The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1892
Page 5
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AI.OONA MAKKHTS. 2!) Corn .. Oatf 0.00 Whpftt Flax LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Geo. Kuhn is back from his travels. Chas. Cread is in Chicago these days. Another heavy rainstorm this morning- E. L. Tattle was in town for a tew days last week. The Adam's Union of the Society of Christian Endeavor holds its annual meeting at Alden, Iowa, Juno 28th and 20th. The local society will be represented by Mrs. Frank Lull. Charles Cohinour went to the Democratic National Convention last Saturday evening. He intends making a visit of several days to his old home near Chicago, before returning. Editor Hays and Archie Hutchison are attending commencement exercises at Cornell college this week. They left Saturday evening with the democrats who were bound for Chicago. D. W. Sample and daughter, of Irvington, have taken advantage of the cheap rates to Chicago. They intend seeing the convention and visiting a HI YOUR~BABY'S PICTURE FREE OF CHARGE. " will take the picture of your baby, if ™*- n Over REPUBLICAN y. L. PETERSON. Mrs. Geo. Galbraith is in Chicago buying new goods. See Peterson's work before you have your photographs taken. Olof Johnson has been laid up for a few days with a felon. J. D. Feme, of. Mevada Iowa, was in town this week on business. Fred Jngham returned home Friday from the State University. The annual "gopher picnic" occurred up in llamsay township last Friday. Rev. Joseph De Forrest will preach at the Episcopal church next Sunday. Bob Warren of the Upper Ues Moines has been away on a trip to the Black Hills. The migratory tramp has commenced to put in his appearance in this latitude. Mrs. H. J. Edens returned Friday afternoon from a six weeks visit at Davenport. Station Agent Geo. Bianchard, of Elmore, was an Algona visitor last Wednesday. Hinchon spells triple with two p ? s. There would be some point in spelling it with three. Kev. B. rancher, of Dakota city, preached at the M. E. Church last Sunday, morning and evening. Miss Maggie Haggard has been presiding in Quarton's law ollice, during the absence of Mr. Quarton. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Quarton are home from Minnesota, where Mrs. Quarton has been visiting for some time. Otto Bossingham is back from Ames for a month's vacation. He is well ' pleased with the institution. The G. A. R. Post, Woman's Relief Corps and Sons of Veterans will hold a Fourth of July picnic this year. Harvey Ingham and C. B Matson see few weeks with relatives before returning. A fearful cyclone southern Minnesota passed through last AVednesday CLEVELAND AND GRAY Will be the Nominees of the Democrat National Convention as it Now Looks. The Democrat Convention met at Chicago, at noon yesterday, and organ- evening. Wonder if it is possible that the firing of the G. A. 11. cannon had any connection with raising the storm. J. J. Wilson went along with the Algona boys to Chicago. If tne boys will keep their eyes on J. J. and do as he does it will save them from making any very bad breaks while in the city. The young people's society of the Baptist church will give a "Mother Goose" social at M. B. Chapin's Thursday evening, June 23d. Everyone invited. Admission 10 cents. Attorney Sullivan and Ike Finnell and wife spent Sunday in Corwith. The "Judge" says he went down on business, but it is rumored that Corwith has a peculiar attraction for the "Judge" Sundays. Will Ladendorii, the man who runs that popular restaurant next door to *• . . . i- .-11 .*tnYT f r\ \^I 1 UV>ll tt^-* 1 ** u !.•_••-.- j ~ •• v , ixed, after which they adjourned till 11 o'clock today. Mr. Owens, of Kentucky, was made temporary chairman and Win. L. Wilson, of West Virginia, was made permanent chairman, llesolutions of sympathy for Jas. G. Elaine were passed unanimously. Cleveland has 001 votes in the convention according to conservative estimate, and he will doubtless be nominated sometime today on the first ballot. Gray gets second place in consideration Konublican Club. Algona is to have a llepublican Club. A paper lias been circulated for the signatures of those who would be willing to join such an organization and a large and enthusiastic llepub- lican club is assured. A meeting will be held next Monday evening at Quar ton's ollice for the election of officers and the completion of the organization. Every Republican in town is invited to come out and join. If you have not been asked to sign the paper it is be cause the committee who have beei circulating it around town have missoi seeing you. Republicans from the country' are also invited to come in and join the Algona club. Anybody and everybody in sympathy with the "Tvaitorious Delegates.'' Under the above heading the Courier of last week quoted the following'item rora the Humboldt Blade which