The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 6
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THE HKPU1VLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1S92. Routine Report of the Regular June Meeting 1 of the Hoard of Supor- visors.—Claims AlloAved. AUIONA, IOWA, Juno <>, '02. The board of su- laid as per commissioner's report, damages allowed as per appraisor's report; costs assumed by the county. On motion, the road petitioned for by Henry Hatterson and others, commencing at the northwest corner of section .1.1, 94. 30, running thence east on section lines, and terminating at the southeast corner of section 0, 94, There Js nothing like tho RESTORATIVE NERVINE discovered by tho groat specialist, DR. MILES, to euro nil nervous diseases, as Haadache. tho Bluoe, Nervous Prostra- "Sn?S?eepleo«no 8 8, Neuralgia, St. Vltu.j Danoe.Fltsand Hysterln. M»ny phjaclans use It In their practice, nnd Boy M), of Jfsulw K« wonderful Wo h:ivo hundreds of testimonials UkSthVsefrom druKKlnts. "Wo have novcr known anything like It." Snow & Co., Byrneuso, N. Y. "Every bottle sold brings words ot V™\™<" 3.O. •wolfilllllsdale, MlcU. "The beat sol or we ever had"' Woodworth ft Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. "Jferrlne soils hotter than anythln« we ever had" II. P. WynttfcCo., Concord, N. II. Trial bottle nnd book of testimonial* JFrcc utdrugRlsts. OR. MILES' MEDICAL CO., Etkhart,lnd, TRIAL BOTTIJS FflUSE. Sold by P. W. DINGT.KY. THE LIGHT RUNNING * "DOMESTIC IS THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH, CHAIN-STITCH, And BUTTON-HOLE. Three MacSYmes in One 1 . Buy the "DOMESTIC," It is the BEST every way. Simple, Practicable, Durable. AGENTS WANTED I SEND FOR CIRCULARS AND PRICE LIST. "DOMESTIC" SEWING MACHINE GO, For S«le by CHICAGO, ILLS. J. B. WINKEL, AT.OONA, IOWA. One o'clock p. m. pervisors met in regular session. Members all present. The minutes of the April meeting read, corrected and approved. D. S. Miller being present with a diagram of the road beginning at the northwest corner of the fair grounds, running thence west, and asks the board to vacate two rods on tho south side of road. Jacob Winkle and Win. Cloary oppose the vacation for the reason that the travel will necessarily bo over that road to and from the fairgrounds and tho road none too wido to accommodate tho public. J. G. llawson and others came before the board and asked the board to order tho road beginning at the south- oast corner of section 8, SV>. 2i), running thence north one mile, platted and recorded, said road having boon used for 20 years. On motion, tho auditor was ordered to plat and record said road as asked for. On motion, tho petition of E. Chris- chillos, Henry Gootsch and others for a crossing over the C. M. &• St. Paul R'y right of way in tho village of Whittemore was granted and the road laid as petitioned for, no damages allowed, commissioner's and appraiser's costs assumed by the county. Resolved, that the county treasurer is hereby ordered to refund to Goo. E. Clarke, attorney for Frank M. Stanley, tho taxos levied on section 2">, twp. 97, rango 27, for 1SS9. This action being a full settlement and compromise of tho suit brought by said Stanley vs Kossuth county, to recover taxos for years 188!) and 1S90. On motion, L. I). Lovell was appointed a committee to do tho necessary grading on road over river bottom west of O'Rourkc's bridge. On motion, Then. II. Peters was made a committee to build a bridge on south lino of southeast quarter of section 29, 97, 29, petitioned for by J. Holgons and others. On motion, J. O. Rawson was appointed a committee to view and report on the expediency of building a bridge on south line of section 19, 90, 29, was laid as per commissioner's report; damages allowed as per apprais- or's report: costs assumed by the county. The committee on grades appointed at the April meeting was continued committee on all grades not otherwise acted upon at this session. On motion, II. