The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 5
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1L&ONA REPUBLIC AN 27* .892. \ Oats j.. ....... .Si Eggs .......... .10 Cattle. $0.00 @ $0.00 Wheat .......... 70 Flax .......... .75 Corn.. ........ ..^6 Butter ...... , .20 Hogs... ..... 4.86 Barley ......... 2f, Timothy. ...... .90 LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. The date fixed for the lecture of Mrs. )eVoe on, "Woman Suffrage," isMon- lay evening, May 9th, at the Congre- ;ational church. Admission will be ree. John Geodera; dhahge.of ad.—See it. A few mild cases of measles in town. State street needs another graveling. F/astern Star Chapter tonight for work. This wet weather is a damper on business. Attorney Pangburn of Elmore was in town Monday. The infant child of W. E. Laird died last Thursday. , 'Andy Robinson, of Britt^ was in town this morning. Quarton went to Garner this morning on legal business. Kossutli, the Hungarian patrot, was ninety years old last Saturday. We have seen snow in May and corn planted in June and good crops. Jas. Taylor returned from Chicago last Friday. Look for his. ad. Mrs. Kate Foster has gone to Dakota to spend the summer with a sister. J. W. Sullivan has been at his home near Iowa City for the past few days, Miss Edith Clarke has been visiting her friend, Eva Kamrar, of Webstei City. Arthur Waldo writes from Lakeporl California. He remained but a day 01 two in Omaha. Brother Ingham, of the Upper Des Moines is contemplating an extendec western trip. J. R. Laird went to Emmetsburg yesterday to assist in making an invoice of a stock of goods. Ackley Hubbard, Henry Winkle's tinner was .visited last week by a brother from Mason City. Ralph Miller had a visit last week from his cousin, Clarence Freeman who is a traveling man. A. A. Branson is enjoying a visr from a brother who is in the cattle business at Des Moines. Miss Nettie Durant IB home from Iowa College on account of ill health induced by over study. Mrs. A. Sawvel returned last week from her visit in Ohio. She was absent about eight weeks. The Epworth League now meets on Monday evenings instead of Sunday as heretofore. All are invited. Owing to the bad weather John Goeders will continue his special sale of carpets, curtains etc. for one weeek. Miss Ada Adams, who has but recently returned from a visit in Nebraska, is having a ran of the measles. Miss Lolla Randall commenced her summer term of school in the Wm. Shanor district northeast of Burt last Monday. The warm sun is shining today, and the farmer is mighty happy. It means a chance to get the crops into the ground. There is to be a club dance at the Thorington Saturday evening. Music is to be furnished by Pat Cady's orchestra. Now that the opera house is a sure thing let us turn our attention to electric lights as the next thing most heeded. Charley Cottrel is at Burt this week and a new messenger boy by the name, of Chris Skow is carrying the dispatches. Geo. Fields has secured a good job with a live stock insurance company of Sioux City. His family will remain in Algona. Sioux City cyclists have arranged for a road race in the near future from Le Mars to Sioux City, a distance of twenty-eight miles. Miss May Sarchett is teaching a term of school this spring in Hebron township, district No. theee, four miles • south of Elmore. Webster City has been having scarlet fever, but there were no fatal cases, the disease seems to prevail this spring in a mild form. Weather doctor Hicks makes a gloomy prediction for the month of May. We are to have cold rains, frosts, destructive storms and earthquakes. Special meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star this evening at 7:30 sharp. All members, a^e urged to come out as there is work to be done. Dr. Sayers,our popular Veterinarian, returned Saturday from a three day's trip to Sibley, where be was called in his capacity of Veterinarian. Prof, Dixsonan/Vpwty returned from the contest at Orestpn Monday morning, all in good spirits notwithstanding the fact that they brought no medal. II. Balcoro is making some startling prices this week. If you don't believe it look at tbe prices quoted in his advertisement and you will beconyj,pced. , Tbe ladies Q| tbe Congreg,»tional church will give a supper in the^urqli A meeting of the Ladies' Aid Society of.the M. E. church will be held-at the •esidence of Gardner Cowles, tomorrow evening for the purpose of electing ofticers. Danson & ITutchinson have engaged Gal Me Cane to break 100 acres be- onging to them in Sec. 6 Fenton township preparatory to sowing the ground in (lax. Sidney Rist, James Chapin, Carrie Johnson and Agnes Young, will go today to Whittemore to Attend the quarterly meeting of the Northern Iowa Baptist Associaton. An effort will be made immediately to reorganize the I. O. G. T. Lodge in Algona. The district organizer is expected to be here in a short time and will try to organize a lodge. Next Sunday evening the missionary circle of the Baptist Church, will give u missionary service, of varied and attractive character. Young and old will participate. All are welcome. Nothing further has been heard of the Whittemore'paper. It is just as well. There are so many papers foraging around in Kossuth County now that the pasture is getting a little short. A meeting of the opera house association was held last night to further plans and attend to a few matters of business. A meeting will be held the first Tuesday in May for the election of ofticers. Nineteen head of cattle out of one herd near Webster City perished in the blizzard a week ago last Wednesday. It seems strange that the cattle should have succumbed to the storm as it was riot very cold. Wm. Ormiston, of Seneca, one of the oldest and most highly respected residents of the county, died last Wednesday and was buried Friday. An obituary notice will be found in the Bancroft NEWS. John Adams, who has been at Hot Springs, .South Dakota doctoring for rheumatism, has returned to his work at Genoa, Nebraska. John's friends in Algona will be pleased to learn of his recovery. Miss Ella Langdon returned last Wednesday from Chicago where she had been making a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Townsend. She also visited Mr. and Mrs.JBert Langdon, at Elgin, during her absence. Regular meeting of W. C, T. U. at tbe Reading Room on Friday afternoon at three o'clock. Members are requested to be present as there are some arrangements to be made in relation to the coming convention. Supplements containing Dolliver's great speech on the tariff are given with this issue of the REPUBLICAN. We are glad to be able to furnish our readers with this speech. Democrats especially requested to carefully peruse it. The Epworth League will give a Mayday social at the residence of Gardner Cowles next Saturday evening. Among the features of attraction will be the twining of a May pole. All are invited. Admission ten cents, for benefit of the Epworth League. Mrs. Dodge, of Deleware county, Iowa, mother of Mrs. Edgar Hall, who lives west of town, is visiting with- the latter. Mrs.,Dodge was an early settler of Minnesota and can relate some thrilling incidents of personal experience, at the time of the Indian war. Letters remaining in Algona P. O. for week ending April 23,1892. Mr. L. Tuttle. Mrs. Etta Swartz, Mr. Jack Seigel, Miss Menane Nelson, Frank Wagomer, Hendrick Jorgenson, Mr. Fritz Grouback, Mrs. Ada Johnson, Mrs. Collins. Several mild cases of some eruptive disease are reported. It is not known what the disease is but it may be scarlet fever or scarlatina. In any event it will be well to exercise due care to prevent further spread of the disease. Tbe REPUBLICAN has been requested to "give the city fathers a dig" about the numerous dogs to be found running around loose in the streets. Tbe city fathers will do well to keep their dogs at home, or give the marshal authority to start a sausage factory. Mt. Vernon Hawkeye: Milt Hollabaugh has been offered a lucrative position to go to the Sandwich Islands to take a position in an English school where the art of printing is'taught. He has wisely concluded however to remain and complete his course in Cornell. Prof. Carleton tells us that he expects to renittin with the : Normal School another year. ; - We are glad to hear it, for it insures a well conducted commercial department. We understand that arrangements will be made during fhe summer vgcation for an "actual business" department. Tbe recitation room will be fitted up w}tb desks and offices an<J all the pai«vphfir- noli,a necessary to actual business pj-ac- tice. There will be no further oeces-J gity for our-young'people to go/ awj|y>j Tlio librarian of the M. E. .Sunday School wishes us to announce that all parties having books from the library are requested to bring them in at once, as they are all to be renumbered. There are a good many books out, and those