The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 4
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UK RKl'UBLK AX, ALUONA. IOWA, WKl'XKSiUY, MAY ISOi UKBHil and DEPARTURE ot CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AN!) ST. 1'AUL, <JO1X« WKST. 1 piVSSeilKC?.. G:02»ni 3 passenger 4:3" P Irt 9 freight 7 :15 a in 13 why freight,. .....' 11:45 nm 6 freight ... i... 8:17 fin OO1.NO BAST. 2 passenger 10:24 am 4 passenger n :30 p m No. No. No. No*! No. No. 10 HI *0. So. .io:r>Bp«n & ^orthweste*», R'y« ooiNd NOR*8 AND WBHT. Ifreleht accommodation 8 :18 a m Chicago Mall and Express 3:31 p m OOTNOfiOtlTH AMU KA8T. Freight accommodation "^tPUI Chicago Mail and Express 2:33 p m Ohieago passenger reaches Des Monies at 7 p, m., Chicago 6 -.50 a. m., and Kansas City 9 •» a, in. Tickets for sale to all points in the Tnlted States and Canada. ALGONA REPUBLICAN (Official Paper <>f JKuMuWi County and /Tic City of Alauna.) ' ^^ Kulercd at, tlic iiost olllce l». Algona as second class in n II matter. PUBMHHEU fcvBUY WKDNKSDAV JOS, W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher iTerms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance .. ......... $1.50 One copy, six months. In advance .......... 76 One cowy, three months, in advance ........ 40 Subscriptions eonUune till ordered stopped aud al| arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable ivttd will be made known on application. ' : !V F >:. HOOK The equipment of the URPHBUCAM Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THK REPUBLICAN is an ALL HOMK I'RINT paper. No objectionable patent in- sldas. __ PROPESSIOKAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, 8. ,1. DANSON. W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Frank Bros. Algona, Iowa. E. V. SWETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, Iowa. The democrats at Council Bluffs seemed to be dead sure of but one thing—they want Horace Boies president. The free silver plank in the platform is a sort of a compromise between all the conflicting democratic position on the silyer question. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office ovor Kossuth Co. Bank. Alnonn, Iowa. GEO. E. CLARKE, ~ A TTORNE Y A T LA IF, Office over 1st National Bauk, Algona, Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over (Jhrischilles'store. Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. P. Office at residence, in Benbnm property, on Thoringtou street. Algona, - - The saloon keepers of Sioux City offered to donate $10,000 for the relief of the flood sufferers, if the city would per mit them to encage in their business unmolested. The mayor refused the bribe with the answer that be would never sell the virtue of Sioux City in its hour of need. In consequence, no help for the flood sufferers has been forthcom ing from the saloon keepers. Saloon men are not noted for their philanthropy. THE DEMOCRATIC FLOP. Des Moines Capital: When the free silver measure came before the United States senate in the previous congress : out of thirty-seven democrats in that body, thirty-three either voted or paired in favor of that bill, says the Times Re publican. Among the thirty-three were John G. Carlisle, of Kentucky; Arthur P. Gorman, of Maryland; Geo. Graham Vest, of Missouri, and the other democratic leaders upon the floor of the senate. Al of these leaders have since been converted to the opposition, as was Senator Mills of Texas, once au advocate of free coin age. J AS. BARE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, -Office at residence. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Offiee on State street, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa, DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Dor. State and Thorington sts. Alsona. Iowa. If credence is to be placed iu newspape reports, the nomination of James G Elaine, notwithstanding his letter declin ing to be a candidate, is a probability of the Minneapolis convention. Th slightest assurance from Mr. Blaiue tha he would accept the prize, if tendered and his nomination would be as certain as tbe sunset. There is no magic t arouse republican enthusiasm like tu magic in the name of Elaine. President Harrison has given the country a splen-' did administration and his renomination would insure a inagnificient campaigh, but President Harrison is not James G. Elaine. There is only ene James G. Elaine in the hearts of republicans, and the great majority of the party would be glad to see him nominated. least $100 more to clotng | family of six children for /one year by .reason of the McKinley bill than it Wovif§ if the tariff were removed, when everyone knows that the average family of six children in Kossuth county is clothed decently every year for just about $100. "The proposition of the REPUBLICAN" says the Courier, "that the foreign^ pays the tariff is too stale, too silly, and too disgusting to merit a reply." The REPUB- ICAN does not advance the proposition hat the foreigner in all crises