The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1890
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it-,;., ffiST 186a IOWA, WEBMSSUAY, JUMl 25, 1890. The Grange Store, The Upper Des Moine& fl¥ 1NGMAM & WA&REN. A good general assortment kept at all times. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. «T, R, LAIRD, Proprietor. ,. ^ Tllfe StATl! A special effort was made by the alumni association of the state university to Secure a large attendance of bid students at thecomffleficement exercises last week, and organize them as & •king body to further the prosperity of the School, It was in every way successful. Although the radical changes IU the faculty and policy of the school have made & break that severs the strong feeling ot personal attachment that goes with old associations, graduates dating back to the sixties joined with the later alumni in accustoming 1 themselves to the hew order, making the acquaintance of the new professors, and joining most heartily in the feeling of enthusiasm which is being aroused on every side. With all due respect to the excellent character and valuable work done by many of the old professors, there is a change in the spirit of the school, a broadening in its alms, and a thoroughness In its work Under Its new management which re- §1 S *==* g *=*=• Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 71/2, and 8 per cent,, on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office, apply for a loan. T. Save money by calling on me before you -DEALKU IN Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfivare, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. ALGONA, IOWA. moves It from its old country college state and puts it' In line with the modern universities, nnd will with proper encouragement by Iowa, put It at the head of universities In the west. Tho school today in Its work, nnd especially in its aims, is an honor to the state. It is a university not so much because it teaches everything—Chancellor Hammond in his commencement oration corrected the impression that tho word means that—but because scholarship—a thorough and liberal training—is the nim^of its work In every department. At the head of those who have boon instrumental in the change is President Schaeffer. Ho has not only wielded n great influence as a business manager, but by his cultured manners ho has popularized the institution with all with whom ho has come In contact, and by his thorough university spirit ho has been able to mold and direct tho tendencies of the school. In a social way his accomplished wife, a sister of the noted liteary man Eugene Sohuyler, has aldod him vary materially in refining tho influences thrown about tho students, and in giving nil their gatherings a touch of eastern culture. Of tho old members of tho faculty Profs. Currier, Calvin, nnd McBrldo alone remain, each with more than state wide reputation in his department. Within provisions, InelSdlnft nil articles of ""#, farMtnre attcT ether articles ui wuou, agrlciiltnral implements, and machinery, mining and mechanical machinery, structural steel and Iron, steel rails, locomotives, railway can And supplies, street cars and refined petroleum. I mention thele particular articles because they have been most frtijtieatl* inferred to a» those with which a Valuable exchange could be readily effected. The list conldlno doubt bo profitably enlarged by 'careful Tn veStlgatlon of the needs and advantages of both the hoine and foreign markets." Mr. Blaihe has always been credited with high tariff ideas, but it is evident that he cannot endorse the practical prohibition on commerce which Me- Kinieyismjrfwposes. THIS matter of "original package 1 houses, it occurs to vis, is very much like the liquor question ih any other form. Iowa as a Whole is a prohibition state, or at least such was the case when a non-partisan expression was last taken. Whether It is now or not Is a disputed question, but in the absence of proof we have ho reason to believe that another Constitutional amendment election would not result as did the VOL, last one. Under the present state of things original package dealers will flourish in those towns where public sentiment is on their side, and so it will be until congress interferes with Dealers In Heavy Hardware Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call nnd get prices! wo can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. M ONEY TO LOAN OD Farm Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office, can save you money. optional payments. If you want a loan, call on us. We JONES & SMITH. We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and give the borrower privilege of paying the whole loan or any 't thereof in even $100 at any date when inter- the pan _ est falls due. This is Iowa money and no second _.. , mortgage or coupons taken. .h.-i ,i 9 °, °.'h makln 8 a . loan win enable lne borrower to reduce Ms mortgage at any time and save the t lmereat on ihe amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address ,. HOXIE &. REAVER, Algona, Iowa. M. Z. Crove. John Crove. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Went of Thorington House, M. Z. CROVE, Manager. Beet ftnd oheap«at Veterinary Bemodlea- Stowart'aHeallngPowaer SO yean in nsa for all open sores, on man and beaut, barbed \rlro eati,g»ll8,bnrn»,oh»flnz,oto. It cannot ba equaled, OMy Stewart'* Stock JRemody Is not made of bran, ashes and •mwdmt, to show largo box for little money; bat Is a Tonic and Dlood Purifier, for all live Block. Jt !• tho best condition powdcT in the World. O-MceBlsobbx. STEWART'S LINIMENT Ii the best remedy for Rbenm- Btlim, Lameness,Swelling,Biick- •cbe, Sprains, cto,. In mo for nun and beast. A trial order will prove it. Large bottle, K cent*. STEWART'S HOOF Oil* Nothing like It (or Dry. Crocked, Brittle or Contracted Hoofs-* {nukei them toft md tough. Keep them In good condition with this oil. Ilpnyatouielt. Remember No foot—no hone. Largo bottle H8 cent*. KJ-Sold Everywhere. 