The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY^ MAY 25, 1892. NO. 1OO. STARTLING FACTS! •Hi* American people are rapidly beoomluft no* of nervous wrecks, and the lollowlngiuOTetU ttebertretuocirt AtpfaonsoUempmaftof Butler, P«., melon that wfeembts son wn» speochleM from BtViiusDnnco, Dr. Mlloo* GreatR«ttor»tl»« Nervine curort him. Mrs. J. It. MiHor.of YalpM» •110,1110., J. D. Taylor, of Jxijjnnsport, Ind,, each Rained 20 pounds from tnklnit It. Mrs. H. A. Gardner, of Vistula. Ind., urn soured of 40 to 60 oonTuV slODBaflnjr, nnd mucft-JiMdnohe, dlulneM, back* . Mhe, and nbrrous prostration, by one bottle. Daniel Myers, Brooklyn, .Mich., sixya hi* daughter was cured of Inshnlty of ten years' standing. Trial bottletand fine book of marvelous cures, FBBB at druggists This remedy contains no opiate*. Dr.NIlies' Medical Co.,Elkhart,Ind. TBIAL BOTTLE FREE. Sold by F. \V. DINGI.EY. An ordinance concerning the system of water works of the Olty of Algona, Iowa, »nd e.t- tahllililng Ihe water rates, rules, regulations and penalties for the government of water consumers, licensed plumbers, and others. Be (t enacted by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa. ARTICLE t. MANAGEMENT. Section l. There shall be appointed by the City Council on the night of tfie tot nvuUtr meeting for the month of April In taeb. year, one man who shall be Superintendent of the Astern oi w ater" W orks, MiTwho shallbefore enterlnR upon the discharge of his duties,jjltr* a bond m the aum of one thousand dollars f$UH»). conditioned for the faithful discharge S hlTdutles. Said Superintendent shall hoTd his office during the pleasure of the Council. PBoviDieo That the person heretofore selected by the Olty Council to hate charge of said works shall act as such Superintendent until the time for the first regular appointment DB «. *. na...... » - ot said Superintendent to see that ordinances and resolutions of said City Council m reference to said system of water works are executed and that compliance therewith Is had. That the conditions of all contracts by or with said City Council are faithfully complied with ; that the assessments of the water rents are duly made, couecteu and D&id over to the city treasuier , uiu 10 R M ular meeting day ef each month to present all claims on account of the running an5 operation of said system of water works, and submit the .same to the City Council with such explanation as to enable the members thereof t> act advisedly thereon ; and shall make a lull and de- tailedreport on the first meeting night lor the month o April In each year, o£ the cond tlot and operation of said water works, the amount of money received, on account thereof from whom and date received, and for what chai- •icter of service, together with u statement of an ex endlttues made in the operat on and repairs of said works; and shall perform such other duties connected with said works as the City Council may prescribe. ..... Sec 3 Said Superintendent snail nave su- jip'i-visio'n of all buildings, " llw ; h \ ner >Vti, p P« C w i.ydrants and ever,thing coiineo eel w th saId THE LIGHT RUNNING * "DOMESTIC" IS THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH, CHAIN-STITCH, And BUTTON-HOLE. Three Machines in Onel Buy the "DOMESTIC," It is the BEST every way. .Simple, Practicable, Durable. AGENTS WANTED! SEND FOR CIRCULARS AND PRICE LIST. "DOMESTIC" SEWING MACHINE CO, For Sale by CHICAGO, ILLS. J. B. AVINKEL, A.LOONA, IOWA. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS, Trains leave Kmmetsburg a.s follows : (!OI?f<i NOIITH. yra system of water works, and it shall be hs duty to have ihe care of and attend to the running and oneratlon of the pumps and other machinery connected therewith, and perform such oMamiesas tbe (JityCom.cil may*««»»>«. The salary of the Superintendent shall be tlxed bj the 2ity Council. AUTICL.K 2. ORDINANCE PAKT OF CONTRACT-IF VIOLATED WATKKTO UK SHUT OKK-1'AVMKNT8 FOKFKITRI>. Section 1. The rules, regulations and water rates heieiiialter named shall be considered a part of the contract with every Person company or corporation who is supplied with water tlirouish the water-system ot the city, and every such person, company or corporation, by takuu: water shall be considered to express