The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1892
Page 4
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TIIK KKPU1VLK:.AN,,ALG()NA, IOWA, \VKD\KSDAY, MAY is, lS!)-2. and DEPARTURE of TRMB. OHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, 'JOIN'* WEST. No, No. No. No. No. S i>iis.3tit 9 freight 13 wnv troiuUt r> freight...' ...... OOIJVO KAST. •I paasencrr 4 passenger No, No, to way fivitfht 7W s freight..' « :02 a in •* '"'• I 1 ul 7 :15 a m H :-tr> am S' 17 P m 1° :-' a "' , ! , l: ;"-,Vm Ir,,? v : Chicago & North western K'y. AIGONA REPUBLICAN (Ofldal ' '»/• County anil MIC Fiitcreil attlie pust ofticw In Algomi as second oliiss iniiil mutter. a m p "i GOI.SU XOHTVI AND WEST. vfreislit accommodation Chicago Mull and Express CIOIJTC; SOUTH AND KAST. Freight accommodation f, : r>7" p m Chicago Mail and .Express a :..;, |> irt OhiciiKo passencer roaches Des M.-ines at 7 p. m., CIII'MKO r, ; r,o a. m., nm Kansas City |) K!0 ii. in. Tickets for sale to all points In the Juited States and Canada. I'UMt.ISHKD RVKKY V,'K1»*KSDA V JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In ndvanco Sl.M Out- copy, six mo'.iths. in advance Tf> One copy, three months, in advance... -«J Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paiil. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will bu made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Tin? equiiiment of the Rimrm/icAN Ofllcefor Hook and Job I'rintinir is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. „„,,.»•. TUB Krcrnst.if'AN is an AT,T, HO-UK Pitt XT luipor. Xo objectionable patent m- sides. of calico. It is only by a diversification of our industries that prosperity can conic to everybody. Nothing kills ft business or occupation so quickly as overcrowding it. It is all too obvious to require demonstration. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY. H. J. DANSOJf. W. C. DANSON. DANSONBROS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Frank Bros. Algona, Iowa. E, V. SWETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, Iowa. The Chicago News says that the greatest thing in Boies' favor ishisgoodlooks. The Governor is mighty good looking. A democratic paper thinks that Iowa republicans ought to be joyful over the weather, because "tbey and they're getting it." wanted water W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth Co. Bank. Algona, Iowa. GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over 1st National Bank, Algona, Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS.- ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrischilles' store. Algona, Iowa. What is the Algona Courier's opinion about the increased cost of clothing a family of six children by reason of the McKinlcy bill? Sioux City will hold another "Last Corn Palace Carnival" this year. The Corn Palaco was a happy idea for Sioux City, but it is getting to be an old thing. In 1890 the imports into the United States of fruits that can be grown in our climate amounted in value to $16,816,897. In 1891 under Bepublican protection our imports of such fruits amounted to $12,019,543—a difference of $4,797,854 in favor of the United States. HIGH LICENSE The State Register of last Saturday gave some high license facts as follows. "The fee in Philadelphia is $500 this year more than Inst, viz., $1,000, and 185 more ilcetises were granted this year than last. The Press says that a $5,000 saloon "is considered a small affair," and those "favorably situated clear from $20,000 to $50,000 per annum." AtPittsburg, so the Wine and Spirit Gnzette says, "saloon keepers who used to make $1.500 to §2,000 a year now clear ten times as much 1.1 n der high license." Number of licenses granted, nine fewer than last year. Several were refused "because they were near 'churches which would have been disturbed by the saloon." The Philadelphia Press proposes that, on account of the inordinate profits, tbo licenses be auctioned off annually to the highest responsible bidder. Massachusetts is getting sick of high license, under local municipal option. Forty-two towns and sixteen cities voted "license", this year and two hundred and eighty-one towns and twelve cities "no license." Majority in the state so far as heurd.from, 14,337 for "no license;" last year it was the other way, 16,107 for "license." This popular change influenced the temperance resolution of the Republican state convention." The saloon can not be licensed out of existence—that fact has been well demonstrated wherever high license has been tried. A high license serves to dignifiy the traffic and places the saloon business U At FRANK BROS.' JAS. BAKU, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office on State