Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 19, 1906 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1906
Page 2
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vAXAID TRIBUNE: TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUKE 19. J9C5. f " r-i f" 'II el 0 a. f 1 i t ' ii F S fl i 1 f s I moil In f" r t r r f t 1 : ; l f ! i hi ttftnfttrift ! mii ! i I nnnhn i l J r r ; Liiiiiii a irn iinirnnnrv MES, I ELLS OF LIE NBDED I ta Hini h;a jt. i i'.t"- " - '- 'if "r-r'.t. &tt ;.-t.- i it'"", t tir-r eij Am V.'tila Tot lo r 7 ; -.J Jd Aon Wciaej-. ;.. i,: ua an urn whe trririg . ii- .wf "a ie.-a-boc ail. is g:- -! r aP. V-eiy. . txue Is feme? i ,a.-..:.g t Orer eeI Over Again TbisiSto Admits Shsring in lbs WcEEa Vcis end Is CiVtfcEi. Killing o1 Her Husband. CHICAGO. June 19 Cro RtH-Coffin -Coffin - Walker - Ct-ffln- -Lay-mar.-L. who Lu reran tly entered 1 u i, a Into bond f mfttrtiaorr Ii-r ti I' t IK' . .b ' , !.. i M. ' ) Ham &m Ain fikrta ahoM I!-. V" ! ic'':ir ! marjLab career : tXS AKfirt.r: Jun 1 t in- ! tkouiMjfed from Xhe oftic of "hi- of IetfccTKfc Hsitiii.t-r ttiit th utlr!- Scbck. Eint C S:cktol Ir. t:a bedroom at tbc k b(m Thurdr lat- r.f 1 "t J u; in,1 1 I'X.- XX t' ! . ' f -.(i -' ' ; d ., I J! JT I ! i t V!, I t ' " (itnc. ; Her kEiet Tiod &f ! 1It. ten y4tr, I fljArtt iuotyTr,on . fur I I t-iruM to a irr fortune tbr a-parte - i -!" it te tUt. liv mere tua.z. -i :ir: ii. tfli lo c far Ala a tx.f;' .iu aa el. aa .icttj". a jkk: a tbe uiue. Eemf 6i- : a r .-i-:..i L aiiri ja: ra- ra man boura. J't :t : . : j;.. i Jiaiij. ar.fl t!rfullj ras i!.:o Uit a.ui; ciea'.lou ou'.-ut a- xoi, A fu r ; .a4 J a j - it-- t. a jwftj xl k- ; tr- ..-r fcutiuua and raa uji. f"1 atnfni? im i lltr aora a doij lo a ceriaio jolnl- Ot tiftt-r a a.!!: ttbccitauere. ! a rfpp,r ' Ot &e atiouiler .:. arii 1: a iio uae b Ta-a.-i 1 lioa. wUer aS3. f iti- u.i.v. ii. a a u virtue eSor.. t.r t"il4 hf- aim ir a trrk yi r facnoc from tije isoilco. Tbtra aa a axtap f tba ix a: tt t kt a atarlek and the itl f'M ; i airfl t tje biirf ,r rtk j-'itr a t'lje fut- BIBLE A KELFfcvKE. l u t-a u ri.-d ti j 4.4e ia-(' --( r r rttsu f Thi avrt LJ-!.- and tt-re tbp.t!te an . n- t WOMAN IS RUN DOWN BY BICYCLE. Mr tur.lr Lcorc of 0I Teie-(rai-t av-iiu ar. aid ladr avectjr yara of aa auockad lx t-r a liicycliat i-aj ler bocat laat Hcbt and a f and to t a riaiaf . n ! a imar ItSf.a or ttia j V I." t tt j;.rt it. tUe eartt t. o a d -ur itte i oulVe atrlouair hurt- Tba rldar r" -t ' H V.4 J r C mlU.-of 7 Thirty -l-fath atft u.arla! 111. I-: anfi Mre Balcoir. taiii t tte W t-T ui aa ak for t-.t ! t r aa W ii r OTWlf. r j.roon.panti brr ! a a m fund ium' rhi w a : tit and iit lt trf couid tor be. f. 'iu.t t,r. 11 .teai uiti iTt-Lii- ai.td tUat tia Ucbt f aa iactrtc If l-.'- a? f i .ta h t4hoi! Mm iMt at tha anoaoent. a iid alra Caicom. -l.haut acelbc blm. gat Ciractiy la bla aUi. Tbcr were ik' tH braa.. tut a be au eonld-Taolj- bntiad and ahakan. Bb waa n a ilvtt lif ltal thia roorn- I4C -f '.I hut f w a .tid be . f uod family lo 'ftiiasie'ii.hUu Jla We to rta Hp !!, t!. unry. 1m1 fan i afth JtJUatlnea an-! tlt ar ! attfe t'.ir ! titj.i wtth '-a .saUi. tlvTT taar-'d t ltfT!' Went throufb Latkruptrr W u sued fur ax $11 cigarette blU la as auttoreaa la beautiful. octrrpliabed and OkUf (if a ciattxi;uiatied f&iiillr. HER MATRIMONIAL RECORD. Heir la