The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
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Do You Want a Map of Kossuth County, Corrected To Date ? THE REPUBLICAN'S -NEW- Are Completed. VOL. XXI. ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1892. NO. 34. .Vfubfoso A. Oall, D. II. Hutching, Wm. K. Ferguson, President. Vice-President. Cashier. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. AtGONA., IOWA. OAPl-1'AL, $5O,OOO. SVtoney on hand, to loan nt reunc>nat»lo rates to parties who ftirnlsli flrst-nlass sms Director*—D. It. Hutolilns, S. A.irorijit*(»ii, Plilllp Uorwnllnr, W. P. (tarter, • Aml>ro»e A. Call, 0. It. UiiLohlliH, Win. K. KergUMon. ELAINE STILL IN IT. STATEMENT AGAIN MADE THAT WILL ENTER THE RACE. HE ALGONA STATE BANK $50,000.00. IOWA. CAPITAL, - • DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke. Pirn, C. 0. Clnibb. Vino Prea., Clias. C. St. Olalr. Cash. Myron Schonck, Ooo. L. Galbrnlth, W. 0 Tyrrell, I'hos. V. Cooke. *W. H. lugham, J, President. B. Jones, Vice President. Smith, KOSSUTH COUNTY ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL »&O.<>OO. Incorporate I trader general la.vs of Town. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and ••domestic exchange bought"and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or, from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H., John G. Smith, J. 11. Jones, T. Ohrlsohllles, Lewis TV. Wadswortli, Baniflt Uevlne. Lewis D. Smith. J. LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLE. Carriages. Bast of Horses and Wet*t of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. CARM LOANS i We can now make loans on Improved Lauds from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any time when Interest falls Am. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call ou or address, H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. REPAIRING NEATLY At Lacy's Old Stand, opposite Torment House, DONE. ALGONA, IOWA. LIVERY and FEED Harrison, lUalnu* an<l Klltlns Confer ami Agree on a Plan, "Tls Said— Republican Opponents of the President Meet at General Algor's Homo. NEW Yon:.:, May 1!).—Elaine has consented, it is said, conditionally to the use of his name at the Minneapolis convention. N haniel F. Page, of Washington, is st.-.yirig at the Fifth Avenue hotel. Ho stated that S. B. Elkins, secretary of wr.r, had a conference with Blaine and Harrison and had received definite instructions from both to present the name of either at Minneapolis, as the Republican nominee for president. Mr. Page also stated that Secretary Ellnns was given permission by both Blaine and Harrison to withdraw the name of either as may seem advisable at the time. WILL CONFER WITH BLAINE. Anti-Administration Men Delegate Clarkson to Visit the Secretary. CHICAGO, May 20.—The Herald'a Detroit special says: The big anti-Harri- son'conclave in progress at General Alger's house "Wednesday night and Thursday morning is the talk of the town. J. Sloat Fassett, of New York, John M. Thurston, of Nebraska, and Jobn M. Langston, of Virginia, were visitors at Ann Arbor. The statement that General James Clarkson was simply on his way from the Hot Springs to New York is vigorously denied by a man who claims to know that Clarkson came here on a special train from Chicago. Th'e real object of the meeting was as follows: A final effort is to be made to draw Blaine into the presidential race. That was definitely decided upon. As soon as General Clarkson reaches New York he will proceed directly to Washington where a secret conference will be held with Blaine. At this he will be shown by convincing figures that Harrison's strength has been greatly overestimated and his nomination would invite Republican defeat. In case Blaine will not allow hia.nam^ to be used Alger will be pushed for the head of the ticket by the entire anti-contingent. COMING HIS WAY NOW. BRIEF NEWS ITEMS. CRIMINAL CULLINGS. Bobbers attacked a train in Florida and killed an express messenger, but got no plunder. An Idaho miner shot a girl who, disguised aa a calf, had stolen much treas- nre from him. An attempt was made to wreck a train on the Rock Island road, near Des Moines, Saturday night. Edward Parker Deacon, who killed M. Abeille at Paris, has been sentenced to one year'3 imprisonment. Joseph L. Tice was electrocuted at Auburn prison Wednesday morning. The electrocution was the most successful of any yet perfoi med. Deeming, the notorioiis Australian murderer, V.