Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 28, 1907 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1907
Page 2
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, MONDAY EVENING, OAKLAND TRIBUNE. JANUARY 23, 1S07. BRIEF ILLNESS ENDS LIFE EIGHT JURORS E OF PROMINENT MERCHANT lOOLDBERG 0 LEACH NOT A CANDIDATE SECURED 1 wen& go; Stores: Van Ness Ave. and Sutter Telephone: " 2829 -'California Street " . " - 1401 Halght Street Oakland: 13th and Clay Sts. " r: Warehouse; 16th -and Wood Streets. Franklin 701." West 101. Park 456-457-458. Oakland 1. ) It's the Jast of the month people will hold back f but haw can you resUt buying liberally at this isale? The avirage savin? off regular prices is 15 and over. Rem imber. four "SPECIALS ech month quite an item isn't it? Here's the problem in fuih Monday Tuesday Wednesday Grocery Department Guatemala Coffee,.. 25 Most popular of! all.. 2 lbs .45 Central American coffees. Succotash "Sea-Foam" 12'2 Sweet, tender, natural do. 1.50 French Olive Oil. . . .. .'i-gal can.. 1.60 G. B. & Co.'a Vierge. The best .........gal. can 3.10 Preserved China Ginger ..ami. jar .30 Stems' first quality, medium jar .60 Imported Macaroni.. ............ ,1S Spaghetti, Vermicilll. ...... .2 lbs. .25 Letters and numbers "La Favortta. String Beana "Sea Foam"..., As delicious as fresh beans.doa 1.60 Tomatoes'Alcalde" ... .10 Solid packed, natural. .... .dot. 1 SO California Prunes .....4 lbs. .23 Sweet, wholesome. Norway Mackerel Choice little fish; a breakfast delicacy., lb. pail 1.00 Self-Raising Buckwheat , "Peacock" 2 -lb. package. Salmon Cutlets "Forget-Me-Not" Large ova) cans 2 cans Bouillon Capsules "Anker" Box of ten makes ten cups. French Sardines choice !ih y. 2 cans , Enameline Stove Polish 6 caans .20 Maple Sugar....,.,,..,..., Hems-Mads Mines Meat .25 .45 .25 .25 .25 ...lb, .20 Pt, jar, JO; qt, 55 14 gil, 1.15 Evaporated Apples-. ..2 lbs. .25 Fancy Alden, white fruit. Powdered Borax 3 1 -lb. pkgs.,.25 Snider1 Beans 1 -lb. cans,..3;tor .25 2s, 2 cans, 25oj 3s, 3 cans...... .50 Washing Ammonia, qt. .20, 14 gal. .35 "Moir's Kippered Herring 25 Try It for breakfast 2 cans .45 . Dog Biscuits Spratt's 3'2 lbs. .25 Prevents distemper. .25 lb. box 1.50 t ' Shrimps Baratarla ..Ige. For creamed shrips 2 cans Black Ripe Olives........ pint jar Extra fancy lot quart .25 .45 .25 .45 Eastern Crackers ever so many kinds fresh stock. ...... .3 cartons .25 . FRENCH WINEINEGR DESSAUX FILS Quarts. . ..25 There are many kinds some nothing but acids, palatable, too. Better be particular pay a little more. The makers of this vinegar are the oldest manufacturers of wine and malt vinegars in the world, and we sell their -product, knowing it to be superior to all others. Include a bottle with your .next order. " Olive Oil as a Toilet Requisite ' The time is coming when you will buy Olive Oil by the case not a single bottle. The frequent use of pure Olive Oil Is becoming more universal every ' year? Why7 Because, in addition to being a table oil, it is highly , ..recommended for use after bathing, to be rubbed thoroughly into the skin. When' applied to the body of a baby, the results are astonishing in the promotion of a clear, healthy skin, in preserving and brightening the complexion it is far superior b face creams. , J SIERRA MADRE has no superior Pintsi 50c; $5.00 dozen; quirt. 