The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1892
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, lOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1898. and DEPARTURE of TRANS. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, Mo. No. »o. Ho. 1 passenger.. ? : S2*IS apissenger ; 4:37 pm 9 freight 7 :15 a m iswayfrelght "W m 5 freight 8:17 p m GOING RABT. ALGONA REPUBLICAN (QJWdt Ptfpor of Kottuth County and the City of Algona.) Entered at the post office Ir. Atgona as second class mail matter. «o. 2 passenger.. , ?»o. 4 passenger.. So, 10 way freight Jfo. 14 freight, Ho. 8 freight 10:55 pm Chicago & Northwestern K'y. GOING KOBTH AND WEST Bwlght accommodation .............. Chicago Mall and Express ........... GOING SOUTH AN1) EAST. Freight accommodation ............. Chicago Mail and Express Chicago passenger reaches Des 7 p. m., Chicago 6 :50 a. m., and Kansas City 9 &> a. m. Tickets for sale to all points In the •Jnlted States and Canada. 8:18 a m 3:34 p m 2 :3T p m Molnes at PROFESSIONAL &BDSIESS DIRECTORY, B. J. DANSON. W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Frank Bros. Algona, Iowa. E. V. SWETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona. Iowa. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth Co. Bank. Algona, Iowa. GEO. E. CLARKE, A TTORNE 7 AT LA W, Office over 1st National Bank, Algona, Iowa. PUBLISHED EVERY WKDNK8DAY JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance $1.60 One copy, six months. In advance 76 One copy, three months, In advance........ 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. „„,,„ THE REPUBLICAN is an A1.L HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent in sides. ___ The morning papers report the result of the election in Louisiana yesterday to be in doubt. Five complete and distinct tickets were in the field. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Leans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Uhrischllles'store. Algona, Jowa. The campaign of education upon the tariff question has been commenced by the republicans. Let it be continued and vigorously prosecuted from now on until after the election next November. In such a course lie the best possibilities for a big republican victory. Sam Clark, of the Keokuk Gate City, has been saying a strong word for Dolliver in his paper. No other member of the Iowa delegation at Washington has as large a following of friends and ad mirers outside of his own district as J. P Dolliver. JAS. BARR, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Offiee on State street, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office at residence. Algona, Iowa, DE. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Thorington sis. Aleona.Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Consultation in English and German. Over Goetcli's store, Whlttemore, Iowa. CHAS. McCORMACK, ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN, Guarantees to cure Catarrh. All telegrams will receive prompt attention and I will pay for the same. Wesley, Iowa. Congressman Dolliver's recent speech in congress is acknowledged to have been ona of the greatest speeches upon the tariff question ever delivered before tha body. Our inability to give the reader of the REPUBLICAN even a synopsis o the speech is a matter of considerable re gret. A democratic paper is trying to extrac comfort out of the reflection that "Rhod Island is a little state and don't amoun to much." We would advise that pape to work its imagination around to th point of believing that the Uuited State is a pretty small country and don' amount to much. The United States going to act just like Rhode Island did next November. The effect of a protective tariff upon wool is immediate and noticeable as th history of our wool tariffs will show. Ii 1867 a protective duty was placed upoi wool to the manifest great advantag of the sheep raise of the United States The number of sheep rose from 28,477, 343 in 1870 to 50,626,626 in 1884. In 188 the tariff on wool was reduced and th effect was immediate. In 1889 the num ber of sheep had fallen to 42,599,079. Th effects of the McKinley bill upon the sheep industry are already being felt, and it is estimated that there are now about 45,000,000 sheep in the country. If the farmers of this country wish to find any profit in raising sheep they will favor their own interests by insisting that a good strong protective tariff should be retained upon wool. The democrats in congress have struck scheme for the circulation of free trade tterature at the public expense. Under he privilege granted congressmen to print their speeches in the Congressional lecora.some half dozen democratic mem- >ers of the house, including congressman Bowman of the 9th Iowa district, have managed to get the entire work of Henry George against protection printed in the Record. Each of the half dozen congressmen incorporated sevaral chapters of the book in his speech, and the speeches were so scheduled that the chapters appeared in the Congressional Record in their regular order. Congressman Bowman's speech, omitting the two or three ihapters quoted from Henry George, was as follows: Mr. Chairman: I desire to have printed, as expressing very ably my views on the subject of this bill, the following, being an extract from Henry George's writings. It is the ablest paper that I know of in opposition to the theory of protection. Dolliver represents the Tenth district in Congress, but he is too promising a man to be hemmed in by the boundry lines of a small congressional district. All Iowa is interested in the man to whom Thomas B. Reed is willing to concede his time in debate. Ho honored his stata and his party in his recent magnificent speech in Congress in opposition to the Democratic free wool proposition.