-RS hanged Monday morning. He collapsed completely before reaching the scaffold, and had to be assisted by the officials. At Denison, Tex., between 11 p.m., and 3.'80'a. m. an unknown assassin brutally and pro: -icditatedly shot and killed four women, two of them leading ladies of the city, and two members of disreputable houses. UNTOWARD EVENTS. Seven workmen were injured, two fatally, by the falling of a roof at Pittsburg. W. L. Crosby a wealthy young lawyer of La Crosse, Wis., was run over and killed by the cars in Texas. Fire along the river front at Oswego early Saturday morning destroyed property valued at half a million. Martinius island, in the Indian ocean, has been devastated by a cyclone and the loss of life is said to be fearful: The Brazilian, monitor Solimes has been sunk off Cape Pelouis. Officers and crew, numbering 125, were drowned. A pitched battle took place between horse thieves and deputy sheriffs in the Sac and Fox country in the Indian Territory, Two of the horse thieves and one of the deputies were lulled. LMWIS E. SMITH, Prop. Successor to J. G. Edwards. South of Tennent Hpuso, ALGONA. "We are not in the Pool. Years Experience right here in Kossuth county, work. Our books are not for sale. We are here to stay. We guarantee our Prices reasonable. JONES & SMITH, A!gona, Iowa. CTTT? OJ-L>J.L> THT JL 1 THAT YOU GO TO HOWARD'S FOR HARDWARE, where there is no Cheap John Goods but the best the market affords, at satis- ™'^™ il ^™^^~ 1 "^~~™™ 1 " factory prices, a few of which I will enumerate :— The Leader Ranges and Stoves, second to none for durability and operation. "New Process" and other late styles of Gasoline Stoves. The Minnesota Linseed Oil Paints, as good as any on the market. besides Oils, Lead, Dry Paint and Brushes of the Best Quality. The Dubunue Leather and Rubber Belling, rubber hose and packing. The only Genuine Glidden barb wire kept in town. Cedar Rapids Pumps, best Washing Machines, and all kinds of Building Hardware at lowest living rates. My trade is increasing, I have come to stay, and don't yeu forget it. Thanking you tor past patronage and by fair dealing solicit a continuance of the same, I remain, Yours Most Cordially, G. M. HOWARD. Indications Point to a Walkover for Cleveland at the Chicago Convention. WASHINGTON, May 20.—Recent conventions seem to bave turned the tide pretty effectually in favor of Cleveland, and it now looks as though the ex-president -would have the convention at Chicago all his own way. There is no denying that where there is opposition to Cleveland it is very intense; but then it comes from such Democratic states in the South as will vote for the Democratic nominee whether it be Cleveland or any other man. The anti-Cleveland men still insist that some other man must be nominated, and Burke Cockran, Hill's right-hand man, insists that the nomination of Cleveland so far as New .York is concerned would be a very dangerous experiment. Mr. Springer thinks it is becoming clearer every day that neither Cleveland nor Hill could be nominated. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The French forces in Tonqain have captured a pirate stronghold, killing 125. Fifty-tliree French soldiers and officers were killed..; At Dublin, in Michael Davitt's libel suit for 10,000 pounds against The Irish Independent, the jury awarded the plaintiff 20 pounds damages. Persia has refused Russia's proffered £500,000 to pay the indemnity to the imperial tobacco corporation, and has decided to raise in London a loan to pay the compensation claims. The Newfoundland government has determined to! rescind the enforcement of the bait act; against Canadian fishermen this season. This practically ends the tariff war between Newfoundland and Canada. ; , The G-ermah government seriously contemplates entirely prohibiting immigration into Germany from Russia, even to the extent of refusing to allow pauper immigrants to traverse Germany en route to other lands. PRESBYTERIANS IN SESSION. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, We would call attention to the fact that we are located here permanently, for the manufacture and sale of cemetery work in Marble, Granite and Stone. We now have and intend to keep in stock a fair line of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc.. and will guarantee all work to be equal to the best. We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work In Kossuth Co. Therefore.please clve us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by iair and honorable dealing, we are worthy your patronage. SHELLEY * HALL, Proprietors, Bast State St., Algona, Iowa. NEW ABSTRACT OFFICE. The undersigned having purchased the abstract books of C. M. Doxsee, A. D. Clarke & Co., and W. H. Nycum, are prepared to do neat and reliable work in that line at living prices. We have but one policy—that of fair dealing and courtesy toward all. With this, supplemented by promptness, striet attention to business, and none but first-class work, we trust we shall merit and receive the patronage formerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Office at the old stand of 0. M. Doseee, where we will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our patrons and all others who may favor us by calling. Very respectfully, HAY & RICE, Abstractors. The General Assembly Convenes at Fort- land. Or. PORTLAND, May 20.