The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1890
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1866, 1MOMA, IOWA, JOTTE 18, 1890, YOL, Carpets I Lace Curtains -AT THE GRANGE STORE. The Uppejjjjg Moities, SY iNGitAM & For the next two weeks—New designs, hew colorings, latest styles, from the cheapest ingrains to the most expensive velvets; 100 samples to select from. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. i TltE The county convention^ which met lost Saturday, wns id many respects like other conventions. Generally speaking it was a harmonious gathering, and to some extent It reflected the sentiment of republicans of this county Whoi feel that the party should "get together" upon ft basis which will insure moi'e satisfactory were obtained last fall. results than We believe t—< Undertaking and'embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 7}^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan. CT- -DKiLER IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, SJielfware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. JlLGONA, IOWA. Dealers In Heavy Mi are Milk Cans, Chums, Blverslde Stoves, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINICIE BKOS. this feeling prevails vorjr genefiilly among republicans throughout the county. No good can possibly come from tiny other* course, and the sooner all hands understand this and trim their political action accordingly, the quicker the party will be enabled to again record its four hundred' majority in the county, if there was any great issue in the convention beyond that of personal preferment, it was not easily llscovered. A resolution favoring Mr. Dolliver for congress met with no opposition whatever, and the delegates declared their preference for him in advance of Us adoption. This ought to be satisfactory to the Dolllvor men if it is to those who will do their cussing "behind the barn." If, as has boon suggested, there are any nnti-Dolliver republicans in this county, they are certainly not fools at this stage of the proceedings, and they should be given credit for cheerfully acquesclng to the will of the majority. This is at least good republicanism, whatever else may be said of it. The convention did one thing which will stand to its credit when it rejected the proxy system, and instructed those delegates who attend to cast the full vote. The proxy system is a pernicious one, and productive of more harm than ?ood. Of course it does not follow that because a man gets into a convention on a proxy he is a bad man and unfit to represent bis party, but when a person is selected as a delegate he should either attend tho convention or bo con- tout to allow his fellow delegates to cast his vote. Men are or ought to bo selected for those positions by reason of their fitness to properly fill them, but such selection should not carry with it tho right to delegate their authority to others. It is conducive of bad or at least unsatisfactory results, and it is a pleasure to see Kossuth republicans discarding the practice. Other deliberative bodies not infrequently find it necessary to adopt such a rule in order to insure fairness, and if fairness is needed anywhere it is in a political gathering. It is a matter of regret that circumstances prevented action on tho rosolu- "io have protection therd'must be ft tarlft Ott irnpSrts^la ibme" daseS yerjr Wgri. Let tomcMiltB rbMrer tori* If tfcejr tike; their aiscoMtnre will be all thS greater thereby, for the peoplo are not all suckers drfoola. The rank and 61e of tba people are better posted as to the real eftectofa tariff tax than nine 6ut of ten of trie free trade; howlers, if the republican party stands fairly and honestly by protection, to the full extent that it is heeded, it is safe and Will win eWry time. Temporlriiig la what will beat us, If we are beaten. Leave free trade arguments to the democrats." ptov. Hitt of New York has been guilty of a great many political sins, but we. must give him credit for one act in signing the bill exempting New York editors and reporters from jury duty. They have enough to worry thorn without being forced Into the Jury box. believe will be greatly t6 Ott* benefit, that th« f oternof flld ftft see fit to appoint afld «e Invite tie ix&ple of i Kefflmtb. *£*!?«* «LM M!«lSM5n „« «**«&.county wH6 owft property outside Of ttie towfjsto Investigate the matter,fully and see what we liave to offer them in the way of insurance at actual cost. The secretary announced that an asses- tnent Of six-tenths of a mill to pay losses had been ordered, and during the rush to his table to pay up the meeting adjourned. Ex-Gov. CAOTENTER of Fort Dodge hag been visiting at his early home in Harford, Penn. While there, his old friends presented him a bane, nnd In accepting it he spoke with great feeling of the impression which the scenes of early days had made upon him, and closed by saying: " It Is not always best to go west. True enjoyment consists not in wealth, rich dinners and liveried servants, it lies la the respect and affection of our kindred and neighbors, In deeds of kindness, self dental and Christian fellowship. I am reaching an age when this staff will bo a necessity, I may not with those bodily eyes again behold the green fields of my native town. But my heart will ever stay young In memories of It and of your kindness nnd love on this occasion." WOttKfcfcfl F0| TEMMRASCB. The Tenth District Meeting; or the W. C. T. U.