The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1892
Page 5
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 18U2. LlGONAREPDBLICAN IOWA, APML 20, 1892, )fttB ALGONA ....... SI ..... 10 Corn ............ j|6 Butter ........ 20 Timothy ........ 90 1 OUR CMJBBINO LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: NEWSPAPERS. Des Moines Beglster «|00 ftnfWeekly DM Moines Ne m .V.V.V.V/.'.V. 2.26 HiouxCity journal 2 16 te W 4~twinltn Tlan UH1 all l» DCO n Qft Chicago Journal * »' Chicago Inter-Ocean 225 National Tribune - 2 *> Dubunue Times J »> New York Press 200 Toledo Blade • 2 *° MAGAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. Harper's Weekly •* J|> rt Bazar * '° " Magazine *™ " YoungJPeopIe »«> Cfodey's Lady's^ook 3 w Demorest's Magazine 305 Llpplncott's Magazine * }» Scientific American * J» American Economist...' f j» Home Market Bulletin J »j Housekeeper • 5"! Housekeepers Weekly •••••• • • • o an Frank Leslies Illustrated Monthly 2 80 Review 01 Reviews ° 5* The fientury " ™ Toilettes : 2 B0 FABM AND STOCK JOURNALS Iowa Homestead 240 Prairie Farmer 226 The American Farmer J TO "Western Rural 2 85 The'lreeder's Guide and! Practical Farmer l 76 Rural Life •• • 2 x GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS Amerlka... 240 SvenskaTribunen 336 lowaStaats Zeitung 266 Svithiod with premium.. 2 65 Skandlnaven with premium 3 05 TEACHERS JOURNALS Teachers World J J) 0 . TheEducater J Jg lowaNormal Monthly 225 Educational Gazette. 2 oo These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. Subscribe now. Frank Hedrick and wife have been visiting at the parental roof for a few days. Frank is well pleased With his position as mail clerk, and seems to be enjoying life. The gentle snow is falling again today. The season is unusually backward. New settlers will please take note that snows in April are the exception and not the rule in this part of Iowa. Editor Hays of the REPUBLICAN returned Monday morningfrom his trip into the South. Space is at such a premium in theRKPUBj.iCAN this week that an account of the trip has been crowded out and into the waste basket. Letters remaining in Algona P. O. for week ending April 16, 1892. Fred N. Rogers, Dominica Origer, J. B. Wagner, Mrs. Amelia Bash, John Makins, Mrs. L. Fairbanks, Win. Cowen, Carls Larson, Mr. Frank Hicks, Nils F. Larson. If a fellow has a bad cold it is an occasion for taking a little something stimulating. A philosophic mind may extract some little comfort from every affliction.—Algona Courier. What particular brand does the Courier find most beneficial? MORE ABOUT THE OPERA HOUSE. Algona In to have one of the Flne»t in thin JP»rt of Iowa. Hall* The project of building and f urnish- inan opera hall mentioned in the BE' PUBLICAN of last week has taken a definite form. A stock company composed of twenty of the younger bus- LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. A girl baby at Fred Fosters. Mrs. Sessions is reported to be quite sick. A girl baby is reported at Supt. Dixson's. Ed. Murtagh, the Burt Banker, Sun- dayed in Algona. Oranges and bananas atMrs. Hough's Thursday evening. Come to Mrs. Hough's and have a good time Thursday evening. Will Price has returned from a visit at his home in Illinois. Little Orma Vesper is numbered among the sick children in town. eial meeting of Eastern Starr Sesday evening, April 27, for ss Ellen Langdon returned this orning from Elgin, Illinois, where Mis he has been visiting her brother. |||tf The measles have reached Algona jjj it seems. Bert Hallock reports his little daughter as having a light attack. Wilbur Quick has left his job in the Upper Des Moines office and gone to Britt. He has a good job on the Britt Tribune. TheW. II. M. S. of M. E. Church will meet at the residence of Mrs. Black at 2:30 p. m. Thursday. Everybody welcome. Beal Estate Agent Cork, of Burt, and Lawyer Barslou, of Bancroft, were callers at the REPUBLICAN office yesterday afternoon. Jas. Taylor left for Chicago Saturday night. Look out for some bargains on his return. It is impossible to miss seeing his ad. in this issue. Prof. H. A. Dwelle, ofNorthwood, County Superintendant of Worth county was in town over Sunday visiting old time Cornell college friends. The Algona Juvenile Temple, now numbering seventy members in good standing, has just received a handsome prize banner from the State organization of Good Templars. Licensed