New Castle Herald from New Castle, Pennsylvania on January 2, 1920 · Page 13
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New Castle Herald from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 13

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1920
Page 13
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Friday, January 2, 1020c nun New castle herald. .I SELL II , XflflfiS SEALS City Buys $670 Worth . Stamps Women Do Most Purchasing Miss Mary K. Harris, public health nurse, today issued an itemized list pf the sales of Christmas seals. The list, which totals about $2,7,00 when complete, does not contain the sales from the schools of the country districts. Ellwood City deserves special mention, as their workers proved that Ellwood is one live little town, by Felling stamps to the amount of $670. The Croton Drum corps, the First Methodist church of New Castle and the Girl Scouts also deserve great credit for their efforts. Each of these organizations disposed of Feals to an amount well past the hundred dollar mark. The complete lint, with the exception of the sales of the country schools, follows: Croton Drum Corps $108.46 First Congregational church 2 5.31 Reformed Pres. church .... IS. 00 First Methodist church .... 192.65 Mahoningtown Civic League 56.85' Wesley M. E. Sunday school 19.54 Knon Valley 6.20 P. Side W. C. T. U. (booth) 32.60 Ft. Mary's church (booth).. 59.40 Hiprh School Girls' Club 91.22 Girl Scouts 110.00 Mrs. Gordon, Harlansburg. . 5.00 New Wilmington 29.40 Fllwood City 670.00 Wampum 40.75 Paul Sidley, Oak St. school 10.09 Miss Harris says that the buying was mostly among the women and children, the seemingly having too many other drains on their purses. SEE THAT YOUR LIBRARY BOOK IS NOT OVERDUE Look at the date slip tn the book you borrowed from the Public Ll-biary. If It Is prior to January 2 and it has not been renewed it is overdue. The vast majority of borrowers are punctual In returning books. But there are some who, with no dishonest intention, are, delinquent to the point of keeping the book for sev-eval months or a year over the allotted two weeks. Then supposing that they must pay two cents each for each day of overtime, they sometimes do not return the book at all. Such a person might find a "reward I. of merit" by discovering, on the re-I turn of bis book, that the maximum fine on a book is fifty cents. He may thus re-establish his credit at the library by paying his fine, and at thus same time render a service to all the patrons bo returning to circulation a took which many others may need. A book may be renewed by telephone if needed longer than two weeks. As four weeks is ample allowance for reading most books, it will be seen that with reasonable cure a book need not become overdue at all. Return or renew your overdue bock at once. Somebody needs It. When you keep it overtime you are crippling the library. CHl-YK-SE PIKATES ACTIVE ' Water Men Appeal to Authorities for , Protection j HONGKONG Chinese watermen 1 have appealed to the authorities of , Hongkong to take action to suppress the growing number of pirates who have been ravaging small craft In waters adjacent to the colony. BOOKLET FOR EX- DOUGHBOYS Ex-service men of New Castle and vicinity, who saw active service overseas, may, by applying at the local recruiting office, obtain a small but Interesting booklet prepared by the French government for returned doughboys, entitled "To the Home ward Bound Americans." Sergeant Meredith has a limited number of these booklets ""which he will distribute to any over-seas man making application. On the cover page there Is a place for the photograph of the owner, fittingly draped with French and American flags held by the familiar old American eagle. Underneath th" photo is an Inscription, "From France (Name to be inserted by recruiting officer issuing booklet.)" On the followng pages, are pictures, of