5o.j ,$9.00 dozen. High-Grade Wines and Liquors Dourbon and Rye Whisky Old Stock qt. 1.15, gsllen Table Claret V. Zinfandel Buy enough to bottle It .gal. Brandy Extra California pure and good qt. W, gal. California No. 2 Port a good, palatable wine.. qt, .45, gal. Absinthe Pernod File green here's a good buy .:...qt. French Vermouth dry, qt. 35. Rock and Ry ...qt, -'Dry 8auterne Vista del Valle .....1 dox. qts. 0X0, 1 do, pts, Belfast Ginger Ale Cochran & Co Everard's Canadian Malt Lager "splits" (just a glassful) do. 4.50 .50 3.25 1.75 1.30 1.10 3.60 1.35 .80 Household Department Sleeve Board covered with felt Sleeve Iron "Sensible" nickel adjustable hahdia,. Felt Broom for hardwood floors; triangular shape. Self-Wringing Mop Saves the hands; lightens the work Porcelain Rolling Pin delft and white patterns Universal Meat Chopper 3 grlnders-coarse, medium and fine. Whisk Broom 10 inches, nickel ring and cap Corn Popper fun for the little folks wholesome, tocaingle, .10; double Gas Stove Waffle Irons Just what you need; can be heated instantly.. .25 .40 .85 .35 .35 1.50 -20 .20 .95 'mo.,, .- ' v . . t: I - " SI JS f " v , - s ? a ' J 1 ' ' I . - 7 n M t V A a w A ajiw (Continued tram Page One.) George Wallis Humphrey, Well-Knovjn in Business and Fraternal Circles. George Wallis Humphrey, one of Oakland's prominent merchants, passed away Saturday night at FaWola hospital after an illness of two months, during which time he suffered from acute nephritis. In the death of Mr. Humphrey this community has sustained a distinct loss, as he was actlvo in business, social and fraternal circles Mr. Humphrey was a member of the firm of Dean & Humphrey, with a fur niture business on Thirteenth street, near Washington. Six years ago he entered the store of Barnes B. Dean as a bookkeeper. Hl3 integrity and abil ity won for him rapid strides in the commercial world, and he became a member of the firm of Dean & Humphrey. Prior to engaging in the furni ture business in this city, Mr. Humph rey was connected with the Westphal Milling company as cniei salesman-He was a Scottish Rite Mason, a member of the local lodge ofElks a nil was (Continued from page One.) a prominent and active member of the Reliance Club. Mr. Humphrey was taken 111 last No vember, at which time ne went to ban Diego In 4company with his wife. He returned to Oakland January ', little Improved in health and was taken to Fabiola rjospital, .where ne naa oeen under th care of Drs. J. M. Shannon and William W. Kergan, up to the time of his death. In April, 1903, Mr. Humphrey was married to Miss Mabel Kergan, daughter of Dr.:and Mrs. William W. Kergarf of 957 Eighth street. Since their wedding Mr. , and Mrs. Humphrey have resided at the home of Dr. and Mrs, Kergan. Mr. Humphrey was thirty-eight years of age and he is survived by his wife, his mother and two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Belle Colvin, Mrs. Nellie Talboty. L. H. Humphrey and Frank V. Humphrey. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:80 o'clock from Masonic Temple alnd will be hel4 under the auspices of theMasons. PRIMARY ELECTION (Continued from Page One.) MAIL ORDERS If you live out of town you will find it great advantage In knowing a first-class grocery house to care for your orders. By ordering a little m advance you got the same service afforded a city customer, besides good, fresh, nutritious groceries are pot always obtainable in the country. ' Send for Catalogue Watch These Sales It Pays. HAIL I RDER f 1240 Van Ness Ave- San Francisco DEPARTMENT ( I6th and Wood Streets, Oakland 13th and Clay Streets, Oakland Tomorrow's Entries. FIRST RACE Three and one-half turlongs; selling; two-year-olds. Horse. Wt 190 Vallejo ....109 37 J War Sawyer 109 426 Rhinestone 109 873 Tea Bath 109 414 Heather Scott 109 414 Lady Adelaide 109 320 Charay 109 414 Boas 109 384 Wllmore 112 .... ImDOrt 11! F. W. Healy'a b. c. Peep. O'Day-Auntle Mum. .... Be Thankful S. C. Hildreth's ch. , Handsome Crest. - San Ramon Anchorage S. F. ch. g. Yellow tall-Twinkle Twinkle. 113 by 109 SECOND RACE Futurity course; aelllnr: maiden three-year-olds and UD. . . ' Horse. Wt ' 307 Politic 109 .... Bain Shot ,.. 89 379 Bill Perry 106 .....Red Era- 101 416 Avona 99 302 Nopsey 89 258 Water Thrush .105 ... Yarbor 94 41 Huerfano 94 197 My Pal ,...,.,..,,...105 415. Sharper Bawn 1 377 El Primero ,....,,.105 THIRD RACE Five furlongs; jelling; three. year-old fillies. Horse. Wt, J67 Mis Turtle -, 103 391 Pink 103 418 Tetanus ..,..10 J 415 Anna. Karenlna .,....,...,,,107 415 Gold Heather 113 .... Mrs. Ross 103 391 Calendar, 103 91 Ella True , .t.. 3S Calla I ....103 PILES CURED IN TO 1'OAVS. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to eure any case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in C.to 14 days or money refunded. 1 60e. . . FOVRTH RACE Five and one-half furlongs; Thl uenevieve Handicap; three-year-olds and up; value f$oo. Horse. - wt. 389)CIoudllgM 107 (S99) Hector .,. .....110 424 Tony Faust .....10a 411 Laura F. M,. .....100 FIFTH RACE--0n mile and fifty yarda; selling: rouryear-oias and up Horse. , -? ; Wt 422 Briarthorpe ,109 400 Swagger ...... 104 ,179 Trapsetter 112 422 Daniel, C. ,...104 409 Bearskin ...1 97 Box Elder ..109 404 Sir Carter , 109 410 Royal Red..,..'; 109 421 Judge ...107 Atwavt Remrnbar tka Fell Ntni ' - . - ' ca every ways 'been in harmony with Mayor Mott's administration and have never opposed him in any way. i ALEX M ADAM. SECOND WARD. For good government; regular Republican ticket. Second ward: For Mayor Frank K. Mott; for City Attorney, A. P. Leach; for City Auditor, F. M. Hathaway; for Councilman-at- Large, Eugene Stackler; for Councilman, Second ward, A. H. Elliot. Delegates: Guy C. Earl, A. H. Breed, H. B. Mehrmann, A. C. Smith, O. A. Smith, C. E. Watson, M. O'Conneli, C. E. Snook, W. A. Fawcett, John Mitchell, E. Chisholm, J..M. Alves, Frank Mc- Dermott, W. H. MUlan, James O. Qulnn. Mortimer Smith, Frank Larmar, O. J. D, Kyte, I O. ranter, vr. u. i- Wilson, W. E. Griffith, F. E. Buckley, Walter Taylor, A. A. Reiser, A. H. Marx. THIRD WARD. Frtzger&ld ticket Clarence E. Wil son, xnil. KOSnneim, vv. n. j. aian.u-ews, M. J. Flynn, A. P. Stiefvater, A. E. Johnstone, Hugh McCracken, A. L. Frick, Jacob Fibush, FranK MCK-iernan, Joseph Tehapey, J. F. Swart, Eugene. Wftdsworth, Cyrus Miner, unaries Strasburg, F. C. Walker, J. E. Beaudry. A. B. Moffitt, John r. ueary. John F. Mullln'8 ticket John W. Mott. E. O. Corrigan. George bamueis, Maurice Flynn, Albert Bistorius, W. H. J. Matthews, V. A. Boeil, Kugene waaa- worth. Darius McMillan, warry t,ui-phard. W. S. Baxter. J- H. McHafde, T. M. Goodwin, Henry V. uusnrng. i. Whitehead, Ed Conry. James Ronald, W. Owens, W. H. Morrison. . The contest nere is oetween juuhu and Fitzgerald for Councilman. FOURTH WARD, Robert Boyer ticket: Henry P. DaU inn A L. Lener. usuar t . jarciiiuer Harry G. Williams, Charles A. Gove. Frank D. wiuwros, ue'K x i Charles H.