The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas on February 28, 1920 · Page 13
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The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas · Page 13

Wichita, Kansas
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Saturday, February 28, 1920
Page 13
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' SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1820 1H WICHITA BEACON PAGE THIRTEEN ' I 11 CLUB WOMEN OF U. S. TO "GOLDEN PRAIRIE" ?' BIENNIAL IN JUNE Club women all over tne uniwa States are keenly anticipating the great golden Prairie" biennial of tile General Federation of Women's Clubs to be held at Des Moines, la., from June 1$ to the 23rd, which promises to be one of the most Interesting and fruitful ever held. Americanism will be the keynote and American problems which deal with many danger ous "Isms" and radical measures In contrast to the sane, healthful note jot progress which clubwomen have ever endeavored :o sound, will be discussed from women from every state. The above subject will be divided Into three distinct phases: Americanism In the home, as developed thru wise expenditures and child welfare work; Americanism developed thru communty work by creating friendly relations in every community and the promoting of healthful recreation in verv town: Americanism thruout the nation brought about by a better understanding between the native ind foreign born. Community work SOCIAL AND CLUB NEWS -BY MAE D. HENDRTX, PHONE MKT. 2900.. SUCCESSOR TO MRS. C. H. BROOKS Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smyth are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smyth of Benton Harbor, Mich., who will be with them for another week. Mr. and Mrs. Smyth lived In Wichita twenty years ago and are well known to the older residents here". Mrs. Smyth is an accomplished musician and during her residence here was Identified with the musical clubs. Mrs. Lewis Spoke to - Twentieth Century. Mrs. Cora Q. Lewis, appointed by Governor Allen to organise the Kan sas neople in New Tork City to wel- i-nm Kansas soldiers home from overseas, was a special guest at the Twentieth Century Club on Tuesday afternoon. There was an unusually larra attendance as members who hid heard Mrs. Lewis speak on pre vlous occasion knew that a real treat was in store for them. Mrs. Lewis told the story, old, but ever new to Kansans, of how their boys were welcomed at New Tork. Of tiu niiinninv and decoratinc of the will bring about the latter in a large I Kansas house and the organlxing of measure. I gome five hundred ex-Kansans in .'We believe that the "Golden I New y0T to welcome and entertain prairie' convention will epochal in I the men. . v many ways." Mrs. rauieoerry j.i Mrs. Lewis spoke reeiingiy or nor Haley (jf Birmingham, Ala chairman i visits to Hoboken hospitals where of the program commiuee reports. tne seriously injured were carea ior, "The program will emphasize its I she also read many letters from the great opportunity and purpose to turn I DOyg all expressing appreciation of all of its Influence to the settlement her personal Interest in them and of the questions growing out of the I gratitude for her work among them Great War as they bear upon our In- at the time when It was needed most. RETURNS TO WICHITA TO RESIDE dividual and national life. "This is a day of many dangerous 'Isms' a-.d the Des Moines conven tion will stress sane, healthful and progressive ideas that will lead to a better understanding of women s re- State W. C. T. U. Officer Coming Next Week On March 2,3, an 4 the leneral officers of the Bute W.iC. T. U. will be in Wichita for a meeting. Those spor-slbllity and opportunity in these from out ot h, clty be Mr,, momentous times." Speakers of national repute have been secured and there will be ex hibits, conferences, social affairs and excursions held in connection. ' Mrs. Homer A. Miller, the Iowa member of the, board of directors of the General Federation says that pre parations for 5,000 guests have been made by the , local biennial board. Mrs. Miller lsVhalrman