8Uw»rt Ch«zal«l Co.} fit. Ltoli Buo'u to «tawm1 HonUog Powder do. Glottis and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors 4 full stock of oloihi and trimmings always on • ' -heapm can be bought an/All work done prompt!; Imnrt, as cheap us can where. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona, Iowa. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer lu all kinds of FURNITURE, Picture Frames, Looking Glauses. Cbreroos, and all kinds Beady- W«0e Coffin*. UouNetvr public use. Heudauar- inn lor the best * F, M. BRON80N, Dewier You are Invited your Cheap, the past year olTors of a largo increase of salary have boon made them to go to eastern schools. In tho other departments the most important changes are in tho chairs of literature, philosophy, and history. Prof. Anderson In literature stands in the front rank of American teachers. His own work as a translator nnd contributor to literary periodicals has given him a national rerutation. Prof. Patrick's contributions on philosophy to tho Popular Science Monthly have attracted wide notice, and he has edited one or moro works of ancient philosophy in a manner to secure instant recognition as a profound scholar. Prof. Perkins not only has developed tho historical department until it is one of the most Important in tho school, but is himself the author of a poem entitled "Eleusis," somewhat in the style of " In Memoriam," and a product which a competent critic declares equal to anything now being dono In American verso. Tho law department shares tho renovation, nnd in Emlin McLain, tho author of the commonly used Iowa digest and annotutorof tho Iowa statutes, has a legal scholar at its head the equal of any in tho west. In Prof. Wnmbaugh ho has another thorough scholar as his chief assistant, while Judge Lovo still retains his work. Tho faculty throughout is composed of scholars, nnd many of them who have already gained tho recognition of tho intellectual world. On such u basis it is possible to build an institution without a rival and such un institution Iowa is on the high road to attain. In a material the Wilson bill or something resembling It. Where the sontlmont of a town is opposed to liquor selling In any form ^t will be different. For instance, It is noted that In Emmetsburg the package men are running things with a high hand, and little or no opposition is offered. At Esthervillo the Vindicator says it will not be wise for anyone to attempt the sale of liquor In any form. Those of our people who attended the races nt Spencer last week tell us that Johnny Coonan is running a package joint there on tho "wide open" plan, and In ono instance it is noted that beer was sold by tho drink over tho bar of a certain saloon. And that Is the way It goes.' Thus far Algona has boon remarkably fortunate In that no ono has attempted to open a liquor shop as a result of tho decision by the supremo court. It remains to be soon what will happen here. This paper believes that the majority sontlmont in Algona is against the sale of liquor as u beverage, and that life will bo mado a burden for thti man who tries to operate any establishment of tho sort. But that Is just our opinion. It may bo otherwise but we dp not think so. THE Le Mars Sentinel is led to remark : " Tho Industrial homo for tho adult dent, W. 3. Bfanagan of fmmetstinfg; secretary, C. D. ftdtonof Webster City; treasurer, J. W. Dnrreil of IJayton. The next meeting will be held at Webster City in August. Committees were appointed cm programme, and to draft a constitution and by-laws, to bo reported at the next meet- Ing. Alter adopting resolutions 6t thanks for the hospitable entertalnmeut tendered the editors, the meeting adjourned. SfrirbfiR, the brilliant young editor oi the Council Bluffs Nonpareil, will readapaperon the "Emancipation of the Party Press" before the national convention of editors at Boston. He has emancl 1 pated the Nonpareil from a sleepy old paper into one of the most widely quoted dallies of Iowa, and he is capable of preparing a paper worthy of the wide notice it will receive at that meeting. THE Wall Lake Journal has suspended because of a lack of patronage. There could be ho better reason. has* made remarkable advancement since the first of the month, We meadows havifig thickened at bottom and toe pastures yielding an abtindance. Corn has made good progress, the only drawback reported being lack of sufficient cultivation on account of excessive rains. With favorable conditions the remainder of the season* the cribs of the state will be fairly well filled. THE action of the convention at Boono was what has been predicted, and DolHver's nomination by ncclammatton came as a matter of course. No platform was adopted ih view of the meeting of the state convention. Geo. W, Henna was chosen commlttocman for the county, Thus, so far as congressional matters go, the political bark is peacefully launched. TALK about the Wlnona & Southwestern railroad is reviving. Tho road is to bo completed to the Iowa line this season. Then tho squabble will come to find out what lino it will take through the state. .Tohn G. Smith's Contribution to ail intot-ogtliiK Volume. the book on sports to which John G. Smith contributed a chapter on "Inland Duck Shooting" has been issued from the press, and is a handsome and entertaining volUmh. Some thirteen chapters on various kinds of game are included, all by men of experience, and together they afford a good history of American sport with the gun. Mr. Smith writes some very interesting things of the habits and peculiarities of the mallard and other ducks of this locality, and adds a number of entertaining sketches of his own experiences as a hunter. One will interest all our readers. He