is as jadlyoff in the matter of truth, as 'traitorious'' is in the matter of orthog- ll "When Congressman Dolliver was | lives at Des Moines, making a Blaine speech at Minne-!...,.,.. apolis last week and took occasion to Lessing's, is putting in a hall way to his ice cream parlors, for the accomo- dation of his lady patrons and others. Letters remaining uncalled for in the Algona post office for the week ending June 18, 1892: K. Luintver, of the Indiana delegation going to Cleveland. Boies still seems to have the delegation from Iowa solid for him, and they say his name will be placed in nomination under any circumstances. Hill still holdsoutagainst Cleveland, but has given up all hope for himself. The convention will probably adjourn today. The republican ratfication meeting last Wednesday was not a howling success. By some miscue the hall was not lighted until about half past eight and by that time the crowd on the streets republican party will be welcome. It is intended to have some rousing times during the campaign. Quartan's law- office next Monday evening at eight o'clock sharp. Every republican in town come out, it will cost nothing to \J y ^LltlU UAt-U-'-' v*-»•*-' «*• v •• — had made up its mind that there would We are in receipt of a card from Rev. Flannigan, who is visiting at Conlluence, Pa., in which he says: "There will be no services on the 20th of June unless some local arrangements are made. Will be home on I the Sunday following and -will preach July 3rd." Having a very enjoyable time." from their posts pi: duty, some one ask cd him what business he had to be talking that way when he v,-as, lumselt absent from duty for a similar purpose. He replied instantly that Ins tenure of ollice did not depend upon the president. He might further have added that the power which sent him to con- iri-ess. the republican party o the 1 en.h District, could suggest no better employment for Mr. Dolliver s ^"^ timents 1 which, unfortunately, their delegate did not do." Now the truth is, that Congressman Dolliver never made any Blaine speech at Minneapolis. The incident which is charged to him by the Blade and Courier, was furnished by Senator Wolcott and Chauncev M. Depew. It would be interesting to know by what strange manipulation the circumstance was switched from Senator Wolcott and credited to Mr. Dolliver. Tree Claim Contest Decided. The Brougher-Nei'E tree claim contest was decided by the Land Officers at Des Moines last week in favor of NefT. He entered this tree claim ovei- eight years ago and has a very creditable grove thereon. Brougher, who, ;s Moines, thought he saw where NeiT had not complied with t he- tree claim, law and instituted the con- i. i . _ £•• 111 f- ^ ^ ^PSS lOIl^ 1 " was attorney for Brougher and F. M. Taylor was attorney for XefT. This settles th-: matter unless Brougivev should appeal to the general land office at Washington. Fourth of July Picnic. The Grand Army Boys, Woman'* Relief Cowi : Sons of Veterans and all | Fourth of July picnic at Call's. Park. I north of the Free Methodist Church. They will gather at the park at 10a.m.. and the exercises will begin tit 10:80. There will be music and toasts followed by dinner. Bring your swings, hummocks, croquet sets and dinner baskets. ^^ (VI. » *~>J •»-• «jij--•»™ — were up in Emmet county last Friday looking after their land interests. Attorney Sullivan delivers the oration at Wuittemore on the Fourth. Whittemore is to be congratulated. For letter Heads, bill heads, note heads,—for anything in the line of job work, go to the REPUBLICAN office. S. C. Spear is building a sidewalk south of his residence property. Wilfred Jones is superintending the job. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the reading room on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All members are requested to be present. A full and correct new text of the Australian ballot law is published in Mr. Joseph Pearce, Mrs. James AVaner, Mr. FredKuhl, Mr. Charles George, Oscar Anderson. The Algona Band has been secured to give music to the Bancroft people on the Fourth of July. Our band will prove a drawing card to the Bancroft celebration. Let them be well advertised. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Corkins returned from Minnesota last Saturday afternoon. Mr. Corkins has been looking after Singer Sewing Machine interests in Minnesota and Mrs. Corkins kas been visiting relatives. Mrs. J. II. Leonard and baby, of not be any meeting. The cannon was the only thing that did any ratifying. Ben Winkle was around with a paper last week and succeeded in securing enough names to warrant him in running his street sprinkler. Several of the business men on State street have held out in refusing to pay anything for the benefits of the sprinkler and Winkie retaliates by shutting off the water when passing their places of business. If we can get out our cannon and Parties living eight and ten miles north of town report that they distinctly heard the report of the cannon last Wednesday evening. Insinuations about a "pop gun" were made around town. The cannon was taken down on the Blackford hill to be tired, and the intervening hill, trees and buildings probably explain why the report appeared rather feeble as heard up town. We understand that the great Wallace circus, that visited Algona last summer, and which was the means of Tom. Bennett, the popular Thorington street meat market man. has removed from Ins quarters on Thor ington street and is now to be found at the Red Front , on State street, Mr. Bacon's old stand. John Goeders advertises a special sale, lasting for fifteen days, on ribbons, embroideries, dress goods and clothing. Anyone buying a suit cost ing $10 or more receives a campaign hat as a present. Campaign hats are now "the thing" and everybody should have one. Mr. Goeders shows he is up to the times in this as in other things. Minneapolis, are visiting with the family of J. R. Jones. Mr. Leonard is telegraphic editor of the Minneapolis Tribune. Mrs. Leonard will probably spend the summer in Algona. G. B. Whitney and family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fuller Friday night, and took the east bound train Saturday morning for their old home at Waucoma, Iowa. Mr. Whitney recently sold his hardware business at Butt and we presume has returned home for good. Jas. Taylor, Ben Haggard, Sheriff Graham, Editor Hinchon and several others took the train for Chicago and the democratic convention last Satur- have a salute at sunrise that will be celebration enough for Algona. The other towns that havn't got a brass cannon like ours will have to celebrate in a tamer kind of a way. The thing furnished a whole republican ratification meeting the other evening, speeches and all thrown in. We notice flattering mentions of the Algona Normal school in outside papers. The mentions are well deserved. The school is becoming prominent among the successful educational institutions of the State. It is now in Mr. J. B. Ayle, who lives on the Perry Buiiingarne place southeast of town, brought in a bunch of oats yesterday that measures aoi inches in length. This oats was planted the 8th of May, during the wet weather. He- also has some oats that was planted ten days later, after the wet spell. Mr. Ayle says his oats will be headed out inside of two weeks. He says corn and all crops in his neighborhood are looking line and growing unusually fast. The city council met in special session last Wednesday night to discuss* the matter of laying the new water mains. A petition was read from the- residents on Thorington street asking for a water main. Councilman Cleary was appointed a committee to canvass this issue. It makes this paper worth preserving. Geo. E. Clarke, Frank and Joe Nicoulin an Joe Wadsworth went up to Spirit Lake Monday evening to enjoy the fishing. Bancroft is going to celebrate the Fourth of July, Whittemore is going to celebrate, so is Lu Verne, and so is Wesley we believe. We are informed that there are still two vacancies in the matrimonial club. Anyone wishing to join should put in an application immediately. The mails on the Milwaukee road were greatly delayed last week on account of washouts occasioned by the storm of Wednesday evening. Mr. Horace Schenck, one of the pio- day night. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Gra ham were accompanied by their wives. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Campbell, of Bancroft were also in the party. Mr. Peterson the new photographer makes an offer to the babies of Algona and vicinity that should be taken advantage of. He agrees to take the picture of every baby that will be brought to his gallery Saturday July 2nd. free of charge. See his offer. The Algona boys, who went up to Forest City to work on the new line of Q^il \i\Ji yixJiJO vA- »*•*••»v PW»--T•-• the position where nothing is necessary to make it the school Algona desires, but some good financial backing. -t~»m>~» Frank Bros'. Old Stand. We can only remain at the old stand a short time and not having any location in view we will offer everything in the house at a very low figure. You can save from $3.00 to $5.00 on a suit by purchasing while we remain here. _, All other goods ,3 ti iiin.i.v;*• ^ «*--.- • • stirring up our sporting people to considerable extent, is now on the road under the name of Reed & Whitney. It is said that they are doing business in the same old way. Surely they won't miss Algona, it's too good a town. The marriage of Mr. Charles Shanor and Miss Rose Paine occurs this evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Paine, southeast of Burt. The contracting parties are well known to many of our readers, and are favorites among the young people of their neighborhood. The bride is not unknown in Algona, having been attendant of the Normal School in Kossuth laud the other day in the vicinity of Armstrong Grove. They fell onto a great bargain county "Vicinity VJ.L J.A.J.AJ.