The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1949
Page 6
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WLGli; SIX BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rol oouMCUtlre In- sue i sine »c 1C Sc We Dally r&M p«i no> wriion: Minimum on art* . 1 tlraf per line 2 Um*ft pet line per a 3 UniA pel tlnti p«i • Urns* per ilo« p« e 13 uuie« per line per iiontfi p*r line . 1L" .. Count live average words to tn« line Ad owieied lor three or six time* auo •topped o«iore expiration will be charged for tti« number nl iiuies the »-l appeared *^a adjustment ol olll mnae All C'lis&lilttl Advertising copy sub- miuefl oy persons residing outside ot the clt» must be accompanied by ce«D Rate# • ay M easily computed from ifle at»T« table. AdierUMng order tot irrcgcilai m»tr- tioos takes tne one time rate. No ^responsibility will be laKen 101 more man one incorrect insertion o) any ciasstlied ad All adB are restricted to ih«n P r °J*' ciassiticauon. *wi» *ud type ij " Courier reserve? me right to edit 01 reject any Apartment for Rent Strvicci Kodak finishing. OSTiXN'B STUDIO nour aerrld. 1|« -ct-lf laundry work, rough dry ar xlB Willie Urlle Ureen, phoin H0 Wa go anywiieri rf weld anytblng Henry Weslbrook's Shop 225 N. Jst. tit. l>ay ph 4161. Night ph. 41W Jj37-ck-l* Services Income Tax Itetiuns made promptly and cor- rccxiy. Oo not wall tor E&at. minute rush j'tione 3143 Alter C p.m. 2910 KUD H. CM-son, Jorntfd M- Joe AlXln'l MacJiine Shop Jltgnwny 61 South. J3-ck-3 16 Our talus launched and Btreched Call Mrs. J. K l-Rwrenc«, 837. 2.21-pIt-3 21 3-rooms, \ipstalrs. untumlihert, pri- Tite Ijatli. 7:9 W. Ash St., Mrs. Hnkrr, ph. 2565. Jj.3-pk.« 3 rooms &. man. Eluctrlc refrlyer- aior. .Butane gas. Good lurnHurc K Simon. Ph. 3182. 2A-cK-tt MaKc your home prelty for Bprl Kxpert Jlug C Jean Ing Service li yoim "pEKRLRSS CLKANFJRS I'lione 24:13. UlyllievlUe Small luriilsncd apartment, Willis. water. 218 East Davis. ^ 3.3-i<k-6 ~~3 room furnished apartment. 1123 West Sycamore. Ptirme. 3001. . ZS8-l>k-3.T 2 rpom furnished apartment. Up- Btalrs; Electric retrl^eraior nnd bviiane RBB Adulta only. Ph, 4152. 3;4-ck-tI Furnished apartment. 114 Writ Ash. phone asei. 3>-P*-B Two room fitrnlshrd apnrlm**tU, i>rl- T«ie baVh. Call 3517. mornings. " 3-room furnished apartmpnt. 205 W Kentucky, ph. 3200. 3,5-pk-O room furnished apartment, lit \ jRmlMin. 3>pfc-n 2920. 3.5-ck-l 1 room apartment. Ption Two I Phone room 2170. furnished apartment Business Service Directory Auto Suppfies and Services Kactory-trftlncd mechanic available nrouah Uear& lor application ol ALU-'llLK," Aluminum Wall Tlte. «Ji Kltcn'cn ana Hathrnnm WaliiRcotlnu Ueautirul colors Phone 446W 8|12-ck-tf WE REPAIR: Washing Machines Al! Makes Oil Stoves Cleaned & Serviced Cushman Motor Scooters Sales, Service, Parts Blytlicvillc Machine Shop Phone 2828 12-ck-tf KXPERT IMAt^L. TUNING AND RE- i'AIK WORK. PEHPEOT ELUCTI1ONIC. TUNINC5 WITH THE FAMOUS "STUO- HOSCOPE"' US TAKE THE GUESS WORK OUT OF VOUH TUNING HROOKS MUSIC STORE. 