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to build a thirty-two foot overflow bridge on the north line of section 15, J)5, 27, and to do the grading between the two bridges, providing the township will agree to do the necessary grading oast of the bridge. On motion, J. O. llawson was appointed a committee to repair the Potter bridges over Four Mile-Creek, in Cresco township. On motion, the treasurer was authorized to refund 82,50 to Mick Wagner, at Whittemore, the same being erroneously assessed. On motion. L D. Lovell was appointed a committee to repair grade to bridges on center line of section 7, 94, 29. Moved, seconded and carried that the county attorney's salary be tlxed at $500 per year for the ensuing two years. On motion. C. B. Ilutchins and E. V. Swetting were appointed a committee to settle with the county treasurer, auditor and superintendent, On motion, the board adjourned to 1 o'clock. One o'clock p. m. Board in session. On motion, P. Madden was allowed seventy-live per cent of $7, as compensation for sheep killed by clogs On motion, J. Staley was allowed seventy-five per cent of $13.50 as compensation for steer killed by dogs Moved and carried, that Company F. 4th regiment, be allowed the use of such part of the court house as may be necessary for an armory and drill room. On motion, the treasurer was ordered to redeem lot 4 of south 0 acres of out lot 1, in the village of Burt, the same being church property and not taxable. Moved and carried, that the Algona lsotl 20 per cent, swine lowered 30 IHM' cent, Ulverrtnle—Horses wised five per cent. Springfield—Cuttle lowered 20 per cent, lowered 10 per cent, mules raised ;il) per cent. Sherman—Horses raised 15 percent, nuiloa lowered 20 percent, swl no raised 40 percent. Swen—Horses lowered 5 per cent, mules nil.oed 83 percent, swine lowered 15 per cent. Seneca—Horses lowered 5 per cent, mules lowered 25 per cent, swine raised 30 per cent. Union—Cuttle lowered 15 per cent, horses raised C> per cent, mules raised 20 per eent, swino lowerlid 30 per cent. Wesley—Swlno raised 30 per cent. Whtttemore—Cnttle lowered 15 per cent, innlcs lowered 20 per cent, swine raised 40 per cent. Whtttemorc Inc.—Horses raised 35 per cent, niulos lowered :«) per cent, swine raised 40 per cent, On motion, the auditor was author- i/ed to draw warrants on the county fund in favor of the Deaf and Dumb Institution for $7.74 and for institution for feeble minded, $41.45, to balance account with state. On motion, the claim of Julius Isch for damages for the killing of sheep by W W Jones plow do Hallcy lli-os uotuls do V 8 Slough tlo URlDilK FUND. .Tolin 1'iUil Lumber Co Lumber n B N Iti-uer (to . 74 64 Thos Henderson work on bridge 1 uO .1 H Queal & Co Lumber 2125 r, V Holloway grading sec s-pfi- 28 Alphtuis Johnson repairing bridges niuV grades ... ••• • Alpheus Johnson com work examining grade ••• JO Hutch do Andrew Burt work on grade....... • T W Sarcbett work on Bridge in Union.. II Austin Repairing Greenwood bridge.. U V ilolloway building biIdge 4:> no H Benjamin work on grade 12 oo Z Roberts Lumber rVt'i Vi Voter Kwen filling approach to Hatch bridge •.•••• » 10 Wm Brummond Lumber J O Kawson com work i 40 J Holtz do •} nft H 0 Hollenbeck do 4 on (J H Peters do i 11H > 1NSANF. FUND. A A Brunson fees in case of Mary F. Burroughs) ,-' -,v;,- • .Y' • A. A Brunson fees case of Alible h Bailey A. A Brunson tees in cuso of Daniel A Neellm? I)r. Hale'* Household OiuliiuMit Is the finest remedy in the world. It absolutely cures catarrh. It cures neti- Cures piles like dogs was allowed in the amount of $«; I ™lgia and rheumatism. magic. Cures salt rheum in the most On motion, the report of the county I soothing manner. Cures inflamed and $51.25 transfer fees, and granulated eyelids. Cures coughs and colds. Can be taken internally. A pos- tive specific for pneumonia. Cuts, bruises, burns, chilblains, sores of long standing, corns and bunions are cured claimed $8. si, tho report of tl auditor of $51.25 transfer foos, $7.25 redemption fees, received since] tho April mooting, was approved and placed on flic. of the forenoon was, ., . tho consideration l)f | quickly; different from all else: The balance taken up with bills. At 12 o'clock board adjourned to 1 o'clock p. m. One o'clock, Board in session, members all present. superior to all else; it has uo equal 25c and 50c. boxes. Large size cheapest. Sold at L. A. Sheet'/, drug store. A GOOD SEAMSTRESS OTLDKEGESSIT1 AND A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY \3 ONE OF OUR NEW We truly believe De Witt's Little Early Risers the most natural, most effct- On motion the tax against the per-1 j v(3i mos t prompt and economical pill for LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. Trains k>;ivt' EnimPt.sbni-!; as follows : IIOlNc; NOltTII. No. <il p;i.