The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1890
Page 1
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1866. AL&OJtfA, IOWA, WEDK1SCAY, JtTNE 11, 1890. VOL. xxv-sro. Carpets i Lace Curtains Fof the next two weeks—New desigfts, ftew colorings* latest styles, from the cheapest ingrains to the rnost expensive velvets; i oo samples to select from, The tJppeHjgs Moines. BY Itt&MM k LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor, exa 1 I tssaf Undertaking and. embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 7j^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan. T. -DEALER IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Sfielfivare, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. JlLGONA, IOWA. Dealers In Heayy Hartae Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Qasollue Stoves. Agents (or the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! wo can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. TO LOAN on Fan Proprir. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH* We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even 8100 at any date when interest falls due. This is Iowa money and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce bis mortgage at any time and save the;lnterest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Cull on or address HOXIE & REAVER, Algeria, loyva. M. Z. Grove. John Crave. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Thortngton House. Bent And ohoapMt Veterinary B«medlea. Stewart's Healing: Powder SO years In use for all open eoroa, on man and besot, barbed wlro cntB,g»lls,bnrDS,oh»nng,etc. It cannot be equaled. OmyWcabx. Stewart's Stook Remedy la not mode of bran, osbei and eawdust, to show large box for little nuraey; but la ixTTonlo ano) Blood Purifier, for nil live stock. It It the bejrtggndlHoa P owdor In the W«rt<l. £f- i» cents a box. STEWART'S LINIMENT la the beat remedy for Rheum- ntltm, Lamoneee, Swelling, liaci- ache, Spralna, etc., In uio for man and beast. A trlnl order trill prove It. Large bottle, 26 cents. STEWART'S HOOF OIIi othing Uke It for Dry. Crocked, rittle or Contracted Hooff— makei them loft and tough. Keep them In good condition with thw oil. II pay a to nsa it. Bememhur Ho foot— no none. Large hattla 88 cent*, JcJ-Sold Evejywbore. Stmrt OhomJwl Co.; St.Leuli flap"!* to Btewart He«l)tigPow(t»r Co. Not Bri Ladies' Shoes. Mens' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, :Cids' Shoes, -'low Shoes, Plow Boots, Sip Hoots, Jalf Boots, Pur Huts, Wool Huts, Stiff HutH ush Huts, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kidx' Hats, Misses' Hats, Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, fftereliant Tailors A full Block of cloths and trimmings always on hapd. as cheap as can be bought auy- where. All work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. .•jspg^ . ' 's'' 'Call street, Algoua, Iowa. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer In all kinds ol I » \ FURNITURE, Picture Looking Glasses. Cbromps, aud all kinds Bendy- made CoBlns. Ueuimfor public use, Ueuduuur- "" F. M. BRONSQN, Water h I;, Silver pjaXed tfu,re, etc. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. You are Invited To see und buy our Cheap, Medium, High Grade. The lurueat utonk in town, and at the lowent prices. The Heat Jtubber Goods made. Heat wearing Iloxtery. Jleau- I Iful Prettx Goodi. Custom-made Overalls. Coatx Thread at in. Wo offer you no snide baits, we charge no fancy prlcoB. >V(i uai) Have you money. One price f«r town and country. JOHN REED. The New Meat Market. LOWE & LAMBERSON, Proprietors of the new market on ThorUuitoii street, Iceep everything In fre»h and salt meat. Fresh lish every Friday. Come and see uu. Mind mndorioj cured. Book) Ittrood In uu< roodmg, Toitlmonltli (rum all pArt* of ib9 glow. Proiiteetuy POKT nut*, writ on nnplloitlwi to Prof. A. LolwUo, £37 IfWli An. Now York. A good Improved larni lu Holt county, Nebraska Hi mile from town. ItuunlnK water on furm. ilsooiieonpO acres In Phillips couutjr, Kan- nun, tiVi oillesifroin rallwiijr station. Apple and, peucli orchard, hedge 'eooc around house and chard. Some timber on2 rMOUUJif water on tur 00 acres foaeed in pusture. A good tolng lor tu right woo. CwwaodMeme.* ,, 42 • M. I/. CLAMS, Al««ua, I pttottc*io$r Nti* iN tsstrta. ^he deSttocratid Carroll Sentinel Says: , "The Algona Ul*isft DEB MoiSSs #«ntti the republicans to 'shape their tariff policy to the interests of the Country, and not to special interests begglngmost loudlly of the ways and means committee.' You can't do that without dropping the protective feature. The very essence of protection 18 legislation for special interests." Admit that protection is for "special interests," it is entirely possible that public prosperity is enhanced by it. Building roads, improving harbors, fortifying sea coasts, etc., are all primarily beneficial to the immediate parties concerned. But they are none the less properly public works. Maintaining schools is for the special benefit Only of those with children to educate. But it is none the less proper to tax those who have hone. An extreme application of this principle is the tax for railways, and yet it has been universally upheld as a proper public burden. Of course protection is a tax on the «om- munity for the manufacturers. If manufactures cannot be maintained without it, if the resources of the country would lie undeveloped without it, if the opportunities for labor would be unopened without it, then is it or is it not a public benefit, and properly a public tax? The Sentinel cannot quote an American statesman of the first rank in tho negative. Of