Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 29, 1906 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1906
Page 13
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ORIS DITEB mim EDDIE TONY FAUST PROVES HIMSELF WITHOUT PEER AS 2-YEAR-OLD GREAT VICTORY HLLDRETH COLT EASILY DEFEATS A SPEEDY FIELD. Meada Wins at 40 to 1, Furnishing the Surprise of the Day. Tha warm sunshine of the past two ' days has had a wonderful effect upon I the condition of the track at Williams Park, and with Indications of mora fair ; weather, horsemen axe Jublllant over the prospect of a good track for the running of the New Year's Handicap on Tuesday next. The path is gradually ' widening, and It Is not unlikely that , there will be enough of the dry In evl-' denoa today to keep the overnight fields I well together. There were a few scratohes i yesterday, and the events had for ; starters In most cases, the original number carded to go. Yesterday the feature wal the bringing together Oi the crack , Tony Faust, F. v. Barr, Collector Jessup and Llsaro, In the Fallen Leaf Handicap, I over the Futurity Course. The attend- anoe waa far above the average and con- elderable money changed hands. FIRST RACE) The opening event eaw the defeat of Bedford from McCafterty's ' barn. This bird was made favorite In ' the six furlongs sprint for three.year-I olds and up. Escamado. at S to 1, turned 1 up the winner of this event, after look-i in hopelessly beaten, (Hersain shot to the front and was three lengths to the good' In the stretch, but Escamado came with a marvelous Durst or speed and : won going away. Hersain lasted long-' enough to get the plaoe from, Marie H. by Ave lengths. SECOND RACE Another favorite was bowled over when Cheers, held at 3 to 6, finished third. Bushthorpe, held ; at 8 to 1 in the betting, well ridden bv Knapp, had all the racmg luck and came I on the outsiae, got up to grab the purse . from Johnny Lyons, who in turn beat the ' fast tiring Cheers. The latter ran well , up the first part, but seemed to go all topieces when the pinch came. THIRD RAC7 Three favorites in a , row failed to gather when Lord Nelson finished second to Banposal In the Fu-' turlty Course sprint for three-year-olds. Iord Nelson with Miller up was held at 9 to 10, while Banposal was as good as S to 1 In the betting. S anta Ray was an easy third. FOURTH RACE The claim that Tony Faust Is the best colt In training In California was established beyond a doubt yesterday, when the Hlldreth two-year-old 1 defeated older horses aiter giving away ' weight to each of them. In the Fallen Leaf Handicap, over the Futurity course. Held at 16 to 5, and third choice In the -beting, Faust was badly overlooked ' and only a few bets went in on him. tne playing being on the other contenders. F. W. Barr was favorite but did not get any of the money finishing In Indifferently last. Tony Faust won easily I by two and one-half lengths with Col-- leotor Jessup second and Lisaro third. FIFTH RACE Another surprise was sprung on the unlucky publlo when i Meda,held at 40 to 1. easily took the one mile dash from El Chihuahua, the even-money favorite. Yellowstone sulked but got up In time to take the short end of the purse. , SIXTH RACE Anvil shot to the front as soon as the barrier was released, and ' Bimply spread-eagled his field, winning , as he pleased. Hooligan ran an improved reoe and got place money from the fast i coming Ray. Lord Nelson, the public's choice to take , the futurity course affair, dogged It bad-; ly. e The defeat of Cheers put a gloom over the talent after the Keene gelding met Us defeat In the seven-furlong dash. Banpasal, which won at 40 to 1 the other day. Is the same horse which won yesterday at 3 to 1. Trainer Dave Henry, you are tho real thing. Meada, which woo the mile dash, was the good thing that waa not bet on. Bill Curtis was In line again yester-day. The Emeryville contingent, headed by Owner Jack Case, mado a clean-up when Escamado fell from the clouds and won the curtain raiser in a common canter from Hersain. Puss Wright on Anvil was the eombl-. nation that went through in the closing : race. The Jungleltes were up against It when their Idol. F. W. Barr, had his measure taken in the handicap. The MIssourlans. who are lovers of the thoroughbred, should he jvroud of that good piece of horseflesh. Tony Faust. Clocker Larry Sullivan wired his clients Banpasal and Anvil yesterday. Sul- Goat Lymph Double Strength Tablets Katur' own remedy for the rejuvenation of weak, nervous, wastd, dxbllltated systems. Permanently restore Vitality. whether lost by indiscretions, disease or dissipation. Cure all TVastfna? Weak- t containing month" treatment. Three I boxes $5. Sent prepaid on receipt of price. ; Prepared only by Aldlne Laboratories, 14 ' Lexington Ave.. New York. Treatise free.