The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 6
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CHAPTER II, HEN I had buried my father, and seen his successor .installed, iu- his place- tor the station was the property of the society—I set. to work to carry out a plan which I had long cherished, but been unablo it involved sc-para- Put shortly, it :o execute, because ,ion from my father. was to undertake .1 trading journey of exploration right thr-vigli the countries now known jis the Free .State and the Transvaal. ar.U as much further north as 1 could go, It wan an adventurous FOR &EWYILEMEM WORLD FOirniE MONEY? :o t;:c!:ri or \vax thrc-od .; IK^I iin.j t-nll, o./ tliit UU(i- scheme, for, though tlie emigrant Boors iad begun to occupy positions in these territories, they wore still to all practical purposes unexplored. But 1 was now alone in the world, rind it mattered little what became of me; so, driven tin the overmastering love of adventure, which, old as I am, will ocrhaps still I); 1 iny cause ol' death, I dotermined to undertake it. Accordingly I sold such stock and goods as wo had upon the station, reserving onlv tlio two best wagons and two pairs of oxen. The proceeds I invested in such gooJ.s as wore then in fashion, for trading purposes. :ind in guu.s ai'.d amnuinition. The gunu would havo moved any modern explorer to merriment; hut such as they were 1 managed to do u good deal of execution with them. One of them was a single barreled, smooth bore, fitted for percussion caps—a roer we called it—which throw n three-ounce bail, and was charged with a handful of coarse black- powder. Many is the elephant that I killed with that roer, although it generally knocked me backwards when I fired it, which I only did under compulsion. The beat of the lot, perhaps, was a doable barreled No. 12 shot gun, but it had flint locks. Also, there were some olj tower inuskcts, which might or might not throw straight at seventy yards, 1 took six Kaffirs with me, and three good horses, which were supposed to be salted —that is, proof against sickness. Ainon;.; the Kaffirs was an old fellow named l:i- daba-simbi, vhich, being translated, means "tongue of iron." I suppose he got this name from hi.-i strident voice pud cxhaustlcss eloquence. This man was a great character i:i his way. Ho had boan a noted witchdoctor among a neighboring tribe, and came to the station under the following circumstances, which, as he plays a considerable part in this history, are par- haps worth recording. Two years before my father's death I had occasion to search the country round for some lost oxen. After a Ion;; and useless quest it occurred lo me that I had belter go to tho place where the oxen were bred by a Kai'fir chief, whose name I forgot, but whose kraal was about fifty miles from our station. There I went, aud found the oxen saf.i at home-. Tho chief entertained me handsomely, and on the following morning I went to pay iny re^pi-cU to him be fora leaving, imj was s'jm'jwhat r.ur- pri.sed to lh:d u collection of :jo!iiu hundreds of men aud womcr.i sitting round him anxiously watching the sky, i-.i which the thunder-cloud,! were, banking up in a very ominous way. "You had bettor wait, whiti' 111:1:1," said the chief, "and see the rain doctors light tin- lightning." I inquired what ho meant" that this man, Indabu some years occupied tho \vix:u - d-in-chief to the tribe, was not a member of it, li }>:>ni in the country r.o-.v Zululand. 