writes about pass shooting and says: : The best day's duck THE KOSStTK COTOtfr MtJTUAL. Constitution and By-lftws ot This Formers' Insurance Company. Following are the articles of" association and by-laws of the Kossuth County Mutual Firo Insurance company: ^ . , we now organize, this 9th day of April, 1887, by adopting the following Articles of Association, wltnesSeth: That J. E. Blaekford, .J. Wallace, C. Bookman Chas.0.dijbb,H,P. Hateh, H. O. Par Sons, J. B. Jones, J. Chapln, P. Ferguson H.iS Vaughn, W.F. Hoflns, C. Rlckard 0. N. Oliver, A. A. Brunson, M. Stephens G. M. Parsons, D. A. Haggard. K. Lamber Son, E. W. Donovan, and all other persons Who may become members of said Com- Bra census frauds in Minneapolis culminated last week in tho arrest of seven enumerators alleged to have been connected with an effort to make tho returns from that city many thousands in excess of tbo actual count. Tho matter will bo sifted and tho culpable ones brought to speedy trial. THE Carroll Sentinel wants to discuss Dolllvor. There will bo time enough for that when his competitor is named. Wo warn tho Sentinel beforehand, however, that it can never push us to tho wall till it supports a man who will openly and vigorously demand that every citizen of the United States votes and has bis vote counted. That is as important an Issue as any in our national affairs. blind has gono to Knoxvillo, Marlon county, about forty miles southeast of DosMoincs. 1 A lino drawn west from Dubuquo to Ack 1 loy and then southwest to Council Bluffs, loaves ovor two-fifths of tho state, north of that lino, without a single state institution, ote., etc.' Hollo I Algona, does that sound familiarl Tho Knoxvillo location renders tho distribution of state institutions still moro unequal." It seems as though wo do remember this, and something about linos dividing tho- northwest quarter of tho state off by itaolf. But It is idle to recall it. What tho south part of tho state don't got Isn't located. Tho bounties of providence aro all wo can rely on In this section. THUS wrote tho editor of the Blue Earth City Post not long agoi "A Justice of poaco In Iowa has decided that the constitution of tho United States Is unconstitutional and threatens to put tho supremo court of his state In Jail for contempt of court. Ho has been n justice of tho peace forty years and Insists that tho court knows herself." THE Carroll Herald believes that tho " gubernatorial nomination next year will come to Farmer Wbeoler as naturally and Inevitably as water flows down hill. Ho will make a splendid run and poll every republican farmer vote in tho state." shooting that I ever hod did not begin till 10 o T olook in the forenoon. It was at Elbow Lake, Ruthvon, Iowa. My old Mend, Frank Nicoulln, and myself, got up at 3 o'clock in the morning to take the early train on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway for Ruthven, 86 miles west of where wo live. We went to our depot, and sat there three long hours waiting for a " freight train.'' It camo at last, but we did not get to Kuthvon till after 9 o'clock, wo went down to the lake, and found but few ducks there. The wind was southeast and blowing very strong. Wo sat down on the pass, and concluded that shooting would not be very good that day. Wo looked up toward Lost Island fake, which Is situated about three or four miles northwest of Elbow Lake. Wo noticed some ducks in the uir. Soon a stray flock camo down against the wind. They went over Frank, and he shot a pair of canvas-backs, Hois a sure shot, and any duck that comes within range of his gun is almost sure to fall, Other flocks followed, and sewn almost a stream of ducks was pouring into. Elbow Lake. Tho wind blow so hard that they flew very low. Canvas-backs, redheads 1 ," and blue-bills camo in in thousands. The loko was full of wild colory, tho favorite food of the deep water ducks. There wore times that day when I saw moro ducks than I over saw at ono time before. I shot Into one - pany, are hereby associated by the name oi Kossuth County Mutual Fire Insurance company. Article 1. The object of this association shall be to insure farm buildings, as well as household furniture or other personal property, against loss or damage by fire or No Insurance shall be taken for more than three-fourths the actual value of the property at the time the risk is accepted. Art. 3. All persons who become insured in this company rare members thereof as long as their insurance continues. Art. 8. The principal place of doing business shall be at, or in the vicinity of Algona, Iowa, and an annual meeting of the company shall be held at or near there on tho second Tuesday in June, each year, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the election of officers and the transaction of other business. The officers of this company shall be a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and ono director for each civil township represented in tho association, who shall be elected annually, said officers to constitute a board of directors to manage the affairs of the company, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for doing business. Art. 4. The president, vice president, and secretory shall constitute an executive committee, and when a loss occurs, they shall, as soon as practicable, repair to the place pi loss and adjust tho same; and if all members of this committee cannot bo present, those who can bo present shall fill the committee from the other members of tho board; and if they cannot agree with tho assured in the adjustment of loss, tho mat- tor shall be submitted to arbitrators chosen in tho usual manner, whose award in writing shall bo binding on the parties as to tho amount of such loss, provided, always, that this company shall in no coso bo hold liable for more that three fourths tho actual cash value of tho property at tho time