iso^hellissentto be bound thereby; and whenever any o£ them are violated, or such Slliera as the Wdlilty Council may 'patter adupt.the water shall be cut off t rum the build- L i K or place of such violation, although two or more parties may receive water through the same pipe, and shall not be .et on again except by omer of the Olty Council or superintendent, and upon the payment of the expenses pt shut- UnB It off and putting It on. ™**™ J° >f'' terms as the City Council shall determine, and a sa isuictory understanding wit" the party ihat no further cau>e of complaiiit »ha» a™* i aiul i:i case of such violation the Uty Council 3 ai have the right, to declare any payment wade tor the water by the person committing such violation to be forfeited, and same shall thereupon be lorfeited. AUTIC'MS 3. Uules and regulations Cor the government of water takers, licensed plumbers and others. Arri.ICATlON MA DR. Section l. livery person desiring a supply of waier must make application the simerlniendent, in such form as may be pre- smbed or that purpose ; blanks for such ap- pi cation will be furnished at tlve office of the City Clerk. The application must state truly and fully all the uses to which the water Is to be applied and no different or additional use will!beallowed, except, by permission obtained from the City Council. Not more than one house shall be supplied from one tap, except by special permission. RATES, WHEN DUE. Sec. 2. All rates, except for meters and building purposes, will be payable sdini-aiinu- •lv in advance on the first day of May and November in each year. Rents for the season, sueb as fountain,sprinkling etc shall be paid iu advance for the season. Rents and laces toi permit the Superintendent at all hours of the Say between 7 o'clock A. M. and 8 o'clock p. M., to enter their premises or buildings to examine the pipes and fixtures, and the manner in which the water is used, and they must at all times, frankly and without concealment answer all questions put to them relative to Its consumption. R09H. Sec. 13. Hose larger than three-quarter Inch will not be permitted, except upon payment of an additional charge. NOZZLR. Sec. 18. No hose shall be used In any case, unless It has been properly applied fof, and allowed by tho Superintendent, and In no ease shall It be used without a nozzle, And the nozzle shall not exceed three-tenths of an Inch In diameter, unless specially authorized. HOBK, *IME *O trail—MKTKB BATK8, See. 14. Hose for sprinkling yards, gardens and streets, or washing windows and sidewalks, shall bo used only from the first day of April to the first day of November, and between the hours of 8 and 8 o'clock A. M. and 6 and 8 o'clock p. M. If allowed to run at other times, tho water will bo cut off without previous notice, and It must bo confined to the fair application for those purposes, without excessive or unreasonable uso, and to the promises of tho party. This section not to apply to market gardens, nurseries or green houses. Water shall bo furnished for use In market gardens, nurseries and green houses At meter rates, with the privilege of use at all times as shall bo specially directed by tho Olty Council under authority reserved by clause 8 of this Sec. 15. In sprinkling streets each water taker must confine himself to one-hnlf tho width of the street of his own frontage, for which he pays wnter rent. YABD FOUNTAINS. Sec 10. Yard fountains shall not boused more than six hours per day, and only between April 1 and Nov. 1, except by special permission and upon payment of additional charges. The service pipe of fountains 6ut of doors must be provided with stop cocks nndor the control of the City Council. Tho rWht Is reserved to suspend tne use of fountains nnd hose for sprinkling streets.yards and gnrdcim whenever, in the opinion of the city council, the public exigency may require it. SERVICE IMPF.S. Sec 17 Either lead or wrought iron service pipes mov be used at option ot the applicant, and must be at least one-eighth of an inch larger in diameter than tho taps through which they are supplied. When lead is used in the street for outside plumbing-it must bo that designated as "extra strong. All iron pipe must sustain a pressure of not less than $00 pounds to tho square Inch, and at the point of connection with the street mala, between tho corporation cock and the coupling in the iron service pipe, there unit be at least eighteen Inches of lead pipe to relieve the rigidity of the Iron pipe. A brass coupling- must be used for connecting- the lead with the pipe, and in no case must lead be soldoiwl to iron. TAPPING MAIN. See. 18. No person except the tappers having special permit from tho City Council or >Jo. 61 passenger No. 03 passenger No. Ki freight No. 09 freight r,oiN<; SOUTH. No. (JO passonger No. <i2 passenger No. 04 freight .