pays the ariff. Facts are to the contrary. Facts rfc also to the contrary of the Courier's tubborn and senseless position that the ariff tax is invariably paid by the ccn- utner. The REPUBLICAN does not hold hat the McKinley bill is the embodiment the highest tariff wisdom. Tariffs lave to be changed and modified to suit ihanging conditions, and no tariff bill ;ould be founed embodying the ne plus ultra of perfection with reference to the best interests of the entire country. The model tariff law is one that shifts the jurdcns of taxation as much as possible ipon the foreign manufacturer and at he same time fosters home interests and ndustries. If our definition of a model .ariff is correct tbe McKinley law answers more nearly to the definition than any other tariff act that has been framed for a generation. The REPUBLICAN has jointed to several instances where the dominion of the foreign manufacturer over the American market has been so thoroughly broken, that he is glad to pay the tax to get his goods into this country. Notwithstanding all facts to the contrary, if wo are to believe the Courier the tariff is in every instance a tax upon the sumer. W ANTED-Hood girl for general housework. Enquire of1). A. Haggard. W ANTED.—Girls lor dining room and kitch- MI work. Adihrss, ti. A. Slinttuck, 33-34 Clear Lake, la. S TiiAYKD.—From the old' 1 Lacy i>ntn~iftst Friday morning, a bob-tailed sorrel bald- faced mare, 5 years old. weight about l.OOO )bs. Kinder report to P. J. OHIUHTBK SB.V. am S HORT HOUN BUt,LS-l huve 2 thoron«h- Itreil aiiort Horn bulls wlitdi I will sell clte'ip for cash If taken soon.—C. B. •29-31 F OR HA1..K-A first-class KewinR Machine at it bargain. Inquire at the KKPUBttflAN of- flee. If you contemplate purcliaslng a Machine it will pay you te IOOK up this one before buying. It has never been used and will be sold at a better figure than any agent will give you. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collection N. etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Office with K. M. Taylor. arffii con STATEMENT -OP- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, At Algona, in the State ot Iowa, at the close of business, May 17,1892. HESOUIICES. Loans and discounts $92.467.91 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured— 2,696.38 U. S.bonds to secure circulation 13,000.00 Due from approved Keserve Agents $18,076.34 Due from other Nat'I Banks. $18,013.44 Due from State Banks and Bankers $1,684.50 32,773.28 Banking-house Furniture, and Fixtures 6,990.00 Other Keal Estate, aud mortg's owned 1,200.00 uurrent expenses and taxes paid 1,111.30 Premiums on U. S. bonds 1,950.00 Checks and other cash items $ 216.42 Bills of other Banks.... 12,036.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents 97,46 Specie 2,106.00 Legal tender notes 4,ooo.oo 18,455.87 Kedemption fund with U. 8. Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) 086.00 At T. J. FELLING, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGSON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. CHAS. McCORMACK, ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN, Guarantees to cure Catarrh. All telegrams will receive prompt attention and I will pay the same. Wesley, low for Iowa. The friends of free school education who have taken up The Youth's Companion's proposal for a National Celebration en Columbus Day, in which the public schools of America shall be the leaders, are working with an energy and determination worthy of the movement. The press throughout the entire country is advocating the plan with a remarkable degree of enthuiasm and unity of purpose. Teachers and pupils in all parts of our Republic are declaring their intention of joining in the celebration. There is every reason fer believing that October 12 will be marked by one of the most successful patriotic demonstrations in the history of our country. FOR DOLL1VEE. Farmer's Advocate: The Advocate is f or Dolliver! There is much talk on all sides about the congressional nomination in the tenth district this year. A small but restless body of politicians are leaving no stone unturned to prevent the nomination of our present representative. The Advocate wants it plainly understood that we are "first, last and all the time" squarely in favor of the renoinmation of Jonathan P. Dolliver. Why ! Dolliver has made a brilliant record in the two terms he has been our public servant. His splendid oratorical ability enables him to command attention where a less eloquent congressman would receive none. When Dolliver speaks the galleries are filled and the members of the house listen attentively. When Dolliver asks anything for his district, the friends he has made and the obligations to him hat have been created by the services his eloquent oratory has been' to many con ressmen in many States, give him a powerful backing that very few young statesmen ever command. Wherever Dolliver goes, there the tenth district of Iowa is aonored, and whenever he speaks, he calls the