The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
Page 7
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TIII-; \u:vr,i\iA( AN, AMJO.VA, I'-l'NKSDA V. MAY I. Burt Republican. HURT, IOWA, MAY 4, 1892. T - Burt is having a building boom. Miss Abbie Goodwin began her school north of Burt Monday. John Qoeders was up from Algona, Friday, to see to business. Elmer Hodgson is building a residence on his lots in the south part of town. Bev. Forsythe has been suffering with sciatic rheumatism for the past week. Ed Stantor, of Algona, was on our streets last week. He visited the school while here. Charley Shanor has been seriously ill for the past two weeks and at this writing is still dangerous. , s Mrs. Gertie Nourse, the District Lecturer, spoke in the Presbyterian church Monday evening on temperance. J. B. Johnston, of Martelle, Iowa, has located on his farm near Burt. Mr. Johnston has his cards out as an auctioneer. Hugh McDonald is around once more after a severe attack of rheumatism. He shows the effects of a severe battle. Plans are being laid for a large two- story school building, which is to bo ready for the fall term of school. Isaac Ames was in Burt a few days last week. He says he is well suited with his new location in Southwestern Missouri. Mrs. Hecry McDonald is having her residence raised, and when completed she will have one of the finest residences in town. A sidewalk company has been organized in the west part of town. They are building a sidewalk from Mrs. H. McDonald's east to connect with the one at the new hardware. Minnie Shadle returned from Algona Saturday to again take up duties in the school room. Miss Shadle has been obliged to close school for a week on account of bad weather and measles. Bev. Chamberlain, pastor of the Presbyterian church, had rather a wet ride last Sunday, trying to get to his appointment at the Brunson school house, 11 miles northwest of Burt, through the heavy rain. Geo. E. Marble is having the work upon his store building pushed as fast as possible, and it is nearing completion. Mr. Marble will have one of the finest blocks in the county, when completed. He is fitting up a hall over the building, which is something Burt sadly needs. The firm of O'Neill & Kerr have sold their grain elevator and lumber yard to Wightman & Co. We have not learned what Messrs. O'Neill & Kerr intend to do, but Burt would be sorry to lose them as business men. We hope they will conclude to remain in Burt. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence ono door west of POST OFFICE. THE COUNTY NEWS. Keportert hy Special Correspondents. Twir, nrcrum.rcAN publishes move outside »Y, ,',"'!' " lfl couti'i'y ami sttiTouiirtiiii? towns I M? a " u ' eslx """'i' papers published in Kossuth county combined. * or Uio Uancroft NJWS son nage 3. f,,, ,i t:o il ullwl ' OJsl)KNTS : ~ A ' 1 correspondence m,V I ; Ul 5f' u1l ! jt ' :AN slioulrt reach this oflice t'is it 'i i a ' ' esclay cvenin S- Flease bear J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt, BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. If so, and we presume you do, call and see us. We have Shoes for the Babies, Shoes for the Misses, Shoes for the Boys, Shoes for the Ladies, Shoes for the Men, in call sizes and styles, and at prices we know will please. NICHOLSON <fe BUELL. NEW LINE -OF— Wall - Paper AITD CTJE.TAI1TS A ip W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. AVniTTKHORE. H, Hohn and C. C. Samson changed residences Tuesday. The Baptist Ladies' Aid Society meets with Mrs. Dr. Felling next Thursday afternoon. ^ Wm, Campbell, who lives at Mr. Schmidts', is very low with la grippe. He is not expected to recover, Geo. Boyle has been suffering from an attack of typhoid pneumonia. We are glad to see he is able to be around again. The Mite Society dime supper given bv Mrs. J. M. Farley last week was a success in every respect. $11.20 being netted by the society. Rev. W. A. Black, of Algona, is expected to preach at Whittemore next Sunday afternoon at three o'clock regular quarterly meeting services. Mr. and Mrs. Yale have a little boy at their house and he has come to stay. Whittemore will have plenty of eligible young men twenty years hence. The Baptist quarterly meeting held at Whittemore last Tuesday and Wednesday was very successful not with-standing the rainy weather and bad roads. Mrs, Gertrude Nurse delivered a temperance address at this place Thursday evening and also organized a Juvenile Temple with Mrs. H. P. Hatch as Supt. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton, accompanied by her father and mother, of Burt, attended a wedding at Osgood last Thursday. The groom was Mrs. Cotton's brother. SIDEWELL & ELLSWORTH, Manufacturers and Dealers In Harness & Saddlery, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Etc. - IOWA. Ledyard Times Editor, LEDYARD, IOWA, MAY 471892." LEDYARD Clears' 11 MRS. E. McLAURY, Restaurant, at all hours. Confectionery and Ledyard, Iowa. WM. LESLIE, Real Estate and Insnrance. Oats ..... 20 <rb .21 Eggs ......... ~ .11 Cattle ........ $0.00 Wheat ........... (57 Flax $ Corn 00 Butter 10@.18 HORS o.OO Barley ... .18@.20 T „ tntlynrrt, Iowa. I am prepared to make Farm Loans at lowest rates. Water ! Water ! I am prepared to put down wells m all parts of the country at the lowest prices. Supply of water warranted. Cash or on time. H.O.WILSON, Ledyanl, Iowa. Castleman & Deane, Still at the Front! The Old Reliable General Store with Geo. E. Marble at the wheel. Let other places advertise their removal and war prices. Our customers! 1 only laugh and realize that they have not yet reached the every-day low prices of the Old Reliable store at Burt. How to ho Beautiful. The most neccessary requirement of beauty in women is a lovely complexion, Rezodoro, the peerless complexion beautifier, removes all redness of the skin leaving it a clear, delicate white, that has nothing of the paint or powder appearance. Rozodore is harmless as water; removes freckles, tan, sunburn, pimples, blackheads, liverspots, etc. Price 75 cts. Try a bottle. Sent free onrecdp'tof price, plainly wrapped so it cannot be told. Address, theRozodoro Co., South Bend, Ind. Agents wanted. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. o >, <u * cu in 1-1 o »r-< „! *-3 •a o M «5 4) K*^ •*-> '*{Q tti £ "3 rt Q sl "o i: o -1-3 • § •- rt 1 3 ui A) § a, X <u B <u tn STOP —AT THE- 3 * *s y ^ a O « u g o| 1O OJ BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. DANIELS & PHELPS, HARNESS AND SHOE REPAIR SHOP It will pay you to call and order a new Harness if you need anything in that line. BURT, --.. 4 f* n o 6 I- 2 *> SB a § u rt U •8 O •a BQ g >*• W C. C. CHUBB, President, E. J, MURTAGH, Cashier. RT DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES AND CURE, "tt sr t«»»d by an aurist ol world- t » aU °Pi De afness eradicated and en^ of £ rom 20 to 30 years' standing, r? r trea Jw«nts bave failed. How ? eac ^ed and the cause removed ln cll-eu '^s. with affidavits and , cu }' e & from Prominent people, free. DK.A..FONTAINB, BURT, IOWA. General Banking, PATENT OR NO FEE GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. WESLEY. Henry Price's children have been dan- gereusly ill, but are now improving. M. Taylor is able to be on the street again, but he seems to be very feeble. Mrs. E. J. Yorker is still in Corwith with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Reed, who is ill. . The Ladle's Aid Society will meet with Mrs. T. A. Clark next Wednesday afternoon. Miss Phoebe Presnell has been very ill with rheumatism, but is slwwly recovering. E. P. Flint, of Spencer, has charge of Bender Bros, warehouse during the absence of Mr. Frink. The new front and the new arrangement of boxes in the post office is a decided improvement. The Historical Club meets every Monday eyening at Mrs. Frank Heal's. The club is small but enthusiastic. Richard Gray, one of the firm of Gray Bros., has gone to Marion, S. Dakota, to engage in the real estate business. John Longbottom has so far recovered from the injuries received, from being kicked by a horse, that he has resumed work. Fred Anderson has been improving his unexpected leisure by setting out vines and trees and otherwise improving his residence lots. The Hunting & Go's warehouse was closed several days last week'on account of the death of W. F. Hunting, the president of the company. B. B. Daggett, of Mason City, who was in town last week visiting his mother