- Bold In Oakland and San Francisco only by OWL DRUG CO. Order that Caso of Glersbergor at once It will be promptly delivered "with compliments. And It will give perfect satisfaction, for the beat Judges in the world In open competition have declared that there are few so pure and healthful and none better. The best Christmas presents. The3i Oier Wine Co. Vineyards: Livermore, Napa, St. Helena, Cel. Main office 1225-1337 Broadway. TeL :23 Oakland. Branch -915 Washington St. Tel. 563 Oakland. . Cellars 611-513-615 14th St. Oak land. Cl. . WATCH CULLIGAN'S PREMIUM, SALE 700 IN FUHWIUHt GIVEN AWAY. SEE TRIBUNE, Sunday, January 6, 107 IN HANDICAP EVENT THE TRIBUNE ' - - EMERYVILLE, Dec. 28, 1906. 36th day. Weather, clear; track, drying out E. CHOPPER, presiding judge; RICHARD DWYER, starter. FIRST RACE Six furlongs; selling; three-year-olds and up; purse. Ind Horse and Owner. W.9t. 9C29 Escamado, 4 (J. E. Case). 259 217, 259 218 261 238 236 Hersain. 4 (R. R. Rice). Marie H., 4 (D. S. Fountain)... Mlas M. Bowdish, 6(St. Vincent). Sea Lad, 8 (Cain & Co.) Bedford. 8 (C. C. McCafferty).. San Rexno, 6 (Applegate & Co.). Burnolette, 8 (S. L. Butter) Daniel a, 8 (Dealy & Co.) Avonel la. 8 (J. D. Mlllln) 196! Escamado, place. 2-1; show, even. Hersain, place, 6-1; show, 2-1. Marie, show, 1-S. Time :2 1-6, :49 4-5, 1:161-5. At post 1 minute. Off at 1:46. Start good; won going away; second stopping. Winner, b. g., by Emperor of Norfolk Esper-anza; trained bv J. E. Case. Scratches Sharp Boy, Joe Goss, Escamado always close Up; showed a marvelous burst of speed last furlong; ran over field with ease. Hersain had his speed, but hung last part. Marie hung on gamely; closed stoutly. Bowdieh made up ground. Lad ran a poor race. Bedford quit badly. Burnolette a flash of speed. Others showed nothing. Winner bid up from 1400 to $1200 bv H. E. Rowel! and sold. 271 8ECOND RACE Seven furlongs; Ind Horse and Owner. W.St. 268 Bushthorpe (C. Heifers) 264'Jehnny Lyons (W. Fisher).. 228Cheers (Keene Bros.) 260 La Rose (H. T. Griffin) 228' Alaric (Oakland Stable) ISO; Fairystreet (Hayes & Co.)... 229Mohawk (Switzer & Co.) Bushthorpe, place, 8-5; show, 3-5. Lyons, place, 8-1; show, 2-1. Cheers,k show, out. Time :25, :61, 1:18, 1:318-5. At post 2 minutes. Off at 2:10. Start good; won In a drive of three. Winner, b. c, by Meadowthorpe Bramble Leaf; trained by F. W. Doss. Bushthorpe best ridden; Knapp waited till stretch, where he picked good going, winning easily. Lyons poorly ridden; boy allowed him to swerve all over track. Cheers poorly ridden throughout; Miller choked him in early running. Rose no excuses; tired last quarter. Others beaten off. THIRD RACE Futurity Course; Indl Horse and Owner. W.St i 261BanpoBal (B. Schrleber) 286Lord Nelson (Fleur do Lis Sta.). 178 Santa Ray (J. Silver Sue (W . F. Clifford). 167 . P. Magrane). Queen Anne (B. Campbell) Pinaud (II. R. scnatrer).. Kumiss (W. St. Vincent) 2G1 Banposal, place 3-5; show, 1-2. Nelson, Time :23. 44, 1:12 1-5, easily : second driving to get up. Winner, trained by D. Henry. Scratches Beech wood. Banposal had the foot of the party; wis never In trouble. Miller, on Nelson, made a late move. Ray ran her race. Sue could do better. Kumiss bolted after start. Others showed nothing. Winner bid up fro $600 to 1900 by J. E. Case and retained. 070FOURTH RACE Futurity Course; The Fallen Leaf Handicap; all ages; dm M f9 Purse, $000. Indj Horse and Owner. W. St. 225'Tsny Faust. 2 (S. C. Hlldreth). J108 4 .. 213'CoIlector Jessup, 5 ( J.A.Murray):103l I .. .'47 Llsaro, 3 (E. X Baldwin) '105' 2 .. 243'F. W. Barr, 3 (W. L. Stanfield)Jllll 3 .. Faust, place. 