Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 14, 1906 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1906
Page 7
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TJSCEMBEE 14, 1906. FRIDAY EVENING, SHERIFF KEEPS PEACE IN No Branch Lace " ;: Houses There is only one H. C. Capwell Co.'s Lace House, and we have no branch stores. STRUGGLE AGAINST S. P. Beginning Monday Next December 17th, this store will keep open evenings until Christmas. KT7AND TRIBUNE. Contractors Claim That Southern Pacific Planned to Carry Away Their , Warehouse. SAjP OAKLAND. Cotton Brothers, contractors, who are contesting with the Southern Pa cific Company for the possession or a atrip of land on First street, between the Webster and Harrison street bridges, have asked the protection of Sheriff .-Barnet to prevent the railroad company- from carrying, oft their equipment, and to forestall an apparent attempt on the part of the railroad to send two hundred men to the site and remove Cotton Brothers' warehouse. Acordingly, Deputy Sheriff John Rellly was sent to keep peace. Late In the afternoon, the Southern Pacific roadmaster, E. O. Corrigan, removed his forces. .Two cars of material belonging to Cotton Brothers had been loaded, and were apparently about to follow the two sent away last evening, but Ernest Cotton put a- stop to this, and his forces unloaded the equipment and returned It to the warehouse. FIOIIT TO FINISH. Ernest Cotton states that this contest Is to be a fight to the finish, and receive a telephone message from the Southern Pacific a few days ago, warning us If we did not get off the property Immediately we would be thrown off. Now, the railroad company had no right to issue such an order, .and until the case Is settled by th.e court as to who has the rights and title to the property, the railroad must keep its hands off." RESURVEY 5IADE. Samuel S. Austin, agent for the Webster Street Wharf and Dock Company, which claims title to most of the property lying between the bridges south of First street, ordered a resurvey of the premises made, and yesterday surveyors from the city engineer's office, began to relocate the stakes of the property lines. Austin states that the fight Is between Cotton Brother s and the Southern Pacific Company, and that his clients are not interested in the battle, only in so far as their own land is concerned. He states that the wharf company has held title -to three acres in the space south of First street, and that the title was part of the claims sucessfully main that their legal representative. At- tained by Dameroa and Doane some torney W. R. Davis, will attend to years ago, and that he proposed to the legalities of the case. hold it against tho Southern Pacific "It Is true," said Cotton, "we did or anyone else. BOY AND FATHER BOTH DISCHARGED Young Alfred Rowe, who has been arrested several times by the police for complicity in bold thefts, has been sent to a reform school at Lytton Springs. The charge of petit larceny against the boy was dismissed this morning by Police Judge Samuels. Q. E. Rowe, the father of the lad. who was arrested for not sending his son to school, was also discharged. Rowe claimed that his son was so wayward that he could not kee; him in school. OFFER FOR THE FORUM John Tait Would Give $100,000 for the Local Cafe on Broadway. Willie and the Two Kids Here's a fairy tale about a grouchy oldt man and his two boys; one was a Sunday boy and the other any-old-day-ln-the-week. Well, It came Christmas time and the old man gave the good boy a stocking full of candy and nuts, toys galore and in the bad boy's stocking he put two old horseshoes. Christmas morning the boys looked at their things and old stingy asked them how they liked the things Santa Claus brought, and the good little feller eald: "Oh, I got some candy and nuts and toys. Old Santa is a fine fellow." And the bad boy said, "Say, dad, old Santa Claus is a brick; why he brought me a real horse but it got away." We are very busy and I guess here Is one of the reasons I overheard two men talking about my boss and here Is what I heard: "Isn't It Wonderful what a big business Charlie Heeseman Is doing," and the man he was talking to said: "Yes, it Is and no wonder for he carrles' the best stock of things to wear I ever saw in my life. Why, that store is a wonderful place