and also putting a hot water heater in the drug store, has returned home. Several Odd Fellows accompanied by their wives, also several odd Odd Fellows who had no wives, attended the Odd Fellow's Anniversary at Estherville last Tuesday. W. P. Gidding's family is now afflicted with mumps. Mr. and Mrs. Giddings deserve the sympathy of the entire community, as they have been afflicted with one form of disease after another ever since they came last fall. Geo. Frink has taken unto himself a helpmate in the person of Miss May Norton. The newly married pair are enjoying their honeymoon among Mr. Frink's relatives. May their future be as happy as their present bright anticipations paint it for them. Some of our citizens are contributing money to defray the expense of uniforms for our band boys. We are proud of our band just as they are and hardly see how such a handsome company of young men could be much improved even by a"span- dangelous" new uniform. A Fair Offer. L. A. Sheetz and F. W. Dingley will refund your money if you do not find Closson's celebrated pain relief as represented below: Cures; Toothache in 8 minutes. Neuralgia in 5 minutes. Headache in 10 minutes. Earache in 10 minutes. Sprain in 30 minutes. Sore Throat in 15 minutes. Colic in 3 minutes. Pains in the back in 10 minutes. Diar- rhoea in 1 day. Cholera Morbus in 10 minutes. Inflammation of the Kidneys, Palpitation of the Heart, Rheumatism, Piles in a reasonable time. W. E. CLOSSON. Buildings and Cabinet Work done neatly and promptly. Plans and Specifications furnished upon application. Estimates made. Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop on Edmund St. F, M. Trimble -DEALER IN Burial - Pm Caskets. tSPUndertaking a Specialty. Ledyard, lown. B. J. JOHXSON, Tonsorial Artist, Cigars For Sale. Ledyard, lo'iva. HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY AND A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY 15 ONE OF OUR NEW SEAM SIR SEWING MACHINES. FOR FULL PARTICULARS AOORCSS National SewingMachineCo, •UOOCOORB TO JUNE MANUFACTURING CO. BELVIDERE, ILL. Manufacturer* of Ho0 Family sewlnn Machine*. »£»* s e i ?.' lt th ,? li S 8ln «» ««"w«h I mS mrS^S. tflri l**5?/ !h ''*" w , 9 i B8tr » ct »>" 1 «*»''y<"». "»d«rt J,L"t??V^.*l f y. 0 » y.9* youViU ta d a , Iluiuane Society's Warfc. In all large cities are branches of the Humane Society founded by is discovered, badly galled, or is cut op injured, at once a society wember its rest and the imjftexjiftte of HaUk Bwb Wm -a Uomady tor Catarrh Is the Use, and Ckeu>«*t. HOW I EAEHED AN ISLAND. £nterprlttu Toima; ai an , Troe 4 Co wd »Urted werj wofkflftBtasdily and made money $M th»n I wpected to. I be Mine able to bay an and b »«jn»UiummerliQte . If I aou'teu J. Kelling spent Sunday at Goldfield. Quist Bros, have bought another 40 acres of land between their home and the village. Fred Calkins returned on Wednesday last, from a pleasant visit with near relatives at Spring Valley and Racine, A meeting was held at the school house on Friday evening a t which steps were taken with a view to incorporation. W. A. Hall, of Rolfe, arrived last week with a carload of goods and will proceed at once to open up his new farm and fit up a home. Please remember that this is the seas- onforhatsaud that Rendall & Grannis carry a complete line with reference to styles and at lowest prices. All members of the I. 0. G. T. Lodge are requested to be present at the special programme next Saturday evening and be prepared to oiler something it' possible. Wartrnan & Drake have been building on their laud about Jour miles west of town. Wm. Thackery is now on the ground and will open up the farm and sow flax. A. J. llavelaud reports good success with the steam plow. Two men can break more in a day with the engine than they can with eight horses and the thing does ut eat any oats when there is a layoff. We were somewhat hard pressed for news last week aud made a rather premature mention of Mr. and Mrs. Fitz' return. We are glad to note, however, that they are with us again, having returned ou Friday last. Mrs. Nourse, district I. 0. G. T. lecturer, spoke in the school house on Sunday evening last. Notwithstanding the fact that that it had been raining all day and the