ho Grout Astrouome Qeo. lienschoter, Algoua, lown. Essay Collection Kutu Molloy, Kellogg, lown. Rocltntlou The Chimes of Amsterdnn Isabiillo Ymmlu, West Bend, Iowa. Essay Ironing, u Fine Ar Grace, Gllchi-Ist, Lnurens, Iowa. Music—Solo Only a Dunch o( Wild Rose Julia Telllor. Algonn, Iowa. Recitation Asleep at the Swltc: Nellie Goodrich, Spirit Lake, Iowa. Essay ....A Trip to Spirit Lalt Lute Stacy, Algonn Iowa. Declamation. The Pleasure, of Acquiring Knowlodg Peter Mersch, llode Iowa. Essay The Horde Louis Hunt, AlKoua, Iowa. Recitation •. .Union of Flag aud Schoo Anna Hamilton, Algona, Iowa. Music Uyo nnd Bye You will Forget M Normal Choir. Wednesday evening tho annivorsar, of tho Normal Literary society waa held In tho Congregational church wit! tho following programme: Invocation. Music—Quartette Moonlight on tho La!; Misses McDonald. Reed; Messrs, Telllor, Fuller, Declamation Trials of tho Pilgrim C. W. Stockwoll, Burt, Iowa. Recitation The Challeug 'Ada 'Aclams, Wesley, Iowa. Music—Vocal Solo Tit forTn a race Gllclirlst, Laureus, Iowa. Oration Tho Pleasure of Kuowlodg F. E. Tellier, Algonn, Iowa. Essay A Droni Ilnttlp gchryvor. Union, Iowa. Panor ...".. The Normal IJuzz-Sn EniTOiiB, Mamie Mpponald, Burt lown; Kate Farroll,T,lvoni)ore Iqwa, Recitation Hymn to Intellectual Bonilt Norma L. Qllchrlst, Laurons, lowu. Music—Inst. Solo Battle of Watorlo Georgia Drenuen, Kouwlck, Iowa. I'reuerHatlon o( badges. Address to Society Graduates of N. L. S President Guy Tuttle, Algol! Response on Behalf of Graduates L. Lavlllo Ilrnroun, Mason Clt Music, Vocal Solo Josio McCo Benediction. The regular graduating 1 exerciser wore hold at tho church Thursday a a •• • Music—Piano Solo...... Rout. Ohrlschlllo Orntlon The Sea Refuses No. Hive MurluuA. Thomas, Humboldt. Oration World's Pali Column T, Chubb, Algonn. Oration Solf-Conquos Lucretla J, Ingersoll, Waverly. Orntlon Tho Dominant Question of tho SUtli Century Ohurles A. Tulller, Algoua, Music, Vocal Duet Mr. Mat, Miss Rank Orutlou Gloves Vulta p, Reed, Algona. Orntlon '. Prejudice John S. Adams, Alfoua. Oration Is Civilization Just U) Our Working)));! Charles L. Everett, Fnlrbauk. Orntlon The Evolution of Pence L. Lnvllle Harroun, Mason City. Music, Vocal Solo..... Mrs. Vesper At the close of tho orations all ol which woro fine, Prof. Gilohrist do- livorod tho diplomas with an excellent address, and senator Chubb as president of tho board addressed tho graduates discussing the work pf the school, aud then dwelling upon the 01. ties and responsibilities which hoc] fallen to the graduates. A piano duel ay Misses Cordingloy and and Dingloy tho bene- closed the programme, diction was spokon. THE ALUMNI BANQUET, The social event ol the commencement was tho banquet at tho Kutltor- :ord hoHBP Tuesday evening. Tho old students'guthored'at un early hour, and vt 10:80 woro ushorcd to un elaborate repast where toasts and conversation vdded to the morrlnient. pornio Ing- luju us master of cprompjiips called fPf •esponaes from MUpos JenniP fiaUoy isoi), 'fljittH, JVOf'P". W'&fc.MPfW- Musie and vlHwng follawpo until mla- ilght when the party broke up, NORMAL NOTES. Prof, OllchvM gees to Sioux City, Monday, to stay u week attending to nutters in connection with that Bonool. Io then goes to St, Paul totuo uatlonal ,euct)oi'8~mooling, und then returns to Algona to spond vuo summer in library work. Mrs. Giloni'ist wu» a commencement ieitor. With toe family tt nd Mies ;»' she return^ to LU.W oin him, and nil go for tho summer. So will not probably return to school leaching. . Prof. Rich, who was considering oui school, was secured by