1'ut a son of th man of about oi), had b.U-ly ;;e: up a:-; a rival it 1 , supfrvnalural powers. This UTJ- :v ijuarrel en-atvl between th V rc-mlteil in ;•„ c away. Un the hitner siclfe ot the bams wan the piece of land that was, the natives said, "loved of the lightning." Here the magicians took Up their stand, while tho spectators grouped themselves on the hillside about two hundred yards away, which was, I thought, rather too near to be pleasant. When we had sat there for awhile my curiosity overcame rue, -ind I asked leave of the chief to go down and inspect tho arena. He said I might do so at my own risk. I told him that tho fire from above would not hurt white men, and went and found that it was n bed of iron ore, thinly covorod with, grass, which of course accounted, ior its attracting the lightning irom the storms as they traveled «.!ong the lino of the river. At each end of this ironstono nreu were placed the combatants, Indaba-zimba facing tho east, and his rival tho west, and beforo each there burned a little, fire made of some scented root. Moreover, they were dressed in all tho paraphernalia of their craft, snake skins, fish bladders, and I know not what besides, while round their necks hung circlets of baboons' teeth and bones from human hands. First I went to the western end whore the chief's sou stood, lie wan pointing with his assegai towards tho advancing storm and invoking it in a voice of great excitement. "Come, fire, nnd lick up Indaba-zimbi! "Hear me. Storm Devil, and lick In- daba-zimbi with your red tongue! "Spit on him witli your rain! ""Whirl him away in your breath! "Make him sis nothing—melt the marrow in his bones! "Hun into his heart and burn away the lies! "Show all the people who is the true Witch Finder! "Lei me not be put to shame in the eyes of (his white man!" Thus he spoke, or rather chanted, and all the while rubbed his broad chest—for he was a very line man—with some filthy compound of medicine ai monti'. and lcarnc'i.1 had for position of although he ;avi;ig been lij'iowii a.-; iiL'i";;. a -il 1'nr -. t. f;-"' ."I \\ i i!n- finest call Ihs trial by li', (.vi.ti-d.' 1 Tin- riv.ili serious tli! 1 were await two u itch •.'.lli 1 ::;-;;.' U) g gin u ami ac- the conditions. the coming oi' a " il ro.ld 3!en : i, lint- calf, ilm, txtcu- jilwn '. ••:•: ? i ou thi. .(;« .•.•i'-' all -.vr;ir th .-, In -ivy threw .'I v.-(.;iv :< year. M i )i.>ii.-r;.).-iH.t>vpi'(,rfernl at : irial \vill eiinviUL-o Ihosa .iiiluft aiiil .-.i-rviri'. .,> Wui-ktiiuiiiiiM'i-i sliopa iu; :niil liiinilik-. Those v.'lio ! will wear iioiiilii-i-inalce. : d SI .75 fliudl shoes aro !"- Ijdysi'Wi-yivliere; tUeysull ::i-rea.3ill-J .--ali.'-i show. J!aiii!~s!'>v('tl .sliop, best :i, very .stylish; e:|Unl.->i'reue.a I 1 <>JU .Shl*i) lo Stl.Ull. .()!> ami Sl.?.^ shoe for ." -.;..Ia. StyliMluMidiluruljle. . i>. Uo'u^las' naiuu unj -i. ..-'.turn e.r each s;lioo. ;>rm L- t! ; in • lam r.v) ordinary U-n:i..•'•>• turn. Th(.-n, their hand.-;, they \viiliin iiJ'ty paces .1 certain patch <.•!' thmulei-h;.i!t:.; After a whil(> getting tired of li.'s song, 1 walked across the iroustom:, to where Indaba-zimbi sat l»y his fire, lie was not chanting at all, but his performance was much more impressive. It consisted iu staring at the eastern sky, which waa perfectly clear of cloud, and every now and again beckoning at it with his linger, tlu-in turning round to point with the aMcg.ii towards his rival. For a while I looked at him in silence. He was a curious wizened man, appa- rentiy over fifty years of age. with thin hands that looked as tough as wire. His nose was much sharper than is usual among these races, and he had a queer habit of holding his hoad sideways likt> a bird when h« s,po!ce. which, in addition to the humor that lurked in his eye, gave him a, most c.o:aiical appearance. Another strange thing about him wan that he had a single white lock of hair among bis black wool. At last I spoke to him: "Indaba-zimbi, iny friend," 1 said, "you may bo a good witch doctor, but you are certainly a fool. It is no good beckoning at the blue sky while your enemy is getting a start with the storm. 