The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 7
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,.. iov\ I Burt can. BURT, IOWA, JUNE 15. 1892. Hurrah for Harrison and Reid! B. F. Reed was on our streets Monday evening. D. Paine is erecting a store building for the purpose of putting in a restaurant. The Presbyterian church is undergoing a thorough cleaning, painting and papering. W. M. Peck of Fenton has commenced work on his hotel, which is to cost about $2,000. At the last meeting of the Good Temp- lars a very interesting program was rendered. The wedding cards are out for the marriage of Miss Rose Paine and Chas. Hha- nor, both of Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graham spent a few days last week at the Chain Lakes and report a pleasant time. Come down, Ledyard, Saturday, and the Burt boys will do their best to win, and give you also a fair game. » The Courier correspondent was a little premature last week in saying that the Board had engaged their teachers for another year. A heavy hail storm with a deluge of rain swept aver this locality Monday, but up to the present writing we have heard of no particular damage. The Children's Day exercises will be held next Sabbath morning in the Presbyterian church. They were deferred a week on accountof remodeling the church. What's the matter with Burl? Our hogbuyers are getting stock within six miles of Wesley, two or three of Bancroft and Algona. Joe Elvidge is a rustler. The contract for the new school house was let to Fred Dehnert for $2,390.00. The intention at present is to finish onl y the lower rooms this year, and finish the two upper ones when needed. Notice the call for the Teachers' Convention to be held at Burt Saturday, the 25th. It is to be hoped that all the teach ers within the radius of Burt will turn out. Teachers, let there be a good at tendance. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Shanor, of Prospect, III., are visiting their son, Wm. Shanor of this place. Mr. Shanor is "Grandma" McDonald's brother. Mrs, Dodge, of Davenport, their daughter, came with them. "The Last Loaf" will be given to Burt people in Mr, Marble's hall next Friday evening, June 17th. Those who wish to enjoy partaking can do so by coming out and seeing Burt home talent. The Burt Dramatic Club has always been a success. The proceeds are to go to the band. A CARD.—We desire through the columns of your paper to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our neighbors and friends, of Burt, who were so kind and thoughtful of us and the dear wife and mother, during her sickness and death.— MR. A. FOSTER AND FAMILY. Arrangements are being made to hold a home picnic and celebrate the "Glorious Fourth" at Burt. So all who wish to come to Burt for the first time to shout for liberty are cordially invited. Burt can afford home amusements enough for any small boy, and can be as hospitable as any town. After a severe illness, Mrs. Archie Foster died at her home near Burt, June 7th. Mrs. Foster was born in Lockport, Will Co., III., October 11, 1853, and was therefore in her fortieth year at the time of her death.. She was married to Mr. Foster at Dwight, 111., Jan. 13, 1874. Her death is deplored by her husband and three sons who survive her, and by a ' large circle of friends and relatives. Mrs. Foster was a true and devoted Christian; in her family relations she exhibited love, sympathy, faithfulness, helpfulness. [She was self-sacrificing, willing to administer unto the needs of those whom God had placed within the circle of her activity. Thus long before she became a part of a new order of things where sorrow and sin have no place, she was truly an inhabitant of the New Jerusalem, for the citizens of that blessed country are those who, like Christ, love, sympathise, help, „ and sacrifice. Although dead, her life 1 /still speaks to us, and its closing message \V"come up higher." A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. PHOTOGRAPHS! Views taken in any part of Country. Give us your order and it will have prompt attention. Enlarging and copying done to any size. C, B, LOM, PHOTOGRAPHER, Lock Box 2G3. BURT, IOWA. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. THE COUNTY NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents. TIIK llKpiri'.i.iCAN publishes morn outside iH'Ws from the country and surrounding towns than all (lie six oilier papers published, in Kos- sutli county combined. For the Uancroft NKWS see page 3. To ConKKSi'ONDENTS :—All correspondence for the llEPUitMCAN should reach this ofllce nor later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this in mind. We are showing an Elegant Line of III mi I -AND- WHITE DRESS GOODS. Also a choice assortment of Dress Trimmings, Plushes, Velvets, etc. Come and see them. Truly yours, NICHOLSON & BUELL. t,OTTS CREliK. Mrs. O'Brien is having her house painted. Mamie McDonald spent Sunday at home. Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan went to Algona Friday. J. 0. Rawson spent a few days in Algona last week. Mr. Smith from Whittcmorc was out our way the other day. Mike Esser and wife spent Sunday under the parental roof. Miss Flannagan spent Sunday at home. She is teaching the Pompe school. Misses Mamie Barr and Pluma Hall from Algona are visiting at Mr. Bixbys. NEW LINE —OF— Wall - Paper -AT— W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. Still atjiejront! The Old Keliable General Store with Geo. E. Marble at the wheel. CRKSCO. Miss Clara Curtis returned from her visit in Fenton last Thursday, after an enjoyable time. Mrs. J. R. Dutton and daughter, Mrs. Campbell have been visiting relatives in Whittemoro last week. Mrs. Maggie Spade and little daughter, of Alexandria, Indiana, a sister of Matthew Kelley of this place are here visiting him. Miss Nannie Dutton has quit working for Mr. Wright's folks, we don't know, why she did not continue to work all summer. We think that the corn crop will be just as good this year as ever before. The most of the farmers have finished planting. SWJSA. Mrs. J. E. Hayden and Mrs. F. M. Bravender visited at Bancroft last week. Some of the old band boys are making the nights hideous, trying to practice up a little. The Young Peoples' Meeting was very largely attended last week. It was con ducted by Gustave Carlson. The families of F. R. Anderson and James Gallion, of Bancroft, went through here last Saturday on their way to the lakes. Lawyer Danson, of Algona, and two other gentlemen whose names we did no learn, were up this way last week, hunt ing, we suppose. Some of the school houses have received a fresh coat of paint lately on the outside and will be painted inside during vacation. Norman Anderson is the artist. A number of Swea young folks were up to the lakes and back last Sunday. Among them were Messrs. Bravender, Wasson, Stanley, Erickson, Peterson, Hayden, and the Misses Hannah and Helen Hayden, Emma Smith and Mrs. Bravender. Let other places advertise their removal and war prices. Our customersr only laugh and realize that they have not yet reached the every-day low prices of the Old Reliable store at Burt. Ledyard Times. SIDWELL & ELLSWORTH, Manufacturers and Dealers in Harness & Saddlery, Whips, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Elo. .T.AS. Editor. LEDYARD, IOWA, JUNE 15, 1802. Oats 25 Eggs 10 Cattle fO.OO Wheat 70 Flax $ .83 Corn 00 Butter 10@.12 Hogs 0.00 Barley ... .25@.35 Hay 0.00 _ .. - _ _ ______ vi £ F. DUNLAPJVL I)., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. JtSF"Oflice over Dunlap Bros. Implement Store. LEDYARD, • IOWA. LEDYARD IOWA. MRS. E. McLAURY, Restaurant, Warm Meals at all hours, llgnrs. Confectionery and Ledyard, I own. WM. LESLIE, Real Estate and Insurance. T..eelyiml. lowii. I am prepared to make Farm Loans at lowest I'lltCS. Castleman & Deane, Buildings and Cabinet Work done neatly and promptly. Plans and Specifications furnished up on application. Estimates made. Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop on Edmund St. F. M. Trimble -DEALER IN- FURNITURE Burial - Caskets. ^"Undertaking a Specialty. Ledyard, Iowa. STOP -AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with jiotel. DANIELS & PHELPS, HARNESS AND SHOE REPAIR SHOP It will pay you to call and order a new Harness if you need anything in that line. BURT, .... IOWA. C. C. CHUBB, President! E. J. MURTAGH, Cashier. THE Sold by druggists or ser 13. T. Hazeltlne, Warren BIT BURT. IOWA. General Bankin figutman, Richards & Co,, Successors to O'Neill & Kerr. Call and get our figures on— Lumber, Lath, Cement, Stucco, Lime, Paints, Oils, Etc., Farm Machinery, Wagons and Buggies. Lumber Bills figured and Estimates cheerfully given. The highest market price paid for grain. Call and see us, we can save you money. BURT. - IOWA. mfflATIiq VACK CliEAM. TLe leading Pari- rilvu 9 sian cosmeilque. Absolutely JWAI- ie*s aurt a, perfect face beautlfler. A flrst-ciasa we4loajut, Ou sale w»,U leading druggist*, 33~« g E.JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. BURT, - IOWA. Will conduct sales of any. character in any part of the country. My books can be found at Fostoffice, where dates can be made. Sale notes furnished free. DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES AND CURE, Scientifically treated by an aurist of worldwide reputation. Deafness eradicated and entirely cured, of from 20 to 30 years' standing, after all other treatments have failed. How the dilllculty is reached and the cause removed fully explained in circulars, with affidavits and testimonials of cures from prominent people, mailed free. DB.A.FONTAINE, Tacoma.Wash. PATENT A 48- OR NO FEE :e bpplt iree. Address Att'y-at-law C, WESLEY. The north part of town is to be tile drained H. McCutchin's new building is nearly ready for occupancy. Mr. Jas. Corey spent Sunday in Mason City with his family. Dr. McCormack and family