107 EAST MAIN STREET. TELEPHONE 811 2;17-clc-t I Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can till all yom needs Oet genuine parts trnin otn rom- I pl^te tine | KLL13 FOOLK. OWNKR A: OPKriAIClIi South Hlghwa, 6! at Siccle Mo Phone Hteele 49 Insurance CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION | Mum te Dirts inn Phone 256J Don't enrianpoi yom - lumlLy with ault?. tlr«^-BOY LEE TIKES 12,13-Cfc-t.l For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 \V. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection UI.ENCOE HOTEL ISUILD1NO 124 W ASH BT Typewriter loans Money to Loan IX> you neea a loan lo repair or re• model? No clown payment no mort- a^.e no red tape, FHA APPROVED RATE 5 C / 0 ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 203-1 Lynch Building BlrUvvlllc. Ark 9'23-cK-U TYPEWRITERS Koynl, Smith. Corn n a and Kffml on I'rm.ible DON EDWARDS The Typewrit*: Mnn il(J N Kecornl St E'rinnc 3 For Sole, Misc. Thinking About A Car? Well, you'll g«t mort miUi of sirvic* for Us* money in a Phillips Motor Co. Used Car 1941 Kord Tudor, original black finish. g(K>d healer Help Wanted, Male COTTON TAO 8ALKSMAN, Blythe- rille and vicinity, to call on all ulna, compreuei, mills, etc., with complete Una paper cotton bale taK*; experience* Minima with non-con dieting line* prepared to actively solicit all prospect*; liberal commission paid monthly; irelKht allowed; write (confidential ) fully as to Rge, experience, present connection, and contacts with rot ton tag users, to The Deiiney TflK Company (established l«a?) Wei.l Cheater, fa. 3,5-clc-e Female Help Wanted Girl for general office work. Must be fair typist, no shorthand. 1'leasant working conditions. Write Box M. N., '/a Courier News. 3-4-ck-tf Private Rooms Couple to share house. Apply In per- flon. J51S Weit A«h. 3;t-plc-8 Hoom with, private balh and private entrance. Men only. Call 2303. 3[3-pk-n bedroom, private balh. Ph. 3557, 3,3-pfc-lO Hedroon convenient to bath. Steam heat, till W. Main, ph. 3325 . 222-pk-3[22 Hedroom with or without kltch«n privileges. 505 Lilly Si. Phone 3853. 1941 Ford Tudor, motor completely overhauled. .$795 1935 Chevrolet Coach *195 1»;U Model "A" Coupe 19 K) Chevrolet Sedan 1 *M(i Si udehaker Pickup $995 1947 Kord Pickup $1250 Lady, ass! si& lit nunaKer, for dry «ood« and tadles-renrty-to-wear dcpiirt- menl. Large UepnrtJnrnt store In South- ran Missouri, Salary phis commission on B«|pa, in reply. Rive pxpeilente, rel- trtncm find marital status. Box JKJ.., co Courier News, 3.3-clc-6 Notice private bath. Ph. 4643. 2 18-pk-3|!8 Front bedroom adjoining hath. Gas heat. Phone 2318, 3.1-plc-B Bedroom. Hlythevllle Hotel. Phone Comrortanlc hcdroom. Phone 2615. Sleeping room. Ill Efdroom, close. In vate Pill ranee, Phon K. Ash. Phone 35-p*-12 Iff. Prl- 3 S-clc-9 H«t w . 3374. Notice 1 will pay $5.00 to any one with In- Jormaltan concerning ]Q4\ Old-smobLle d lamp. Btolcn last Salurdny nlpht Sunday from behind Hots Body Shop, no South Lilly. Phone 3456 nsk lor "Hot 11 . 3;4-ple-7 for Sale, Cars & Trucks Ford DP-luxe. Excellent condl- jOw , nxlleaRC. Original owner. See at 1021 Henri, (rrai). ompang 1916 Crosley. 