it was destroyed. Tho company also reserve tho right to rebuild or repair damages sustained. Any person insuring nt least one- half of his live stock,.shall bo entitled to recover, in case of loss, three fourths of his loss, not exceeding tho amount insured, and not exceeding $100 for a horse or mulo, $25 for a cow, bull, or steer, ?5 for a hog, or 13 Cotintenanre will never again grace this corner—cause why, he's dead, too dead for any kind of use. His untimely talking off was the result of an effort to sell groceries at closer figures than did Patterson Brothers, In Algona, Iowa. But he won't do so anymore; figuratively speaking, his name is "mud" henceforth and forever. Mud is all right in its place, but cheap goods are what you want, too. Patterson Bros, keep right on furnishing them at the same old prices—way down to the last notch. ALGONA, IOWA. for a shoo Art. 6, con. i. Afto: ir a loss has boon adjusted and THE state convention is hold today in Sioux City. THE now serial, called " Felicia," by Miss Fanny Murfreo, sister to Charles Egbert Craddock, opens the Alantlo for July. The scone is laid in one of tho smaller American cities. Miss Murfreo's pages are full of clover characterizations, ana there Is an atmosphere about tho story which promises well for tho future numbers. The very title, "Tho Town Poor," gives one a sufficiently clear idea of whatMlss Jowott's clever pen makes of such a subject. This, with some chapters of Mrs. Deland's "Sidney," concludes tho fiction of tho number. To HOC and buy our Lndioa' .Shoos. Moris' Slices, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoos, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Ciilf Boots, Fur Hats, Wool Tints, Still' Huts Crush Huts, Men's Hutu, Boys' 1 Iiits, Kids' Huts, Misses' Huts. Medium, AND High Grade. The largest stock in town, and at the lowest prtoes. The Heat Jiitlber Goods made, liest wearing Hosiery. Jleau- tlful Dress Ooodi. Custom-made Over- We offer you no biilile baits, wo charge no fancy prices. We can save you money. One prlco for town and country. JOHN REED, The New Heat Market, LOWJ3 & LAMBEIiSO >T ;/ Proprietors of the new market on Thorltiirton itruet, keep everything lu jre»li and salt meat. Fresh ilsh every Friday. Come and see us! EMORY Mtoa VMUunof mind. Bock* Ie«i '*' i™" 0 "'* 11 'r«n -Isooneof 1 good improved lurro in Bolt county, .uille frouuewn. Buuuliig w»tw ou farm. oerei u riillUpn county, KUI! „ railway »tttUou. Apple nut) itiwTd, hedge fence around houser and oil Borne timber una tuuiiUig water on turuii 0,0 acre* (euoed lu uulurc. A good (tog lor the gut wan, Conje ftnd see me. • 43 M. L. OUBiqS. Alyoua, way tho school bus wonderfully improved. Iowa City has dedicated its fine public park to the state for it. In this tho new science building will bo built. Across tho street, tho Y. M. C, A. building will be built, §25,000 haa boon contributed, nnd $10,000 has been added by Mrs. C. D. Close, a widow living in tho city. In this will bo a gymnasium, bath rooms, and a public hall, besides a chapel for use of tho Christian association. Tho completion of those important additions will add still moro to tho rapid growth of tho school in numbers and in popularity. Tho feeling against Iowa City ia dying down, us it ia being discovered that no moro orderly city of ita aize exists In the atate, and tho attendance of tho school marks a rapid change. Over 100 more students have been in attendance than wore a year ago. But ono thing is now needed to complete the machinery of state education, und tlmtJs to bring the high school work to u common standard, preparatory to tho university course, and then devote tho energies of the attt'to to making our schools a pride to us, and to the nation. Tho extension of tiio normal school system as an aid to our common schools, and tho building of a university at tho head of nlL equal to tho 'great schools of the old world should bo tho aim of every man who BOOS in tho most thorough education the highest possible training for good citizenship, and success in life. CAPT. BELL, tho whilom editor, postmaster, and "offensive partisan" of Webster City, has been experiencing ono of those domestic troubles that help to mako life u burden. Tho report reads; "A year or moro ago Ca'pt, Boll moved to Washington Territory with his two daughters and son, his wife being dead. A Dos Molnes gambler, Prank Hoff, or Allen, fo%> lowed tho family there and succeeded In inducing Gipsey, his ID-ycar-old daughter to olopo with him. This was last November. She did not know ho was married until her ruin had been accomplished. Ho took her to Davenport nnd placed her In a business college under an assumed natno, where she learned stenography. Tho father has been searching for his erring daughter since her elopement. During tho last week she has boon at Marshalltown, Monticollo, and Cedar Rapids, trying to ovado her father, but he succeeded in scouring her at Monticollo and has taken her away for parts unknown. Ho mado the statement that t^ay would not return to Washington." JN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Tho Beacon reports J. W. Cory of Spirit Lake on tho mend after a severe illness, Fort Dodgo papora announce the coming marriage of W. K. Lumoroaux and Miss Winnie Humphroya. Wo suppose this means our old court reporter. Tho Wobator county fair this fall will offer over $1,000 In pursea in the racing department. Ono of tho finest speed —•--•• g 0 on in the city is flock of canvas-backs, and seven of the handaome birds fell with tho first barrel. Wo hnd two fine retrieving dogs with us, nnd wo gave them all they could do for five hours. Between 2 and 8 o'clock in tho afternoon Frank got a shell stuck in hia gun and could not move it; Wo worked nt it over half an hour, and finally ho had to go to town to get tho shell taken out, Just before he started it began to