LeMars. He had made an offer there before coming here nnd was accepted. Tho Sentinel says: "Prof. Rich will assume tho management of tho Northwestern Normal school and will have associated with him in tho work as equal partner Prof. J. F. Hirsch. Prof. Rich and his wife aro both of thorn very successfu' teachers. They have been connected with the normal school at Decoi-uh Iowa, for tho lust ton years und have become known all over Iowa as populai institute Instructors." Those who have tho school in churgo have letters from several about comiiif, hero, and there promises to bo no difficulty in securing good teachers to go abend with the work. HOW IT WILL BE DONE. Tlie 1'roijraiiiiuo In Detail for th Coming Celebration. Tho programme for Algonn's celebru tlon is herewith reproduced. All at- rangements are complete, nnd a grand gala day will bo tho result: One Hundred Guns at Sunrise. Procession will form nt 9 :45on State street opposite court house. Band on foot. Company P., I. N. G. on foot. In carriages— President of the day am • speaker, vice-president, county officers, and county supervisors. Float drawn by four horses, with goddcs of liberty and girls representing eastern, middle, and southern states — Band on foot. Flout drawn by four horses with Unol Sam nnd girls representing middle and western states. Townships competing for flag to bo given ti tho one that has tho largest delegation of teams iu the procession. Procession will move east on State street south on Harlan, west on McGregor, north on Thorington, east on Elm to tho grounds. Mayor and council will review tho procos sion on Thorington, opposite court house. KXlilSCISKS AT THE OI1OUNDS. Music by tho Band. Invocation by Rev. Whitflold. Vocal music Heading of Declaration of In dependence by S. Mayno of Bancroft. Vocal music. Oration by Hon. A.. L. Hudson of Siou City. Basket picnic on tho grounds. Day flro works at noon. AFTEUNOON. Music by Band. Hnpes by tho Driving Park , Boxyory dance in tho villlf, Dramatic entertainment ut cppvt houu hall. Grand Uro works. by tho Band. THIS THING WE A Suggestion About Telephone foil ituotlons In tltu County, While Algona is making a vigorou effort to secure water works and ai electric light system, there is anothe thing which should not be overlooked and which would surely work to the benefit of all the county. It is thi establishment of telephone connection between tho county seat and its neigh boring county towns. It Is u matte: which wo believe has been but jittli discussed, but those from the othoi towns with whom we have talked 01 the subject express themselves us heartily favoring it. We have no figures from which wo can give thi probable cost of such an undertaking but it certainly cannot be a very : ox pensive affair. Other towns similarly situated find tho plan u great con venlence and much less expansive thai the telegraph. As a matter of'fuot there would probably be little differ once in tho number of telegrams sent but tho telephone, for those Bhor distance messages, would come into general use. It ought not to require much persuasion for somo one who Is in shape to do It to put in such a line, and while adding shockels to his own pocket convenience tho public ut the iurno time. • - ^ <\'o and ypp «1(P J»PQJ»|O, Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or gruss land? Do you want to sell or trade your 'arm or other property V Do you want to uuy a farm or unlm- iroved lund on long time with but lit- ilo or no cush payment? Do you want to make u tow pn ypur urm. at the lowest current rate pf Inter est und favorable terms? Do ypu want anything In MB l(ne pf egltifottte banking? ?or any and aU pf the uUnve please UBult tv, M, Richmond, ivt the Own- orelftl hotel, and Furraei'n' aj)d Traders' Qank block, Uiuwoft, Jowu, For horses, cattle, and hogs, It will jay yftu to use it. Get it at J. J, Wll- OAW.