The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1892
Page 7
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N-- AM JON' A, IOWA, H T,h.\j.;sf >..\ V, AI'IMI, Burt Republican. A. C. OA.Tr$r» KcUtor, BURT, IOWA, APRIL 20, 1802. Farmers arc seeding this week-in earnest. J. F. Pollard has become a resident of Burt, having moved his family here last week. Our band is busy two nights in a week and we are hearing from them regularly. Success to the band. Carpenters, masons, blacksmiths and harnessmakers are all busy. We forgot the shoemaker, ho is busy too—ho has the measles. Mr. Smith, the well man of Bancroft, is with us at present. He works at the creamery well during the day, attends the G. T. lodge and is happy evenings, We understand that a new minister is to take charge of the Presbyterian congregation nl, once, Kov. Williams having arranged to'spend some time abroad. The county surveyor is hero platting more town lots. The old plat is all sold out, and Mr. Buell is not the man to stop this little burg when he has plenty of land to plat. The Northwestern folks were hero Thursday evening with the rotary snow plow. It was not only a curiosity but it moved along with ease, casting snow well out of the way. James P. Stow has completed his course in the I. B. 0., making the fourth graduate for Burt from that college this winter, viz: J. II. Shaeffer, Will McDonald, Eugene McDonald and J. P. Stow. The Ladie's Home Missionary Society of the M. will hold their monthly meeting at Mrs. J. D. McDonald's, Tuesday, April 26, at 2 o'clock. Every member is expected to be present as some very important business is to be attended to. We are pleased that James Price, S. H. Breese and S. C. Cottrell, all well known in Burt, have received pensions on account of disabilities received while serving Uncle Sam 30 years ago. We congratulate these comrades and feel certain they have earned all they will get. J. B. Cork sold 40 acres off his farm to S. E. Johnson, of Martelle, Iowa. This 40 has good house and barn and is well improved. Mr. Johnson will take possession at once. He is an auctioneer and will soon have a card in these columns. We welcome him to Burt. J. B. Cork is enjoying a vacation after constant application to R'y business at this place for the last eleven years. He will visit, look around and sell land this summer, Mr. Ash having been checked in as agent—a pleasant man to transact; business with and will answer aU/'ques- tions regarding trains, expresSi,,^., for a time at least.- -" -•-'"' We noticed an unusual happy smile on the countenance of our R'y agent this morning. Later in the day we were introduced to Mrs. Ash, who arrived this morning. No doubt the arrival of Mrs. Ash and children was the occasion of his very unusually pleasant countenance. We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Ash to eur town. Wm. Elvidges' new house is nearly done, and when finished will move his family therein. The outlook for a large amount of building this summer is encouraging. We hear of five new residences to go up, and our carpenters are busy, and have been all winter. We are in need of more sidewalks, and think they will be built soon. Rev. F. J. Chamberlin, the new Presbyterian minister, failed to get here in time for services last Sunday evening. The bad roads were the cause of his failure. Pie requests us to announce that services will be held at the church next Sunday morning at the usual hour. Eugene McDonald goes to Algona this week to accept a position in the Recorder's office. We would prefer to keep him at home if it were best. He has recently graduated from the Iowa Business College with honors, and is well qualified to fill such a place. We are pleased he cau have such a position, and feel certain he will merit favor and friends in Algona. Success to you, Gene. The Good Templar's Lodge is meeting with encouragement. They had a good attendance Friday evening and a good program. Mr. Marble's hall will soon be finished. It is a good one and will be the I. O. G, T. lodge room. All old members and as many new as can will be welcomed in our lodge, and, it is hoped they will do BO at once and thereby aid yi building up a society that will be appreciated by all, and result in good to the entire community. I would most respectfully suggest that all who are troubled with a heavy distressed feeling in the stomach or constipation, pain in the Bide or back, a continued tired feeling, billious or sick head-ache call on L. A. Sheets and F, W. Dingley and get u bottle of Closson's Dyspepsia Panacea. It will relieve you of a great amount of suffering and build up a run down constitution to the satisfaction of all wbo juse it. W. E. CLOSSON. Election Notice, Pursuant to resolution of the Uoujd ol Directors oi tile iuueuendeflt district ol Bun. an electiou will t>« held in tbe Burt school nousu en FrUUy, April 23. im. from 1 o'clock mm I o'clock v, m., tar toe purpose oj *--*-»- » whether tue ImlepemlnDt district of |*(UB boudit to Out awoual; ol p.