Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 7, 1906 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1906
Page 4
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE JULY 7. 1908. GROUND TO BE .-'BROKEN"' FOR OAKLAND'S . : TOURIST - HOTEL EARLY Site of New Hostelry Will Be on Western s Where Fishing and Boating May Be Enjoyed in riiddle of Winter and Where View of Unexcelled Beauty in Landscape Will Greet Guests at All Seasons of Year Kahn Business Block in Course! of Construction at San Pabjo Avenue and Sixteenth Street Atlas Gas Engine Company Forsakes San Francisco and Establishes Plant in Oakland. SATURDAY EVENING, ATIA1 NEXT K "nave you any house to rent?" ked a, stranger In the hearing of ft i THE TRIBUNE representative of a member of one of the leading real estate firms in this city, today. "Not one," waj the instantaneous response. There was something of annoyance in the tone of the answer which was afterwards explained to the TRIBUNE representative. j The inquirer, too, looked pained because he had evidently heard the same answer from number of real estate dealers before. "What I said," explained the realty dealer to the newspaper man, "was practlcall true. I really have not got any kind of a house which it would be worth while to direct that man's attention to. There are fifty people in here every day looking for houses to rant and we have none to offer them. These people come from San Francisco and other places but we are unable to do anything for them. What becomes of them, I don't know. They all net as if they wsnted to stay here, and I guesi most of them do but it must be pretty hard for them to find quarters even in rooming-houses. WANTED, HOUSE-BUILDERS. "I tell you that the man or mem who will put up a number of new houses here will make a fortune in a short time. We have inquiries every day for homes, stores and warehouses and we cannot supply the demand We could lease them for five and ten years. Here Is a chance to make money, and THE TRIBUNE cannot put this matter too strongly, because It is really an injury to Oakland to have no supply for this demand. BUILDINGS QOINQ UP. There in no gainsaying the truth of this dealer's declaration, because the newspapers have many querlea exery day asking for Information as to where vacant houses may be found. Despite this tafit, however, there are houses going up but they are. In the main, being; v built by the people who are to occupy them. The number of houses which are being constructed for renting or speculative purposes Is comparatively speaking, few and, as a consequence, there is still a dearth ' of habitations for new residents 'n Wa city. In another column of this department of THE TRIBUNE will be found the building record for the present 'j week. This Shows quite an amount of ctimy In that line' despite the fact that the office of the Board of Public "Works, where, building permits are is sued, was closed all of the Fourth of July and on the afternoon of Satur day. REALTY MOVINQ. This week baa been one of the bus! est which local dealers have expert enced In eome time. There have been hundreds of querlea for varlou kinds of property and hundreds of sales fear- been made. This le evidenced by the showing mad In the daily trans erlpt of records which Is published In TUB TRIBUNE Not o day passe which doetf not .witness all the way " from twenty to fifty deeda filed for record. This ahows activtty in a more reliable manner than can be otherwise exhibited. The Recorder's offlc. however, has ethsr Instruments to deal with, and the number of these taken into consideration reveal an activity In the real astat business which wa never experienced before. Recorder Orlm authorises TUB TRIBUNE to say that the month Just closed was the most active he has ever experienced while he has been In office, and It has also been the most lucrative when the proceeds of the office paid into the treasury are taken under consideration. The numher of Instruments recorded wa till, and the prooeed of the office, after an the expenses have been tild. was 12201.1J. the largest ever paid by a recorder of this county into the treasury. OLD COLLEGE HALL. , In another part of this department will b found a picture of College HalL at the northeast corner of Twelfth and Harrison atreets. This was formerly one of the buildings connected with the old