-EJslitii AhtlUhl Con- •ventlon-Tho Resolutions Adopted. The annual convention of the W, C. T. U. for the Tenth district closed a very interesting and enthusiastic session last Wednesday evening at this place. The opening exercises, which occurred on Tuesday evening, were noted last week. Wednesday was for the most part devoted' to the business of the association, which included the reports of committees, etc. Some entertaining papers wore road, one by Miss May Clarke on " Benevolence and theW. 0. T. The Central Fig- THE Journal makes a vigorous plea for brick paving for Sioux City's streets j but It also insists that the proper kind of brick, as hard as flint, should bo used, and likewise put down after a manner which experience has shown to be tho best, or else the plan Is worse than money thrown away. ' AN instance of the manner in which census enumerators sometimes got a setback is shown In the following concerning a nose counter in Sioux City: Enumerator Hepburn asked a matronly looking French woman In his district how many children she had. She looked at him a moment and said: "Well, I've boon married three mouths. How many do you expect me to have!" TO LOAH on Fan Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. 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Apple aud peacti orcbucd , hedge fence around house und or- lions which woro offered by the com mlttee appointed for that purpose. For convention resolutions they are a unique production in that they are short and right to tho point. They are in accord with tho advanced sentiment of this country, and notably so with reference to tho western people. They oppose the payment of a sugar bounty until western agriculturists are equally favored, which as matter of fact means absolute opposition; recommend a measure whiah would put a stop to trusts and combines, and offer a vigorous protest to the McKinley tariff bill, which, as is woll known, increases tho duty on many articles, and makes them BO much more expensive for thoso who are compelled to buy. In short they are in perfect harmony with tho last national platform of the republicans, nnd with tho strong farmer element which composed last Saturday's convention it would be a matter of much surprise if they v/ero not adopted by a very largo majority, had action been taken upon them. THE failure of R. B. Warren is noted in tho news dispatches of Thursday last. It should bo mentioned In this connection that tho R. B. Warren referred to Is a stock broker and prominent board of trade man of Chicago. Tho other one is all right. MR. DUNN of Dubuquo holds the position of clerk of courts, tho state oil In- spectorship, and is also chairman of tho democratic state committee, but tho Du- buquo Horald evidently overlooked thlswhcn it criticised Gib. Pray for holding down a state office and the chairmanship of the republican state central committee at .ono and tho same time. What is consistent in tho ono caso ought not to bo Inconsistent in the other, and yet the fact remains that if both these men served the state faithfully in their capacities as state officials, they would have but little time to monkey with politics. COL. JED. LAKE of Buchanan county will bo a candidate for railroad commissioner before the republican state convention. Ho is the man who was on tho side of tho farmers of Iowa in tho famous drivo well suits some years ago. WHAT shall we say for Andrew D. Bairdt Ho declined the Brooklyn post- office, which was tendered him last week by President Harrison. In striking contrast is his action compared with tho manner In which federal patronage is usually secured. IOWA nEPUUUCANS. On Wednesday next the republican state convention meets at Sioux City, Thin mutter of taking this gathering away from Des Moines is a radical departure in Iowa politics, but there Is reason to believe it will result in good, as the Sioux City people are making elaborate preparations for tho entertainment of tho thousand or more of delegates, and they will take care of them in such manner as will probably make DCS Moines blush for shame when it is remembered that hotel bills in tho capital city have gone up rather than down on convention days. It has boon thoug'it that the state convention could not bo held elsewhere than at Des Moines, and, as a matter of fact, convenience to people from ull parts of the state suggests that city as tho proper place; but Sioux