*KI».-—o purchased 280 acres of good land lying near the survey for the new road at a very low price. They were offered an advance of $6 per acre almost immediately after buying. It seems that editors are about as successful in land men. we CU11AS10 I**-*' w-rv — deals, as the regular real estate If we only had some surplus cash might try the land business ourselves. IkeFinnel is running the Courier this week in the absence of the "old man" who is away at Chicago attend- Wli ..v_~ -- - - - . i • tae democratic convention am several terms. Mr. Shanor has a posi-1 B fl . Ma of the big tion at Elmore as telegraph operator, I taKin S .. h „. .—* at which place they will make their rr*l T> n -wvn-r -r*"i I "VT 1/MT\C WIT. 11 Council then adjourned to meet at the call of the mayor. There was a heavy fall of rain Sunday afternoon, accompanied by seme hail. There were some large stories as o the size of the hail stones. Fred Bronson says he saw one stone that vas as large as an ordinary door knob, but they were scarce of that size. Ine mil did no damage to growing things, except, perhaps slightly injuring garden stuff. The rain on Monday night flooded the cellars of the new blocks U 1JC1C» Aiii ww**v* o Call and see us at the old H. BALCOM. home. The REPUBLICAN joins with their many friends in wishing them all manner of good luck and a long and happy life.__ . Baby day at Peterson's Gallery July 2nd. city. We hope that Hinchon wont stand around gawping at the show windows and the big buildings. Peopl would know right away that he is from the country and that wauld be a littl embarassing for the rest of the Algon fellows. lOOueU- LUB tonciio wj. *~~ .._.. ^ i going up around town and caused the* work of excavating to be stopped for some time. To WHoiu it May Ceiiceru. I am vours to neers of Union Township, has gone to Kansas for a visit with his children and will be absent a month or more. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Danson left Monday on theis trip to Spokane and other western points. They expect to be absent about six weeks. A letter from Rev. Williams of the write up of his trip to Wales may be found in the Bancroft NEWS, and proves interesting reading. railroad returned Saturday. They say they couldn't get enough to eat. The boys are Harold Wilbur, Jesse Stevenson and Wilbur Quick. Mrs. J. K. Fill, who is in Milwaukee, visiting her daughter, Mrs. Lynn, re- po&s herself as feeling very well after having rested a few days. Mrs Fill has been an invalid for several years, and it is quite a trip for a lady of her age and health. "Ladendorf now stands between us and the undertaker. "-Algona Courier. We have heard of a man being between the devil and the deep sea;" "between an undertaking establishment and a democratic newspaper office" would be another phrase for expressing ALGONA and BURT. *SPECIAL SALE! — —- On Mbuons, Laces, Embroideries, White and Black Dress Goods, LaAvns, Mulls, Challeys-in fact ALL SUMMER GOODS. Supervisor Hawson advertises in this issue of the REI-UUUCAN several bridges and grades to let. Contractors will find them interesting. The Courier's write up of the u rati- lication" was about as much of a bungle as the "ratification" itself. An enterprising democratic editor would have done justice to the thing. A. W. Moffat, has gone to Chicago to see the convention and do business. He will stop at Elgin, where his wife is visiting, and she may accompany him home. Chivalric Lodge, Knights of Pythias, with their families, held their annual picnic at Stevens Point, Friday, June 10th aud enjoyed an exceptionally pleasant day.. One of the best features of the occasion was an able address by . Wm. WMtfieJd.—Clear J<afce Mir* a bad situation. Friday, St. John's day, will be celebrated by the Masons at Spencer, It is expected that about 500 Masons and their families will be present. There will be several addresses and music will be furnished by the Clear Lake band. It is expected that Algona will be well represented. Dr. JK. G. Bowyer, who was at Burt last week examining eyes aud fitting glasses to them, was quite successful and did considerable uusiuess. It is always best to patronize men of known standing iu the community, rather than traveling opticians, who have no reputation to sustain. In Men's Boy's and Children's that must be sold at once at a ereat discount. We will give with all suits costing $10 and upwards Le Campaign Hat FREE. Don't miss this good chance and get yow Campaign Hat early. REMEMBER, this special sale is for Fifteen Days Only. For Our Burt Readers. July 4th wiU be the last day the ^ graph gallery wjU he open. Call eftriy if wish pictures takeo,

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