course this is not an issue now, when even Hamilton is repudiated by tho monopolists who are trying to divert a decent public sentiment in favor of homo industries into channels of plunder for a few millionaires. Tho republican party is invited to increase protection for " special Interests" which do not minister hut are directly detrimental to public wellfiire. It is asked to oppress agriculture, to rob labor, to destroy commerce, in order that more may be given to those who have fat- toned on the tribute already levied. Tho ways and moans committee has been beset by tho paid lobbies of tho beneficiaries of a Chinese wall theory that subserves no public interest. That is why a republican protest is going up all over tho west. Protection as a principle of taxation IB no more in dispute than tho value and services of railroads were two years ago, when the people demanded that corporations be controlled. All republicans believe in doing all that is needed to properly protect American business interests. But all republicans are not willing to be led by the nose to tho shambles of their own undoing, because of tho short- yotrf.views ftf6 fcorreet in regard to the McKinlef bill." Dollivei- wrttte: "As to the Mcfflnley bity I am SflBy, sure it will be greatly, ttrddifieo* before it reaches the president." Spencer has some big horse races and bicycle races June 17-19. Last year they had the best races given in northern Iowa* and this year promise as good. A flowing well has been struck at Storm Lake. The Pilot says a three foot augur was sunk 14 feet when the water filled the hole and began pouring out. Stev, Berry, who filled tha Episcopal sighted selfishness of a combination of eastern monopolists. OUR republican neighbor in Blue Earth, tho Post, says with vigor: "Tho handwriting is on tho wall and the party leaders will find that tho volao of McKinloy IB not the voice of God nap the voico of the people." SENATOB ALLISON said of tho McKinley bill i "I have hesitated about criti- cising tho bill as long as it was in tho house; but now that it has coma over to tho senate I shall advocate tho reduction of duties on every article so far as is consistent with tho proper protection of American industry against foreign rivals." pulpit here some weeks, preached his farewell sermon at Esthervllle lost Sunday, fie returns to Ireland, where he has fallen heir to an estate. A barn belonging to Geo. H. Shellenberger burned near Humboldt Saturday, valued at $4,600, insurance $1,200. Shellenberger was the pitcher of tho old Modoc ball club that played in Algona. The loth semi-annual session of the Iowa Sheriffs' association will be held at Spirit Lake, June 18-19. The Marshals' association will meet at the same place in joint convention with the sheriffs, Humboldt has offered the old college building there and the grounds for a location for the adult blind. Humboldt would be a good place, and the offer is very generous, as the property is valued at $50,000. Lightning struck tho barn of a Mr. Kelley in West Bend last Tuesday, killing a horse. A cow was also killed for a Mr. Wright, and we learn a horse four miles west of the town was also killed. West Bend is evidently very attractive. The Fort Dodge spiritualists are corresponding with Dr. Bothmal, an eastern medium of considerable celebrity, with a view to getting him to give a series of lectures in that city. This medium gives public lectures in broad day light. It is claimed that one of his most wonderful manifestations Is receiving messages on a telegraphic instrument, messages sent without the aid of electricity. COUNTY BOARD'S DOINGS. Section line to a point 2fi.60 chains north dL the ISu'theast Colfner of section 14, 100* 28 ( thenrSS Welt fit right angles to section lihe 4 chains, thence north 6 degrees, West 11.50} chains, thence north 48 degrees 45 minutes, east 2.01 chains, thence north 2 degrees 20 minutes, east 10.84 chains, thence north €3 degrees, east 8.85 chains to section Isne, thence north on section line (variation same as section lines from which deflection is made). Also to vacate the Blue Earth road. Damages were allowed as follows: Charles W Shaver, $80; S M and C J John- Son, $40; John Boseman, $50; Frederick Kaintz, $50; J J Klein, $50; Charles Stolte, $50; W-A Wickhaas, $20; and costs bf location was assumed by the county. Besplved, That Wm H Kuhn be allowed 75 per cent of $9.25 oh the domestic animal fund for killing by dogs of 87 chickens. Adopted. On motion Q H Peters was mode a committee to build a bridge on Calamus creek on highway running north and south on section line between sections 82 arid 83 in township 97, range 29, and $20 was appropriated to assist in grading approaches to same. Resolved, That the county treasurer refund $4.88 tax on the northwest quar- IbweJ-ed 10 per cent.; merchandise Raised SO feer c'ent. Oninotlon the auditor Ifras authorized to draw w'arrants for all bills passed at this session. On motion the members of the board wero allowed the amounts set opposite their names for services at this session: G H Peters, S days, 10 miles ...