The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 9
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[MONDAY, MARCH 14, 1949 UT OUR WAY J. R. Williams OH, THAT ? I GOT ENOUGH \ TROUBLE WITHOUT H)S--SO * JUST PUT HIM IN A SACK WITH A HOLE IN IT, AN' BY / TH 1 TIME HE SQUEEZES / OUT Of IT HE'LL BE ' NOT ONLY DRY BUT THIRSTY.' WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople <AnK.) COUBIER NEWS V6RY FUWJY, HOOPL6 -~~*?: A 6OUILLOM-PROOF VJ6ST//I V£S, OME SlMEK^ To LEMITV COULD LA06H AT WAT Or46.'~- 8OT AS FOR PINAI^ClAU 8ACKIKS6, WELL. V MERE * PERCEPTION THASi A IAER6 ADD ING A'1ACH<*iG.'-*wBOT I FEAl AR6 LI*E MOST SAi^KEBB If-SG TO LEMD A MAM .., OVELBCOAT ANYTIME DURING TUE SUMMER.' GOOD DAX OulJlvrs Skrpllu |ST. PAUL. Minn. (A'j — Wlicil she ! a girl of sewn, friends -shook leir heads and said she wouldn't j J'e long. Slie was pale and sickly, •lit Mrs. Anna J.icobson foaled 'cm. ' lie lias ju.S[ celobrated her 103id Political | Announcements ubjecl to Municipal Election Anrll 5, 1949 For M;\yor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Warrl WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS By Bob Wade and Bin Miller TUP, STOHY Sin " j>f Ih^ "(^nrrn," « Sn:inlnh ..... n - wrr nhlii rnll^d •'l.a Kr-hin 1 *—eke Quern—tvhlt.k In 17-44 •n[]e4 br mimnke up ISr CfllorndA Hlver Mt nond MlnKv And w»« left hlph BHcl dry ak Ihe vrnlffn rrredril. llfir»e' Inn In wenrehinc tnr ihe dneeM aHi he l>r1Je\e> Ihnl JnhnK.r nnd AIM know kr>w to nnd U. "FrnM here Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth *Vnrrt (Two to lie Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches EXPERT Watch repair . All Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prices DHEIFUS Meet us . . . H'nar [liainiinils T \i\i\ ;n. «U 11 VIKFHI1, ilTIHIVIttl 1ID STA6BS BROS. REFRIGKRATION- SERVICE & ELECTRIC WIRING Lawrence Sl;ibhs J. B. SUibbs PHONE 2559 Day or Night 201A Weal Ash Strcel m help." * * * XXVI "WHAT about Anglin?" John ** Honry insisted. "Who killed him?" Odetl flipped away (he matchstick. His red oyc.?, hooded by pufty lids, gleamed. He said, "Why, you did, Mr. Jones," "That doesn't matter," snid Barsclou impatiently, ignoring the shocked faces across the table "Anglin's a dead issue, He doesn't interest me any more." "Well, he interests me," said John Henry hotly, "particularly if it boils down to a mistake in our name." "Which is not Jcmre," Sin added Barselou laughed suddenly There was no amusement to shared in the sound. "1 hirec AngJin last year to find (he Queen I was to pay him so much ove expenses. A week ago, Anglin saic he was on the right track. Th galleon was somewhere in - th Badlands and he was figuring ou a route I could follow through th canyons to reach her, beginning a a fixed starling point which w agreed on." "Oh!" Sin clapped her hands U' over her mouth. The significant of Uie combination in the mechan ical pencil had just come to her John Henry nudged her under th table with a warning knee. * * * "OARSELOU'S chilly eyes watche the byplay. "Yesterday Odei found out that Anglin wasn't play g ail his card* over the board." "He thought he'd play it smart." >dell muttered and his mouth con- racted bleakly. "Anglin had wired to a Mr. and 1rs. Jonec in San Diego Idling icm that he'd found the Queen. Vhat exactly Angflin had in his lind, I don't know—perhaps he ntended to force my price up, ^Or laybe h« intended to collect from wo people instead of one." Bar- clou's blunt nails punched into iis palms. "However, Mr. and Irs. Conover—or Jones—I will not ilay parlor games." Sin protested faintly, "But we're iol the—" "We tried to get lo Anglin before TG saw you. We couldn't. So we ricd lo bluEI you out. That didn'i work either. Then—" he looked o Odcll "—Anglin got himself shot. John Henry safd quickly am desperately t "You know we didn' vill him, Barselou. You were rig aehind me. He was shot in the jack and fell into my arms." "1 can't remember, Conover." "If you think we killed Anglin then turn us over lo the police— T Barselou bared his teeth in wha was meant lo be a grin. "You don' gel the point, Conover. 