The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 3
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BANCROFT NEWS. J. A.. FRKCI-I, Kclitor. BANCROFT, IOWA, JUNE 15, 181)2. NOIVTIt ltlxed ......... tirayfrelRlit....) ' l-as'senuer ...... 4 0»|>m & North-Western SOUTH Mixed H'y. w«y freight....« 15am .. ..'I OSpin CHURCH DIRECTORY. Oiils 25 Corn ... EgRR 11 Butter.. Cattle $1.00 (ifi «.no Moss... WJicnt 2."; Barley.. liny.. $1.00 r* 2.50 Flax... .$ 15 28 20 4.20 85 m THK NKtt'S OF THE TOWN. >A.N CROFT services C1IUUCI1. hold* In tlie school IIOIISP, Hmioiiy pruaehlnK service at 2 p.m. Sohoolat 31). m.. pvaver mcelVtiR Thiiwilny evening. Kverybody invited. BKV. V- •*. CHAMHKHUM. 1'astor. B /kNOHOFT SWKimil l.UTHKKAN CHUIHIH, ' mentina morning and evening <>nn snnjlay In eaol) month and two evenlnn meetings « iv nontli. Sunday School sit 12 in. each Sunday, "adle'i Aid Society moots . .-very ot.licr Friday. UKV. A. Ki.i-STitoM, I'ustor. msi' tiAvrisT c,tixnu'.ii. of Hancroft, pveneh- service Sunday F m ,.. , 1 IK service each Sunday at to :30 a. m. find 8n m. Sunday School sit 12 m.. Lords supper the ftvst Sunday in esicli month at 1 p. m., prayer meetlUR Thursday evening, Loyalists meet on Huiulav evening. Covenant meeting the last Krklay evening In each month, choir practice Saturday evenW. Kverybody invited, strangers especially welcome.^ v ._ service B ANCROFT M. K. ciiuncii, preaching each Sunday »t I0:30_a. in. and 8.p. i" class meeting preceding each service at ringit ; of second bell, Sunday School at 12 in.,, IM>worth League on Tuesday evening, .piayei meeting Thursday evening, chou rehearsal meeting uiiursuay I'veum^. mnm 'V' v,> , Frd:i v evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wed- Iie"i1av sifternoon. A cordial invitation is ex- al. to utte.ul ie te,ulea to al. to utte.ul .I 1 OT .IOHN'H CATHOI/K: oriuHCH. regular ser- 4 O vices: instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a.m., jf high mass and sermon from 10 :30 to 12. Holy -$' mass each morning in the week at < si. m.,Mai- 4' ried Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday of everv month sifter the sermon. Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday oleyery month after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend tfiese sel ' vl A. J. SCHEMMKL. Pastor. SOCIETY DIRECTORY. P ROGRESSIVE I.ODEO NO- DOS, A. F. AND A. M' holds Its regular communication at the Masonic Hall 'on the \V ednesday evening on or before the full -moon of each month. Visiting 'brethren always welcome. K. S.STRKATKR, W. M. K. UAVISOX, sec'y. B ANCROFT LODGE NO. 517 I o OF r,. T. meets at the I O of 0. T. Hall on eael Saturday evening at 7 :30 p. m Visiting members made wel C0me- LKWIS GBAV, C.T. J. B. STREATEU, Sec'y. C ROWN JUVENILE TKMVLK meets in the O. of G. T. Hall every Wednesday even ing at T -.15. GEO. A. SMITH, C. T. FRED SMITH, Sec'y. V KKA LODOK NO. 291 K. OF meets every Monday evei ing at 7 :30 p. m. at the K. of Hall. Stranger Knights a Invited to meet with us. M. A. TURNER, 0. 0. A.,I. ANDRENE, K. of K. and S. meeting*. I', E. KENT, Sec'y. B ANCROFT LODGE NO. 54-1 I. O.O. F. meets every Wednesday evening at the K. of'J'. Hal I at 7 :30i>. m. Visiting Odd Fellows are invited to our \V,T. HALL, N. G. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. O. T. BKIGHAM, Proprietor. BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures eu arged at reasonable prices. F.A.BRONSON Dealer in Sewing Machines. Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS Undertaking a Specialty, W. H.CROSSWAIT, House Painter Will do work in any part of the County. Satisfaction Guaranteed. W, H, CROSSWAIT Bancroft, Iowa, $1,000 Can be made iu e months selling Tuulsou'a Atlas eg, Charts ami Wall Maps. Particulars tree. .Sam Miiyne wns at GUulbvook, Iowa, last week. JI. N. Rpufrow [foes to Chicago the .lust part of this week. H. M. Richmond had business at Algona last Wednesday. The I. O. O. F. hold the first meeting in their new hall tonight. Dr. Morse had professional business in these parts last Wednesday. Look at Dunkins new ad this week, lie lias something to say to all. Art Curran. of LuYerne, Iowa, was in Bancroft yesterday on lousiness. J. J. Bwllnng moved into the Harry Plielps residence last week Monday. Tom Sherman paid his parents who live in Ilumboldt Co. a visit last week. Perry McDonald was up from Burt last Wednesday