$1393 DA Buell, 8 days.! 1800 0 A Olson, 8 days, SS miles 1500 J Holtz, 8 days, lOmlleS.i 13 M On motion the board adjourned to meet in special session, Monday, June 80. Schedule of Clnlmft. ter, of section 84, 99, 30, Eaton on account of error to Addison in tax list, Tlie Ofllclnl Record of tho Regular Juno, 1800, Meeting. ALQONA, Iowa, Monday, June 2, 1890. —Board mot at 1 p m in regular session, members all present except M O'Bourke, Minutes of April session wore read and approved, Moyed and seconded that G H Peters bo a candidate to view location, and build bridge if deemed necessary, on south line of section 20, 95, 30. Carried. Resolved, That board adjourn at 4 p m to view road running south from fair grounds. Adopted. On motion tho bonds of L, A Shootz and T H Lantry as members of the Soldiers' Relief commission, B W Hanna, justice of tho peace, Lu Verne township, and H C Hollenbock, township clerk of Wesley township, were approved, Resolved, That the sum of $25 be ap- ropriated for tho purpose of ditching THE Sioux City Journal will now issue seven days in tho week. The Journal is a great paper, regardless of how tho census turns out. But tho Sioux City census will bo nil right. is a call in Iowa today for a broader, moro tolerant spirit than has prevailed in tho immediate post," says the Council Bluffs Nonpareil. " Imbued with that spirit are such papers as tho Sioux City Journal, Keokuk Gate City, Ottumwa Courier, Algona Ui'i'Eii DKS MOINKS, Cedar Rapids Gazette and the Republican, Atlantic Telegraph and Messenger, Washington Press, and many others that might bo named. It is not a question of doubt. Their influence will be felt, Is being felt now. It would be a foolhardy attempt to try to stem such a current as this. It cannot bo done and it would work irreparable harm If it could." _ THE DCS Moinos Capital very truly remarks that there is a difference in people, and then Illustrates it: "A Kansas man will stand in poverty and rags amid the rnin and ashes of his third copn prop, burned up by tho hot winds of July, and swear to tho passing stranger that Kansas is tho best state in the union, while the Iowa man who gets hut 40 bushels of corn to the acre one season, when he wanted 75, and had 60 tbo year before, will go off on a visit, dressed in his best suit of clothes, and tell every man on tho train that Iowa is too dead to skin." THE Sioux City Journal is right about national olo<jtifln lows, There is pp. better way in this country than to rely on local self-government. It may have its evils, hut it has also its compensations. SAM CLARK writes in tho Gate City: Gov. KirUwood was a member of Gar- flold's cabinet and he has lately said that Garflold's administration was a unit in its purpose of intending to force u reduction of the tariff. Aud tho short admln- Btrution of Gurfleld was in great favor In Iowa while it lusted. Senator Harlan who was lu Mr. Lincoln's cabinet and is a very groat und wise man and a republican loader whom all Iowa honors said in tho last campaign that tho ultimate end of protection was to promote commerce aud tho cheapness of commodities and that with this view it was probably time to reduce duties." Mr, Clark concludes by saying: "For one republican wo do not euro what the Sioux City platform may say about it we propose to light this newfangled McKinley doctrine In season and out of season as wholly wrong and objectionable in every view of It." THE DOB Moinea News auyu H will go into tho legislative campaign next year on a platform demanding equality of taxation. What is tho News going to propose as a settlement ot this question! Equality of taxation is a pretty big and complicated problem. ______________ IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. At Chicago parties huvo tested the Eru- metsburg well und say it U all right. Tho editors meet nt Humboldt next week FrHlivy aud Saturday, A fine pro- gramme has been prepared. Dr. Heakeltt's house in C'orwlth was struck by lightning lost week, aluo the town windmill and u telegraph polo. Tho Boono creamery receives on un average 17,000 pounds of milk daily, and makes 1,800 pounds of butter and 400 pounds of cheese. David Sew of Forest City will go to Chicago soon, where he will take a position us general manager of tho Hhison Cftr-coupler company. Tho Bancroft Register quotes A. D. Clarke to the effect that more laud has Iwon sold in tho county this yew than during any year sluco 1882, Bro, propriated for tho purpose of ditching the road on the south lino of sections 11 and 12 in township 95, range 28, and that tho same be expended under tho direction of Seth Newcombo, road supervisor of Irvington township, and that the warrant bo issued on his order after tho work is completed. Adopted. On motion tho petition for vacation of road by M De L Parsons and others was laid on the table, and tho costs assumed by the county. Resolved, That tho treasurer refund to Wm and Peter Burt $4.71 tax of 1889 on lot 1 and northeast quarter southeast quarter section 9, 100, 30, and lot 1 and northwest quarter southwest quarter section 10, 100, 80, being entitled to that amount as exemption for one and one-half acres trees. Adopted. On motion the consent highway petitions of D W Sample; and Albert Reed and D W Sample for location and vacation of roads in Irvington township wore granted. At 4 p in the board adjourned to view road south of fair grounds, and to meet at 8 a m Tuesday, June 3. TUESDAY, June 8, 1800,— Board mot at 8 a m, members all present except M O'Rourke. Resolved, That tho auditor bo ordered to cancel of record a mortgage given by John Lawler to Kossuth county, dated Nov. 8, 1870, for $35,304, and recorded in book C, page 86, of mortgages of Kossuth county, Iowa, the said mortgage having been for tho purchase price of certain lands situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, and conveyed by luit-claim deed from Kossuth county to Tohn Lawler, dated Nov. 7, 1870, which said quit-claim deed was, by decree of district court, state of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, date of Doc. 20, 1870, declared null and void and of no force and effect. Adopted. Resolved, That Mrs. Colby bo allowed I per month until Sept. 1, 1890. Adopted. Resolved, That