fcer luaUlnituiaJ record re Cuoed to tabular furm: ltM Eped at tha aca of alxtaec aritb formar coaebmao and dASclrf' naaier. FraxJc Klxoc Coa of Chicago Uvad arltli tasi tan yara and bad throe cMldren. laVa pivaruad ec frbuiiAa of In-comtiaUbllltr Eecocdied to Coffin tr of drltia" ldat aon; remarried at lor a oea.tb.bad. Uta tMrorced trons CofSn a aacond time for drnr.ke nneaa. Uii Married Jtmtm C Walker, a ciark at tba Virginia botel (Sertambw) Divorced again oe ground" t erueitr. Eb alleged ber bu band burned bar literary man-uacflptr (Ortober 1?) Remarried Coffin: tbey aeparmtad after a boneytnoon wu i of four boura ltQl Kmbr ID Dlvoroad from Coffin fur third tima. lfrO- Married Perklna A. Iayjnari. clerk In Van Hufm hotel. CallfomU.. l6S-Laytuac ftackad hla trunk tao aaeka aficr tba ni&rriag and took a faat train for tba eaat. Ilia alfe at Oboe obtained a dlvoroe. lOt Er-gigad to Hugh M. lwe, a Vtm AAcetea twi(per man. lVOt Married Lova F.omance aad iriatTy bava bung about Idra. Coffin. tc, from ber girlhood An elopement began her flrat married life, and aba bad been a bride but a few yeara when there came the! j Tba detalla of the confeealon have not j baen given to the public, and w-arranta ! charging the couple with tha murder ! ail not issue until Monday t ADMITS CRIV.E. Aceordir.g to the detective. Mr i Srhtk. after long and aevere ques-tl'ming. broke doan and admitted th , t P ark pole abut her husband af-r ab j had alnilttad Mm to tha boui for th J r urjxae at i o'clock Thuraday niorn- I Khe confwd lilk-lt relation ith ttakt'ole for a long i-trlod Tte tou- It ia atated. caelied to tiUnoae of the huaband. take ll.t inaurance tommy on hla llf. and tor other parta. ttackpole ha o far ma da no atinlaLloca. CONFINED IN CELLS. It le believed, that Echck aa ahat firat over tba teart. which did not re-ault fatally, and a aecond ahot waa Bred a-hlch entered hla brain. klUlng him lnatantly. lioth Mra. & heck and fEtackpoit: are confined In cell at tha city Jail and are still being queationed by the offltera. Further detalla. It tm atated. are being learned, and It la e-perted that before Monday all of tha I details of the diabolical plot will have been found out. WOMAN TO BE CHARGED-Mrs- Scheck mill be charged with being an aeconnrllce to the crime. Prom detail mo far as known detectives say that they do not telle'e Mrs. Rcheck was present In the bedroom when her tiusband was killed, but that she re mained In the kitchen, where she had ' gone after arising from her bed to ad- mlt Stackpole. Fcheck was probably 1 asleep when the first shot was fired. Hot eatEer Susits : A at Hotter Prices COAT AND TROUSERS TO BE WORN WITH WASHABLE J VESTS. On Sale Wednesday and Thursday at these 37-4B . 29-85 $12.45 MEN WILL FIND GREAT SHIRT VALUES HERE. Get Under Our Sl.95 Hat III8-II26 VV&ship&ton Street Head to Foot Outfitters FACTORY PIDI IC ! DIIIL Id i i M 1 AfFLAUD ft EVOLUTION ISTi. AZOVEKT. ' Ruaaia. lune it. The troops here today penly anliudcd a revolutionary ' praceaaioa of tOf miner and workaoea. Says Shop Workers Do ' Hot Propose to Solve Servant Problem. PRISONER TAKEN BACK TO TONAPAH. Thcmaa f. Ioi.lhis, itaigt-1 with the foigrv of a tt:tk fr $1000 St Tonojah. $;.. an-i wh ow is taken Into custojy litre. resolv?