rain, and I told him to send down a team for tho ducks, us I do not care much to shoot in tho rain. I did not shoot much after ho wont to town, but gathered tho ducks and counted them. Wo had in all 260, and over 70 of thorn were canvas-bocks, tho balance being rod-hoods and bluebills. contests ever promised. Warren Barber, for tho past 28 years a resident of Esthervillo, died rather suddenly last week. Some years ago he became afflicted with rheumatism, which left him n cripple for life. Tho plan for holding races at tho Ft. Dodgo driving park on July 4 has fallen through because of lack of competing horses. Nearly all tho .horsemen in that vicinity have arranged to send their horses elsewhere. Tho Spencer News soys that ono day last week Ackloy Hubbard was thrown from MB bicycle by tho machine coming In contact with a dog. Mr. Hubbard told the story twice to ladles, nnd each in turn came nt him with " Did It hurt tho dog?" Notiolng tho coincidence ho deliberately told tho story to six of their sisters, and invariably mot with tho sumo question at tho end of hia narration. Tut: Journal believes tho conaus will show Sioux City to huvo between 85,000 nnd 110,000 people. IIJ-AIXK'S It la now generally bollovod at Washington that tho administration is opposed to the passage of tho McKinley bill. Secretary Bluino is credited with severe eriticlms on It on several ow»;a- sions. Ho is said to huvo talked very plainly to Senator Allison, and also to tho president. His idea hua been to mako reciprocity treaties with all countries on the American continent amounting to arranging for free trade. In answer to (ho millers' convention last week ho showed how 8ucl» a treaty could bo arranged witb Cuba und tho sugar producing Islands, which are now preparing to prohibit our flour. In a letter to tho president is the follow'. Jng ptiwago which explains his attitude: To escape the delay ana uncertainty of treaties It nun been suggested that u practicable and ui-oiupt uiodo of touting thoquw- tlon ,wajf tosubnilt a,n amendment to the wading Tariff bill autnprl*hi{r tho president to declare the ports ol the United States free to all tho products ot auy nation ot the ..... ipiereupo»wWeU no part ,„,» -'•-- « SEVERAL Iowa editors have tried their hand at formulating a platform for tho state convention which moots at Sioux City today, notably with reference to tho prohibition plonk. In view ot. tho recent decision by the supremo court It Is not easy to say what tho convention will do, and tbo host builders of platforms aro at a loss to know Just what will best fit tho case. One of tho most vigorous suggestions—though perhaps not tho wisest—which wo have noticed comes from tho Oimwa Sentinel man. This Is what ho recommends: Resolved, Thut tho republican party of Iowa, in state convontlon assembled, huvlng faith In the virtue and Intelligence of tho people, do hereby reiterate that prohibition Is the settled policy of tho party, that we have no compromise to make with tho saloon, and will take no backward steps on tho temperance question: that wo swear undying hatred to tho saloon, und, by the eternal, it shall never come back Into Iowa to do its deadly work except It touio over tho dead body of tho republican party, so help mo God. THE Bancroft Rogiator has turned a new loaf tho proper side up in tho departure which it announces regarding free publications of notices. Hereafter, it soys, it will charge regular rotes for notices for church socials, otu., whoro un admission foe Is charged, and that " cords of thanks und lists of wedding presents being out of keeping with tho bolter customs, will bo charged for the sumo as other udvortislnir matter." A good kind of reform, Bro. Ellis. Stick to It und you will wear diamonds. HA VINO been charged by tho Fort Madison Plulndoulor with courting popularity in tho expression of his opinions, Sam Clark replies In tho Gate City, and it i» just such a reply us might be expected from a man who docs bin own thinking and luw tho courage of his convictions. He Buys: " Well, if we are courting popularity wo would drift easily and smoothly with tho party majority and gupress the utterance of opinions to which the majority IB opposed. Wo have never done that for a minute. We have never courted popularity" In our life. We simply say what we think should bo sold, but wo are not such a fool us not to know thftt wo thereby mako fur more unpopularity than popularity." THE meeting pf editors ut IJumboldt last week organized what will bo known us the Upper Des MgJuos Editorial uMOola- Wou. Tbo utteudau.ce numbered about twenty. The editors " coj»pW ot feeing right K>yuJHy treated n.nd snAoftdWly owtev- tftluod by the good £oapio pf tUq,t town. 4 Tho CorwithCrescent puta itthiaway: " Algona has come to her senses and procured the services of tho Corwith bund for the Fourth, at n nice figure. Although Corwith Is a small town, wo doubt If any town of two thousand con produce a finer brass band, They have received a number of offers for tho 4th. Wo shall refrain from further remarks, leaving others to sing their praise after they have hoard them." H. O. Warner, tho maple sugar man, is still having a good deal of trouble in making hia delivery of gooda. In about every town ho strikes ho is arrested and fined under tho peddlers' licence ordinance, and each time ho refuses to pay, and puts up bonds and appeals his case to tho district court. Whether they succeed In compelling him to pay license or not, they appear to bo making life something of n burden to him, West Bond is having a lino opera house built, according to tho following from tho Journal: Besides tho stage which is being added to tho back of the opera house, a gallery around tho front end will bo put In. This will glvo accommodation to about one hundred people, which will materially increase the Boating capacity of tho hall. Tho