of the bi ennlel convention committee and Mrs. Gardner Cowles Is chairman of the local biennial board. Mrs. Fred Weltx chairman of publicity, announces that club women from all over Iowa are acting upon committees to make the convention a history-making occas Ion, . Americanization, thrift, community service and citizenship are the great topic In our national life upon which the. American club women Is bend Ing her efforts to help raise the na itlonal standards, according to Mrs. T. G. Win tor of Minneapolis, second vice president of the General Fed era tion. "Speaker bureaus with expert lec tore, upon these vital subjects, are being, formed In district and state federation, thruout the United Lllliam Mltchner of Topeka, Mrs. Ida Walker ot Norton, Mrs. Lizzie K. Robinson of Eudora and Mrs. Emma W.,Grover of Wlnfleld. Miss Mary Dobbs ot Wichita 1 the other mem ber of the board. In the effort made to raise the Sedgwlck'W. C. T. V, quota last week the worker reported In $593 Monday. They will continue the work uniil the whole amount is raised. Mrs. E. F. St John who has been the hospital mother at Port Riley for the past ten months, has been called into the field and will work at Valley Center and Maize this county for a few days when she will go to other point In the state. She accomplished great work among the soldiers working In connection- with the Red Cross and assisting the field director In some of the work. Club Women Plan For State Convention. Club, women of .Kansas will meet next at the annual state meeting to be held at Hays, on May II end 1: It I expected that this will be the best attended convention ever held by the Kansas Federation. Mrs. Rebecca MRS. RENE Mrs. Quldner, who with her hus band,' Doctor Guldner, has recently returned to Wichita after six years' residence in New Tork, is being made more than welcome by her many old friends. Doctor and Mrs. Guldner will occupy the residence of Mrs. Guldner' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Her man Stelnbuchel, at 1905 Park Place States," an official say. "The Gen-1 Weil Taylor of Lyons, state presl- - oral Federation ot Women's Clubs is stressing the first three of the ub lects named, with the fourth follow ing naturally. Club women have spec Wised upon them until their pre aentatlon of them is well worth while. Education I the great slogan of the women' club movement and speak ers' bureaus are being established to promote it. The great reconstruo- dent, together with the other state officials and the Hay women who will be hostesses, are putting fortu every effort to make It a succe. This Is the first state meeting ever held in that dlstrit. There will be a called meeting of the state officer and board pt man aement on May 10th. A formal re ception will be held Monday oveninc, tion struggle In progress 1 calling fori May 10, for all the visiting delegates. women to reach the little town and hamlet wherever a group of women of mutual Interest and unity of pur pose I trying to work out local prob lem, and feel the need of counsel and enocuragemenC Everyday sees women from the great city club go ing out in answer to such call. "Classes In citizenship are being formed for the Interpretation of wo men's responsibility to the commun ity,, state and nation, and It la the educated club women who I point ing the way to higher citizenship. Partisan shit) la n.t considered. Ques tion are treated Impartially, the Americanism I to be the keynote of this state meeting as it will be the national meeting to be held In Iowa : In June. That .subject form the foundation for all club work this year. Elect Officer for Committee For Devastated France. At a meeting held Friday afternoon at the Clfy Library, . officers were chosen for the local committee to work under the American Committee for Devastated France. Mrs. Rene Guldner, whose parentage and sym pathles fit her especially for this Mrs. George Jones will be assistant hostess. All members are asked to tome prepared to sew during the af ternoon or the Tuberculosis Camp. ORIGIN OF LEAP YEAR. The leap year was first introduced Into the calendar