The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1892
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Oats £2 Cattle; $0.6o'@ $0.00 Wheat " n Flax .70 Butter Hogs . Timothy.: .10 , 4.00 .30 1.00 CHUBUJ1 'DIRECTORY. intcndent Win. Clea . 'Fridays veiling Everybody inviled. WM. CM.KA«Y, Local l'.Uicv. F iipw MfTiiOut*'!'--Sevvlees at the Free MnaS^siiWsa Kiffi^oiki s ing at 11 a. m. t .proacUJnjcat,7 :M i». .... Kvcry r prayeri Mna. A. V. COOK, Assistant T'sistor. 3 \YF.ntsH ' vlces'every'«'Suiutay at Id :SO a. m. nnrt T :3fl ii.nv.; two evening meeting* In a u o m Sunday school at 12 HI. each Bun« ay ; Udlcs Aid society moots every third t riday ; evtij - unday; Aid society IIITOI* UYI-I.Y mil" ^''y'JJf''„„•„„•„ "i s body who umlBvstamls the swcrtis 1 iniiK ago i.s invltml . JtKV. AXKbEkKSTKOSt, laStOl. invited. F IBST CON^llKOATlONAL CHURCH, . Moore ami McGregor streets, lustoi.s fwith Mr. I). S. Ford, ; chnicli. .P.! -. t * Wednesday evening - - V, . ,-urlv this morning. The im:,n-| .../building that Galbraith is 1-t't- j ting up for Jus. Taylor showed signs I of giving way before the pressure, but was strengthened in time to save it. The Algona. Juvenile'Temple will give an entertainment at Congregational church on Thursday evening, May 2fitli entitled. "The Temperance Picnic with the old Woman who lived in her shoe." Arnold Esser of Ledyard and Miss Grace Jacobs were married by Esq. Thompson last Thursday and have gone to house keeping at Ledyard. Sunshine, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,—three full days of sunshine in a little less than a month. Can any county in the state beat that for sunshine tliis season? Prof. ChaiTee returned from Columbus Junction last Thursday evening. He reports that we are having a dry spell here compared with the weather they are having at Columbus Junction. The last dance of the season will come off at the Thorington House Saturday night. Some very pleasant danc- A Two iMy's Session--The Program. <>• (Unpublished liy recjuest.^ Below we give the. program for of the Union Temperance Meeting to be held in Algona Thursday and Friday, May ]?(th and 20th, under the direction of Humboldt District Lodge, 1. O. G- T. The meeting promises to be of interest and it is hoped that all who are interested in temperance work will arrange to attend. * Tmn,'SI>AV. MAY 10-2:<>0 TO 5:110. . . T.-(!miferrinir of Disi vk't I ill' imv Court lins been in session since Mon- uy morning and will probably con- occur.— ]il:icf S'K'inbl of f'n1-.rt'1,iiiiiiminT,--lii- c— Mi;i l titi?rol W.O. i .u. school lesson for iini'iv sSperintidtaM. Doxwe, Assistant Buper- I'ni.Yi'i-... Musii' I'll },'(!)•..... F.oi'.Hatlon Music Address Music .... ' A. Pastor . fourth Friday. Prayer meetiug egery Ladles Foreign, sonar- mtmxlay of each month 3 p.m. Woman's Foreign.nrst Sunday ot each month at 3 o clocK 5. nAome-Ttoltd Thursdaj r ol each montl at 3 o'clock p. m. A. 8. FLAinGAJf. raaioi. B jWPTiST-ServtceB Suuday a. m. preaching at ^11 o"lock, preaching at 7 :30 p. m. Covenant meeting every month on the Saturday be- lowthe flrsftunday at 2 : :30 p. m. Communion Young Sunday Schoolattar morning service every Sunday, James Chapln,•superintendent. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 -.30 p. m. A LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Oliver Fill was at Elmore Sunday. This is good-weather to have a job «©n the jwry. Melzar Haggasd was down to Eagle iGrove Monday. O. L. Foss advertises spring suitings "Cheap as mud." Ben Haggard,is down in Kentucky on a business trip. Dr. Barr is away at SiouxCity attending a soldiers' re-union. The program ;.f or memorial day exercises will be published next week. Old papers at .the REPUBLICAN office —lots of them to put under your carpet. August Potatz, of Fenton township, lost an 18 month's old child last Monday. Mrs. Mayne, of Bancroft, visited in Algona yesterday while Sam attended court. Mr. and Mrs.'Gardner Cowles spent Sunday in Omaha at the General Conference. Henry Winkie has an advertisement ing parties have been held there during the past winter and this will be no exception. Doctor Gar field and Ellery left last Friday for a trip through the West, Portland, Oregon, being their objective point. The doctor has two daughters at Portland. They will be absent about a month. Doc. Leatherman and Frank iLong- ley made a pilgrimage to Ft. Dodge— •the Mecca of Algona bootleggers—last Saturday. Longley affirms that he was only wanted-as a witness. Postal Clerk White, who was recently detected robbing the mails, has been sentenced to a two year's term in the penitentiary by Judge Shiras, of Du- fouque. White's run was between Mc- •Gkregor and Sanborn. Dr. L. A. Sheetz, and 'Dr. H. C. McCoy returned Thursday afternoon nirKSDAY EVENING. KeV. Dorwiu'd. Mrs. Ni-.llic Uowycr, Alf-'ona v'.V! ,i. ri«nn1x'rhitn. Hurt. i!. 1!. 