roads were very muddy the house was well filled and all were entertained and profited. Weimer Bros. Bank building is now plastered and will soon be ready for use. It will make a very neat addition to our town. As soon as the building is fully completed business will be opened under the corporate name of the "State Bank of Ledyard" and we will be able to do our banking business at home. The following I. 0. G. T. officers were installed last Saturday evenin"- C T J. B. Rendall; V. T., Miss Mary Grannis; M.,F. M.Trimble;D.M., Mrs. Wilson; Sec., Jas. Rendall; A. S., Miss Ida Hunt; F. S., Fred Jenks; T., Miss Susie Brayman; G., Miss Gertie Kegley; Sen., &.. Nering; Chap., Mr. Harry Wilson. Is your oldihat worn out? Or is it out of style? Or have you lost it? Call on the Misses Kegley'. They carry a full line of miliinery goods and will be glad to accommodate you if you are a lady and if you are a gentleman will be glad to sympathize with you and probably recommend you to Rendall & Grannis, or Beckman Bros., or some other good place in town where you can be fitted out to suit in the hat line. Contractors Castleman & Deaue met with aratherserious misfortune Saturday. They had just completed raising the Foster building and putting on the shingles when the small cyclone of Saturday morning came up unexpectedly, and without any warning and as there was no timesto make the building safe, it was left in u rather sad condition. The boys shed few tears however but went to work Monday morning and soon had it reconstructed. Editor Hays, of the REPUBLICAN, also Editor Harding, of the Elmore Eye, were in our town-on Friday last sizing us up and looking after their interests. The RKI'UJJLICAN has by far the largest circulation in our town aud community of any paper and people generally are well satisfied with it. The REPUBLICAN devotes two columns of its space to the interests ofLed- yard and vicinity and will devote more if neccessary. Its extensive circulation renders it the most effectual advertising medium within the reach of Ledyard businessmen. The editor of the Ledyard TIMES thanking the people for the liberal patronage afforded this new departure, respectfully asks all those who reap either interest or benefit from these columns, to aid in making the TIMES what it is designed to be a true exponent of the enterprise of our new and growing town. There is nothing which people generally devour with more eagerness than the written record of local happenings though it be only the passing comment of the day or the woe-begotten tale of a lost hat, or a horse trade, or something of even less importance. Hand in the news and let us tell the public what we are doing. Make yourself seen and heard and felt, and let people know that you are alive. I will keep for sale bread, cakes, cookies doughnuts and will deliver to order, warm tea rolls, frenchtwist, also warm JBoaton baked beans and brown bread. 31 MBS. T. 8. WBOQUE It is a fixed and immutable law tfcat to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich, and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor wirnr joute tliaa by a PHYSICIN & SURGEON Office in Miller Bros. Drug Store. LEDYAHD, - - . Grannis, F. A. BRONSON Has a full stock of and is now ready to accommodate the people of Ledyard and Yicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A. Ordway, over Ordway's agricultur- implement store. FITZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And— INSURANCE. Ledyard, - - _ _ Iowa> Having Opened a Hardware Store, —AND - Tinshop,^ I respectfully ask a share of the patronage of the people of Ledyard and vicinity. Personal attention given to sheet metal work and satisfaction guaranteed. Yours for Trade, E. J. SKINNER. Ledyard Livery, Feed —And— SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. Di Agency for the Celebrated fflcCormick Binders and Mowers, Co. Mowers, Minnesota OLief Threshers, Rushford Wagons and Buggies, Best Gang and Sulky Plows, Disc Harrows, Sfflioothing;Harrows, Forc<Feed and Broad Cast Seeders, Panning Mills, Pumps, Land Boilers, And in fact everything feept in a Firet-Class Implement House. Pi»td(MWr«M$ofi I ^^j^P^W^i wi?.p gfflp' *v

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