—Toledo Chronicle. LITERARY NOTES. In the current number of Harper's Young People William Dean Howels begins a fantastic and amusing tale called "The Pumpkin-glory," which is appropriately illustrated by Verbeck. Kirk Munroe's new serial "Canoemates,"ls continued, and there Is an unusually rich variety of short steries, sketches, and interesting articles. Tribute to Shakespear is the title of a unique and attractive little volume by Mary K. Silsby, to be published at once by Harper & Brothers. It includes what are believed to be the best poetical tributes to the great dramatist printed during three centuries. The poems arc arranged for the most part chronologically, and whenever necessary are supplemented with brief explanatory notes. The nature of the northern part of the new British empire that Mr. Cecil Khodes is establishing in South Africa is well desciibed in an article in the Review of Reviews, for April, entitled "With Mr. Rhodes Through Mashona- land." It is an account of a long journey inland that Mr. Rhodes, the Premier of Cape Colony, has just taken to inspect the wonderful new gold fields, over which there is so great an excitement. Tlie article is illustrated with several portraits, including a full-page picture of "Mr. Rhodes at Home," Julian Ralph, continuing his very popula series of papers on the great Northwest, has written an account of "The Dakotas" for the May number of Harper's Magazine. Those who have read his former articles will need no introduction to this strikingly comprehensive and graphic description of one of the most remarkable portions of our country. Rendering to the six new states recently admitted into the Union, Mr. Ralph says : "In area they are about the size of Alaska, and they are larger than France, Germany, Italy and Holland combined. One if the States is greater than Great Britain and reland, and one county in that State is larger han New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Con- lecticut. The population of those six States is ,bout like that of little New Jersey, yet it is thought that at least half as many persons as are now in the entire country could maintain ife in that corner of the nation." The value of a comprehensive and popular exposition, such ts Mr. Ralph gives, of the peculiarities of situ- Uion, soil, and resources of this great region s at once evident. E. E. SAYKRS, D. V. M., VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Bg-Office west of tlie Thorington House, Algona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. DANSOX & HUTCHISON, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. Office over Kossuth County Dink. Also do a loan and insurance business. Algona, Iowa. C. B. MATSON, REAL ESTATE, FARM LOANS AND INSURANCE, Office with Dlngley & Moffatt. Algona, Iowa GEO. C. CALL, REAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT OFFICE For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him, Thorington street. Algona, Iowa. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM L0.4.VS. Office on Dodge street, Algona, Iowa. P. L. SLAOLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature stricily confidential. Office with F. M. Taylor. Sioux City is passing from a condition of double distilled cussedness to a state most remarkable piety. The new mayor signalized his administration by inaugurating a successful crusade against the saloons and bawdy houses which had grown to such a large number under the administration of Mayor Palmer and his democratic council. Now the saloon men are retaliating by enforcing the Sunday closing laws. Drug stores, cigar stores and restaurants were closed last Sunday. Street car lines were tied up considerable excitement prevailed. It is reported that an effort will be made by the saloonists to prevent the publication of the Sioux City Journal next Sunday morning. From being the worst, Sioux City is in a fair way to become the most moral town along the Missouri river. E. G. BOWYER, DEALEK IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant, A. P. HALL, Proprietor. State Street, Alfiona. lodging and meats. Board t>y tbeVday or w»k. Terms |i per day, §3.60 per veto with CONGRESSMAN DOLLI VEIt. Ottumwa Courier: When Hon. J. P. Dolliver made his famous speech as chairman of the Republican state convention a few years ago lie startled the Clarks and Clarksons and Burrels. He was regarded as a phenomenon, and hailed as the foremost political orator in Iowa. Then came the critics who said that Dolliver had been at work for years on that speech and that it was the climax of his oratory. He would bank, they said, on the reputa tion of that effort, and soon sink to the level of mediocre stump speakers. But every consecutive speech that Dolliver has made has proved that those predictions were not based upon a knowledge of the man and his latent ability. And when Mr. Dolliver was sent to congress the critics said that he would talk too much and reveal the want not only of substantial information, but good hard sense. Dolliver's intimate friends, however, entered a protest to all these predictions, and time has proven their wisdom. The best thing about the talented young orator is that he insists on growing. He not only has the ability of putting "cracker" on everything he says, something that will attract attention because of his epigrammatic or humorous way ol putting things, but he is continually dem onstrating that he possesses a student's mind and a student's disposition to get at the bottom of every leading question He also, in his career in the bouse, has demonstrated a remarkable talent for hard sense which has converted into sue cess what to other as brilliant young men perhaps, has invited inevitable failure and oblivion. WANTS, FOR SALE, ETC. •-V^^^^^w>-"v^V^^wx-^^~^^~v-^^^-^-^^x'>^^^^^>«'^^^v.