street, Algona, Iowa. The Des Moines Register quotes the promise—"While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease," and takes courage. Iowa never yet had a crop failure, and wont have one this year. We have faith in Iowa as well as the promise from Genesis. in the hands of a few. The only argument to be sa'd in its favor is that it results in the closing up of the cheap dog- geries and saloons. The only way to stamp out the drink evil is by absolute and uncompromising prohibition—prohibition that prohibits. helps A Memphis democratic paper along the Boies boom as fallows: "Governor Boies, it seems, takes his candidacy for the presidential nomination seriously. Boies is a good fellow— a man who lives for sixty years as a whig and a republican, and then offers the butt-end of his life to the democracy can not be president of these United States." ALGONA, IOWA. a T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa, DR. L. A. SIIKETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Tliorington sts. Aleona, Iowa. T, J. FELLING, M. D. PHYSWIAN AND BURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. There are enough democrats in Congress one would suppose to make sure of a quorum of their own. But when a horse race or a baseball game is on hand there is no hloding a sufficient number of them to do business. It would be a very simple, fair, constitutional procedure for Speaker Crisp to count the republicans who are in their seats attending to business and make a quorum. But that is not to be thought of because "Czar Reed" did it. So the public business lags.—Ex. City Delivery. I will run two delivery wagons hereafter, and will be prepared to attend to customers in all parts of the city. Leave all orders at the Adams Express office. 33tf F. W. LONQLEY. CHAS, mcC ~*EULECT1C PHYSICIAN, Guarantees to cure Catarrh. All telegrams will receive prompt attention and I will pay for the same. Wesley, Iowa. The democratic congress has managed to appropriate a half billion dollars during Us. first session, The extravagance of the Fifty lust Congress will probably not figure very big in this year's campaign as a democratic argument. They will be forced to hunt up something else to take its place, If the democratic party would stop and take an inventory of its campaign stock in trade the result would be very discouraging. Not an argument made two years ago will hold water in this campaign. E. E. SAYERS, D. V. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, »-Offlce west ol the Thorington House, Sgona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. DANSON & HUTCHISON, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. Office over Kossuth County Binlc. Also do a loan and insurance business. Mgona, Iowa. C. B. MATSON, HEAL ESTATE, FARV LOANS AND INSURANCE, Office with Dlngley & Mofl'att. Algona, Iowa In 1891, during the three months ending March 31. the exports of tin plates from Great Britain to the United States amounted to 98,909 tons valued at £1,630,803. In 1892, under Republican protection, during the corresponding period, the exports of tin plates from Great Britain to ;his country amounted to 64,611 tons, valued at £887,561. This decrease of 34,298 tons, valued at £734,252, or $3,602,159.12, was caused by the McKinley Bill which is rapidly building up a great tin plate industry in the United States. GEO. 0. CALL, BE.AI- ESTATE AND ABStttA'CT OFFICE For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. Thorington street, Algona, Iowa A, D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. Office on Dodge street, Algona, Iowa SWKA. Hiss Carrie Hale, who has been to St. Paul for some time,[returned to her home recently. Mr. Hokanson is still very ill and there is little hope of his recovery. The mail carrier was unable to make his trips regularly last week, owing of course to the muddy roads. One of the Swea teachers, Miss Coffin has closed her school for a time, till- well till a certain slough, lowers enough to let a horse through. Bad weather f or teachers. Mr. Buker will close his school next Friday in the northern part of Swea. Mrs. Buker is teaching the East school. She lias taught two weeks. Illinois 3d vein soft coal on hand hereafter. 