The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 7
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MKJiKPUIJLICAN, ALGON'A, IOWA, WKD.vr.SiUY. Al'IUL^, 1JUHT. low A, APUIL 27, iww. The copy for the Burt department for some unknown reason failed to arrive nt tlm RKt'tjBT.tCAK ofllcc. Precautions will be token to see that It does not happen again. LITERARY NOTES. A now volume of The Century will liogln in May with a number of unusual interest. Three important serial features will be commenced in this number, namely—Penor Ciistelar's "Llfo of Glirlstoplter Columbus ;" "The Chosen Valley." a novel of Western life by Mary Hallock Foni<>, and the. series (if articles describing the arclii- jWJOtural features of the World's Fair, which a well-known architect Is to contribute. It is only of late years that rheumatism has been treated as ti blood disease. But that this is a correct theory is proved by the' extraordinary success attending the use of Aycr's Sarsaparilla, in this painful and very prevalent malady. It seldom fails of radical cure. Mr. Jinks:—What a trusting little woman George's wife is. Mrs. Jinks:—Yes; she has never been married before. Keep gray hairs from forming by using Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ilenevver. '•We are organizing a piano club. Will you join? Cheerfully! What pianist do .you intend to club first?" Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, effective, but do not cause pain or gripe. Be sure to get Hood's. THE COUNTY NEWS, A, A, Beano, A, M,, M, D, Oflicc and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. by Special ('<irrPS|ioiirlents. iiMvVfw!H CI H' r ' uc;AW P lll ' 11s l'P« '"ore. outside - . ' h ° CO """'.Y nnrl .siirromiflliiK f»w.i« 1 tn KI)S - , l(! 1!a »eroft N nws seo puce a. . , 1t ' <) iJ lUI!HI>OJ " )BNTS :-Ali COI IVfi >UIInAN Sllou1(1 re *«h '""• mr N OM h t s i I,, Cs " ily «•• >o benr J. B. CORK, Seal Estate Agt IJUIiT, IOWA, Good farms for sale. Do Ion fear If so, and we presume you do, call and see us. We have Shoes for the Babies, Shoes for the Misses, Shoes for the Boys, Shoes for the Ladies, Shoes for the Men, In all sizes and styles, and at prices we know will please. NICHOLSON & BUELL. ~NEW LINE -OF- There are Sarsaparillas and Sarsa- parilas; but if you are not careful in your purchase, ihe disease you wish to cure will only be intensified. Be sure s you get Ayer's Sarsaparilla and no other. "j[t is compounded from the Honduras root nd other highly concentrated alteratives. Tlie White House Stables. The American people are always interested in anything that pertains to the White House. We are reliably informed that the stables contain a full assortment of different drugs and medicines and they also (so the head groom says; keep I a bottle of Hr.ller's Barb Wire Liniment, Dwhich is the most successful liniment they have ever used. For sale by Dr. I L. A. Sheetz. -AT- W. M. COOK'S FUnNITURB STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. Bright people are the quickest to recog- Uize a good thing and buy it. We sell lots [of bright people the Little Early Risers. ^If you are not bright these pills will make pu so. For sale by F. W. Dingley. Still atJe_Front! The Old Reliable General Store with Geo. E. Marble at the wheel. Let other places advertise their removal and war prices. Our customers only laugh-and realize that they have not yet reached the every-day low prices of the Old Reliable store at Burt. t W rV g rQ & >> *""* 5 •a a S B 3 « U1 ±> 8 xposures and 1 D ¥> M GJ + 4 If} 'Si rS O O li; a & o -£ O l£> 00 r* 1 fc 2 S O u fc •< z H w S t a >$ x- J7j .. PH & CO a w u o « d of a o 60 3 of M o 6 r— * THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. SWKA. _ Miss Hannah I-layden is home from a visit with relatives and friends at J3;in- crofi. The 0. I. & W. IVy Co. expect to be ihrough here next week paying for the right of wny. Mrs. J. A.. IIulo Iws been very low for the pusi week wiih lung fever, but is now slowly recovering. Mr. Dows, of Cedar Rapids, stopped