The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1890
Page 4
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The celebration which is being gotten up for the Fourth in Algona this year will be no second-class performance. Plenty of money has been raised with which to properly carry it out, and the committees having tho work in charge are leaving no stone unturned to make it the biggest blow-out of the season. The programme has been fully arranged, and is here appended. It speaks for itself: Ono Hundred Guns at Sunrise. Procession will form at 9:4S on State street, opposite court house. Band on foot. Company P., I. N. G. on foot. In carriages—President of the day and speaker, vice-president, county officers, and county supervisors. Float drawn by four horses, with goddess of liberty and girls representing eastern, middle, and southern states—Baud on foot. Float drawn by four horses with Undo Sam and girls representing middle and western states. Townships competing for flag to be given to the one that has tho largest delegation of teams in the procession. Procession will move east on State street, south on Harlan, west on McGregor, north on Thorlng- ton, east on Kim to the grounds. Mayor and council will review the proccs. slon on Thorington, opposite court house. EXERCISES AT TUE OI1OUND8. Music by tho Band. Invocation by Rov. Whitfleld. Vocal music. Heading of Declaration of Independence by S. Moyno of Bancroft. Vocal music. Oration by Hon. A. L. Hudson of Sioux City. Basket picnic on the grounds. Day fireworks at noon. AFTEBXOON. Music by Band. Races by tho Driving Park Association. EVENING. Bowery dance in tho rink. Dramatic entertainment at court house hall. Grand nro works. Music by the Band. The president of the day is Geo. E. Clarke, and tho marshal D. A. Haggard. The townships which will compete for tho flag aro requested to organize and report to the marshal of tho day as early in tho day as jxjssible, in order that they may be assigned their positions in the procession. A SPECIAL FEATURE. One feature of the celebration which will attract special attention will be fireworks, both day and evening. No such preparations • wero over before made for this display, and this part of the programme will alone be worth coming miles to see. Tho committee in charge have already made their purchases, which include Japanese bomb shells which are shot from a mortar to a height of some 200 foot be- foro thoy burst, and when the explosion comes it is to be compared to tho lato meteoric display. Their sky rockets aro expensive affairs, costing S3 to apiece, which knowledge gives some idea of what they will be. There is also what is known as a boquet of rockets which go all at one time, and produce a most magnificent cited. Pat Cady is working up a homo band and will be at the head of tho band music. This alone will insure perfection in that line. It is hoped tho entire county will see it to their interest to come to Algona this year and assist in making a celebration worthy of tho name. On the Ituco Track. A trotting raco came off at tho race track last Thursday forenoon between Landlord Tenmtnt's " King David" and an old "ringer" brought here by some traveling horse men named Wincholl. The crowd that assembled to witness the sport threw in'their quarters and made up a shake purse of about $15, which proved to bo the small Impetus to fast traveling. The race was mile heats, best two in throe. Tho first heat was taken by King David without extra effort. The "cripple," as his competitor was quickly named, managed by some smart running on the bock stretch to get in ahead on the second heat. When timo was called for the last and decisive heat, it was discovered that King David had lost a shoo. So a blacksmith's tools were sent for and the shoe put in place again. This consumed so much time that tho largest part of tho crowd left the grounds. Finally the heat was trotted and the cripple won it by about a nock. It is claimed that the cripple was not entitled to tho hoat by reason of his running under tho wire, but it is a disputed question that will probably never bo settled. At any rate the judges decided the raco in favor of tho cripple, and that was the end of it. Tho race was trotted in the neighborhood of 2:50, and furnished a good bit of sport, beside an opportunity for the changing hands of somo money. King David, ft should be said, showed much improvement in his gait, and trotted rauoh better than last year. Ho will boa winner yet. In OrlKlunl 1'aclioifCB. Barring the passage of tho Wilson bill in the national house, Algona will force. He is having the best of care and his many friends hopa Boon to see him out. . LottB Crook's Library. The sale of the library belonging to Lotta Creek district township did not come oft on the 10th, as advertised. There seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether It should be sold at all, and a further question has arisen as to the legality of the order by which It was advertised. However, on the day set for the sale, a Mr. Liddy was employed to remove the library to the Archer school house, but when the hour for sale arrived Mr. Archer, who is the district