The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1890
Page 4
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The; also do furniture Repairing and Upholstering (uthe.moitap 1 manner. „.,.,, approved ,~ A Iso keep (he largest Hue of suuipleo west o $1.^^ U authorized collector far this nrui. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. ,011" SO^wi SO'. Plans aud speoUlcatlous auditor's office. BlgUt reserved to Jte auy of »,U was, tainted the past week. Fred. Brunsqn has moved his jewelry shop into Frank Bros.' store. Election of officers at the Knights of ?ythlas hall tomorrow evening. Some heavy street grading has been done the past week in the south part of town. Landlord Tennant is getting his trotter In shape to astonish tho hoys at ,ho races. The family of Alex Wilson at Bancroft is happy over the advent of a ten pound girl. A new house is going up at tho Milwaukee depot. Wo do not know who Is building it. D. B. Avey will buy the corner house built by A. D. Clarke & Co. on the Walkley block. Q A dozen or more are going to tho Spencer races next Tuesday if nothing happens to prevent, It is reported that the road north of the water mill is out of repair. A bridge is being fixed. W. H. Nycum and D. A. Buell are busy inspecting tho books of the treasurer and auditor. Charlie Mantor is blacksmith at Boone in Hancock county near Corwith. He still lives in Algona. Bro. Ellis la the owner of a fast horse that is training at the fair grounds. Wm. Pettibone has it in charge. A big flag is to be offered to the township making the largest display of teams in the parade on tho Fourth. Marriage licenses have been issued to Nick. Gehler and Cora Koop, and Henry Lunsuean and Agusta Bosseisen. A beautiful boquet left at this office yesterday entitles the young lady to the eternal gratitude of our whole force. Peter Purvis IB still further improving his handsome grounds by building a good barn on them, and painting his house. Miss Hultin has been granted an indelinito leave of absence by hor Des Moines church on account of her health. It Is now Col. S. C. Spear. He has been appointed on tho stall of Gen Miles, the state department commander of the grand army. Col, Spencer writes "Hold papers please. Sexton boom Is too heavy; 1 The Colonel evidently intends to be with us again won Tho new officers in the Odd Follows lodge are H. J. Edons, N, G,; B. F HeSrick, V. G.; B. F. Rood, secretary E. H. Clarke, treasurer. Miss Eva Lantry will take charge of the telegraph office in July, and Guy Dalton will go on tho rood. Home: Horton will deliver messages. Prof. Connor, Instructor In penman ship in the last Institute, did the fanej pen work on the diplomas for the high school graduates. It is a fine job. New paint is being put on J. B. Jones office, J. D. Shadlo's house, Henry Ma son's house, and tho Northwestern do pot. Tho town will shine this summer meet at tho law office of 8. S. Sessions in Friday, June 13, at 7:30 p. m. The managing committee for the fourth celebration have appointed Mrs. 'as. Taylor, Mrs. T. H. Lantry, Mrs. _?. Winkel, Miss Cora Wise, and Miss lunt as a committee on decorations. All but three of the high school •raduates this year were born in Algona, This will add interest to those who attend the exercises, and want to enow what the country, is capable of. The Courier bought a press like tho UPPER DBS MOINES', then got an engine like ours, and is now lengthen- ng its office like ours. Tho Courier s getting to have a first class office outfit. There will be a special meeting of Prudence lodge, number SOS, A. F. & A. M., on Tuesday evening, June 17, or work in third degree. Master rfasons in good standing are cordially invited. The city council aro hard at work getting out some ordinances worthy of i city of the second class. What is joing done is not public, but the new rules will be eye openers if rumor is correct. Frank Pompe's mother, an old lady of 74 years who has made her home with her son for several years, died last Friday night. She was buried Monday in tho cemetery of the Lutheran church .n Fenton. A fine entertainment will bo given at tho Methodist church tomorrow evening. C. N. Hanson, the great delineator, will be present. He comes wito the highest endorsement, and all should hear him. The Algona kid ball nine went .up to Hurt a week ago and won a game by a big score. Now the Burt boys challenge the Algona boys for a game on the Fourth for a small purse. Tho game should be played. Mayor Jones has looked up the financial status of the city for the census. It don't show a very heavy balance at any time. In 1883 we had $879.30 and last year $159.59. The other years range between. It will pay our readers to note the Fenton is preparing " the i to celebrate and has secured the services of C. M Doxseo as orator. Games, amusements dancing etc, will bo the order of th day. The Silver Uike fishing party announced last weok, wJU set forth next Monday or Tuesday, All proyiou storioa will bo laid on tho sholf when they return. A full and complete programme o exorcises for the Fourth will bo ready next week. The various committees aro planning on something novel in the way of