The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1892. I! U ISME and DEPARTURE of TRMKS. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, OOIJ»0 WEST. 1 passenger.. 6:02am 3 passenger 4 :37 p m 9freight 7:15 am 13 way freight 11:45 am 5 freight 8:17 pm QOINO KA8T. 2 passenger 10:24 am 4 passenger .,?!30pm 10,16 way freight 12: ^ tt f«. Wfrefght, ,? : I2 P fO. Sfrelgllt. 10:55p m m Chic*go & Northwestern B'y. GOING NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation .............. 8:if a m Chicago Mall and Express ........... 3 :34 p m GOING SOUTH AND EAST. freight accommodation ............. 6 :07 p m Chicago Mail and Express ............ 2 :37 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Molnes at 7 p. m., Chicago 6 :50 a. m., and Kansas City 9 an a, m. Tickets for sale to all points in the •Jnited States and Canada. PIOmSIOM & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, R. J. DANSON. W. 0. DANBON. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Frank Bros. Algona, Iowa. E. V. SWETTING ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, Iowa. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth Co. Bank. Algona, Iowa. GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over 1st National Bank, Algooa, Iowa. ALGONA REPUBLIC AN (Official Paper of Kossuth County and the Citi/of Algona.) Entered at the post office in Algona as second class mall matter. PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNK8DA5T JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance $1.60 One copy, six months, in advance 75 One copy, three months, in advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will bo made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. —„.,..,, THE REPUBLICAN is an AIA HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent insides. "The Tariff is now eighteen months old, and doing its own talking." Gov. McKiNLEY. S. S. SESSIONS. .-1 TTORNE Y A T LA W, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over UhrischUles' store. Algona, Iowa. "History that is loaded, dont fool with it" is the warning of the Burlington Hawkeye to the democratic party, referring to the history of this country. The Paris exposition cost $6,500,000. The Columbian exposition will cost $22,000,000. Some idea may be gained of the scope upon which the exposition is projected. MIND OB MUSCLE READING. A Wisconsin Prof. Invents a Machine to Prove that it is the Latter. T. Jefferson Coolidge, of Boston, succeeds Whitelaw Reid as minister to France. Mr. Coolidge is a convert from the democratic party and its doctrines of free trade a man of American ideas that will do honor to the distinguished position so well filled by Mr. Reid. JAS. BARE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Offiee on State street, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, The republican students of Parsons College and the Iowa Wesleyan University met in a mock republican national convention last Saturday and nominated James G. Blaine and Jonathan P. Dolliver—a ticket that would sweep Iowa from the counting room to the cornfield. Few York is for Harrison. Says the Mail and Express: "The interviews with prominent. New York republicans, including many of the delegates to Minneap olis, which were printed in the Mail and Express yesterday, make it manifest that the prevailing sentiment of the republican party in this State is in favor of President Harrison's renomination." Office at residence. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Thorington sts. Ateona.Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. The McKinley bill is giving the far mer a wider market for his butter and a wider market necessarily means better prices. In 1891, during the eight months ending February 28, the exports of butter from the United States to Cuba amounted in value to $9,615. In 1893, under Republican reciprocity, during the corresponding period, our exports of butter to that country amounted in value to $18, 629. This increase of $9,014, or 19'1 percent, was caused by Republican reciprocity. Everyone who witnessed the remarkable performances of Paul Alexander Johnstone at tbe Congregational church a short time ago will be interested in the description of an apparatus invented by Joseph Jastrow, Professor of Experimental and Comparative Philology in the University of Wisconsin, to prove the theory of muscle reading as against that of mind reading. We are indebted to the Review of Reviews for the following description of Prof. Jastrow's apparatus: "There is first a strong wooden frame, holding a heavy plate glass, fifteen inches square, and mounted on three brass legs, with screw adjustments by means of which the plate may be brought into exact level. Upon the plate glass are placed in the form of a triangle three very perfectly turned and polished brass balls, and upon the balls rests a thin crystal plate glass fourteen inches square, set in a light wooden frame. Covering the upper glass is a sheet of paper, and upon the paper the subject lightly rests the finger tips of one hand When all is properly adjusted, and glass and balls are rubbed smooth with oil, it is quite impossible to hold the apparatus