110 W. Vine. 3;i-pk-8 19J8 Ford coiifie. gnotl confltltoti. Also TKnyer hnby bllKcy. Ph. 3652. J.5-pk-9 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 NEED A CAR? ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sturili/.ed trucks. Call.collect, 6142, Blytlie- villc, Ai-k. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-M-ck-3-14 For Sale, Misc. For Sale, Real Estate State certified Burcletle Delta pine 78, cotton seed. Burdelte Plantation, Burdelte. State certified Ogdcn and Improved Arksoy soybeans. Burdelte 782. Plantation, plume 1-22-ti Smflil 2-room house In Pride Addition on PeabiKly Street. Call 2129 You'll get mure car ror your money at 61 Motor Co.'s Used Car Lot. Come in and check the quality of these cars. r-O! RANGELEY. Me. (U.P.I—The name of a new \)?l at Bald Mountain Camps on Moosclookmeguntic 'Lake is Chanel, well know in the perfume Industry. 1'hc pet Is a baby skunk. American, Now LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP WHOLESALE PRICES To Retail Buyers 1948 Chevrolet Town Sedan, radio, dealer, spotlight, and white sidewall Air Ride tires . . . only $1789. 191(i Chevrolet Fordor Sedan, radio, heater, white sidewall tires, a beauty for only . . . $1489. 1941 liuick Special Fordor Sedan, radio & healer . . . 5989. 19-10 Plymouth Fordor Sedan, healer and seat covers . . . S789. 1942 Ford V-8 Tudor Sedan, in perfect condition . . . $889. 1937 Ford !/i-Ton Pickup Truck, siwcial . . . $295. 1942 Ford V-8 Long Whcelbiise Truck, healer, a real farm truck . . . $845. 1941 Chevrolet !/ 2 -Ton Truck with Cuttle body . . . $589. Many Others fo Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember: You Can Always Make A Good Deal At SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 48 J FARM ALL 11 With CulLivalor, PUuitcr, Disc, Jiarrow and Breaking I'low. ?a^50. Farmers Tructor »fe Truck Co. .Manila, Ark, Phone 91. 2-23-ck-U 12 Jool lUissmnn meat cllspldy bo b WiHtc porrelnin from WlHi new Mil j Mortis litrzUifi unH. I'rt-Je J500.00. Src Malcolm Crlttt-nrli-n 4 tulles norlli of Olr on llraKKndorlo rtind. 3 4-pk-ll l-t>r Kictttl ' lot IJU! TJTO LOANS FURNITURE LOANS Quick Personalized Service Uen«ra) Contract Purchusc Corp 106 So Flltb Phrvne 2928 Sewing 'S. BUCKLES, covered buttons notes Mac Miller. Alma BRFS Elma Crowdcr Phone 357.9 If no an- |fiw:er. <632 606 N 5th Si ri5-pk-3'l!> alci Sweet Potato Seed, Port* tintly 1 nave H limited Quantity Hricty. wriicii «re ncavy pro- A- Jol^n Dcor<- «nd rctvilptnctit, inuRll ami ctn;I(itiipnl Bnrgnln. Sre L. '!'. iliiruhnm, Yarbro. 3;4-pk-B Jolni-Ucerc mlddlebuster. G. A, Hale. Hurdetie. Phone 702. 3 5-cJc-lt 12 foot display CMSC wilh -ninpix'ssor: w;i]k-!n box, Gx8 willi t'ompvossor; 2 scales^ nical hloL'k; '\- cantly cases. Call -12.11, Uixuni. »-5 ck-U fine live- Lype «n<l nre 66 lice liuin cll- ^cH^e HA you will rmd Or<lcrs accepted IHJV,' wiiti air,!, cash deposit lot Ucltvcry II- i oy .Miiicn 1st. t'nced i'l per Langston-Wroten offers you Excellent Values in Good Used Cars lilll Mercury wilh radio anil heater, good condition, has lill'J license . . . $82.'