in Swea'Piidny night on his way from Es- thcrvillt! to Bancroft. Sheriff Graham with six appraisers was up last Wudni'sday appraising lund over which the 11. ft. survey runs. The Board of Directors of Swea township ure Laving the school houses iu districts No. a aud « it-painted inside and nut. The voters of Swea township held a meeting at ihu North school house Friday evening, the object being to help pay the right of way of the II. It., providing the II. II. Uo. gives them a station in the center of the township, WHITTKMORK. Blisses May and Bird Hotelling spent Friday at Emmettsburg visiting friends. The lirst issue of the "Whittemore Advocate" is out, it is a bright newsy little sheet. Alex. Dorweiller took a trip to Chicago last week, to purchase new goods, which are arriving daily. Mr. and Mrs. J. Spilles infant child was christened last Sunday at the Catholic church, after which a number of invited guests took dinner at their residence. The M. E. Mite Society will meet with Mrs. J. M. Farley next Thursday afternoon. Supper will be served from five till seven thirty. Only a dime, every one is cordially invited. Complaint wits made On Monday against John Fairburn for driving on the°sidewalk. Hi, was taken before Mayor Boyle and fined live dollars uud costs, which he refund to pay and he is now getting free board in the lock up. WbilJpmore people had the rare oppor- tunit.y Saturday i-j^it ftru i Sunday, of listening t.) a. Chicago Evangelist, who had been holding meetintrs at Emnmtts- burg. The meetings were well attended, and great interest was manifested. Ucporl of w .!,,,,,i i,,,^| ltir , „„,, No. «, W,.sl,, v tinvns|)i ,, r ,, r , )lo f|;rm roinnu-ni:..,..: I),.,.. 7, ]8 , H) „„,, cnfji Mardi'r,, l,s; ); . : Tul)| , „„„,,„,,. ()f r]nvs tnnglif 7,S; Tniul number of pupils enrolled, ',; avrmir,. |lp|(,||irfntr f)2'. 'IVC •• •""iiiiee. i>7;); (hose not absent during UK, !,.,.„: I,I H Wnrd and Bennie Ward. T!i'>Re not lardy more Ihnn ihree times during ,| U! ,,. rtll . C harl«y Blsbt-y, Ida Ward, Jj,,y-,,nd P.ennio Ward. BJ.AM.'KK E. H ENI , KY) Teacher. •TAW. KdHo,-. Jo.a con VV"l:.v I HI n't, You Stop Coughing before (he entire mucus membrane lining the air passages leading to tlu> lungs becomes iulbimed, as it surely will hn from a f;01 igu neglect. There is but one remedy that gives instant relief and cures quickly. Dr. Halo's household ifnuRi! cure, cures every kind of coiiirh frnin asimpln cold to incipient consumption. 25 and 50c bottles at L A. Sheetz drugstore. Elder Berry :-Joblola created a scene at church this morning. Mrs. Berry- How? Elder Berry :-Encorcd the sop rano. PHY ^CU'N & SURGEON parley ... .I 8 @.2o A I?iih- Oflfcr. L. A. Sheet!! and F. W. Dingley will refund your money if .you do not find CloBSon's celebrated pain relief as repre sented below: Cures; Toothache in 3 minutes. Neuralgia in 5 minutes. Headache in 10 minutes. Earache in 10 minutes. Sprain in 80 minutes. Sore Throat m 15 minutes. Colic in 2 minutes Fains in the back in 10 minutes. Diar- rhoea in 1 day. Cholera Morbus in 10 minutes. Inflammation of the Kidneys Palpitation of the Heart, Rheumatism,' i lies in a reasonable time. ___ W. E. CLOSSON. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of DeWitt's Sarsaparilla. For sale by F. W. Dingley. To purify Your blood Take Hood's Sarsaparilla. £+> s cu £ B .£? K 1—4 •<-* £•0 -a g .S 3 c 13 « Ii 1C <l> . ,Q £ «J % « o rt '•€©- 1 W O2 O r-t ^*-( H >» 42 03 -3 cc ~r-( & STOP —AT THE— BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. . Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. IWA CENTRAL R'Y. only hue running DANIELS & PHELPS, HARNESS AND SHOE REPAIR SHOF It will pay you to call and order a now Harness if you need anything in BOUT. - t "? tl " w ' . IOW A. Through Trains 2 -01A- »gant Day Coaches -AND- aan Palace Baffet Sleeping Cars -TO- s r, LOUIS and KANSAS CITY WITHOUT CHANGE. staking direct cuuneclions in Union depot ?» points Iu Missouri, Kausas.V Colorado, ona, Old uud New Mexico, Tennessee. wuna, Texus, .MlHsissippi. jxiuisiann. Ar"S, Ueorglii ana Florida. BuliU trains to C. C. CHUBB, President. E. J. MURTAGH, Cashier. H$h dir«ct|comipclions for Illinois, Indiana. 