secretary, put in an appearance and not only forbade the sale, but refused to accept any of the proceeds thereof if It went on, claiming that the order was illegal. This had the effect to stop further proceedings, as the few who had gone there for the purpose of bidding did not care to be mixed up In a possibly law suit, and BO the sale didn't go. Then Mr. Llddy wanted $1.50 for hauling tho library over there, and as no one would pay him he loaded up the books and took them home with him, where he says he will keep them until somebody pays him for his work. And that is how the matter remained at lost accounts. Second Grade Amoskeag reduced from _ IS 1-2 to lOc. ^ Third Grade Amoskeag reduced from 0c to 4c 15 to lie 10 to Sc BEST LAWBEtfCE L, L, SHEETING, 6c Best all-wool, 65c. HilHSTE OIF 1 - 45c. | Best Napier Matting, I3ed.-u.oea. in. Proportion.. JSK Second grade, otli.©r 35c Algona, Iowa. L'andi UougUt and sold ou ooiii- mission. Special attention given to care and sale ot rial «statelD Kossuth and adjoining counties lor uoii-reildeuts. Agent for the Gerinau luaur- Mie« wmMDrToJ yfwDOrt, 111. Ftu»ag« ticket*to Jnd from the old countries sold at lowest SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a Bpccliil execution to me directed by the clerk of the district court of KossutU county, lowu, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., of Hei'ixarU Conuoly and John Connolly, defendants, In ruvor of Homct I. Holcomb, ululntlff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest aud Vent Wdder tot cash, at the. door of the court house, A. D. 1800, be- Wfti VM me um u»y u» v"*;, *v *~ /"*"', *"? tweeu tlie hours of U o'clock ». w. and 4 o.clock & in. ou said day, all of said defendants rljfut, Lie. and lutere&t iu and to the following de« ._,, TheBouttwtMitdui . the southwest cuwrtw ol Sool e, In Township No. Nine! ute No- Thirty west of the icouuty. Iowa. '• - T cowwenoe ftt th.» fcoW of 1 o'clocfc p, . W, In Ron- PERSONAL MENTION. Harvey Ingham is attending commencement at Iowa City this week. H. S. Langdon and wife aro making a visit in the central part of the state. J. J. Wilson is attending the millers' convention at Minneapolis this week. Murray Russell was shaking hands with his many Algona friends yesterday. Geo. South and wife spent a few days last week in visiting at Blue Earth City. S. S. Sessions went to Des Moines today on business connected with the state fair. Mrs. Chas. Slagle and children are over from Sutherland for a visit of a week or two. Mrs. Jones of Peotone, 111., was tho guest of Mrs. F. H. Vesper last week Wednesday. Miss Ada Smith is spending her vacation at home. She is a teacher in a school at Brainerd, Minn. J. C. Blackford attended tho meeting of bankers at Dubuquo last week. Ho reports It a profitable session. Representative Johnson of Dubuque was in Algona last Wednesday visiting his brother legislator, C. L. Lund. Prof. Reed, with his family, starts next Monday for Nampa, Idaho, where he takes a responsible position for a large firm. Miss Annabell Light was in town Friday visiting hor old friends. Sho Is with her parents in the hotel at Ruthven. C. Stack of Mitchell, this state, and W. Watkins of Austin, Minn., were guests of J. W. Wadsworth and family last week. Miss Susie Vesper goos next week to her former home near Horicon, Wis. She leaves many warm friends who re- grot her departure. S. I. Plumley and O. W. McMurray were at Manluvto last week contracting for stone for tho Kunz building at Wesley and another at Clear Lake for which tho latter has tho contract. E. H. Doton and wife from Portland, Mo., arrived In Algona Saturday for a week's visit with their relatives, S. C. Spear and family. Miss Alice Spear will return with them to Portland for a short visit before engaging in her studies in Boston. Miss Lou Nicoulin lias been spending a few days at home. She is one of tho managers of tho Mason City shoe store, and it has been eight months since she last was In Algona. Accompanied by her sister Myrtle she returned yoster^ day. J. W. Wadsworth went to Spencer yesterday morning, for tho combined purpose of witnessing the races and acting as ono of the judges. John Wlnkol and James Taylor will be there today and tomorrow. Among others who went this morning are Peter Wlnkel, Frank Wlnkel, Dr. Shetz, O. E. Palmer, J. W. Tennant, Wm. Pettibone and Frank Nicoulin. The many friends of Col. and Mrs. Spencer ware glad to greet them lost evening 1 on their return from Ellensburg, Wash. They are back to stay, for tho present at least. Tho colonel says that country has had a bad sot back by crop failure, and, as a matter of fact, the boom is off. However he A 240-acre FARM two miles from Bancroft; 100 acres under cultivation; one of the best Stock Farms in the county, One hundred and twenty acres of land two miles from Ledyard. -p^n m« Qtr«flt Two choice building lots, with new barn, but three blocks from State street. House and two lots on Phillips street, lots on Lind street. House and lot on State street. House and two NAMING THE DELEGATES. The Republicans Did That Work Last Saturday with hut Very Little Friction. have un original package establishment In the near