The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1892
Page 7
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Till-: KKl'UHLICAX, ALGONA, JOWA, VVKDNKSDAV, MAY 11, Burt Republican. BUllT, IOWA, MAY 11, 1892. A. D. Clarke was en our 8treets Saturday. Ah! Methinks I smell wedding cake not afar off. Tommy Cooke, of Algona was doing business in Burt Momday. The Brass Band is preparing to give us another dramatic entertainment. A sidewalk is being built from Perry McDonald's east to Marble's store. Stella Forsythe, little daughter of Rev. Porsythe has been quite ill, but is now convelscing. JoeElvidge and V. James took a trip to Chicago, each with two loads of fat stock, last week. Now is the time our citizens think of side-walks and good roads. The roads are almost impassable now. Will Easterly is home visiting for a short time. Will has become one of the rustlers in the operators profession. Will Wilde made a standing jump one evening last week of 11 feet and eight inches. Can Algona beat that record? Burt now boasts of three mails per day. A mail pouch has been put on tho morning accommodation for Burt. So Burt now has as good mail accommodations as any town along the line. Burt has two lady teachers who show good pluck and endurance; one walks over two miles south to and from her school, and the other over three miles north. The names of the plucky school maams are Minnie Shadle and Abbey Goodwin. The plans and specifications for the new school house have been received and notices for bids will soon be out. The building is to be 30x60 feet, two stories high, thus giving a fine building. The plans were drawn by George Bliss of Bancroft, who is only eighteen years old. The following officers were installed last Friday evening in the Good Temp- lars lodge. C. T., WillDehnart; P. C. T., A. A. Sifert;V. T., Miss Ella Hopkins; M., S. M. Ferris; Chap., J. N. Easterly: Sec., James Stow; Asst. Sec., Miss Wolcott; Treas., Mrs. G. E. Marble; S., Maggie Butler; G. H. Elvidge; S. J. T., Miss Agnes Stow. They were installed by Geo. E. Marble, L. Dept. Hereafter we will receive pouch mall from DesMoines, Eagle Grove and Hay- warden on morning accomodation north this enables us to send pouch mail on evening freight south also. Patrons will do well to note above facts as a late letter for the mail trains will be pouched at five o'clock p. m. will arrive at almost any point several hours earlier, fncluding Bancroft and Algona than to hold in office for way mail train. ,T. N. EASTERLY, Postmaster. The third quarterly meeting for Burt will be held the 3d of June at the Grange appointment, 4 miles west of Burt. This will be a tabernacle meeting, and will be followed on Sunday by a meeting of the sub-district Mission Conference. Ministers of adjoining charges will be present and deliver addresses on Missions. A collection for missions will bo taken. This will be followed by a few days meeting in the interest of conversions. Owing to sickness and the mud blockade my appointments in the country have not been filled.—Rev. FOKSYTIIE. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. If so, and we presume you do, call and see us. We have Shoes for the Babies, Shoes for the Misses, Shoes for the Boys, Shoes for the Ladies, Shoes for the Men, In all sizes and styles, and at prices we know will please. NICHOLSON & BUELL. THE COUNTY NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents. TMK REPURUOAN publishes more outside novvs from the country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published in Kossuth comity combined. For the Bancroft NKXVS see page 3. To tioRHRsroNDENTS :—All correspondence for the UEi-unurAN should reach this office nor later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this In mind. NEW LINE -OF- Wall - Paper A1TD CT7B.TAZ2TS -AT- W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. Miss Blanche Waite is quite sick with lung fever. Julius Bacon has returned from his visit to Sanborn. Mrs. F. M. Bacon is still numbered among the sick. Gray Bros, shipped last Friday, a car of valuable horses to Marion, South Dakota. Rev. McBride went to Thornton on Monday to spend the week with his family. Several gentlemen on Church street are putting up neat picket fences around their lots. The Ladies' Aid Society will meet with Mrs. J. S. Gallagher next Wednesday afternoon, The quarterly meeting of the M. E. church was held at this place last Saturday and Sunday, Rev. E. L. Stevens, of Swaledale, officiating as presiding elder. Rev. McBride was called to Garner Monday to attend the funeral of Rev.,Edgar, pastor ot the M. E. church at that place. Sufficient money having been