^^rf^^j^^-'~k«^^X PASTUKAGE FOB COLTS-.I win take colts for pasturage for this season. I have a ood pasture of tame and wild grass with run- iing water, 4 miles S. W. ot Algona. Terms •easonable. 28-23 L. E, SHEKWOOD. F OR SALE-A llrst-elass Sewing Machine at a bargain. Inquire at the HKVUHLICAN of- iice. If you contemplate purchasing a machine it will pay you to look up this one before buy- ng. It has never been used and will be sold at a better figure than any agent will give you. R RKNT-Small office room. Inquire of the ItEl'UHI.ICAN. W A.NTED-A FAIIM. A quarter or balf section of good tillable land in N. vv. Iowa, unproved preferred. Will pay one to three thousand cash. Must be a bargain, Address aarly and be precise in description to avoid delay. EDWIN GILKS, •27-31 Pipestone. Minn. R ooms to Rent Furnished or unfurnished inquire at tliis office. 27tf F OR SALE—D. S. Ford has Light eggs for hatching purposes. Brahma uo-30 S HORT HORN BULLS-I have 2 thoroughbred Short Horn bulls which I will|sell cheap for cash if taken soon.—C. 15. HUTCHINS. 29-34 CHURCH DIRECTORY. S EVENTH DAY ADVrtNTisT—Sabbath School Saturday at 2 p in., B. P. Dawson, superintendent. 3 p. m. bible reading, conduct eel by Wm. Cleary. Prayer and social meeting every Friday evening. Everybody invited. WM. OUCAUY, Local Elder, F REE METHODIST—Services at the Free Methodist churcu are as follows : Every Sunday, Sunday School at 10 a. m., social meeting at 11 a. m., preaching at 7 :30 p. m. Every Thursday prayer meeiine at 7 :3o p. m. CYRUS COOK, Pastor. MRS. A. V. COOK, Assistant Pastor. S WEDISH KVANGELlCAIj LUTHERAN — Services every third Sunday at iq :30 a. m. and 7 :30 p.m.; two evening meetings in a mouth ; Sunday school at 12 m. each Sunday ; Ladies Aid society meets every third Friday ; everybody who understands the Swedish language is Invited. REV. AXEL ELF.STUO.M, Pastor. F IRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Moore and McGregor streets. Pastor's study with Mr. D. S. Ford, opposite church. Sunday 11 a. m., 7:30 p. in., services with preaching ; 10 a. m. Sabbath School; U :30 p. m. V. P. S. C. E. Wednesday evening at 7 :30 p. m. regular mid week service with exposition of Sunday School lesson for following Sabbath. Superintendent C. M. Doxsee, Assistant Superintendent Milt A. Hollabaugh. W. E. DAVIDSON, Pastor. M ETHODIST Ei'iscoi'4L—Preaching every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. in. and 7 :30 p. m. Sunday School at 12 in. Epworth League every Sunday evening at 0:15, business meeting every fourth Friday. Prayer meeting every Wedues- day evening at 7 :30. Missionary Societies—Vouiig Ladies Foreign, first Saturday of eacb montb at 3 p.m. Womau'8 Foreign,first Sunday of each mouth at 3 o'clock p.m. Home—Third Thursday of each month at 3 o'clock p. HI. A. S. FJLANIUAN, Pastor. B APTIST—Services Sunday a. m. preaching at 11 o'clock, preaching at 7 :30 p. m. Covenant meeting every mouth ou the Saturday bo- fore the first Sunday at t -.30 p. m. Communion service ouce m two mouths beginning with January on the first Sunday m the mouth. Young peoples service every Sunday evening, one Uour before preaching service. Carrie Johnson, Prea. Sunday school after morning service ev— Sunday, James 04»pln, superintendent. ~ THE GRANGE STORE -Offers for your Inspection- Samples of Carpets ALL GRADES. 3O Different Patterns of I .ace Qurtains. A Fine Line of Chenille Curtains, Moquette and Smyrna Rugs, etc., etc. Ladies! /*' v Matson & McCall want to see you. Call in f ffl and they will show you everything in their f , < line. We are prepared to Fit and Suit Everybody, Matson & McCall. Have Your Magazines Bound, CD CO Bring them to the REPUBLICAN OFFICE. Book Binding of All Kinds done at the Very Lowest Prices. Come in and get our figures. C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) Real Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, We wish to announce to the readers of the REPUBLICAN that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in Northern Iowa, and we invite everybody who wish to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office in Algona or to correspond. As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices. We believe in fair dealing and if you want to sell your property for what it is worth, don't waste any time in listing witti u s . Yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN. era po ^ .H At tlie KEPUBLICAN Office, ov sent postpaid to any address upon receipt of price. The only correct map of Kossuth County in existence. Address, REPUBLICAN, Algona, Iowa. KODAKS are always sold loaded ready for immediate use. They can be used for roll films or glass plates. The new P^Utftf Kodak can be loaded in daylight. Registers exposures and locks automatically whea a new film is turned into place.

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