future. E. P. Bircher pro- poaos to open such u place on or about July 4, from whloh he will sell beer In packages us they como to him. Ho says he has been engaged by the SebUtz Brewing company of Milwaukee to act as their agent In this place, and that ho will wont for that company at u, flxed salary per month, they to assume all responsibility and bear the expense of any prosecution. He nays ho does not propose to sell by the bottle, but in the original package or case as • 'm. Ho it is received by says, how- over, that the "size of tho cases will probably depend wholly onthodomauds of the trt»(de, and K eases of only half dozen bottles are Deeded, that will bo the kind supplied. Be gives It out ^ his intention to keepstrictly vtthtotg nsnefeMiind , . says his investments out there are all right, and ho will' realize on them in time. Ho is candid in his admission that tho country has been boomed to death, and the reaction having set in, ho has concluded to stay in Kossuth for an indefinite period. LARGE bowery dance at tho rink, afternoon and evening, July 4.-1212 At St. Thomas' MUBlou. Next Sunday at St. Thomas' mission the pastor will commence a series of Sunday morning addresses, giving instruction on tho Episcopal church, Ito history, Us doctrines, its worship, it» ministry, and 1U claims. Subject on Sunday moruing, What Is tho Episcopal Church? An Historical Relic. Synopsis: The Day of Pentecost; Spread of the Gospel; Journey of the Apos- Tho Congressional Delegation Instructed for Dolllver—Some Good Resolutions—Notes. Tho republican county convention to send delegates to tho state, congressional, and judicial conventions was held at the court house last Saturday. In the absence of G. M. Annis, former county chairman, the convention was called to order by S. S. Sessions. Capt. Bailey was made chairman, and Horace Mann secretary, which perfected tho temporary organization and tho convention then got to work. Tho usual formula was gone through with and committees on credentials, .permanent organization, resolutions, and delegates wore selected, The committee on permanent organization made short work of what they had to do, and recommended that tho temporary organization to made permanent, and their report was adopted without dissent. Tho committee on credentials soon reported, and there being no contests, their work was simply a matter of looking over a mass of documents. Tho committee on resolutions deliberated a short timo and then reported tho following: Resolved, That wo reaffirm tho principles of the republican party. Resolved, That tho action of our membra of congress In voting against an increased tariff upon many articles, and his action on tho pension bill havo our approval. Resolved, That wo aro opposed to any reduction of tho internal revenue at tho present time. . Resolved, That wo are opposed to the payment of bounties to tho producers of sugar until western agriculturists aro equally favored. , Resolved, That wo favor a clause in any tariff bill to be passed by congress authorizing tho president to suspend all Import duties on any articles whenever he shall be satisfied that such article is a subject of monopoly or trust. . , , Resolved, That It Is tho Judgment of th s convention that tho MoKinloy tariff bill is opposed to western Interests. The resolutions wore discussed al some length, and a motion to adopt the report of the committee was very properly ruled out of order by tho chairman, on the ground that at least one-third of the members wero absent from the room, a committee on the selection 01 delegates, consisting of ono from each ward and township, boing engaged in thp work of selecting names for delegates to the various conventions. Finally the committee on delegates fllec In with a report which showed that they hod made noleotions of delegates as follows: State-Goo. E. Clarke, G. H. Peters, D D. Dodge, G. C. Burtls, J. R. Jones, Add! son Flshor, Goo. E. Boyle. . Congresslonol-J. B. Jonos, E. Tellior. J S. Gallagher, J. M. Farley, Goo. E. Marble S. Mayne, Goo. W. Hanna. Judfolal-W. B. Quartan, S, S. Sessions J, 0. Raymond, E/H. Clarke, B. F. Rood jca, Swoa, Garfleld, German, Ponton, and Buffalo—ten in all, or nearly half 3f tho entire number—from which it ookod as if tho farmers wero engaged n work to them more profitable than jolltlcs. Gentleman from four of these, lowovor, wero present, and upon Invl- ,ation took seats in tho convention. There we're men who would havo sacrificed all their wives' relations for the sake of being sent to some convention or other, but somehow thoy wero for- ;otten In the grand round-up. Tho selection of Hon. C. C. Chubb ns chairman of the county central committee cannot to otherwise than satisfactory to all republicans of tho county. 