«t>i!!KM- 4:15 pin Mo. «3 paitsenser 5 :2T a m No. i;.-, freight "• :™> I 1 "> i;o;N(i SOUTH. No. iiO nasscnupr 8 :35 a in No. C2 iiu^scngcr D :S5 p m .No. i;I [veiiilit S :35 a in 29, petitioned for by Chus. Kargleder COURIER and the Upper Des Moines WHY IS THE and others. On motion. G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to view and report on the expediency of building a bridge on the south line of section S3, 97, 29. On motion, G. II. Peters was made committee to view and report at the September meeting on the expediency of building a bridge on south line of section 22, 100, 28. On motion, H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a commissioner to view and report at June adjourned meeting on expediency of building additional bridge and grade on south line of section 2f>, 97, 28. On motion, IT. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to rebuild two small bridges in grade on sec 17, 97, 23, north of mole bridge. On motion, II. C. ITollenbeck was appointed a, committee to view and report on expediency of building a bridge on west line of section ,'J, 95, 27. On motion. H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to repair the Hice bridge in Plum Creek township. On motion, J. Holt/, was made a committee to view and report at the adjourned meeting on ditch petitioned for by Michael Sandt and others in W. L. 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Those who have given tliein a trial will wear no other make. «*«TiJ«a» l*'i.OO and 81.75 school shoes are OOVS worubytheboyseverywherej theysell on their merits, as the im-reaslug sales show. 1 1 «Vl!«»«2 $3.00 Hand-sewed slioe., best LclCIIGS l)ou(!<jl!i, verystyliflh;equaldlreiiGli Imported shoes costing from 91.00 to 80.0U. __ Ladies' ii.SO, iS'J.OO and SI. 75 shoe tor M&e"aro the best line Uongolu. Stylish and durable. cTauUon.-See that W. L. Douglas' name ami price are stamped on the bottom of each shoe. W-TAKF, NO SUBHTITIITE.^I F. S. Stongli, Asretit /r^i/JlNC? J,.,,*.! K LMRINO, Algona, Iowa- Rauisuy township. On motion, L. I). Lovell was made a committee to view and report at the adjourned session on bridge over creek near southeast corner of section 22, 94, 21). On motion, the board adjourned until 8:30 o'clock, June 7. June 7, S:HO o'clock. Hoard of supervisors in session, Members all present. Moved and carried that the auditor be authorized to buy a lawn mower for the court house "rounds. The vacation of the street asked for by 1). S. Miller, on section 11, 95,29, coming up for liual hearing, it was moved and carried that the vacation be not allowed. The matter of the petition of E. II. Staley, F. Schultv. and others for road on west line of section 2(i, 97, 29, coiu- j'- up for linal hearing, the following resolution was adopted, to wit: Resolved, that we continue said road from time to time, providing the section line is left open for travel; providing, further, that Burt township drain all surface water off of the half section line road and south line of southwest (luarter of section 26, 97, 2i), and grade the same sufficiently to make it a good road. Said work to be completed by the time of the November meeting of the board. If said work is done in a satisfactory manner by said date, then the county will pay to Burt township $200, to apply on said work. On motion, the road petitioned for by James E. Clave aud others, for road between sections 35 j*od 36, 94, 30, was be named as the papers to print the election laws passed by the twenty- fourth general assembly, and $30 the amount allowed each paper for said publication. On motion, J. B. Hoflus was appointed a committee to repair the grades and bridges near Algona. On motion, J'. O. Rawson was made commissioner to build a a thirty-two foot overflow bridge on south line of section 39, 94, 30. Moved and seconded, that L. D. Lovell be a committee to repair bridges and grades on