management, It seems, does not intend to stop until tho opora houso is put in first class shape. Emmotsburg now has throe " original package" joints, and tho Reporter thinks there aro jijoro to follow, That paper aaya it was reported to that office that flftoon drunken men were on tho streets Tuesday afternoon. It adds: " Sunday evening while tho people wore quietly going to church one original package was moving along tho oust aide pf Broadway followed by tho gibes ol u gaping crowd and with a largo tag attached to its coat-tail. When wo started this Item it was the intention to toll who tho fellow was but as his wife was without doubt grevloualy mortified by his condition, on her account, his name Is not given. — Thousands of Children Pie Annually that might bo saved if properly treated in time. Cholera infantum, diar- rhoea, and dlsoutury are tbo most fatal discuses. Dr. T. W. Wood's Blackberry Cur- miuative Is D certain cure In such cuscs. It Is sold by L. A. Shoetz.-lUU) FROM THE COUNTY TOWNS. Bancroft. Register: Father Nichols is up from Algpnn this week soliciting aubacrip- tions for tho building of a Catholic church at thla place, Wo understand that ho is mooting with good success, and that the same will bo built this season. Tho creamery commenced receiving milk last Friday, tho machinery for running the separator having been put in place. Tho farmers are now sending In the milk in tho morning, and receiving their skimmed milk on tho trip back. The Swoa band will have a picnic celebration at Silver Lake on tho Fourth of July and invito the public to join thorn. Capt. R. E. Jennson, Rev. L. A. Cummins, H. N. Renfrew, nnd others will speak, and the band will discourse swoot mualo for tho occasion. There will bo a bowery dance, refreshment stand, boat riding, etc. LuVcrno, NOWB: Rev. P. H. Elghmy preached in tho M. E. church at Eagle Grove on Sunday morning and evening. The people at tho Grove doubtless heard two good sermons. Our fellow townsman Mr. Loroy Barton and Miss Nettie Crabtroo of Hum- boldtwero married Thursday at tho homo of the brido in Humboldt. The danco out at Henry Currnn's is said to have boon a successful affair of tho kind. There was a largo crowd In attendance and lots of fun. There is usually no lack of merriment when Undo Henry is around. Ho is just oa young as ho used to bo. A wash-out on tho Minneapolis road just south of tho Prairio Crook bridge detained tho freight train, duo here at 4 o'clock, for several hours, Friday. Tho road was washed out in several places, leaving the roils and ties BUS- It is necessary to make an assessment, it shall be tho duty of tho secretary to write to each member and notify him of tho nnmo of the loser, tho amount of tho property insured, tho amount of tho loss,and his proportion of tho assessment. The secretary shall bo allowed, lu making an assessment, to add such a sum to tho actual loss as in tho Judgment of the executive committee shall bo necessary to defray tho current expenses of the company, provided this sum shall at no one time exceed fifty dollars: and further provided, that tho assessment shall at no time exceed two per cent, for any ono loss. It shall bo tho duty of such member of the company, within thirty days of tor receiving such notice, to pay to tho secretary tho amount assigned as his proportion of tho assessment. If any person falls to pay his portion of the assessment within the time specified, the policy shall bo void, and tho secretary shall proceed to collect tho same with ten per cent, additional. Art. 0. Any person wishing to withdraw from this company shall notify the secretory in writing, and his withdrawal shall take effect from tho filing of said notice; but if there is any unpaid loss at tho time of giving said notice, such withdrawal shall not release him from his liability on such unpaid loss. Art. 7. The board of directors shall have authority to pass by-law* for the management and eJHolent working of tho company, any of which may bo altered or repealed by the annual meeting. These articles of association shall bo altered or repealed, or nowTirtloles inserted, by o two-third vote of the members present at any annual meet- BOOTS AND SHOES. _ AGENCY FOR . BRADLE^METCALFS CELEBRATED •*• MJOT3&SHOES ESTABLISHED 1843 Remember that we have the largest and cleanest stock of BOOTS AND SHOES in Algona. Our motto is: "Not how cheap, but how good." Algona, Iowa. ^ .iny ... v - ing, notice of any proposed change to ~be glvon to tho secretory 80 days prior to such meeting, and tho secretary to give each member notice of such proposed change. Art, 8. Any person desiring to Insure In this company shall mako written application to tho secretary In form prescribed by tho board of directors, in which application ho shall state the value of tho property, tho amount of Ineumbranco, nnd the amount of Insurance, if any, which application shall bo referred to tho director for that township or other agent of tho company, who shall mako a personal examination of tho prom Ises to bo dnsurod, and upon his recommendation he shall bo entitled to receive policy upon terms prescribed by tho bylaws. In case of other insurance, this company will pay tonly its ratable proportion of three-fourths of tho value of the property destroyed. Loss or damage for which tlio company Is not liable. It is hereby declared and asrcod that this company shall not bo liable for loss by thoft nt or after a lire, nor for loss caused by invasion, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, military or usurped power, nor for loss caused by explosions of any kind except lightning unless firo ensues and then for tho loss or damage by flro or lightning only, nor for loss or damage caused by neglect to use all practicable moans to savo and pre- after tho F. S. STOUGH. ning it is desirable that .when possible tho insured get one or two persons to