1 What became of those resolutions?" was a remark frequently heard after idjournment. They are good ones, and ought to have toon voted upon and adopted. Capt. Bailoy made n good presiding ofllcer. His decisions wero prompt, tempered with good judgment, and generally satisfactory. It is predicted that the next convention, which nominates county officers, will not lack representation from ton townships. • TOOK ROUGH ON RATS. MlBB Wliltcoiu'fi Method of Getting Itld of Her Troubles. A Miss Whitcom, who lived with her parents near Ramsay, in this county, took a dose of Rough on Rt\ts last Thursday, which terminated in her death a few hours later. She swallowed tho fatal dose, so report says, about 11 o'clock In tho forenoon, but tho fact scorns not to havo been discovered until about 5 in tho afternoon. A physician was immediately sent for, but hor case was past tho point whoro medical aid was of any avail, and nho died about t that evening. There seems to havo toon a love affair mixed up iis the matter somewhere, but of Its particulars or merits we have no knowledge. She was a young lady of excellent standing In tho community, and hor rash ucl is tho occasion of much sadness among hor family and friends. Tho funeral services occurred on Sunday, Rov. Ward officiating. of Rome;" Ircnaous Tertulliun, etc.; Augustine's Mission to tho Suxous; A St. tine and the British Bishop; Tho English Church In the Middle Agon; Henry the Eighth on the Reformation; Tho English Church in tho American Colonies; Tho Episcopal Church of Today a Truo Branch of tho Apostolic Church. A, Military Oi-Ucr. HEADCJUAHTBUB COMPANY F, SIXTU Reui- MENT, I. N. G., AI.QONA, Iowa, Juno 10, 1890.—Order No. 1.—Au election Is hereby ordered for Tuesday, Juno, 84, 1890, between the hours of 7 and 8:80 p. m., »t tho armory, to illl the vacancy caused by tho resignation of First Llout. B. W. Haggard. Any vacancy resulting from the election of unit lleutenuut will be filled at tho same time. Tho attention of tho members Is called to tho provisions of tho by-laws In regard to voting: "No member In arroar* shall b« dllowea to veto." By order of TUOB. F. COOKK, Copt. Corn'dg. J, O. UBAVUII, First Soargout. THE People's Building, Loan, and Saving aBsoclfttion ol Geneva, N. Y., wish to secure a general agent for this county. This is ft good chance fora good wan. The association stands woll, and has the endorsement of the New York state banking d.ep#rtmont.-l?t2 T«v Flaked Hominy at Townsondft JAS. A. OIIB, jwlntor, . . , paper hanger, eto., solicits the l»tw»n« fcgei RlTfhple who have work in Ms line, tee tM»oMqa.'gw j, u. xvayuiUJiUt K»> *•»•• viu*i A. H. Young, W. L. Joslyn. The committee's report also rocom mended that the delegates to each con vention to instructed to cast the lul vote of tho county, thus shutting out al It was moved that this report be adopted and those named to mode the delegates, but pending action on this motion the point was raised that it was not known how tho men named for the congressional delegation stood on con grossman, and J. R. Jonos offered a mo tlon to 'the effect that the delegation use all honorable means to secure the re-nomination of Hon. J. P. Dollivor That motion carried by an almost unanimous vote, after which tho com mitteo's report was adopted. The only question whloh evideneec a wide divergence of opinion was ovei the matter of proxies, but tho convon tion, after a somewhat heated debate rejected tho system, and those dele gates who attend tho conventions for which thoy are selected are authorized to cast the full vote of the county. For ohaf rman of the county centra committee for the ensuing year Hon. 0 O. Chubb was selected, after whlol township coramittoemen wore named as follows: Algona, First ward, S. S, SOB sions: Second ward, C. M. Doxsee Third ward, F. Dormoy; Fourth ward E.H. Clarke 1 , Burt, John Kerr; Buffalo Robt. Lane; Crosco. J. B. Jones: Fon ton, J. L. Blunt; Greenwood, W. W Wilson; Garfleld, G. S. Wright; Ger man, G. Stelsol', Hebron, Wra. Good rich; Irvington, Horace Mann; Letts Creek, Jas. Archer; LuVorne, G. C Burtis; Portland, J. Grover; Pluu Crook, B. M. Gardner; Rlverdalo, A Fisher; Ramsay, H. Merriflold; Seneca W. W. Alcorn; Bwea, O. A. Erlokson Union, M. Sohonok; Wesley, W, M ColbyrWhittemore, N. Cotton; Shoe man, n. Parsons; Prairie, John Long bottom. This completed tho work of the con vention with the exception of action 01 tho report of tho committee ou rosolu tions. The chairman culled uttenuoi to tho foot that tbi»t was yet to to d.i.s posed of, UutltwttS train time, and us ujamr wanted to go north on tho Northwestern, a motion, to adjourn prevailed and the meeting broke up. waj not \wgQ, aevelp»e4 $«rt ft? < the toot w HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. Public School Iteport. Following Is a comparative report of tho city schools for the two weeks ending Juno 14, 188»j and Juno 18, 1890, respectively; and also a special report of tho high school AM. THE SCHOOLS. iBsa. i8oo. Total enrollment MS Monthly enrollment -125 Average belonging. .• 410.35 Average attendance E Days of absence Pupils' tardinesses Percent, attendance IH Per cent, punctuality 1)9.8 Teachers' tardinesses 0 Number neither Absent nor tardy ifto For the two wooks ending Juno lil, •m 42I.U5 410.0 1:11 !, Kll 1M.9 W.tfi 0 3S8 1890 tho rooms taught by Misses PIHT, ' Wise Fisher, PcUiboiio. and lUchmoml, Mrs Horton, and Mrs, Hall, had no tardiness Pupils of room four, Miss Wlso, toucher furnished tho highest per cent, of attend anco— 08.80. mail SCHOOL. 1880. l.W. Total enrollment..... ............ K> GO Monthly enrollment .............. M HI Average belonging ................ 8.1.-1 (O.tfft Average attendance .............. .SI. 7 -It) DiWHof absence .................. I'M P\nMa tardiness ..... .............. 7 . U Percent, attendance .............. 05 Per cent, punctuality ............. 08.8 100 Number neither absent nor tardy 18 40 Number graduates ....... lA n 10 1. Average ago ........... 17.6 17.U 18.0 & Ave. per ceut, scholarship.... ................. 83.0 80.S 88,3 .NOTES. Miss Richmond, who retires from tho city schools for a year of rest and recuperation does BO much to tho regret of pupils, patrons, board, and associates. During hei four or five yours of labor with us uhu has commended horaolf highly to all as an ox collont teacher and a lady of culture and re flnoinont. Her pupils presented hor with u very fine easy chair at closo of school as u slight tokoniof their appreciation. Miss Nett o Durnnt retires in order to finish hor studios at Iowa City. During tho two terms that' she has taught hor work has boon well and faithfully done, and sho loaves tho schools with an oxcollont record and much to the regret of all. Mrs. Nettle HtiUU an earnest, energetic and conscientious toucher, and her resigiiu tlon loaves a void that it will be difficult to flu. Mrs. Horton will spend tho greater pur of tho vacation at homo. Misses. Parr and Pottibouo will remuii lu the city tho greater part of tho timo. Tho presentation, of tho chair to Miss Richmond WHB very neatly done by Maggie Wiukel, ___ _ U Uwve Quick Keller, W. W. Moore of the Grand Opera house Dos Moiuos, In an early settlor in that part of Iowa, and has had a great deal of ox porleuco in his timo. He says: "A various times I have had uouto attacks o bilious colio uwl violent« lu tho stomach, aud found nothing that gave tue relief like Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Every person,' he says, " should huvo a bottle." Foi sulo by ti. A. Shoots. G'hl>l'r|e»! CUflTlos! We expect tv gopd supply t,hle week It will to your Ue»t chunce perhaps to get chorrloB for dinning mii-paso?. TOWNSBND & LANODON. (Jcriuuil Millet ut J. J, WilsonVlltU Their Profri-amme Last Friday Even- Ing was One of the Best Ever Rendered Here. ho summer months, and this remedy Is unquestionably far superior to any other?, t can always bo depended upon, and Is Peasant and safe to take. It is put up In t6 and CO cent bottles. A House Crowded to Standing Room— The Music, the Decorations, and Floral Tributes. Tho high school commencement Prl day evening at tho Congregational church brought out an audience which rowded tho building oven for standing room. It was ono of tho largest which has attended these exorcises, and it listened to ono of tho best programmes yet given by tho school. Tho stage had been beautifully decorated, tho rear of tho platform being a mass of flowers and ferns, while above was a rising sun—tho emblem of tho motto which hung over tho speakers,. " Only the Dawn." Rov. Davidson pronounced an invocation, and Robt. Chrischlllos played a piano solo in his best style, after which Alice Spear welcomed tho audience in a brief salutatory. Tho first oration was given by Nellie O. Taylor on "Knowledge tho Key to Success." Like all who followed, she spoke in a clear line deliberate manner, which mudo all she said cosily understood, and her oration was a thoughtful argument to show that knowledge in every business or pursuit is tho means of winning success. Flora C. Bair in tho next oration on " Bi-amblo Bushes' pointed out how many times difficulties are encountered needlessly, and how often tho bramble bushes of life result in good. Goo. W. Bailey's oratlor on "Chivalry" was a (Inely written ant finely delivered sketch of ono of the most peculiar and most interesting institutions in h istory. Ella P. Thompson's on "Trifles" showed excellent literary merits, and was nicely spoken. She showed from a wide range of consideration tho importance of trifles "Tho Light Houses of tho Dark Ages' was Mart. Weaver's subject, and provei to bo tho monasteries which prosorvet learning. In good language and in a strong- delivery ho pointed out wha: tho world owus to tho monasteries whoro the knowledge of tho learning ol ancient times was kept alive during tho prevailing ignorance and barbarism or so many centuries. A beautiful duott by Miss Ranks uni Alt. Bist marked tho lino between the divisions of speakers. Tho first oratfoi of tho second division was Eva Lantry'i on the " White Slaves of America,' Theso proved to be slaves to drink, to vice, to ignorance, and to monopoly She spoke in a forcible and oarnes manner, and tho oration was direct am plain in its statements of some of the problems of modern society. Tom Wallace followed with " Tho End noi Yet," tracing tho wonderful achieve ments of the present as compared with tho past, and predicting for tho future more wonderful advances in every line Tho oration showed thought, and was finely dollvored, Fred Ingham followet on the "Critical Period of Amoricai History"—tho period between the wai of tho revolution and tho inauguratioi of Washington. Ho traced tho course of events, and showed how importun that period was to succeeding Amori can