section 36, 94, 30. Motion adopted. On motion, H. C. Hollenbeck was made committee to build bridge on west line of section 11, 97, 27. On motion, the auditor was instructed to correspond with the agents for the various kinds of election booths, to get their prices and ascertain the number necessary for the county, and report at the June adjourned session of the board. On motion, the justice and constables' bills in the case of the State of Iowa against Alderman and Horning was not allowed. On motion, Mrs. James of Wesley was allowed $8 per month out of poor fund. On motion, the appraisement of school land sections Iti, 97, 27, and 16, 100, 28, as made by the township trustees, was accepted and approved. The balance of the afternoon was taken up with the consideration of bills. On motion, the board adjourned to 8:30, JuneS. June 8. Board in session. Members all present. sons named on the list filed by the county treasurer as uncollectable tax, was declared unavailable. On motion J. Q. Jamison was allowed exemption on four acres of forest trees on Sec. 32-97-28. On motion the school fund loans made by the county auditor since April 1,1892, were approved. On motion the auditor was appointed a committee to have the plastering in the court house room repaired. On motion the auditor is authorized to draw warrants on the different funds for all bills allowed at this session. The auditor was authorized to procure a certified copy of the field notes of the Gout survey of Kossuth county. Eesolved, That the members of this Board are entitled to the sums set opposite their several names at this session of the Board: G. II. Peters, 3 days, 10 miles $13 9ii J. O. llawson, 3 days, 15 mi. 13 80 II. C. Hollenbeck, 3 da., 12 mi. 13 44 L. D. Lovell, 3 days, 14. miles 13 68 J. Holtz, 3 days, 18 miles 14 04 On motion the Board adjourned to Thursday, June 30,1892. Attest, J. B. HOFIUS, Auditor. biliousuess,indigestion and inactive liver. For sale by F. W. Dingley SUPERIOR to all other medicines for purifying the blood and restoring the health and strength, AVER'S Sarsaparilla is the standard specific for Scrofula, Catarrh Rheumatism, and Debility. Cures Others will cure you. FULL PARTICULARS ADDRESS JonalSewingMactiineCo. •UOCKSBORS TO JUNE MANUFACTURING CO. BELV1DERE, ILL. of Fine Family Sawing Machine*. COUNTY FUND. S A Thompson J. P. fees State vs Hackman 9 5 70 S A Thompson J P fees State vs Esser 26 00 David Gner court reporter 5400 M Myers assessor German twp 30 00 Lewis Erickson do Harrison 30 00 C H Woster do Kiverdale 30 00 Geo B Miller do Lu Verne 40 00 Henry Dorweiler do Garfleld 28 00 J D Cotton do Whittemore 28 00 D D Dodge twp clerk Sherman Silas Roupe do Lotts Creek Win Johnson do Cresco 7. 0 Andruss do Irvington, allowed J H Mernneld do Ramsay H C Hollenbeck do Wesley Cyrus Bravender do Swea \V F Jenkinson do Union 1) A Wallace trustee Irvlngton twp J M Gray do Buffalo A N Leonard do Ramsay B V Smith do Ramsay dharles Wartman do Ramsay 0 R Lewis do Irvington W in Shanor do Portland J W Hiuchon printing Jos W Hays do Inuliiim & vVarren do , Ham & Carver supplies for court house... Matt I'arrott & Sons do • A A liriiiison clerk fees state vs 1'alway. do do Steltzer. do do Wagner. K S Salisbury balill' district court J 15 McEnroe fees C B Ilutchins commissioner and surveyor roads F M Taylor Iowa vs Breemau fees... C 00 10 50 8 00 U 00 10 00 0 00 •12 00 U 00 4 00 2 00 'J 00 2 00 2 00 4 00 2 00 •li) 00 30 00 30 50 70 CO 90 G 55 13 18 0 35 13 00 53 50 10 00 16 85 D. L. DOWD'S HKALTH EXERCISIB. .FwBrato-WorksrtiBeifntatyfecipla: I Gentlemen. Ladles, Youths; the 1 Athlete or Invalid. A complete I gymnasium. Takes up but 8 In. I square floor-roomjnew.selentlfle. ! durable, comprehensive, cheap: ]lndorBMlby'8oSKX>physl«Ians,law. I yeia, clergymen, edSorj & others I now using It. Send tor Ul-d olrou. 1 lar, 40 eng'fl; no charge. Prof. D. ,„ . 