11-10; show, 2-5. Jessup. place, 4-5; show, 1-4. Llsaro, show, out. Time :23 2-5, :48, 1:01, 1:11. At post 14 minute. Off at 3:02. Start good: won easily; second driving. Winner, br. c by Sain St. Rose; trained by S. C. Hlldreth. Faust best; Miller avoided early pace; won easily after a shake-up. Jesaup ran his race. Llsaro did his best. Barr had speed but tired last part. JfFIFTH RACE One mile; selling; three-year-olds and up; purse, $400. Indj Horse and Owner. W.St. V Str. Fln.i Jockey. Qp. CI. ' 186!Meada, 4 (C. Winchell) 1107 252iEl Chihuahua, a (Bedenbeck)... 107 218 Yellowstone, a (Brophy&RUey)!110 1 5 3 6 253:Pachuca, 5 (E. G. Switzer) !10 266 33 253 247 247 Royal Red, 4 (Wallace & Co.)... 1107 8 k ajieju, a. ui. j. tuiiei) iv rheripe, 5 AV. St. Vincent) 102 Chablls. 5 (D. Zelinsky) 107 2 9 4 Nabonnssar, 4 J. A. Grey) lliol Meada, place, 12-1; show, 5-1. Chihuahua, place, 1-2; ohow, 1-4. Yellowstone, show. 1-2. Time :26, :S1 3-5. 1:181-5, 1:46. At post 2 minutes. Off at 3:27. Start good; won handily; second easily. Winner, blk. m., by Figaro Afamada: trained by C. Winchell. Scratches Baker, The Only Way, Distributor. Meada best; track matin to her order. Chihuahua h ung badly. Yellowstone sulked. Cheripe poorly ridden. 275 SIXTH RACE One mile; Ind Horse and Owner. 249! Anvil, 6 (C. E. Murray) 'ini; 2 239'Hoollgan, 4 (J. Armstrong) '103' 3 253; Ray. a (W. Duiker) 1071 7 253' Inflammable. 4 (Hume & Co.)... '107; 4 248;Capt. Burnett, 3 (Oakland Sta.).!l0:i! 6 258 Rolla, 3 (W. Walker) 991 1 252 Crigli. 5 (G. P. McNeil) 100 3 IfiOlLove-s Labor, a (A. White) 103,1 8 Anvil, place, 9-10; show. 2-3. Hooligan, place, 4-1; show, 11-5. Ray, show, 11-10. Time :25 1-5, :51. 1:18. 1:45. At post i minute. Off at 3:54. Start good; won easily; second and third driving hard Winner, b. g., by Bntus Grandezia; trained by C. K. Murray. Anvil spreadeagle his field; never left result in doub Hooligan ran an improved race; stalled off determined bid of Ray. Latter slow to begin; made up ground. JOCKEYS TO PLAY BALL SUNDAY Jockey Bill Knapp's baseball team, recruited from the ranks of Jockeys at the Emeryville track Is diligently practicing for the postponed game tomorrow afternoon at Idora Park with a picked nine from the Oakland Herald newsboys. The game will be called at 2:30 o'clock. llvan Is one of the best Judges of horseflesh now clocking at Williams Park. nail, w.l 1 1 unt 1 auai. iiic fivuu son of Sain is in a 'class by himself. Anvil put a little more flour In Charley Murry's barrel yesterday. Butch Fisher came near giving the bookies a solar plexus blow, had Johnny Lyons made good yesterday. Ml CMS The Handicappor Room 1, Tribune Bldg. Eighth Street near Broadway. YOU DONT HAVE TO GUESS WINNERS!! My Handicap waa the real thing yesterday. I handed out Escamado, who won at 5 to 1 and Anvil, who won the closing race at 3 to 1: The best horseman in the country and one of the shrewdest judges of condition. His best selections are made re gardless of price, and they land tho money. My Handicap including my Two Best Bets $1.00. Office hours: 10:30 to 12:30. Terms SI a day $5 a wask FORM CHART $400. hi H Str. Fin. Jockey. 1 Op. Cl McBrlde I D I Sandy 8 12 W. Miller 3 3 Horner 15 -20 A. Brown 7 , 8 L. Williams Z-2 ? 8-6 Robinson 13 15 Graham 25103 Flannery 30 1W Brussell 60 108 104 2 .. 86 6H 4n 1 108 1 .. 12 1218 2 6 104 3 .. ,2 2H 2113 1 108 5 .. 61H71W2 4n 107 7 .. 414S 64 6 2 104 9 .. Sh 881-6H 111 8 .. 7 h 8 4 7 2 7 4 103 4 .. 6 4-6 21810 810 100 8 .. 910 810 98 9 6 10010 .. 10 10 10 10 selling; two-year-olds; purse, $400. M ht . Str. Fin. Jockey. Op. CI. il09 4 33 3h 4 4 1 1V4 Knapp 6 7 102 6 5 4 si 3 12 n 2 4 Rollerl 15 30 104 1 1 H 2 i 3 "is 1 h 3 3 W. Miller 2-5 3-5 104 2 21 lHln 3 1'44 4 Horner 4 4 104 5 6h 5h 6 10 6 10 on Sandy S 12 104 7 4 h7 53 51 612 J. Hayes 40 10U 104 37 6n7 7 7 Brusaell 30 100 selling; three-year-olds; purse, $400. Str. Fin. Jockey. 1 Op.j CI. 106 4 i.. 1 1213 12 L. Williams 3 5-2 109 2 .. 2 2 212 12 6 W. Miller 1 9-10 105 6 ... 3 34 3 5 3 2Vj36 A. Brown 8 20 103 5 ... 4h4n445 Graham 4 7 101 7 .. 6 25 6 20 6 12 5 Sandv 10 100 104 3 .. 55 5h 51 66 Brussell 10 100 104 1 .. 7 7 7 7 McBrlde 10 HJ place. 2-5; show, 1-5. Ray. show, 7-a. At post 414 minutes. Off at 2::ifl,4. Start good; won br. f., by Hannockburn Proposal; Str. Fin. I Jockey. Op.l CI. 2' 16:. 