-i to give up his fight atitlnirt extradition tfcla morning, and Juple Oglen to dl-inli- a writ of halea rorrus Mel in his bfhulf. anl onifani.l Fhfiiff; T. J. Mahoti away frn the n-urt- boue. It is nn( known that Sheriff Mr-Ma htm ha( the ne-eeaary requisition paiers until this morning,.-, but when it was learneil that lie i.al ronie irr.jj-erly prepare! to demand his irloner, tha latter ot lxaitlon agulrptt wolng aded away. 9 Dobbins ias the secretary of h min ing com pa ay, and hi!e he la only charged with a forgery of 11000. it Is stated that he has embezzled as mui h as $s00. He la a young man apparently about twenty--ven years of a.ge. Tha clubwoman af America nasdn't think that th factory girl era going ta solve th servant problem for har-AGNES NCSTOR. mam bee of th Clova Worker' Union. DOUBTLESS 3od n-.lght have msJ a better berry than th atrawberry, call Isaac Walton,' but d'ubtleas he never did TM rem-irk hf lroni a cUsali? I am net ure I - have lusted It with eai-t .ireuracy. but tha main thing I to have the t-errlea light and that you are assured of if you get Iwchn- hardl strawberry lo cream. berry lee, etc Only sound fruit us-d by lrbr.hrdt and the berrtf etne !li-t from th vlnea to th I ftote Tr-.ey are truly delicious r A CRUSHED STRAW BfRRV I COOLER THIS WEATHtR IS THI e rtktr Tuibft krrcncni h Lchnhnrdt'o Hit BROADWAY 1 I traw- I I HRrn nhi toe . , ,b i-urrUrr u Cbevaliier aad hi. frtend. loataad rr.yaierloua murder of her r. -,'. intia'., AiUer? bea:UeT Jr. m cr?hig for belp. drew revolvers awtxMw r-i' tal;M t huvw- ' opened fire on tba tbievea, mtfv arf 1.t ti T--t aa f-itid 1 ; 1 if ir tir-- aj i hi bui.d- , " ' -:rda r rri in - t t . T ti-."f-1 ttiT-e IC I a in UJ t nc I :re eMa rti i Wr ar.. m 1'...n ' v-r ire at.? :.-r rear ali.doa f the r itIijT t ri-e, with t war bur- to rm r'-i'ijr jUt. sd trk r.!l:'"M; l. puoiihJ.n.r a r avtr- larfiu id n-"-'.l'.i: cf tti ela - -r"i' ! "it- lat: f-.firt r i" .i--r. t. 1.- rS ; j, 1 i.-; eni1 e- u.! r .irj ;ii1 - n i-i --,fi ami i tt1r efi't' tr-Hi i" "-IJit a .nTu''.v a-k--l.-1 .a-el:., tt.tiut- fur -il 'iC bui-' '1 Ti.W Mlll'iK tta-trfll'IS d !!- il: 1 1 ' ' Jll' I w M ! --T f i' V. lid m fl,- fat iti "'a'' n5 1 etlr i li-i-t tr.-!.i it ffaur -rni-!S iW Tlil" i Kjrt'NE. ; hK-ti t' it the fjtur , 4i in tl. im "-m 'm! vtth l e t . fr 4n. ' I' 't' f iiti"1 and ti ' iri- I ii"-uir ! g j-ubii- t-f iri'tti ai In tha rale ef abate tba three men f-d over the fence. aam ecattering fa-he h-ard the shooting and caught tb rf- of The trio no In cuatody. SOME SOOTHING VERSES. Ir the, tenement are aon verse. tr.ai.jr ) - led by tha burglar for their eoothir eftefiL On poem read Ir part. CHOO6E TOJCIGHT-I said "Iet me wsUk Is tba fields." He aald "No aaik In the tawii I aaJc. "Thare are 00 f.np j tbere " He aald "No fioaer but a croa-n." 1 aald "Ttie air 1 thick A: S f are veiling tbeaun." Hf ,i4aeretS 'f-itli ar' sick. At:( mu ir the dark undone" Amxiif th. r-ttf ar tert . marked ta t-t.ii, t-o-iwl " r. n.wh reaftlr. and 1. ii ,e n tne.i: v. et 1h teftrs.'are: "Ii- ! i-ii-guiii.v yoked together IV utiI ; er fnr u1 feH'hl I'! rirl:tec"ee ari'h unr1rheo-n-t and hi' -mmunior. hath light lr. ca-kti-ee" II Corinthians. L 11 "l;nied tf na- heart condemn u not then have rorf.dere trard ii.d - I Jhr. ill Ti father. Judge Arooa Eneli. who waa hot ta death to hia realdenoa la lilt. No clew to tba murdered w aa ever founfl, The firat venture at matrimony aeemed the happiest, for she lived with the eaacbtoan and dancing master. Coffin, for ten rear. At the Virginia bote!, and there It waa that Mra. Coffin -Coffin met the man who was to be her third busbacl. Be waa James C Walker, a clerk at the hotel. 