entertainment. Geo. C, Call was in Emmetsburg 1 week mid cold out all interests tho estate has had in that place. Judge Carr was one o! the syndicate who took the remaining property, John Wallace to very happy pvoj- tho results ol tno extVHofor, Bt» buttei has lately been sold In Now York at tho highest price goiwg/ Tho extract or is evidently all right. If any ono doubts that the county is gutting some good horses let him go to tho fair grounds any morning ana look over the burns. Some of Exile's colts aro grout trotters already. Every one IB satisfied with tho settle ment of tbe jail case. Lot tho Aetna company put in what they agree to, and the county will pay what it to, TUe pa uo iiuw ao»o well. AU those tUat wo oleo,t*te JitfUt - in the ~ " excursions advertised in this Very cheap j-ates are given issue in al directions. Every one can take advantage of tho rates whether he attends tho meetings advertised or not. Baum, the foundry man, is in Dakota taking orders for the well digging machines being mode hero. The foundry has turned out five already that are worth $700 apiece, and is at work on two more of a different kind. There will bo union exorcises at tho congregational church next Sunday morning, Prof. Gilchrist preaching his baccalaureate sermon. This will be the professor's last public appearance ii Algona in connection with tho norma school. The game of colts is again on deck. In E, Telller, C. W. Parker, K. T Hedrick, and A. M, Johnson Algona has a team that challenges any com petition. If any of our neighbors have horse shoe tossers let them make the fact known. Wo hear niflcent weather. It is beginning to get a little warmer during the middle of the day, but from 0 p. m. to about 0 a. m. it is always cool and pleasant. Susineas is very satisfactory and we ook for great things In tho future." Prof. Gilchrist has in mind a book on mental science as connected with teach- .ng, which he hopes to prepare for tho press this summer. He will probably ipend his vocation in Algona working on it. Ho says ho has promised to do it for several years, but thus far has never had the needed time. Ho is well able to treat this subject in a book of permanent value. Alex Younle, our old hotel man, has a long head. He has persuaded West Bend township in Palo Alto county to raise its road tax in money, and get its work done by contract. The township has better roads than over before, and money in the treasury. Kossuth county will never have any good roads till it adopts the same plan. Some township ought to lead out in this reform. Postponing action on the Long bridge resulted in good. Tho board again visited the spot, and in consequence decided to make tho road straight on tho section line, build a larger bridge, and make a good road. This will ono of tho most important thoroughfares in the county, and it is lucky that the bridge will bo put on tho line. The board are acting with very sound discretion. H. K. Hess, tho now proprietor of the Thorington, Is an expert electrician, and tho patentee of a storage battery which he intends to devote his time teas soon as he gets settled. He believes In the storage system, that is in putting electricity in batteries and using them In houses for lighting instead of getting the current direct from a dynamo. Ho thinks there is no doubt that it is cheaper and better. Ho says it is entirely likely ho may put an electric light in tho hotel, bringing stored electricity from Des MoTnos. Tho storage system is used in the Palmer house in Chicago. Secretary Post of the State Farmers alliance organized a lodge in Irvington last week, Mr. Hon, president; Chaa. Walker, vice president; C. B. Hutchins, secretary. Ho went east to attend a big meeting at Nashua, but is back in the county for further work. This Farmers' Alliance is a good thing. It it rumored that Bro Hinchon will so far overcome his prejudice against any but old settlers holding county office, as to consent to run for recorder this fall. This may he account for his energy in getting the republican names in the field can. Lightining struck W. F. Spoonor's house near Lu Verne last week. Tho building was only 10x20 feet, ant twelve people were sleeping in it, and none of them were seriously hurt. A hole four feet square was knocked out of the roof, and tho windows were broken out. A tramp called on Mrs. B. V, Scot) at Lu Verne for a dinner and did not get it, In leaving ho dropped his bundle and whan ho picked it MP< bo forgot to notice a wallet that had fallen out, Mrs. Scott found it with $8.25 in it, and fools satisfied because she told him to got out, Tho county convention comes nex Saturday, Delegates will be chosen to tho judicial, congressional, and state conventions. Every present Jndicatlor is that there will bo a most harmonious gathering and that tho delegations wil bo chosen with a view to securing tho best interests of tho county. Tho school board root Monday ovon ing to elect the teacher still lacking to complete the corps for next youv Miss Balloy, who has been a teacher in the normal school lor tho past year was chosen. She is a daughter of M C. Bailey, and is in ovory way wel qualified for the place