history. "Exertion" was Alice Spear's Buujoct, and it was handlet with fine literary skill, and was flnel delivered, She showed by well solocto< examples how oxortion oven with smal natural endowment would distance genius without work. Tho valodiotorj oration by Bert. Barr on " Safety Lies in a Medium," was fine in thought well spoken and a fitting ending to so oxcollont n. programme. Tho fnrewol was fitly spoken, and with it the class of 1800 stopped down and out. It was tho general comment that no flnov clasi has ever loft tho school and wo doub if anywhere in Iowa ton brighter minds have graduated. Tho evidence o capacity for original thought Was present so strongly In all that was said and in delivery there was so much in dividuulity expressed, that wo believe it may bo said without flattery tlia should ovory monitor pursue a course of study a future of more than ordinary brilliancy lios before thorn. A quartette by Messrs Tolllor, Rlst. Doxseo, and Fuller, tho presentation ol tho class by Prof. Dixson, tho conferring of degrees by Goo. E. Clarke, am tho benediction by Rov. Whittlolc closod tho exorcises, and all adjourno! to tho unto-room, whore a mugnitlcon' display of flowers were shown, tributes to tho speakers by their friends. •I'HK TEAOHEHS. The teachers will have a long vacation. Prof. Dixson will spend tho most of liis tit home, though ho expects to attend tho St. Paul mooting. Miss Bessie Fisher goos to WobstorClly, hoi former homo. Miss Cora Wiso has gone to, Wls., tho home of hei parents. Miss Anna Richmond goes to her homo at Armstrong, and Miss Cramer will UBO her vacation in yisit- Ing at tho homo of Prof. Gllchrlst's family at Laurens. Tho remaining touchers are residents here. A. nuMgvruu* 1'olU'y. L. A. Shoot?, the dr wind bis petrous ttat lt<, ppHoy to wait until taken lug a bottle ol OharnborWs tos to vo IN AND ABOUT THE CITY. Kos- If this isn't corn weather then suth county never hod any. Ice Cream festival at Congregational church Thursday Evening, Juno 20. Eorlo Tennant and a young man named Carey ran a 100-yard foot race list evening, in which the former was an easy winner. There will be a meeting of tho W. C. T. U. held at Mrs. Dr. Garfield's on Friday afternoon. All members are requested to be present. Wo aro requested to announce that tho " Y. P. J. P. K." society—whatever that means—will meet at the residence of John Wallace on Friday evening, Gardner Cowles was so far recovered from his recent accident as to be able to ride out last Sunday. Ho is gaining rapidly and will soon bo on his feet again. The Milwaukee company will sell excursion tickets for the Fourth of July for ono regular full ilrst-class faro for the round trip. Sell July 3 and 4, return coupons good until July 7. Tho Milwaukee train was about foui hours lato on Sunday morning. This is something: that does not often hap pen on that road. Tho late heavy rains doubtless had something to do with it. Repairs on tho mill bridge, which havo been under way for a week past, aro now completed and the crossing al that point Is nil right. Thos. Henderson had the contract, and he has done a good job. A recent article in tho Century magazine answers the question, " What is News?" by snying that it is "an unpublished event of current interest.' Whoever makes tho Republican of this city might find its perusal profitable. Two heavy rain storms visited this section last week. The combined rainfall of tho two is reported at something over four inches. We needed it all. and farmers who didn't say " uinon' doubtless forgot about tho efficacy o: prayer. A movement is on foot to have i meeting nt this place of tho various Good Templar lodges of this county, foi the purpose of effecting a county organization, on tho 27th. inst There wil bo prominent speakers from ubrooc present. J, F. Lacy & Co. will ship anothei car load of horses to Boston about Sat urday next. Thoy say the grade o horses now being snipped is not quite ns good as those of some former ship monts, so many having already been bought and sent oast. The state sportsmen's association has placed $100 in the hands of J. G. Smith with instructions to draw for more 1 needed, with which to see that tho laws protecting fish and game aro en> forced in this part of tho state. Mr, Smith says he will rnako an effort in this direction and soo what can bo done, Weeks Woodworth and party, who have been uomo days past fishing u' Centre Chain lakes, aro daily sending down evidences of the fun thoy are having In the shape of large quantitiei of pickerel which knock galley wosi the story of tho local fisherman. Wo saw a couple whloh weighed close to ten pounds apoice. Matt. Holzbauer hus boon making miniature hay field of the court house grounds during the past week. He has a rigging fired for that stub arm by which ho handles it scytho and rake with as much dexterity us tho best of them. Wo know of lots of fellows who don't begin to do its much worli with both hands as Mutt, does witli one, Spear's storo room hasn't enough goods loft to start a pack peddler in business. But this is no reflection 01: Simon. He hus boon closing out his stock for somo months preparatory to quitlng business. With his