5:'. Itcod. SH))t. Sellouts Aigoiui Mrs. .T. B. Kendall. Ledyiinl Mrs. Nellie Howyur, Alflxifiu B. F. Wright. Oluirles Oily Mrs. Nellie, Bowyor. Algotiii Fill DA Y. V. AY 20-KOIlENOO>f-«.:(K). DevoUoiml Exp.rutsos-Uev. Dor-ward, Kcv. Black, Her. ,V!ariijr:ui. M,, sic Mrs. W. A. Black Temperance in the Church.. ll'jv. Davidson. Alponn. Discussion-led l>y Presiding Elder Black Algonn. Music W. C, T.. U.,Al(?ona Keci tatioT, By Iluthvon Lodffe Music Mrs. W. A. Black, Algona I. O. C). T. Auxiliary to the Church. ... Eev. Flannigan, Algona. Open Discussion. Music Mrs. W. A. Black, Algona Reaaiwg Mrs. Ayer, Emmetsburp -AFTERNOON SESS1ON~1:3U. DEVOTIONAL BXBBCISBS. Tbe iWcobol Disease Vi"ii By Ruthven Lodge tiniie through next week. Frank Nic- oiilin uiid E. V. Swotting had some kind of u misunderstanding over a land deal, and resorted to court for a settlement of the, matter. The case was argued before the Judge Monday and Tuesday, but he has not yet rendered a decision. The Ledyard Bank case was dismissed. D. 11. Fraxier sued Dr. McCoy Cor payment for putting down a well. The case was tried before u jury yesterday afternoon, and a verdict for !i'8o rendered in favor of the plaintiff. A motion for continuance in the Watkins bigamy case is being argued this morning. A continuance is asked by the defense upon the grounds that Mr. YYatkins is sick and unable to appear The prosecution claims that Mr. AVat- kins is not sick, but playing "possum " S;«( nr !;i.(, .-l.-i.v •-' I, !:•::>:. < i, :•,-,,,: ::• in :, ;>f !) O'clocl; A. iM. FORENOON. America—Song by the Teachers. School Classification—A. A. Sii'ert, Hurt. The Recitation— Nels Sorensou. Wesley. Should Arithmetic be taught by Induction or Deduction'.-'—J. F. Doderer, Haiicroi't. Should Oral Arithmetic be. taught as i separate branch?—May Hotelling Wliitteiuore. PcrcentiiRe—C. E.Carl ton, X. L N.S Alligation Alternate—W. II.l-Hxson Algona. Solo—A^nes Piiindal!, N. 1. N. S. AVTKUNOON". Class song by pupils of City Schools in charge of Miss Fahnestock, Algona The. Teacher's Preparation—Franl M. Chaffce, N. I. N. Teaching English—Mrs. J. G. Colbj Wesley. What can be done to secure better re suits from reading classesV—Lix.xic Me Lauglilin, Lu Verne. Temperance at the. Columbian Exposition from theO. A. E. encampment at Ottumwa. They report in spite of the weather. pleasant time J. W. Bobin;son returned Monday afternoon. in the columns of the REPUBLICAN this week. Bring your work to the BEPUBLICAN office if you want something neat in job printing, Rev. Davidson is away at Webster City attending a meeting of the Mitchell Association. -Yesterday's .Register contained a full account of the Worlds Fair and Mock Republican Convention. Jas. Taylor was re-elected member of Editor Floyd, of the Whittemore Advocate, was in town doing business Monday, and favored the REPUBLICAN with a call. We are always glad to see members of the fraternity. The Mason City Newspaper Correspondent liar, reports to this morning's daily papers that the farmers of Whittemore are hauling their milk to the creamery in boats. We learn that Mrs. Anna -Schultz of Missouri Valley and Mrs. Ilinman of .Belmond will both be in attendance at the temperance mass meeting. Mrs. Schultz is a member of the "executive committee of the I. O. G. T. and Mrs. 'Hinman Is president of the State W. C. T, U. D. A. Haggard was at Lu "Verne last Saturday, selling a stock of goods for John Grubb, who is going to move to a new location and is reducing stock before moving. Mr. Haggard's repnta- .tion as an auctioneer calls 'him to all sections of northern Iowa. The G. A. R. Post are making ar- rangements.f or the customary observ- Oaroline Ingbam. Algona By laiiVerne Lodge Temperance, by I. O. G. T. District Lecturer —Mrs. Gertie Nurse. Music Mrs. W. A.''Black, Algona Recitation Belle Keillor, Algona Importance of Juvenile Templary—Mrs,. n. P. Hatch. Whittemore; Mr* E. Lull,LAlgo- na; Mrs. Remington, State'Supt. of J. T. Music By Bancroft Lodge Recitation By Emmetsburg Lodge Temperance and the Press Jos. W. Hays. Algona i M usic Mrs. W..A. Black, Algona Temperance Legislation • • • J. A. Freeh, Bancroft Discussion. Led by Bug-ene "Tellier, Algona Music Mrs. W. A. Black, Algeria FRIDAY EVENING. Scripture Rev.