10, Keutnoky. IVuusylvaiiia, West Viruini-i Ithesoutliwe.'st. '' ty secure (he Lowest Mates..QiiJcUwt Time. (l-)ii'8i; acwuniiiodatloDs, j)uie));iso (ic-ketx via jlowa Central Route. |ll ArKKur. A. K. UANKM, Tuoa tMt-Muufir. Tivr. Wangr. (Jeu. 1'uss. Alai'sliulltowii, lown. BURT, IOWA. General Banking, GOING TO BUILD? lEAFNESS, Ta CAUSES AND CUHJS, ""-' „( If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the 140JM 20 Dowo's — faBrais •jBeBttea.... |itajl«te.or •to The new front, to the post ofilco is up and enclosed. Ed McBride has »one to Thornton for a visit with his jjurontK. J. T. Standriy will break about 400 acres ou his section northwest of Wesley this spring. Frank Heal is having a Gurney hot water heater put in to warm his store and rooms above. Way & Barrett, now read Way, Barrett & Co. The new member of the lirm is J. P. Johnsou. _ The work on Main street has been at a stand still ever since last Tuesday ou account of mud. Ed. G. Stohr, of Grundy county, has purchased a farm north of Wesley and will move on it soon. Dr. McCormack expects to build on his lots that, he recently purciia.-ud, in Hie south part of town. The Easter Monday dance at luinzes' hall was well attended, many coming from Britt to enjoy it. Editor Ford is comfortably ensconsed in his new printing office. He is quite happy over the thought of having a homo of his own at last. The schools united in celebrating Arbor Day, and made a success of it. Three trees were planted, one named Columbus, one Isabella and the other Henry Sabiii. Geo. B. Hall & Co., successors to W. M. Hattery & Co., lumber merchants, have rented the ground occupied by the old firm aad will contiuuo business at the same place. James Oorey, manager of the Alliance store, visited his family in Mason City last Saturday and Sunday. We hope Mr. Corey will like Wesley so well that he will bring his family and make his future home with us. A. A. Sifert, of Burt, visited Wesley last Wednesday and Thursday. He was warmly greeted by his old friends,and his former pupils were much pleased to welcome him as a visitor ut the different school rooms Wednesday afternoon. Jacob Johnson has built a new barn. C. Breen is buftding a new house. Bruxer & Ekstrom have painted their new blacksmith, shop, and Mrs Yorker has painted her house. So the improvements go on in spite of rain and snow and cold winds. Mrs. S. E. Grove is suffering with broken bones in her hand, caused by the Slipping of the crank which winds up the clothes line. As it is her right bund she rinds it not only painful but extremely inconvenient. Buildings and Cabinet Work done neatly and promptly. Plans and Specifications furnished up on application. Estimates made. Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop on Edmund St. F. M, Trimble DEALER IN Burial - Caskets. staking ci Specialty. Ledyard, Iowa. ». J. JOHNSON, Tonsorial Artist, 0.00 F. Green lost a Rood yearling colt the oilier day. Fred Calkins took the train for a trip to the city last Friday. F. A. Kenyon—Oh! we promised not to say anytning about it. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Fitz returned on Wednesday from Cherokee. Clms. Lewis is building a barn 20x32 ou his lot adjacent to J. B. Rendall. Frank Snyder has been litting up a nice home in what might be called Bast Ledyard. Mr, Graham of Bui t, brother of J. G. Graham of Bancroft was in town Saturday. J. M. Dennis, so we hear, has moved himself, family and chattels to Lichskillet The Pride of the West. C. T. Heetlandsays he thouubl he wns paying a good price for his land, but can now take §800 more for it. Ed Curtiss has been moving the old store building upon Main street, on the lot belonging to Mr. Scoville. We heard the remark not long since that our drug store is a credit to the town and we are inclined to believe it. J. M. Dennis moved out in the country the last of the week. He will