by Julius Caesar, to provide for the six extra hours Ui each year. However, Caesar ,und his astronomers were 11 minutes out in' their reckoning, the result being that in the sixteenth century it became necessary for Pope Gregory 'XIII, to issue a bull putting the date ahead 11 days in order that the calendar might catch up with the astronomical year. To obviate further , difficulties he decreed that only years divisible by 4 and not by 100 and those divisible bv 400 shall be leap years having 369 days. Thus the year 1600 Was a leap year and the year 2,000 will be the same, but the years 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not leap years. Birthday Party. Mrs. D. C. Hlbarger, of 401 North Kansas Avenue, entertained the following guests at a birthday party in honor of her daughter, Majorle's, sixteenth birthday: point emphasized being In relation to work, was chosen . chairman. Mrs. proper legislation ana - us eniorce-ment, especially In regard to women and children. The next most popu lar . subjects for speakers are upon women In industry, the domestic service . problem and possible means of reducing the high cost of living. The bureaus, are being requisitions.! Guldner was educated in France, her mother Is a native of Alsace Lorraine, and she Is deeply Interested In the movement to assist those In the devastated regions of France, Mrs. Ray House was made vice chairman; Mrs. E. E. ' Shauffler, rc cording secretary; Mrs, Henry Wha not only by women's clubs, churchs, ,eili chainMn of paucity and Frank vwivgva, tiviu orguuiiiiuuns ana uuui-1 CarSOn treasurer. nws women s leagues, duc in some Instances by boards of trade and men's organizations as well." School Children To Writ Essays On Nicotine Habit, ' Sedgwick County W. C. T. U. ranks high in the state In its educational work.' Last year four state- prizes were won by the following pupils In the Sedgwick County and city schools; , Ion Currier, Waco School; William King, Lincoln School; Emily Green, woodlawn (now in Kansas City); James Masters, Derby, .Prizes were also given by Sedg wick County. The prize winners Were: Loralne Howard, Franklin; lone Curl and prosram to be announced later rler,, Waco; Vera Davis, Irving; Another meeting will be held soon to devise means to raise funds In Wichita, Twentieth Century and Saturdsy Afternoon Club Bringing Liewrane In the announcement in this col umn Friday of the concert to be given In Wichita next Thursday af ternoon by Thurlow Lieu ranee, Mrs Lleurance and George B. Tack, It was stated that Hypatla and the Satur day Afternoon Musical Club were bringing the artists. This was a mis take. The credit belongs to Twen tleth Ceutury Club and the Saturday Afternoon Musical Club, Instead. The concert will be given in the Hleh School Auditorium, the time Ithel Keller. Riverside: Emily Green. woodlawn; William King. Lincoln; James Masters, Derby. 'The work will be, put Into the School again this year and prizes will be awarded for the best essay in each i oom In the city schools. The subjects are as follows:, . For 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th' grades, . number of words, 300-600. The Dangerous Effects of Nicotine. Poison to Young People Thru the Use of Tobacco.-- For Srd and 4th grades, number of words, eight sentences. How We Know Tobacco 1 Harmful. For 2nd grade and 1st grade, number of words: four sentences. Why Tobacco Should Not Be Used. The teacher selects ten essays, five boys an "ties girts, from each grade. Each ' of these receive an Anti-Narcotic, button, and the best, a gold medal from the local W. C. T. U. The County W. C. T. U. will give a book for the best In each grade in the . county. - The state W. C. T.,U. gives $S for 7th and 8th grades, $1 for the 6th and 6th, 13 for the Srd and 4th, and If for 1st and 2nd grades. The national prizes are 12 S, 1 for: 7th and 8th, and 110 for 5th and 6th. ' These . 