-Stevens, Andrew J, Waters, Arthur E. Jackson. John H. Eurnham. A, A. Slcotte, Edward J. Tyrrell. E. F. Garrison. Carl t. unerem.. Smith. John k. nili r gert Jobn C,McHugn, unn n. Cuddy. Frank E. Dowd, John M. Coyna Fred D. Realy. F HAHN TICKET. J. w. Hann, Ca?L KM Freeman. F. H. Bruning. rharles F. Mau, John F. Teague, Andrew "' Nor? I. H. CleV. Henry Gon-sales,Phil M.Watkinsz A C Hodges. Bert Parker. Dr. H. U Dletz Dr. S. P Ta" William H. Biers, F. Desmond. Harry Morrison, Olaf Anderson. Robert Waters, M. Lewin, N. H. Johnston, Levi Appley, P. Staples, George Walton. M. F. Hynes, f J. Lawrence, lie Spauldlng. The main contest In this ward Is be n Bover for Council and Em II 404 Fury .,"....109 SIXTH RACE One- mile and fifty yards; selling; three-year-olds and up. Horse. v ' ' - -o V-: ' Wt 412 Tawasentha ...i ........ i.. 81 418 E4 Sheridan 82 (40)Dorado . , .,. , . ........ .........103 41 La Rose 102 338 Beechwood .......,-m 98 Hahn, Incumbent. FFTH WARD. For Mayor, F. K. Mott; for City Auditor, George E. Gross; for Member City Couhcil, B. H. Pendleton; for City Engineer, Frederick C. Turner. Delegates: F. W. Bilger, C. D. Vincent, R. H. Pease, W. H. Qrrick C. D. Bates Jr.l B. F. Woolner, J, Cal Ew-Insr. Charles Dudley O'Gara, F. R. Williamson, J. G. Heir. Clarence Crowell, I. D. Martin, Sam Meyer, John'B. Jordan, R. C. Schubart, 1. I Cavasso. , Eugene W. Roland, F. J. Woodward, R. G. Denney, J. F. Kick, N, W. Denton. Henry H. Miller, W. J. Cahill. SEVENTH WARD. HARRY ANDERSON TICKET Henrv at Melvln. H. S. Anderson. Dr. Paul Lanz, Dr. J. M. Stalder, John P, Cook, W; E. Dargie, B. H. Dean, H. D. Swales. George S. Pierce, H. J. Derby, James Patullof Alex Anderson, Harry Mills, Hugh Hogan, Charles A, Jeffery, Ohris Wo'.frum, Julius Seul-bereer. Manuel Henas, J. B. Allen, W, R. Geary, Capt M. Anderson, G. E. Aitken. MUNICIPAL LEAGU. The municipal League tickets are as follows: ; . FIRST WARD, George W. Hunt, E. T. Lelter, J. R. MacGregdr, Walter Hunt, W. B, Moody, R. p. Mead, J. A. McPherson, John Chlcoii. SECOND WARD. George W. Dornln, J. A. Morrow, A. H. Pratt,: C. K. Marshall, E. H. Lake, O. L. Knowles, E. R. Elllasen, G. E. Brlnckerhoff, E. J. Edwards, R. P. M. Greeley, J. C. Gllson, H. J. Lackey, C. E. Merwln, Jerry Tyrrel, Hugh J. Bell. M. J. Hyde, Mark A. Thomas, j -THIRD WARD. W. G.- Manuel, L. G. Burpee, 0 B. Palmer, Oliver Ellsworth, A. S. Car man, J. D. Galloway, W, S. Baxter, F. H. Cark, F. A. Leach, John T Bell, George Jtoeth, John r McVey, Charles-. S. Booth. J. G. Whita. - I FOURTH WARD. ' ; H. A. Powell, George Kirk. . Ira Vaughn. W. R. Sibbett. R W. Bahls, A. L. Fish, B. F. Edwards, A. L. Smith, D. Scully, ' H, . K. Dunean George K Stetson, Dr. J. Stark, W, J Lowry; John E. Gustavson, W. E. Montgomery, H. N. cDalton, M. A. Jones, W. S. McMurtry. j FIFTH WARD. J. K. Morfitt, Cary Howard, S. S, Hawley, J.