to which she is elected. in Tho camp meeting season will open two weeks in Call's grovo. The Free Methodists will have Rev. V. A Drake and wljo ol Chicago here, and expect a large gathering of then members from this vicinity. Tho ins Wednesday, Juno 25 - I as long pa interest seems mootln and w}l to wuvKttnt, Marsh Stephen* «ran£ pyw (o Era metsburg last Wednesday and wffpsfQf a steam pump on the agreement thai ho would return it whenever they vyauted it. Tho same day he got It here ho received a telegram stilting that It wiw suddenly in demand and to return it at once, ^e pump was ne vor put in our well W. a A number of females $2. All guesses to bo counted must bo in within the next days. Any one can put in as many [uesses as he has forms printed below. To furnish a basis for guessing wo give ;he returns of other counts. The census in 1885 was 0,000; in 1880, 0,178; in 1875, 8,765; in 1870, 3,351; in 1805, 094. Everybody guess on how much wo have grown tho past five yc— ^ T ~ Igures will bo counted which n the following blank: opinions of some influence, and as one of them remarked last week, it will bring vital issues into politics to replace tho more personal squabbling that now exists. We hone the farmers will co-operate with Mr. Post to put the county full of local organizations. A suggestion has been made which it worthy the consideration of the olc settlers who meet to day. It is thai they take steps to secure the old town hall building again, and make it a memorial building for tho uso of their association. Humboldt county is building a log cabin. But this county could secure no building so intimately associated with its early history, or so worthy of preservation as the old town half. There were many who were sorry that it was sold when It was for private use, and many would rejoice to see it aguiii n public building. Wo have no doubl that A. M. & G. M. Johnson would sell it at a reasonable figure, and tho couiv ty thenceforward would have a place to store Us relics, and the old settlers a homo associated with nearly every Important event of early history. Children's Day at tlio Oiurclies Sunday was observed at all tho churches as children's day, and pro- grammes by tho little folks were rendered. Beautiful floral decorations were part of each programme. An original part of tho Congregatlonalist exercises was a hymn written by Bev. Davidson which deserves a place in tho books, It was as follows: Hstore the evil days flraw nlgli, When hours am dull and plea»uren ny, Thy saoryicfl o( life and love Oder to hint who retgua ttbove, Qoa glvcth beauty to the flower, To every BOU! Imparteth power To uhed abroad a fragrance Bweet, To blossom In the lives we meet. Remember then tho lord above, With sucrlilcu of life and lovo; Let every duy'8 returning uuu Wltuesu some kindly action donu. And, as life's river glldotu on To laud of everlasting dawn, The peace of life well spent, will uu A foretaste of eternity. The Mnoonic Colouration, Present indications aro that tho masonic observance of|St, John's day June 24, will bo one of the most elaborate affairs ever gotten up in Algona. This office has turned out the past week 760 invitation cards, which will be sont to tho individual members of the fifteen lodges neighboring to Algona. A large attendance is insured, and a royal entertainment is to bo provided. Our lodge horo has already scoured reduced railway rates to all attending, will have U&, orator ot renown, and a , local programme of excellence. The masons have one of the handsomest hajjB in jowa, and are prepared to ulsfijtinso a gonerpus hospitality. TUo kft»t tuuiico to C<U«UB, This week closes the chance to guess QJB thepppMiatlQUpJKoBsuth cowty, for the Upjpjss Dm UOBU$) prices. For fine gww.iog ueflroet the ' •oars. No are not KOSSUTH COUNTY. Total population Total number of males Total number of females Name. P.O. Address. ALGONA'S CELEBRATION. it •will be Carried Out After the Most Approved Manner—The Ofll- cers—A. I... Hudaon the Si>ualccr. Preparations for tho best Fourth of of July celebration ever given in Algona have progressed finely tho past week. Tho committee on speaker have secured A, L. Hudson of Sioux City, whose many friends in tho county will welcome him, and especially as no one in the state could have been chosen who would do more honor to tho occasion. Tho celebration will bo held in Call's grovo, and ovory township in tho county will bo represented. Following are the officers of the occasion: President, Geo. E. Clarke. Marshal, D. A. Haggard. Chaplain, Rev. Whitfiold. Vice Presidents—Burt, C. P. Stowo; Buffalo, R. Lano; Cresco, J. B. Jones: Fenton, Wm. Peck; Greenwood, P. M. Barslou; Garfleld, Paul Dorweiler; German, Mr. Loymore; Hebron, Wm. Goodrich; Irvington, J. II. Armstrong; Letts Creek, S. Roup; Lu Verne, Geo. W. Hannn; Portland, Clark C'offen; Plum Creek, E. P. Keith; Prairie, M. Unhm;- Ramsay, B. F. Smith; Riverdale, John Zoller; Seneca, Wm. Ormls- ton; Sherman, E. S. Johnson; Swoa, S. P. Hagland; Union, Myron Sehonek Whittomoro, J. M. Farley; Wesley, E E. Thomas. I'armerB' Mutual Insurance. The meeting of tho county mutual insurance company yesterday was attended