-lQ.t8 CELEBRATED BY MASONS. St. John's Day was Duly Commemorated Yesterday—Largo Outside Delegations. Exercises at the Church—The Banquet Last Evening an Elaborate Affair —Toasts and Speeches. Tbo preparations made by tho Masons for the proper" observance of St. John's day culminated yesterday in flno programme of exercises, attendee by splendid delegations from our neighboring towns. Owing to the irregularity of the trains, somo were not hero who expected to attend, but enough came to fill tho town, and everything was performed as arranged. The pro- gramme in full was as follows: AT PI1UDENCE HALL. 1:30 p. m. Called to order by M. F. Ran dall, W. M., Prudence lodge, No. 205. Temporary chairman and seeretarj chosen. Speech on District organization, Cupt. P C. Bailey, Algona. Response, Dr. Ira Welch, Humboldt. Permanent organization perfected. District organization adjourned. 8:16 p. m. Procession march, via Kos suth County bank, Sheetz' drug storo Rutherford house, to Congregationa church. C. D. Pettibone, marshal. AT CUUHCH—M. F. KASDALL, CUAIKMAX. 11:30p.m. Invocation, Rev. Davidson. Instrumental duet, Misses Dingley am Cordingley. Address of welcome, J. R. Jones, Algona Response, A. C. Parker, Spencer, Vocal Solo, Miss Josio McCoy. Lecture, Rev. G. W. Pratt, Algona. Vocal duet, Mrs. P. H. Vesper and Mill. N. Renfrew. Benediction. 1IASQUET AT HIXK. 0:00 p. m. Address by Rev. I. N. Pardee Sioux City. Toaata and responses. Dr. H. C. McCoy, toastmastor. Reception committee.—J. R. Jones, Dr Jas. Barr, A. A. Brunsou, Mrs. 1C. Lam borson, Mrs. P. M. Taylor, Dr. H. C. Mo Coy,,W. H. Ingham, Mrs. G. R. Wood worth, D. S. Ford, J. W. Robinson, F. M Taylor, O. E. Palmer, D. W. Sample, Mrs W. H. Ingham, C. B. Matson. Ushers.—Mart Weaver, Guy Taylor, Ber Barr, Goo. Bailey, Collie Chubb, Fred .-In glmm, Will Bruuson, Howard Robinson. Tho programme was carried out near ly as given. At the business meeting the work of a public natui-o consisted o tho election of officers for the distrle organization that was formed. Th district comprises lodges at Spencei Ruthven, Milford, Spirit Lake, Em melsburg, Algona, Bancroft, Fores City, Britt, Garner, Mason City, Clea Lake, Livormoro, Eagle Grove, and Humboldt. The next meeting will b held at Clear Lake, The officers are J S, MoElhliiey of Spencer, president Cupt. M. Cooper of Forest City, vice president; A. A, Rico of Clear Lake secretary; Dr. Ira Welch of Humboldt treasurer. Tho feature of the »fter noon oxei'olsep was Rev, Pr-utt's oddros which was a line exposition of th principles of tho order, and In every way a masterly performance, In spiti of tho suffocating heat ho was listened to with marked attention. Tho address of welcome by Mayor Jones was appro an instrumental duot by Misses Cording ley and Dingley, a vocal solo by Miss Josio McCoy, and a duot by Vos per and II, If, Renfrew, was excellent TR.P hmioupt ut tlie rink was gottei up by tho Moth.Qd.l4v Mips, and was as elaborate und elegant as anyone couk wish. Except for the melting heat i would have been perfect. Toasts an< responses entertained the guests when the more material part of the feast was finished. Rev, Sanderson of Emmets burg, Mi 1 . Pillsbury of Milford, Martin Bailey of Forest City, and Mrs, Ingham and Rev. Whitfiela of Algona being the speakers. At the close the party broke up, und tho visiting delegates secured trains as best they might fot their various homes. Considering the Irregularity of the trains, and the weather, the mopting was moro than ordinarily successful, and begins whal will no doubt grow into an Important district gathering iu honor of St. John. Don't Forgot I Townsond & Langdon are closing out their stock pf shoos at cost. ladles' and gents' line JAS. -A. OBR, painter, decorator, lapor hunger, etc,, solicits the patron- ige of those who have work In this lino, ind guarantees Biitisfactlon.