.. 1!)IO Huick -l-door Sedan, radio & heater. A very clean car... $815. l!)3i) I.K Salle. . .a beautiful car. has its original 2-lone green finish, unusually clean $1095 lil-17 DcSolo, excellent condition, low mileage . . . has lill'J license . . . §1595. 1911 Chevrolet, maroon color, gimil condition, equipped with radio & healer . . §715. raul Hyrum. BlyUievLlle, Arlt l|12-clt-tl for [ruclc Ded5 ftny size — Henry Weslbrouk's Shop m> North 1st i_my [in 4161 Nlulu fti. 41^2 Uiitinooin t-'ix Lutes, pipe and connections. LavtAtoties. *10 and up. HMIHU05. JbU RUd \lp. t.. C. Rolll.SOll. Itollt.son Ave. i'hoiie 6335. 2M-\ik-:\,1 BARGAINS Duplex — Ideal locution in 700 block on Walnut Street, Kood Miiclilion. 2 gas floor furnaces, 2 Uilhs, attic fan, savage and storage. Lot 65 x MO. Tins would also make a nice 4 - bedroom residence. Priced to sell at $8,000. Terms. Cafe — Beautiful 50 seat first class place. A-l location on Highway 61 North, close to Blythevillu. Alt modern kitchen and fixtures. Good business, good lease. Owner leaving stale. Shown by appointment only. JOHNNY MARR, Realtor 112 S Second Phone 4111 or 2596 2,25-ct-t Uemonstraior (Ulg Discount J. 4H ModeJ Fraxer Sedan- $1195. ia Model Mash Sedan—$iyjy 4V Model Kaiacr aconn—51413. M ModeJ Hudson Hctlaii—SM'Ji 41 ModeJ i-'ord 'I'udor—1895 41 Model herd Tudor— t!9V 41) Model UeSoto 'Coupe -5575 4U Model Kn/rt Tudor— $595 41 Model Plymouth Sedan—$liU5 61 MOTOR CO. No Hlway 01 UiyllievljlB Lost Hlnyecl green truck Inll^ftte with center out. In vicinity of BlytlievtlEe Wednesday. Reward. Call 4335. 3,4-plt-S LOST: 17 Jewel Swiss Watch, leather >nd. Road to airrjase. Inscription on iside. v 'Sgt. GlllLatn Watklns." Phone Ittlvir \\'aUlns. <^3. 3,3-pk-6 a ply Goodrich Trvick tire, size 700 y 18. mounted on wheel, lost between lylhevlllp and Manila. W. E. Shellon. t. 'i. Manila. 3,3-pk-G v\ e nave several tons ol i-W-iS thai vc n 01 been spoken I or, 1'LAMEIia COOPBHATIVE GIN HIGHWAY 61 SOUTH PHONE 12Q 2 24-ck-3 24 7 plcre KtiiLd oak dl]tctte sullc, Mak< oltcr H nuiat be sold, rhone 82! ^t 1 bottom, t act 3 bottom. H A: M ;ti type Blister, 9U-IHC Disc, prac- Uly new. 1 7B-IHC eltsc. 1 set Jo! •rf A\le type planter with Icrtlll?.- atlachmenl. l.ate model. 1-19V •iivill }1 <t C cultivator inSfl Phon 1 I'ortnRevllle. Dubb Wldnrr U roojn house on corner lot ravei street. Priced S3.000. Terms o room house and bath, from bus line. Priced »3.500 bJOk KS 'ieunx. VEHV GOOD HOUSE. 4 room* an bath. 1 block from mis line. P'lc J.175U. 'i down. i room house. Price $1150. ^7 tlown fi rtionis and bath, on pavement o!ock& from Main St. Price 13600 Terms. 1 lots on gravel SI Price 11150. UKRT ROSS *. SAM UODWIN. Realtors 209 S3 West M»ln Phone 2415. 3B1« or 4124 3 5-ck-12 Black and H «cks olrt. .sir none 31W. hite Cocker puppy. 10 ypd Irom 217 East Ditvi.s. 3,J-pk-3,6 For Rent 301 West Walnut Phone 578 K! cameras lor UiJIEENtii STUDIO occasions 1 6-cK-U bedroom. 1109 ChlctaaAwba. rhone 2875. C.3-pk-10 For Rent, Houses 5 room house. Phone l.fSlh 2 room house 2341 Marguerite St 35-pk-12 ."Ith bath. Phone 2065. 