still for more than a few seconds. A further connection of glass stencil point moving over a blackened paper records the movements, and in this article we are shown a dozen fac-simile representations of typical experiments. If the subject closes his eyes and thinks intently of a hidden object, the hand will involuntarily move, at first slow and hesitating, then with continuous regularity, toward the locality of the subject's mind. If he be required to count the strokes of a pendulum,the stencil will record horizontal lines and loops synchronously with the strokes of that pendulum. If a series of colors be arranged in three rows, the first to be read from left to right, the second from right to left, and the third from left to right again, the involuntary movement will exactly accord with the several changes in directions as the subject reads off the colors. "How far," says Dr. Jastrow, "these movements are involuntary or unconscious, must be largely determined by the subjective experiences of those who execute them. While here, as elsewhere, there is some difference in individuals, the consensus of opinion indicates that the subject exercises no essential control over the results; and as a rule he is considerably surprised when the results are first shown to him. At times he becomes conscious of the loss of equilibrium of the apparatus, but the indication is rarely sufficiently definite to inform him of the direction of the movement." At FRANK BROS: CKAS. McCOIlMACK, ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN, Guarantees to cure Catarrh. All telegrams will receive prompt attention and I will pay for the same. Wesley, Iowa. E. E. SAYERS, D. V. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, HP-Office west of the Thorington House, Algona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. DANSON & HUTCHISON, SEAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. Office over Kossuth County B\nk. Also do a loan and insurance business. Algona, Iowa. 0. B. MATSON, REAL ESTATE, FARM LOANS AND INSURANCE, Office witli Dingley & Moffatt. Algona, Iowa GEO. C. CALL, REAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT OFFICE For information in regard to lauds in Northwestern Iowa, write to him, Thorington street, Algona, Iowa. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. Office on Dodge street, Algona, Iowa. MJBCBT iT i A P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer of and dealer iu Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA, IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature Btricily confidential. Office with F. M. Taylor. Editor Hinchon of the Algona Courier is enthusiastic because a butter tub factory is coming to Algona and approves of the small contribution made by the citizens of Algona to secure the location of the plant. "Every new enterprise" says the Courier "ought to be encouraged. It is one more industry for Algona and even small industries are better than none. For our part if another such plant offers to come tomorrow we would feel like contributing our mite toward it." Here we have the editor of a democratic newspaper who has denounced the bounty offered by the government as an encouragement for some one to locate a plant in this country for the manufacture of sugar, a man who claims to be opposed to a protective tariff because "it is a tax" declaring that "every new enterprise ought to be encouraged" and wishing for a chance to tax himself to establish another new enterprise in Algona. Hinchon's theories for building up a town are identical with the theories of the Republican party for building up the industries of the entire country. If building up home industries is a good thing for a town why isnt it a good thing for a nation? The truth is that some of our most radical free traders are not free traders at all when you come to get the thing out of politics. Attention is directed to the advertisement of Dr. S. Canter, the Russian oculist, who is now visiting Algona regularly each month. His next visit here will be on Monday May 9, continuing through two days. The doctor is highly recommended, and his success in correcting all defects of the vision, and treating sore eyes, is attested by hundreds of splendid references. Read his Waverly testimonials and if you are troubled with your eyes call on him at the Tennant House Algona Iowa, at once. Don't lose an opportunity you may never have again. Going blind by wearing cheap glasses is poor economy. Sight is priceless. Money can not buy it. Anyone wishing Dr. Canter to examine their eyes will please call at the Tennant Hotel at once. We wish to call your attention to the fact that our store room is rented and we are compelled to move in a short time. Below we will give you some prices that will astonish you on Clothing, Hats, Caps, Underwe a r, ts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear of all kinds,overalls. Jeans Pants, etc. Call and see the new spring Millinery goods at Matson and McCall's. E. Reeve & Co., now have a competent dressmaker in their establishment. 30-31 P LACE WANTED.-A good trusty farm hand wants a place to work. Enquire of F. M. STACV. 31 tf r OB KENT.