4 13-3 4j 7-2 2 9-5 4 3 h 1 n 1 2M:!V. Miller 2 3 1 l'a2 2 2 Horner 3 U 4 3 n 3 2 !L. Williamsl 1 h 2 14 4 4 Graham 13 13412 1H1 lH'Graham 4h 4 3 21 2 12 2V4'W. Miller 52 5h4n43 3n McBrlde 6&6n3a;344 Horner 20j 40 11 1 3 5-2 8 33 40 40 30 25 6 10 20 30 10 20 9 9 9 72 55 IA. Wrigrht 7n76 5n68 62 IA. Brown 3h274 5h73 IGallndo 882 S11 9 8 2 L. Williams 2 23n 6 28 2 9 iKnapp selll ng; three-year-olds and up; purse, $400. W.iSL V4 H Str. Fin. I Jockey. Op. Ci. 13 17 18 14 12 A. Wright 7 7 54232 Horner C2Vs6 4 4 n 4 2 3 2'VB. Walsh 5 i 5 i 2 h 3 Vi 4 n I A. Brown 4H3h 3 5 6 38 iSandy 3 n 4 7 7 63 (Hunter 22n63Vi6 2 7 T. Sullivan Pulled up. I.M'Laughlin SOCCER BOYS TAKING REST The teams of the California Association Football League are resting up this week and no firpt team games wili be played. The second eleven of the Oakland Hornets and the Vampires will playa game at the Webster-street grounds, in Alameda, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. In the Bay Counties League the Saturday Hornets and the Pirates of East Oakland will miet thj afternoon at 3 o'clock at Freeman's Park, Oakland. The Pirates won the competition in this league last season and they have a strong- team this year. The meet ing with the Hornets, who are their most formidable rival In the league, should result in a good exhibition of the game. On New Tear's day a special match will be played at Hayward on the Ath letic Grounds between the Oakland Hornets, champions of the California Lefgue, and a team selected from the four Sacramento clubs. The teams in the Capital City contain many good players and the game should be a hard one. EVERYTHING THAT'S GOOD TO EAT AT THOMPSON'S 1717 O'Farrell St.. S. F., not Oakland First-class grill always open: 50 private rooms: under the management of "Jack" Thompson of the Original Eddy-street U1STEK LOAF." CORBETT NOW TRAINING HARD STRATFORD, Conn., Dec. 29. With the arrival of two sparring partners here yesterday Young Corbett buckled down to the gruelling task of fitting himself for his six-round encounter -with "Harlem Tammy" Murphy at Philadelphia on January 9th. Kid Broad, the former lightweight fighter, was called here from New York, and Danny Walker, a Bridgeport fight promoter, sent Hank Griffin, a sturdy local pugilist, to take a few -wollops at Rothwell. If ever a fighter trained under Ideal conditions he came to this town. to do it, and after being here for nine weeks under the watchful eyes of Harry Tuthlll and Charley Herrick, Corbett will fee turned out a fine specimen of humanity flxbt In the eauared circle I 3i 3 I 30! 10 0 6 5, 3 31 5 30! 10 151 13 50! SUP DON OHUE WINS HIS FIFTH HANDILY DEFEATS A. MUS-KODAY IN FEATURE AT ASCOT. Prolific the Other Successful Favorite Makes It Three Straight. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29. J. F. Dono-hue, the favorite at 7 to 6, won the feature of the Ascot program easily yesterday from A. Muskoday. W. H. Carey and Dusty Miller, making his fifth victory at the present meeting. Jack Atkins' Prolific, the other successful favorite, captured the two-year-old event, and It was his third consecutive victory. Bookmaker Jim Davis arrived today direct from New Orleans, where he had a prosperous season, and left" this evening for San Francisco. While he would not be quoted with reference to his chances of being reinstated, his confident manner suggests that he has strong hopes that President Williams will consider him sufficiently punished and restore him to the privileges o,f the track. Wreather clear, track muddy. Summaries: FIRST RACE Selling: six furlongs. Betting Horse. SL , Fin. 11 to 2 Sir Caruthers 8 2 12 9 to 2 Betsy 2 3 2 3 13 to 5 Sais 3 5 3 3 Time, 1:16. Start good. Won easily. Taylor George, Stroessel, Susie Christian, Judge Denton and Hirtle finished as named. Winner, Mrs. J. M. Cooper's b. g. by St. George-Bessie. Caruthers liked the going and was going away at the finish. Tab Stoessel. SECOND RACE Selling; six fur-Fin. 1 4 2 h 3 h longs. Betting Horse. St. 12 to 1 Succeed 2 5 to 1 Revolt 5 1 to 21. Gloria 4 4 2 5 1 Time. 1:16. Start good. Won easily. Azora and Elizabeth F. finished as named. Winner, J. M. Stokes' b. f. by Barnaby or Glencaddle-Plot. Succeed was close up all the way and won as he pleased. Revolt was badly outrun, but finished strong. La Gloria stopped THIRD RACE--Selling; half furlongs. Betting. Horse. 