-» :25 p 111 .0 :13 a m .',', :00 p m ,H :85 am .R :?,!> a in ..5 :35p 111 .8 :35 am lViO i.\JL l;l»VJ uv;i*»«*' i — — . , purposes will be payable on Jem and. When the water is measured by meter, the bills must be paid monthly; the amount oi water used will determine the price to be pad eacii month. Ten per cent, penalty will be added U the rent is not paid within teu days alter the same becomes payable. DISCOUNT FOB VACANCY. Sec 3 All bills must be paid promptly when due anil all officers of the water works department are positively prohibited from allowing credit to anyone, A discount for vacancy oi not less than one month will be allowed, provided notice is given to the Superintendent at the time o£ vacancy and reoccupatiou. WATER TURNED ON, WHEN. see 4 The water will be turned into any house or private service pipe, except, upon the order ofthe City Council or Superintendent, persons in their service and approved by them, will be permitted under any circumstances to tap the distributing pipe, or to insert stopcocks or ferrules therein, aud the and and size of the connections with the mains shall be unit specified In the permit or order. Sec 10, Pipes must always bo tapped, on oi neat- tiie top and not iu uuy case at or within eighteen Inches ol the huu. And DO connection will be made with the street main for less than an annual rent of $3.00. I'IPES. HOW LAID. See 20 All service pipe must bo laid as much under the surface of the ground as the main pipe is in the street, unless otherwise permitted by the City Council, aud iu all eases, v<> be protected so as to prevent rupture by free/ing 1 . WATEK (JOCKS. See 21 Every service pipe must be provided with u stop waste cock for each consumer, easy accessible, and so situated that the water can be convleutly shut on' and drained from the pipes. STOP BOX, WHERE PLACED. Sec 22. Unless otherwise permitted, stop cocks'shall be placed In the service pipe on edge of the sidewalk, near the curb line, and protected by a box or iron pipe reaching trom tho tap to the surface, of suitable size to admit a stop key for turning on and off the stop; also with heavy metal coyer, having the lettei ••W" marked thereon, visible and oven with the pavement or planking. EXCAVATION OF STREETS. Sec. 23. In making excavations in streets or highways for the laying of service pipe or making repairs, the planks or paving stones or earth removed must bo deposited In a manner that will occasion the least inconvenience to the public and provide for the passage ot W See l 24° U IN'o person shall leave any excavation made in the street or highway open at any time without barricades, and during the night warning lights must be maintained nt sucli excavations. UEim.r,iNG, HOW DONE. Sec. 25. After service pipe is laid, in refill- in" tho opening tho earth must bo laid in laj- ers of not more than nine inches in depth, and each layer thoroughly rammed or PU d « lo( f J» prevent settlement, and this work together with tho replacing of sidewalk,.ballasts and or regulations of ordinances adopted by the City Council shall fotfett his license. A forfeiture of the license of any plumber shall operate aa a suspension of the license held by the co partner in the same business, of by any person in his or their employment. Sec. .14. Within forty-eight hours after completing any attachment of connection the plumber or pipe-fitter shall make full returns of the ordinary and special uses to which the water is designed to be applied under any permit granted from the office of the Superintendent, with a description of all the apparatus and arrangements for using the water in every case and any other particulars that maybe called for. The