3,5-pk-9 Uncle Sam's newest adopted nephew is Michael Lowcnlhal, 12, the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lowenlhal of Chicago. The boy, who lost both his parents during the Na/.i rei^n, was himself rescued, barely alive, from the notorious Belscn Garten, Germany, concentration camp. He's just been naturalized as a U. S. citizen. For Sale or Trade Corner Lxa t. Reasonable. 175 x 75. Country Club Drive Addition. No Restrictions on lot. Cash or Swap lor Kord Chevrolet or Plymouth. Call 403 W. Ash or 2M6 before 12 noon 3.3- pK- 6 Help Wanted Wanted young SJrls for waitress. Apply In person at West End Cafe. Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug Stores Tnirtv rninuto photostalta eervlce. 0-aTKENB STUDIO 116-ck-tf Read Courier News want Adj. For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 4601 NICHOLS DRUG Wanted to Buy For Sole, Real Estate WE WANT TO BUT SEVERAL GOOD USED PIANOS. PLAIN CASES PfiE- FERRDD IF TOU HAVE ONE TO SELL CALL, BROOKS MUSIC STORE I'H 811. 2 17-ck-tl Corner lot 65 3y HO feet and 2 ^tory 6 room with batn Ph Luxora aller 6 p.m 2,15-plt-3]15 clean, has 1!) li) license 19-11 Clievvolct, unusual!} §950. 19-11 Chevrolet 2-cloor Sedan, rccomlilioncii i-oiniilcle- ly. A really fine automobile . . S!I!)5. 1911 Ruick -1-door Super, radio & dealer, tup-flight Klythcvillc Realty Specials L real cstnbllshfd. paytnK, grocery. rKft and service station business tJL HlKhway I'rlceri to sell. Phone 23iVl 3 3-ptc-lO TAVKHN". Modern, attractive On U S KLKhway In Stke.ston. 10,000 pyp- ,tlon with UrRe payrolls Kent S60 prr niontti. good lease, good location. PRICK !4.WX> cash 1 have ollirr KOOd Rlyllicville Realty Specials North tfth. near Central School, i- room nonse. Kas. bath, corner lot. 13.- KlK 1 *I.(K)0 cash. Pride Addition. 4-room house. Iwo lots, city water. >3200. To Buy or Sell Homes, lots, farms or business. Phone Field, 2394. 35-pk-]2 Grocery and garage with ilv!nK quarter.*, h'lllly equipped and 51ocV:erl. Lot y«)K12U'. AbstfArl wHh deed. 36.500. l). U. Cannon. Hires. Mo. 3.2-pk-16 buMnr you v . lnrRC Rnrt small. St . CALEB SMITH. Roller Slkr.slon. Mo. what s-room. modern borne, hardwood lloors. l/)t 60xHO ft- Will tafcr Late model tnicV trailer In on house o. S HOl.tlbON. ph. 3309. 3 2-ck-ll condition §850. 1949 Ford Tudor, equipped wilh ovci drive, radio & healer, ami seat covers . . . practically new. Permanent Type ANTI-FRIEZE Now In Slock "When Belter Cars Are Built, Huick Will liuild Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Wjlnut at Broadway Dial 555 lot Servic* Repairman Tagged KILLSEORO. O. I UP)—Patrolmen newly a.signed to watching HiU .boro parking meters lagged an au;o belonging to Fred Bennett, \vlio svas repairing a faulty meter. SKKI'J SOYBKAXS llortrlisoy No. -. tlio hi] st yiekliiiif variety in the lississippl County Soylinai OUlCfil. 