1 ' "You may be clever, but don't think you know everything, white man," tho old fellow answered, in u high cracked voice, and with something like a grin. "They call you Irontongue," I went on; "you had better use it, or tho Storm Devil won't hear you." "The fire from above runs down iron,' 1 he answered, "so I keep my tongue quiet. Oh, yes, let him curse away, I'll put him out presently. Look now, white man. 1 ' I looked, and in tho eastern sky thero grew a cloud. At first it was small, but; very black, but it gathered with extraordinary rapidity. This was odd enough, but as I bad seen the same thing happen before it did not particularly astonish me. It is b no means unusual in Africa for two thunderstorms to come up at th» saiut timo from diiicrent points of tho compass. "You ha.i bettor goon, Iu;!ab:i-zimbi,' I said, "the big i:von.u i.i coming along fast. ; l .nd will soon oat u;) that baby of your.;," and I pointed to tho west. ' "iJ:ibi;.v> .sometimes grmv to gir.lJts, white num." said Indaba-Hiiribi, beckoning away vigorously. "Looknow at my clouij-chikl.'' I looked; (lus casern storm had spread itself from rarlh to i;!;y, au.l in t-;h:jp:< resembled a:i enormous m;;:i. There, was its head, it.-; '.'houlikr.s. ;-,::d to legs; ye.=, it \v:v-. ii!:e a lingo giant traveling acn ••!•:-, th;' heavens. Tho light of the i;etii'.ig fiiin escaping from beneath thu lower c-dgo of the \vcslcrn storiu shot across tho intervening •.•••::wj in a sheet i; > mid'Jlo in woiiih'-'rfal to bo de- was talking in a low voice to the Incluna next to him. "Hearken!" the chief waa saying, "if the magic of Indaba-zimbi 'prevails against iny son, I will endure him ho more. Of this I am sure, that when he has slain my son he will slay me, mo also, and make himself chief in my place. I fear Indaba-zimbi. On!" "Black one," answered the Incluna, "wizards die as dogs die, and, once dead, dogs bark no more." "And once dead," said the chief, "wizards work no more spells," and he bent and whispered in tho Induna's ear, looking at the assegai in his hand as he whispered. "Good, tny father, goodl" said the In- duna, presently. "It shall be done tonight, if the lightning does not do it first." "A bad. lookout for old Indaba-zimbi," I said to myself. "They mean to kill him." Then I thought no more of the matter for a while—the scene before me was too tremendous. The two storms were rapidly rushing together. Tho silence deepened and deepened, the shadows grew blacker and blacker, then suddenly all nature began to moau beneath the breath of an icy wind. On came the wind; the smooth surface of the river was ruffled by it into little waves, the tall grass bowed low before it, and in its wake came the hissing sound of furious rain. Aht the storms had met. From each there burst an awful dazzling blaze of light, and now the hill on which we sat rocked in the noise of the following thunder. The light went out of the sky, darkness fell suddenly on the land, but not for long. Presently tho wholo landscape grew vivid in the flashes; it appeared and disappeared; now everything was visible for miles, now even the men at my side vanished in the blackness. Suddenly tho thunder and lightning ceased for a minute, and 'everything grew black, and, except for tho rain, silent. "It is over, one way or the other, chief," I called out into the darkness. "Wait, white man, wait," answered the a voice thick with anxiety and not; too soon, for just then some ineu came up to .he wagon. On the following morning I started homewards. The first face I saw on arriving at the station waa that of Indaba- zimbi. "How do yott do, Mneumnzahn?" he said,-holding hia head on one side and nodding his white lock. ' hour vou are Christians here, and I v to try a new religion. Mine must bo a bad one, seeing that my people wanted to kill m.a for exposing an impostor." [To be continued next week.] Mr. Male's Household Is the finest remedy in the world II absolutely cures catnrrl». ft cures neuralgia and rheumatism. Cures piles like magic. Cures salt rheum in the most soothing manner. Cures inflamed uml granulated eyelids. Cures coughs nnd colds. 