raised to purchase new uniforms for the band,they have been ordered. The band promises frequent open air concerts during the summer. Miss Tina Marcks was united in marriage to E. F. Kline en Wednesday evening, May 4, at her mother's home, three miles northeast of Wesley. Both bride and groom are residents of Hancock county. Miss Marcks has lived near Wesley since early childhood. Mr. Kline was until recently, a citizen of Wisconsin. Still at the Front! The Old Reliable General Store with Geo. E. Marble at the wheel. Let other places advertise their removal and war prices. Our customersr only laugh and realize that they have not yet reached the every-day low prices of the Old Reliable store at Burt. A Grout Surprise Is in store for all who use Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, the great guaranteed remedy. Would you beleive that it is sold on its merits and that any druggist is authorized by the proprietor of this wonderful remedy to give you a sample bottle free? It never fails to cure acute or chronic coughs. A.11 druggists sell Kemp's Balsam. Large Bottles 50 cents and $1. 4 Wijflitfflan, Marls & Co,, Successors to O'Neill & Kerr. Call and get our figures on— Lumber, Lath, Cement, Stucco, Lime, Paints, Oils, Etc., Farm Machinery, Wagons and Buggies. Lumber Bills figured and Estimates cheerfully given. The highest market price paid for grain. Call and see us, we can save you money. BURT, - IOWA. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. STOP .-AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! I, L. MAYHEI, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. DANIELS & PHELPS, HARNESS AND SHOE REPAIR SHOP It will pay you to call and order a new Harness if you need anything in that line. BURT, .... IOWA. Ledyard SIDWELL fc ELLSWORTH, Manufacturers and Dealers in Harness & Saddlery, Whips, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Etc. .TAS. liKNIDAl/L,, Ktlitor. LEDYAKD, IOWA, MAY 11, 1892. Oats 20 (To .21 Eggs 11 Cattle $0.00 Wheat 67 Flax * .77 Corn 00 Butter 15@.18 Hops 6.00 Barley ... ,18@.20 Hay "6.00 QR. RUSS, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office in Miller Bros. Drug Store. LEDYARD, - - - IOWA* .EDYARD IOWA. MRS. E. McLAURY, Restaurant, Warm Meals at all hours. Confectionery and ligjirs. l.i'dyard, Iowa. WM. LESLIE, Real Estate and Insurance. Iowa I am prepared to make Farm Loans ;it lowest rates. Castleman & Deane, C, C. CHUBB, President. E. J. MURTACH, Cashier. THE WHITTKMOKE. The Advocate was several days late last week. Frank Thompson has purchased a new dray team. J. V. Wickler is absent in Milwaukee on business. Geo. Boyle spent Saturday night a Emmetsburg. Miss Birdie Hotelling spent Saturday at Emmetsburg. Andrew Drewes has disposed of hi land near Cylinder. Mrs. A. H. Hotelling and daughter May visited Algona on Saturday last. H. P. Hatch has built an addition, anc otherwise improved his residence. T. A. Swanson will begin the erection of a fine residence in the near future. Our farmers are feeling very much discouraged over the continuous wet weather. Mrs. II. Munch accompanied by Master Roy, is over at Erametsburg visiting relatives. Wm. Campbell, who has been very sick and whose life was despaired of, is slowly improving. The Baptist church is being repainted, and will present a very neat appearance when finished. Rev. German is with us again. He occupied the Baptist pulpit Sunday mom- ing and evening. Many of our farmers are hauling milk to the creamery on stone boats. If it rains much more a row boat will be better. The M. E. quarterly meeting at this and other points has been indefinitely postponed ou account of bad weather and roads. A young couple recently married have taken rooms upstairs in J. V. Wickler's building. The young man works in the creamery. Mr. Behrens, of Cedar Falls, is here looking after his fine half section of land northeast of town. He will fence the entire farm. A large amount of tile has been ordered and will be here in a day or two. It will be used in the eastern portion of the town and will empty many cellars into Lotts Creek. Buildings and Cabinet Work done neatly and promptly. Plans and Specifications furnished up on application. Estimates made. Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop on Edmund St. F. M. Trimble -DEALER IN- FURNITURE Burial - Caskets. DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES AND CURE, Scientifically treated by au aurist of worldwide reputation. Deafness eradicated and entirely cured, of from 20 to 30 years' standing, after all other treatments have tailed. How the difficulty is reached and the cause removed fully explained in circulars, \vith affidavits and testimonials of cures from prominent people, mailed free. DB.A.FONTAINE, Taeoiua.Wasli. BURT, IOWA. General Banking, PATENT OR NO FEE A 48- page book free. Address W. T. S-JTZ GERALD, Att'y-at-law. Cor. 8ih and F Sty., Washington, V. C. PISO'S CURE FOR tal GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. A Sensible Man Would use Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs. It is curing more cases of coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup and all throat and lung troubles, than any other medicine. The proprietor has authorized any druggist to give you a sample bottle free to convince you of the merit of this great remedy. Large bottles 50c. and $1. 4 ,0. L. DOWD'8 HlALTH EXIROIMR, 1 ' ' Manager—That actor is the worst ham in the company. Star—That must be the reason that the audience throws eggs at him. The best spring medicine is a dose or two of St. Patrick's Pills. They not only physic but cleanse the whole system and purify the blood. For sale by Dr. L. A Sueetz. Maple Sugar at LANGDON & HUDSON. If dull, spiritless and stupid; if you blood is thick and sluggish; if your appe tite is capricious aud uncertain, you neec a Sarsaparilla. For best results take Do Witt's. For sale byF. W. Dingley. Detroit Grand H^ven and Milwaukee ana Steamers between Hayeohft?* 8f»PI ting a Specialty. Ledyard, Iowa. B. J. JOHNSON, Tonsorial Artist, ledyard, loivii. * Cigars For Sale. LADY'S HOSIERY AT COMMISSION PRICK. Liulies, do you reali/e that when you liny of he retailer, you are paying three unneressary irollts? The manufacturer sells to the I'ommis- iou house, tho latter to the jobber, mid the obiter in turn sells to the retail lueivhaiit. You mist pay the. manufacturer H profit tir>t. and hen pay each of the subsequent handlers a irolit, not infrequently paying two profits to he retailer. The Manufacturers' Commission Co. sa responsible syndicate which sells direct lu he consumer. By investing iu niaiiul'ac'turers' Dimples,odds and ends, job-lots, and the-stoeUs >f insolventmanufacturers, in connection with mr regular commission holdings, we are able to , , , .. T i i ,, ni i,«i,i sell to the consumer direct at the roimuNsion | church ot Lcilyanl will hold irice, which is but one remove from the maiiu- 'acturer's. While this company handles all UlmN of la- He's furnishings, we 'are making a special drive m our hosiery, merely to introduce our name n your territory and establish a reputation for jiving values never before offered, so that you will be fully prepared fov our later aiiinnince- nent of our entire Hues. Kead tho following offers : Ladies'full length, fashioned, fast black hose. superffue gauge, (retailing everywhere al.-'ito ,'io cents per pair) we will sell at l(ic, or one- half dozen at Otic. Ladies' extra length, full regular made, fast black and seamless hose, very finest gauge, retailing everywhere at 500 up) we will sell at -lie, or one-half dozen for $1.38. \Ve pay extra express charges, and agree unconditionally to refund money if hosiery is not the values and qualities described. Be sure and T. S. Auld has his new house nearly completed. Gov. Larrabee was up in these parts on Saturday last. Mrs. S. Resor spent Sunday with friends and relatives at Webster City. Absence of mud and a few sunshines would prove a universal satisfaction, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Witmcr are rejoicing over the advent of a young son. Mrs. J. G. Graham, of Bancroft, was a Ledyard visitor the laut of the week. Guy Delany had threa ribs fractured through being kicked by a broncho pony the other day. There will be preaching at the school house next Sunday at eleven o'clock by Rev. Chamberlain. Wm. Leslie's new wind mill is one of the latest improvements to the appearance of our .town. Dunlap Bros, have been pushing ahead in spite of rain and mud, and have a number of acres of flax sowed. Ch&s. Boyd, of Delavan Minnesota, was visiting with his sister Mrs. Jno. Wolfe and looking after his farm business last week. A young lady has arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Quist which was the occasion of the first ball (bawl) they have had since their marriage. Chas. Lewis arrived on Thursday last from Yemen Centre, Minnesota with a carload of goods and stock, and will prepare to make Ledyard his future home. Chas. Kendall, of Winnebago City, was up last week and built a pasture on his farm adjacent to the village. This will make it convenient for those in town who wish to find pasturage for cows or other stock. The young ladies of Ledyard (under 11 yrs. of age) gave a social entertainment on the evening of the 3rd inst., for