-2m6 B.MPW3Y * METOAW oil gVfttn shoes B women's, misses, itiw children's— ui>p reduced jn. ppfpo, p, S, Slough, WfihttYoiv full lino of dvlod fruits ihoap nt Tuwnsond & L^ugdon'% u's Arulca Salve. lii the \voriu for ouU, bruises, rUeuMi, lever soroa. tetwr, MiilUB, coma, and all skin erup cures ullon or no purnni lve perfect satisfaction or I'rtoeSoo t»t buj. 8014 by " The bttt sal ores, ulwrs. s Uupped "(Midi, o qns; and posU TIIK CASE IN A NllTBIIEIili. When Baby was glck we gave tier Cuntorta, When she was a child she cried for CiiBtorla, When she became Miss she clung to Caetorla, When she hod Children she gave them Caetorla, ALQONA, IOWA. Capital, - - fOO.OOO. Incorponited under genenil laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collection* made promptly and a genera) banking buslnew transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. 11. INGHAM, President. J. B. JONES, Vice President; LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. n. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, .1. D Jones, T. Clulschllles, Lewis II. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Durnet Devlne. First Mutual Bank OP ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - S6O,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIBECTOB2. Ambrose A. Call, D. II. liutchlnx, J. C, Uluck ford, Philip Dorweller, Wm, K. Verguson. (ieo. C. Call, C. B. Hutohlns, OKKICERS. iHBHOHII A. CiLL, O. U. HDTCHI1IS, President. Vice President. J. C, DLACKFonu, Cashier. Money always on hnnd to lonn at reasonable rates to parties who can f urnlab first class security. BANCROFT, IOWA. R. M. Richmond, Prea. R. R. Richmond, V. P. ' A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to nil ports or the United States and Europe ut low rates. Tickets to and from tlie old country (or sale. Taxes paid for both residents und non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same duy applied for. R.M.RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't ami Notary Public, 00,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved furmi for gale or rent. Village property for sale or rent,Now la tbe time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads ure built, which will advance the trips of land beyond the reach of tbe average borne-seeker, COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M, Richmond, proprietor, first class house, smibfuollon guur • ' tentlon given the traveling pub LOOK, Pat.whole wheat flour per sunk. .'?! 00 fSTEivri/ ftic* warrantea. QralMin ft.onr wee saoli, 60 Jtolltil mini Me/i/ /it f .viif)fr,, 35 Jluvkwhtdt. flour pur sack , ,au@50 Sraujier 100 '...,. 60, Shorts per 100 60 Ground feed (aorn and oats)...,.. 70 Ground feed (corn, oafs, fta-j^),,, 6Q Jiftit hard coal per ton,, 0 OQ J)est Sd-vein Illinois coal per ton. 4 80 Best lower~vetn Iowa Dloek coal 4 00 Salt per barrel 1 ?B FREE DELIVERY IN THE Leave orders «t the Big Flour and feed store. J, J, WILSON, AUCTIONEER. D, A. HACCARD, onic* witto V, «, Tarter, .over AU»I» ftroj. DR, L. A, SHEETS,

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