run a boarding house for Dunlap Bros. Kev. Chamberlin, the Presbyterian sue cessor of Rev. Williams of Bancroft, preached to a full house on Sunday eve. The rainy weather has been very discouraging to farmers, but they have gone ahead in spite of the mud and fceve their seeding most done. C. A. Ordway reports a big sale of ma chineryon Saturday last. Farmers understand that Ledyard machine men will not be undersold by competitors of any neighboring town. H. Wilson has fitted up a nice home in the south part of town, and his family take possession this week. We are glad thai they are making Ledyard their permanent home. CasUeman & Deane have been building a barn for Mr. Foster. The lumber for the store building is on the lot, and the building is liable to go up most any day, as the contractors named adove have the job. Tanner & McLaury have established themselves in the restaurant business in our town, and we doubt not will prove themselves worthy of patronage. They will find out be fore long that the people of Ledyard are fond of ice cream and oysters. A. J. Haviland started his steam breaker the ilast of the week. He seems to think it will be a success. This is not quite such a machine as was in our country last season, but is perhaps, far more practical. He runs a gang plow with a threshing engine. Mr. Fiixpatrick has been manifesting a spirit of enterprise in building lumber sijeds and rising up his yard, so as to invite patronage. This town can now boast of two lumber dealers who are worthy of their busoness, and it is now easier 10 make tiit- public believe what has long been u fact, that ihey can buy lumber here as cheap as at any of ibo neighbor ing towns. For Sale 1 by Rendall & Graunis. F. A. HRON'SON Has a full stock of and is .,: Ledyard m& Vicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A . Ord way over Orel way V ;i,-iciatur- implement stort>. FiTZ & LOWG Real Estate, Loans tU 5 —And— Ledyard, Iowa. Having Opened a Hardware Store, — AA T D - n a! r £ S ?f Ctfully , asl V l share of the patronage of the people of Ledyard and vicinity Personal attention given to sheet metal work and satisfaction guaranteed. Yours for Trade, E. J. Cigars For Sale. , Iowa. A GOOD SEAMSTRESS BODSEBOLMECESSm AND A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY IS ONE OP OUFI NEW SEWING MACHINES. Dr. Hulc's Household Tea Is the grout blood purifier and nerve tonic. It acts upon all the sterelious of lue system, euul))intr ,j u , )j V(;r an ,j }<j ( | llt . vs J(J perform their proper functions, giving tone and strength to the nervoua system" u ceitniii cuie lor ilvfu.epsia. Two months' treatment for 50c. Get u free sample at L. A. Sheet/, druji sloie. Riter—My new hook is bound to make a hit. It is full of thrilling situations. Spacer-What in it about? Riter—"The adveoturcsof a mouse in a lady's college." Ledyard Livery, Feed —And— SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. 4$nks, Ledyard, - - c ^- - T owa . Can You fat Heartily, with relit,!!, and without distress afterward?!;If not. wo recommend to you Hood's iSaiMipariJla, which cri-alea a good appetite and FO invComics the stomach and bowels Unit tin* food is prop erly digested and; nil its nutriment, assimilated. «»ti<-« to bids will lie received up to mid on v, April 30, 1-H2. (ill 2 o'clock u m f o • Uu» imildii.g of il, 0 Methodist Ej.I.scop II clnircU Binders and lowers It is a trytji in medicine ikut tb.e est dose \kM performs the Os Wjtyft J4UJ<J Enrly pecf FOB FUIL PAHTICUMB8 AODHfSS " III " SUOCIB»OH» TO JUNE MANUFACTyaiNQ qo. BELVIDERE, of Hoe T OR Ik, m Committee. WMLESLiE Real Estate and 'Insurance. ynnl. Iowa prepared io ui»fc« Farm Loans «t loin-st ' '' Water ! I lift Water ! it) put flow n Mowers, Minnesota Threshers, Bushford Wagons and Buggies, Best Gang and Sulky Plows, Disc Hi rrowp, Smoothing IJ arrows. Force P t t'd aad Bjaad Cutt Seeder*, Faunir.jr Wills, Pumpg, Litad JTollvrs, And i Ftorti * >•>•--. ^r- nwii*«-Ar&;r JW>'L WW W4T "'

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