having books should remember that the library is at a stand still until the books are all returned. The monthly review of the Iowa Weather and Crop Service just issued, reports that the temperature for the month of March averaged ten degrees below normal. The month was characterized by more than the average amount Of cloudiness and foggy weather and there were three days of excessively high winds. Traer Star Clipper: West Wilson, of Kossuth county, is in town to pay his father and other relatives and friends a short visit. Ho says seeding is far from finished in northern Iowa. He thinks the proposed railroad from Estherville to Forest City will be built this summer. The distance is seventy miles. Capt. L. E. Baker, of Toledo, formerly captain of Company II, 1st Regiment, is announced as a candidate for major of the 4th Regiment under the new organization. lie is a thorough military man and stands high in I. N. G. circles. Under the new organization company F, of: this place, will belong to the 4th Regiment. City Engineer Daily reports that the materials for the water-mains are on the road fromAnniston, Alabama, and will probably be here nert week. Work will be commenced laying the mains immediately on their arrival. The city intends doing their own work, and Mr. Dailey will have charge of the work. About twenty Odd Fello\vs, some of them accompanied by their wives went to Estherville yesterday morning to attend the district celebration. The Milwaukee road attached a coach to one of their freight trains for the accoma- tion of the excursionists. There was some misunderstanding about the time the train was to leave Algona and quite a number missed the train. An unknown man boarded an Illinois Central train at Cherokee last Saturday and took a seat in the smoker. Shortly after the conductor passed through the car he was startled by the report of a revolver fired several times in quick succession. The. man had committed suicide by firing four shots into his breast within a circumference of four inches. R. A. Hinton decided to leave, the country last winter, and stopped the REPUBLICAN, later on he decided to remain in Kossuth and last Monday he re-subscribed for his paper. We are glad for more reasons than one that he decided to remain in the county. It wont pay to leave the county now that it is settling up so rapidly and land is becoming valuable. Mr. Hinton has been a resident of Kossuth, county for 22 years. .Company F. meets Saturday evening to .ballot for the election of regimental officers. Under the new organization the company will belong to the 4th regiment, but will still be known as F Company. The ticket that seems to stand the best show of election is as follows: For Colonel, Col. Foster of Sioux City, State Inspector of Small Arms Practice; for Lieut. Colonel, Maj. Rule, of Mason City; for Majors, Maj. Prime and Captains Scott and Humphrey. ; .An absent minded;Waterloo clergyman recently appeared in the pulpit minus collar and necktie. He discovered his collarless condition while reaping the first hymn, and the expression on his face was a study. He made a hasty visit to the church paiior and dispatched, a boy for the missing articles. To add to the good man's embarrassment the boy returned with a collar that had seen several days hard service and was consequently not in the spotless condition in keeping with the pulpit. A matched shoot took place yesterday afternoon at Bancroft between Daily and Sessions, of the Algona club, and Sundstrom and Steinberg, of Bancroft. The shoot, which was for 21 live birds and $60 a side, resulted in the following score: Daily, 19; Sundstrom, 13; Sessipns, 17; Steinberg, 8. The boys won their SJitt all right, besides shooting one of the best 21 bird records made in this part of the county in a long season. Miss Sopje Olesbn, of Bock Rapids, was. awarded first prize jn the dramatic class at the state high school contest last Friday night. "Wild Zingarella" was her selection. Harriet Case, of Waverly, was awarded the second prize in the same class. In the humorous class, Berton Adams, of Waterloo, won first a.warfi in tbe rendition of "Sandy McDonald's Signal." Mary Delaplane, of Tipton, won the second prize on select reading. There were fifteen contestants in Miss Hancock's class. Add to this the fact that a contest of that kind is a lottery anyway, and Miss Hancock has no reason to feel discouraged over her failure to secure a medal. J? VQU wafltft^wp^t'^" The Trotting- Meets'. The Trotting circuit this year covers some new territory and will be known as the Dos iMoines and Boone Valley trotting association. Rojfe, Emmetts- b'urg, Algona, Eagle Grove, Webster City and Kl flora are embraced in the circuit. Following is the program of the Algona races which will be held July 19th 20th, and 21st: MUST DAV. 3 ;00 'L ;3l '''rot— Mllornn and repeat— $156,00. _ SKCOtfD DAY. Two year old trot—$100.00. 