to marry; Edwin Simpkins and Nannie B. Hill, Peter Hentges and Anna M. Miller, Seymour Allen and Jennie Bowman, Gust Docker and Mary Koepka. Saturday afternoon there were rumors of war on State street, caused by the too free use of snowballs. A treaty of peace was made after some loud talk. Nobody was injured in the skirmish. An opera hall has long been a necessity in Algona and the people are now congratulating themselves that after many days we are about to have an opera house that will be a credit to the town. Archie Hutchinson and W. C. Danson, two mighty nimrods famed for their prowess, were but hunting yesterday and tell a fabulous story of some dozen geese, stubble duck and other wild fowl slaughtered. Mrs. Mattie Nelson, wife of the n»an- ager of the poor farm died Uwt Wed' uesday after a short illness following Prof. Chaffee is contemplating a short term of summer school for the beniflt of the school teachers who may wish a little preparation for the fall examination. Short hand and typewriting will also be taught if there are a sufficient number of students to warrant organizing classes in those branches. Drs. Morse of this city and Busby of Bancroft performed a delicate surgical operation upon the young son of John Albright yesterday afternoon. The bones of one of the childs feet were found to be in a diseased state and had to be removed to avoid the necessity of amputation. Miss Bertha Hancock, goes today to Creston, Iowa, to take part in the state oratorical contest. She will compete with the best speakers from all the high schools in the state, and we venture to predict that she will be well up in the markings of the judges. Prof. Dixon, Miss Maggie Haggard and Lulu Clarke will accompany her. Seymour Allen and Miss Jennie Bowman are at last happily married.. We cannot give the exact date when the ceremony was performed, but it was within the last week. The editor of the REPUBLICAN narrowly escaped a thumping for somewhat prematurely announcing this marriage several months ago. We now extend our special congratulations. With this issue we commence the publication of our new serial story, "Allen Quarermains wife" by H. Rider Haggard, one of the latest and best stories from the pen of that famous author. Everyone should read the story: It is written in Haggard's characteristic style and is full of interest to the end. .# While in Chicago last week Editor Hays had the pleasure of meeting our former townsman. D. D. Townsend, who is now engaged in Y. M. C. A. work with the Madison street department of the Chicago Association. He is enthusiastic in the Y. M. C. A. work and will remain with the Chicago Association indefinitely. Iowa was visited by a heavy snow storm last Wednesday. In some localities the fall is reported to have been from 16 to 18 inches. There was a fall of about 8 inches at Algona, Trains from the south were blockaded for about twelve hours. The snow remained but a day of two and will not have the effect 9! greatly retarding spring work. Arrangements are being perfected for the union temperance meeting announced in the REPUBLICAN last week to be held in the near future. The meeting will continue through two days May 19 and 20, and several prominent temperance workers are expected to be present. The program will be published as soon as completed. A gold medal Demorest Contest will be held during the meeting The marshallsays there was some little trouble in tbe north part of town Friday, and it" took the soothing influence of his presence to allay the excitement. Saturday he was again called on to go up and stop a fracas in the same district, three of the participants were brought down and- paid a light fine for the enjoyment derived. • Another star has beenadded to the brilliant array of speakers, in the person of Mrs. Emma Smith DeVoe, the accomplished and talented queen of the lecture platform.