10 essays from each grade can be given to the local superintendent any time during April. iDr. E. , Edgerton, who Is confined to his home : with Illness, is slightly improved today. , - - But Six Anniversaries in Thirly-two Years. Husbands who are everlastingly forgetting their"- wedding annlver saries, thereby getting In bad wttn their better halves, might have some excuse did. anniversaries come seldom with them as they do wit, Mr. and Mrs, A. u. Mueiier. Mr. and Mrs. Mueller were married in 1880 on February 28th and since that time they have had but' six opportunities of celebrating an annl versary. However, the fact thfct does come so seldom makes It of even more Importance to the Muellers who always observe It In some quiet way, Twentieth Century Club. The Twentieth CenturyTSlub will meet Tuesday, March 2, in the Wlch Ita Board ot Commerce rooms, New Butts, building at 201 North LawreneV Avenue, The literature department will be In charge of the program. Mrs. L. w, Mayberry will lea! current ' events, Miss Leila Harden Buiz will give talk on Savonarola and Mrs.- A. Wollam will sing. Chartered Missouri Society to Hsve Luneheon. . The next meeting of the Chartered Missouri Society will be a luncheon to be held at one o'clock on Friday, March ath, at the home of Mrs. Rob rt E. Booth, 251 South Poplar Street r H . - trViv.V m t . .. , sssssssMBIbiiMsBtiMsxiBNKJsl Reed Portrait. GULDNER. for the next few months while Mr. and Mrs. Stelnbuchel are in Call' fornia. Mrs. Guldner was elected perma nent chairman of 'the Wichita Com mlttee for Devastated France, to work under the American Committee, at a mettingheld Friday, February 27th. Y. W. C. A. WANTS MEMBERSHIP OF 3,000 Why are not more Wichita women enrolled on the membership books ot 1 the T. W. C A.? In a city of 80,000 or thereabouts, the membership otl the association should be at least 2.600 or 3.000 and Wichita Is lagging behind with a total ot 1,300. The T. W. C. A. Is of vital Import ance to the young women of this city. It is the friend of the girl who comes I from the nearby town to work and who often is alone excepting tor the kindly associations of this institution. I At the present time a new depart ment is being Installed which will help the association to get Into even I closer touch with Wichita s young I girls. This will be done thru the ef forts of an Industrial Secretary. Ml&s j Peterson, who formerly wm secf.-1 tary of the T. W. at Joplin, Mo, will I arrive in Wichita Monday to take up I this work. Miss Peterson will or ganize clubs In the various business institutions employing young women, BUch as the telephone company, etc. These clubs will be for the purpose ot I study and recreation and In other ci ties have proven a splendid thing for I employed girls. While the Y. W. C. A. lays empha sis on the fact that It wants employ ed girls. It Is equally desirous of en listing every other woman and girl In I Wichita. Membership In the Associ ation Is but $1 a year, within the! reach of every pocketbook. Join the T. W. Tou will enjoy the gymnasium, the swimming pool and I Its many other advantages,' but even I if you never expect to do so, you I should Join from civic pride and as a mark of appreciation for What the T. W. is doing for Wichita girls. 250-MILE RAG Eorasi Eighteen Well Known Driv ers Are Competing Today. Misses Mildred Kern Mae Tasctsnrt Romayne und Denene Kern Manon Kern Messrs. D. C. , Hlbarger George Kern L. H. Dunn Malcolm Smith Max Hunt James TaRga'rt Winston Kern Gerald Hibarner IiSran Hlbarger Leroy Hlbarger Mesdames H. J. Dunn W. H. Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Lusk. United Congregational Circle Meeting ' The four circles of the United Congregational Church will meet Wednesday afternoon, March 3rd, at 2:30 o'clock. The Spinning Wheel Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. E. E. Walt-mire, 245 Bluff Avenue. The Prlscilla Circle will meet at the home of Mrs.'Paul Yankey, 229 North Fountain. The Rose Standlah Circle will meet at the home of Mr. James ,H. Bar ton, 128 North Erie. The Purlcan Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. W. A. Irwin, 3261 East Murdock. D. A. R. Chsptsr Presented , Picture to Sehool. Eunice Sterling chapter of the D. A. R. observed their annual cere mony of presenting a large picture of George Washington to a Wichita public school this week. This year the otcture went to rairmount School. This is th nineteenth Wash ington Picture presented by this chapter. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dunbar will arrive Sunday from Chicago tq spend a few days with Mr. Dunbar's sister, Mrs. Louis 8teinbuchel and Mr. Stelnbuchel. Mrs. Dunbar will sing the role of "Alan-a-Dale" In "Robin Hood'" here Monday and Tuesday. This will be her last performance as she and Mr. Dunbar will leave Wed nesday for the East. Anuual Meeting of -Pioneer 8oeity The Pioneer Society of Sedgwick "County Will hold its anual meeting March 2nd at She Slty Library at 2:30 p. m. All members are request-td to be present. Any person who was a resident of Sedgwick County prior to 1880, oi. their sons or daugh ters, are eligible to memoersnip. Cooking Club Mooting. , The next meeting of the Thurs.lfcy Afternoon Cooklna- Club, on Marcn 4th,. will be with Mrs. W. E. Stan'c; at the Henry J. Allen residence on Roosevelt Avenue. Mrs. Newtr.n GarstrMrs. C. V. Ferguson and Mrs Warren Brown are the menu com mlttee. , on Monday ' The meeting of Hypatla on Monday at the T. W. C. A. residence will be an Important one as new officers are to be elected at that time. Mrs, Arthur Stratford will sing but there be no other program numbers. Tka Tidies Auxiliary to the R. M A. wilt meet Tuesday, March 2, at the T. W. C. A, on the third floor. Mrs, W. B. Van Ordstrand wlU be hostess. 0000000000000000000 o ' o o WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES. o o o oooootooooooooooooo Russia has a Girl Scout organiza tion. Milkmaids are fast disappearing In Great Britain. Tokyo, Japan, lias a club of 20 wo men journalists. Women's clubs in the Philippines number more than 437. Married women in industry have Increased 100 peV cent since the war. Thuve are nearly 3.000 women stu dents taking up medicine at the present time in England. Ono-thiro of the 6,000 women physicians In the United States reg istered for war rellet work. The shortest women in the world are found in Lapland, averaging tour feet nine Inches in height. Women jurors in Michigan have been commended for their broad- mindedness in rendering decisions. Humming birds are now replacing canaries as drawing-room pets in frjhlonable Parisian homes. The membership of the Women's City Club, in Detroit, Mich., has about reached the 3,000 mark. As New York's first woman magis trate, Miss Jean Norrls will receive a salary of (8,000 a year. Miss Mary E. Roe is general man ager of the Shelby Northwestern Railway, o Shelbyvllle, N. C. In Lemberg, now called Lwow, the capital of Gnllcla,. there Is a women's battalion, still 350 strong. oooooooooooooooooo 0 O WHY LtAr TWH o o 0 0 o o 0 o 0 o o The lame "leap year" is supposed to have grown out ot King Henry's proclamation making February 28 and 29 legally one' day, Father Time being conceived of as leaping the gap from the 28th day of February to the first day of March. MAUD WOOD PA7SJC CHAIRMAN OF THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS Ratification of the .federal suffrage amendment Is a great victory for women and still a greater victory for the basio principle upon which this nation was founded, that ,Tovernments derive their Just powers from the consent of the governed.' For ths women of our land ratification has made their noble Ideal reality. Mrs. Dunbar To Sing at St. John's Church. - Mrs. Ralph Dunbar, who with Mr. Dunbar, will be In Wichita for the next few days, during the 'pre sentation of the opera, "Robin Hood," Will be soloist at St. John's Eplsopal Church Sunday morning. Mrs. Dun bar will sing the contralto solo, "As the Heart Deslreth! oooooc oooooooooooool Missouri Society. The Missouri Society will meet on Friday afternoon, March 5, at the home of Mrs. Cora W. Wood, 1310 North Lawrence Avenue. Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Ralph Nordyke, Mrs. George E. Myers and Mrs. T. E. Lampton will be assistant hostesses. Warder Kormltt Novak, who has been visiting his grandparents, who reside east of Douglass, has returned there after a short stay at homo with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Novak, 304 South Rutan Avenue. Mrs. Ben Lewis and Miss Angle Davis were hostesses at the Mid- West Motor Company's Hayne-i booth at the automobile show Thursday evening. Th) booth was decorated with American Beauty roses. The Violet Society will meet with Mrs. W. H. Markwell, 1129 South Main, Tuesday afternoon. Royal Neighbors are welcome, Rebekah Lodge No. 70 will observe Homo Coming Day on Wednesday, March Srd QUESTIONS ANSWERED ' BY AUTOMOBILE NAMES Apropos of the automobile exhibits given all over the country at this time, the following list of questions answered by makes of automobiles may afford some amusement to the public: A note in music and an exclamation Iteo. A river In the United States Hud spn. A uoy in nvery raise, Age with a plural, and a city in Alabama Oldsmoblle. One of the Planets Moon, A member of House of Lords and subtract Peerless. v To evade a pursuer Dodge. A prominent figure on the golf links and minus Cadillac, The most popular and the most un- IWii Wm fl By John D. Htiber; AM.MD Irj EYE DI8EA8ES Washington Psrty. The Phllathca Class of the First Baptist Church gave a Washington party Friday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Ralstln, 16ZZ Mentor Avenue. There was a seven o.'clock dinner, followed by a) business popular roan in the United States meeting. Games and music occupies Ford, the remainder of the evening. LEADS DEMOCRATIC WOMEN OF MAINE. L u I j ,5; pKVWm:&4i'& "tit Mrs. William R. Pattangall, promi nent in suffrage work in the easl, Is leader of the women Democrats of I Maine. She has held offices In the suffrage association of Maine for many years. Mrs. Pattangall's hus band has served in the state Legis lature, and was attorney general for Maine for four year A race of people Saxon. To gain in a contest and a heavy weight Wlnton. A kind of tree and a Kansas farm Oakland. To disfigure and a Scotchman's term of man Marmon. A perforation and Implement of I warfare used before powder Pierce Arrow. Across, and joy of the shipwrecked Overland. A man's name and an English title of honor Wlllys-Kntght. The most - prominent statu In America Liberty. An eminent old time statesman Franklin. A winter and summer necessity- Cole. A boy's name and good health- Maxwell. A much discussed doctrine Mon roe. A letter of the alphabet and an In toxicant Elgin. A president of the United States- Cleveland. A river In Palestine Jordon, A- great general Grant. S Written certificate of stock, and name of renowned actor ucripps- Booth. - A form of rage expressed by the teeth Nash. A former English dealer in candles Chandler. Made In America, pronounced in France Chevrolet. Find the eighth letter of alphabet and look aloft Hup. A noted seaman of 177C, who fought for the Colonies Jones. A scholar, minus two letters, and I it trade Studebaker, 315 S. Clifton Avenue, City. The eye Is so delicate an' organ and Its diseases may be ot so grave a character that no opinion Should be given with examination. I therefore urge that In all rases of eye trouble the family doctor- be consult ed at once; who will at his discretion enlist the servlco of tho eye spec ialist. And I eurncHtly warn against the advice ot solicitous neighbors or other persons not qualified by law, as to these most precious organs, Es pecially should no glannes ' be worn which are not prescribed by authorized practitioners. Also I must warn that inflammation of the lids are In most cases contagious and therefore dangerous to others. I will state here that tho only safe antiseptic application which can be made to the eye Is a borucic add solution (one teaspoonful to a pint of water which has been boiled). Pagenslechkcl's ointment, one grain of yellow oxide of mercury to one dram of vaseline) may be used for styes and the like. As a rule, cold water applications are best for the lids; hot' water applications are best for diseases of the eyeball. I have prepared two articles on eye affections; one of these' giving general advice; tho other devoted to rnt-araet and glaucoma. And these will be mailed on