-Flanlgan, Algeria Invocation Rev.. Davidson, Algona Music Mrs, Nellie Bowyer, Algona Gold Medal Contest. Solo :S. Resor, Lcdyivrd Awarding of Medals. Music Mrs. Nellie Bowyor, Algona TilK UKrUBMCAN'S $10.000 LIBEL CA8I is set for tomorrow. A telegram was sent Judge Cook this morning at Prim- gliar. If the Judge can get here the fun will probably commence tomorrow unless the prosecution should bob up at the last moment and try to run in another continuance. We are assured by Mr. Clarke that Mr. Argo has recovered from his fall down the elevater shaft, arid that his back is in good condition for the oase and we apprehend that no continuance will be asked for. The REPUBLICAN will be ready for the Sioux City gang to sail in as soon as Judge-Cook gets here. IIo'w to make History Interesting-May Adams, N. I. N. IS. Closing song by the teachers—"(jood- by till we Weep at Examination." Short pointed discussions following each paper will be free for all. As this is the first o£ a series of like associations to be held at different localities in the county, it is hoped that the attendance at this meeting may be large and enthusiastic. B. F. REED Co. Supt. in ;i!l I'Jiif^ r.l C-. ,i;t. The AVeattier inu.l Crop Bulletin lakes the following report for the week uding May 14: "The daily average^ emperature was about 10 degrees be*1 ow normal, and the rainfall : was gett^ crally in excess, ranf3(ing from one tdr three inches. There were not than 12 hours of sunshine on the age during the week. As a result the crop situation is becoming Serious itt considerable portions of the stat& Very little plowing lias been done, and a bare beginning has been made in coith planting in the more favored localities. Farmers are idly waiting till the clouds roll by. In the western and southern districts, where the rainfall has been heaviest, the anuile bottom lands are under water and the uplands are soggy with moisture. Oats and other small grain erops on well-drained fields are loing very well, but in low lands they are generally drowned out. And even with the most favorable conditions ie the future there is no imminent danger of over stocking the markets with the cereal products of Iowa this year. Grass is doing fairly well and fruit prospects continue good. Muddy, muddy, muddiest; but all the same J. R. Laird continues to sell furniture at greatly reduced prices. 32tf Buy the Best< License to marry was issued this morning to Will J. Easterly of Burt, and Miss Ethel McCormack of Wesley. A Mr. Peterson, of Perry, Iowa, was in town last week bargaining with Hudson & Shadle for their gallery and outfit. In case the boys sell out Hudson will go into the sewing machine and organ business on a large scale. Frank Winkel, our poplar meat market man, has the stone on 'the ground for the erection of an addition to his house on Dodge street. He will commence operations as soon as the weather permits, and when finished will have one of the nice residences of Algona. The poet editor of the Milford Mail Hon. J..G. Smith handed us a program of the Fifteenth Annual Convention -and Tournament of the Iowa State Association for the protection of Fish .and .Game, of which he is president. The Tournament will take place in Des Moines May 24th, 25th and 26th, on the grounds of the Highland Gun Club. An excellent portrait of Mr. Smith appears upon the cover of the program. Monday evening a "soiled dove,"giving her name as '-Nancy Hanks," arrived on the train from the south and managed to rob an Emmettsburg lady of her purse at the Northwestern depot. The lady discovered her loss on arriving at the Milwaukee depot, she Marshal Daily was immediately notified. He found Nancy in a short time at Galbraith's store getting ready to spend the stolen money. She promptly surrendered it and promised to leave Buy the Sherwin-Williams Prepaired Paints. , The following citizens have used the j Buy the— Sherwin-Williams Paint: S. H. BLOSSOM, T. H. COOKE, W. K. FERGUSON, THE M. E. PARSONAGE, J. F. NICOULIN, H. A. CLOCK, GARDNER COWLES, COL. SPENCER, JAS. PATTERSON, And many others too numerous to men tiou. \A/ C* O T*^ ' H T & T\f~\TT A TDT^TP'OCl T^^T* W t/ tilo JL^L-c/AiJliU AJttlJn;JVcJ JLUJL the best Fence Wire, Nailer etc. Our ilunson Patent Bar-. 