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You can still find a man now and then who is expecting to get to heaven on his wife's church membership. 1.,-U I d sibyvo lu-'ad i'ul 1 llu id UNION JQUHR£,H.y rlMAiJ. *TU««C*. l-cr< SALE BV i inquired v.-l neither of tin.- i was told that t! allot her fc'torm. uiu.-.L i;;ki- 1!" :r :•• of i itch (ah •:' i:i ground wh;.'! 1 !! t!i>: big t lnuuU'rliuH.-i w<. n; i In-ado ob:-:;:rvi'd to i;Lni:;' conliii'.ially, and In" | ihnu/ii \vi tlio exercise "f their occult {njv/t-i-.s and j va)]::.-h(.-(i. i;iYO!':ilioi>s to (lu- lightning, inrst strive \ "Aha.'' to avert death from themselves ami bring it on tlk-ii- rival. Tin- terms of t!iis .singular match had been arranged a Hi' >nUi previously, but no storm \voi' hy of the occasion had arisen. Now tin; local weather prophets believed it to be, brewing. :i! would happen if '•ii_ were .-struck, and •y must then wait for if they escaped the second time, however, they would be held to be equal i:i power, and be jointly consulted by the tribe on occasions of I important--..'. Tho prospect- of being a spectator ui so u.'iusuii,! a sight overcame my Ue..;iro to be gone, and I accepted the chief's invitation to see it out. Before midday I regretted it, for though the western heavens grew darker aud darker, and the still air heralded tho coming of the storm, yet it did not couie. By -i o'clock it became obvious that it must burst soon—at sunset, the old chief said, aud iu the company of the whole assembly I moved down to the place of combat. . cro\vu ;:s I 'iot c:d i ..viir: ed, fro:;) I !K l a'iout a lil 1 .: ;:rj.l chief in fear. Hardly wore the words out of his mouth when the heavens were lit up again till they literally seemed to flame. There were the men, not four paces apart. A great flash fell between them; I saw them stagger beneath the shock. Indaba-zimbi recovered himself first—at any rate.when tho next flash came he was standing bolt upright, pointing with his assegai towards his enemy. The chief's son was still on his legs, but he was staggering like a drunken man, and the assegai had fallen from his hand. Darkness, then again a flash, more fearful, if possible, than any that had gone before. To me it seemed to come from the eaat, right over the head of Indaba-zimbi. Next instant I saw the chief's son wrapped, as it were, iu the heart of it. Then the thunder pealed, the rain burst over us like a torrent, and I saw no more. The worst of the storm was done, but for a while tho darkness was so dense that we could not move, nor. indeed, was I inclined to leave the safety of tho hillside where tho lightning was never known to strike and venture down to the ironstone. Occasionally there still came Hashes, but, search as wo would, we could see no trace of either of the wizards. For ray part, I believed that they were both dead, Now the clouds slowly rolled away down the course of the river, and with it wont the rain; and now the stars shone out in their wake. "Let us go and sec,' 1 said the old chief, rising and shaking the water from his hair. "The fire light has ended, let us go and see who has conquered.' 1 I roso and followed him, dripping as though I had swum a hundred yards with my clothes m, and after me cam all the people of he kraal. We reached the spot; even iu that light I could see where the ironstone hud been split and fused by the thunderbolts. While I was looking about me, I suddenly heard the chief, who was on i:iy right, give a low moan, and .saw the people, cluster round him. I went up nnd looked. There, on the ground, lay the body of his son. lie wan a dreadful sigh!,. Ilia hair was burned off his head, the copper rings upon his arms wero fused, the assegai handle which lay near was literally shivered into threads, and, v.