City Is engaged these days in making a good name for Itself us wall as doing something in tho booming lino, and if the convention Is not held there a second time, the reason will not bo assigned that Sioux City did not do the square thing. Tho nominations which will bo imtde at tho coming convention uro for tho ofllces at secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, attorney-general, judge of the supremo court, reporter of tho cupremo court, clerk of tho supreme court, and railroad commissioner. We liavo no knowledge us to how tho KosHuth delegates stand on the various candidate.., but there is one to whom wo owe much for his efforts In our behalf. Reference is made to Mr. McFarland, who is a candidate for secretary of state, and who in our normal school matter was our firm and steadfast friend from first to lust. Kossuth county can not do loss than give him Its united and continued support, and this wo believe will bo done. And usido from any consideration of this Icind, there is no question that ho is tho poor If not tho superior of any of tbjjj candidates now in tho field, so that our support would be worthily bestowed In any event. It IB woll known that this paper is not given to booming cun- didutos eM.Jier before or after a convention, but':^fafeul warranted in saying this muohw 1 u man who hus earned and is onwtlod to our everlasting gratitude. EDITOR MCFABLANO of tho Vludl- cutor is disposed to counsel moderation In criticism of tho McKinley bill, It was he who wrote to Senator Allison objecting to certulu features of the bill, and received In reply u letter from the senator endorsing his viowe. Hero is what Mc^urluud nuys la tho last issue of h(g paper; "Wo Uopo that our republican papers that thluk they sec u lack of wisdom iu some, features of the McKlnley bill will not go Una fveo tr«do extreme lu raising objections, Don't get scared, boys, over protection. Object, if you Iwwestly object, to any feature of the W.d, but flor/t lot tho dcttiscrftU" liowl of THE Chicago Tribune takes this view of tho original package matter: " Whether it (tho original package bill) will pass tho house by a majority proportionately so largo is doubtful, but there seems no reason to imagine that it will fail there. For tho decision interfors not merely with states which have adopted prohibitory laws, but also with those which uro pursuing tho rational policy of high license and local option. Therefore, a representative who votes for this bill cannot bo called a prohibitionist. He is, if from Philadelphia or Baltimore, voting to preserve tho license revenues of those two cities, which would bo cut Into if sellers of ' original packages' were to start on every street." VUO VT t \St J. i I-*** JUI1O \^taUUlCM. i' Ig ure," by Miss TillieCramer, and "Seed Sowing." by Mrs. Hale, for which a vote of thanks was tendered. Mrs. Horton conducted an interesting children's meeting after which one of the little girls rendered a pretty recitation. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. L. S. Brown, Dakota City ( treasurer, Edna M. Crossley, Webster City: secretary, G. F. Smart, Dakota City. Mrs. M. J. Aldrieh of Cedar Rapids delivered an excellent address Wednesday evening on the work to bo done by the association. It was a paper of much merit, and her remarks commanded the closest attention. During tho meeting the following resolutions were adopted: Resolved, That wo pledge anew our AVUBUIVUU, .LUUb WU fidelity and continued _. __ gospol temperance work and that wo memorialize our congressman, tho Hon. J. P. Dolliver, to work for tho Wilson bill, giving us speedy relief from tho ovll effects of this act of the supreme court. 2. That wo recognize tho Importance of cultivating that fraternal feeling which In a high sense brings us into fellowship with tho advanced hosts In all linos of reform and progress. S. That special temperance instruction bo urged In all Sabbath schools that the do- grradtng sin of tho drink habit bo deeply Impressed on tho minds of children and that they bo encouraged early in llfo to sign the temperance pledge, and that wo recommend temperance monthly concert exorcises and union temperance Sunday school meetings. That Young Women's work and Mpoclally that of the Loyal Temperance louguoR no made tho most prominent in this district tho coming year, that our children may bo taught line upon lino tho principles of sobriety and vlrtuo. B. That ovory department of provontlvo, such as social purity, scientific temperance, Sunday school instruction and kindred linos of work bo emphasized, re- momborlng that an "ounce of preventive is worth n pound of cure. 0. That we fully approve und endorse tho work done at county fairs and earnestly recommend all counties to take up this most excellent and far reaching method for scattering tho seeds of temperance truths, T. That wo will stand as originally organized on a non-partisan and non-sectarian platform. 