33 34 J. H. QUEAL & Co. Low Railroad Bates. INDEPENDENT PARTY NAT. CONNECTION. For the Independent Party National Conventiona to be held at Omaha July 4, excursion tickets will be sold at one fare for the round trip. SUPREME LODGE A. O. U. W. For the Supreme Lodge A. O. U. W. which meets at Helena, Mont., June 15th a rate of $44:25 will be in effect from Algona. SPECIAL TRAIN TO CLEAK LAKE, IA. A special train will leave Algona May 28th at 9:40 a. m., 'returning will leave Clear Lake at 6:00 p. m. Fare, adults, |1, children 60c for the round trip. TO CHICAGO AND KETURN. For the Democratic National Convention to be held at Chicago June 21st, agents of the Nortli-Western Line will sell excursion tickets at the rate of one fare for the round trip. For tickets and full information concerning dates of sale, etc., apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y- 34-8 We wish, to call your attention to the fact that our store room is rented and we are compelled to move in a short time. Below we will give you some prices that will astonish you on Clothing, Hats, Caps, Underwear, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear of all kinds,overalls. Jeans Pants, etc. $5,00 Suits for $3.00 Now is the time to visit J. R. Laird's furniture store when you can get your choice from his mamotu stock. 32tf P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD ,^i ls «^ lt j[ 1 f n bf..B!:™H5 ) S e ^?^^ strictly confidential. An "honest" democratic editor down in Virginia sees the situation as follows: "There is no use for further discussing the fact that the McKinley bill has not had the baleful effects predicted by the democrats two years ago. In fact, in many cases the effect has been exactly the opposite. The party must hunt up something else to make a campaign on,or give up the ghost." ''The party" will probably give up the ghost. The logical result of the campaign of lying misrepresentation practiced upon the people two years ago,is unavoidable and overwhelming defeat. "You can't fool all the people all the time." There is no rocm for speculation as to what the effects of the McKinley bill will be, and there are abundant facts as to what the effects have been. The facts are against the democratic party. Sweet potatoes at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. 7,00 9.50 10.00 12.50 15.00 18.00 U ii ii ii hi ii ii ii ii 4.40 6.00 7.00 9.00 11.50 14.50 SHIRTS. $ .T5 Tennis flannel, for $ .50 Detroit (Jruiul Hiiveii and Milwaukee Steamer Line. Steamers between Milwaukee and Grand Haven have resumed regular service, leaving Milwaukee daily at 8:30 p m. C. M. & ST. P. Ry. 1.00 1.50 2.25 French .70 1.10 1.75 gS <fD &% €""2 ct> *-s ga o S^T 1 + in ^JrVANTS.J^^^ T O UENT—A HOl'SE. Inquire ol .lemile Me 111 tyre. 32tf. W ANTED-Good girl for general housework. Enquire of D. A. Haggard. W ANTED.- eti work 33-31 -GivU for dining room and kitch- . Address, 0. A. Shattuck, Clear Lake, la. E. G. BOWYER, DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Bepauring a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant. 1 P. BALL, Proprietor. te Street, Algona. me*\»- Board hv the day or S 'rKAYED.-From the old Lacy barn last Friday morning, a bob-tailed sorrel baUl- faced mare, 5 years old, weigUt about 1,000 Ibs Finder report to P. J. CHUISTENSKN. 3Ht and The Welsh tin plate firm of E. Norwood & Co., has purchased several acres of ground in Elizabethpert, New Jersey, and will immediately put in a plant with a capacity of 5,000 boxes per week. The McKinley tariff law is importing industries into tbis country. Any law that tends to establish new industries is a good thing. How long would farming con tmue to be a profitable occupation if everyone should engage in agriculture? Corn and oats would not be worth hauling to market, while the manufactured articles that the farmer is forced to buy would bring fabulous prices. A forty acre field of corn wouldn't pay for a yard S HORT HOKN BULLS-1 Have a thoroughbred Short Horn bulls whicli I will sel cheap for cash if taken soon.—C. B. HUTCHINS 29-84 OB SALE-A lirst-class Sewing Machine a lice. If you contemplate purchasing a macbin it will pay you te loo* up tills one before buy inc. It lias never been used and will be sold a a better figure than any agent will give you. The •*«entire - Stock b ITUAXION WANTED-by tborougn, eom patent and experienced young man. as clerk, bookkeeper or collector. Speaks three languages readily, and can lurnlsn gilt-edge oitv and countrv* references, recommendation SaiS^WHoSS^. V 4 ^, 1 ^^ 1 " ately P. B. SCHOLTJW, Cedar 33 the Mb, for To Contractor*. Sealed bids will be received by signed uotU Wednesday, Jwif erection of a school boose in M*. ."-7.