California College, out of which rrew the present University of California. It la soon to be torn down to make way for a row of busl-tmcture H5 feet long on Twelfth street, which are to be constructed by A. J. Snyder and C. M. Macgregor, the latter having been Jaken into partner- . nip In the-deal by Mr. Snyder, atnee the last referenct to this subject In these columns. LEASE FOR TEN YEARS. In this connection It may be stated j that, the big Macgregor apartment houses at the northeast corner of Third avenue and East Sixteenth street have been rented by A. J. Sny der to T. Gordon, at a rental of $6000 per year. The lease is to run ten years. The apartments are to be furnlehed by Thomas Brilliant of San Francisco. This lease places the rental at about 14.60 per room per month. THE LAKESHORE. The certainty that the Lakeshore hotel is to be constructed in the vicinity of Thirteenth street, and the western shore of the lake has had an upward tendency on realty In1 the lake region, and especially along Thirteenth street because it is claimed that street will be the thoroughfare most used in going to and leaving the hotel. Some real estate men are inclined to the belief, however, that as soon as the car tracks are taken off that screet and the cars are ran on Twelfth street instead. Thirteenth street will be largely de voted to ladles' shopping. Be that as It may, Charles Jurgens, who contemplates constructing a building at the southeast corner of Thirteenth and Franklin streets, has not a yet decided to what uses he will put the upper story of the same. At this time, he is inclined to the belief that the greatest revenue would be derived from apartment. HOLDING PROPERTY. The first move to acquire Thirteenth street property as a consequence of the new hotel project has not been successful. It was made Ifelth respect to the property at the northeast cor ner of that street and Webster, which has a frontage of 50 feet on the latter thoroughfare. It Is owned by Hugh and Dennis Dlmond. It was bought six years ago for $12,000. Today, the owners refused $28,000 for It, and said they would not sell it for less than $35,000. Not long since the property at the northeast corner of Thirteenth and Harrison streets was bought for $13,-500. It has a frontage of 60 and a depth of 100 feet. The present owner has refused $24,000 for It ; xm& rr zrrr: f ; ni n ii jlj 1 1 ii i ; k ii 1 1 ill i n i i fl si 1 i secure a lease of It, although a num ber if business cone erne are making compjetltive bids for it When this floor is let, it will be to a concern which will be a welcome addition to the commercial and industrial life of Oakland. The lease to the three tipper lofts runs lofts for five years. Two of tShea were leased before the fire and. since then, the leasee ha agreed to take possession of the remaining loft The building complete will cost $60,- 000. Work upon H will be rushed with the greatest oxpedltkra possible with a view to rendering the building habita ble y7 the 1st of October. ATJpAS GAS ENGINE j COMPANY BUILDS IN EAST OAKLAND Oakland ha now nearly all the fao- land. The work of providing drainage, both of storm water and sanitary, has gone on for years, and, as a consequence, there are hundreds of streets on which the drains required ' for the maintenance of the health of the city have been oo astro cted. In many Instance at the expense of the people whose property wa In a special manner benefited. It Is now proposed, however, to build a member of sewers such as are of a general character and are supposed to perfect, th general drainage of this city for th benefit of an." For thi purpose an ordinance ha been passed to print by the Ctty Ooun- cfl calling for a special election, to be held on September 4, for the purpose of autherixkig the tasn of Sg800 bonds for the constnaotton of the sewers In question. The lines upon which these sewers are to be built have been prepared with much care. They have been given toriee of ga engtnesi which were for- ; t vt.wa uiuuu . n i q. auq iwtv metij located in San Francisco, Thirfl- deal of attention by Ctty En- FRONT ELEVATION OF KAHN BUILDING NOW IN COURSE OF CONSTRUCTION AT NORTHEAST t CORNER OF SAN PABLO AVENUE AND SIXTEENTH STREET WHICH REPRESENTS ENTER- I PHISt. Oh Uri. O. fVAn rt ur omin rnMHiow nu nnnn to i j 1 ABOUT 560,000, STRUCTURE WILL BE USED FOR MERCANTILE PURPOSES. THE