8, That wo contemplate with sincere regret tho possibility of tho retirement of our beloved and honored leader, Mrs. J. Ellen Foster. Wo extend to her our earnest sympathy, tender regard, and sincere prayers, and hope that her lines may , ,.._,. . ..i is, nnd her work bo 0. That we extend to our temperance friends In Nebraska our cordial sympathy in their amendment campaign, nnd will endeavor to assist them to tho extent of our ability, realizing that their success will also be a blessing to Iowa. 10. That wo again plcdgo ourselves to still work for woman's enfranchisement, and that wo uso as a union, and individually our mlssloner. Good men were recommended to him, but he saw fit to go outside of the association to find a flsh commissioner. There are plenty of good then in this association who conld fill the office as it Ought to be filled and who would see that the fame and fifth laws were properly enforced. I believe the members of tMs association have a right to demand that the office of flsh commissioner be more closely looked after in the future than it has been in the past four years. And it seems a little strange that a man should be selected for flsh commissioner who has never attended the meetings of this association. There was a time when Iowa stood at the head and front and had a flsh hatchery that every member of this association was proud of. How is it now! Our lakes and rivers are being depleted of their fish and but little effort is made to restock them. Our flsh commission was so run down that the last legislature refused to' make any appropriation to keep It up, and all on account, of the Incompetency of the men placed in charge of It. The dry weather of the last two years haft caused a great scarcity of "wild fowl." Many of the small lakes and large sloughs went dry. The fires burnt through them and in some places the turf is burned down six or seven feet, The late rains have begun to fill thorn with water so that we shall have a larger area for Wild fowl than ever before. And I have no doubt but we shall have a large increase of wild fowl when the lakes and sloughs are filled with water. There are more ducks breeding in Iowa at the present time than for many years. Prairie chickens hold their own well. Tho Past two winters have been so mild, and wo nave so little snow, that most of the birds wintered well, and we may look for good shooting when the season opens. I hope that during the summer every member of this association will take it upon himself to see th'at our game laws are enforced. Public opinion Is with us, and if we all work together, there will bo but fow violations of our game laws. OLD THE RACES AT SPBNCBB. They arc Doing off All niglit—Trnck aXiittle Heavy. SPENCER, Juno 17.—Special: circuit races began hero today, The with one trotting, one pacing, and one running race. There is a largo Held of en- trios, this town being tho first in the circuit. Tho horses are making good time, though tho track is a little heavy. Tomorrow will bo a big day if the weather permits. The first race was *li*y ttftd it Menie blflnef at the Court llouse tiftst IVcdnesdfcy- Moi-6 About that sanitary S-lftfr. The old settlers' picnic dinner at the court house Wednesday was not largely attended, but still a goodly company of the early comers was present and enjoyed eating together. In the afternoon the regular business was transacted, S. Reed being elected president; Bertha Carey, secretary; Wm. Johnson, treasurer; and Jos. Thompson, Mrs. L. H. Smith, Gillespie Parsons, B. I. Brayton, and H. Sohenck, vice presidents. It was decided to hold the next meeting on the second Wednesday in June. 1891, and to make it a big reunion of all early ssttlers in the county. A committee consisting of A. A. Call, J. E. Blackford, Mrs. L. H. Smith, Mrs. J. E. Stacy and Mrs. C. A. Ingham was appointed to consult with the board of supervisors With a view to provide for tho permanent care of the sanitary flag. The meeting adjourned after a pleasant discussion of old times. THE SANITARY FLAO. The following letter, coming from one Who knew of the facts, odds an interesting and valuable item to our county history. It also speaks of a lady whose many good deeds will never be fully known except to thoso who lived in the county in early times: To the Editor: " April number of I noticed in an the UPPER DES the 2:40 trot, and was won b y Billy W., third. Fol Nottlo second, Bonaparte lowing is tho record: Billy'W., by Antar 0 1131 Nettle 02» 1 3 Bonaparto 1 8876 Yankle Doodle 4834 3 Thnts What 64684 DttVldP 7 3455 FrankM 877 6 Dlst. Kentucky Jim 6 5 n 8 dr. Rink 8 Dlst. Ivey Wllltes dr. John S .dr. WiKglor dr. Time, 8:41^,3:37,8:37, 3:37M, 2:36H. The second was the 2:20 pacing race, with the following result: Jangorot, by Onward 1 1 3 1—8:34 Black Henry, by Prince Pulaskl.. a a I 8—8:30J4 UzzloH., by Longstrlder 4 3 & 3—3:81 Highland Laddie 34 4 4—3:33 Tho day's sport closed with tho It mile