Mrs. Lemke bo allowed $8 per month until Sept. 1, 1890. Adopted. Resolved, That tho chairrnao pf th.e board bo authorized and dl pooled to execute the supplemental contract of settlement with tho -lEetna Iron and Steel works, this date agreed upon in words and figures as follows: In the District Court of Emmet County, Iowa, Tho Aetna Iron and Steel Works vs. Kossuth County, Iowa: Agreement of Settlement and Compromise. It Is hereby stipulated and agreed by and between tho parties in tho above entitled action that the same shall bo compromised and settled as folio w(j: Tho plaintiff herein shall replace all tho upright bars in tho two colls with new bars of tho beat quality of Chrome steel of equal size of those now placed in tho Biuno, mud bars to bo composed of layers of iron and steel alternating, a layer of soft steel or iron und then a layer of hard steel of tho UH- ual number of thicknesses used in bars of that size, and shall furnish to defendant tho written guaranty of the manufacturers of said Chrome Htool that the same is of tho best quality manufactured in burs of that size for jail work. It is further stipulated that tho cross bars shall bo held in place by moans of Chrome eteol burs of tho same quality und size of tho other burs, with a steel tube placed at all corners and joints und every three and one-half feet of grating, und said bars ahull bo riveted at top und bottom tho samo us the other bars. And thereupon the defendant ahull pay tho contract price in accordance with tho terms of thelt 1 ppntrant heretofore made between tho parties. And thereupon tho plaintiff shall dismiss HI\ Id cause und pay all unpaid costs in said cuuao now pending in Emmet county. JETNA IUON & STKKL WOUKS. Uy UEO. u. OI.AKKE, its Atty. KOSBUTII COUNTY, IOWA. By 0. H, 1'ETiiua, Chairman. Resolution adopted. Resolved, That tho |0,25 tux of 1889 of R Richmond on the southwest quar- tur of section 27, 09, SO bo abated, being entitled to that amount us exemption for trees. Adopted, Board adjourned a 12 M till 1 p in. Board met at 1 p irf us per adjournment. Reaolvod, That $3.59 tux of 1888 on the northwest quarter northeoat quarter of uootlon 27. 09, 28, bo refunded to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Railway company, Bumo having boon paid by August Lorino and the Issuo of receipt to C, M & St P Ry Co, an error of tho treasurer. Adopted. Tho auditor's report of fees received from April 1 to June 1, 1890, was accepted iis follows: Court house hull, $28; trunafor foes, $> l !8.75; redemption fees, $9.76; recording ono bond, 60 cents. Total, $72. Road No 838, petitioned for by A Gutknecht uud other?, wau located uud vacated as por coutatlaglonor'u report tw follow*: Commencing ut u point 7.19 ohulns west of tho south q\uiriorpoat of section 13, «9, 28, thence north 19 de- groou, wcet (variation 8 degree? 5# mtu- utce oust) 43.01 ch.alnij), thence north 39 degrees 11 minutes, west 0,71 chains, thence north. 41 aegvoos 15 went R being a college lease. Adopted. Resolved, That J, Holtz bo a commit tee to build a bridge on public highway between sections 20 and 85,97, 30, where said line crosses Black Cat Creek. Adopted. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to build a bridge between sections 3 and 10, 98, 29, providing the township will do the necessary grading, Adopted. The claim of John A. Clark for dam- ago on road was not allowed. Road number 827 petitioned for by John Blumner and others was located as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of sectlo'n 33, 94, 27, and running thence north on section lines to tho northwest corner of section 21, 94, 27, Damages wore allowed as follows: Leander Barton $60, Alfred Anderson $30, J. C. Huffman $30, G. Miller $30, and tho cost of location assumed by tho county. Claim of L. A. Potter for damage to domestic animals by dogs was laid over until next meeting. Resolved, That G. H. Peters be a committee to build a bridge, if deemed necessary on section lino between sections 13 and 14 in Plum Crook township. Adopted. On motion J, Holtz and C. A. Olson was made a committee to view road petitioned to be vacated by M. Do L. Parsons. On motion D. A. Buoll was appointed a committee to repair tho O'Hourko bridge. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to build a bridge on road between sections 27 and 34, 99, 28. Adopted. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to build a bridge on Plum Creek on section lino between sections 1« and 17, 96, 27. Adopted. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to build a bridge in Rttmsay township, petitioned for by Jacob Kop- pon and others. Adopted. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to build a bridge on south line of section 22, 99, 80. Adopted. Resolved, That if a consent highway bo given on section lino, commencing at woat quarter post of section 13, 95, 29, running thence north to Kossuth county fair ground, a bridge 11? feet long, with graded (ipP r °acncs, bo built on said road. Adopted. Resolved, That G. H. Peters bo a committee to examine location and build bridge, if doomed necessary, on Buffalo Creek between section '4 of Buffalo township and section 83 of German township. Adopted. Resolved, That $300 transferred from the poor fund to the soldioi's relief fund in 18e9 be returned to tho poor fund. Adopted. Resolved, That $1,000 transferred from tho county fund to tho bridge fund in 1889 bo returned to tho county fund. Adopted. On motion tho school fund loans made by tho auditor in vacation were approved. At 0 p. m. tbo board adjourned until 8 a. m. Wednesday, June 4. Board mot at 8 u. m. as per adjournment. Members all