5 bed Wire is the lightest and strongest wire made. Let us give you figures on Building. Material, Steel Koofing, EY« j Spouting, etc. I CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. Algona immediately, never to return, if the Marshal wouldn't lock her up. He acquiesced to this proposition and plumed her white wings and departed. The World's Fair and Republican j National Convention at the Congregational church last Thursday and Friday evenings proved successful from every standpoint. The ladies realized about $140, and all who attended were very, pleasantly entertained. The Republican Convention was extended through both evenings, and Friday night the house was packed to hear the nominating speeches. Blaine and Col. ALL WOEK GUARANTEED. H. J. WINKIE. I Am on Deck Again, ^^^..-^-^ ~ -^^*^-~ is disposed to take the happiest view Henderson were selected as the candi- possible of the wet spring. He expresses dates. J. J. Ryan added much to the the Democratic State Central inittee irom the 10th district. Corn- License to marry has been issued to Arnold Esser and Grace Jacobs, A. Byram Bunlap and Denariorus Beard. Demorest Gold Medal Contest at the Congregational church Friday evening. Contestants from Bancroft, Algona and other towns. Chas. Cohenour successfully passed the examination last week for admission to the bar and as now a full feathered lawyer. E. L. Tattle, of Independence, is in town for a few days. He reports all Independence Algona people in good health. Union Memorial Services will be held .at the M. E. Church Sunday the 22nd. The sermon will be preached by Rev Flanigan. The Free Methodist people had a baptizing at the* river last Sunday. Seargent Beddoe of the Salvation Army was immersed. C. T. Brown, of Marion, chief of one of the engineering parties at work on the new railroad, was in town last Friday on his way to Ledyard. The navy department has tendered Jas. C. Taylor Post the loan of a brass howitzer with carriage and all complete. The gun will be here in a few weeks. The W. II. M. S. will meet with Mrs. Flannigan next Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Program at close of bus- ance of Memorial day. Memorial services will be held at the M. IE. Church Sunday the 29th. The Sermon will be preached by Rev. Flannigan. The memorial day oration will be delivered Rev. Dorward. The Northwestern road has been troubled a good deal with landslides in the "big cut" south of town. For the last week or more during theiains they kept a watchman at the cut night and day. Several men were kept busy part of the time removing the dirt from the rails. We have been forced to give another column of space to the "Ledyard Times.'' Our Ledyard list of subscribers is continually growing and we judge from the liberal patronage of our Ledyard advertisers that they find the REPUBLICAN a very profitable advertising medium. his thankfullness that it isn't any worse in the following lines: Though rains may corae pouring and flats over- And cattle succumb to the slaughter, We are thankful to state, With our altitude ereat, We can still keep our Beads above water. Eagle Grove Gazette: John Heckart of Algona, came down Monday to spend a few days with his children and grandchildren, J. C. Heckart and family. The old gentleman carries the weight of 87 years about with him, and does it in a manner which would scarcely lead one to suppose he had reached that ripe old age. Frank Longley's delivery business has increased to such an extent that he is forced to put on a second delivery which will be driven by Fred They will carry baggage to and inees session, attend. Everybody invited to A. HouRh shipped fifteen carloads of cattle yesterday to Montana for an eastern man. Tbe Northwestern pro- videda ep«ci^]l train and toe cattle will go through in a hurry, Amasa Faipe an4 FraiJf U#G»\l went t^cattl*, \sm The spring term of the Northern Iowa Normal School closes Friday, May 27th. Prof. Chaffee has arranged four terms for next year instead of three with a view to the interests of those who may wish to teach and not leave an ineompleted term's work. In answer to the statement by the Democrat, that Dolliver's speech was a good democratic campaign document, the editor of the Algona EEPUBLICAN offers to supply all the copies that the Democrat will circulate. It is no use. We made several equally liberal propositions last yeajvyut they were n«t ac- cepted.