-J. Earle, T. W. Corder, Franxun iiangs, j. c. HiiL J. G. Hovt E. Booth B. S. Hubbard, J. C. Fosslng, W. P. wneeier, jyart 3. Noyes, F. M Parcells,; W. C. Clark, J. E. Farnum John E.! earn, s. G. Harper, E. P, Flint u : ; SIXTH WARD. W. D. i Macdonald. W. J. Kleferdorf. R. Duncan, A. Weber, Dudley J. SuelL I SEVENTH WARD. C Daly, L C. Lewis. W. A. Dow J. D. French, L. D. Inskeep. R. H.! Allen, Ci C, Lombard. Q. Loken, J, Cw' Eaton, W. B, Waidell, C. J. Swift. L. ' J. Hardy JrH. Kower, H. A. SchuSse, ! B. H. Welch, C. 3. Easson, . C. P.' Welch, W. H. Hardy, J. C. Estey, R. H. Cross. J." W; Evans, Percy Walker, J, T. Wallace. T. E. Hunt R. W. Kinney, C. W. Armea Jr Dr. T B. Holmes, B. W. Hammond, J Arthur. Petty., John L. McVeyTR. B. Gaylord, Grant Miller, F? B. Cook. Frank M . Davidson. T. B. . H. Crandall, L. a- Brattln, George Swlck, F, L. HaUaral. J 1 r; ; Pieiient CaU-a, - .... -5 " " First-class TurUUh and ilimnam hath1. Finest service &ft the coast; experienced attendants; also swimming - tank for ladies and gentlemen. Take Piedmont car to twenty-fourth street- , rnained away because o. dissen-sions in the family as regarding Mrs. Harry Thaw and her companion, Miss MecMcKenzie. TO SECURE JURYr . NEW YORK. Jan. 28. The trial of Harry: K. Thaw for Ithe kUiinar of Stanford White was ' resumed this morning before Justice Fitzserald in the criminal court branch of the Su preme Court DuHfig this week a Jury will be obtained and considerable tes timony, possibly all the prosecution' wui oner, win te Heard, i: is nopel. it wilt probably be at least two days be fore the five Jurors still neeJed will be obtained. We3nesclay or Thursday at th; latest the district attorney should bo able to make his opening aJdrefs to the Jury and begin his direct examination of .witnesses. There hss probably never been a murder trial In this country which for sustained interest has oqua!!i d the Thaw case. While the obtaining of a Jury s a dry, monotonous work, crowds begged for ainisniott all last wcfSt- Now that tfsnmo.ny which it is gen erally xp?ctei will tw exceedingly interesting Is socn to be heard, the mor bid and curious will appear In greater numbers'. Justice Fitzgerald has decided on stern measures, hov. ever, to curb the tendency of tbe mere p'ght-seer. He has issued orders that at no time-during the trial shall spectators be admitted. , Only those having positive business In the court will b a4m!ttod. Justice Fitzgerald has decided that the spectators, particularly women, v. "no appear at trials with recu'.iftHy sensational features, will be barred. This order has been made imperative,, and the public and court officers have been told to obey It to the letter. INTEREST IN TRIAL. The Interest in which the trial is held 13 shown particularly by the arrival of visitors at the New York hotels. Residents of Pittsburg, naturally, are in the majority. The apparent desire of the defense to hasten the trial or at least to complete the Jury is thought to be a sign that some move not as yet hinted at will be made. The defense has never outlined or even intimated what the line of defense is to be. Its counsel have said that no inkling would be given before the address to the Jury was made. There have been so many surprises in seven months that a new move on the part of. the defense is being looked for. Counsel for Thaw held a conference yesterday lasting several hours pre-presumably In preparation for the defense. Mrs. Harry .Thaw was present throughout the meeting. WHAT DELMA5 5AY9. Delphln M. Delmas, after the confer- . , . ...Una t Vl n - ence, wnen asxea vu uuw"c "It would hardly ne proteaaiui.i w disclose our case, you may say. -,, it or in Mime strictly within tr,r,, ..... rrM 1. the statutes of .rvew ion. no higher law In this State, and all oKmit thA iinwritten law is i i.i a vent. o.wii .w - bosh. Nor can I see the efficacy of a plea of emotional insanity. There 7 :.. .