to trade in and your treatment is excellent, and, besides that, Charlie Heeseman Is uch a darned good fellow." Well, what do you think of that. I guess It's about the suds. Come and see the Sunday coats at As the end of the year approaches, there Is a growing desire on the part of San Francisco merchants to acquire business locations In this city. J. B. Knowles, who Is associated with Oeorge W. Austin, has had a very Interesting experience along these lines during the past week. "A few days ago," said Mr. Knowles, "I was called upon bw Mr. J. Talt, the proprietor of the celebrated Talt's res-I taurant of San Francisco. He was pre-I pared to invest heavily In a cafe In Oakland. I had heard that W. H. Brown, of the Forum, was not averse to selling, provided he could get his price. Mr. Tait bluntly offered Mr. Brown $100,000 for the lease and good will of the. Forum. The suddenness of the offer took Mr. Brown by surprise, and he declined to sell his interest". "Mr. Tait then made a proposition to P. Kisich, of the Saddle Rock, restaurant, and offered him $45,000 for his lease and good will. Mr. Kisich promptly declinedl-xeasoning, no doubt, that if his lease be worth so much to a stranger. It is equally as valuable to himself. I have no. doubt that if Mr. Brown will really entertain the proposition, I can secure a purchaser of his place for $125,000. "On the first of January a San Francisco merchant, one of the best known, 'wants to open a large store here, and has authorized me to state that he Is prepared to Invest a quarter of a million of dollars in Oakland. These facts indicate the tremendous value of Broadway property, and with such marvelous rise in values on the city's main street, it stands . to, reason that the same nronortion 'in values mmst i olltni.n on rtrHnr'fvnt thimncrhfQi-oo S. P. WOULD WIDEN OAKLAND MOLE Cm J. Heeseman 1107 TO 1117 WASHINGTON ST. Expert Opticians You get good glasses from us because you get them from the makers. Tour glasses are firsthand, not second-hand. ' We have the best factories and the most expert opticians. Every optician who waits on you In this store has had at least ten years' experience. W make the Kryptok, th glass Which gives far and near vision In one. No lines cross it; no pieces pasted on. OTHIR LINES.-Good glims from UJft. Agents for Sharon moaMrags mi MM 466 Thirteenth Street Bet. Broadway and Washington Oakland an ' Frnc!aco. Stockton, - Sacramento, Fresno. The followin gcommunicffition has been received from the (Sfffie of the chief engineer, headquatofiirs Pacific division of the war department, In San Francisco: EDITOR TRIBUNE: Dear Sir On behalf of the United States harbor line bzoard, I desire to give the following information regaridng the date of a public hearing for the purpose of presenting facts and discussing the application of the Southern Pacific company recently made to the war department for permission to widen their Oakland mole. It is hoped that you may find space to insert this notice as news for the benefit of your readers: The Southern Pacific company havine aDDlied to the war nQrimsni J for permission to widen its present mole extenidng from Oakland into San Francisco Bay, the application has been referred to the United States harbor line board of San Francisco for report and recommendations. This board announces that a public Waring will be held in the rooms ofthe California Promotion committee, Union Square, San Francisco, January 8, 1907, at 11 o'clock a. nfe to hear and consider all facts and arguments that may be presented by those interested In this matter for the consideration of the board. Very respectfully. WILLIAM M. HARTS, Major, Corps of Engineers, Secretary. NEGRESS GUILTY OF DISTURBING PEACE A sentence to pay a fine of $10 or spend five days in Jail was imposed op Mrs. A. Lancaster, a negress, living In West Oakland, by Police Judge Samuels this morning. Mrs. Lancaster was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace, after being ousted from a restaurant at Willow and Atlantic streets by George Gordon, the proprietor. The latter was also taken into custory, but was found not guilty yesterday morning by Judge Samuels. CHARGED BY WOMAN WITH STRIKING HER . John Williams was arrested late last night on a charge of battery prjffsrr.ed by Miss Clara O'Brien, who alleges tbijt Wlulams