«rj»se ol wwu it A, A, Beane, A, M,, M. D, Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. J. B. CORK, Real Estate HURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. If HO, and we presume you do, call and see m We have Shoes for the Babies, Shoes for the Misses, Slices for the Boys, Shoes for the Ladies, Shoes for the Men, In all sizes and styles, and'at prices we know will please. NICHOLSON & BUELL. NEW LINE —OF— -AT— W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. Still at the Front! The Old Reliable General Store with Geo. E. Marble at the wheel. Let other places advertise their removal and war prices. Our custotnersr only laugh and realize that they have not yet reached the every-day low prices of the Old Reliable store at Burt. :• THE Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. STOP —AT THE— BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. DANIELS & PHELPS, HARNESS AND SHOE REPAIR SHOP It will .pay you to^call and order a new Harness if you need anything in that line. BURT, .... IOWA. C. C. CHUBB, '* E, J. MURTAGH, President, Cashier. THE BURT, IOWA. General Banking, GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE THE COUNTY NEfTS, Kcportcd by Special Correspondents. TIIK llKPtJBUCAN publishes more outside lews from (1m country and surrounding towns nan all the six other papers published in Kos* nith county combined, For (he Uancroft NEWS see page 3. . To cioRHKsi-ON DENTS :—All coi respondence or inn KKi'unLKiAN should reach this office tor later than Tuesday evening. J'lease bear Jus in mind. ' I..OTTS CS0KK. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler spent Sunday n Whittemore. Miss Mollie Butler 19 teaching the pri nmry department at West Bend. Jenuic Higgins commenced her school n the Oliver district last Monday. A nine pound boy arrived Monday norning at A. II. Bixbys. They feel very proud over the arrival of their son he first iu twelve years. County Supt. Reed recently visited our schools. Jas. Lankc is building a nice picket !cnce around his lots. Mr. Winkel of sewing machine fume was in town on Monday. Mr. and Mrs, Ghns. Wanner have moved into Andrew Drews new house. Mrs. Carrie Gordon and children are visiting with her cousin, Mrs C. C. Samson. The Baptist ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Peters next Thursday afternoon. G. E. Boyle went to LuVcrne on Tuesday to cry a sale. Geo. is at home at that business. Chas. Anderson and family have moved into the front rooms of John Fairbtirns house. Our cooler was occupied on Saturday night by what the Mayor pronounced a plain "drunk." The fine and costs so enraged the offender that he immediately shook the dust of Whittemore off his sandals took the first train and left for parts unknown. The second quaterly meeting of the Northern Iowa Baptist Association, will be held at Whittemore Tuesday and Wednesday, April 26th and 27th, pastors and delegates from other churches will be present, every one is cordially invited to attend these meetings. The Farmers Cooperative Creamery has been rebuilt, and was started up on Monday much to the satisfaction of the stockholders who have sustained a severe loss and much inconvenience by being thrown out of the use of their creamery for so long. John Koch has bought a lot, and will build a restaurant at once. WESLEY. Mrs. Thos. Gray has returned from her visit to Forest City. Editor Ford's new office is well under way. He hopes to move in this week. The M. E. Sunday school gave a very pleasant easter entertainment on Sunday evening. The work on the post office building was commenced to day. A new front is to be added. Miss L. McPherson returned from Chicago this week with a new stock of millinary goods, ladies' furnishing goods etc. The schools opened today with a full attendance in the primary department but a falling off in the higher departments. Dr. McCormack is the lucky purchaser of J. H. Smith's residence property. Mr. Smith was in a hurry to get away to his new home and sold cheap, only $450. The enterprising business men of Wesley raised a purse and set men to work Monday grading up Main street. An excellent thing to do but rather too muddy for good work. Rev. McBride expected to exchange pulpits with Eev. E. L. Stephens of Swaledale last Sunday but Mr. Stephens was sick and Mr. McBride returned from Thornton and filled his own pulpit. Our school board at a meeting held last Thursday resolved to increase the salary of the principal and the intermediate teacher next year. The principal will receive $75 per