The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1892
Page 3
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.7. A.. F'.ttJfiCl-I, Jfldilor, BANCROFT, IOWA, JUNE 22, 1802. Chicago & North-Western K'y. NOllTIt SOKTM Mixed 0 Minn Mixed 5 orpin way freight....)! 4:win w;iy freight....« ir>:mi r(.'\: l (inpln I'lissrnuiT .. . '_' n.'ipni cm:lieii D ANf'Hoi'T 1'UKftr.VTKiuvN riiriicn. holds scrvieen In t.lio selioo] linns* 1 , Snniljiy School sit.'! p. in., preiiehini: service :il 'J p. in., iiraver meeting Tlttirsdiiy evenirifr. livcrylHitly invited. KKV. V. .r. CIIAHUKKI.IN. Pastor. B ANi'ltOTT SWKIMSII l.ll'l 1IKKAN Clll.'lirn, nieetinu iiiorninu siud i-veiling onn Snndny in pjii'l) moiitli and l\vn eveniiiii incctlnus In a month. Sunday Hrliool nt rj in. ench Sunday, I/julic's Aid .Society meets every oilier Friday. 1'K.v. A. KM-'ST'UOM. I'iistor. F ir.sT r.Ai'TisT cinjucir, of I'.iUHToft, proiicli- iiin service csich Sunday :it in -.:;o a. in. and Hp. in.. Sunday School at. 1'J in.. Lords siipp'.-r the first. Sunday in cadi month sit l p. in., pr.iy- cr iiu'i'Mug Th'tirsiluy even'niir, Loyalists meet on Sunday evening. Covenant meeting the lust I'Yiday ev'oiiinj: in cadi month, irlioir pnielire Hiiuirilny evening. ICvuryhody invited, stratiH- tru osiieciallv welcome. I:KV. \V. 15. COK, I'asior. Oats Eggs Oiittln $ 1.0(1 in. Wheat liny.. sjl.uo 1,1. .11 'J.oo Corn .... 15uucr.. I loirs Hurley... Flux 15 28 '20 4. ^0 TIM-: M:\VS OF TJIK TOWN. on up B AM'IiOKT M. K. <'IMI»r:l1, pITiKjllillJi SITV'CH eaeli fluidity ;it. lo ::in a. in. and s p. in,, class nicclliii! preceding eiirli .wvici,' at rin.U'iiiK of second ben, Sunday School at K in., K]>worth Lesisjiio on Toc'sday cvi'iihift. prayer moetlnu T'luirsilsiy evening, choir relienrsiil Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial Invitation is extended to all to attend these services. Itnv. A. \V. LUKE, Taslor. S r. JOHN'S CATIIOMI; rritrw.'ir. regular.ser- vices : Instruction from in to K) -,:w a. in., liiuh muss and sermon from to ::id to !•_', Holy mass each morning In the week at 7 a in..Married Ladle's Society inuets the first Sundav o[ every month after the sermon. YOIIIIK La-din's Socii-ty meets the second Sunday of every tnoiith" after the sermon, YOUIIK iMcn'.s .Society meets tlio third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Kverybody is invited to attend these services. KATIHCH A. J. NUIIEM.MKI,, Pastor. Hurrah for the Fourth: Hun-jib fur P.iinerofts Fourth. Look at Crowe!'* new jid this week. Prof. A. A. Sifert was up from JJurt last Satnrdiiy. G. H. \Yood\vorth \viis at Algona Saturday Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham were from Dnrt Sunday. Tin; small boys are catching lots of small lihh in the river. Miss Alma Smith i.s expected home from Hlair Neb. this week. Miss Maggie Wilson went to Gold- eld tn visit friends Monday. Sum.lst.rom has something to say in heNKWs this week. Look tip the ad. Our merchants have painted their .• indovvs very handsomely with signs. Harper is enlarging pictures and utting frames on them, and is doing j cheap. J. T. Bloor had one horse killed and ne entirely blinded by lightning last unday. J. G. Graham went to Chicago last aturday to help nominate Boies for 'resident. Hurley Day. the Continental Insur- you Old this has was SOCIETY DIRKGTOEY. P llOOIlEHSIVK I.OUKd NO!>0:i, A. K. AND A. M- holds its regular communication at the Masonic Stall on tlie W ednesrlay evening ou or before the full 4110011 of each month. Vi.sitlnj: brethren always welcome, K. S. STRKATKU, W. M. Sec'y. ~^\fif-^-. -"?•. zSftp --•:.:- DANCUOFT LODISE NO. 517 i. *-* o. or <•'. 'J'. meets at the I. 0. of <!. T. Hall on each Saturday evening at 7 :,')0 p. in. Visiting members made wel- i come. ; LEWIS OKAY, C.T. ,1. ]'>. STUK.vncit, Sec'y. C jiowx .irvKsii.K TK!Hrr,K meets in tlie I. 0. of (i.T. Hall every Wednesday evening at T -.15 (iEO. A. SMITH, (J. T. Ki!Ki> SMITH, Sec'y. V KKA UODC.K NO. 'l'.n 1C. OK V, meets every Monday evening at 7 :ao p. in", at tliu 1C. of P. Hall, ("'.raiiuer Km^lits are invitee, to meet witli us. M. A. TUUNKK, C. C. A..!. ANIIKENE, K. of K. and S. meetings. I 1 . E. KKVI-. B ANCROFT ],ODf;K NO. , r )44 I. O.O. F. meets every Wednesday evening at tile K. of P. Hall at 7 ::m n. in. Visiting Odd Fellows are invited to our. .L, N. (i. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. O. T. .BRIGHAM, Proprietor. BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged af reasonable prices. F.A.BRONSON Dealer in FIIME! Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS Undertaking a Specialty, W. H. CROSSWAIT, House Painter Will do work in any part oi the County. Satisfaction Guaranteed. f, H, CROSSWAIT BancrofC Iowa $1,000 Oau be made in B mouth selling Tuuisou' OH, Charts uml Particulars tree H. C TDHISOH, Chicago, Ills YOUR NAME._ rv address will be inserted free in oiu- numerou lists, and you will receive through tliem man valuable samples from companies desiring aut; Address postal to the AMEKIOAN LIST FlscUer Building, OUwago, III. 31 nee Go's, man, was in town several ays last week. Iliram Martin of Homer,Iowa is visit- ng with his son-in-law G. W. Barton outli of town. C. B. Matson and Harvey Inghatn vere in town last (Saturday and took in lie ball game. J. C. Stahl wenttoLodi. Wis , to visit lis parents and get evidence for a pen- ion last Monday. Miss Mina Neeling goes to Indepen- lance this week to stay with her father vho is reported as eettingbetter. Mrs. J. A. Campbell, Mrs. A. A. lleynolds and Mrs. O. T. Jirigham were llgona visitors one day last week. Master Carl Setchell was up from :Vlgona last week to make a visit with Master Joseph Mayne, south of town. The greatest attraction on the Fourth >vill be the oration by the Hon. W. E. Morrison. Everybody will want to iear him. 'C. II. Morehotise went to Chicago ast Thursday to meet his mother who comes from Brooklyn, X. Y., to make .rim a visit. Asbury Hartshorn is very low—so ow that last Sunday he could not swallow. He is'not expected to hold out much longer. Oscar Hulterstrum, Theo. Hulterstrum, Annie Funnemark, Ed and Mina Wilson and Eda Swanson started for the lakes last Friday. FOUND—On Wednesday last a brown shawl west of E. E. Davison's. Owner 3an have same by proving property and paying for this notice. ;V Japanese minister of the M. E. church, direct from Japan, will address the people of Bancroft at the M. E. church next Friday night. We neglected to mention that Alfred Leonard's 21st birthday took place a week ago Sunday, and his parents presented him a line gold watch as a birthday gift. B. Dunkin has had a good offer from i town in Xorth Dakota to start a tailor shop, but we feel sure that his large Business here will not allow him to eave Bancroft. Theodore Helgason and wife, a twin brother of Ed Helgason, who formerly ived here, arrived last Saturday from Texas to make a visit with relatives in Seneca township. II. N. Renfrew went to Chicago last Friday, but we presume he didn't go to attend the democratic convention, of lourse. J. B. Streater came down from Ledyard to take his place. Hev. D. Williams asks us to say that his address is No 1 Cornanon Square, X. Wales, Great Britain. He complains that some of his mail has been misdirected. Alden Winter and Chas. Wilson went to Algona to go to the Northern Iowa Normal school last Monday. This school should be more liberally patronized from the north end ot Kossuth. A large number of Bancroftites attended the gopher picnic held at Mr. Grover's in Portland last week, ami among other things saw Burt beat Portland in a game of ball to the tune of 15 to 1. District Lecturer Stump lectured at Ledyard last Monday mght, and at Burt last night, and expects to lecture at Wesley tonight and tomorrow wight and try and organize au I. O. G. T lodge in the only town in Kossutl county that has no lodge. The highest praise has been won Hood's Pills for their easy, yet efflcien A Word from Wales. Kn. Xio\\>:—I. promised to send a word occasionally from the World, so will pen a few words morning. Onr .journey thus far bfcn pleasant, though Mrs. W. quite sea sick as we crossed the great ocean. 