fact is not to be attributed to the fire wMoh destroyed the city on the other side of the bay hut the fact that the managers of those concern perceived that; they could benefit their condition by jnovlne to Oakland, Several of these companies had de- cldeanpon this step before the recent fire j swept their plants out of exist ence, and had in faot purchased ground on this side of the bay and macje arrangements to buUd here be fore: their property was destroyed Jn Sani Francisco. The gas engine manufactorl es now hero are the Western, the Reliance, Standard, the Union and the At- The two first mentioned are lo GROUND TO BE BROKEN FOR THE LAKESHORE HOTEL, Th construction of a'tourists hotel on the west shore of Lake Merrltt is now Murd. Ground will be broken for the structure next week and the construction of th hostelry will then be rushed with the greatest energy. The projectors hope to be able to throw the structure open to the public by CThrlstma. That will be a most opportune time to receive guests because there will then be thousands of people on the ooaet who will be seeking to avoid the rigors of Eastern weather. Here they will find summer weather where In their Eastern homes they would be huddled around fires, or shivering under the effect of blasts chilled by passing over expanses of snow and ice. . BOATING AND FISHING. To heighten the effect of the almost tropical weather which here prevails during- the Chrlstma season, the visitors will be enabled to take part in boat rides or Indulge in the pastime of fishing, both of which are recreations which are available to people In the eastern part of the country only during the summer months. The new hotel, or the Lakeshore. as it is to be called, has met with the liberal Indorsement of every citizen who has given the subject any attention. It will be constructed by the Charles Newman Hotel Company. This company has displayed great business sagacity in being the first to undertake the project of building a tourlsthotel on a large .scale. It has also shown excellent taste In Che selection of the site because there is none which commands a more lovely prospect around Oakland than that on Lake Merrltt. In addition to the love liness of the lake Itself, the guests will always have the hills to the north and northeast to delight the eye. With such a - foreground and background, the visitors . will .have constantly be- with none of the tourist hotels in the i southern part of this state. ' I ACCOM M O DATI ON S. The hotel will have a frontage on the lake of lj!4 feet and a depth of 380 feet. It vflll be located north of Thirteenth street and will be equipped with palatial apartments, parlors, billiard, reception, drawing, writing and dining-rooms, cafes, bowling-alley, roof garden and with every feature which enables the tourist to enjoy all the pleasures of modern up-to-dato put into the construction of the build- i ing, and $75,000 will be utilised in fur-nlefhlng the structure. CONTRACT SIGNED. The contract for the superintendence of the construction of the (building was signed today with Architect Skinner and, today, also the surveys of the property were completed, i Charles Newman, who la at the head of the enterprise Svas, for a number of ears, been the successful proprietor and manager of the Roes House of ITS M?t1 L rj . " 1 ;: ;f rf 'SkJi; . u 1 13:: i. i achieved thorough mastery of the hotel business and will, undoubtedly, be the means of making Oakland one of the most noted resorts for tourists on the Pacific Coast. BUSINESS MEN. The Lakeshore hotel will provide ample quarters also for the traveling business man as well as for tourists. It will he convenient to the heart of Oakland and will, at the same time have a quieting, soothing and restful effect, so often desired by weary business men, which cannot be experienced in a hostelry where wagons ( and cars are surging past at all hours of the day and night. the las. cated on Washington street, and In -o far as the writer of this article is In formed It ts not yet known whether or hot they will remain here perma- nenjtly. "ACTOR! E8 HERE TO STAY. There Is no question at all on this subject, however, with respect to the Standard, Union and Atlas Gas Engine Companies. They are here to stay, a fact which may toe attested by an ' examination of the structures which they have either erected