water will not be turned on to any premises until complete returns are made by the plumber. Annual licenses will be issued by the Oltf Olefk, only upon the order of the City Council. . PROPBWnr HOt TO £R TAMPKHBD WttR. Sec. 35. No person shall willfully or carelessly break, injure, mar, deface, interfere with or disturb any buildings, machinery, apparatus, fixture, attachment or appurtenance of the water works of said city, or any public or private hydrant, 6r water trough, or stop cock, meter, water supply, or service .pipe, or any part thereof; nor shall any person deposit anything in any stop cock box, or commit any act tending to obstruct or impair the intended use of any of the above mentioned property, without the permission of the City Council, or except in cases herein or otherwise regulated by ordinance of said city. Sec. 30. All the hydrants erected In said city for the purpose of extinguishing fires are hereby declared to be public hydrants, and no person or persona (other than the members of the flre department, and then only for the use and purposes of said department, or persons spec {ally authorized by said City Council, and then only in the exercise of the authdrity delegated by said City Council, shall open any of the said hydrants, or attempt to draw water from the same, or at any time um over or remove any protection from any of the hydrants in said city, or in any manner interfere with any of said hydrants. HYDIIANT WRENCHES, WHO TO. USK. Sec. :V7. No porsou authorized to open hydrants shall delegate his authority to another, or let out. or suffer any person to take the wrenches furnished him, or suiter the same to be taken from any house of said city except for purposes strictly connected with the fire department, or as they accompany hose carts on occasions of ttre. EXCAVATIONS WHEN GROUND IS FROZEN. Sec. 'M. No person shall make any excavation in any street or highway within six feet of any laid waterplpe, while the ground is frozen, or dig up or tiucover so as to expose to the frost any waterplpe or sewers of the city, except by special permission of the City Council. PLUMBING TO BE DONE TO PROPERTY LINE BEFORE STREET EXCAVATION IS »fADB. Sec 39. No pei-son shall make any excavation in any street or highway for the purpose of laying waterplpe, or tap any water or service pipe laid down, without written permission from the City Council or. Superintendent, and all plumbing work required in a building, or for other purposes, must be completed to the line of the street before any excavation shall be made-in said street for the purpose of connecting with the mains, unless permission to do it otherwise is granted by City Council. Sec 40. No claim shall be made against the city of Algona bj reason of the breaking of any main or service pipe, or cock, or of any interruption of the supply, or by reason of breakage of machinery, or stoppage- for necessary repairs. Sec. 41. No person shall place in, near, or around atiy watering trough, any dirt, filth, or anv impure substance whatever, or any substance or fluid by which the water In -such troughs shall be rendered impure or unpalata- lilp to *""* t -*" rt ' iti ' *MvHTtn.t*llv iisini? the Ayer's Pills the best remedy for Constipation, Jaundice, Headache, Biliousness, and Dyspepsia, Easy to Take sure to cure all disorders of the Stomach, Liver, and Bowels. Every Dose Effective KACE CKKAM. The lending Parl- sijm cosmptlque. Absolutely harmless ami a perfect face henutUler. A first-class medlcant, On sale with leading druggists. 33-44 stock ordinarily using same. PENAIiTIBS. Sec. 4'i. Any plumber or other person who shall do or perform any act or thing prohibited bv this ordinance, or otherwise than in accordance with its provisions, or violate any or either of the rules and regulations now or hereafter to be adopted, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof, in addition to the enforcement of the forfeitures, liabilities, stipulations, and reservations, shall be lined in a sum not less than three dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, and be required to pay the costs of prosecution. Sec. 43. The following annual water rents and rates are hereby adopted: WATEU BATES. A BSOLUTELY FREE. The publishers of the Family Journal are determined to larirely increase the circuhii tlon of their paper. To do this we make the following unparalleled offer : We will send, absolutely free, imstace prepaid, the celebrated BiMIT'V PAfilf RfiAlf to each person sending rfllftllil Wlm-BUtm , ls 2 r,c for a six-months subscription to the FAMILY JOURNAL. 