—The Presbyterian general assembly opened during the naming with an unusually large attendance. Dr. Green, the retiring moderator, not being present, Rev. John G. Bihel- deffer, of Redwood Palls, Minn., the oldest minister in attendance, was made the temporary moderator. The assembly spent all the afternoon electing a moderator. Nominating speeches were prohibited. Rev. W. C. Young, of Danville, Ky., was elected on the third ballot. A factor that had much to do with his election was the fact of his location on the border line of the Southern general assembly. The election of Dr. Young it is beliaved will ultimately lead to a reunion of the Northern and Southern assemblies. ITEMS, at Toledo has G. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J, J. RYAN. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) Real Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, Jice to the readers ol the REPUBLICAN that we have extraordinary facill- Jffi2fr^5SSSf 1 lffi?i B ft u w« a 1 1 Nortl >em Iowa, wdI we invite wei-$ody * their nrnnartv. to oa n on w ftt our oflloe Jn Algona or to correspond? Wge mimbfci-of customers from the eastern states who piece ollowa soil at reasonable prices. We believe la tair ^perty fw_wU»t it Is worth, don't waste any time lulisttog "y4jr» OVER A THOUSAND DEAD. Terrible Results of » Cyclone on Mauritius Inland. LONDON, May 21.—Baron de Worms, parliamentary secretary of the colonial office, read a telegram in the house of commons fully confirming the terrible cyclone at Mauritius island. It is believed that when the death roll is completed it will be found that over 1,200 persons were killed. The greater part of the fatalities were among the laboring classes — Alfricans, Hindoos, Chinese and Malagasses, who do much of the work on the plantations. «J. "VST. R.OHI3STSO2ST, Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Heath & Millegan Paints, All kinds of Metal Roofing promptly attended to. J. H. QUEAL&G0. LUMBER Handle only the Best Grades and sell at the Very Lowest prices, ; We can 1 }' a COMPLETE STOCK In All of the Diff >rent Lines And will meet All Competition, CKEJT OUR, Before you buy cind we will guarantee to gave you money J. H. QUEAL & CO., Yard on North Side of State Street, A. M. AMSDEN, AGENT. ALGONA, IOWA, THE GRANGE Supreme Lodge, A. O. D. W- HELENA, Hon., May 18.—The Supreme Lodge, A. 0. U. W., which meets here June 14, will have headquarters at Hotel Broadwater and delegates will be entertained by the famous orchestra from Hot Springs, Ark. Great preparations axe being made to entertain aU visitors. The official route from the sast is the Qreat Northern yattway. The Mining meets h«re July 18 and foe I MISCELLANEOUS Sunday ball playing been stopped. It has been decided to open the doors of Ttift's college, Boston, to women. Judge Morrow won the Brooklyn handicap; Longstreet, the favorite being last. It is claimed that the Chinamen in the United States will migrate to Mexico en masse. New England states are having a touch of winter. Five inches of snow has fallen in New Hampshire. An interstate wool convention, representing states west of the Mississippi, has been called to meet at Albuquerque, N. M., July 5. Jerry Simpson, in a speech in the house, declared that the Alliance had nothing to with the issue of the hold- your-wheat circulars. The message of General Miles, by bicycle from Chicago to New York, reached the latter city 16 hours and 50 minutes behind time. A call has been issued for a meeting of the executive committee of the national Republican league at the West hotel, Minneapolis, June 6. The St. Paul club has been dropped from the Western association. Denver, Grand Rapids and Fort Wayne have made application for the vacancy. The great relay bicycle trip, by which a message from General Miles at Chicago, to General Howard at New York, is sent, was began Wednesday noon. It is definitely settled that W. W. Finley, ex-chairman of the Western Passenger association, becomes general traffic manager of the Great Northern. Sioux City's mayor refuses an offer of saloon keepers to contribute $10,000 toward repairing flood damages, providing they be allowed to reopen their saloons. It is believed that two American vessels, the Centennial and the Vesta, bound from St. Jaques with bait for the banks of Newfoundland, were lost in a recent storm with all on board. HATS FOR 2O CTS. We are making a SPECIAL DRIVE them. Come in and see us. A Full Line of the Very Latest Styles IN" Try our teas. They will please you. 8485 SPRING MILLINERY. We can suit you in Styles and Prices. MftTSQN, McCALL # CO. •vT TSSL V aSC&sfe-AW^S!

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