here or which they have In course of con-str ictlon. THE TRIBUNE has already spoken in detail of the Union and Standard Ga i Engine Companies, but the Atlas Gas Engine Company has, thus far, escaped attention. This is because the carjeern has been working quietly and modestly, as In fact the others were working until discovered by THE "COLLEGE HALL" AT NORTHEAST CORNER OF TWELFTH AND HARRISON STREETS. THIS IS ONE OF THE OLDEST BUILD-INGSJlN OAKLAND. IT WAS ORIGINALLY ONE OF THE STRUCTURES OF CALIFOR NIT COLLEGE OUT OF WHICH GREW THE PRESENT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY. STRUCTURE ON FIRST FLOOR. FOR NUMBER OF YEARS, HAS BEEN USED I AS LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE. SECOND STORY IS SERVING AS ARMORY OF CO. A VETERAN RESERVES, N. G. C. HALL IS SOON TO BE TORN DOW TO MAKE RpOM JFOR ROW OF BUSINESS STRUCTURES. hotel life when away from the comforts of his or her own home, j ' The stock for the Inception of the enterprise is being purchased In a liberal manner by citizens generally, $75,-000 having been already sold. Fifty thousand dollars will ha utilised in fore them a panorama the equal to paying for the ground on which the Which, may be found in connection I structure la to stand, $150,000 will be San ancisco. He Is well-known to the business public, as also to those Who are known as tourists because he has catered to both for many years. He Is genial and popular, and Is imbued with an energy which makes every person with whom he comes in contact as enthusiastic on affairs of business as he Is himself. He' has KAHN BUILDING AT SIXTEENTH STREET AND SAN PABLO AVE. In another column of this department of THE TRIBUNE will be found a picture of the new Kahn building which la to-be constructed at the northeast corner of San Pablo avenue and Sixteenth street. This building is to be constructed by Dr. Samuel S. isjann or can Francisco, who is a brother of the enterprising dry goods firm of Kjahn Brothers at the northeast corner of Washington and Twelfth streets. The property on which the building is to be erected was bought by Dr. Kahn before the San Francisco fire, and the store now in course of construction was devised at the same time. This statement is made so that It may not be, supposed that the enterprise of the doctor has been Inspired by the hegira of San Francisco firms to this side of the bay as a consequence of the great fire. Dr. Kahn bad noticed the progress which Oakland had been making before that time. He concluded that this was a good place for Investment and accordingly displayed his confidence In this city as his brothers above referred to jhave done for many years. The new building will have a frontage of 65 feet on San Pablo avenue, with a depth of 100 feet on Sixteenth street It has been designed by Charles Mau, the well-known architect of 1166 Broadway. The new building will be solidly constructed of brkk. with all kinds of reinforcements and steel structural interior' for the purpose of preventing, as much as possible. Injury to the Same from any elemental causa. The upper ; three lofts, something which are veryv. much needed In this city at the present time, have been rented, and a very liberal return Is expected from them. As to, the first story, it may be said that it has not been decided as ,yet what firm will fse fortunate enough to Union TRIBUNE. ATLA8 COMPANY BUILDS The Atlas Gas Engine Company is building Its machine shops at the foot of (Tenth avenue In East Oakland, Unlike the Standard and plants, that of the Atlas is being constructed on filled land, the others be-injr on terra firm a. The company has already built a wharf of liberal proportions at the point In question and proposes to supplement It by a structure of double the slxe. This wharf will extend out to deep water In the estuary and enable the company to re ceive ' supplies and ship goods by water. Arrangements are now being made w th the Southern Pacific Railroad Company for the extension of a spur track from the lines of that company In Bast Oakland to connect with the plant. This accommodation will give tie company rail facilities for receiving and shipping goods as well as the wlater facilities referred to. The works of the company will rest u;?on piles and the tents for the floor area, which latter is to' be 96 by 104 feet, are now nearly constructed. The