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One pair will wear a year. ~ a 3O flue culfj no bolter shoo ever offered at thU price; one trial will convince those Bfioeta - ' ' r until the applicant shall Have PaW tho rent due for the current term; and pluinheis ,ue st icily prohibited from tuniing the water into iu v service pipe, except upon tlie order ot t o • itv Council or Superintendent, 'llus rule shall nni be construed to prevent any plumber admitting water to test pipes and loi that piu- pose only. \VATKll SUl'l'IA- TO CONTRACTORS ONLY. Sec r>, No consumor shall supply water to other'families, uor suffer them to take it ott their premises; nor alter water is introduced into any building or upon any premises, shall ay persou make, or employ any plumber or oilier person to make any tap. or connection tli tne pipes upon the premises for allera- ons, extensions or attachments, without ye - ission from tue City Council or superintend- it, MKTHKS, Sec 0 The City Council shall have the uht to order a meter to be applied to any ser- ce pipes whenever they may deem t ailvlsd- u un.i cniii'o.r, meter rates tor water. 1'aities or City Council. No opening oil streets for tapping of. mains will be permitted when the ground is frozen. PIPE TO BE CHANGED TO C'ENTEU OF STREET. See 2(1 Applicants for water will be charged from tho center of t lie street for all service pipuiiml Irenc'hinH-without m?urd to the location of tho mains and the City Council shall have Uio power to make such arrangements with plumbers aud others as they may deem expedient to carry this clause into effect, HYUUANTS AND DRINKING FOUNTAINS. Sec. 37. No hydraiitoxcopt tho public drinking- fountains shall be placed within the limit of any street, unless such hydrant Is securely closed and protected against general use, una sh who want a s for comfort and service. . and $£.00 Worklueman'a shoea are very strong and durable. Those who have given them a trial will wear no other make. — 82.00 uHd 81.75 school shoes are worn by the boys every where; tAersell merits, as the Increasing sales show. 83.00 Hniid-Hewml shoe best e, and collect meter rates tor ccepting meter rates in preterfcuto ..» -(—-•"•• r regular rates, \viil pay cost of meter and the ost of placing same. HYDRANTS, ETC., TO HE KKl'T CLOSED. Sec 7 All persons using water shall keep IB hydrant, lap hose, water closet, urinals, atl o r oth'er "fixtures allotted to their use. losed, except when obtaining water lor use, nd shall be responsible for any damage or - iiry that may result to others from their improper useYf said water. All water closets nust be self-closing, BOIMCBS-l'BOTKOT KBOM KU08T AT OWNEB'S JU3K-JUGHT TO SHUT WATKU OFF 9«]«UU IIIIIIU-HUWUU OUV13. ww« Doagola, very stylish; equalafreuoa Imported shoes costing from 81.00 to S6.0U. ^^ilies' ti.SO, S-J.OO Jiud 81.75 shoe for Bore the best flue Uongola. Stylish and durable idles' £.50, Biases ore the best fl =-—- _-— Citation.—See that W. L. Douglas' name and pciae are stamped on tbe bottom of each shoe. W-TAKE NO SIJBSTITUTE._« ^^ffib&W^ffl&^* F. S. Stough, Aa-eut Sec 8 All house boilers shall be constructed vlth one or more air-holes near the top ot the ulet pipe and be sufficiently strong to bear the )i-essu-e of atmosphere under vacuum. Ihe /top cock and other appurtenances must be sufficiently strong to bear the pressure and ram ortthe water in tfie mains. All persons taking the water shall keep their. own service pipes, stop-cocks and apparatus in good repair, and protect from frost at then- own risk and ex- ise and shall prevent all unnecessary waste water : and it'is expressly stipulated by said city Council, that no claim shall be made against the city ov its officers by reason of breaking of any service pipe or service cock, or wl -n ffiom any cause the supply of water should lull fail or from damage arising from shutting off ues> wate? to repair mains, making connections or extensions, or for any other purpose that way be deemed necessary ; and the right is heiebj reserved to cut off the supply of watei ay time, any permit granted or regulation lo the contrary notwithstanding. I'AKTV IN CONTROL Of STO1' I10X TO I'AV HILLS See !) Service pipe intended to supply two or more distinct premises or tenements, aud where only one stop is used, the person or persons controlling the same must pay the wutei rent of all paities who are thus supplied separate water bills will not be made. WATKU WliKN SUUT OFF KOTTO !'