struck her. Williams apnea ed In police court two this morning, but his case was continued! until to- 5 morrow for the filing of a complaint, i J. lie yi louiici v aa iicaicu lit X1 Ourin. street and Broadway. WAS SOLE SUPPORT OF AGED MOTHERS 9 It was David Lennon, a young Iron worker, residing on Hannah street In this city, who was ground I to pieces under the Berkeley flyer of the Key Route yesterday morning. Lennon was the sole support of an aged mother, Deceased endeavored to swine aboard the flyer, hut eUpped and foil beneath th train" v". . ,. -- Are for Progress It is very proper just now that Oakland should demonstrate her industrial development and her material prosperity. Let the bands play, let the red fire burn, let the gay floats, swift autos and handsome turnouts bedeck themselves with the brightest colors and the most brilliant lights. Above it all, old Santa Claus looks down bdhignantly and with satisfaction, gratified at the unprecedented showing that Oakland can make on the eve of-this year's celebration of the great Christmas festival. . Distinctly Fur Time Our early touch of winter proved the wisdom of those who made an early selection of furs. If you have not yet chosen one for yourself or for a gift to some one else, you have an unusual opportunity this season, for a delayed shipment has just come through and we are about as well prepared as we were when the season opened. . There is a wide diversity of grades in our furs scarfs, stoles, throws, four-in-hands, shoulder capes, etc.; in genuine Siberian Mink, Isabella Fox, Ermine, Marten and also in the less rare furs, such as oppossum, fox, squirrel, chinchilla, wolf, Japanese mink, water rat, etc. There are good values in furs at $4.00, $5.00, $6.50, $7.50, and some very handsome fur pieces in real Siberian Mink up to $150. Fur Sets for Children Four times as many fur sets for children were bought by us this year as were purchased for our last holiday trade. Yet they are going so fast that for your own contentment we advise an early choice. They are prettier than ever, and while prices may be the same, there is more real value in each grade. Persian Lamb, Angora, Chinchilla, imitation Ermine, Water Mink all these furs look pretty on children. Each set consists of collarette and muff $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and to $7.50 a set. Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs It isn't always easy to select a gift that will please a mac, especially the nervous, irritable, business-satiated man of today. He's not selfish, only finicky. He likes to be remebered, especially at Christmas time.- A half-dozen handkerchiefs will satisfy ninety-nine per cent of all the mem. Japanese silk handkerchiefs, with large or small initials, neatly hemmed 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00. Linen handkerchiefs, initials in different styles, different widths of hem six for $1.00; 25c each : three for $1.00. ' Flain linen handkerchiefs, with hems of any desired width 15c, 20c, 25c and to 75c each. . Fancy silk handkerchiefs, solid centers and white borders ; white figured centers and colored borders; checks and plaids, in blues, greens, grays and lavender 50c each, Silk and linen mixed colored handkerchiefs; corded and plain; very dressy 50 each. With every purchase of handkerchiefs from $1.00 upward we give a hand-, some box with top lithographed in colors. Silk Reefers and Mufflers A reefer or muffler in an acceptable color and with the proper initial worked in the corner is always a seasonable and prized gift for a gentleman. All desired colors and in grades at 75c, S1.C0, $1.25 and to $3.25. NO CHARGE FOR STAMPING INITIALS. Holiday Leather Goods What would a woman do today without a wrist bag? It is useless to answer it is easier to descant on its merits, especially on the merits of our display of Wrist Bags for the holidays. There are all shapes, all colors, all proper kinds of leathers, and several ways of fixing up the interiors so as to be convenient and useful; and all have handles that are neat, easy to grasp and easy to retain. In grades they range from $1.25, $1.50 and to $17.50. ENVELOPE BAGS, a, combination of purse, pocket book and wrist bag ; with finger strap; come in seveYal styles; priced 50c, 75c, $1.00 and to $5.00. BEADED WRIST BAGS You all know how pretty they are, in what great variety they have been designed for this holiday season. Probably our selection is more exclusive than you can find anywhere else ; prices are 65c, 75c, $1.00 and up to the very handsome grades at $8.50. MUSIC ROLLS, convenient gifts: their virtues known to all 50c, 75c and to $3.50. MUSIC BAGS carry the music with a single fold and no crease $1.50, $2.00 and to $3.50. 