family he goes cast next month for an indeflnito absence. He has not Bold Ills property hero, however, and does not intend to, as lie expects to return to Algona til somo future timo, and may then need it. Prof. Gilchrist preached his baccalaureate sormon at the Congregational church lust Sunday morning, whioh began tho commencement exorcises of tho normal. At normal hull Monday oven- ing occurred tho rhetorical exorcises, and last evening the alumni supper was givon at the Rutherford house. Tomorrow is known us commencement day, and tho exorcises will bo at tho Congregational church, beginning at 2 p. m. Three "gentlemen of loisuro," wandering aimlessly about, tind without any visible moans of supijort, wero arraigned before tho mayor yesterday morning, and after brlolly considering tholroasehe decided that their contribution to the city should be six- hours' work each on the streets. They wero furnished with shovels and sot to work, but it is u question whether thoii dinners wove not worth wore than the work tho performed. lu mentioning tltoorganlxivtlonof one ol tho now banks ut Bancroft the Register of that town falls into the error of etvylug thjjt it is the only state .« . . „* •...,._ witlwut, desiring Qt iV i» the count; to h# hyperprM hweYer Kossuth County bank of Algona has wen a state bank for tho past sovon- «en years, and has been doing business as such for that length of time. But this fact detracts nothing from the substantial additions to Bancroft's financial affairs which have lately been mode. Bancroft is one of Kossuth's ihrlving towns, and we i-ejoice with her ,n anything that tends to the development of the county's resources and addition to her wealth. Goo. E. Boyle was in to see the workings of tho convention last Saturday, and in conversation with him it was Learned that the snow fences along tho Milwaukee road between Whittemore and Algona have been considerably damaged by wind during tho recent storms, a section having been torn down Erom nearly every strip. George remarked, also, that ho still lived in Lotts Crook township, and would do his voting there in the future as in tho post. W. E. Ward, who has the contract for painting tho court house, began work on tho job last week with a crow of four or five men. The work, so far as has been completed, shows a marked improvement in the outward appear; anco of tho building. It has been twelve years sinco it was painted, and in many places the paint was entirely obliterated. Tho painters who did the job tho last timo made $11 a day apeico at it, but the brick are absorbing too much material this time to allow any such margin. Prior to tho recent heavy rains tho race track on the fair grounds was never in bettor condition. Several horses aro being kept in the box stalls on tho grounds and receive their daily work on the track, which is kept in condition ns compensation for the use of tho stalls. Tho arrangement is good one for tho driving park association, and relieves that society from considerable expense that would other wise bo necessary. Tho grounds am track will bo found un attractive place during the races which como off on the 4th and 5th of July. A. A. Call circulated a petition last week to raise money to assist C. I. Harvey to go to Chicago to hav< surgical operation performed on his face. A cancer or malignant soro or tho lip has affected his jaw bone and it will have to bo taken out, or Mr. Harvey's life will bo imperiled. Dr Shore was to have performed tho operation, but found that it was too dangerous unless the patient was under hospital care. The operation will bo performed free, tho money going to paj his railway fare and board. W. L. Joslyn is tho owner of a dog which finds it in keeping with tho situation these hot nights to sleep " on tho roof," figuratively speaking, She goes up the stairway of the cigai factory on the outside, thence on to the roof ol Mr. Lund's office, and stretches herself full length on tho weather cai over the cornice. As a climber she is proving a rival of the dog owned noi long sinco by Frank Parish, who became so proficient that ho could go up or down a ladder of any height with as much apparent oaso as his master. F. H. Plowman of Worth county, who has been in the county for somo days establishing lodges of the farmers alliance, organized ono in Sherman township last week, with Max Miller as president, A. Larimer vice president, Mrs. Larimer secretary, and John Connors treasurer. There were seven teen charter members. He also organ izod one at Whittemore Saturday afternoon, with fourteen members, at which C, E. Southard was made president, W. Morris vice president, Mr. Swanson secretary, ana Sam. Scott treasurer, Tho elocucutlonary entertainment by Prof. Hanson lost Thursday evening was a good deal of a dismal failure Only u small audience was present, anc those who wore there found themselves listening to a third-rate elocutionist By reason of his poor performance the aid society wanted him to come down a little on the agreed price, since they were money aut anyway, but ho rofused So thoy withheld the $25 which thoj were to pay. Ho threatened a law suit but it only resulted in their writing to