attention of the nation to Iowa and Iowa talent, not only as an orator, but as a thoughtful student of political problems. He is a credit to our state. To retire such a representative after two terms of service is rank folly. As Sam Clark says, there are hundreds of districts in the United States who would be glad to keep a Dolliver in congress term after term, until he grows old in the service. , Total $171,119.74 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in 50,000.00 Surplus fund 5,000.00 Undivided proftcs , 4,000,01 National Bank notes outstanding 11,700.00 Individual deposits subject to check $83.687.74 Demand certin'tes of deposit 10,731.90 100,419.73 FRANK BROS.' Total 8171,119.74 State of Iowa, County of Kossuth--ss. I, Wm. K. Ferguson, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. WM. K. FERGUSON Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24th day of May, 1892. L. J. KICB, CORRECT—Attest: Notary Public, AMBKOSR A. CALL, 1 W. P.CAKTKK, vDirsctors. D. H. HUTOHINS, ) E, E. SAYERS, D. V. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AMD SURGEON, ISP-Office west of the Thoringtou House, AJgona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. DANSON & HUTCHISON, SSAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. Office over Kossuth County Bink. Also do a loan and insurance business. Algona, Iowa. C. B. MATSON, SSAL ESTATE, FARM LOANS AND INSURANCE, Office with Dingley & Moftatt. Algona, Iowa GEO. 0. CALL, REAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT OFFICE For information m regard to lauds in Northwestern Iowa, write to him, Thorington street, Algona, Iowa. Some say that the country is going to ruin, but in spite of all large crowds rush to Matson & McCall's for millinery. The styles and prices cannot fail to suit all. Ribbon sale Friday and Saturday at GALBKAITHS. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. Office on Dodge street, Algona, Iowa, P. L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. E. G. BOWYER, DKALEB IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant. I P, HALL, Proprietor, SUte Street, Algona. fcMgtag and meals- Board by tbe day or week. TwinMiperrtay, «3.w p«r week with WANTS 100,000 COPIES. Tbe Emmetsburg Democrat answers our proposition with respect to the Dol liver supplements asfoliaws: We did not see your original offer Mr. Republican. You did not send us the paper containing your original challenge. However we want 100,000 ef your Dolliver supplements and will guarrantee to circulate every one of them. Come now furnish them in supplement form so that they will be accepted by Postmaster Utter or shut up. We mean business and we mean to circulate every copy of the 100,000. Stand to your bargain and fur ish tbe supplements. Emmetsburg Democrat. The REPUBLICAN made its offer in good faith and will stand by it if any "Dolliver supplements" can be secured, when the offer is accepted in equally good faith by the Democrat. The Democrat's proposition to circulate 100,000 copies of the supplement is ridiculous, and carries tbe stamp of insincerity. It is very questionable if the Democrat has a bona fide circulation of 1.000 in Palo Alto county not to meniion 100,000. The democratic papers of all northern Iowa combined cannot show a circulation of 100,000. It was the meaning of our proposition that the editer of the Democrat should circulate the supplements with his paper, that one copy of the supplement should be folded in with each copy of some number of the Democrat, after the manner of circulating supplements. When the Democrat is ready to accept the terms of our proposition the supplements will be forthcoming if a supply can he obtained at this late date. Straw Hate. We have openeda completeline of Straw Goods in mens' boys' and childrens' and we are going to slaughter the prices for tbe next few days. H. BALCOM. Frank's old stand.. , Siinton's Specific FOR DYSPEPSIA This unfailing reniedy for dyspepsia of the most chronic type, is the result of many year's medical research of one of the most noted and eminent medical scholars of the period. Dr. Ui Verne Swinton. Patent and proprietary nostrums hav&had no more bitter opponent than this most oniincnt physician,for the simplu reason that the same dose is invariably prescribed to the sultyrer. no, matter what the temperature of the patient.and no matter what tbe peculiarities of the disease, and this, too. in the face of the claims that such remedies will cure a majority of known diseases. Dr. Swiuton realized fully to what extent dyspepsia, whether mild or chronic by impoverishing and poisoning the blood, became the piogcmtor of numerous dlseasHs, and therefore sought diligently for years to discover its true specific. In this lie was successful, but iu prescribing his wonderful discovery .lie never overlooked the great medical truth that the symptoms In each case, the temperamental differences, and even the habits and occupation of the sufferer, required not only a difference in the