-ii','':i 1 took hold of his arm, it seemed lo methu-D every bone of it was broken. The men with the chief fiiood gating silently, while-the WO:IHTI v, .vik-d.' "Gn-at i.i tlsii magic of [nihiba-jiiml.i," li. T!K- chief turned lu-avv blow with t!) j Mr. J. P. Blaize, an extensive real estate dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, narrowly escaped one of the severest attacks of pneumonia while in the northern part of that state during a recent blizzard, says the Saturday Hcview. 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The kraal was built on the top of a hill, and below it the land eloped gently to the banks of a river about half 4 rai "my ring his own he:::!, when they reach nity. "!s'u•.'.', \.'! a bigger wi/..;rl had better clear about to begin." 1 thought this sound advice. "Good luck go with you, my black uncle," I said. "I hope you don't feel the iniquities of a misspent life weighing on you at the last." "You look after yourself, and think of your own Bins, young man," he answered, with a grim smile, and taking a pinch of snull', and at that very moment a flash of lightning, I don't know from which storm, struck the ground within thirty paces of me. That was enough for ma. I fairly took to my heels, and as 1 went I heard old Indaba-zinabi's dry chuckle of amusement. I climbed the lull till I came tc where the chief was sitting with his Indunas, and sat down near to him. I looked at the mail's face and saw that he was intensely anxious for his son's safety, and by no meaaa confident of his powers to resist t^e masks, of. lujdaba-zimbi. Ha said u i:};i:i at ic: :i.:;il iiiruci: him hei'rie in hi:.; hi'.r.d. "Clroat or not, Uiou <;og, ho i;'.ui!l r.Ie,'' 1 he cried, ",".:.'d ::u:,iialt tl'.oa ii thuu t;in;r- t. 1 .-.t Iii;} ];":;;.-;(.•; so loudly." I L'aid nothing, Lu!: thinking it pro!;::l.i.- that ladabu-ximlji had s;!um-d llie fat.'of hi:; enemy, '.voiit to loo!:. J.kit I could oci! nothing of him, ;:i)il at length, being thoroughly chilled with tho wet, started back to my wagon to get a change of clothe..;. On reaching it, I was rather surprised to see a straugo Kaffir seated on the driving box wrapped up in a blanket. "Hullo! come out of that." 1 said. The figure on the box slowly unrolled the blanket, and with great deliberation took a pinch of snuff. "It was a good fire fight, white man, was it notV" said Indaba-zimbi, in his high, cracked voice. "But he never had a chance against me, poor boy. He knew nothing about it. See, white man. what comes of presumption iu the young. It is sad, very sad, but I made theflashea Hy, didn't I':" "You old humbug," I said, "unless you are careful you will soon learn what comes of presumption in the old, for your chief i.s after you with an assegai, and it will take all your magic to dodge that." "Now you don't say so," said Indaba- zimbi, clambering off the wagon with rapidity;'' aud all because of this wretched upstart. Then s gratitude for you, white man. I expose him, and they want to kill me. Well, thank you for the hint. We shall meet again before 'HiisuiiiiiiliiiK remedy for dyspepsia of the n o.-l. chrome lyp,,, is u,o i- c . sll!t ; jf m;lliy ye;u .- s '- uiliciil ii;»ciircii ot onu ot tlio most noted and eminent ine<n«.tl scm.hirs 0 | (lie purioil, Ur U \i-nio awiutmi futiuit and propriutarv nos- tiiim.iliiiveliiui no more bitter opponent than t.ns must, uniniuiic |<;iau,lortlie simpla iva- MIII Unit UK. .sauii! UOSH is invarmljly prescribed to u; SUU.-KIT. 1,0 iium-r what the temperature l Hie iJiiiiuiii.andiiiimiitior what tlio peenliar- [iies ..i liu- <II.SU;L-H', mid Uiis, too, ni the faco of (an- i-iiiiiiiNlliiiisucli ivimulies will ottro a ma- juniy ui Uuo\< n ui.SH.ises. I _ i'i. .-\\nium ivuli/i.-.l 1'ully lo \vhut extent ! u\sji;MiMa, \vhei hoi- mi,d or '.-In'onic bv inijjov- i-.i.-.i.n;; amipoisi.uii,., Uu , Mood, beeamu the pioj,eniitii- m nuiiiei • us iliieasus, an ior;,eai.s to discover its true :li: . :;•; ;,!!•;€<• :-;|'(||, |,n! jn pj-^. .'<•: 11.1 ••.i ;•.--.! "i-i\v,he never over^v:fl t-lutt tho synip- •1'fn !.,!• lf.:',Jt.i ;LIK( occiiputiuu of • 'Uum- i not uuiy a dillorenee in i'.