by over 200 of tho best farmers in tho county. It was n big gathering and justly enthusiastic over tho reports of throe year's work. Secretary Blackford's books showed 272 policies now issued representing $2i!0,OU() in risks, or a gain of $80,000 in one year. They showed, too that tho total cost of insurance since April 1887 has been but $2.10 on $1,000. Several important changes were made in tho constitution, and tho following officers were elected J. E. Blackford, president; G. S, Wright, vice president; E. Blockford, secretary; ana August Zahlton, treus' urer. These wore all re-elections, and highly complimentary. Tho now directors aro: Thos. Hanna, R. Lano, C, C. Chubb, J. L. Blunt, J, A. Wlnkol, Ph. Dorwoiler, S Martinson, A, L. Bel ton, Wm. Rodlg, J, D. Davidson, Ole Johnson, A. J. Jones, Win. Klein, H. Parsons, E. W. Donovafo, Chris. Boll Fred. Seofeld. Tho City Caucused, The following delegates to tho coic vention Saturday were elected last evening: First ward: A. A. Call, John Reed, F, H. Vesper, S, B. Shadle, Second ward: P, C. Bailey, Jas. Pat' terson, L. K. Garfleld, J, R. Jones, Third ward: R. F. Hedrick, Alphous Johnson, Fred. Dormoy. Fourth ward Geo. C. Call, Frank Nicoulin, Perry Wilkins, Edwin Blackford. Why Not Uso tho Sherwin-Williams proparet paint? It is tho best. For sale only by Winkio Bros. For reference see tho residences of G. Cowles, W. K. Ferguson, or W. W. Wheeler.-1U2 BUY some dry body oak wood of J. A, Hamilton now at $4,60 a cord, Half Ilntou to the Convention. For the Iowa republican state convention at Sioux City, Juno 26, tho Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell tickets from all stations in Iowa to Sioux City and return at half rates—one fare for the round trip. Fo» tickets and full information apply to agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company.-llt2 Uerimiu Mlllot at J. J. WllsonV-UtS Tlu'co Doges Fixed Him. Mr, S. Leslie, mgtrsbitl, Independence, Iowa, says: "Ibftvebeeu very bud with summer complaint for a few weeks., I took three doses of Dr. Wood's Blackberry c»rnilaaUye <uid « cured me. I now feel strong and well." It is sola lu Algomj by L, A. 8beete.-llt8 Done to order. to welcome old patrons and also new pues "'" **— " r " GfyBAWV. A CHAPTER OF ACCIDENTS. Gardner Cowlcs' Narrow Escape lu a Runaway Near Grand Forks, North Dakota. Miss Ollie Wilkinson Badly Hurt Near Corwith Last Thursday—The Cyclone Near Renwick. A telegram was received last Friday by A. A. Call announcing that Gardner Cowles hod had a runaway and was hurt. Mr. Cowles was at the time travelling in tlio extreme north of Minnesota looking after mail routes, and tho telegram was sent by his brother. Dr. Shore and Mrs. Cowles took the night train for Minneapolis where they met him coming: homo, and tho three returned arriving Sunday morning. Mr. Cowlos was not seriously injured as was supposed at first, but had a bad cut near the knee and some painful bruises. Ho was driving near Grand Forks, when tho neck yoke camo down lotting tho wagon tongue on tho ground. In tho runaway he was thrown over into tho braces which hold tho tongue to tho wagon, and dragged there. The team finally got loose and left him, until a farmer came along, who supposed ho was dead and was about leaving him to got the coroner, when he moved. Tho farmer took him to town, and ho is now safely at home. Ho will bo laid up a couple of weeks, but no serious trouble is anticipated, as «», A. & w&rt, sa4 S. (Me&es. fi^i&mentB ana ice cream will be plied on the ground trader the Sup\f- vlsion of the Ladies Aid society. Ia| th6 evening a sociable and hottse wawn- ing will be held in the new residence of L. Cass. Smith. We are desirous for you all to come hnd helj* vs. FOT1DBS *ho Board Decide on It* COfctlntt- Prof. nlch ftttd th« Jfottanl- ot Comfncncoment. Tho norfnal aettoftl board have for gevernl days been considering plan* tot the t nture. It is needless to Say that they have decided unanimously to support our school, and to enter ne*t year •with a Am das» corps trf teacher*. The resignation* of Prof. Gil- ctiriat and Reed have been accepted, and it is with regret that we shall see theni leave Atonft, but their place* Will be filled, and the school maintafnea at all hazards. The opening for a Ichool at Algona ia good, too gaod to be abandbned now that the county fa aettlinft up, and the demands for suoltt an institution becoming more imperative. Various ftlaiiB are noW, being considered, but nothing has been definitely decided on, Prof, men Consider* the School. A large number of citizens met at Goo. E. Clarke's ofHco last Friday evening to meet Prof. Rich of Decorah) and discuss normal matters. Prof. Rich has been associated with Prof. Breokenridge at Decorah, and is now looking about With a view to establish. Ing a normal school of his, own. He went from Algona to IioMars, Where he has had in View taking Prof. Wernll's School, and where he had Submitted a proposition for acceptance. He has also an offer from Kansas City. Ho expressed himself Very favor- ana we believe it was a general sentiment that his talk and appearance very favorably impressed our citizens. High School Exercises. Following is the programme of the high school commencement to be hold in the Congregational church, Friday evening, next: Invocation Bev. W. E. Davidson Music-Piano Solo HobJ. ChrlscWllos Salutatory Alice E. Spear Knowledge the Key to ._ Success Nellie O. Taylor Bramble Bushes .'