—T\yo good rooms in private house. Enquire of Republican office. 31 S TBAVED.-Frem the old Lacy barn last Friday morning, a bob-tailed sorrel bald- faced mare, 5 years old, weight about 1,000 Ibs. Finder report to P. J. CHKISTENSEN. sitl F OB SALE—2 span heavy horses 1 span light horses. Time given if required. 30-32 AVM. BOSSINGHAM. T O RBNT.- south Six rooms in the Cleary building, of the Court House. Inquire of BKUNSON £ Co. sotf r OB SALE.—On time and reasonable terms, or to exchange for town property, seven Inquire of BJIUNSON 30tf bead of burses and colts. & 00. E. G. BOWYER, DEALER IN f A!CHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant. i P. EAU, Proprietor. State street, Algona. Lodging and meals, jioard t>y the day or veelc. Terms $1 per day, 93.t>r> per week , la.eo per week tor day WHAT IS TAMNANY HALL? "What is Tammany Hall?" inquires a subscriber of the State Register. The Register answers as follows: "Tammany Hall was organized May 12, 1789, in New York City. It was organized for charitable purposes, deriving its name from Tammany, a Deleware chieftain of great virtues. An attempt was made to organize similiar societies in other cities, but all except the New York society soon fell into ablivion. The New York society almost immediately became political in its purposes, and it was responsible for the election of Jefferson as president of the United States. After that time it became the most powerful political society of New York. Its history is one of political corruption, which reached its height under the notorious Boss Tweed. The successors to Boss Tweed are Crocker, the present chief, and D. B. Hill, whose prominence in politics in New York state is all due to the society. It may be added that no republicans are members of the society. It is composed entirely of democrats, office holders, corruptionists and and spoils hunters. It exists for revenue only. It has complete control of New York city, and last fall elected the legislature and governor of New York. It is now reaching out for the Nation. Its boast is that in time it will run tbe political affairs of the United States. It is one of tbe forces the Republican party must meet in the campaign this fall. F OR RKNT.-A barn, Apply to G. J. Adams, sotf $5,00 Suits for $3.00 7.00 9.50 10.00 12.50 15.00 18.00 u u u 4.40 6.00 7.00 9.00 11.50 14.50 SHIRTS. $ .75 Tennis flannel, for $ .50 W ANTED—Good girl for general housework. Enquire of D. A. Haggard. D O YOU WANT SOME TILE LAID7-I have purchased a new outfit of tools and will be prepared to lay tile during the coming season. Will also continue my plastering and concrete cistern business,—OLOF JOHNSON. 30-31 F OB SALE—A first-class Sewing Machine at a bargain. Inquire at the REPUBLICAN office. If you contemplate purchasing a machine it will pay you to look up this one Before buying. It has never been used and will be sold at a better figure than any agent will give you. W ANTED—A FABM. A quarter or half section of good tillable land in N. W. Iowa, improved preferred. Will pay one to three thousand cash. Must be a bargain, Address early and be precise iu description to avoid delay. EDWIN GILES, 27-31 Pipestoue. Minn. S HOBTHOBN BULLS-I have 2 thoroughbred Sbort Horn bulls which I will sell cheap for cash If taken soon.—C. B. HUTCHIMS. 29-34 -For Your- GROCERIES We will give you some Bargains in all kinds of Groceries, Crockery and Glassware. Try our -* FLOUR ^ We will send you better in Quality and Price. We still h.ave some APPLES at a vw? Ipw 1.00 1.50' 2.85 French .70 1.10 1.75 The Entire - Stock GrO In a Short Time. Z/2 > 4 I—^H CD + H CEDAR RAPIDS IOWA, MINNESOTA SOUTH DAKOTA SOLID TRAINS BMWfcSS Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via the Famous Albert Lea Boats. St. Louts, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via St. LouU, Minneapolis ft St. Paul Short tine. Through Sleepers and Chair Cars OttftAttNO OVtft IOWA ROUTE IN BETWEEN CHICAGO, CEDAR RAPIDS AND SIOUX FALLS, S. D, CHICAGO AND CEDAR RAPIDS . Yia the Famous Albert Leo Bout*. THE SHORT LINE SPIRIT LAKE The Great Iowa. Svimtner Resort. For Hallway and Hotel Rates, Descriptive Pamphlets and all information, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. CHEAP HOMES On line of this road in Northwestern Iowa, Southwestern Minnesota and South Dakota, where drought and crop failures are unknown. Thousands of choice acres of land yet unsold. Local Excursion rates given. For full information as to prices of land and rates of fare, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. AH of the Passenger Trains on all Divisions of this Railway are neated by Steam from the engine, and the Main Line Day Passenger Trains are lighted with the Electric Light. • Maps, Time Tables, Through Kates and all information furnished on application to Agents, Tickets on sale over this route at all prominent points in the Union, and by its Agents, to all parts of the United States and Canada. t&TFor announcements of Excursion Rates, and local matters of interest, please refer to the local columns of this paper. C. J. IVES, J. e. HANNEQAN, Piek't and Qen'l Supt. Gen 1 Tint, and Paaa'r Aat CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. LADY'S HOSIERY AT