his manager to soo if compromise can bo effected. That is how tho mattei was left, and Prof. Hanson wont away without his pay. According to reliable report ho ought not to havo anything Burglars got into tho residence of H, S. Langdon last night by cutting away the screen and entering througl: a window whloh was left partly raised Before they were discovered they had ransacked cupboards and bureau drawers, and secured about $3 in money and a quantity of preserves and othei provisions. Their noise awoke tho members of tho household, who appeared on the sceno In time to witness the marauders departing, but too late for an alarm to be of any service, They also went to H, J, Eden's and out away dlor." "And," added Phil., "it was lark and I was nine miles from home tthal." • Throe Do«eR Fixed Hun. Mr. 8. Leslie, marshal, Independence, Iowa, says: "I have been very bnd with summer complaint for a few weelis. I took three doses of Dr. Wood's Blackberry Carminative and It cured me. I now feel strong and well.V Tf <a sold In Algonn by I/. A. Sheetz.—1 Its n screen, presumably for e, similar purpose, but wero doubtless frigrhtonet away before making any further headway. There is no clew. Phil. Dorwoilor of Garftold township tells a good ono on himself. He is an enthusiast on the subject of mutual insurance, and uevor lets an opportunity escape to do tho homo company u good turn. Ho hoard; of a Gorwttn who wanted to insure, and BO ho went to see bin). . After detailing the beauties of tho mutual plan and tolliug hia Gorman f ilend how uttle it waijid cost Ww to secure its Ueneflts, imagine his surprise when the su , d con vert e»W »t him, l ,d,on.'t want yew tar tor It Is WE have a full line of dried fruits cheap at Townsend & Langdon's. Bncklcn's Arnica Snlvc. , The best salve In the world for cuts, brulsea, sores, ulcers, suit rheum, lever sore), tetter, chapped hands, clillbliilns, coma, and all skin erup .Ions, and positively cures plies or no par required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25o per box. Sold by L. A, Sheetz. REDUCED prices on hats until after the Fourth, lit Miss Amos.' Jules' Kcrve and iilrc'r Pill«. An Important discovery; tliej act on tbe liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A now principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splendid for men, women, and children. Smnllest, mildest, aures). Thirty doses for 25 cents. Sum- pies Iree at K. w. Dlugley'a. . •: * THE CASE IN A NUTSHEf ji. When Buuy was sick we'gave her Custorla. When she nus a child she cried for Custorlu, When she became Miss she clung to Cnstorlu, When sbo had Children she gave them Castorla'. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, ... - *QO,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits recelrod, money loaned, torulgu and do- meullo exchange bought and sold. Collections mude promptly and a general banking bnaliicni transacted. Passage ticket* to or from tbe old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHA1I, President, J. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS U, SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. H. Ingbam, Jno. O. Smith, J. D Jones, T. Chrischlllea, Lewis B. Smith, J. W. Wudsworth, liarnet Devlne. First National Bank OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - 860,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections. . I>IBBCTOBS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutoulns, J. C. Uluck ford, Philip Dorweller, Wm. K. Ferguson. Ueo. C. Cull, C. D. . iHUUOtiK A. CALL, D. H. HUTOBIttS, President. Vice President, J.-C. BLAOKPORD, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reusonable rates to parties who can. furnish Or*t class secuilty, BANCROFT, IOWA, R. M. Ttlcliimincl. PWH. ». R. Richmond, Y. P. 4. U. UiuliiiKiiul, Cimlili:!. Transacts a 'geneml bunking business. Colleo- llons a speolultj. Money transferred to all porU otthe'Pnlted States and Europe at low rates, Tickets to and from the old country for sale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-residents, Abstract ot title furnished on the same day applied for. . -i -rr R, M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEAllffl. loan and Insurance Ay't and Rotary Public, 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved (arm* for sale or rent.- Village property for sale or rent. Mow ti the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, which wl|l advance the price of land beyond the rend) of the average home-seeker. COMMERCIAL. HOUSE, Bancroft. Iowa. R. M, Richmond, proprietor, first oluss bouse. Satisfaction guaranteed. Bpeclul attention given Hit) traveling public. Pat.whole iffheat flour per sack. ,8J 00 fff*Kivry taaik warranted. Qraham flour per saek 60 Bolted corn meal &w saelt ,, 25 liueHwheat now per saofc,..., .2Jj@6Q Jiran per 100. , fiQ Shorti/ver 100.., ,.; QQ Ground fyed (uorn wl °<t M ...., * TO Qrowidfwd (corn, oats, larky),,, 00 Best hard coal per ton., , 9 ® Dest Sd-veiit Illinois coal per (on, 4 601 Vent lower-win Iowa Illovh voal 4 Ofl Salt per larrel,., , 1 §g I handlHnlythi) Best Coals. FREE iltlVERY IN THI PITY.

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