1 never -want ta as Mr. Coffin again." ahe exclaimed is tear to the clerk. "Never aenfl tbAcard op to me." Tu shall never aee him If I can belp rt." replied Walker. He sympathised raspectf uHy. They were married and Mrs. CofSn -Coffin -Walker gave her husband tTt.009 to ae ur in the hotel bwsinees In Wl-, cnln. v Fhe tjuarreled 1 h her new huaband. ber nearly t. death, acceding to her fh' Ftb f ,ttJ7 f th nl gest blowout you ever attended. Last Willie and Dis Picnic Wen. the die is cast and the date aet for th big doing at Camp Tayl-ir. ; It comes eft the second Sunday after Curtain Store Adds Department f j' a n 1 ' I j. s r t-r Aaa S T ir-r of Tilt Tf.ipr.NT.. m- i x"T'e ln, th tnan the thlnga eluding f-undur tae-j". t:i W irf-i wh. h od hath prepared for them that tiet j-r el4 tT .) testimony at the subsequent divorce trial 1 ahall not be single twetny-four hours. ahe waa beard ta say aa ahe ! r A 1 nrr r-4.il rf gh fuMllad iSTerords as nearly aa possible: ah tens once again, a monui five !: i:ia - 1 1 prints una. U. 1 r CASTTAL AMD URtU . ffsaBjStAt tlTZmi . - aU.S2tU33.25 Tm. SL stCNSMAW. Si aalSnl W I In. O. Mjj fr C ST valmar I Chaa. T. sua is Thoa. Oam I H PL sl raewr. Hry A. ter I l sM Mf krtM(i E M'iaslto B Ci arrlal and arirvga Back. 0 rTi?cTn!c5n"e5av.nss Banlv vv N Broadway OvThirhccnrh Sh - 0.K. LiA.N D Ljf f ' - - mr '-- year our advertising man got up a picnic at the same place and bad forty-seven people. I am going to make that picnic look like thirty cents tied written eye hath not I raarnea voiuii one a gun. a munui r - uf luujiarannuimt arfi. neither have en- Uter. th ceremony being performed i wui D a cummer ana ix you want to - wtMf k. amh Kniv-aiv nr in on rtrva nr Tfi Vimt nmM 4-.r - Ft. Chryaostom's church of Chicago. I llf you call at the store and register 4 44V4J UUUTJIUWH 44rv viu 4ww hours. Then Mrs. Graot SneU-Coffln-Coffin-Walker -Coffin left bar husband. Lea than a month later they vara divorced. Her next matrimonial venture waa with another hotel clerk, but Perkins A Layman left ber ta twa weeks. II parked1 bis trunks hurriedly, took a fast train east aand never returned. and then there waa another divorce. Her last matrimonial venture w-s announced in prospect a year ago. Ire, according ta the woman friend vhe gave out tha news of the en gagement, la "a handsome boy. about twenty-seven, years old. with a little money, who tries to write." J This Is the first man I bava ever really loved." said tba radiant bride 'to ber friends after the cedemony. "This ta the first time I have ever been really bappy- LO WRATES AT PASO ROBLES AH the time.. Reduced rates for long stsys. Great bath bouse over hot mineral springs give ever kind Of treat ment. Flr.e hotel, large lawns, and the diRrtte cm bine ta make a visit enjoyable. Take the " Southern Pacific ecenie Coast Line. i s . WINS EtERoit CUt. Kin Jane It. The British- 'raw! TSettr. ewttea tr laa Hmlit!i Bena ef Cove, vw th annual rv'er-Heiia-olaad ree for the EinrieTw William cup on time ti-. rr Siting the fitvUh liae 1 tast eigut. . your name and deposit the price of your rare mere and back with me. It wiu be fl-t for all expenses including ferry from