COMMISSION PRICK. Ladies, do you realize that when you buy of the retailer, you are paying three unnecessary prolits? The manufacturer sells to the commission house, the latter to the jobber, and the jobber In turn sells to the retail merchant. Yoir must pay the manufacturer a profit first, and then pay each of the subsequent handlers a profit, not infrequently paying two profits to* the retailer. The Manufacturers' Commission Co. is a responsible syndicate which sells direct to- the consumer. By investing in manufacturers' samples,odds and ends, job-lots, and the stocks* of insolvent manufacturers, in connection with our regular commission holdings, we are able to sell to the consumer direct at the commission, price, which is but one remove from the manufacturer's. While this company handles all kinds of ladle's furnishings, we are making a special drive- on our hosiery, merely to introduce our name in your territory and establish a reputation for giving values never before ottered, so that you will be fully prepared for our later announcement of our entire lines. Head the following offers: Ladies' full length, fashioned, fast black hose, superfine gauge, (retailing everywhere at 25 to 36 cents per pair) we will sell at I6c, or one- half dozen at ooc. Ladies' extra length, full regular made, fast black and seamless hose, very finest gauge, retailing everywhere at 50c up) we will sell at 23c, or one-half dozen for §1.38. We pay extra express charges, and agree unconditionally to refund money if hosiery Is not the values and qiiaUtles,described. Be sure and send the size wanted, and remember that as we pay express we cannot afford'to send less than one-half dozen. . - : Orders must be accompanied by cash, In either money order, postal note, stamps or registered letter, addressed to the, -y Manufacturer's Commission Co , 221 Fifth Avenue. 31-38 Chicago, 111. Swinton's Specific FOR DYSPEPSIA This unfailing remedy for dyspepsia of the most chronic type, is the result of many year's medical research of one of the most noted and eminent medical scholars of the period, Dr. La Verne Swinton. Patent and proprietary nostrums have had no more bitter opponent than this roost eminent physiciau.for the simpln reason that the same dose is invariably prescribed to the sufferer, no matter what the temperature of the patient.and no matter what the peculiarities of the disease, and this, too, in the face of the claims that such remedies will cure a majority of known diseases. Dr. Swinton realized fully to what extent dyspepsia, whether mild or chronic by impoverishing and poisoning the blood, became the progenitor of numerous diseases, and therefore' sought diligently for years to discover its true specific. In this he was successful, but in prescribing his wonderful discovery.he never overlooked the great medical truth that the symptoms in each case, the temperamental differences, and even the habits and occupation of the sufferer, required not only a difference in the prescription of bis remedy.but also demanded supplemental treatment and dietary directions, varying widely in different cases. The SWINTONMEDIOALCo. send m connection with this celebrated Specific for Dyspepsia a complete treatise by the Dr., which gives explicit directions to the sufferer, so that he may not Only intelligently use the remedy, but also properly regulate the diet, and properly self- administer the supplemental prescriptions suited to the case. This Is Medical Treatment and not Quackery. Do not be robbed of your money and your hopes for restored health by alleged panaceas, which while comparatively harmless will cure nqtbing. s WINTON'S SPECIFIC IH sold by all druggists m Si packages. We are introducing it ourselves in this territory, before placing it en sale with your leading pharmacists, and will send single packages to any address upon receipt office. Each package contains the medical treatise of Dr. Bwlnton, giving dietary directions and supplemental prescriptions. Address, SWINTON MEDICAL CO., Fischer Building. Chicago, 111. 30-35 Druiikeimess-Liquoi' Habit-In all the World there is but One Cure. Dr. Halnes' Golden Specific. It can be given iu a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of thepeison taking U, effecting a speedy and permanent cure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousands of drunkards have been cured who have taken the Golden Specific in tbelr coffee without their knowledge, and today believe they quit drinking of their own free will. No harmful effects results from its administration. Cures guaranteed. Send for circulars and full particulars. Address in confidence, Golden Specific Co., 185, Race street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 22-U Good Money made by our agents everywhere. No cap • ital required. All cash commissions. Prom $8 to $10 per day! easy. Write for Information how to secure an income. Men with team or horse and buggy preferred, but this is not essential. PLOWMAN PUB. CO., 3043 Moliue, III. B, Reeve & Co. have on hand e very- thing i» the millinery line, at tbe very lowest prices. If you want a carpet see what Taylor can oo |or you. ^^

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