the purpose of raising money to purchase a lamp for the new church. Supper was served, after which the crowd was treat ed with a programme well prepared and effectively rendered. Married, at the home of the bride's par ents three miles southeast of town on Thursday evening, May 5, by Rev. Bloom endahl, Mr. Chas. Winters, and Miss Em ma Ogren. The happy couple were the recipients of many suitable gifts. They will make their home at present about six miles southeast of Bancroft. Miss Ogrcn was well and favorably known in this vicinity, and all join in wishing the new couple, a long aud happy career. "The roads are terrible," "awful/ "fearful," never saw them so bad," "a] most impassable," "get stuck with ar empty wagoii," "came near drowninj, my horses," "wagon down to the hul rolling along on the sod," "up to my knees in mud pulling my cart out.' These are extracts from "tales of woe' from the mouths of farmers and other; and yet those who know the facts tell us the situation is much worse in the sotUl part of the county. The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E a Ba/aa: Tuesday May 17th. The Ladies will serve dinner and supper, ice cream and cake in the evening. Articles will be on sale afternoon and evening. Come every body. You will doubtless lind yourself amply repaid for so doing. The money raised will be applied on the building fuud and any help in Ibis direction will be duly appreciated. F. A. BRONSON For Sale by Kendall & Grannis. lias a full stock of General Furniture and is now ready to accomnvo- dale the people of Ledyard and Vicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A. Ordway,. over Ordway's agricultur- implement store. E. O. FITZ, Real Estate, Loans —And— INSURANCE. Ledyard, - low&t Having Opened a Hardware Store, —AND - Tinshop, I respectfully ask a share of the patronage of the people of .Ledyard and vicinity. Personal attention given to sheet metal work and satisfaction guaranteed. Yours for Trade, Ledyard Livery, Feed —And- Good Ilij Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Ilitlf Kales to Omaha. On account of the general conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to be send the «ze wanted, and remember tliat'as we i held at Omaha, Neb., during the month pay express we cannot afford to send less than ; of May, the Chicago & North-Western one-Half dozen. i R'y Co. will, from April 28th, to 80th, inclusive, sell excursion tickets from all stations on its line at one half regular rates (one fare for the round trip); and from stations within a radius of 200 miles of Omaha will sell tickets at one and one-third fare for the round trip, on the following additional dates: May 3, 4, 7, 11, 14, IS, 31, 25, 28 and 30. For tickets and further information ap- Orders must be accompanied by cash, in either uioney order, postal note, stamps or registered letter, addressed to the, Manufacturer's Commission Co , "I Filth Avenue. 31-38 Chicago, 111. ply to agents C. & N. W. K'y. W. A. THRALL, G. P. & T. Agt. 28-3$ RILEV & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE. It Is a fence for open countries, for it cannot be blown down. It Is the fence for low lands, for it cannot be washed away. It destroys no ground whatever, and if beauty be considered au advantage, it is the neatest and handsomest farm fence 111 the world. lu short, it combines the good qualities of aH fences lu an eminent degree, and as soon as introduced will become the popular fence of the country. It is beautiful aud durable. It is strong and will increase the price of your farm far more than any other fence. It will last much longer than any other fence. It Is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes less suiishiue, has BO superior as a ffijce. it « stronger than any other fence anfwllltura any stock no matter how breacuy. It Is plainly visible and is not dan- erous to stookliks barb wire. The best noise . ence lutb« warty. It will protect all crops 9. B L*lwW.ISW9ir oWcJSen toawUdo*., It is JOE]} SHARP, Siioemaker, Boots and shoes made to order. Repairing a specialty. A large stock of ladies aud men's slippers aud warm shoes just received. Agent for Sharp's Eureka Leather Preserva- Wve-ttie best siuoe dresaiwf la tUe (Stoop »e*t & Afpa&og EOOJU) Agency for the Celebrated McCormick Binders and Mowers, Jolu luvntv Co, Mowers, Minnesota CLief Threshers, Rushford Wagons and Buggies, Best Gang and Sulky Disc Harrows, Smoothing Harrows, Force',Feed and Broad Cast Seeders, Fanning Mills, Pumps, Land Rollers, And in fact everything kept iw a First Class Implement House. First door e*ei of po*t cJflQteov

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