1< reo Kir all pace—£200.00. Half mile run and repeat—$100.00. THIKD DAY. 2 :-15 trot—§150.00. l<rec!f(ir all Mile and one half novelty—8200.00, Green miming race half mile dasli. Dr. J. C. Davies was elected president of the association at a meeting held in Algona last week, and F. M. Taylor Secretary. At a meeting of the Algona Driving Park Association held in this city last week,D. A. Haggard Was elected President and Treasurer and F. M. Taylor Secretary. — v •< 0H — A curious circumstance came under the observation of Dr. Pride and Geo. Shelley one day last week. Dr. Pride is the owner of a small pup and Mr. Shelley has a shaggy half grown Irish setter. The other day the 'little fellow saw the big dog coming and fainted dead away frcm sheer fright, just as natural as a woman. Cold water was dashed in the pup's face and the usual restoratives applied. In a few moment! he began to gasp and recovered consciousness but catching sight of the big dog again was seized with another attack of palpitation of the heart and fainted dead away the second time, time. It is the first time we ever heard of a dog fainting in the approved fashion. The following from the Creston Daily Gazette in mention of Miss Hancock's part in the contest is highly flattering, and without doubt expresses the real sentiments of a majority of the audience who were present at the con test: "Miss Bertha Hancock, of Algo na, followed with '-Jamie," and the selection was one of \the most conscientiously rendered and closely stud led conceptions of the evening. Ilov this young huly could have been over looked in making awards is one of th profound mysteries of such occasions Her rendition was true to life,;strong self-possessed and -showed remarkabl dramatic skill. It was not the leas overdone, but faithful to the characte outlined and Miss Hancock can rest as stored that her effort, in the minds o the audience, if not in the minds of th judges was none. 1 The Whittemore Advocate put in it appearance yesterday morning. It a siz-column folio with the outside printed at Mason City. The paper doe very well for.a starter, and the editoi Mr. Chas. F.Floyd, will probably mak a living and have meat on the tabl twice a week—which is better than th average country editor'can do—for h> starts out with considerable' advertis ing, and will probably get more. Th Advocate professes not to have, an politics, bub judging from, somethin said about reciprocity in the salutator article, it will have a strong leanin in the direction of the republican pai ty. which is the proper way to lean jus at present. Newspapers. are gettin pretty thick in.Kossuth county picking is getting a little short, but th Advocate is welcome to all it can get and the REIVUBLICAH will be the last t try and run it out of the pasture. :—-» <•> < -. If you want a spring jacket go to Tay lor's. ' CATTLK PASTURE. A limited number of cattle wanted t stock our pasture, located in Twp. 100 R. 80, Kossuth Ca. 6000 acres of goo grassland. Parties having cattle 'to le out, are requested to call on or addres the undersigned for terms and references OJaf, Wright Cp,, Iowa. 29-33 SIGSTAD BROS. On sale at Taylors—35c hats for and children. ladie .Some of our farmers are getting dis- ouraged on account of the weather, here is no occasion fot disc'om'age- nent; the season is backward from laino to California, - and from the ikes to the gulf. If crops are scant in ne section by reason of the late season hey will be scant in another, and i-ices will be good to compensate the armer for the drawbacks of a late sea- on. In reality the farmer is about the ast affected of anyone by a bad sea- on. The prices paid for the products f the farm are regulated by the law of upply and demand. Light crops'-inure heavy prices, and heavy crops ight prices. It is always the business man and the people in the towns and ities who keep the closest watch upon he barometer and have apparently the deepest interest in the crops and the veather. Business is regulated by the veather