-^----- "-'3K^&V$S&J ^*«fcjjU the In a Short Time. c/a S" OPSRATINO OVtft IOWA, '". MINNESOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA SOLID TRAINS BETWEEN Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul Vlft the Famous Albert Left Route. St. Louis, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via St. Louis. BHtmeopolle & St. Paul Short tine. AND , Through Sleepers and Chair Cars BETWEEN CHICAGO, CEDAR RAPIDS AND SIOUX FALLS, S. D. CHICAGO AND CEDAR RAPIDS Via the Fnmoua Albert Lon Route. *-te> SPIRIT LAKE H, Tlie Great Iowa. {Summer Resort. For Railway and Hotel Rates, Descriptive Pamphlets anil all Information, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. CHEAP HOMES On line of this road in Northwestern Iowa, Southwestern Minnesota and South Dakota, where drought and crop failures are unknown. Thousands of choice acres of land yet unsold. Local Excursion rates given. For full information as to prices of land and rates of fare, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. All of the Passenger Trains on all Divisions of this Railway are neated by Steani from the engine, and the.Main Line Day Passenger Trains are lighted with the Electric Light. . Maps, Time Tables, Through Kates and all Information furnished on application to Agents, Tickets on sale over this route at all prominent points In the Union, and by its Agents, to all parts of the United States and Canada. EyFor announcements of Excursion Kata% and local matters of interest, please refer to the local columns of this paper. C. J. IVES, J. E. HANNEQAN, Pres'tondGen'lSupt. GaalTkt. aniPass'rA* CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. -For Your- GROCERIES We will give you some Bargains in ai ; kinds of Groceries, Crockery and Glassware. Try our FLOUR We will suit you better in Quality and ; Price. We still have some choice APPLES at a very low price. ' Fish, of all kinds white, Mackeral, He? ring, Holland herring etc. 1 LANGDON & HUDSON'S. I Swiflton's FOR DYSPEPSM This unfailing remedy Tor dyspepsia of tli.. most chronic type, is the result of many year'sX. medical research of one of the most, noted and > eminent medical scholars of the period, Dr. La. Verne Swinton. Patent and proprietary nostrums have had no more bitter opponent than, tbis most eminent physlcian.forthe simplu rea-;. sou that the same dose Is invariably prescribdr to the sufferer, uo matter what the temporal- /\ of tlie patient.and no matter what the yecu"<;.,;'! ities of the disease, and this, too, in the fa-; the claims that such remedies will cure n jority of known diseases. I Dr. Swinton realized fully to what \ dyspepsia, whether mild or chronic by v: erishing and poisoning tile blood, beeaf;' piogenuor of numereus diseasas, and t)/ • sought diligently for years to discover/I specific. In this he was successful, btf \ scribing his wonderful y looked the great medical truth that/ "* toins In each case, the temperamuiic ences, and even the habits and o& the sufferer, required not only a q the prescription of his remedy.but I ded supplemental treatment and diL tlons, varying widely in different SWINTON MEDIOAL Co. send in, with this celebrated Specific for 11 complete treatise-by tne Dr., which . pliclt directions to tue sufferer, so thai' not only Intelligently use the remedy, il properly regulate the diet, and prope' administer the supplemental pres suited to the case. This Is Medical Treatment Quackery. Do not be robbed of your money am hopes for restored Health by alleged pan which while comparatively harmless will l nothing. SWINXON'S SPECIFIC in sold b druggists in $1 packages. We are introducli? ourselves in this territory, before placing it sale with your leading pharmacists, and w. send single packages to any address upon rei ceipt of 60c. Each package contains the meat cal treatise of Dr. Swinton, giving dietary d< rectlons and supplemental prescriptions. Address, SWINTON MEDICAL. CO., Fischer Building. Chicago, 111'$ 30-35 an 1 Drunkenness—I.lquor Habit-In ull thf World there Is but One Cure. Dr. HirlneB 1 Golden Spedac. It can be'giveifciu a cup of tea or coffee witl| out the knowledge of the peisou takinR it, ( feeling a speedy and permanent cure, whetc the valient is a moderate drinker or an ° 1J hollo wreck. Thousands of drunkards . been cured who have taken the Golden Spc In their coffee without their knowledge oday believe they quit drinking of thet" reewlll. No harmful effects results *•" dmiuistration. Cures guaranteed. ' irculars and full particulars. Addre* dence, Golden Specific Co., 185, 3incinr.ati, Ohio. . \y : LEGAL BLANK! •Warranty Deed, Quit (Halm Deed s, Keal Estate Mortgage, Chatttel gage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, C| S'otice, Land. Contracts, Contiif Building Sclwj.o.1 House, Notice | Probate of Will, Tux Sale Notices,'^ Blanks, District Township Blanl Blanks, Blank Receipt Books, Bla\ Books, etc, etc. lyAny form to order. Good Mone made by our agents everywhere. No. ital required. All cash commiBsij From $3 to |10 per day, easy. Information how to secure an Men wivb team or horse ami bugt' fmed, but Uiln iu uot essential. PLOWMAN PUB* C 3049 Molitt* E. Reeve & Co. have oa millinery lift*, ftt

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