...Flora O.»alr Chivalry Geo. M. Bailey Trifles ...Ella P. Thompson The Light House o( the Dark Ages Mart Weaver Music—Duct..... Miss Ranks, Alf. Hist The White Slaves of America..Eva A. Lantry The End Not Yet TenaE. Wallace The Critical Period In American History .Fred. Ineham Exertion.' Alice E. spear Safety Lies In a Medium— Valedictory Bert J. Barr Music—Quartette, Mosnrs. Telllor, Hist, Doxsco, Fuller Conferring diplomas by Oeo. E. Clarke, president ot board oi education. _ ., Benediction Rev. Wm. Whttfleld Normal Exorcises. Following is tho outline of services at the normal commencement week: Annual sermon by tho principal, J. C. Gllchrlst, A. M., Sunday, Juno 15, at 11 o'clock a. m., at Congregational church. A Literary Entertainment — Selections from Monday rhotoricals, Monday, Juno IB, at 8 o'clock p. m., at normal ball. Meeting of tho alumni association. Tuesday, Juno 17, at 2 o'clock p. m., at library, normal building. Alumni supper at 8 p. m. at Rutherford house. Anniversary of Normal Literary society. Wednesday, Juno 18, at 8 o'clock p. m., at Congregational church. Commencement day, Thursday, Juno 19. Orations of the graduating class at 3 p. m.. at Congregational church. Address to tho graduates by tho president of tho board of trustees. Address and delivery of diplomas by tho principal. Principal's reception in tho evening. Xcw Goods Just In. Malson, McCall & Co. have a full lino of tho very latest styles o_f ladies', misses', and cnildrens' hats' and bonnets. New goods are received every week, and wo endeavor to keep up with tho latest and best styles. Goods at nil prices and to suit all sorts of customers Drop in and see them. Townsend & Landon's a few sample prices: 14 IbS Granulated Sugar for •. .11.00 15 Ib* Coffee A Sugar for 1.00 16 IbS "C" Sugar for 1.00 80 Ibs Dried Peaches for 1.00 20 Ibs Choice Rice for 1.00 Clothes Pins, per dozen 01 Lewis' Lye, per box 10 A Good Wnsh Board for IS OliihasTab, perlb , 40 Spear Head Tab, per Ib 40 A Good Pine Cut for 85 Difcon Stove Polish, per pkg 05 Gloss Starch, per Ib .OB Soda, per pkg .05 We sell all kinds of $c Yeast for $ -OJ We sell a choice Hard Wheat Flour for i.oo We sell a Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour for i.S$ We sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for 140 We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for 90 And we take produce in exchange for groceries. Come and get our prices before you buy. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, no bones were broken, narrow escape. It was a very PROM THE COJJMT TOWNS. Wesley. WESLET, June B,—The beautiful rain has come at last and crops of all kinds bid fair for a rather large harvest this year. Nearly ovory farmer Is plowing corn. Wesley Is still under quarantine, although the board of health raised the quarantine for a few days last week, but only for a few days when there was a rather bad case of the scarlet fever broke out. Our school teachers in tho meantime had been notified that they could resume their school work again to finish up the balance of their term, but the health officers thought It would be best to close up the schools and all other public gatherings till the fovcr could bo chocked. Therefore wo have no schools, church, or Sunday school at present. Our public schools will not open up any more this spring as there are only two more weeks of school to finish up the school year. The board of directors decided that it would bo best not to have it begin again this spring, but have tho time made up at tho beginning of tho fall term. Prof. A. A. Slfert and Miss Jennie Pettibono have both been engaged to teach our schools again the coming year. All can rost assured that Wesley is going to havo good schools. ... Preparations aro allrcady on foot to celebrate tho Fourth hero this year. Tho procrrammo will bo out later. J. H. Morroll of Des Moines was horo a few days last week looking after his land interests, Mrs. A. McPherson's family are having a reunion at present. Her children, she in all, aro horo visiting their mother. No doubt it Is vory pleasant for Mother Me- Phorsori to have hor children all with her onco more. Mr. Eddy is building an addition to his house. Mr. A. J. Spraeuo returned homo last week from Wisconsin. His wife lived only a few days after he got there. He intends to remain here and attend to his farm duties this summer. Jim. Dawson was down to Council Bluffs on business for a few days, returning home ono day lost week. Tho masons havo resumed work again on Kunz' building. It was rather wet for them last week. What has become o£ our township cmmltteman? Wo havo not seen any notice for a caucus yet. Wake up, ou follow, from that Kip Van Winkel sleep and get a move on you. K. P. Chapin Is quite sick at present. Dr. Barr of Algona was called today to see him. Ho left him feeling some better. Kossuil Corny Baut ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - - - $60,000. Incorporated under general laws al Iowa. Deposit* received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and <old. Collection* made promptly and a general banking bnalneii ransncted. Passage tickets to or tram tbe old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INOHAM. President, ,1, B. JUNKS, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. B. Ingliaro, Jno. O. Smllb, J. B Jones, T. ChrlBchllles, Levels II. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Hornet Devlno. Somebody Tells Somebody. Dr. B. Hainlln of Lomoro, Cal., says a few dozen bottles of Chamberlain's dough Remedy which he sold there created such a demand for the remedy that he could not well got along without It. No one can fully appreciate the real value of this remedy until they hava B It a trial. Those who uso C and It so much porlor to any other remedy they have e tried that they recommend ft to their mends, . and that In what makes It BO popular. For «alo by L. A. Sheetz. I>on't ITorsot 1 Townsond & Lang-don aro closing out their stock of ladies' and gents' line shoes at cost. Standard Stock Food. For horses, cattle, and hogs. It will pay you to use it. Get it at J. J. Wil son's.—1018 Koal Estate Transfers. Following are the important transfers of real estate in Kossuth county, furnished this paper by C. M. Doxsee, abstractor of titles, and real estate agent for week ending May 10: W C DauBon to Clara M Bailey, warranty shf BO 17-95,29 t I.tSOt Fannlo A Hamilton to W H Anderegg, warranty, undivided K sw 3-94, 30 533 H L Hawes and husband to Harvey lug- ham, warranty, e hf 85, uw 2MB, 27 Edward Sweet toE A Standrlng, warran- 1,680 A Well Known Tcnclicr Hurt. Couwrni, Juno 7.—To tho Editor: While driving to her school Thursday morning Miss O. Wilkinson, in company with ono of hor largest school girls, met with a serious accident. Tho pony bo- camo frightened, ran awny, throwing both out. Miss Wilkinson was thrown with full force upon hor head, picked up unconscious, carried to nearest house where Dr. Heskott was immediately called, and dressed tho wound in hor forehead, which was supposed to have been cut by tho pony kicking hor. Tho wound was about two inches long, und cut clear to the skull bono. She was removed Friday morning to hor board- Ing place at Wm. Gosktll's, whoso family aro old friends of hers. Other friends wore summoned and everything is bolng dono that can bo done. She suffers much pain in tho head caused from concussion of the fall, when not under tho influence of narcotics. Her many friends hope for her recovery soon, Mr. Sapp's people of Corwith, who aro from the same town which Miss Wilkinson is from, uro with her at their relatives, Wm. Gaskill's. l.ant Wednesday's Cyclone, Exagoratod reports camo in last Wednesday of a terrific tornado near Benwick just south of Lu Vorno, which tore out tho Northwestern railway bridge on the Boone Rlvor, and killed several people. Later reports show that the bridge was not destroyed, but only damaged, A fow small buildings were damaged, and a boy got his arm broken, Dr. Shore was on tho train coming homo und saw tho storm cloud Others In tho south part of tho county saw it. It was part of a bad storm beginning near Council Bluffs and travelling over tho state. Hero It ended in u line ruin, exactly what the county most needed. Wo hivvo never had u bad wind storm in Kossuth thus fur, and seom to bo in luck, lu » Hurb AVlro'lToiice. A bud uccidont befell A, J. Jones us ho WUB driving home lust Saturday evening from town. Near tho Arm strong place the road has boon changed und fenced with barb wire und is protty uneven. Tlio wugon tipped over throwing Mr. und Mrs. Jones und their daughter In the barbs, while tho team run uwiiy. All were badly scratched, though no sorious dumugo is reported. NOT A POLITICAL GATHERING. Tlio mall-let Convention of tho W, C, T. V. llcunn Yesterday. About 25 delegates aro horo from all parts of tho Tenth district attending tho eighth annual convention of the W. C. T. U. Tho opening session was hold yesterday afternoon. In tho evening u largo audience was present ut the Congregational church. Mrs. Brown of Dakota presided, Mrs. Inghum made tho address of welcome, Mrs, Edna Drossley of Webster City responded, and Prof. Gilohrlst and Rev. Davidson made short addresses. Rev. Miss Murdock wus to havo boon present but was detained by u death; Very fine musio was furnished by tho Congregational choir. This morning the mooting is hold in the Methodist church. This evening Mrs. Aldrioh of Codar Rapids will speak. She is ono of the loading women in the state in temperance work. Coruev Stone. To tho Editor: On Monday, June 10, tho corner stone of the new Methodist Episcopal church at Buffalo Fwfc will he laid by Presiding EJdor Rev, a. W. Prfttt 6t 9 p'olftok. ^e following will G. PERSONAL MENTION. Juke BlosBsom was over Monday for a visit. Gene. Shadlo camo over from Clear Lake to spend Sunday at home. D. A. Haggard Is off for nn extended trip In the mall route business for Call & Cowles. Misses Jenks and Bangs of Woconda, Wis., arc visiting Misses Josio and Jennie