Oakland ta Ban Francisco and back and railroad fare from Ban Franclsca ta Camp Taylor and back to Ban Francisco. This price includes all .the ice cream and lemonade yon can eat and drink. Every one who attends win take along a certain portion of a lunch which will be spread on the big tables under the redwoods and any employee from any other store j trho wisbea to attend can do ao by letting me know. Uniform to be worn Is coat, pants and vest socks and shoes and any kind of a hat by the men folks. Fkirts, waists, stockings and shoes and any kind of a hat by the ladles. Kids ran wear any thing that comes In bandy. Huele. melody and mirth by tha comedy quart ett. New Jokes, song and dances by tha "Twist-on Bisters." high wire act by Bill Qui tin the "kins of cap-a-tan." swim ming contest, water drinking, contests. catching the greased pig. climbing the pole full of nail contests for every body. Register early and avoid ths rush. Come in and see what we bar la picnic suits and outing clothes, out ing hats, outing shirts. Only fourteen eutlng suits left out of fourteen hun dred. Remember the day and date. Sunday. July 15th. Bee small bills and press raotlrea and for further Information see .WILLIE at . C. J. Hccseman's v THE OL'IIAO CLOT HI IV., 11C7 ss 1111 WASHINGTON 8T. PHILADELPHIA. June It Smarting under the slight put upon her work and that of her fellow-worker in factories. Mies Agne Xfcr, a glove wotker. told of her experience at the recent National Federation meeting eb apoks at Hull Houa yesterday afternoon before the monthly meeting o the Illinois Woman's Trade Union League. "The average clubwoman of today has aa absolutely selfish purjosln mind when she sets out to investigate the factory girl problem." aald Miss Nestor. "I went ta tha Federation meeting with the Idea of asking the help of tnai powerful organization in regard w mmunf upon me union label on article made by girls In factories. I explained that the label meant living wage and good general working con ditlona. At the end of my talk I was greeted with the question from th rear of the room: 'If you girls are so bad off. why don't you go Into kitchens to work?" FACTORY GIRL IS FREE. "It fill not take me long to ex; bin thst there were many reasons why th factory girl will not work as a serranL "In the first place, the average girl who has been at work la a shop or factory ever since she was thirteen or fourteen years oil Is not competent to work in leshionaai nomei where a complicated system ot housekeeping. exists. 'In tha second place why sboull any girl be compel!! to be at tba bock and call of some lsxy and Incompetent clubwoman sixteen or seventeen hour a day when. If she continues at her own Una of work, she at least "will hare a few hour to herself? "Th clubwoman la wrong when sh thinks th factory girl Is going to abandon a trad sh has taken year to learn. "W bar our own problems to work out. "Th clubwoman must solve th ser-vsnt question herself. SERVANT GIRLS NOT ORGANIZED- "For my part I think th conditions which surround servant girls are Infinitely worse In comparison than those of th factory girls. "Servant girls are not, organised. That is the reason women ar leaving domestls service every day to work In the hop and factories. They gain a certain Independence which Is not theirs la th position of cook, and housemaid. The clubwomen have revealel that they fear S famine In domestic help and they would ward It off by asking the girls to com out ef the facterlea. I I hop the day will come when theyj win fca force! to do their own work.; Perhaps then the servant question and tha factory girl question will be nearer a solution. -.