<ni tit his ivinedy.ljiit also demau- lenial lu-alinent and dietary diree- > • ,i • ')lj21)IOALCo. seiul in eoniiectioii wiin this celebrated Specific for Dyspepsia a complete treausu by uu in:, which gives explicit directions lo the .sufl'(..-rer, su Hint ho nuy not. ouy intelligeniiy use ihe remedy, but- also pioperly regniale HID diet, and properly self- atlmini.stei; ihe .supplemental Snvscriptioiis suited lo I ho case. not your This is Medical Treatment and Quaokery. Do not IK- vobln-d ol' ymu- luoiioy and nopi-.s uine.iioiud in-aiih In- siliujfe'd pan, wuiiui;oi.i|j,ir.uivvily harmless will cure iiiK. s ,M.\ iv).\'>S i-U'KCIl- 1C j.s sold by all wiMd in $\ pa.«kajii-.s. \Ve UK- iiitroduelug it i'lveb in tin.-, lonnoiy, biaore placing H on \ulii .\oiir KjiiiiiiiH; |)liiino.u'isl;-;. and will i'.s j.) ai.y injiir<;.ss tijioa rc- iiiuuii K ;i!0.iiui!Hi..s the niedt- MViiiii'.i, yiiiii^; dietary di- -uicuUil p>.:.->ur M iiiuiis. •S WIN TON MKD1CAL CO., l-''i.inln.-r ia;iidinj;. Chicago. 111. Notice of ol'the Alj^ona Co-Operative Compttuy. T HE name of this Corporation s!mH he Tho AlKoiui Oo-ov>eriiiivt) Creivmery Co., and the principal place ol' husiness shall he at Al- KODH, lo'.vii. The general iiiituro of the hu.Viness to bo transacii'il by tins corporation shall be to collect and niivnnl'aci.iu-e into butter and cheese, or either, the milk belonging lo tlio .sul/.seribors of its capital stocU, and to purchase antl inituu- I'aotureinilk, ereain and other dairy products; eggs and poultry, and to sell the same ; and 'may put in and rim for pj-ollt and the Iteiiollt of the stoek holders, a feed grinder and feed null with maeliiiiefy necessary to run the same, aud to do whatever in the judgment of the directors may bo necessary to make the aforesaid husi- ues's succ.essful. The Capital s-loek of this corporation shall be, inio s:i shitres of Sufl.nn each, yviili privilege of increusing ta Ss.iioo.iii), divided into HiO shares ol'S.'iu.iiu each, upon resolution passed by Board of Directors. This corporation shall comindnca business April 1st, lrt)L'. and shall continue twenty years unless .sooner dissolved. The ali'iiirf. 01 this eorporal.ion shall be vested in u board of live directors, elected hy and from among the stockholders, at annual meeting on Saturday of Jami'iry of each year, and the directors shall elect such other officers as auo provided for by tlio Ily-laH's of this Corporation. The liiuhest aiiKiiuit of indebtediiesii this cor- poi-alionCan lusjjiiily conirant .shall at no l.hno exceed one hail' of ils paid up Capital Slock. The private property °t ilie Btockholders shall in no event be liable for corporate debts. JJiivuturs : '''• '•• WILSON, N. A. I'JNIC, MVltON NOl-UtNCK, A. Ii. l.USH, 27-30 H. J. (ULIIKIIT. seiiu reiuuiijim. i<:, (.•ai iM;iiiij>u of j it- ijiioiis mid bi (.'an Ija made in u mouths : M'uuisuti's Atlas- t.«, Cha-.-ts and Wall Maps. Particular.'! free. H, C TUHISON, Chicago, ffls. made by our agents everywhere. No cap Hal required. All cash commissions. From $3 to $10 per day, easy. Write for Information how to secure an income. Men with team or lioiso and buggy preferred, but tliis is not essential. PUB. £0 ff IU, Druulteuuestf—Liquor Habit—Iu all the World there is but One Cure. J>r, Huinc-s' Golden Specific. It can be given iu a cup of tea or coffee without the JuiowUulKB of tliepeisou taking it, ef- fiieUiii; HI .speedy anil |>tu'umnent cure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousands o£ drunkards have been cured who have taken tbe Golden Specific in their eolTee without their knowledge, and today believe iliey quit drinking of tliolr owjj free will. No harmful ellects results from us administration. Cures guaranteed. Send for circulars and full particulars. Address iu con- udence, Golden SueciucCo., 185, Eace street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 22-ia ..A.fe i-Liife

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