—Eramefsburg Eeporter. Tbe Young Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. church will give an Experience Social next Tuesday at the residence of Mrs. Black. Refreshments will be served and all are itfvited. A small admission fee will be charged, the proceeds to go to the support of a mission lady in India. V ; >X<>r(i of Thanks. Th* ladies of the Congregational church desire to express their thanks to all those who so kindly assisted in wagon Kuhn. from all trains. Customers may leave orders at the Adams Express offioe. Longley is a hustler and deserves success. Pocahontas Centre is some miles off of the railroad and the wagon roads and fields have been absolutely impassable for some time. It is said that the supply of fuel has been exhausted and the people have commenced to burn up the sidewalks and have also run low fences. Provisions and flour is being the people from success of the convention in the matter of entertaining tne audience by impersonating an Irish delegate from Em- mettsburg, Iowa, Thursday night and a Swede delegate from "Minesotah" Friday evening. As delegate from Minnesota he placed in nomination Cnute Nelson, a Swede farmer of Minnesota. The speech was made in perfect imitation of Swede English, and was full of witticisms that brought down the house. Mr. Ryan is a democrat, but he proved a very acceptable republican for the time being. Livermore Gazette: Not a pound of coal can be bought, borrowed, begged or stolen in. the town of Pocahontas Centre. A coal famine that has been in'progress there for several weeks has reached its culmination in the absolute exhaustion of the supply. Cordwood, too, is a scarce article and fences, sidewalks and sheds-all over town are suffering. The cause of the famine is to be found in the isolated condition of the town, and the unprecedentedly bad roads the past month. Pocahontas Centre is the only county seat in Iowa without a railway. No railway stations are within fifteen miles of the town, and coal mines are equally remote. All READY FOR BUSINESS,: \s Come and see what I can do for you in the Line of Business and Dress Suit Pantaloons and Fancy Vestings. My Line of Goods are fashionable and of an appropi ate design. My stock of Goods must be closed out * fore October, '92. Prices will be very Reasonable, Work will be done skillfully and well. Cloth Ladies' Jackets and Boy's Suitings on hand, or will J sent for on short notice. Woolen Goods will be sol Cheap as mud and for a few dollars more I will thi you in a ticket to Europe. Fos, O.L. hauled through to Rolf e on stone boats. The work of getting ready to build is being pushed by everybody as rapidly as possible. The part of the Clarke building on the corner formerly oo- ccupied by W. F. Carter has been torn down and operations are hanging fire waiting for Jas. Taylor to move. He move as soon as the building now naaking the " World'; .. especially rememberU) w«* I who composed the "™ the a success-, tlemen Republi- being put up for his temporary accon> modation is ready. By request of the committee we republish again this week the program of the Union Temperence Meeting to be beld in Algona Thursday and Friday of tbie week. It is hoped that all people in read) uf Algona who are interested in temperance work will try and attend the meeting. The Gold Medal ContestTbwsday evening. Contestants from Algon^, Bancroft, Webster City to the vicinity. Algo- two contestant*. the fuel has been hauled from Bolfe or Gilmore City. Since April 1st rains have been so frequent that the roads have been in such condition that it has been impossible to haul any freight. During the early days of the famine the dealers, supply of coal was exhausted, and those whose supply was short borrowed of their more lucky neighbors. The natural result was that the entire supply in the town was eventully exhausted and a campaign for wood began. The wood, too, finally played out and now anything that will burn is used for fuel. The roads are still impassably muddy and the famine bids fair to continue. Grocers' supplies'are also running short and much inconvenience has been cased the unfortunate towu.___ ___ SCHOOL HAT FOR 2O CTS. We are making a SPECIAL DRIVE them. Come in and see us. A Full Line of the Very Latest S| the next 8tr«w Hats- ileteline of Straw und tor opened* c SPRING MILLINERY. 1 We can suit you in Styles and Pxi< old stand. - S .

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