present except M. O'Rourke. • Consent highway petition, 341, of Ole O. Mphl and others for road commencing at the southeast corner of section 12, 100, 27, was granted. On motion tho road petitioned for by D. A. Duitman and others was laid over until tho adjourned meeting and G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to view the location and decide us to its expediency. Road number 342 petitioned for by Adam Palmer and othera was ordered located and vacated us por commissioners report, if same bo done without cost to tho county. Road number 340 petitioned for by Theo. Chrischillos and others was located us follows: Comiriencing ut southeast corner pf geption 20, 90, 29, and mailing thp.nco on section line oust to southeast corner of section 23, 90, 29. Damages wore allowed as per appraisers' report excepting Myron Schonck who was allowed $80, and costs of locution assumed by the county, Resolved, That road petition of M. DoL. Parsons bo taken from tho table and continued until tho September meeting. Adopted. At 12 o'clock tho board adjourned until 1 p. m. At 1 p. m, board wan in session as per adjournment. On motion tho board proceeded to equalize tho property of throughout the county as follows: Prairie—Horses wore raised 8 por cent.; cattle wore raised 10 por cent. Letts Creek—Horses wore raised 12 por cent. Buffalo—Horses were raised 20 por cent. Union—Horsea wero raised 7 por cent.; mules und usses wore raised 25 por cent. Swoa—Horses woro raised 05 per cent.; mules and ussea wore raised 40 por cent. Fonton—Horses woro raised 25 por cunt. Wesley—Cuttle, woro raised 30 per cent. Burt—Horses wero raised 14 por cent.; cattle wore Ipworod 20 por cent, Portland—Hoi'ap.8 wprc, raised, 8 por cent, Rlyoi'dale—Horsoa wore raised 20 per cent.; cattle lowered 20 per cent, Gorman—Horace woro lowered 7 por cent.; cattle wero i-alaed 5 per cent. Plum Creek—Horsoa woro raised 20 per cent.; cattle woro lowered 12 por cent. Sonoeu—Horses wero lowered 10 por cent. RuinBuy—HorBoa wero lowered 20 por cent.; cattle wero loworod 20 per cent.; muloB und nssoa wore loworod 35 por cent. Lu Verne—Horsoa wero loworod 10 por cent. Cresco—Cattle woro loworod 5 por cont. Shormnn—Horsea wore lowered 5 percent.; cattle wore loworod 20 por cent.; raulos und assoa wero lowered 85 per cent. Whittomore—Horaes woro lowered 10 por cent.; cattle wero loworod 10 per cont. Irvington—Cattle woro lowered 15 por cent.; hogs woro lowered 80 per cont. Hebron—Horses woro lowered 80 por cent.; cuttle wore loworod 20 per cont.; mules and tveaea wero loworod 25 por cont. Garflold—Horaes were lowered 10 per cent.; cattle wero lowered 5 per cent.; multia und UBBOS woro lowered 20 per cent. Greenwood—Cattle wore lowered percent.; hogs wore lowered 80 por cent. Algojau,—Horace were lowered 15 per cont.; ctittlo wove lowered 26 per cent,; mules aud UHBOS woro ruia?4 20 per cont. B.u.nwoft—-Horgea wove lowered 5 per OOUN'i'V -., . B B Thomas, assessor Wesley town-, ship I 46 J E Blackford, commissioner on road ~ Bailey Bros, goods for court house..... 0 Relbsamen, clerk Buffalo township.. Silas Roupe. same, Lotts Greek 1C Paul Dorweller, same, oarfield. 3 W Bates, same, Irvington L 0 Smith, Same, Portland W W Rftney, same, RlrerdalB.. W F Jenklnson, same. Union i L A Hauge, same, Hebron 0 William Johnson, same, Creoco 8 00 R E Davlson, same, Greenwood 8 00 J H Merrlfleld, same, Ramsay., 20 00 Crrns Bravender, same, Swea, claimed 114 2&V allowed 1025 J B Robinson, assessor, Irvington 40 00 O 0 Burtls, same, Lu Verne Incorporation 1800 Ole O Mehl, same, Hebron township.... IB 00 JL Blunt, same, Fenton (100 Qeorge B Miller, same, Lu Verne...... 2800 J W Bharr, same, Seneca 1)200 deorge S Angus, same, Burt , 4000 O H Lamson, same, Algona Incorporation 7000 J L Cotton, same, Whlttemore township ' 8200 Nicholas Studer, same, Prairie 27 00 Norman Anderson, same, Bwea 86 00 Henery Dorweller, same, Oarfleld aa on Martin Boustetter, trustee, Qarfleld township 200 GeoWEddy, same, Wesley 1)00 A Bush, same, Cresco, 2 00 DA Wallace, same, Irvington 200 Nathan Studor, same, Prairie 2 00 J D Daylson, same, Portland........... 2 00 Mike Welsbrod, same, Fenton I) 00 James Archer, same, Lotts Creek 2 00 Robert Stephenson, same, Lotts Creek 2 00 John Dundas, same, Swoa 'i 00 C A Erlckson, same, Swea 2 00 O C Tlbblts, same, Fenton 2 00 John A Hale, same, Swea 200 Martin Rahm, same, Prairie 2 00 S W Stantou, same, Lotts Creek 2 00 Hane & Carver, printing and supplies OH 25 Watters Tnlbotl Printing company, supplies 71) I1H, JJ11I1L1UK 1U *U Upper Dos Molues, printing, claimed 1102 80, continued »85 80 allowed... 47 BO A Rank, printing 1400 Matt Parrot & Sons, same 10 00 Carter & Hussey, same, claimed 18 85 allowed * 085 A M & Q M Johnson, work for court house 160 Horace Mann, commissioner on various roads. 28 50 J B Holms, postage, express paid etc.. 10 00 E H Stephens, bailiff, March and May terms 22 00 A A Branson, postage and fees 810 J W Hlnchon, printing 5088 C H Llchty, J P, fees and other costs In case of state vs Fred 0 and Charles Hlntz 1170 Bertha Carey, couuty superintendent 100 75 M Stephens, sheriff, taking D Fox to penitentiary, summoning jurors, and other fees 7465 S Benjamin, balllflMay term 8 00 A A Brunson, clerk hire May term.... 1200 E G Bowyer, repairing lock on vault.. 