6 to 5 Prolific 12 to 5 Frascubeo 8 to 1 Dr. Crook five and a St. Tin. ..2 3 1 n . .4 3 2 3 ..5 1 3 6 Time, 1:10. Start good. Won easily. Nappa, Runsum and Algro finished as named. Winner, J. P. Atkin's ch. g. by Lack-ford-Fertlle. Prolific a keen contender from the start and won hard held. Nappa got away badly. FOURTH RACE One mile and fifty yards. Betting. Horse. Bt. Fin, 7 to 6 J. F. Donohue 3 3 12 3 to 1 A. Muskody 2 1 2 6 9 to 5 W. II. Carey 1 2 3 6 Time, 1:46. Start good. Won easily. Dusty Miller also ran. Winner, E. Wayland's b. c. by Onondago-Peavine. Donohue passed Muskody at the paddock and was going away at the end. Dusty Miller palpably unfit. Muskodv about due. FIFTH RACE Six furlongs Betting. Horse. Sti Fin. 7 to 2 El Paisano 1 3 12 1 to 1 Rob. Mitchell . . . . 1 '. 1 2 4 10 to 1 Happy Rice J 2 3 Time, 1: IS. Start good. Won easily. St-ed Cake, Desmages, Remember, Pinta, Henry Mc, Vindicta finished as named. Song of Sea fell. Winner, J. B. McG nine's ch. g. by King William-Guess Me. Paisano was going away at end. Mitchell quit. SIXTH RACE Selling, one mile. Betting. Horse. St. Fin. 8 to 1 Woodthorpe 5 1 12 11 to 5 Viona 4 2 2 3 9 to 2 Adonis 3 5 3 Start good. Won easily. 'Marpessa, Freesais, Mosketo finished as named Winner, R. H. Harris' ch. s. b,y Meadowthorpe - Woodbena. Woodthorpe greatly Improved led all the -way. ROV E RS AND THISTLES TO fTEET Tomorrow afternoon at Freeman's Park the Albion Rovers and Scottish Thistles of San Francisco will play a game of association football. The Thistles are a newly organized team, under the management of J. W. King of San Francisco, who claims to have a bunch of players that will take a lot of beating. The team comprises in part, men who are well-known to the football fans around about the bay, such as T. Lydon, J. Smith, T. McGregor, P. Turney, the Disher brothers and others. The Rovers will line up very strong, and tomorrow's team will, in all probability, be the ones to face the Independents a -week hence. Albion line-up will be as follows: Marru, al; John and Woodend, fullbacks; Ridehalgh, McLoughlln and McKiernan. halfbacks; Petrie, Milne, Anderson. Dingwall and Russell, for-words. Kick off at 2:30 p. m. C. W. Irish, referee. OAKLANDS TO TRAIN IN nODESTO Judge McCreedie has decided to send his bunch of ball players to Modesto to train for coming season. The team will sart practicing at Modesto on the first of March. The personnel of the team has baen considerably changed and few of the old faces will be seeen the coming season. Six pitchers will accompany the team and try for permanent places. Henderson, Moore, Califf, Groom, McKenzle and Schimpff have been selected to try for places. Donahue arid Carson will be seen behind the bat, while Newman at first, Pokorney at second. Staton at short, and McElveensle will make up the infield. Shinn, McHale and McCreedie will be found in the gardens. This leaves the champions with seven new men in the initial make-up of the team. McCreedie ha picked them after careful consideration, however, and feels that each will make good and that the Portland club or It bm itmnnr tbia Tuar than befor. JEFF SIGNED TO FIGHT BILL SQUIRES FOR $30,000 IN RHYOLITE NEXT APRIL Agreement for Big Battle. By an agreement entered into this twenty-eighth day of December, 1906, between William Delaney, representing James J. Jeffries, and B. F. Taylor, representing the Rhyolite Athletic Association of Nevada, Jeffries agrees to box William Squires of Australia, in a finish fight for the championship of the world, with five-ounce gloves, under Marquis of Queensberry rules, on some date in April next, exact date to be fixed later. Squires is to be allowed the cost of transportation from Australia to California for himself and trainer, the same to be paid by the Rhyolite Athletic Association, independent of the purse. B. F. Taylor, for the Rhyolite Athletic Association, agrees to give a purse of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) for the championship contest, of which the wirmer is to take sixty (60) per cent and the loser forty (40) per cent. - MEN