prescription of his reinedy.but also demanded supplemental treatment and dietary directions, varying widely in different cases. The SWINTON MEDICAL Co. send in connection with this celebrated Spocifle tor Dyspepsia a complete treatise by tfie Dr., which gives explicit directions to the sufferer, so that he may not only intelligently use the remedy, but also properly regulate the diet, and properly self- administer the supplemental prescriptions suited to the case. This le Medical Treatment and not Quackery. Do not be robbed of your money and your hopes for restored health by alleged panaceas, which while comparatively harmless will cure nothing. SWINTON'S SPECIFIC is sold by all druggists in $1 packages. We are introduclug it ourselves In this territory, before placing it en sale with your leading pharmacists, and will send single packages to any address upon receipt of 50c. Each package contains the medical treatise of Dr. Swiuton, giving dietary directions aud supplemental prescriptions. Address, SWINTON MEDICAL CO., Fischer Building. Chicago, 111. 30-35 We wish, to call your attention to the fact that our store room is rented and we are compelled to move in a short time. Below we will give you some prices that will astonish you on Clothing, Hats, Caps, Underwear, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear of all kinds,overalls. Jeans Pants, etc. Muddy, muddy, muddiest; but all the same J. R. Laird continues to sell furniture at greatly reduced prices. 32tf All silk fancy ribbons at 25c per yard. Friday and Saturday only, atGALBRAiTns. City Delivery. I will run two delivery wagons hereafter, and will be prepared to attend to customers in all parts of the city. Leave all orders at the Adams Express office. 83tf F. W. LONGLEY. The Courier opened its mouth again last week and spake upon the subject of the tariff, displaying the usual care man ifested by democratic editors to avoid the real point at issue, and insisting that the tariff is invariably a tax upon the consumer, all facts that may be advanced in proof of tbe contrary notwithstanding. With its cbarecteriatic perversity in sticking to a thing when it has once Illinois 3d vein soft coal on hand hereafter. 33 34 J. H. QUEAL & Co. Low Railroad Rates. INDEPENDENT PA.KTY NAT. CONNENTION. For the Independent Party National Conventiona to be held at Omaha July 4, excursion tickets will be sold at one fare for the round trip. SUPREME LODGE A. 0. U. W. For the Supreme Lodge A. O. U. W. which meets at Helena, Mont., June 15th a rate of $44:25 will be in effect from Algona. SPECIAL TRAIN TO CLEAR LAKE, IA. A special train will leave Algona May 28th at 9:40 a. m., returning will leave Clear Lake at 6:00 p. m. Fare, adults, $1, children 60c for the round trip. TO CHICAGO AND RETURN. For the Democratic National Convention to be held at Chicago June 21st, agents of the North- Western Line will sell excursion tickets at the rate of one fare for the round trip, For tickets and full information concerning dates of sale, etc., apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y. Drunkenness—Liquor Habit—In all the World there Is but One Cure. Dr. Haineo' Golden Specific. It can be given m a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the peison taking It, effecting a speedy and permanent cure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or au alcoholic wreck. Thousands of drunkards have been cured who have taken the Golden Specific in their coffee without their knowledge, and today believe they quit drinking of their own free will. No harmful effects results from its administration. Cures guaranteed. Send for circulars and full particulars. Address iu confidence, Golden Specific Co., 185, Bace street, Cincinnati. Ohio. 23-12 $5,00 Suits for $3.00 7,00 u kl 4.40 9.50 " u 6.00 10.00 " fct 7.00 12.50 " " 9.00 15.00 " " 11.50 18.00 " 4t 14.50 SHIRTS. .75 Tennis flannel, for $ .50 LEGAL BLANKS. Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Leaa- ea, Real Estate Mortgage, Chatttel Mortgage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Original Notice, Land Contracts, Contracts foi liulldiiig School House, Notice Trial, Probate of Will, Tax Sale Notices, Petition lilttukii, District Township Blanks, Oath Blanks, Blank Receipt Books, Blank Note Books, etc. etc. 'Any form mtule to order. THE REPUBLICAN 1.00 1.50 2.25 French .70 1.10 1.75 The Entire - i I tri ) I < CD •-d m»,93.M»vv«*kf9r day tart. tHe Courier rtUHwitti tb»t H cost* »t R'y. - Stock GROCERIES GrO We will give you some Bargains in all kinds of Groceries. Crockery aud Glassware. Try our In a Short Time, Low Kates to Cedar Rupidfi. On May 30 to June 0 inclusive, the Chicago & North-Westera R'y Co. will umcago « JNortu- westera K'y sell tickets to Cedar Rapids, la. FLOUR turn, at one fare for the round trip, on account of the German Baptist Confer- We will suit you better in Quality and Information apply to agents 0. & N. W D*v Qfi.KR APPLES at a vwy Jo* tm»

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