-E TUltNKU ON. Sec 10 When water lias been turned oil' from any consumer he shall not turn it 011 nor permit it to b e turned o\i without the written consent or the City Council or Superiuteudent, no drinking- 1'ouutain shall bo erected for pub- lie use which has openings by which it cnn U« used as a source of domustiu supply. WATKK fc'UEK foil Kllll! 1'L'KPOSES. Sec, 28. It proprietors of lumber yards, manufactories, halls, stores, elevators, warehouses, hotels or publio buildings, regular consumers of water from the works, wish to lay large, pipes with hydrants and hose couplings, to be used only In cusu of fir?, tlioy will bo permitted to connect with tho street mains at their own expense upon application to tne City Council and under their direction, and will bo allowed the use of water for flre protection only, free of charge. VLUMBEBS, UEOULAT1ONS Ot 1 Sec. 29. During all alarms ot tiro, and while the fire presure is on the mains, the use of yard sprinklers and street sprinklers, or elevators is positively forbidden, unless for the extinguishment of flre. Each violation of this rule will forfeit to the olty waterworks live dollars as liquidated damages uud also nil right to the use of water, and will be strictly enforced. . See. 30. No water pipes laid underground shall bo covered and trenches be filled by any plumber until after the water has been turned into sucli pipes and such pipes have been tested and found to bo water tight. Sec. 31. The city water works may require (24) twenty-four hours notice to put In a tap in the mains. Butcher shops Brick yards Book binders • Building purposes, per thousand brick Building purpose, per perch stone .••• Building purposes, per 100 square yards plastering Blacksmith shop, first flre Blacksmith shop, each additional tire Boarding and lodging houses In addition to regular rates for dwellings, each room over six. Churches Confectioners Dwelling houses Dyeing aud scorning Fountains, six hours per day in season, 1-10 inch jet Fountains, six hours per day in season, la inch jet Halls Hose for sprinkling lot, per season, per front foot (Hose when used as a fountain will he charged at foun tain rates.) Hotels, in addition to regular rates for dwellings, each room. 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If we do, end if you work industriously, yon will in due time be able to buy an island and build a hotel, if you wish to. Money can be earned at our new line of work, rapidly and honorably, by those of either eox, young or old, and in their own localities, wherever they live. Any ons can do the work. Easy to learn. We furnish everything. No risk. You can devote y« ir spare moments, or all your time to tho work. This entirely new lead brings wonderful success to every worker. Beginnersare Darning from 8!S2» to $5O per week and upwards, and more after a little experience. We can furnish yon the employment—we teach you P KKK. This is an age of marvelous things, and here is another great, useful, wealth-gtvingwonder. Great gains will reward every industrious worker. Wherever yoa are, and whatever yon are doing, you want to know about this wonderful work at once. Delay means much money loftt to you. No space to explain here, but if yon will write to us, we will make all plain to you KHEK. Address, CO., Box 4OO, Autruita, Maltt» Such plumbers and all plumbers employ>• them must be experienced in their busi- consent of the City PREMISES OF CONSUMEU OPJSH TO INSPECTION BY CITY COUNCIL OB BUPEH1NTENUKNT. See 11. Every person taking water supplied tbrougb the water system pi this city, shall plumber cil. t-- ness aziif skilled and practical workmen, and upon making application for a license they furnish the City Council satisfactory evidence