work Is being carried on by the Robert Wakefield Company. DR'EDGER TN0 C03T $65,000. One of the first contracts, it is understood, which the Atlas Gas Engine Company will carry out will be -the equipping of a monster dredger, wlt'h a gas engine as its main means of energy. This engine will have a capacity of 175-horse power. This will be the first time that an engine of this kind has been made to do the principal work on a dredger. There will, however, be subordinate engines on board. The dredger in question Is to be constructed for the American Dredging Company, and will cost $65,000. - The Atlas Gas Engine Company when It gets into regular running operation will give employment to between fifty and seventy-five operatives. gtneer Turner and Deputy Brown, by be members of the Council, and in a special manner by the leading: ctti- zens4jdtaxpjyers in the wards in which It Vis proposed to oonetruct them. Wnen these proposed sewers shall have been completed they will give Oakland a sewer system which cannot be excelled in any city la the country. 8EWERS PROPOSED. The sewers which it is proposed to construct, the length of the same, the character of the structure and the estimated cost of the same, as specially prepared for THE TRIBUNE by Ot; Engineer Turner and Assistant Cttj Engineer Brown, are as follows: Market street, from Thirty-sixth to Forty-fifth streets, thence on Forty-fifth street ' to West, thence to Fifty- third street, thence to Grove street, thence to Fifty-sixth street, 6345 feet; estimated cost, $52,-100; storm and sanitary. A . Adeline street, from Temescal creek to Berkeley line, from five to three feet In diameter, S599 feet; estimated cost. $20,040. Canning street, from Temescal creek northerly to Sixty-third street, from forty-two to fourteen Inches in diameter; Btorm sewer, 2329 feet; estimated cost, $10,020. Forty-fifth street, from Telegraph avenue to Lawton street, thence to Fifty-first street, thence to Manila street, thence to city limits, from 3-feet 2 inches by 4 feet 9 inches to 2 2 feet by 3 feet 6 Inches, egg-shaped; storm and sanitary sewer, 5419 feet; estimated cost, $45,090. Diamond street, from Fortieth to Forty-second streets, thence to Broadway, thence to a point near Whit- more street; storm sewer, 4 feet 6 inches to 4 feet in diameter, 2933 feet; estimated cost,. $29,810. Cemetery creek, from Moss to Echo avenues; sanitary, from 18 to 8 Inches, 3709 feet; estimated cost, $7020. Thirty-sixth-street main outlet sewer extension, from western terminus Of present sewer to bulkhead line, 4 feet 6 inches by 7 feet, 1750 feet, storm 'and sanitary; estimated cost, $48,000. Main lake sewer, on Twenty-second-street extension, from Adeline street to bulkhead line, 6 feet square, 5174 feet; estimated cost, $97,200. Wood street, from Ninth to Twenty-second streets, sanitary and storm, from 4 feet 10 inches in diameter to 12 inches, 3986 feet; estimated cost, $36,070'. Intercepting sewer on Third street, from Myrtle to Union streets, 1900 feet, with an outlet on Linden street of 2000 feet, but extending to the harbor; storm and sanitary sewer, from 6 feet to 22 Inches In diameter; estimated cost. $58,110. intercepting sewer on Second street, from Washington to Market streets, 2138 feet; storm and sanitary sewer, egg-shaped, from 3 feet 9 Inches by 6 feet 7 inches to 2 feet 4 j Inches by 3 feet 6 Inches, with outlet to harbor on Grove street, 1070 feet,) 6 feet in diameter;,estimated cost, $40,080. Intercepting sewer on Second street. BOND ISSUE FOR FIVE MILES : OF NEEDED SEWERS There Is no city on the Pacific Coast which is better sewered than Oak- from Broadway to Alice Btreet, 1569 feet, egg-shaped, from 2 feet 11 inches by-4 feet 4 inches to 2 feet 6 inches by 3 feet 9 Inches, with outlet sewer on Webster street to the harbor, 1065 feet, 5 , feet in diameter; estimated cost, $27,050. ; Intercepting sewer south from Fallon to Oak streets, thence to the harbor, 2705 feet, 4 feet 10 Inches to egg-shape t feet by S feet, connecting with intercepting . sewer on. Second street, from Oak to Jackson streets, 750 feet, from 2 feet 11 ; inches - by 4 feet 11 inches to 2 feet 3 Inches by IS feet 4V4 t -1. a r ' A 1 a. A At ' East side sewer extension, from East Eleventh street and First avenue following shore of north arm of es-;

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