afternoon and evening. The two new store buildings \vest of John Duckmantons' are nearly completed. Mrs. E. S. Streateris so much better- that she is able to sit up two or three lours a day. G. II. Peters expects to start for the Vest to recuperate his health now retty soon. Lawyer Danson and Archie Ilutcli- nson were up .from Algona last Friday n business. T. J. Gannon was at Des Moines last Tuesday and Wednesday on business •\nd pleasure. J. G. Graham comes to the front with a big new ad in the NEWS this week which may profit you. Misses May Barslou and Ada Davi son came in from their respective schools to spend Jast Sabbath. B. F. Wickwire and J. H. Graham and wife and Myrtle Wickwire spent a few daj'S at the lakes last week. Miss Stella Hudson, of Algona, has been visiting her relatives, the Davis family, during the past few days. The Juvenile Templars sociable at the Farmers Home last Monday night netted $14. The children did well. At the Baptist sociable last week Wednesday the receipts were $13, and the cream gave out an hour too soon. A junior baseball club has been organized here, and they have laid out grounds east of Myron Hunt's house. If we are not badly mistaken there will be three or four weddings to record before many moons come and go. Tbe I. O. G. T. Silver Medal Contest is to take place on the evening of the Fourth. This will be a big attraction. Rev. A. G. Ward went to Lake Mills last Friday to get ready to move into his new house in South Rancroft this week. Roy and Alice Johnson returned home from Iowa Business College and Callanan College respectively last week Friday. C. II. Wunn was in from Fenton last Saturday, and reports that cut worms are working in the corn fields of that township. The Austin House has been repainted outside and inside during the week, thereby adding much to the appearance thereof. Miss Sue Berryman, of Mt. Vernon, has deen here visiting her brother, A. J. Berryman and family, during the past week. Mrs. Haun, mother of our station agent G. L. Haun, has been visiting with her son and family here during the past week. B. F. Wickwire and J. B. Johnson have been adorning the fronts of their stores with a new coat of paint, administered by F. W. Drake. We hear that a young lady made hei appearance at John' Murray's in Bur township last week and the event was duly celebrated with a ball James Gallion and family and F. R. Anderson and family went to the lakes last week on a fishing excursion. A number of others are planning to go in the near future. If you want to have a good time on the Fourth of July come to Bancroft as you always have done, and have a good time as you always have had when Bancroft celebrated. Edwin Davison returned from the West last Friday morning and reports that high water is making hard times in Southern Kansas and Oklahoma. He says that Duane Tallrnan is on his way home with his show. Tliore will be a meeting of tlie Greenwood Fanner's Alliance at tlie David Nicbol's school house next Friday evening at 7 o'clock. All members are requested to be present as important business is to be transacted. We learned too late for last week's paper of the wedding of Frank Arundale, of South Dakota, and Miss Lillie Neeling of this place. The NKWS joins even at this late date in the many congratulations to tins worthy couple. At fast horse sales in Kentucky 14 Longfellow yearlings sold for an average of $4,428 apiece, and a single colt brought $10,000. $450 doesn't look very large beside these large amounts in the way of prices for yearlings. J. L. Peters and family were called upon to mourn the loss of a little child last week. The funeral was held last Sabbath from the residence and was conducted by Hey. A. W. Luce, and the child was buried in the Bancroft cemetery. Link Singleton will have to take off the laurels of being the only colored man in Kossuth. as there is n colored gentleman from Gltidbrook, Iowa, by the name of Charles Smith, who now works for Charles Iligley taking care of horses. At the meeting of the Board of Directors last week Miss Mamie Kennedy was offered the primary department of our schools again, but she declined, when Miss Abbie Vinton was put in her place. Miss Nellie Salisbury will take Miss Vinton's old room. Miss Wallace takes Miss Salisbury's place as Assistant Principal, and Miss Mary McDermott, of Algona, was given Miss Wallace's old place. The Principal