Pettibone. Mrs. A. D. Clarko'8 brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps aro hero from Denver, Col., on a visit. C. M. Doxsoo'a mother and sister aro spending tho week In Algona on a visit. His father was here Sunday but returned to Kolfe. Honry Durant did not stay In Chicago long last week. Ho says there were i)50 shooters there, and the chances not flattering. Mr. and Mrs. Doten camo from Portland, Mo., this week for a visit with S. C. Spear and family. Mrs. Spear and Mrs. Doten aro sisters. Mrs. W. R. Hutehluson anil children came Monday evening to visit a few days at home with Mr, and Mrs. Lantry. Their old friends will welcome them back to Algona. Austin Creed returned from Chicago last week. Thos. T. Cooko, however, spent some days in Illinois on business, and went again on his return. A. D. Clarke has been in town in his ausonco. aG. W. Ponguurn ofElmoro, Minn., was In Algona Thursday on his way to Fayotto where lie attends tho commencement exorcises of his Alma Mater, Upper Iowa University, Mr. Pongburu is Elmoro's legal light and laud man. The college students are returning. Last Friday Misses Jessie and Mary Smith, Joslu and Loulso McCoy, mid Lutio Wallace came home from their year at the Minnesota university. Many friends aro pleased to see them. John G. Smith and Henry Duraut went to Davenport Monday to attend tho annual session of tho Iowa cSportsmon's association, of which Mr. Smith has been president for several years. It is the big shoot- lug tournament of tho west. JAB. A. Onit, painter, decorator, paper hanger, etc., solicits the patronage of those who have work in this lino, and guarantees satlsftvction.-2mU Tlils ]» Strong J, U. Loughran, ex-mayor of North pea Moines, Iowa, said recently: " I havo just recovered from a severe attack of lu grippe. I used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and applied Chamberlain's Pain Balm to my breast. These remedies wore Just the thing lu my cast), My child hud croup some years ago ami we used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy with perfect success. Since then we have never bison without these medicines in our house. I had a cousin who was n printer and was employed In a Job oDlce lu this city where they were print- lug circulars for Chamberlain. He had a djiei)- seated cold and n terrible cough, uud wlillo setting up the copy he made up his mind to buy a uotflo. it cured his couuli, and that was the first tiiuu I ever knew anything of Chamberlain's remedies. I havo been strongly In their favor ever since. My o\vu experience and that of my family convinces mo that these remedies uro the best lu the world. That may Vm Htpnmr InnmliLirn. \3\\\ It Iti whur. T t.hlnlr '< ty.nw 1-94,27 1,000 W W Jones ana wife to Dlsto W Cresco, warranty, 1 acre lu 27-95, 89 25 O E Palmer to same, warranty, 1 acre In 8-95. 211 Sn A D Clarke and wtfo to C L Hager, warranty, se se 3!t-ae,S8 400 E A Standrlng and husband to G L Tro- maln, warranty, nw 1-94,27 1,OOC Marvin Helms to Lemuel Stockwell, warranty, shf no29-OT,28 HOC Black Hawk county to Thos Fltzslm- IUOIIH, warranty, none34-98,30 14 Same to same, warranty, se ne, ne se 8498,30 880 E M B Young and husband to J E Curtis, warranty, mvne.nhfmv, ne 34-94, S7.. 600 J O Morrison ot al to A o Clarke, warranty, ne 34-100, 37 F K Anderson and wife to RIBrayton. warranty, n 00 feet lot 17, blkS Bancroft B O Llndberg and wife to J Q Graham, warranty, Tot o, blk 9, Bancroft OOC A A Call and wife to P E Wolcott, warranty, Wk44, Call's add to Algona John Lawlor et al to Lovena Thompson, warranty, lots 7,8, blk 18, Whlttemore. Seventeen transfers—consideration HO.O-J3 Tlio Union Slough Whale. Erametsburg Reporter: It is claimed that the story that a piece of the meteor fell in Kossuth county is no correct, and that the "specimen" dis posed of was simply a unique rock. A any rate, tho Algona boys tried tc " roast" Geo. Call with this story am laughed at him for assisting to dispose of it. George took it good naturedly and going to his muesum selected i section of tho vertabne of a whale tha he possessed, labeled it as having beei found in a Kossuth county slough, anc S ut it on exhibition in his ofllce win ow. Monday afternoon he was unable to do business on account of tho crowc that came to BOO the bone. So onTues day morning he locked his office anc camo to Emmetsburg to close up some town-lot deals, and report has it tha the sidewalk in front of his office was crowded all day. be strong language, bu For sale by L. A. Shuetz. All Eilltov'n tiroud L'UUdreu. J. li, Dodds, editor of the dally and weekly Arbor State of Wyiaore, Neb., says: "I have sueu the magic effect of CUamuuvlulu'a Cough Hcniedy 1)1 CUBUO of croup and oulrtB iii rod chlldron. We would uat tmuU -. ued at night without a pottle of tuiu remu In tho house. Chamberlain's medicines a urowlng woru popular here every day," For sale byL. A. Sheet?. TOWNSEND & LANODON get fresh vegetables from the river ovory other day through the week. FABMERS will save money by examining our (IQo plow shoe. F. 8. Stough. »U«»' Nwvc ami IJvtr I'UU, t«^^*^«W'«ft»?ulM*_«fi.Jito.WTOr, KoHSUtli (iood KnollKli for Him. Bancroft Register: G. F. Hollowa; returned homo from a trip through Kansas and Oklahoma on Friday oven ing, and if he has a good word to speal for that section of the country wo havon't beard him say it. He says there is nothing to attract him there and he wonders that anybody wants to go. In ono paper in Kansas ho saw twenty-one sheriff sale notices all to occur Saturday. A Dakota paper says that such sales show that the easteri capitalists had rather have the lane than interest on their money, but the truth is they havo only the ono choice for the . fellows who mortgaged the property can't ovon pay interest. Milwaukee Kxcui-uloiis. Half fare tickets to the national educational convention at St. Puu! July 8—II, with $2 added. Half faro to tho Biennial conclave o Knights of Pythias at Milwaukee July 8—J2. Half faro to the Millers' annual con volition at Minneapolis Juno 17—10. One lowest short line faro for rounc trip to Republican state convention al Sioux City Juno 25. One and ono third for round trip to Clear Lake Juno 9th to September SO. Half faro to Clear Lake every Saturday good to return following Monday. ThanUs to Col. Scott. The following Grand Army resolutions explain themselves: Resolved, That tho thauks of Jas. C. Tuy- loy Post 195, G. A. It. are hereby tendered to Comrade Col. John Scott for his able and instructive lecture ou "Casslus M. Olay and his Fight for Emancipation," and for Ills generosity in devotlutr tho proceed; re- oolvoU front tlio lecture to the relief fund qj tho post. Resolved, That a copy of those resolutions be published iu ull our county papers, uud also that a copy bo seut to Col. Scott. THE largest and handsomest line of children's shoes in Algomi at S tough'B. Seed ltuc](\vlicat At J. J. WU9on'B.-10t8 THE CASE IN A When Baby was sick we gave her Castorla. When she was a child she cried for Castorla, Wlien she became illaa she clung to Castorla, When she had Children she gave them Castorla, OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - 850,000 Special Attention Paid U Collection!. DIRECTORS. Ambrose A. Call, D. B. Hutchins, 3. C. Black ford, Philip Dorweller, Wm. K. Ferguson. Oeo. C. Call, C. B. Hutching, OFFICERS. AMUHOKK A. Ciix, D. H, Htrrcnixa, President. Vice President. J. C. BLACKFOIID, Cashier. BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M. Richmond, Pres. R. R. Richmond, V. P. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all ports ol the United States and Europe at low rules. Tickets to and from tbe old country for sale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract ot title furnltbed on the same day applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't anil Salary 1'ubllc, 00,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farm* for sale or rent. Tillage property for sale or rent Now Is the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, which will advance (lie price at land beyoud the reucli of the average home-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. if. Richmond, proprietor. First cluss house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention given the traveling public. LOOK. Pat. wlto'e wheat flour per sauli . .$1 00 &~Everv taek warranted. Graham flour per sacls, .......... 50 Soiled corn meal per sack ....... 20 Buckwheat flour per sack ..... ,25@60 Bran per 100 ..... ................ 60 Shorts per 100 ......... ........... 00 Ground feed (corn and oqts) ...... 70 Qroundfeed (corn, oats, litrley) ,,, (50 Best hard coal per ton ............ 9 00 Best 3d-veln Illinois coal per ton. 4 50 Best lower-vein Iowa Block coal 4 00 Salt per barrel ................... 1 25 I handle only tha Best Goals, FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY, Leave orders at the Big Flour and Feed store. market price paid for Dogs and (ill kinds ol Grain, Seeds, elo. J. J. WILSON, Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, II you are you should see WALTER WARD, who will be plensed to fliiure with run tor anything In the line ot Painting, Paper Hanging, 33TO. Those desiring paper bunging dune are inspect- fully referred to the various pieces of work In tills (own done by me, which speak for themselves. I ieel warranted In saying that I can guarantee satisfaction III every case. Prices are Always Modemia, Come and Interview me. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Dealer la DRUGS MEDIOTES, Pull assortment always on h&ud, of Drug olnea, and pure llquorj for medicinal pur- poaenonly. Books and stationery . .-*+ A Good Farm for Sale, Located •!'/< nillea from Algeria, and Wt from Irvtagtou, OB the river. Twenty acres of choice young timber, all fenced; eood spring of water; five-acre pasture; balance meadow and plow laud. Qood buildings, well etc. A very desirable farm. For particulars address X, care Upper Des Molues office. p. Real Estate Agent? Algous, Iowa. Ufldi bought and sold OH ooui- (Blwloa. Bpscla! uttsnttop given to oare gad «al« )f nal estate In Kosiutu and adjoining owntlvt . »ldents. igent anoe : company, ol Pneport, m. and f row W> °W cowUrlei told German Iniui« ssug* llcketf 19 ow AUCTIONEER. P, A, HAGGARD, Wilier

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