1 GENTLEMEN'S WALLETS; several sizes; always convenient and handy; highly prized as gifts 50c, 75c, $1.00 and to $3.S5. THE "ANTHONY BAGS," a desirable addition to this season's popular novelties $1.25, $1.75 and to $2.50. The Hour's Necessity The Suit Case The modern suit case has as many uses as poets have attributed to adversity. The traveler, the athlete, the lady going to a ball or party, the man off to a full . dress dinner, the bibliophile, the shopper of both sexes all rind great satisfaction in the service rendered them by a suit case. Rut more than utility is demanded In a suit rase today; it must have a good appearance, must be stylish: It must be right outside and particularly right In the Interior. There are hundreds of such suit cases in our leather department: they are priced $6.00, $6.50, $7.50 and to- $14.50. I The True Value of a Glove Order depends entirely on the store which issued it. Two glove orders, nominally costing the same, may represent very different values. A glove order or. merchandise order on the H. C. Capwell Company is the equiva-. lent of cash on any one of the thousands of right-priced articles in this big store. It is handier than a check, because we don't even require identification we are only too pleased to immediately honor our own paper. If you have a desire to make sifts to a friend, to half a dozen or to a hundred employes, what better or more satisfactory medium than one of our glove orders made out for any desired amount?1 Gentlemen's Department We've talked a good deal about the men's furnishing section lately, but each time the ad-writer passes those counters there is always so much that is new and novel that it compels him to stop for a few items. In every store will be found neckwear, suspenders, shirts, underwear, hosiery, cuff buttons, shirt studs, blanket robes, pajama suits, night shirts, etc. f ' But we claim an added distinction for each of these lines that you will find in our store distinction of exclusive novelties. It may be a new shade in a fancy shirt, a particularly bright blending of color in neckwear, an original design in a blanket robe, a particularly effective silk embroidered pair of suspenders but whatever it may be, it will be something that will show a difference, something that will be particularly gratifying to the man of pronounced srood taste. . Silk neckwear 50c, 75c. Silk embroidered suspenders (in boxes) 75c, $1.00, $1.50. Fancy (hosiery 25c, 50c. Fancy dress shirts and coat shirts $1.00, $1.50. Blanket robes $3.50, $4.50, $5.50. Pajama suits $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and to $6.50. Silk Shawls . No Christmas will ever come when a silk shawl will not be an appropriate gift. They don't alter much in general style, but in quality and pattern they keep p-4ce with up-to-date progress. To be had in black or cream ; fringed all around, good silk shoulder-covers, giving plenty of warmth and comfort $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and to $4.75. ICE WOOL FASCINATORS AH colors, wide variety of stitches, plenty of grades from 65c, $1.25 and to $3.50. Fancy Aprons For a present that any woman will appreciate, give a fancy Swiss apron. These dainty accessories to the afternoon toilette arc here in many novel designs effective arrangements of lace inserting, ribbon beading, Van Dyke points, groups of fine tucks round, square, of various sizes priced 25c, 35c, 50c and to $2.25. And The Fan ' Fans may not be .much used in this equable climate, but it is fashionable to display one. The Empire Fan is the fad of this season ; they are made of fine gauze, effectively decorated with spangles and hand-decorated sticks; in either French bone or wood 35c, 50c, 65c, 75c and to $6.50. A Novelty in Silk Waists $3-95 This waist is something new. It is made of flowered India silk with rows of lace inserting and with tucked and lace inserting yoke effect; short sleeves, also with lace insertion ;. tucked open back; the patterns are sprays of roses in pink, blue and lavender. Novelty Net Waists Some Very handsome net waists have just been put on display and they came just in time to reinforce a line that was depleted because of its popularity. However, we are well fixed in net and all-over waists now, and with their silk lining, short sleeves and graceful draping effects, they are strong favorites for evening wear $4.95, $5.95, $6.50 and to $16.50. 