1 enjoyed the voyage; we had beautiful weather, and this is a very necessary element for enjoyment when you are out on the mighty deep, hundreds of miles from land. We landed at < >uei'nsto\vn (in South Ireland) and took rail to Doublin. We enjoyed the scenery as we passed along, the green valleys, the high mountains, the little Holds, not unusually more than three or four acres, always surrounded by a stone wall. Instead of'a wagon drawn by horses, the Irish farmer drives an odd and ugly looking | two-wheeled cart drawn by a more odd and more ugly looking little donkey. We stopped two hours at Mallow, a thoroughly Irish town, then went on towards .Doublin. which we reached about o p. in. The next morning we crossed to Ilolyln-ad. I was pleased to find my feet at last: on the soil of Wales, the home of my fathers. We took the London express forBangor. then .south along the sea shore, through Port Din- oxrwic. the old home of II. M. Hughs, of Eagle Grove, Supt. C. & N. W. R'y.. and soon reached this city Carnarvon, the largest and most prominent in many respects in North Wales. The population is about 11.000, though the s ]ie;d-:ing of the jewelry business, we wish to slide that we are the pioneers in the jewelry business in Bancroft, not only in (he time of beginning business, but. jilso in pi-ices. We sell to everybody in northern Kossuth. We ha%e always guaranteed satisfaction. "\\ e sell both cheap and expensive jewelry, and we will cut prices to the bottom notch. Our goods are all warranted as represented. We have not only one <•;,:-,(•. but. have received three cases of new rl,,cks in the last 10 days and we warrant our clocks for ;; years. We will ;sci! at. greatly reduced rates in the next. :;D days, and handle all kinds of goods and have the largest stock in Bnnc'.of:.—A. SrNi.-Ti.o.M. W. E. Ci.ossox.—No doubt you will re- meriiemlx.'i 1 thr; two-yc'iir-old colt you suw at my t'urm. (-loveu miles northeast of Waterloo, that was so badly cut by hn-rd- i wire. The gush was 21 indies loner. city does not seem ground than Algona. to cover more The houses are all of stone, the streets narrow and nearly all crooked or curved, which is he general fashion in the old world. In this city i.s the famous castle built r Edward I in 12vS3. Tint wily old ting cheated the Welsh warriors; he romised them a ruler born in their )wn laud and one who could not speak v word of English. To tins they agreed, jut the '-ruler'' Edward' had in mind vas his own child born a few days be- bre, or rather if I remember correctly i few days after, in this castle, or as ecent antiquitarians claim, across the treet. That was the origin of the title •Prince of Wales." This castle is the argest and best preserved in Great Britain—thousands come to see it every 'ear. Across the street is the Castle Square Chapel(all churches were called 'cappels'' then except the Episcopal.) ! preached yesterday morning and ev- ning in this chapel and was surprised ind pleased to have a man come up to rne after the morning services and introduce himself as from Ft. Dodge. Iowa. In the afternoon I heard a Welsh minister preach who bad been n my old home in Lime Springs. Iowa. Thus, though far away, we are occasionally cheered by "friends from America." As I stand with my face to the south I have near, on my right, Menai Strait running out to the ocean; in front a stretch of comparatively level country lotted with trees and stone houses, while three miles to the left are the mountains, sometimes called the •Welsh Alps." One of the peaks is Snowden, the highest mountain on this sland south of Scotland. In a valley it the foot of this was the old home of ny mother which she left forty-seven vears ago. That old neighborhood, of which I have often heard, Mrs. W. and L expect to visit today. Yours, DAVID WILLIAMS. Rev. G. E. Stump, of Newell, Iowa, delivered a temperance lecture at the Union Gospel Temperance meeting at the Baptist church last Sunday even- ng. It was pronounced an able lecture, and the audience appreciated it, ind he secured $5.07 for temperan ce A party of the younger boys of town omposed of Win Stahl, Glen Davison, Orvell Ostrander, Guy Streater ami Earl and Clarence Robinson and Frank Tallman went to the lakes Wednesdaj last and returned Saturday night, and to express the boys own words on the subject they had a "picnic." A small cyclone passed througl about 7 miles north west of here and demolished the house of John E. Peterson and injured his little girl, breaking her arm and one limb. Wm. Gurlej and J. O. McKinsie were at Mr. Peterson's all night and say it is a hart looking sight. How's This: We offer one hundred dollars reward for any case of cattarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. F J. Cheney & Oo., Props., Toledo, 0. Wi the undersigned have known F. J. C'henei for the last 15 years, and bleieve him perfectly honorable in all business trans actions, and financially able to carry ou any obligations made by their firm. WEST & Tiuux, Wholesale Druggists Toledo, 0. WALUIXG, KINNAN & MAIWIU, Whole sale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and niu cous surfaces of the system. Testi mooials sent five. Price 75c. per bottle Sold by all druggists. For KeurakU «M Or. Mitel' ml I ('(.mid hfivo laid FARMERS, ATTENTION! my arm in the mul. ()no of the main ju'teries of the eel; \vf,:s laid fonre. My neighbor ml- isi-il me to shoot it, but I healed the •omul with your Bear's Oil Liniment in ist y.