'L bowdrscientlflo Physical and ; o East Utb sc., New York. HOW I EATUIEL AN ISLAND. Jno 1'aul Lumber Co lumber for c h 11 70 Verne S Kills & Co printing 1« 85 Ole O Men! assessor Hebron twp 25 oo 1) K Smith do Leilyard twp 30 00 Myron Schenck do Union twp 2« 00 K V quick do Lu Verne twp 10 oo Norman Anderson do Swea twp 40 oo F C Newel do Fenton twp 20 00 C B Hotius do Portland twp 3S 00 JPeCraw do Whittemore Inc 20 oo (i G, Stiuler ao Prairie twp, allowed 40 oo Cieo S Angus do Burt twp 40 00 .Jno Klein do Seneca twp 4000 F L Parish repair to court house. o 05 J B Hollus postage dray ing express etc.. o 70 T H Lantry postage 350 J \V Tennant juror's board bill 3 ^5 J J Wilson seed and coal for court house 10 12 KFKeed CoSupt 217 75 Jacob Winkel Court Bailirt • ••• 'M 00 Courier Printing Oo of Ottumwa supplies 33 00 Suggestion for 1 a Summer Trip. 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Augutta, On niution, the board proceed to . do Carter & Hussey do. Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers Anton Hank do ••• ••• W A Chipman Twp clerk Portland.. H P Hatch do \Vhltteuiore L J Newel do Fentou (> B Ludwig do Praire. "» 4u 40 18 00 7 00 TOO » 00 825 equalize the assessment of personal property, as follows: Algona— Cattle, lowered :iO per cent; inulus, raised 30 per cent; Swine, raised 40 per cent. Burt— Horses raised ten per cent. Buffalo— Cattle, lowered 15 per cent; horses raised 20 per cent; swine, raised 40 per cent:. Cresuo— Swiuo raised 40 per ceut. Fenton— Cattle raised 10 per cent; horse* raised 'M percent; mules raised 30 per cent; swine raised 40 per cent. Greenwood— Horses raised 30 per cent; mules raised 100 per cent. German— Mules raised 25 per ceut. Hebron— Cattle raised 20 per cent, horses lowered ten per cent. Harrison— Horses lowered tea per cent, mules lowered 20 per cent, swine lowered 25 per ceut. Irving-'.ou— Horses raised 5 per cent, swine lowered 15 per cent: Lotts Creek— Horses raised 5 per ceut. Lu Veruo Inc.— Horses raised 15 per eent, mules raised 30 per cent . Ledyard— Sheep 100 per cent, mules lowered 40 per cent, swino lowered 25 per cent. Portland— Horses raised 20 per ceut, mules raised 35 per cent. Plum Creek— Horses raised 15 per ceut, mules raised 20 per cent, swine raised 40 per cent. Prairie— Horses raised 15 per cent, mules raised 80 per cent. Ramsay— Horses lowered 10 per cent, mules O A Searle trustee Greenwood c oo Martin llahm do Prairie * 00 Martin llahm do Prairie. Dennis Hayes do Lotts Creek. Ellis McWhorter do Portland UAMAGK ALLOWKU ON KOAD NO 373. Lewis J Clave N OMovie \Vm Wehrspaun KOAD NO 374. Jerome Finnegan Sarah Mitchell James H Nelson IdaC liaines LucyCHalues James Batterson Andrew Miller Fred Harmes Fred Schlpback • D A Wallace Appraisor on roads C Byson do I ' J» W C Hart do , • • • • •••;;• • ? 70 Jos Thompson Appraisor ou rd Bun ip. • E S Salisbury do D A Haggard do POOH FUN1>. John Paul Lbnmber Co for Poor farm.... A M & G M Johnson Machinery do...... Alliance Store Co (Wesley) goods to Mrs James Jas Taylor goods for poor • • Bailey Bros goods for Skipsey tainil> Bailey Bros goods lor Young family C Bysoii wood for poor farm • G HI Howard goods do * F A Branson one coffiu }' W V Carter goods for poor farm « E Bailey hay for poor farm 2 00 2 00 40 00 30 00 10 00 CO 00 20 00 40 00 •J2 00 50 00 25 00 25 00 7 70 7 70 3 'M 3 20 3 20 4 11 47 15 33 54 » 20 9 75 7 01 4 00 villages and giant glaciers. If you wish to investigate this suggustlon further send to Charles S. Fee, General Passenger Agent, N. P. B. K., St. Paul, Minn., for copies of the handsomely illustrated "Wonderland" book; Yellowstone Park and Alaska folders. CHEAP FARMS IN South Dakota. Rich soil, large crops, fine climate. Farms were bought last year and paid for with one crop. These lands are located in the great ARTESIAN BASIN and in the JAMES RIVER VALLEY. The wheat crop of 1891 averaged 20 bushels, and the prospects are better now than they were a year ago. Sauborn county is one of the best in the State for Wheat, Oats, Corn, Grass and General Farming. Selling rapidly. Prices advancing. Now is the time. Send for circular to 3041 H. E. MAYHEW, Letcher, S.D. REGULATE THE STOMACH, LIVER AND BOWELS, AND PURIFY THE BLOOD. A RELIABLE REMEDY FOR Indigestion, BHIoitanciui, Headache, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Chronic Liver Troubles, DlKzlncw, Bad Complexion, Dysentery, Offensive Ttrcuth, and all disorder* of the Sluiniu'h, Uver and Bowels. Rlpans Tabulea contain notulgK injurious to the most delicate constitution. 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