QUICKLY COME TO TERMS Billy Delaney. representing Jeffries, signed the big fellow to fight Bill Squires in Rhyolie, Nev., next April for a purse of $30,000. When Delaney sat do-wn with B. F. Taylor, of the Rhyolite Athletic association in San Francisco yesterday, they were able to come to a satisfactory understanding in a few minutes. The upshot of it was that Delaney accepted the offer of a purse of $30,000 for the tight, which is to take place on a day in AjTil yet to bo selected. The winner is to receive 60 per cent of this amount, while the loser will receive $12,000 as balm for his wounded feelings. Transportation was cabled Squires when the negotiations were concluded and he was urged to leave for this country as soon as possible. His intention was to come on the liner Sonoma, which left here yesterday for Sydney, but in view of the Importance of the match it is expected he will take the next steamer for this country, arriving here late in January. WILL FIGHT TO FINISH. The paper signed yesterday binds Jeffries to meet Squires before the club at Rhyolite in April. The signing of the formal articles governing the contest has been deferred until the arrival of the Australian. When he arrives the conditions under which the fight will be held will be decided by the principals. The only detail definitely settled Is that It is to be to a finish, which is permitted under the laws of Nevada. The Rlolite promoters have gone about the arrangements for the fight in a business-like way. As a starter, they raised $50,000 for the purse , and Incidental expenses within an hour and a half. The clubmen were told there was as much more to be had whenever they needed it. The promoters have already arranged for a special rate of $20 for the round trip from Los Angeles to the mining camp. The distance is about 40 miles. JEFF WANTS MORE. There is a slight difference of opinion regarding the match between Jeffries and Billy Delaney, who has acted for him in all his big fights. Jeffries gives out word from his ranch at Bur-bank that he expected a purse of more than $30,000. He professes to know nothing of the match. Delaney stands by his guns and says Jeffries will be on hand when the time comes to fight. He says the big fellow will undergo a long preparation and will do a lot of boxing to get back his old judgment of distance. There Is a general opinion that I Squires has not the bulk necessary to make a winning ngnt -vitn jertries. Even though this be true, the fight will attract widespread Interest, as would any event in which Jeffries is a principal. . HARRISON TO LEAD CLUB RUN SA7 FRANCISCO. Dec. 29. President William Greer Harrison will lead the Olympic Club members on their third annual run through the park to the beach on New Year's Day. At the end of the run the members will take a dip in the surf. A luncheon will be served at the "Breakers." The start w-111 be made at the temporary clubhouse at 9:30 a. m. sharp. Those who have already signified their intention of taking the outing are: William Greer Harrison. M. L. Rosenfeld, L. Ramsdell. Louis Levy, O. Walfish, A. Glarner. E. Norman, R. Weldon, W. -Murdock, J. Cunningham, F. Wegener. T. B. Smith, R. Nichols, Al Coney, H. Stern. A. Bullion. M. J. Brandenstein, L. Flynn, T. I. Fitzpat-rick, R. McArthur, E. P. Shortall, M. Getz. C. Arata, C. Boas, R. Weaver, P. Gerhardt, C. Jenkins, E. Knapp and L. Ferrari. . , Rr?C III T C pVT VJ L 1 J l NEW ORLEANS TRACK NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 29. Fairground results yesterday: First race, seven furlongs Judge Burroughs won, Spider Web second. Sea Water third. Time, 1:28 4-5. Second race, five furlongs Kohl-nor non, Luszaroon second, John Peters third. Time, 1:01 1-5. Third race, five and a half furlongs Pity won. Toboggan second. Refined third. Time, 1:06 4-5. Fourth race, one mile Kitty Piatt won, Omar Khayyam second, Delphle third. Time. 1:4L 1-5. Fifth race, Ave furlongs Sir Mincemeat won, Billy Vertrees second. Belle of the Bay third. Time, 1:01 1-5. Sixth race, one mile and a sixteenth Charm won. Dr. McCluer second, 'itsnewstome; declares jeff LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29. "It's news to me if I have been matched to fight Squires," said Jeffries last night