> days, and nn oat slrtnv would :ive covered the mark. It is yood nouiih fur me. JOHN WIDDKLL, Waterloo. For sale by L. A. Sheet/ and F. W. )inirlev. !JS 39 It i.s a fixed and immutable law that to are good, sound health one must have tire, rich and abundant blood. There is o shorter nor surer route than by a oursc of DeWitt's Sarsaparilla. For ule by F. W. Dingley. J.Gk G-R AHAM has the Deering Harvesters and Mowers in his stock yet, and is bound to be in the procession. J. I. Case Threshing Machines ^ % Are the Best in the World. The best Wagons and Windmills Are to be found in my house. G-ive me a call at Bancroft, Burt or Led yard. / r i 9 -r ^J . ^Jf. When You are in Bancroft do not fail to call on Geo, Simpkins & Son, —If you want something in— Since we expect to move our stock to another building soon ifter July 4th, we have decid- d to sell at Greatly Reduced Prices until that time, our Entire Stock of Stiff Hats and Straws, Must Go Other Hats cheap. Walking Shoes cheaper than wholesale; other shoes at prices that will surprise. Prices Gut in Two in Many Cases. ALL GROCERIES WILL GO AT COST. ^all upon us of t !! Yours in earnest, D. R. CROWEL. i have plenty of pasture and water for about 5)0 head of colts and horses, with two lakes on the range. Price 75c per month. Coltt and horses taken any time, Our range is southeast of Capt. Jeanson's, in S\veu township. -o.s u. n. GALLION. SUITS, SUITS, SUITS. -GOTO— For Suits from $10'to fcJO, and from $•>( to !?oO. Pants from $o to $1:2 a pair Come in boys and. I will give you a first class lit in any style of goods, or no sale. I am bound to sell cheap. Dr. F. Wright, Dentist. Will be in Dr. Busby's office the fourth Monday of eacl month, and remain one week Will be prepared to do al kinds of dental work in a sal isf actory manner. 35-8 We are able to sho\v you the most correct Styles and quote prices that will astonish you. Have just received a large invoice of CENT'S CLOTHING! Direct from Eastern manufacturers. We sell Dutchess Trousers, never rip, stylish cut, easy fitting; try a pair. FURNESHBNCS! We have the largest and most complete line that ever came into northern Kossuth; also have the exclusive sale of the celebrated hand-made Jefferson shoes in Ladies' and Gentleman's. Respectfully, GEO. SIMPKINS & SON. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Clothing All of which will he sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a laige slock of Ready-Made Clothing which will be sold cheaper than you can buy the snrae class of goods in any other store iu lov;n. I also handle all kinds of F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business. Ship Ahoy! Land Ahead! me give you some Pointers. Wm Musson is headquarters for Clothinji. You can buy the Best Suits of Clothing for the least money. You can buy the best Unlaundried or Laundried Shirts for less money. Gent's Fine Underwear. Neckties and Hose, Hats and Caps, and the finest line of Trunks in the county, wuich will be sold—away, away, away, and away—that means at Bed Rock Prices. Wm. Musson. Large New Stock OF SPRING GOODS At WILSON'S of Bancroft. We will Not be Undersold. All are invited to call and look the stock over. U. M. Richmond, Pres, I. J. Bruer, Vice Pros. , Cash. *.*. ••», *.»»•*,.tinvoH, *-iWJ, *. u , 4J1UG1, * I^D I il'Q. A. |>. IVlvUJllUUUf V/jUCL Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State ot Iowa. Noue but home capital invested. Autbor- •wP. ^L****-* J< " v '* J _t»* * vw *** v-fcM*vv»r*v.nj. «*40M*«*<MW ?.t4J*bV«J* «*<V«LM*<9U*U UUfbCKF *W <M*U 4iU DIRECTORS-IT. M. Richmond, I. J. Bruer, N. K. Sheridan, A. B. ttiohuieiid,"«. Samuel Mayue. C. E. MuJlory. •'* t f ,'', .jt'-.A, -Ajakfeufe^te

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