1 don' care who you are or what you'V' done. All I want from you Is th other halt of Ihe puzzle. Anglii had only one thing that was wortl a damn—and that was the rout I need to find the Queen." After a long silence, John Henrj spoke. He said carefully, "I'm no saying we have the route, Barse Ion. But if we have—and hand over to you—what next? The la; guy that had the Queen informa tion for you got killed at you door." • • • n ARSELOU and O d e 11 ex changed glances. The big ma put a mask of friendliness over h granite features. "My lifelong po icy in a rough busineyjs has bee to nvoirt bloodshed. Give me the formation, Conover, and .vont oubles me over. As soon us*I've ;nfied the dope, you're as free ; birds." John Henry looked at his wife, nsely upright (n her chair. "I know you Won't go (o tht olice," Barselou went on smooth. ', "because if you did I'd have to ;I1 Lieutenant Lay that there's n antipmU m blood by the door of 'oUiige 15. which you occupied isl night. Gayner sow it this torning. We think it's Anglin'i lood. The police would b« glad o lest it for us." Sin's eyes were big and hopeful nd her dark-red tresses swayed ack and forth acro5E her shoul- ers slightly. "Okay," sain 1 John lenry. "Now you're talking sense. Con- vor." "Let me talk to my wife alone or a minute or two and I'll give •on llic route/ 1 "You'll have to do your talking if-ht here In this room," Barsclon demurred firmly s "You don't get i of my sight." John Henry rose and Sin fol- owcd him over to the chuck-a- uck tables along Ihe side of the room. Odell had his hnnd in his coal pocket-again. Sin whispered, Johnny, what are we goinR to do?" "Can you remember that combination, honey?" "I guess so. You wanl me to tell them?" John Henry shook his head fiercely, "Not on your life Jvist clo as 1 say." He rasped the top sheet off a long tolly pad on the next table, Then he went back lo Barselou. "Pencil," Conover said. The other man silently produced one. John Henry took the equipment back to the corner where Sin was absently lurninR ihe wire die* cage. The tumbling cubes awoke minute rattling echoes in the stiU casino. "Okay." he muttered. "Start wlkinp. Softly." {To Be Continued) birthday. Read Courier News Want Ads. SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THFGRAYES COMPANY r\E \ITOI\S Real Estate - M orluonr |o f in^ Phone 521 RMUIIMLII Phone 30751 «n •fi Uy ' S ,i ri , 9h u' Chief - Hc Didn't get this $300 illegally? He got a loan on his car from ?foN E f AL CONTRACT ' COTTON FARMERS Chemical!) dclinletl collon »ted lermlnalc guickcr, plunl and plow live same week. Knluce chopping eipeme and produce more coUon per acre. ' STATK CKKTIFIEU VARIETIES AVAII.ABLK 1). 4 P. 1,. No. 1|, per SO Lb. Bzi It. & P. L. N'o. 15, I'er 50 Lb. 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HW ; DMbHT SCX WHAT DOES HE WANT T& IF HE GROWS m There's a new kind of Operating Economy in every w size and whcelbase of the New 19*3 Sdidefoaker Trucks. Come by today and look over our complete m line of MOers. 30 Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studeliaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash I'hone 2195 •ST U D E B A K E R« c o m > X He's Sd Ki|{hl By AL VERMEER ; HAVE VOIJ NOTICED IT TOO' HE'S GOING TO BE A REAL GOOD-LOOKING <£' FELLOW/ NO, WALDO..., I 1H1NK HE'LL BE JUST NICE ANO AVERAGE' AND THAT'S JUST A5 WELL/ IT ISN'T GOOD FOR A MAM TO BE TOO HANDSOME.' NONSENSE, HAZEL.' IT'S NEVER BOTHERED ME/ Kinsli Is Desperate By M1CHAKL O'AlALLEY and I'M BET TINS YOU'RE)' -WlNKVOO'Vl HASH MAIU04V. YoU( SOT Mf TKAPPtO AM6WTASW6LL X EH, FLINT? GIVE L)PJ" WELL, IF YOU WON'T COME EKMS, I'VE GOT A WAY FOR DOTTY STWNG HOLY MACKEREL/WM4T FLASH IS TALKIN6 ABOUI WASH TUIiliS A Cliild's \\'oii(lei-s M?ST,IE TURNER i DOMT Y IRY TO YRWN...OR SWMIOW ci.y-.pi't rintfu tucvii; >• J"=" «el*»itAlHY. WELLBt , F n^. « S d^ UT «5c^t L * Wf.W VOBKIW ABOUI14110111% OO-WEE... IT'S LIKE ft FftlCVLAMD! WE'RE SCOOTIW WAWT TO BE \WHILE HOLDINa YOUR MEAFH HMJD RS fc PLUME TAKES Off NEAB LONDON, TO A FMHCR S^s MtUtR seEN ANV IROU81E. )NOW MOD THEN, HOMEY. WI1LE WE'RE QMNINO »LTntJBE! AMD WAV BELOW YOU CAM SEE CASTLE LIOHTS BUGS BUNNY By FHED BARMAN THIS ISTH' THlRo HA.T I'VE TRIED T' BUV HERE, DOC/ NONE OP 'EM FIT.' ER...NOTHING ...THAT IS, IP -VOU GO TO THE FOURTH A.LL.., WITH THOSE Al.l.KV OOJ /.o>vie! By V. T. HAM!,IN TAKE CVEE. TH' LEHIAN 1NET NO\V I KNOW rv -^~ HEAD \5 5OL\D BONE' ^ KIN& wijRj_s TH 1 TOJSHETST' i KNOWN.' BUT \siiR AIN'T KING.' POKABA.BK5 <?N TM' TVlKOME NOSV.. AN'WE COULD KNOCK HIM OFF — INTElGUED 9Y ZEE'S ALLEY TAKE5 IT UP WITH PAL, 3v-/ ...BECAUSE / THAT5 A FflNT. X \vlTH POKE TH- uEMIANS I BUTrSOsV , . ._.. \^ TH|NG _ • FOE /\ KINS THEV CK>M'T LIKE.' AS KiNST ' ^^ ^ -tf>-^rr^——'— ';^ir<Q^3iS ^v%^t-^ r -^ 4( M»r>^^ yU^fe-^fe ,i^ nOO're AND HER BUDDIES •Man Wan led By EI1GAR MARTI~N

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