running race: Franchise, by Hindoo 1 Yortck, by Baden Baden 2 John H 3 Rohor 4 Derby s Hallia, by Harkawuy 6 James McKlnney 7 Time, S:33. bo cast in pleasant place: honored of God. influence to educate and make public sentiment upon this question. That wo study tho laws and consider their relations to us, that wo may bettor understand our position before tho law, and that wo may tho more Intelligently recommend better. changes for tho SPENCER had an original package house under tho management of Johnny Coonan, but they have it no more, Boer was sold in bottles, but not drank on tho premises. Yet when Judge Thomas hoard an Injunction case against tho concern ho decided that bottles wore not original packages, and enjoined Johnny from further dispensing tho beverage. " Cot,. TOM" HARRISON, formerly of Emtuetsburg, has recently become connected with the Topcka, Kan., Capital, so says reliable report. ABOUT MUTUAL INSURANCE. Some of tho AUvnntniicy u allied Over tho stock Company 1'lan, To tho Editor: A fow Ideas wore advanced at tho meeting of tho mutual insurance company last week that might bo of interest in addition to tho report given at that time. Like all other companies tho mutual is organized for tho purpose of making money for tho owners. Therd is, however, a wide difference in our methods of reaching this end. Iu tho stock companies tho stock holders or owners uro comparatively but a small portion of tho assured, and they gut their profit in tho shape of a semi-annual or an annual dividend, while in tho mutual every person insured must boa member —a part of the company—and makes a profit by keeping his money in his own pocket until it is needed, und then only paying out just the amount thut is necessary. Tho result to tho owner is tho sumo in both cases, t If the coin puny does u paying busino||^io stock- .dor makes money. bold 'I'ding to tho report of tho sluto auditor In the year 1888 tho insurance ing business in the _^_ received in premiums thosuin ol 210.60 for losses, or a trllle over one dollar for every four. The average farmer would llfco to mako money at that rate for u few yours. Have wo made money? To prove this Senator Chubb offered his case as an illustration, with this result: He has had insurance with us for $2,100 for the last three and u fourth years. Premium in stock company at H per cent., $30, this ut 10 per cont. compounded annually for three and u fourth yours amounts to $47.t)8. With us for tho sumo tlmo und ut tho same rate of interest compounded the sumo it has been $8.30, or in other words ho hud bis principal of $30 and $3.08 interest besides. On this showing Charlie was promptly requested to sot up tho cigars, but ou his statement thut ho hud invested tho money iu steers to fat for tho European market, wo lot him oil. Treasurer Zuhlten, who U serving his third torn, says that ho would rather bo treasurer ol a stock company, us tho mutual don't Boera to need much money, phil. Dor* woUg, who shows his faith by his wor<Vx>W some amusing Incidents of his work, tutu) being taken (or ft *M—n HWInrllm* " 11, That wo most heartily thank our legislature for their staunch adherence to our statutory law on prohibition, and also for their munificent appropriation to tho Benedict homo which wo especially appreciate, and for their many wise and efficient measures passed for humanity's sake. I'l. That wo resolvo ourselves Into a committee of tho whole to work and speak a good word for tho Messenger, our valuable state organ, especially for tho reason that through its able colums wo may loarn of our work and plans in all parts of our state. Also, as franchise is one of our many lines of work, that we endorse and recommend that bright and ably edited paper, tho Womans Standard, which is Iowa's advocate for woman's enfranchisement. Also, that we speak a good word for tho Union Signal. 18. That wo hereby express our gratitude and thanks for tho hearty welcome wo have received as a convention from tho residents of this lovely city of homes so cordially opened to us, also to tho patrons and trustees of the churches, who have manifested by their good words and kind acts, so much interest in our work, to the choir, which rendered such beautiful music, to tho busses that saved our tired feet a long walk, and to tho young ladles who so politely seated us, and to all who so courteously treated us while in this beautiful town. A brief mooting was held Thursday morning at the residence of Mrs, In- ghain, at which tho resolution referring to Congressman Dolliver was ordered sent to him. Tho question of tho place for the noxt meeting was left in tho hands of tho general officers. The gathering was ono of moro than ordinary interest, and tho members express themselves woll satisfied with tho work being accomplished by tho association. 