month, intermediate teacher $40 and primary f 35 per month. J. H. Smith and family will take tbe cars Tuesday evening enroute for their new home in Savanah 111. Mr. Smith has secured a position in a round bouse in Savanah. His business will consist in cleaning and firing up engines ready for tbe track. Frank Heal has a new safety bicycle with all tbe improvements, inflated rubber wheels, cork bandies, latest style of break nickle plated and all tbe paraphernalia that goes to make up a first class machine. Frank hes reason to be proud of it and be is. "Tbo people of Wesley are expected to- do considerable riding the coming summer. S. E. Grove has brought in a car load of buggies and Bacon & Amesbury have ordered several new bicycles. Tbe ladies were not forgotten when the bicycles were ordered and we shall expect to see some of the young ladies managing the "wheel" before many weeks. It is a truth in medicine th*t tbe smallest dose that performs the cure is tbe beet. De Witt's Little Early Risers are tbe smallest pills, will perform the cure the beet, for sale by F. W. AN!) AMMONIA. lfi Contrast j,, t li« KlTer.t of Two I'oinon.H on tho Complexion. The slow absorption of many poisons changes in some more or less modified form the complexion, but arsenic and ammonia show their effect about as quickly as any. The popular belief that arse me.clears the complexion has made many silly women to kill themselves with it in small, continued doses. It produces a waxy, ivory like appearance of the skin during a certain stage of the poisoning, but its terrible after effects have become to well known to make it of common use as a cosmetic. The effects of ammonia upon tho com directly opposite that of arsenic. The first symptom of ammonia poisoning which appears among those who work in ammonia factories is a dis- celonition of the skin of the nose and forehead. This gradually extends over the face until the complexion has a stained, blolclied and unsightly appearance. With people who take ammonia into their system in smaller closes, as with their water or food, these striking (symptoms do not appear so soon. The only effect.of the poison that is visible for 'a lime is a general unwholesomeness and sallowncKs of the complexion. • Many people are slowly absorbing ammonia poison without knowing it. The use of ammonia in manufactures has greatly increased of late, and it is uu questionably used as an adulterant in certain food preparations. Oflleial analysis haye plainly shown its .use, even in such cheap articles of everydny consumption as baking powders. The continued absorption of ammonia in even ininute quantities as an adulterant in food is injurious not, merely from its effect upon the complexion, but because it destroys the couting of the stomach and causes dysyepsin and kindred evils. Professor Long of Chicago, is authority for the statement that, if to fifty million parts of water there is one part ammonia, the water is dangerous. Any poor woman with a starving family can be a thief, but it takes money to be a kleptomaniac It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of DeWitt's Sarsap<trilla. For sale by F. W. Dingley. Hall's Hair Renewer prevents dandruff, and stops the hair from falling. Castleman & Deane, Buildings and Cabinet Work done neatly and promptly. Plans and Specifications furnished up on application. Estimates made. Satisfaction guaran teed. Shop on Edmund St. F, M. Trimble -DEALER IN- FURNITURE Burial - Caskets. tSPUndertaking a Specialty. Ledyard, Iowa. Notice. We have moved to our new rooms east of Grave's Implement House, where we are ready to serve our patrons as usual. Give us a call. U. J. JOHNSON, Toiisorial Artist. A GOOD SEAMSTRESS lllIBEHOLQNEGESSin AND A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY IS ONE OF OUR NEW SEWING MACHINES. FOB FULL PARTICULAR* ADOBCM •UOO»»OH* TO JUNE MANUFACTURING CO. BELVIDERE, ILL. «f flat Ft wily $«wl«a PATENT OR NO Ledyard Times. LEDYARD, IOWA, APRIL 20, 1892. . RUSS, Oats 19 (it .21 Corn 00 _.?s H Butter 18 -attic §0.00 Hogs 0.00 wheat 05 Barley ... ,18ra.20 jax : ... .