-, thtnir A man may umorarnyne: hut that is.ixu anotner matter. . n mug ptobcts uiai week'wlH be required to fill the Jury box. - .n, unre pk sura nr. o tt n . Ttr,n Tho trial was resumed today there remained five Jurors to be chosen SKm aong the less than 100 U esmen who remain to be exammcu. jrenerally conceded that the taking of festfmony will not be possible before Wednesday. . , . nearly half an hour before the morning session was scneauieu " .. onmnnnlpd bv Miss McKenzie. Miss McKenzie today declared there was absolutely no truth in the report that there had been aircerencea m ui Thaw family, and said it was untrue that any dissension had arisen over her presence 'In the courtroom. .vnnn Mm. Thaw wore the dark blue dress which has now become fa miliar to those in tne courtroom, aim again her features were hidden beneath a closely drawn veil. Will Not Seek Republican Nomination for the Office of City Atorney. . Company, located at . Thirteenth and Franklin streets, pome, tlma last hight. uu run im wa a. wrucn as Leach, the rlsina young attoi this morning, AH that the burglars; ney, announced this morning that he ate known to have atolon was S5 worth not aiww nisnameto ro oeiore tii nnnhllfan citv Cronventlon or of atamps, . The pbllce have made an J the Municipal League convention for investigation, end it Is thought that; the nomination of City Attorney. ,ho K . ,, . ! Attnrney Leach said this mornirwf the Job was done by amall boys. ! thit h,8 prtvate -business has IncreasM The front door' of the office was! to such an extent that he could not opened by sawing a small opening near! ft' the keyhole. The key was turned byj sition an that If elected he could not reaehing a hand Inside the door l -Jnstk to either office. ,y,r-,.u ,t,- . , ; "My private business has Increased through thw fmall aperture. Anotlrer two..toi,f Mnce giving up the position door on the inside of th bffice was-of prosecuting attorney In the Polica dealt with in a similar manner. j J Wth iSSSS Afer i-aJnlng entrance to the offices,! proposition. I have decided to retain the burgers proceeded ta play havoc! "iy private business in preference to with the furniture and desks. The top i entering politics at the present time. of Fcrsythe's desk was ripped offj andi , JfX,SS."-o!r " Ull UUs! the papers thrown about the floor. l The Thousands of letters from people j i nave vseo . tnem prove m mvi. cl.airs were aied up, as were the.thom. desks and other furniture In the plact.i " Forsythe could assign no reason for' any autngoii.'sm against him on the H part of anyfemalfljoys, but the manner in which the office was wrecked shows' that the sole purpose of the marauder Captain of Police Petersen Is invest-: lailng tr burglary, and he asserts that he does not believe the theft was committed by the same men who entered the, offices In the Macdonough building. He is confident that small boysvcommitted the deed. ft ' . "My Cake Is Dough." Did not use Sperry'a Flour. who Try Be Governmeni soys; emporary the only safe whisky Is the bottled kind, from which we may draw the Inference that whisky in barrels la unsafe be-causcj tampering is possible without bo many chances ' of