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Tho annual mooting of the stuto sportsmen's association was held ut Davenport last week. J. G. Smith and Henry Durant of this place woro present and report it an enthusiastic and successful gathering. Tho business session was held on tho lust day of tho mooting, und our townsman, Mr. Smith, wuaunuiuinouBly olected uguln St^a ussociutloji, u compliment which is ft*l$jy appreciated by him and his many friends. Tho state trophy, u valuable silver cup, which was hold ono year by Algouu shooters, was won by Budd and Hughes, though Mr. Smith in tho team with Grim of Clear Lake, stood third in this shoot, with 18 out of u possible 1(1 live singles. Dos Moines was chosen as tho place for the mooting noxt year. Tho address of Mr. Smith is a jjupor of much interest to sportsmen in particular and tho public generally. The main features uro horo reproduced; Gentlemen of tho lomj State Association: lumglud to see the sumo luterost takou iu our association us when wo met 111 yours ago. Death huit tukeu away some of our most valuable members: BOUIO have rone to other states, still I see many ^auullar fftoes of years ago. It gives vie great pleasure to meet you—and I look forward to our auuuul meetings us among tho happiest uvpnts of my life. Our fish laws wore somewhat chuuged lust winter aud I think wo have us good U»h luw it i» possible to huvo. And 1 hopo every snortsmnu will take it upon to sea that they uro enforced. TU> s us . that himself lock" in" Ui5"legl»lft^ro"wa,de"Tt almost Impossible to make auy change iu the game laws. Audi thought that any hurried change might wuko trouble, aud it would bo bettor to louvo tuow uutU uu- other term of tho legislature. While iu wrested to game BEY. BUBNARD EXPLAINS. A Letter from Illin In Itofcrcnco to Ills Son Xea's Trouble. Tho letter which follows, from Rev. W. H. Burnard, former paslorof the Congregational church of Algona, is self explanatory. Wo willingly gi vo it place for tho purpose of granting a hearing to tho interested parties, und also to disclaim some of tho sentiment attributed to this paper: MILES, Iowa, Juno 1.—To the Editor: My attention has been called to a notice of tho death of Miss Belle Crawford by suicide which was copied in the Urpisu DKS MOINES from a Jackson county paper. To this you add, If you are correctly quoted, tho following comment: "She loved not wisely but too well, and it may bo of inters! to Algona people to know that tho young man was Nod Burnard, son of our former pastor." Whether this remark is Justified by tho account as it was published in tho Jackson county paper, or whether It Is your contribution to the story, I cannot say, as I may not have seen tho paper. I have not soon any account, however, which gives any such view. Some papers in tho towns near by published incorrect and exaggerated accounts of the event, for they obtained their Information ou tho streets when tho worst things were surmised, and tho facts were not known, Tho only inference to bo made from your comment is that Ned's conduct drove the girl to commit suicide, and it IB a very serious charge to make. People will infer that ho had led her to ruin or had Jilted her, or both. Proof to the contrary Is absolute. Her motive for doing as she did cannot bo traced to auy act or word of his. Tho reason for her rash act may never bo known. But it Is known that she had trouble older than her connection with Ned. The note which she loft for her family In vague explanation of her deed refers to this trouble, but it contains no reference whatever to Ned, I do not believe that you would intentionally do Ned und his friends an injury, but such a statement as you make whore wo are all so well known must have that effect, I am sure that It will " bo of interest to Algona people to know that tho young man" has no guilty connection with the sad event. You will obligo mo and do an act of justice by inserting this explanation In your paper. Should it bo necessury I can substantiate ull I have said. Yours truly. W. H. BUHNAUU. In justice to this paper it should be said that It made no suoh comment as is attributed to it with roferenco to tho unfortunate occurrence at Miles. On May 28 last wo published an article from tho Jackson Sentinel giving the particulars, with only a brief introduction in which it was said that the Ned Burnard was a son of our old pastor. Wo said nothing about his having loved wisely or otherwise, further than that ho was engaged to bo married to tho young lady, Miss Belle Crawford. Tho article itself, which was in quotations, clearly indicating that it was not MOINES an article entitled " A Flag in Controversy," which brought my mind back to old times in Iowa. I have kept thinking since I read that article that I would write some facts on that subject, but other duties forbid. I wish to say, however, that 'in the article above mentioned there seem to be some things locking to the minds of old settlers. The appraisement of sanitary supplies was published in u Dubuquo paper, that I believe Mrs. H. E. Stacy