7 0 ALTERATION SALE vfV entire stock of fine Millinery at less than cost during alterations. Miss S. F. Conniff. 468 Tnirteemn sireei. I Imitation eems are hard but imitation men are not. to detect. THiS Is the good-natured season of the year, when everyone looks leniently upon the faulta of his neighbors. Even a confirmed enemy of slang will not Judgo too harshly the man with a "package." or the wife who hands him "a package." provided It has the Lehn- hardt label on It and the shades of night have not fallen too hard at the hour of giving. There is one thing I like about the vocabulary of the slanglst -the wlerd. fantastic shades of meaning and the general air of good humor that pervades all slang-ology. By the way. have yon seen the new candy and bon-bon boxes at Lehns? They are certainly works of arc LEHNHARDT'S SWEETS IN A S FANCY CHRISTMAS BOX THE AMUSEMENTS. Macdonough Theater Phone Oakland 87 Chas. P. Hall, Sole Prop, and Manager TONIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT AND SUNDAY NIGHT. Matinee SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. The Kirke La Shelle Company Offers Paul Armstrong's Merry Comedy Success of Last Season, "The Heir to the Hoorah" With GUY BATES POST PRICES 25c, 50c; 75c, 1 and $1.50 MATINEES 2Sc, 50c, 75c and $1. NEXT WEEK KOLB AND PILL IN "LONESOME TOWN." AMUSEMENTS. IDEALtGIFT. Lchnhardt'o, ; 1159 BROADWAY. IVMWHVVWWMWVMWWWV NOVELTY t THEATER Broadway, bet. '- Eleventh and Twelfth Oakland's Leading Vauderllle Theater Tony Lube la kl. Pr . Gny.C Smith. ll(r. 2 MATINEES VERY DAY 2 . 2s P. M. and 3:45 P. M. Continuous Until 5 p. m. Adults 10c, Children 5c. . 2 SHOWS EVERY NIGHT 2 V - 7:45 P. M. and 9:15 P. M. T Except Saturday and Sunday Cantin IDOR& PARK AUO OPERA HOUSE Direction H. "W. Bishop. Every Evening, Matinees Saturday and Sunday. The Romantic Chinese Comic Opera The Lily of CheeFoo BY THEO. VOGT A big $2.00 production for 50 cents with a i GRAND OPERA ORCHESTRA Secure your seats in advance. Christmas brings " THE TOYMAKER " AMUSEMENTS. Playhouse t Direction of H. W. Bishop Phone Oak. 73 New California JocKey Club Oakland RaceTracK v Siir or more races each week day,, rain or shine. - , . .Races commence at 1:40 p. m. sharp. Take street cars from any part of city; transfer to San Pablo avenue." V THOMAS IL WILLIAM 3, President. i PSRCX W. TREAT, Secretary matinees Saturday Sunday and Every evening, The Manoeuvers of Jane Comedy by Henry Arthur Jones Next Monday and Tuesday evenings this theater is rented out. Commencing Wednesday evening, December 13, Bishop's players in Nat Goodwin's success TURNED UP A Rollicking jollv farce Reserved Seats. 50 cts and 25 cts Seats now on sale for the concert by GABRILOWITSCH The Russian Pianist NEXT THURSDAY AFTERNOON, at 3:15. Prices..... $1.50 and $1.00 Boys Wanted Boys between' the age of 13 and IS years of age to carry new TRIBUNE routes. Apply Superintendent carriers. i VOTE YET? TRIBUNE POPULARITY- CONTEST AMUSEMENTS, Lakeside Rink 12th St. betwtn WXHato 9nrf U , l.n. - Finest skating pavilion In Northern California. Well appointed, well ventilated, well attended. THIRD GRAND MASQUE NEW YEAR'S EVE. Watch for list of prizes and races. Sktc until 1 a. m. School Children. Saturday morning and afternoon. 20 c?nts. including skates. BELL THEATER Under direction of Mr. Gus Cohen, , Announcement Extraordinary! BELL ROAD SHOW Featuring world's famous Japanese Acrobats and Nellie Andrews Company In Grand Opera. . No change in nriccs 10c and 20c." - Girly Wanted EXPERIENCED bindery girls ; also apprentices. Apply Bind-.' ery, Tribune Bldg., 8th and Franklin. ( NOT IN SAN FRANCISCO AT THE PRESENT TIME. The Oyster Leaf .formerly of 11-13 Eddy, San Francisco, - now at 470-78 Ninth street, Oakland, Xnrat-claaa arriJla. and urivata room. . , .ftsaai.. Z TV.

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