detection. Personally, 1 should prefer drinking ardent spir-. its from a barrel, if 1 had to use it at all. I would get through the habit more expeditiously and save both time and money, as I could buy In carload lots.' It is not the risk of tampered whisky,! but tampered nerves that I fear in adopting this plan, however. When the government will provide free whisky and label it Safety Brand can be used with impunity," I will look into it. Meanwhile. I favor soft J-drlnks the Lehnnardt kind. Piping 5 hot this time of year. PURITY AND CLEANLINESS IS OUR MOTTO. , Lahnhardt'o 1159 BROADWAY. - VTAWWWWWWVWTMTTMWiV Eye Troubles Eye defects may be temporary or permanent. Both demand Immediate and skillful attention. A competent optician under stands the underlying causes, how to distinguish between the two varieties, and how to ad vise you to the best advantage. For defects of a. temporary character he will prescribe glasses which may be likened to a crutch. When the eyes through the assistance of the lenses have recovered their normal tone the glasses may be laid aside. Consult our opticians. 466 Thirteenth Street Bat. Breadway and Washington ' Oakland Bart Prtneleco, Stockton, Sacramento. Freafie. H 5551$ AT CUT PRICE. 2 lbs., full weight 95c iy2 lbs., full weight 75c 1 lb., full Weight .50c Fresh ranch eggs, doz..45c ROYAL CREAMERY A H5 Lot tmnhiM t contend with, spring; from a torpid liver and blockaded bowels, unless you awaken themto their proper action with Dr. King's New Life Pills; the pleasanteM ana muw tuc -" for Constipation. They prevent Appendicitis and tone up the system. 26c at Os good Brothers' drug stores, wroaawa-. - . 1 A TVa.htnotnn PAT. corner or aeveaui, suu ... ner of Tweum. IVnedae Company In Temporary Quarters . The Winedale Company have moved their office and stocK to temporary quarters at 470 Tentn street, navmg vacated their former location on Washington street, preparatory to moving Into their new stores onThlr- teenth street between Tanun ana Webster streets, which elegantly ap pointed expressly, bum ior tms com-nanr lit exnected to be ready for oc cupancy by April. 1st. The Winedale rnmnanv is one of the most reliable nnt nonuiar concerns OI lis mnu ill thisv section. The business has grow n tr Immense nroportions ana is con stantly on the increase, showing the high regard In which this company is held. CASTOR I A For Irifaiits and Children. Tba Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the W. P. FENNIMORE J-C- U. HOQUE W. DAVIS lFofT ll BUTTER I 1 1 r- ii BssBssBfficaHBTaTjTaTassssM BRANCHES n. jmm mi Ud ave.. near E. 14th at. 1 Hit uth ave.. near E. 14th at, City Market. 13th at., near Waahn. Wilson's Market. 904 Waahn. st J266 Shattuck ave., Berkeley. Johcaon.Locke-Mercantrte Co.. S. F ' Kew Branch, 37th and San Pablo. Sol. Agents. j MAIN STORE 309-S1 TWELFTH ST. ft) wi'M.ip It! I fr - I II i oird : Johnston I Schober SWm m.w. ! , . W Shoes I Cos v - . I . The for $ trimmest looking Men -I w and least cxpenslvo that Women (in the loag rua) Want and trictly fine the Best Children hoe for women la All - I - :. ' : . . b have (jlorta Leathers C no $3,50 for all - B, i Occasions. - Equal. Prnffree-MMfc) Z . AfuU Use ' S I of them at 2109 Fillmore Si; San. Francisco. - -I Senram's . Exclusively. Soecial Benfch Made. 84.00. J Spats, Lens & Rubbers

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