hod. It gave tho name of articles and their estimated value according to tho appraisement. In that list you will find Mrs. H. Schenck, whoso name does not appear in your account, is given credit for $100, the estimated value of a single article—a forty gallon cask of wine mode from wino plant—and thoso who were there know she gave other sanitary supplies, such as a quantity of dried beef, cheese, pop corn, pickles, etc., as liberally as any one. And as she hod a larger family of small children than any other " war widow" in the county, and eave more towards procuring that flag than any other ono person, was tho first woman in the county north of Algona, and through Indian excitements and all other trying times of early days was a mother to every body. Even at tho celebrations no one will deny but there would have been a large vacancy without her basket and pails of fruit, in tho days when so fow had fruit. Sho always had something for tho sick, never spent her earnings for personal decoration, unless it was tho decoration of the soul with good deeds. But she did take as much prido as any other person in procuring that flag, and if she has passed to the land of souls a true history of tho sanitary flag would not be com- S loto without her name as its greatest onor. AN OLD SETTLER. Mason City Republican: Tho state militia companies of Algona, Hampton and Osago will be here tho last of the month to spend a few days in drilling and target practice. The above named companies together with our homo company belong to tho Sixth Iowa regiment whoso purpose is to compote for the prize this fall in the Interstate Rifle match to bo held st Madison. Countenance will nevef again grace this corner—cause why, he's dead, too dead for any kind of use. His untimely taking off was the result of an effort to sell groceries at closer figures than did Patterson Brothers, In Algeria, Iowa. But he won't do so anymore; figuratively speaking, his name is '' mud " henceforth and forever. Mud is all right in its place, but cheap goods are what ybu want, too. Patterson Bros, keep right on furnishing them at the same old prices—way down to the last notch. ALG-ONA, IOWA. BOOTS AND SHOES. . AGENCY FOR , BRADLEY&METGALft CELEBRATED OOTS& SHOES Remember that we have the cleanest stock of largest and The Leading Question. Tho loading question now is : " Are you provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, as a safe-guard against nn attack of bowel complaint during tho summer months?" No family can afford to risk being without this invaluable medicine during tho hot weather. It is almost certain to bo needed, and is a friend Indeed when required, as it never falls and is pleasant to take. 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale by L. A. Shcetz. EICKENRODT& WATERHOUSE secured the agency for tho patent parties desiring any and sash lock, gency , and p have door of thoso valuable articles can get them ut tho cigar store. Xow Goods Just In. Matson, McCall & Co. have a full lino of tho very latest stylos of ladles', miss- bonnets, every week, and wo endeavor to keep up with the OS tho very latest stylos of ladl ', and cnildrens' hats and Now goods are received latest and best stylos. Goods at all prices and to suit all sorts of customers Drop in and see them. up Go BOOTS AND SHOES inAlgona. Our motto is: "Not how cheap, but how good." Algona, Iowa. F. S. STOUG-H. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. QJEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Over First National Bank. ALGONA, U. ] H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossutn County Bank. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Over Koasuth County Bank. ALGONA, IA. P)ANSON BROS., •'-' (li. I. HANSON, W. 0. DAN3ON.J ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans nna collections. Over Comstock's utore. l)on't Forgot 1 Tpwnsend & Langdon are closing out their stock of ladies' and gents' fine shoes ut cost. '(? bhc tho sentiment of the UPPEU DES MOINES, had some reference of the sort which assists in making u famous obur- uctor of Othello, but it was not ol our production. Obviously our esteemed former pastor has been misinformed us to what this paper published regarding u most unfortunate affair, nnd while giving space to him to explain and give what his friends are willing to believe tho true version, we wish also to sot ourselves aright in so far as anything wo have written or published 1« con- corned. I'or J'ourtU Tlio Chicago & Northwoatosn Railway company will soil oxcurglou tickets botwoou all stations ou July 8 and 4, good vo turning until July 7 Inoluolvo, ut ono faro tor tho round trip. . Tickets und full Information cau bo obtained of agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Hallway company .