61 IMP1-KMKNT CO. North Highway fil Phone 2112 3-2-ck-U Lots For Sale \Ve have approximately 100 ots for sale in one of the most desirable subdivisions of Blythevilte. Size 100x150'. they are located on Highway (>1 South, ad.inining city limits, have city water, and si reels are now being graveled. Take your choice at $850, 1-ii down, year on balance. Riales Land Co. Russell 10. Riales ' W. T. BarneU Karcy Williams Phoiit 3322 1-25-ck-tf Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS in interesteo ID Dujtng or Helling «et Noble Gill Agency Cecil Rarls —— F. R. Joyner REALTORS CJlencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, U Inch to 48 inch, plain or rcctifurccd. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate - . phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. housrs, 1 4-room, l 3-room, on lots &0 x ISO In Rletlr. Mo. (4.000 Homer CowJ«y, owner. Inquire M Asy 0nines' Store. Slerl«. 3.1-p*-8 WHEN MINUTES COUNT ITif pi'ompl aiirt r( fit-lent soi vice o( Owens Pharmacies salves the problem K\ciy prescription Tilled with mpiicolous care, Free delivery service. Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE Carry Your Money FARTHER ContnulM Sttra BEAUTY PROTECTION CONVENIENCE AT EXCEPTIONAUY LOW COST BUILDER'S SUPPLY Inc. So. Highway 6! Plione 243 •4ow Open NICKLES NURSING HOME Phone 830 Osceola • Care of Aged • Care of Invalids • Care of Patients of Chronic Diseases 24 Hour Service Phone~830 I Have At All Times For Sale several (rectors and equipment, both new and used. 1 have John Deere, I'arninll, Ford and other niiikes. I now have new Ford tractors and equipment ready for delivery at dealers' price. I will Initlc for most anyihing you have. Terms ean foe arranged. Sec F. C. CROWE 1 mile south of BiaKgadocio, Mo. Car Prices Cut Up to $285 See These Bargains! IN MEMPHIS ICE CRKAM TAULOR A", SAFE combination. \Vt fiRvr 2 lor *nl« in ?xcc3- lent locAtlons. Both old tftlAbhshrrt (ind known monry mutters. Plenty or , equipment to make and bundle Xc* I Cream. One h»s a. 4-room house you r»vn lease with building, nit for »10,00 mouth. Call or write nit today. CRT! H. RlcliRrclscti with FHEU A H1CHARDSON KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry 36 Chevrolet 4 door Sedan. We have two of these. 47 Studebaker 2 door Fully eqnipped 47 Mercury Station Wagon 12.000 Actual Miles. 49 Mercury Sedan, overdrive nnd all accessories. Tills one's perfect. 47 Mercury Sedan, clean, drives like new 48 Mercury Sedan, fully equipped, a beautiful tan. 41 Mercury Sedan fully equipped, maroon. 38 Ford Coupe, runs like a [op. A real buy at llic price we ask. 16 Ford 2 Door Sedan. Fully equipped. •12 Buick, fully equipped, a cily jwned car. •in Mercury Sedan, radio heater. Blue 47 Ponllac. fully equipped, looks like new Black. 47 Ford Sedan, loaded with accessories City owned. 47 Bmck. radio, heater new paint and runs good. •11 Ford 2 Door Sedan. A real buy. 41 Ford Coupe and priced right. 47 International Pick-up. Better phone us to hold this 46 Chevrolet 2 Dr. Equipped By the lime vou lead this we should have 10 others to select irom. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First crt Walnut Phone 4333 '{

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