of the above requirements. Application for license shall be made in writing to the City Council, must state tho full name of the applicant, his place of business and the firm uauio under which the business is to bo carried on. After application for such license shall be approved and before same shall be issued, the party applying for same shall execute and deposit with the city clerk a bond with with two or more sureties, to bo approved by the City Council, In the penal sum of one thousand dollars, conditioned that he will idemnify and save harmless t he eit-y of Algoua of and from all accidents and damages oau.sud by any negligence iu prosecuting and protecting his work, and that lie will restore all earth, pavements and other materials, in and over any opening- he may have made in laying any service pipes for any other purpose, to as goudastato and condition as it was before such opening was made, and keep and uiiiiutuiii the same in g-ood order and to the satisfaction of the Superintendent o:- City Council for the period of oue mouth thereafter; and that he will pay all that may be imposed upon Uim for any violation of any rules, regulations or ordinances adopted arid enacted by said City Council 1» reference to said system of water Sec. 44. When water is used for purposes not specified in the foregoing tariff, the rate 'iall be fixed by tae City Council. Sec. 45. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force in accordance with law after its passage and publication. L. A SHEKTZ, Mayor. Attest: S. S. SESSIONS, City Clerk. Passed, May 7,1892. Sec. 33. Any plumber or pipe fitter who shall be guilty of a violation of m% ol the wiles ' Dr. Halo's HouseholdOlntiiien t Is the finest remedy iu the world. It absolutely cures catarrh. It cures neuralgia aud rheumatism. Cures piles like magic. Cures salt rheum in tbe most soothing manner. Cures inflamed and granulated eyelids. Cures coughs and colds. Can be taken internally. A pos Hive specific for pneumonia. Cuts, bruises, burns, chilblains, sores of long standing, corns and bunions are cured quickly; different from all else; superior to all else,; it uaa no equal 25c and 50c. boxes. Large size cheapest. Sold at L. A. Sheetz drug store. Tabules cure New York Sun: "An apartment is so I convenient," said Mrs. Trotter. "When you see anyone coming to call that you don't to see all you haye to do is to walk ] down stairs while they come up the elevator." IB a recent letter to the proprietors, Mr. H. M. Bangs, the druggist at Chatsworth, 111.,says-. "I am very much pleased with I Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. During the epidemic of la grippe here it took the lead and was very much better liked than I other cough remedies." The grip requires precisely tbe same treatment as a very severe cold, for which this remedy is sol efficient. It will promptly loosen a cold and relieve the lungs., soon effecting a permanent cure, while most other medicines! in common use for colds only give temporary relief. 50c bottles for sale by Dr. Sheetz, druggist. REGULATE THE STOMACH, LIVER AND BOWELS, PURIFY THE BLOOD. A RELIABLE REMEDY FOR Indigestion, BHIouinoM, Headache, Conttl- potion, ]>y*pei»la, Chronic Liver Trouble*, DUzluew, Bad Complexion, Dysentery, Offensive Breath, and all dtaorder* ot the Stomach, Liver ond Bowel*. Klpans Tabules contain notblner Injurious to the most delicate constitution. Pleasant to Uke, sate, effectual. Give immediate relief. BoidbydruMtete. A trial bottle sent by mail on receipt ottt cents. Address THE RIPAN8 CHEMICAL CO 10 SPRUCE STBiEBT, NEW YORK OITT. !••••••••••••••••••••••«•*•>••••••< i Bright people are the quickest to recog oize a good thing and buy it. We sell lots | of bright people the Little Early Risers. If you are not bright these pills will make j you so. For sale by F. W. Dingley. It is a truth in medicine that the small est dose that performs the pure is the best. De Witt's Little Early Risers are the smallest pills, will perform the cure and are the best. For sale by 7. W, I Piogley. * \ This space is reserved for Dr L. K. Garfield, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by Agts. in Algona \* WftftK dl£6 tUe smallest cilia, for s * vr

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