2 00 J W Tenant, supper for jurors l) 25 E H Clarke, J P aud other posts In case statovsFred Wcntworth 745 Max Miller, appraiser road number 827 020 John Connors, same 8 00 A R Darr, same U 00 J H Merrlfleld, same, road 088 4 (15 J B Mosel, same 475 BFSmlth, same 485 D A Buell, committee one day on court house 2 50 Samuel Mayno, county attorney, April and May 10000 Matt Holtsbauer, extra work at court sqreB. "The t*o yourigei 1 children, boys aged four and six years, htid walked fieftrly all the Wfty, and their CbWhlde Stioes had taade rurmifig ulcers in their heals & quarter of an inch deep. Brooks Insists that their are hundreds in the new counties of Kansas whose condition is in no way better than that of his family. The Crop Report, Hie state signal service report ending; June 6, is in part as follows: " All parts of the state, except a harrow belt across the southeast corner, received copious showers, and many counties report a very large excess, causing damaging floods in some localities. Following are some of the excessive measurements: Harrison county, 10.48 inches; Crawford, 9.80; Carroll, 4.82; Qreen, 5.76; Sioux. 4.00; Boons 8.00; Story, 4.26: Marshall, 5.00; Delft; ware, 6.70;.Black Hawk, 4.09; Fayette, 6.78; Sac, 3.05; Wayne, 8.00; Monoria, 8.80; Montgomery. 2.50; Gruhdy, 4.60. In three-fourths 01 the state the rainfall was from one to nine inches above nor- nial. The heaviest damage from floods occurred in Pottawattamie and Harrison counties. The general condition of crops throughout the state is materially improved. The loss from washing out and overflow will not figure heavily in reducing the aggregate production of the state. Small grain crops and pastures are doing fairly well. Corn will require the most favorable conditions in the future to mature 70 per cent, of last year's bountiful crop. Countenance will never again grace this corner—cause why, he's dead, too dead for any kind of use. ing off was the result of an effort to sell figures than did His untimely tak- groceries at closer house 12 50 I'Ted Stumer, trustee Fentan township 2 00 W It Spencer, reporter May torin of of personal the various townships court 8000 D 8 Miller, damage on road number 841) 7. 8000 W F Jcnklnson, same.. .\ 10 00 Theo Chrlschllles, same 20 00 JosZanko, same 1)000 Conrad Herman, same 2000 Myron Schenoh.same 8000 Cyrus Ward, same..., 1500 WmHBailey, same..: 1500 C 8 and A W Blanchard, same 80 00 8 A Thompson, appraiser on road number 846 200 T D Stacy, same 8 00 D A Wallace, same 2 00 S D Patterson, commissioner on road number 840 800 George V Davis, J P and other fees In case state vs H D Nelson 2060 FOOIl FUND. purant Bros, goods for poor 1485 JO Smith, same 8828 J II Thornton, breaking on poor farm 1800 F Wlnkel, goods for poor 4 80 O W Smith, work on poor farm well.. 100 25 Frank Heal, drags for poor 1 00 NaudalnBros and Wlnkla, coal for poor 405 John Goedors Jr, goods for poor (1 40 Wortman Bros, same, 4 70 Bruer Bros, coal for poor 200 Bailey Bros, goods for poor 14 07 Jane Bolster, nursing pauper 21 00 IJ Bruer, goods for poor 8 80 OleOlesou, same 2800 A Hough & Co, coal for poor farm 508 Henry Kllndt, goods for poor 10 00 F L Taylor, medical attendance on poor, claimed »18 75 allowed 775 F Palmer, extra work on poor farm, clalmed»85 allowed 1000 A M & G M Johnson, work for poor farm 050 F O Wilson, coal for poor (185 Edwin L Ward, goods for poor 10 50 D A Iluell, commuted on poor farm.... 501 James Ban 1 , medical attendance at poor f arm, claimed to 50 allowed.... 5 75 UIIIDQB FUND. Naudain Bros ami Wiukle, hauling piles 1050 G H Peters, work on bridge 4 50 AlpheuH Johnson, same 10 50 S Benjamin, same 5 00 J Holt/,, committee work 480 D A Buell, freight paid on one cur" of piling , 2845 D A Buell, same 22 25 John A Hamilton, 1270 feet ash piling 141 05 John A Hamilton, Blifl feet same 187 50 D A Bvell, committee on bridge work 88 80 G U Peters, same 27 10 J. B. HOFIUS, Auditor. Hats Off to Town Men. Our old professor of Algona college times, O. H. Baker, writes an interesting description of how Iowa men stand in foreign parts: The writer was recently in a state 800 miles and more from home, and falling in company with a stranger of lino intelligence and extended information, wo entered into desultory conversation, "What state are you from?" he asked. "From Iowa," said I, with a feeling of pride that shone out of my face. The stranger faced mo, and bowing, removed his hat, saying: 'I always take off my hat to an Iowa man." I acknowledged the compliment, not us personal, but as a just tribute to the people of my state, and asked him on account of what particular virtue were wo indebted to him for this show of profound respect. He replied, "Iowa stands today the bright particular star in the union galaxy. She is the cynosure of all eyes. Her people have the least illiteracy, and the uost schools in America; that means in the whole world, They handle questions of politics with suou nerve and intelligence as commands the admiration of oven their opponents, Corporations and monopolies ai<o treated with justice, but made to feel the ivpn Jjuiia within the glove. Iowa citizens hold the material and moral interests of the masses above that of a few saloon keepers and brewers who wish to fatten themselves by debauching the people. The chief glory of Iowa Is the stand which her citizens have taken against the worst enemy of the human raeo—alcohol. I ilrst met Iowa men in oainp and on the battlefield. They fought like heroes. I found them true as stool and us generous us they wore bruvo. In the national congress they have boon grandly presented by such men as Harlan, Wright, Kasson, Allison and Wilson, Iowa has made |i v°o- ord in war and in peace seepM to none, and in many respect? stiuulg in the ilrst place among the states of the union, Those live nomo of the reasons why I always take off »ny hat to an Iowa man." It was never a greater honor to bo tv Roman citizen than it is today to bo an "Iowa man," to Thoir Iowa Jlomws. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., May JO,—-Special to the Heruld: George Brooks, his wife, and five children, ranging in ago from four to 14 years arrived in St. Joseph thin morning, having walked from Mftii- on county, Kansas, over 800 miles, since tho 1st of tho month. The family wont to southwestern Kansas during the boom and proved up a claim. Poor crops resulted in thoir losing both farm and stock. Their neighbors wore in almost w hard olvcuwstuncce us themselves, uud when Brooks concluded to start to his old home ut Sigouruey, Iowa, nobody could ussM mm. He lloully determined to walk, and his con- 1 ' out. Wfeep > ift ft I MISCELLANEOUS. ' —There is no experience moro heavily fraught with doep ghastly lonesomeness than that of being shaved by a doaf-and- dumb barber.—Washington Capital. —Now, really, what was the most astonishing thing you saw in Paris, Mr. Splcer," nskod Miss Gusher, and without a moment's hesitation Soth answered, "My hotel bill."—Boston Bulletin. —The New York Cotton Exchange hove raised their fines for disorderly conduct from 81 to 8100. Under the old rules a member could punch another member's head and got off sometimes for fifty cents, but now such action can only be indulged in by the wealthiest members of the exchange, —The Animals'Institute at Knights- bridge, England, founded In 1887 chiefly by ladies, undertakes that animals shall be killed or cured in the most painless manner, The only difference in the treatment of the donkey of the oostermongcr and that of the countess is that tho coster pays nothing and the lady pays tho ordinary foes. —During a recent thunder-storm near Memphis, Tonn., a negro was severely kicked by a vicious mule; and, just as he was picking himself up, a stroke of lightning hit tho mule and killed him dead on tho spot. "Well, dar," exclaimed tho negro, "of dls chile haint got pow'ful frens to 'vongo his insults, don dor's no use trying to hab faith in anyt'ing!" —Tho pot of a family in Now York Is a venerable parrot of surprising intelligence and loquacity. Tho parrot was presented to tho family twenty-two years ago by a sea captain, It can call tho members of tho family by thoir first names, and can repeat tho habitual expressions used by those persons. Many of tho family are now dead, but tho bird continues to reproduce tho words and phrases it picked up from them in thoir lifetime. There's No Use Denying the Truth. Ellert's Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It euros them. Dr. Jaquos' German Worm Cakes destroy and remove worms from tho system. Dr. Winchell's Teething Syrup Is the best for general ailments of children. All druggists. Happy Home Blood Purifier and Health Tonic purlites the blood and make home happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nerve aud Bone Liniment—these two great medicines are sold by all druggists- To and 1'or tho People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to sell or trade your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at tho lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms? Do you want anything in the line of legitimate banking? For any and all of the above please consult B. M. Richmond, at tho Commercial hotel, and Farmers' and Traders' Bank block, Bancroft, Iowa. English Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save MO by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blein Ish cure over known. Sold by L. A. Sheets. Itch cured In SO minutes by Woolford's Sanl tary Lotion. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. CHOICE hard wheat flour, sack, $1.00, Twenty Ibs choice rice for $1.00. Twenty Ibs N. C. peaches for $1,00, Good axle grease, per box, Oo, At Townsend & Langdon's, Modern Discoveries, What Bell and Edison are to the telephone and electricity, suss the Plttsburg News, Dr. Franklin Miles, the well-known specialist In nervous diseases, Is to the nervous system and nerve fluid. Among his numerous discoveries his Restorative Nervine IB undoubtedly one of the greatest. It Is unsurpassed In nervousness, dyspepsia, headache, epilepsy, neuralgia, backache, melancholy, sleeplessness, change of life, etc. Free trial bottles of Patterson Brothers, In Algona, Iowa. But he won't do so anymore; figuratively speaking, his name is '' mud " henceforth and forever. Mud is all right in its place, but cheap goods are what you want, too. Patterson Bros, keep right on furnishing them at the same old prices—way down to the last notch. ALGONA, IOWA. BOOTS AND SHOES. AGENCY FOR IBRADLEY&METCAI/S CELEBRATED Remember THEBICGESTl__ _ 7«AIIEMWlKCWyf«CHTED that we have the cleanest stock of largest and BOOTS AND SHOES in Algona. Our motto is : " Not how cheap, but how good." Algona, Iowa. F. S. STOTJG-H. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. Q-EO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ALGONA, IA. Over First National Bank. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Koaaulh County Bank. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Over Kossuth County Bank. ALGONA, IA. It may be bad of F. W. Dingier, druggist, and also .