has also been hired, but we did not learn his name nor the place from whence he hailed. At any rate this is a strong corps of teachers and the high standing of our schools will be kept up and improved upon. I.mlh-s. Are you suffering from weakness? Is your complexion sallow? Do you have a constant back-ache? Are you constipated? Do you feel all tired out? If you have any of these feelings, begin at once to use Dr. Hale's Household Tea. It will give you a clear complexion, will restore you to health and strength and will make you feel like a new person. Get it to clav nt L. A. Sheet/, drug store. FARMERS, ATTENTION! The new mime for the man who throws a banana peel on the sidewalk is a banan- arch 1st. What Stronger J'roof Is needed of the merit of Hood's Bar- saparilla than the hundreds of letters continually coming in telling of marvelous cures it has effected after all other remedies had failed? Truly, Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses peculiar curative power, unknown to other medicines. If dull, spiritless and stupid; if your blood is thick and sluggish; if your appetite is capricious and uncertain, you need a Sarsaparilla. For best results take DeWitt's. For sale byF. W. Dingley. Hood's Pills cure Constipation by restoring the peristaltic action of the alimentary canal. They are the best family cathartic. J. G-. G-BAHAM has the Deering Harvesters and Mowers in his stock yet, and is bound to be in the procession. J. I. Case Threshing Machines * Are the Best in the World. The best Wagons and Windmills Are to be found in my house. G-ive me a call at Bancroft, Burt or Ledyard. I have plenty of pasture and water for about 200 head of colts and horses with two lakes on the range. Price 75c per month. Colts and horses taken an} time, Our range is southeast of Capt Jeanson's, in Swea township. 35-38 R. R. GALLIOX. How's This! We offer cue hundred dollars reward for any case of cattarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We the undersigned have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and bleieve him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WEST & TEAUX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIU, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's.-Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the' blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. »_«•»-, She: With what were you particularly struck when you first went on the stage? He: Two bricks and a cabbage. SUITS, SUITS, SDITS When You are in Bancroft do not fail to call on Geo. Simpkins & Son, —If you want something in— -GO TO- Dican The'Tailor For Suits from $10 to $20, and from $20 to $50. Pants from $5 to $12 a pair. Come in boys and I will give you a first class fit in any style of goods, or- no sale. I am bound to sell cheap. DRY A Busy Place. A tour through the establishment of W. E. Closson, manufacturer of the justly celebrated Family Remedies in this city, is a very interesting one. Mr. Closson now has twenty-one lady clerks busily engaged in loooking after his voluminous correspondence, and the amount of medicines shipped out daily from the establishment is simply surprising. Mr. C. is making arrangements to cover the entire west this season, and as every report which comes in from his agents is favorable, he is much encouraged over the prospect. There is no longer any doubt of the value of these medicines, and it is evident the proprietor has good reason to expect immense sales in the near future. They have now been thoroughly tried, and it is a not able fact that the largest orders now come from the localalities where they have been longest sold.— Bulletin Journal, Independence, Iowa, May 19th, 1893. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of DeWitt's Sarsapdrilla. For sale by F. W. Dingley. Dr. F. Wright, Dentist. Will be in Dr. Busby's office the fourth Monday of each inonth, and remain one week. Will be prepared to do all kinds of dental work in a satisfactory manner. 35-8 We are able to show you the most correct Styles and. quote prices that will astonish you. Have just received a large invoice of CENT'S CLOTHING! Direct from Eastern manufacturers. We sell Dutqhess Trousers, never rip, stylish cut, easy fitting; try a pair. FURNISHINGS! We have the largest and most completeliriie that ever came into northern Kossuth; also have the exclusive sale of the celebrated hand-made Jefferson shoes in Ladies' and Gentleman's. Eespectfully, GEO. SIMPKINS & SON. B. JOHNSON'SlfOR Ready to show New Stock of you our Watches, Clocks, Sewing Machines, and Fine Silverware. Badges and Emblems OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Sunday School Teacher: Miss Fanny, what are we to leara from the parable o: the wise and foolish virgins?