—Indianapolis (Ind.) Sentinel. # Mrs. DeVoe is now lecturing in Iowa for the State Suffrage Society, and is expected soon to visit Algona. Tbe lecture will be free, and every body is invited, The date will be announced later. Mrs. Scbicbtl has purchased a lot of Grandpa Heckart in north Algosa just west of W. C. Danson's property and will build immediately. Besides supporting a family of six children and clothing them well she has been able in the past two oy three yearn to iness men of the town has been partially organized and an agreement entered into with Mr. Ambrose Call, who will erect the building on Thorington street just north of the First National bank, giving the company the use and management of the hall during a period of five years, for a rental consideration of $450 per year. The company is to have a capital stock of $2,600, one fifth part of the stock being payable annually. A meeting of the company is to be held next Friday evening when the organization will be completed and officers elected. As a part of the agreement with Mr. Call the company are to donate $1,000 to go towardthe expense,of stage scenery and furnishings. The boys have circulated a subscription paper among the business men of the town who are anxious for an opera hall, and have practically succeeded in raising the necessary amount. The opera building is to be a brick structure 48x124 feet and 24 feet high. The auditorium will be upon the ground floor, and is to be a commodius room 48x90 feet, with galleries par- quette, dress circle, etc. The hall will be seated with opera chairs and provided with everything in the way of furnishings necessary to a first-class hall. * The building is to be erected some time this summer. Mr. Lund's office building will be moved to the vacant lot belonging to Mr. Galbraith next to the building recently put up for the temporary accommodation of Mr. Carter's grocery store. Hay & Bice will move their building to some other spot not yet determined upon. There will be space for several office rooms in the front part of the opera building, and Mr. Lund will occupy one of them as soon as the building is completed. From the Weather Crop Bulletin. For week ending April 15th, 1892: The past week was unseasonably cold and stormy. The average daily temperature was over nine degress below the normal, and there was but little sunshine. The storm which began Tuesday evening, developed on Wednesday into a regular March blizzard of considerable severity, with rain, sleet, hail and snow, accompanied at times by lightning and thunder. In the northern half of the State the snow Avas quite heavy, and the drifts impeded railway travel. It was an unusual storm for the season, though not wholly unprecedented. The amount Don't Read This Unless you want to Save Money in buying HARDWARE! of precipitation varied from one-half an inch to over two inches. The temperature fell at the close of the storm a little below the freezing point. The principal damage resulting was in delaying the necessary work of an already belated season, and in the loss of young stock not properly sheltered. Fruit is not sufficiently advanced to be injured. Compared with the average of recent years the season is now fully two weeks late, or about as it was at the corresponding date last year. Spring wheat is mainly planted, and the sowing of other small grain is, on an average, about half done. The worst of the present outlook is that the weather is not yet settled, and the temperature is still unseasonably low. The soil is abundantly moistened, and only warmth and sunshine are needed to quicken vegetation and make the farmers happy. The probability is that the untoward conditions will considerably reduce the acreage of all kinds of small grain. It is likely to be a very favorable season for grass. »•-«••-« To Keep the Ball Boiling We offer any suit or overcoat in the house $14.50 worth $22.50. Men's suits from $3 upwards. Underwear, Hats, Caps, etc. H. BALCOM. At Frank's old stand. KIT 'These are a few of my Goods: Baker Barbed Wire. Family Gasoline Cook Stoves. Gasoline Stoves (New Process.) Iron and Wood Pumps. Building Hardware at Lowest Prices. All kinds of Metal Hoofing done at Bottom Prices. Please call and get Prices of J. W. Robinson. Special Sale! 3 Days Only! **r »*r If you want a carpet can do for you. see what Taylor ,Apr.M The Spurgeon entertainment Friday evening at the Congregational church was quite well attended, and for about two hours the audience listened to the impressions of an American tourist on a journey through Scotland, and a visit to the great Spurgeon at the tabernacle in London. There were some stereopticon views after the lecture, and a very pleasant evening was spent bjr the audience. Saturday night at the Baptist church war scenes were given. Jas. Taylor, our enterprising clothing and dry goods man, who is a member of the Democratic State Central Committee has made arrangements with the Northwestern company to have a special sleeping car put on from here to Council Bluffs for the use of the delegates who may attend the Democratic State Convention. It will leave Algona at 6:30 the night before the convention and arrive at Council Bluffs at 7:35 the next morning. Returning it will leave Council Bluffs at 8 o'clock in the evening and arrive at Algona at 8;18 next morning. Mr. L. A. Taylor is going to canvass the county. He has a book entitled "The Lives of the Presidents," from Washington to the present time, also an album and two magazines. 