at his, Burbank ranch. "I wired Delaney at San Francisco last night not to do anything and have not heard from him. Of course I would trust Delaney for almost anything and probably would ' agree to anything he said, except as to the amount" of the purse I would fight for. I want more than $30,000." "Weil," he was asked, "if you could not (Bet anything better than $::0,00l, would you tight for that?" , "I don't know. I might not agree to that sum. Of course, the articles, for a tight are not signed yet by me, but if 1 should sign for Squires I would begin training right away and probably would do most of my work in Los Angeles, where I could get Into a handball court." In all his conversations about a $30,- 000 purse. Jeffries has never told the Call correspondent that he would not right for that amount, but always maintained that he wants more. It Is safe to guess that he would take $.i0.0u0, although he may get the "champion's bit" on the side ss a bonus for fighting. DELANEY CONFIDENT. When Billy Delaney . was told of Jeffries' statements, he said: "I do not care whether Jeffries fights or not, but you can say for me that he will, fight. 1 can hardly believe that he has said either that the match was made without his knowledge and consent, or that he will not tight. If he had any intention of refusing to 'meet Squires, why, when Taylor went to Los Angeles to see him. did lie not say at once that ho would not consider a match, instead of referring Taylor to me? , "So far as this match Is concerned. It is not only the best that we could do. but I consider $30,U00 enough for any two men that ever entered the ring. It is, moreover, the largest purse evtr offered in the historv oi the righting game. Why, Corbett at- .Sullivan fought for the championship of the world for a purse of $25,000. and Jem Mace and Tom Allen fought at New Orleans with bare knuckles for the world's championship for $10U0 a side. THEY MEAN BUSINESS. "Another thing that influenced me to clinch Taylor's offer was the fact tluit these Nevada people have proved tlmt they mean business from the word go. 1 would rather have an offer of $S0.u00 from Nevada for April than an offer of $:u,iG0 from any place In California for a later date, for in the first place we are absolutely sure or the money, and I am not so sura that there will be any more Lig hglits in California, "Still another reason for my accepting Taylor's offer is that if I had refused his olfer. which he assured me wa.s final either he or some one else -would have matched some one wilh Squires, and that would have completely shut us out. Until Jeffries tells me flatly that he will not meei aquires und I see him refuse to enter the ring on the dav of the match I shall not believe that he will not fight 1 shall go right ahead with my preparations for the match and we shall see whether Jeff turns me down In the end which he has never done yet. Jeff hasn't wired me not to make the match." : Courant's TMannattan Cocktails Are the talk of the town. For mixed brinks go to the Gallndo Hotel bar. . FUTURITY TO HAVE MANY ENTRIES Although entries for the Futurity do not close until January 2. a great many nominations have already been made. In light of the heavy entries for the Hopeful and other produce stakes already closed, a big entry is looked for the big Sheepshead Bay special. While it is not believed that the highwatet mark will be reached, there is good ground for the belief that the record of recent years will be broken. There Is small chance that the Futurity will ever be worth mote than $70,000 as it was in Potomac's year. Produce stakes were scarce in those days and the Futurity had a clear field. But the Introduction of varieus other rich events of this character has nat urally hail the effect of forcing the breedersrto parcel their entries among several if them, and the Futurity has I suffered tn consequence. It will, how- J ever, always be America s big two- year-old event, whatever success may I come to the others. On the same date January 2d en- iries win ;iose lor vne jsngnion rrou- Iuce of 1907. This stake has a guaranteed cash value of $30,000 and is dl I vlded In two races, one for colts and , , . ...it m i t 1 1 geiaings ana one lor nuies. iue tjrijsn-ton