$ .77 Hay 0.00 F. Green is putting clown n well for F. enks, our popular liveryman. J. Stewart, of Whittemore, has bought . lot and is putting up a house east of Ir. Kesor's. Howard fcicoville is having a well dug, j ml a wall built on his lot east of the' chool house. ' Geo. Gross, of Goklrield, has been | laking Ledyard a visit. He thinks some f coming here to slay soon. A meeting will !,<_• bold at tho school i ouso on Thursday evening of this week, i i consider the question of incorporation. I Those desiring t 0 t!l i {0 ] ussons - m he Hying trapeze act, will do well to ill o;i Schuyler Castleman, Ledyard, owa. Kcolt Johnson moved clown to Moore's liding a few days ago where ho will spend he summer. We are sorry to have them :-ave Ledyurd. Easter Sunday was observed with ap- iropriate exercises by the Sunday school. Much credit is due the children for the part which they took in the program. The storm of last week has made it ex- retnely muddy around town, and f urnish- d new and abundant proofs of the necessity of sidewalks and other town mprovemeuts. Remember that Rendall & Grannis mndle the best gasoline stove in the market, "The Quick Meal." Also, the best sewing machine made "The New lome." Also the Estey Organ which is hard to beat. Mr. aud Mrs. Morton Robinson of Vernon Centre moved up the last of the week. They will move out on their farm iouthvvcst of town, recently bought of Hr. Stacy. Mrs. Robinson is a sister of -he Mrs. J. F, and J. B. Rendall. Two brothers of 8. Castleman arrived 'rom Chicago a short time ago. They are working at the carpenter trade with Castleman & Deane, and are likely to make Ledyard their present, and we hope their future home. W. Harrison, who has been spending a few Weeks with us and working at the carpenter trade returned to his home on Friday last. We much regret that he has decided not to make this his permanent home. Mr. Harrison is a cousin of of Mrs. Frank Finch. Castleman & and Deane have the residence of C. Lewis, west of the track enclosed and are pushing it rapidly to completion. They have now a crew of ten men all good workmen. They will commence work soon on a store building 22 x 60 for Mr. Foster of Elmore. Miss Young, of Webster City, opened the summer term of school on Monday last. The school room is distressingly small considering the number of scholars but people starting a new town must with Longfellow "Learn to labor and to wait," and with Gallagher "Get there just the same." J. H. Lighter, of Rolfe, editor of the Reveille was in town Monday. The Reveille is the leading republican paper in 1 ocahontas county. The Reveille's democratic neighbor, we understand is contemplating starting a paper in our town. That we need a local paper we will all admit, but republican sentiment is too strong here (not to speak with disrespect of clean, intelligent democracy) to support a paper run in the interests of old-time democracy and free whiskey. If there is a good painter in the county he would do well to come to Ledyard soon. We must have some signs painted, and besides that every building in town should have'a coat of paint. Nearly all the buildings put up within the last year are good buildings, and deserve to be painted. Paint is economy in the way of dollars and cents, besides adding one hundred per cent to the appearance of a building or of a town. We don.t want a daubster, but feel positive that a good workman would be in demand. Posi tively none others need apply. Notice tolContractors. Sealed bias will be received up to and on baturday. April so. 1892, till 2 o'clock p. m.. foi thei bulldfug of the Methodist Episcopal churcli at Ledyard. Iowa. Plans and specifications can be seen at the office of P. M. Trimble. The committee reserve the right to reject any aud all bids. F. M. TBIMBLE, j WNfti . E.G. FITZ. V Committee 23 o. A, OBDWAY, j PHYSICIAN & SURGffiCXN Office in Miller Bros. Drug Store. LEDYARD, - - - IOWA- Notice to Contractors, Seated bids will be received up to and on April as, 1892, at 2 o'clock p.m. for the building of a stone wail lor the at Ledyard Contract will be let to the lowest responsibl e »> S £?, c "!?, 8tl 9 n8 ma y De see » at the office . M. Trimble, Ledyard. » » of K. uiuic. ncuyaiu. F. M. TBIMBLE, 0. A. OBDWAY, 28-29 E. O. FITZ, Committee. WM. LESLIE, Real Estate and Insurance , Iowa. i am prepared to make Farm Loans at lowes rates. For Sale by Kendall Water I Water, I emj prepared to put down wells m all parts of the coim try at me lowest prices, Su; warranted. 0 Has a full stock of and is now ready to accommodate the people of Leonid and Yicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A. Ordway, over Ordway's agricultur- implement store. FITZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And— INSURANCE. Ledyard, - - - Iowa. Having Opened a Hardware Store, — AND Tinshop,*- I respectfully ask a share of the patronr ige of the people of Ledyard and vicinity. Personal attention given to sheet metal) work and satisfaction guaranteed. Yours for Trade. E. J. SKINNER. Ledyard Livery, Feed -And- SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, - Iowa. Agency for the Celebrated McComick Binders and Mowers, rCo, Mowers, Minnesota Threshers,. Eushford Wagons and Buggies, Best Gang and Sulky Disc Harrows, Smootbing.Harrows, ForcelFeed and Broad Oast Seeders*. Fanning Mills, Pumps, Land Rollers, And in fact everything kept in » First-Class. Implement gouwe. \i*a

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