for the weather regulates the rops on the farm and the farm regu- ates business. If the farmer gets good prices in a bad season, and low prices vhen crops are bountiful, he is about vs well off one time as another. It is he man who has to pay the prices that s the most seriously aliected. If crops ire scant all over the country, prices ire sure to be good: it is only when crops are scarce in his own locality and bountiful elsewhere that the farmer is seriously affected. For the past three or four years the farmers of Northern Iowa have been especially fortunate; while other portions of the State were burned up with drought and crops were scarce, the yield of everything in Northern Iowa was bountiful am prices were nniformely good. It is t little early in the season to get discouraged. Invitations -are out for the marriage of Mr. Max Ilerbst, • and Miss Delh Tennant, at the Tennant House, Sat urday evening. It is a fitting union Botli of the young people are populai in social circles, and their many friends wish them the best of everything and a happy life. Max has been in bnsinesi in Algona for the past ten years, par of which time he has been the junio member of the firm of Chrischilles & Herbst. He has made, friends witl everyone in business, as well as in : social way. Miss : - Tennant is th daughter of the genial landlord of th Tennant House, and is a young lad; of great popularity in social circles The REJP.UBLICAX tenders its heart congratulations. The young peopl have engaged a house west of the L. Lund residence, in West Algona and will commence housekeeping im mediately. Ask Druggtat for f ree bottle Dr. Miles' Nervine. Company P. FJoetion /Notice. Co. F. GTH BE«. 1,-lSFi G, , IOAVA, April 20, 1892. OKD-EU IfO. 3. ,.,H ( In accordance with G. O. N^'s A» G. 0. (C. S.,) an election will tii held at be armory, Saturday, April 80, Nj.892j etween the hours.of 7 arid 9 p. 'flji;,' for he purpose of filling the yacftncik oo- asidned by said order and. to fill such their vacancies as may result' from aid election, viz., one Colonel, one jieut. Colonel and two Majors. Provisions, of the bylaws in regard to oting will b& strictly carried , out. Members should See that they are clear n the books prior to the date of the lection. By order of CAPT. TJIOS. F. COOKK. W. P. JONES, First Seargt. --t»n . In answer to the REPUBLICAN'S inquiry as to what particular brand of vhisky was most beneficial.for use in soughs and colds 13ro. Ilinchon has ent us a catalog of the Western Dis- illingCo..of St. Louis, with the two t'ollowing brand marked with a check mark in lead pencil: Wise's Irish"Whis- cey $4.75 per gallon. We take it that Ilinchon knows what he .is talking ibout for if any one can tell a good ar- iicle of lire water as far as he can smell it, it is the editor of a democratic newspaper. We would now like to inquire of brother Ilinchon how big a dose of the stuff is required to cure a cold and how often it is safe for the man to take ;old who uses that kind of remedies. This is the si/ing np Emmetsburg- gets at the bunds of our new born contemporary the Whittemore Advocate: "Emmetsburg, the recognized "bum town" of Palo Alto county, the harbinger of saloon-slush, a city that has for years been given over to the saloon keepers, a city which turns its back to the law and deliberately and coolly permits their saloons to run wide open in defiance of the law. then turn around and say that Whittemore is infested with bootleggers. Come off the roost, neighbor, and clean your own door yard before you cast any reflections toward Whittemore." We judge that it is decidedly unsafe to monkey with the Whittemore band wagon, now that brother Floyd of the Advocate is around. That is right, an editor should stand up for his town ' Patterson Bros., arc head quarters for No. 1 lard, bologna sausage, sugar cured hams and breakfast bacon,they will make prices lower than the lowest. The latest pattern of dishes, english glassware, and chamber sets has just arrived and are unique in design and cheaper than ever offered before at the big Grocery Emporium of 30-32. PATTERSON BROS. ring ..*••• And Capes. 50 Doz. Ladies and Children's Hats at 25 Cents. ; Continued One Week! Taylor - ^-e + ' I • iHI • ••(•••• (•••••i Will last One Week Logger on account of the Stormy Weather and Bad " • ' •' -I Roads; so be on hand This Week and take advantage of the 10 Per Cent, Discount, o

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