—Miss Fan ny(aged ten): That we are always to be on the lookout for the bridegroom. In a recent letter to the proprietors, Mi H. M. Bangs, the druggist at Chatswortb 111.,says: "I am very much pleased with Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. During the epidemic of la grippe here it took the lead and was very much better liked thai other cough remedies." The grip requires precisely the same treatment as a very severe cold, for which this remedy is so efficient. It will promptly loosen a cold and relieve the lungs.soon effecting a permanent cure,while most other medicines in. common use for colds only give temporary relief. 50c bottles for sale by Dr. Sheetz, druggist. Groceries, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Clothing All of which will be sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a large stock of Ready-Made Clothing which will be sold cheaper than you can buy the same class of goods in any other store in town. I also handle all kinds of F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business. Look at our show window and call on us and we wil do you good. Repair de partment conducted by a skilled workman. A. Sundstrom. Ship Ahoy! Land Ahead! ISJTLet me give you some Pointers. Wm Musson is headquarters for Clothing. You can buy the Best Suits of Clothing for the least monev. You can buy the best Unlaundned or Laundned Shirts for less money. Gent's Fine Underwear. Neckties and Hose, Hats and Caps and the finest line of Trunks in the county, which will be sold—away, away, away, and away—that means at Bed Rock Prices. Wm. Musson. Your hard wood floors are always so ex The Baptist Sunday School attended I quisitely polished. How do you manage theM. E. children's day exercises at to keep tbem 80? ~ I put Address : the M. E. church Sunday evening, H, C TUHISOH, ClliCilgO, Dl5. Uhich were very fine, and next Sunday evening the Baptist children will have their children's day exercises, when the Methodist children will return the them so?—I trousers ou the children, on the chamoisskin and let them ._, postal _ _ card, witU proper address will be inserted free in our numerous lists, and you will receive through them many valuable samples from companies desiring arts. Address postal to the AMBKICAN WST CO., ytsclier Bulldliig, Onicsgo, Hi- 81-38 Bright people aie the quickest to recog nize a good thing and buy ft. We sell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers compliment by the attendance of their I If you are not bright these pills will make We believe in reciprocity. | you so. For sale by F. W, Dingley. Drunkenness—Mquor Habit^-In all the World there Is but One Cure. Dr. Haiueit' Golden Specific. It can be given in a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the person taking it, electing a speedy and permanent cure, whether lie patient is a moderate drinker or an alco- lolic wreck. Thousands of drunkards have been cured who have taken the Golden Specific 11 their coffee without their knowledge, and today believe they quit drinking of their own tee will. No harmful effects results from its administration. Cures guaranteed, bend foi circulars and full particulars. Address in confidence, Golden Specific Co., 185. Kaoe street Cincinnati, Ohio. &-" AUCTIONEER. V. A. HAGGARD Will or* city.and.ftm V$W£kSlf&$ Large New Stock OF SPRING GOODS At WILSON'S of Bancroft. We will Not be Undersold. All are invited to call and look the stock over. B. M. Richmond, Pres, I. J. Bruer, Vice Pres. A. B. Richmond, Cajb IV. m. ttituuwuu, +*»•=. mm* "-•—_—' • *% V V% f Farmers' & Traders Savings Bank •£> A V f> R(~) C^T 1 Tnnnmni-ntBri under the Uws of the State of Iowa. None out home capital Invested. 4ut zldc/Dital MOW Plenty o^! money on hand to loan on real estate and other «ood SftPD Z6O Capital. *W,«W.ficuij«i.M»uii'oj •"««»» . tmnaral hanklliff buslneia trUUUU Samuel Mayi«, 0. E. MftUory. and a general banking business •"- " '-'- tickets to and iu Bichiaend, B.

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