-1813 Endurance. abor perfor rtions of tue body aupplle - The vubt uiuouut or labor performed by tue urtln keeping all portions of tue body au wltli blood l« not KtwtJrullj-kwwii. ittwita ' .. t'mes, und forces the blood a', the rale lies a day, which it tl.OOO.OOO.OOO times und .150,880 w'les la a life time. Mo wonder there ure »o many U«AUT VAIMJIHB. The lint B-UIP- lomu are sliortuew of breaui when exercising, juilii lu the side pr stomach, lluttertng, choking fii the threat, pBproJslon, then fol.ow weak, hungry, or smothering spells, swollen uhkies, etc. Dr. , |1M , g ew U(llrt Cure , stheonl y , flllaWe old by 1*. W. pingiey. »l A HU'uuge Cane. Hud Mrs. U. A. Gardner of Vistula, lud., lived two (hqUBund yearn thr been to* Standard Stock Food. For horses, cattle, and hogs. It will pay you to uso it. Got it at J. J. Wilson's.— 1018 Half Hates to Milwaukee. 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Kleetrlo Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls, salt rheum and other iiflecllous caused by Impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system aud prevent us well as cure all malarial fevers, for cure ot headache, constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters—Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 6<X> and $i per bottle at Sheetz 1 drug store. S Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, It you ore iou euould see WALTER WARP, who will be p ased U> Ugure with jou lor iluK lu the line ol Painting, Paper Hanging, STCf. These desiring caper Imaging dune are respectfully referred to the various pleoea of work In this towu done by rue, which speak for themselves. I teel warranted lu »aylpg (bat I ean goarunteo sat- l^iieUou in every pwiQ. Prim are Always Moderate. Come and Interview me. AUCTIONEER, P. A. HAGGARD, g_ S. SESSIONS, . ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Ulflce over Chrlschllles' store. F. EEED, ATTORNEY AT LA W, Office over the postofllco. ALGONA, IA. ])R. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Ofllce on State street, next door east of Cordlngley, Residence on McGregor street, east of public school building. E. V. SHO11E, M. D., ALGONA, U. State street, east of Rutherford Bouse. J)B. G. T. WEST, PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON, Next Tennant to House. ALGONA, IA. J^ 0. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Special attention to city practice. t E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, WESLEY. IA. Day and night calls iiroinptlr attended to. South Sid* of Jiroadway Whlttomora, • Iowa, Goods, NOTIONS, Oivps, Boot? and Shoes, Beys' and Men's Heudy-Mude GROCERIES, Crockery A Glassware, OQNPEOTIONJSUy, Wood and Willow ware. Produce titken In exchange tor goods. HENRY PB. L. A. SHJ3BT2, Dealer In DRUGS AND MEDICINES, •Iw THE RAILROADS. •^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^x^X^^^^^XXXX^N^l RAILWAY TIME-OABDS. Trains pass the Algorm stations as per ihe tol- lowlng schedule of time: CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE 4 ST. PATO. Passenger—West: No. 1 0:08am No.2 No. 8.... 4:65 pm No. 4 Vrelglit- No. 5 7:52pm No. 18 12;80pra, Passenger—East: .10:211 am U:52 p m NdVlST.'..... 1:25 am No. 14 2:20pm It. F. HEDUICK, Agent. Freight— !lgh 10. CHICAGO & SOUTHWESTERN. Elmore passenger south 12-20 D m JSlmorepassenger north 4-10 pm St.Paul freight north fhBBam DOB Moines freight south 7:86 p 5 F. H. VKSPKB, Agent. Fast Mall Line with Electric Lighted and Hteiim Heated Vestlbuled Trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. . Trans-Continental Route with Electric Lighted and Steam Heated Vestlbuled Trains between Chicago and Council Blufls, Omaha or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. Croat National Route between Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 570O Miles Of Road reaching all prtncliuil. points in Illinois. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota and North Dakota. For ma; freight, el ... . .. _.,„. _. ihe Chicago', Milwaukee* si" PauiEflirway,~ or to any railroad agent anywhere In the World. time tables, rates ol passage and appl/Jo the neatest station agent of BOSWELL MILLER, Oeu'l Manager. A. V, H. CARPENTER, Oen'l Pass, and Tk't igt. tyiTor Information In reference to lands and towns owned by the Chloago.Mllwaukee & 81. Paul Railway Company, write to B. O. Haugen, land commissioner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN •W RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota «nd Wyoming, penetrates th« Agricultural, Mining and Comme.cial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner And Pullman Slewer*, Superb day Coaches And FAST VESTIBULE!) TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul And Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS Titty MM»|ir. It Ims npriimnontly cured THOVSANPS of oases i>ro.m>vutuo4 by doutors honei loss. 1C you luivo premonitory Bynin- tows, suoh VM Coxiulii PifllouUy'of •»—•"•••u[ #«.; ilquH ilolu" ' ' PVHM roil UOJfB ]iy .pnigglsU'' S? <

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