request with stamped and self-directed envelope. But I must repeat, tliey nra not to supersede the family doctor's ministrations. Asthma Would you advise a good place for my husband to live. He Is a great sufferer with astnma ana every winter I have him laid up hew. He has had It since he was 10 years old. Now he Is 30 and It seems to bo getting worso on him. Answer If you hud sent a stamped and self-addressed envelope you would have received helpful Information regarding this malady. I will note however th;.t various climates may bo tried; one which Is equable, fairly dry, of moderate altitude and fairly dust free, be right In many cases, but not In all. In many cases a climate ot an opposite sort to that which the patient has been living In will relieve him. Thus when the asthmatic patient ban been living In a moist climate, a dry one may help him; the asthmatic who has lived In land may do well at the seashore. Oddly enough the air of clth-s suits many sufferers better thnn the pure rural air. Dampness In air or soil is not favorable generally for until mallei. Ooltre and tho Heart My daugh ter has a swelling under the skin which has been pronounced goitre. In walking or hurrying her breath Is very short. One doctor says her heart is the trouble. Answer The main symptoms of goitre are buldglng eyes, the lump in the throat, shortness of breath on exertion and heart palpitation; when to thess- are added bulging eyes, we speak ot exnphthalmio goitre. I think the palpitating heart in most caus is a part of the goitre, and that the heart trouble d'sappears when ths goitre Is cured, as it can be, In many cases, In the hands of good physicians such I am sure, as your doctor Is. Fat pork baked In honey was a favorite confection among the women in the days ot Horace. AUTO Los Angeles, Cat, Teb. 28. Fast - driving was expected in the 250-mile automobile race on the new speed way here today. Ot the eighteen drivers entered, many were nation ally known. In elimination trials by which the field was reduced from 24, three covered the mile and a quarter' oval under forty seconds. ' The weather bureau forecast Indi cated showers during the day but -he speedway management announced that only a heavy downpour would interfere with the race. The entries: Driver Car Jimmy Murphy Deusenberg Ralph Mutford Meteor Tommy Milton Deusenberg Joe Thomas Frontenao - Roscoe Saries Frontenao Joe Boyer Frontenao Ralph De Palma Ballot Ken Goodson Frontenao Reeve Dutton Stuts Art Klein y. Peugeot Eddie Pullen . Richards Cliff Durant ......Chevrolet Eddie Kearne Chevrolet Ira Vail Phllorln Bennett Hl John De Palma Merosdes Eddie O'Donnell Hudson Waldo Stein ; Oldfield HI8 TITLE LETS HIM BUY BOOZE Spokane. How'Ja like to have the title City . Commissioner Maurice-Smith bears? He is now called curator of city hospitals and labora tories." Empty honor? Not mueni He can buy alcohol 'n everything. That's why the federal boose agents asked Spokane to dub him "curator, eto.'-' YOU KNOW that most men consider y sn electric as a luxury. We want you to know that they change th!r minds after owning one. Ask ths following: k F. M'LEAN E. B. JEWETT MRS. W. B. THROCKMORTON TIE KENNY BSOTNEIS K9TN (1. 221 N. Lswrones, Wichita, Kas. WICHITA TlRi! A SUrUY CO. INFLUENZA BROKEN. Kingman, Feb. 28. Th Influenza epidemic in Kingman County has abated, and the emergency hospital at Kingman closed. About 800 cases of Influenza were reported to the health officer, with about fifty cases of pneumonia. Out of thlsl number there were thirteen deaths. Hit REMEMBER CORONADO CAFE ELMER WILEY, Mgr. SUNDAY DINNER 75c 11.30-2:00,5:00-8:30 . BOTH NOON AND EVENING - Delicious Dinners Good Food, Tastily Trepared, and Moderately Priced Is What Makes This the Most Popular and Satisfying Place to Dine II SWWS TS USA 117 SO. MAIN ST. m M mm, mmmwm m 1 I r -V foodTRindstoEdf BiRWITdWOLr Props, -BsBSty L .ichTta.h . "1 You must use an Automobile quite a while to tell if it will stand the test but you only have to try Red Star once before you are convinced. ' n TV. S ;',. -ft

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