-I r 4Anr4v all clubwomen are not like ectnt of those I met in SL,PauLj Many f the clubwomen of Chicago have been a great kelp to th factory j girls. But these ar th nea ha ap-; predate that mm ar m th factory to ; stay, an act accordingly. - FOR SALE. i Chairs for lean and lank, heavy or 111,1 weirhte. Prices to suit slL at J comer of : Eleventh and FrarJdln Eta. WONDERFUL SUCCESS OF THE SPECIALTY HOUSE. AND GREATER SUCCESS PROMISED. - So rapid haa been the atrldea made toward mercantile supremacy by the Curtain ior-. at Fourteenth and Franklin, thjt the narration seems like the Impossible When 3I,4?r. Peyton & Mauerban bought the Curtain Htore, soma three years ago, there was but little promise of demand for a specialty house of that description. The practical business ability of Mr. Mauerhan, coupled with the reputation of Mr. Peyton, known favorably as a proficient draper, soon began to be appreciated by the public and today the Curtain Store is clasec-d as one of Oakland's soundest and busiest bouses. Lately this combi nation of men was materially strength; er.ed by the acquisition of Mr. Ochs. of San Franoiaco. who is a practical furniture! man, having held a large interest 14 the Indianapolis Furniture Company of that city. Since th San Francisco disaster, Mr. Ochs has trans ferred his entire interests to Oekland and will assist to perfect the plans of the Curtain Store In making a com plete curtain and carpet store. This last department Is just being added. A complete lln of carpets and" rugs will be Immediately Installed. S '"Those Headaches H Are AH Gone since I put on my glasses" Is the verdict of those who wear our glasses. Why d-la- when proper glasses give permanent re- 1W f . OUR GLASSES GIVE COMFORT. CI1AS. II. WOOD Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician 1151 WASHINGTON ST. Sign. "Th Winking Eye," E Soma men always would b at church If they were sura of being Invited Into the pulpit HORSES WANTED for cash or in exchange for furniture. OalCland Furniture Co. 534 I2th St. at Clay GRAND JURY MEETING. The grand Jury met this morning for a short session and adjourned again until next Tuesfay, when It will hold Its first regular meeting since the earthquake. It was stated that nc business was transacted, the Jurors simply having got together to generally talk tha situation over amoaf them selves. Phenix Insurance Company of Brooklyn Time for giving notlc of loss or filing proofs baa been extended to August 11th. Our Adjusters will make up proofs or all losses adjusted without expense to claimants Call or address at new location Pclyteciinic Building, Cor. Tnllth and Harrison Streets OAKLAND eeeJy occn- Our offices In Kohl building ara being prepared for pany. J. H. LENEHAN, GnraJ Agent, Chicago, Ilk .: A. C. OLDS, Stat Agant, San Franel, Cat. FISHER LUMBER CO. Olfico and Yards: 3d and Oak Sto. i . Phone Oskland 920. Up-tovn Off so s CCO Tenth CU ' , , : . Phone Oakland 8103. . Where our Mr. John W. Patterson will be in charge. f I 3 A m. aMa aaa ajs IL ScheUhfU. . i i

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