have moved into their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Engstrom are the happy parents of a healthy baby boy. Miss Nettie Oleson recently returned from her visit to Waverly Iowa. The young people had a dance at Kunz's hall last Friday evening. Mrs. E. J. Yorker and daughter Pearlie spent last Sunday visiting in Corwith. J. H. Ford for many months an invalid is again able to be on the street. F. M. Butts has returned to Chicago after a ten days visit with his son G. M. Butts. We are having warm weather and just enough rain to make vegetation grow rapidly. Quarterly meeting services were held at the M. E. Church last Saturday and Sunday, Elder Black officiating. G. A. Seaman formerly of Williams, Iowa, is our new shoemaker, He will occupy Mr. McCutchins new building. The Alliance Co. completed arrange ments last week which makes them the owners of the property formerly owned by F. M. Butts. Mr. U. S. Clarke, of Britt, is acting editor of the Reporter during the absence of Mr. J. Ford. Mr. Ford is visiting at his old home in What Cheer. C. E. Oleson recently returned from a trip to Qsage where he went to witness the graduating exercises. His sister, Miss Clara Oleson was one of the grad uates. Mrs. Howard, living three miles east of Wesley came to town Friday afternoon on horseback after medicine for her sick husband. Her son Geo. Howard had previously come to town with a team and buggy. When Mrs. Howard was ready to return she took a seat in the buggy with her son. She held the bridle of her pony intending to lead it home The team started suddenly and rapidly but the pony was not ready to go am the violent pull on the bridle took of Mrs. Howard's left thumb leaving i hanging by the skin. Dr. Hill campleted the amputation and dressed the wound Mrs. Howard was able to ride home in the evening. Mrs. Howard has the sincere sympathy of the whole comma nity. It is a particularly try log affliction to her as she has the care of aa invalii husband, Mr. Howard haviog been helpless with rbenniatUm for thj) pas '6. B. J. JOHNSON, Tonsorial Artist, , lOH'H. Cigars For Sale. LADY'S HOSIERY AT COMMISSION PRICE. Ladies, do you realize that when you buy of he retailer, you are paying three unnecessary iroflts? The manufacturer sells to the commis- ion house, the latter to the jobber, and the obber in turn sells to the retail merchant. You nust pay the manufacturer a profit first, and hen pay each of the subsequent handlers a )roflt, not infrequently paying two profits to ,he retailer. The Manufacturers' Commission Co. s a responsible syndicate which sells direct to Jie consumer. By investing in manufacturers' samples,odds and ends, job-lots, and the stocks of insolvent manufacturers, in connection with our regular commission holdings, we are able to - • '• ' tli sell to the consumer direct at the commission nice, which is but one remove from the manu- 'acturer's. While this company handles all kinds of la- die's f urnishlugs, we are making a special drive )n our hosiery, merely to introduce our name n your territory and establish a reputation for giving values never before offered, so that you ivill be fully prepared for our later announcement of our entire lines. Head the following oilers : Ladies'full length, fashioned, fast black hose, superfine gauge, (retailing everywhere at, 25to 35 cents per pair) we will sell at lOc, or one- half dozen at Otic. Ladies' extra length, full regular made, fast black and seamless hose, very finest gauge, retailing everywhere at 5oe up) we will sell at aac, or one-halt dozen for $1.38, AVe pay extra express charges, and agree un- onditionally to refund money if hosiery is not the values and qualities described. Be sure and send the size wanted, and remember that as wo pay express we cannot afford to send less than one-half dozen. Orders must be accompanied by cash, in either money order, postal note, stamps or registered letter, addressed to the, Manufacturer'!! Commission Co , at Filth Avenue. 31-38 Chicago, 111. W. A. Wright visited Eagle Grove on Sunday. The new bank will soon be open and ready for business. Lawyer Danson and D. B. Hutchins were in town last week. Miss Addie Davison of Bancroft was a Ledyard visitor on Saturday last. Miller Bros, have added a fresh supply of mixed paints to their already full stock. Jeweler, R. C4abriel is now fairly settled and ready for any business in his line. J. Kclling left Ledyard for his former .home at Goldfleld on the Monday morning train. . It is estimated that there will be 8.000 acres of ilax sowed this year adjacent to Ledyard. C. II. Giles and F. A. Kenyon were among those who visited Minneapolis during the convention. Jno. Wolfe, is busy nowadays in the capacity of.road supervisor improving the public highways. H. 0. Wilson has a heavy team for sale and some lighter horses. Inquire at Kendall & Grannis' store. F. Green has finally succeeded in securing a good well at F. S. Jenk's with