various French and American men of world-wide prominence. The entire booklet is simply a glowing tribute to the American doughboy, starting with his enlistment, to his arrival over-seas on the day when the four walls of the In-valides rang with the national emblems of both America and France, played by (he American band thru first introduced real ankee "Jazz" into Paris, through his struggles in Cantigny, Chateau-Thierry, Boures-chess, Belleau Wood, Vaux, the second battle of the Marne, the Meuse-Aigonne offensive and so on until the final signing of the armistice left the American soldier the idol of all France. In closing, the writer of th's booklet. B. Van Forst, expresses the gratitude of the French government toward all her allies and gives in detail her appreciation, not only to the other nations for their great sacrifice and wonderful work, but also to the French women, to whom all C 0 New Castle and Ellwood City 26 S. Mill Street, 119 E. Long Ave., New Castle; 430 Lawrence Ave., Ellwood City MOM IT SUE SATURDAY "Particular Clothes for Particular People"! W. Make Krrrr Garment In Our Own GrMt Tailor Shop. Oir Gnaranet Ton Bluat B. Absolutely satl.nrd or Money Cnrerfallr Refunded. THE OL AND HL Go. Mil - It UK wsJii mw This Means Every Piece of Suiting and Overcoating in Our Mammoth Stocks all Weights all Shades. Opportunity fairly leaps at you in this grreat rale-get your share of the money-savings NOW. I S&?JSMJH "V fa I III ' "T $32 nth m ti Jim . V 7 1 -a-ij--u-5-; Iff 4 SUITS AND OVERCOATS MADE-TO-MEASURE $40,00 Suits and . Overcoats $42. 50 Suits and Overcoats $45.00 Suits and (00 Overcoats $47.50 Suits and CJOO Overcoats ylQQ $50.00 Suits and CAH Overcoats W'tU $52.50 Suits and Overcoats $55.00 Suits and Overcoats $60.00 Suits and Overcoats .... $65.00 Suits and Overcoats $70.00 Suits and Overcoats .... $42 $54 $48 .$53 ALL BLUE SERGES and PLAIN BLACKS INCLUDED COME See for yourself You'll find that every statement we make is true. Be your own judge and jury that's fal. insismi- All previous reductions fade into ficance as compared with these figured as they are from original start-of-the-season prices. xThe values are much higher now. So you are actually saving about 50 PER CENT on present-time and Spring clothes prices. Remember, many of the weights and patterns are most suitable for. next Spring wear. Good managers will figure ahead for months to come. There is no chance of lower prices in sight Spring prices are going to be decidedly higher. BUY PLENTY! rare Vrw Cimtle rlnat Liverpool ""&y 112 E. WAS INGTON STREET Akroa BEEF veal, pork, lamb nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmnnnnnnmnnnnnnBnnnnnnnnnt nnnmWWnanVaMknBnnBnnBMMBnjBjnnnnnnnMna paBMBBBBMaaaaaBllllllllHiaaaaaaaaaaaaMMMiiaaaaaaOT aaMBaMaaWBMBajBMMMaVBMNMMNaVna Everything In Quality Meats. A Thrifty Market For Thrifty People. READ THESE PRICES CO M'E IN! We know we can please you with Right Meats at Right Prices. These Prices include Our Stores at 26, S. Mill street, 119 E. Long Avenue, New Castle, Pa., and 430 Lawrence Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. t rance and all the world Is Indebted gIiiitIltlllltM.IIIIlIIIIIllflllllltlltlttll1llltf1MIMIIMHIimiltlll1! to no Email extent for the winning i H M 1 f i I i tl I H 1 1 M H ! t f Jl it ! H F J f 1 1 II M ! i 1 II I ti II 1 i H 1 II 1 1 U J I i i H i H I N J ; 1 1 M I H I i W H J 1 M 1 i I M i H U 1 1 1 1 U U 1 1 ' U i i M 1 M 1 1 1 i i i i 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 W 1 1 '- oi me war. OUR ELLWOOD CITY MARKET i With the Economy Grocery Co., next to the People's National Bank, 430 Lawrence Avenue, will be open to the Public Tomorrow, Saturday with everything in "Quality" Meats at Right Prices. 