•, Miles' new book on "New and Startling facts" for the afflicted. Everyone should read this very Dr. Interesting, Instructive, and handsomely Illustrated book. » o The Old Hade Young. Dr. Brown Sequnrd's elixir ot youth inny be nn Important discovery, but everyone knows that Dr. Franklin Miles' New Heart Cure certainly Is. It has given thousands afflicted with serious heart disease a new leime of life. Druggists who can observe Its effects on many customers everywhere speak very highly of It. John Weaver ot Kingstown, Inii., says: "I have sold much oC Dr. Miles' New Cure and have received many good reports. I sold some to one of the leading Masonic suite ofil- oers and It did him u great deal ot good." Sold and guaranteed; uj p. W. Wngley. * 0 UKADLBY & METOALP oil grain shoos lu women's, misses,' and children's— ui-o reduced in price. F. S. Stough, A Scrap of 1'ancr Saves Her Life. It was Just an ordinary scrap of wrapping paper, but It saved her life. She was In the last stages of consumption, told by physicians that she was Incurable and could live only u shoyt time; shs weighed less than seventy bounds. Qua piece ot wrapping paper she read of Dr. King's New Discovery, ana got a sample bottle; It helped her; she bought a large bottle; It helped her more, bought another unit grew better fust; continued Ita use aud U now strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weighing For further particulars send 140pounds. ... to w. U. Cole, drui of tula wondern drug store. gist, Fort Smith, ry Uw «t Trlnl l>( {,. A.Sli Eupongla. This Is what you ought to have, In fuel you must luive it to fully enjoy life. Thousands ure searching for It dally and mourning because they find U not. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent annually by our people lu the hope that they may attain this boon. And yet It may be had by all. We guarantee thansieotrlfl Bitter*, II used according to directions and the use persisted lu, will bring you good digestion and oust tlie demon dyspepsia audlnstall instead eupopyla, We recommend Eleotrlo Bitters for dyspepsia and all diseases qt the liver, stomach, and kidneys, gold at BO dents and cue dollar u bottle at L. i. Sheets' drugstore, 4 SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a -••-•-•-•-- to me_dlrccwd oy the .clerk ol the district court of Kossuth couuty, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., pf Bernard Conuoly and John Connolly, defendants, lu favor of Homer I. Holcomb, plaintiff, I will offer at public suit), to the highest and liost bidder for cash, at toe door of the court house, lu the town of Algojua, couuty of Kossuth, lo wa, ou the Oth day of July, A. J). 1880, between the hours ot 8 o'clock u. m. null 4 o.oiock title, and Interest' Ut and to the following described real estate, situated lu Kosuuth couuty to-wlt: The southeast Quarter au * —-•••--"-- tho southwest (mutter of Section five, lu Township No. Njuet ' BtHige No. Thirty west Q| tfeo, suth county, lovffti ' o taww)u.oi> ftt the hour of l o'eioeti p> yS:ir!aLV j ii. T)ANSON BROS., •*-' [B. J. DAN6ON, W. 0. ATTORNEYS Loans and collections. DANSOM.] AT LAW. Over Comstock's store. g S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security, twice over Chrlscblllen 1 store. g F. REED, ATTORNS Y AT LA W, Offlce over the postoHlce. ALGONA, IA. . L. K. QARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Offlce on State street, neit door east of Cordtngley. Residence on McGregor street, east of public school building. JJ> < E, V, SHORE, M. D., ALGONA, IA. State street, east of Rutherford House. J)R. Q. T, WEST, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Next Tenimnt to House, ALGONA, IA. JJ C. McCOY, M. D., 2'HYSIUIAN AND SURQEON, Special attention to city practice. J E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, WESLEY. IA. Oar nnd night calls promptly attended to. Cbeag Gash Store! South Side of Kroadway Whlttemore, Iowa. Goods, NOTIONS, Boots and Shoes, Boye' and Men's Bendy-Made THE RAILROADS. •» rf ^^^Vrf-v^V^^'X>'*wX^rt^ I ^VX'^XXX^rf RAILWAY TIME-CARDS. Trains pass the Algona stations as per the lol- lonlng schedule ot time: CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. Passenger—West:' Passenger—East: No. 1 0:08a mNo.2 10:21)am No. U 4:55 p mNo. 4 U:62 p in ITelght— Freight- No. 5 7:B2pmNo. 10 l:25am No. 18 12:80 P mNo. 14 2:20 pm B. F. UKDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Elmoro passenger south 12:20 p m Blmorepassenger north 4:10pm St.Paul freight north 9:S5am DeaMolnesfreight south 7:85pm F. H, VESPER, Agent. Fast Mall Line mm Electric Lighted aim Bteam Heated Vestlbuled Chicago, Milwaukee, St. upolls. Trains between Paul, and Minne- Tn t ttd^te.wlthE-lectrlo Lighted and Steuui UeateaT^estlbuled Trains between Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha or St. Paul ana the Paoino coast. Croat National Route between Cblcago, Kansas City, uud St. Joseph, Mo. oad reaching all principal Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, akota and North Dakota. For maps, time tablet, rates ol .... and agent of freight, e£o., apply to the nearest static ..... .. the Cblcago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, or to any railroad agent anywhere lu the World. ROSWELL MILLER, Qen'l Manager. A. Y. B. CARPENTER, Gen'l Pass, and Tk'tAgt. t^~For Information in reference to lands and towns owned by the Chicago,Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company, write to H. Q, Haugen, land commissioner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, THE CHICAGO NORTH- "WRTERN • • RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track In Illinois, lows, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner «nd Pullman Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLUINE TO THE BLACK HILLS GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware qONFEOTJONERY, Wood and Widow ware, Pn><l we token in exchange iprpaodv. HENRY MUNCH. NOTICE TO QQNTRAQTORS. aids will be received at the auditor's pmce till Saturday, June 14,1 o'clock, for buUdlnjKA 48-foot bridge oueoutu Hue ot Sue. gfr-wTai. Plaus and speolncattous at the auditor's Offlce. t reserved t« rejeoy

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