examine tho animals immediately so as to make proof of loss moro satisfactory. The New Discovery. You have heard your neighbors and friends talking about It. You may yourself be one of the many who know from personal experience Just bow good {Llblng It Is, If you have ever tried It you are one ot Its staunch friends, because the wonderful thing about His that when once given a trial, Dr. King's New Discover/ ever after holds a place In IS"VWi l fj aa KVO never used it and should be afflicted with a cough, cold, or any throat, lung, or chest trouble, secure a bottle at once and glvelt a fair trial. It Is guaranteed every time or moner guaranteed every Bottles free at L. time or money A. Sheete' drug Ferhap property fire, nor fi „ from damage at and nor for loss from prairie fires pom day M^UD, lutbvjjig buu rium mm UOH BUB- inded. Tho faco of tho country to- is covered with vast sheets of water and streams aro much swollen. . Tl>« Crop ISoportu. The Washington report for the past week in: Tho conditions generally throughout tho northwest, southwest, and tho Ohio valloy arc improved by favoraMo weather Curing tho past wool; except in souio localities in tho upper Mississippi and Ohio valleys, whore heavy ruins caused temporary damage. Tho harvest of wheat Is in progress in Kansas, southern Illinois, und southern Indiana. In the former state the orop Tho condition of the corn orop is rnuoh Improved throughout tUo principal corn states. fall Tfeo Iowa report notes the heavy rainsays: All wops havo been - greatly benefited,, except in TUo Itlvor Land Cases, A recent decision of Judge Shiras of tho federal court settles tho Des Molnes river lund cases, which have boon a bane of contention during the past twenty-flvo years, Tho decision tejri favoi-,,of the land company. The history of thi. dispute Is a long one, but condensed it is about this: Certain lands each side of tho Des Moines river wore granted to a company for rendering tho rlvor navigable. That tho company fairly owned the lands was disputed, The navigation company sold its lands to other parties. As the lands become moro villUilblo squatters settled upon them claiming that they wore forfeited to tho government and subject to homo- stead. In tho moan time tho lands wore assessed to the land company and tho company paid tho taxes.- The river land settlers knew that tho title was disputed but expected to win in the contest. A bill which was passed by congress quieting tho title in tho settlers was vetoed by President Clove- land, A peculiar feature of tho case is tho foot that tho taxes with Interest paid by the land company would need to have boon paid buck to tho land company had the decision been favorable to the settlers. In some counties this sum was so groat that tho counties would have had lo carry heavy bonded debts for a generation before they could A Fortunate Woman, ilrs. MuryL. Uukerof Ovid, Mlcli., baa reason to be very thankful. She was a great sufferer I com heart disease lor years i wos short of breath, had hungry spells, pain In aide, Itutterlog, mint- ness, etc. After taking two bottles of Dr. Miles' New Heurt Cure she says: "lum better than for ao years. My mlnu and, eyesight have Improv affl unless there'shall ho a good and sufficient nro break around the premises, nor for tho loss or damage caused by the use of open lighte In barns or out buildings or places where shavings aro kept, nor for damages caused by flre originating from depositing by the insured ashes or emhors In wooden vessels within 40 foot of tho buildings insured, nor for damage caused by flro origi- inatiug from stove pipes passing through partitions or ceiling unless pro' . refunded. Trial store. The Flint Step. erhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your satisfaction and you wonder what alls you. You should heed the warning; you are taking the first step Into nervous prostration. You need a nerve tonic, and lu Clectrle Blttera you will and the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to Its normal healthy condition. Surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonlo and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion Is restored, and the liver nnd kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price 50 cents, '" ----- ----- • — THE RAILROADS. •x,— •* --^^^^^^^^^f^r^f^n^. RAILWAY TIME-CABDS. Trains pass the Algona stations as per the following schedule of time: . CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. Passenger—West: No.l.........VuSgamNo.a: freight— ^0.5 7:52pm No. 18......... 12:BOpm Passenger—East: .10:21) am [o, 10 l:25am 0. 14. 2:20pm F. HBUBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NOKTHWESTEBN. Klmore passenger south glmpre passenger north St. Paul freight north Des Molnes freight south. For sale at L. A. Slieetz' 0 ig through Jtectcd bj lllng „ some noncombustihlo matorial'which keeps tho pipe at least one and cone-half inches from any wood, nor shall this company bo "labloforany damage caused by flro oojn- rnunicated by a stove plpo passing .through thereof of any dwelling house. Pipes must enter a chimney under tho upper coiling and In sight, and tho chimney shall bo at least 18 inches above the top of th.o roof, If tho assured shall mako any false or erroneous representation or concealment material to tho risk or shall allow a dwelling house therein insured to become nnd remain vacant or unoccupied for moro than 80 days without U)o consent of this company 'iu writing thereon, or shall mortgage or otherwise encumber the same without consent of tho company endorsed thereon, or thull have or mako any other insurance thereon or any part thereof without tho consent of this company, in writing thereon, or if tho risk shall lip Inprensod in any manner without the consent of tho company, then and in every such CUBO this policy shall bo null und void. If nt any time a loss occurs on account of repairs helng mado, tho company will only bo liable f or J4 tho loss. Insurance will take effect lit 13 o'clock noon, after the policy has boon issued by the goovetary. : .:.. UY-I.AW8. 