2 Pound Package 51c LARD 2 Pound Package 51c Guaranteed 100 per cent Pure Lard, 2 pound package 51c 24c STEAKS STEAKS STEAKS 24c Choice Surloin Steaks, cut from Young Steer Beef, a pound . .24 c Tenderloin Steaks, a pound 27c Round Steaks, a pound 27c Chopped Steak, a pound 21c Short Cut Spare Ribs, Country Style, a pound 9c 21c PORK ROASTS 21c Choice Little Pig Pork,- Cuts for Slicing or Roasting, a pound 21c, BEEF ROASTS Lean Meaty Pot Roasts of Beef, a pound lite Choice Chuck or Round Shoulder Roasts of Beef, a pound 20c Prime Rib Roast of Beef, a pound .24c PORK CHOPS Pork Chops, Little Loin or Rib, a pound 29c HAMS, BACON AND SALT MEATS Fresh Made Sausages, loose or link, a pound 27c Our Prices Are Right, Our Quality Must Be Right UNIVERSAL MARKET CO. 26'S. Mill Street. 119 East Long Avenue. 430 Lawrence Avenue, Ellwood Citj ILK IS CHEAP? LONDON. Jan. 2. One hundred different languages spoken iu Assam. I:i 5urr.!h, ar.othcr huudrcu. i Such startling facts as these have . Inspired the Senate of the University j or London to decide upon ine estaD-lishment of a vast "language fac-, tory.- I The institution will cost f2.500,-' 000. A staff of 70 exports will be employed to study the 1000 languages in use within the British em pire. Close secrecy will be observ- ; eu in inp language idrioiy, biuit- nitr clue to many an obscure tongue ; would be of vast value to foreigu traders. Germany, aided by a language factory,' was beating England in her own territory before the war. The factory will Import savages from remote countries to make intensive study of their Bpeech. For example, there are African tribesmen I who converse in sounds no European ihns yet bern able to imitate. They speak in clucks and squeaks, utter-!ly unlike the words uttered by Euro-jpeani. The equipment of the language I faotorv will include a "kymograph." I When an unintelligible languauge Is rpoken Into this machine, it is re- produced by needle-waves on a blue-i print which enabled experts to ! translate the language Into phonetic jEnslish. j The X-rav will also be employed. 1 J A Snilluk of the I'pper Nile, for ex- ample, Is Induced to fill his mouth ' with powdered chalk and to recite , a ptce while an X-ray movie is i i tnken bf hi hend. This reveals the j queer tongue twists of the Shilluk I ; vocabulary. I I Forty representatives of the Brit-! ' lh government are now on expedl- j tions into far countries, netting material for the language factory. I Aside from the commercial pur- ! pose of the 'Institute of Pbontlcg. : as the factory is culled, it win record for history many dialects rapidly becoming extinct. Even dod languages. It Is hoped, will be resur-rcted. , No one knows exactly how periple ; !t;ikel in the time of Shakespeare, . We know that their poerh was far j j d'ferent from our own, and no doubt a few centuries hence, th eon mon ITfUlC of r.r.KlinTTirn nun mri n a m i would soond like Oreek to the citlren j of London and New York. But there will b in the museum ;of the Institute ef Phorwtl-. care-i fvl rerords of all kinds of Frelffh. from the grave pronouncement of r.rrfor to the outlandish clatter of Whltechapel. I Gffferi ms era For Saturday aod EIonday Gold Medal Prunes, large size Flour, sack id.ii No. 40-50, lb &Wh Barrel $14.00 ORANGES Purity Rolled Oats fl n Good Sweet Russets, doz. box I lib at 40c, 23c, 30c LQm!R?iled atS 9 S R English Walnuts, No. 1 3 lbs. for &Jh g f t ghell while Loose Corn Meal they last lb. dub pound t3b Canned Sweet Corn q K Gr?P.e Fruit e3 S1r goodgrade.2forgBC juicy ones, 3 for SOAPS ) lO JfttofBC P.&G.WhiteNaptha for roni, d boxes lore V Star Soap Hrg Hebe Milk I Kii Kirk's White Flake ' u jarRe can y Ob Navy Beans 0p Puffed Wheat, pound 2pkgs. for ub Table Syrup &Q (1 qK Coffee, a good Molasses, galO H &3 blend, lb. kjwXj Chif!r for photographing machin- err. a earner has been invented large enooeh for a rnan to enter It r., l))AV7 J) . 5 GGB E. Washington Street WBaS9 MbbbWbW ggF g0 Bell Phone 677 f iniiinnwmmmnnmnmnnK!3iMm to caaas tse plate.

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