Produce is a particularly attractive stake, as It baa a remarkably cheap declaration, $10 carrying an entry until November 1st of the year previous to the running of the race. It Is made attractive to breeders also by reason of the money awarded to the nominators of the placed horses. Eligibility to this race not only adds to the value of a yearling when led Into the sales ring, but the breeder still has an Interest in the race. An Alarming Situation frequently results from neglect of clogged bowels and torpid liver, until constipation becomes chronic. This condition is unknown to those who use Dr. King's New Life Pills: the best and gentlest regulators of Stomach and Bowels. Guaranteed by Osgood Brothers, druggists. Broadway, corner of Seventh, and Washington, cor- aer of Twelfth. Price 25c. GANS' TRAILING HARDEST II: HIS LIFE DIFFICULTY , IN MAKING WEIGHT WORRYING SUPPORTERS. Betting Odds on Colored Fighter Have Dropped From 3 to 1 to 10 to 4l2. TONOPAH, Nev., Dec. 29. It is the last days of training for Joe Gans and Kid Herman who battle for the lightweight championship honors here In Tonopah on New Year's day. These are strenuous days. In the camps of the two fighters there seems to be no knowledge of the word rest. Gans 13 working as lie never worked before as he had found 4he weight problem quite ! a bit tougher than he ever anticipated. The colored champion has been brought to the realization that In the cold weather, and with his age against : him, he cannoi wear off the poundage v as he was wont to do in his youftget " days and in warmer climes. This hord work which Joe is compelled to do is causing his admirers in' this section of the country to worry, over his chances. The champion during these latter days of training, Is forced to work to the border of overexertion. He was never called on to mill it so hard and among those, .who want to get their coin down on' his chances, there is a fear that Joe cannot be at his best when forced to .worlti as he is working. It is this fear, no doubt, tffht is causing' Herman to be , much move of a favorite in the bet ting than it wfts ever thought he would figure. , When the match was first made, the sporting writers throughout the country figured Herman's chances at about one to three. According to the dope . this figuring was correct, and if ' J09 ' Gans has shown a disposition to come to weight easily these odds -would have no doubt been prevalent at this tfime. But Herman is not figured at one to -three in this neck of the woods. The lowest he has been at any time is ten; . to four and a half, and only one bet ot any magnitude was plated at these odds. Most of the betting has been at, . ten to five, while not a small amount! of coin has been wagered on the Kid at seven to ten. These would appear to be false odds if one was to go only by the dope book, but up here they have cast the dope book aside. They are banking on 'the condition of the two men and their showing in training, and this Is the reason the odds stand as they do. They, figure that Herman with his great strength and his youth, has at least a one to two chance with the: champion who must toil long and hard to get to get 133 two hours before the fight. That Gans will be at weight, there is no doubt, whatever. Whether he will be at his best remains to he seen. New Year's dav will tell. WILL NOT REOPEN . . HOUSTON DIVORCE Judge Ellsworth yesterday refused to reopen the Houston divorce case. Oliver J. Houston, a colored Pullman car porter, thought it quite a joke, a few days ago when his wife, Lillian A. Houston, obtained a divorce. Houston now claims that he was unaware of the true state of affairs and failed to realize the seriousness of the papers that the attorneys served on him last' week. "My Cake Is Dough." Did not use Sperry's Flour. JCMW CHAMPAGNE Imported direct from Franca bears the additional label A-VIGNIER-G sou AssrfB res ra none coast. This incomparable French Cham-pagne is especially prepared to ,suit the taste of the American market' Refuse Substitutes P. N. HANRAHAN & CO,, Oakland Agents. Leading Specialists If you are a sufferer from Catarrh, Rheumatism. Constipation, pain In the back, headache. Stomach. 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