25 beautiful oleographs free with any of the above. He also has penwork. He is an honest boy of 21 years, was born and raised in Kossuth county. He will call at your homes the coming season. The merit of his goods and the extremely low price should secure for him consideration and a large trade. Never fear of fraud when bankers names head the list. * Examine E. Reeve & Go's, fine stock of spring hats and millinery goods before buying. On sale at Taylors—25c hats for ladies and children. E. Reeve & Co. bave on hand everything in the millinery line, at the very lowest prices. When? Now. Who? J. A. Hamilton & Co. What? Their new and complete stock of pine and hardwood lumber, fence pickets, and the celebrated Powervell Felt Roofiing. Where? Head of State street. 26tf OF THIS Five Hundred Yards White Dress Goods. Five Hundred Yards White Embroidery. Two Hundred Yards White Embroidery Flouncing. Two Hundred Yards White and Black Laces. Five Hundred Yards Eemnants of all Silk Ribbons. Fifty Dozen Hankerchiefs from 4c to 25c. Remember, our special Carpet, Drapery and Curtain Sale closes on next Saturday. Yours Truly, Jno. Goeders, Jr. An elegant line of dress trimmings in guimps, passamenteries, jets and fancy silks at SETCHELL & SBTCHELL. Golden egg Noodles for Soups at Langdon and Hudsons. J. R. Jones is unloading another car of the celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons today. This is the second car of those wagons received by Mr. Jones this season. The popularity of the Cooper wagon is another evidence of what an honest-made vehicle will accomplish for its owner or manufacturer It is hard to keep up with the demand for the Cooper. Wake up! Spring is here! Summer is coming! houses in order! Call on Put your C. Who is ready to do your work in the quickest and best way. House Painting. -For Your- GROCERIES We will give you some Bargains in all kinds of Groceries, Crockery and Glassware. Try our FLOUR We will send you better in Quality and Price. We still have some choice APPLES at a very low price. Work guaranteed to be of Latest Style and Best Quality. Orders by postal card or left at his house will receive immediate attention. We are not in the Pool. 22 Years Experience right here in Kossuth county, work. Our books are not for sale. We are here to stay. JONES & SMITH, Algona, Iowa We guarantee our Prices reasonable. Yes We See, Bro. Ellis. The Algona REPUBLICAN rises to request the Register not to publish anything more about that paper until we know it to be true. If Bro. Hays will wipe his spectacles a little and look again he will see that we did not ac- euse him of making the contract foi $12. We wanted to show how untruthful a patent-medicine man would be, by telling an editor that some other paper took his $26 adv. for $12. Do you see, Bro. Hays?— Bancroft Register. - k. 4 0t~4 CATTLE PASTURE. A limited number of cattle ' wanted to stock our pasture, located in Twp. 100, R. 30, Kossuth Co. 6000 acres of good grass land. Parties having cattle to let out, are requested to call on or address the undersigned for terms and references. Olaf, Wright Co., Iowa. 39-33 SlGSTADBBOS. IO PER CENT. Discount FOR IO DAYS, ONLY i death £ay§ enough fmw hey spaing* fa Hurrah for tbe Farmers. Something they all need. The Excelsior Windmill Attachment and Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do tbe work of any feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seea at Matt Richardson's ware house on State street. Come i» and see us. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get no pay- Jp$. HPOI $ BROS., 4}«Q»ft* On our Entire Stock of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. awn AU in need of Carpets should take advantage of tfcis SaJte, alao Curtate Drapery, Bugs, Eta

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