about one hundred feet of water. Robt. Hanscom is putting up a residence across the track. He expects to open a wagon shop in the near future. The Ladies Aid Society seryed ice cream at their tent on Main Street, on Saturday afternoon. The receipts amounted to upwards of $8.50. The contract for the building of the new church has been let to Will Fitz, brother of E. O. Fitz of this place, and work will be opened as soon as possible. Preparations are being made for a grand celebration at this place on Independence Day. There is no doubt but that it will be a success judging from the enterprise which has always been preeminently characteristic of Ledyard. B. F. Johnson says,''No more shaving on Sunday." This is right. There is no reason why a barber should be compelled to work on Sunday. We congratulate Mr. Johnson for his own sake and on behalf of the citizens of the town and hope that he will not be induced to compromise this matter under any consideration. Dr. J. F. Russ took his leave of Ledyard on Monday of this week. He goes first to Havelock and Ruthven with a view to locating for a few months, prior to the opening of the college term in September, when he will attend the Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons. The Dr. has made many warm friends during his short stay here, who unite in wishing him abundant success in his professional career. JoeArneymet with a very serious accident about a week ago. He was hitching up his team when one of the horses kicked without any provocation, striking him in the face and bruising him very badly. Dr. E. F. Dunlap, of this place, and Dr. A. C. Jacobs, of Elmore, were summoned to dress the wound. He is getting along finely, and is out on the street again. His brother has been with with him most of the time since the accident. For Sale by Kendall & Grannis. F. A. BRONSON Has a full stock of General Furniture and is now ready to accommodate the poople of Ledyard and Vicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A.Ordway, over Ordway's agricultur- implement store. E. O. FITZ, Real Estate, Loans —And— INSURANCE. Ledyard, - Iowa. Having Opened a Hardware Store, — AND - Tinshop, I respectfully ask a share of the patronage of the people of Ledyard and vicinity. Personal attention given to sheet metal work and satisfaction guaranteed. Yours for Trade, E. J. SKINNER. Ledyard Livery, Feed -And- SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. A gentleman, under forty years of age, whose hair was rapidly becoming thin and gray, began the use of Ayer's Hair Vigor, and in six months his hair was restored to its natural color, and even more than its former growth and richness. Weak hair strengthened and the scalp kept clean by using Hall's Hair Renewer. Happy days and restful nights result from using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It so regulates all the bodily functions and strengthens the nervous system that worry and fatigue are comparatively unknown and life is truly enjoyed. It is certainly a most wonderful medicine. RILEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE, It is a fence for open countries, for it caniiot be blown down. It is the fence for low lauds, for it cannot be washed away. It destroys no ground whatever, and if beauty be considered an advantage, it is the ueatest and handsomest farm fence in the world. In short, it combines the good qualities of all fences in an eminent degree, and as soon as introduced will become the popular fence of the country. It is beautiful ana durable. It is strong and will increase the price of your farm far more than any other fence. It will last much longer than any other fence. It is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sunshine, has no superior as a fence. It is stronger than any other fence and will turn any stock no matter how ly visible and is not dan- The best horse breacuy. It is gerous to stock fence in the world. It will protect all crops plainly visible and gerous to stock like barb wire. from a half grown chicken to a wild ox. It the most uniform, and fey comparison of much toe cheapest. Kept lor sale in ofKossuthcoj&ty. IfSETJy BUey * ^*^ Say, young fellow, heard the news? No. What's up now? Why, everybody says that Foster's is the best place in town to buy goods. We are heading for his place now, and you ought to Ledyard, F. S. Jenks, Iowa. C.Dllll TO E. V. Foster's Where you will always find a Fresh and complete stock of Dry G-oods. Groceries, Notions, Tobacco, Cigars, Fjrait, ©to, UEOYARO, IOWA, Agency for the Celebrate. fflcCormick Binders and Mowers, Join faster Co. Mowers, Minnesota Chief Threshers, Bushford Wagons and Buggies, Beet Gang and Sulky Plows, Disc Harrows, Smoothing'.HarrowB, ForcelFeed and Broad Cast Seeders, « Fanning Mills, Pumps, Land Rollers, And in fact everything kept in a First-Class Implement House. Fiiet 4oo? net of post offiof ,

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