1. Tho secretary shall keep a record open for inspection of members of when each person became u member, amount of property Insured and when he ceases to bo a member, and keep an explicit account of all the proceedings and transactions of the company and shall pay all moneys received over to the treasurer as soon as practicable, taking his receipt for tho sumo, and shall bo required to give bonds ill the sum of $1,000 for tho faithful performance of his duty, a. The secretary shall bo entitled to fifty cents for issuing u policy and takini tho statement, etc., that pertain thereto, urn. shall also be entitled to two and one-half dollars per day for six mouths of tho year commencing April 1st., and to two dollars per day for tho balance of the year for each day actually spent for tho company. a, Tho applicant for insurance uhall pay one dollar for policy, and ono mill on the dollar on tho amount Insured, and no insurance shall toko effect uutll this is paid. 4. It shall bo tho duty of any party insured m this company who sustains u loss to render to tho secretary a swavn statement ou all points desired by him relative to tho lire and luoumbranooQntnc promises. 5. Tho ofllcors gf this company ahull receive a rcagonablo compensation for tlino actually spent for the company ox- yopt for attendance at annual lucotlugs, tho amount to bo determined by ttio board; drug store, Half lliites to Milwaukee. Fov tho Grand Conclave Knights of Pythias, Milwaukee, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell excursion tickets at rate of ono faro for the round trip. For tickets and full information apply to agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company.-1212 There's No Use Denying the Trnth. Ellert'u Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Jaques' German Worm Cakes destroy and remove worms from the system. Dr. WlncheU's Teething Syrup Is the best for general ailments of children. All druggists. Happy Home Blood Purifier and Health Tonic purities the blood and make home happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Llnlraent-those two great medicines are sold by all druggists- THE People's Building, Loan, nnd Saving association of Geneva, N. Y., wish to secure a general agent for this county. This is a good chance fora good man. The association stands well, and has tho endorsement of the New Yoi-U state bank!' -Apartment.-12t2 KngllBh i) ll rlj Liniment Removes all hard, soft, Sf calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood snuvln, curbs, aplluts, aweenuy, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save IfiO by. use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blem Ish euro ever known. Sold by L. A. Sheotz. Itoh cured In 30 minutes by Woolford's Saul tary Lotion. Sold by L. A. Sheete. .......... F. H. VKSPEB, Agent. Fast Mall Line with Electric Lighted and meum Heated Vostlbuled Trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Mlnne- Trana-contlnental Route with Electric Lighted and Steam Heated Vestlbuled Trains between Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha or St. Paul and the Pacific const. Great National Route between Chicago, Kansas Cttf, and St. Joseph, Mo. 57OO Miles of Road reaching all principal points In Illinois. Wisconsin, Minnesota, town, Missouri, South Dakota and North Dakota, , For maps, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc,, apply to the nearest station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway, or to any railroad agent anywhere In the World' ROSWELL MILLER, Oen'l Manager. A. V. H. OABPENTBB, Gen'l Pass, and Tk'tAgt. E^"For information In reference to lands and -"• -"' o,Mllwankee&8t.Paul , land PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. -^^^^^^^-^ 1 *^^'^^^^*rf^^Vrf^x^^N - r^^fc^N^- v ~»^> - fSrf-M-» - ^ - ^ — QEO. E. CLARKE, ATTOUNEY AT LAW, Over First National Bauk, ALGONA, IA. jj t II. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossutu county Bunk. nervous dls- $wW<~$ug«'fwC WSftwiffo bptueiintl' Pr! ttlles' book on the Nerves and heart. *2 For 1'owrth of July, Nortuwestosn Railway company will sjil excursion ticket* between but iu no case shall It exceed tho per of the secretary. 0. The treasurer shall receive all money* from the sooretwy and shall pay out the sumo upon tho order of tdo executive committee duly signed by tho president and secretary and eUuU give bond lu tho »um of 93,000 for the faithful performance of his duty, 7. When insurance Is taken en moro than one building In the same policy the amount of each must be uwaed a«a also the uwouwt to be insured on each kind of personal property, .8.. In cases of vacancy occurring,.In, any of the oWees m iu tho the mug .„ .... board of directors board of directors . oar o shall flu the same uutll thw «uxt mootin B. QUARTON, AT'eOKNHY AT LAW, OverKoasutu ggunty OuuK. AUiONA, IA. THE CHICAGO AN* NORTHWESTERN *• RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, T)ANSON BHOS., 4 -' [It. J. DAMBOH, W. 0, lUNSOM.) • ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Louns and collections. Over Comstock's store. g ( S. SESSIONS,. 4TTQ1WISY AT LAW, Prompt collections, Mone; eurity, gmoeover" j^F. HEED, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OlUce over the postoflloe. ALUONi, 14, L. K. AND Office on State street, nejt floor. vubl|q |i • JJ> ( E. V- SHOJIE, M. D., , 14. State street, east at Hutuerford House. 0. McCOy, M. pi, ft, WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner »nd Pullman Sleepers, Superb dayCpaches »nd FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONIHINE TO THE BLACK HILLS

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