The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, ALGONA, IOWA, APfclL 18, 1892. RAtLKOAD LAN1V9 Sale l>y the Illinois Central U. K. Co. at tow 1'vlces »ml on Easy, Terms In Southern lUlnnls. The best farm country In the world for either large or small farms, gardens, orchards, 01 dftfivihR. ralsniR stock or »heep. ., . . . This ft destined soon to become the richest Dortlou of the state of Illinois In material wealth, as it is already In the pvortuctiveness of Its soil. A greater variety of crops, with" greater profit, can be grown on a less amount of lands tn this country than can be raised In anv other portion of this state. Its soil, climate, location, and unequaled facilities for transportation to Chicago- the greatest market In ithe world-all combine to assure a future of meat promise to the owner of any of these lands that COUNTY LEGISLATION Official Report of the Spring Meeting of the Board of Supervisors. that are acknowledged superior to any grown even In New York state, pears that are > without, rival In flavor and abundance, winter wheat that takes the premium wherever displaced, the home of clove.i and blue gram i. wfiere sheep can be raised to the greatest profit, and stock can be wintered with but two months feeding at the most ; Healthy and equable climate, Vine schools and churches of many de- of the advantages ofth is great country, situated in the very heart of the Mississippi Valley. to whhili every propheey points as the future great center of wealth A Number of New Uoads Located—the Assessed Valuation of Uailroads-Other Items. One and lands for farm, wheref arme,-s Buy some of these lands and yon can do it, too, by Industry and well-directed efforts. Speeiallnducementsand facilities ottered by ntao the Illinois Central llailroad ---.•fi"-*••-;«£- and examine these lands. For full description and map and any information, address or^ call UP ° n Land Commissioner L 6. R. K. Co. 78 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois. 20ti LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. Trains leave Emmetsburg as follows : GOIXO NORTH. f. bswam No. Cl passenger No. 63 passenger No. 85 freight No. C» freight OOIMG SOUTH. No. CO passenger 8 :35 a m So. ia passenger 0 :35 p m No. C4 freight 8:36 am ALGONA, IOWA, April 4th, 1892.- o'clock p. m. The Board of Supervisors met in regular session. Members present: Peters, Lovell and Holta. Minutes of January adjourned session read and approved. J. M. Stewart comes before the board to rent section 16, township 99, range 27. for herdinp purposes for the season of 1892. B. Devine having made a bid for the same and not being present, the matter was deferred until 3 o'clock. A. L. Seeley makes the board an offer for plank from old bridge over Plum Creek, and on motion he was authorized to remove the same on paymentof two dollars, which amount was thereupon paid. On motion, the county treasurer was authorized to refund the county poll tax for years 1889 and '91 to Wm. H. Godfrey, the same being erroneously assessed. At 2:30 o'clock H. C. Hollenbeck appears and takes his seat. George F. Holloway, by J. W. Sullivan, his attorney, presents a bill for 500 yards of grading at 13 cents per yard on south line of section 3, 90, 30, and demands payment therefor. The board defer action on said bill, and on necessary grading thereto. On motion, the claim of p. 0. Mop- son for hogs killed by dogs was allowed and the auditor instructed to draw warrant on the domestic animal fund for 75 per cent of claim. Claimed $15, allowed $11.25. On motion, J. O. llawson was appointed a committee to view and, if necessary, to build a bridge over the Black Cat creek, near southwest corner of section 4> 96, 29, and do necessary grading thereto. On motion G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to view and, if necessary, to build a bridge on township line between Wesley and Plum Creek townships on west line of section 18, 96, 27. On motion, J. O. Ravson was appointed a committee to view and report at the June session on expediency of building a bridge over Lotts Creek on south line of section 20, 96, 30. On motion, H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to view and report at the June session on the expediency of building a bridge over Buffalo creek on west line of Section 11-97-27. On motion, the petition for bridge over the DCS Moines river on section 25, 94, 29 was laid over to June meeting of board. On motion, G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to view and if neces- county pile drivers shall return the same and report to the county auditor before payment Is made.for 5 work done. Resolution adopted. In the matter of renting section 10, 99, 27, it is resolved that under the resolution of this board made April 5, '92, J. M. Stewart is entitled to the use of said section for the season of '92, providing that he furnish good and satisfactory securitv for said rental within a reasonable length of time. Resolution adopted. Resolved that the bill of T. J. Felling for medicine and attendance upon William Schulenberg and family, be not allowed, for the reason that said family is not a county charge. On motion, the county treasurer was authorized to refund to Mary Reibsa- men the tax of 1891 on s i of nw i sec 24, 97, 27. Moved and carried that the janitor, Math Holzbauer, be allowed $20 per month from May 1 to November 1, '92. On motion, C. A. Tellier, county surveyor, was authorized to procure a certified copy of the government field notes of Kossuth county. At a cost not to exceed $100. On motion, the road petitioned for by Swan Henson, et al, commencing at northeast corner of section 13, 98, 29, running thence north on township line 2 miles and terminating at the northeast corner of section 1, 98, 29, was laid as per commissioner's report, Ohas A Winter, dlo Ramsay. 43 oo KeoH Nelson, irusteejuftalo.......... 4 00 ui' A iv j5r»»« tjv '"* (t ~ Mat. PaiTott & LI 111* U; »>•>!• •••• vs Alderman.. 8 10 •----• taoo 3 CO Ctinner Wank Book' Co.reglster of wills 1200 Ingham& Warren, printing...* r.i 75 .t w Hftvi orintlnii.. • • f>r> os H Kllnirelhof er, trustee W lutteniore.... (i on Win Dodtls, do Union. if on ,)nonenke,doLu\emB t ; o WmLameraux, do Buffalo...... 4 On Martin Bonnstettcr. do Oarik'Ul a (W LA Sheetz, Board equalization Algona. 'J Oo 8 9 Sessions do a o» WmGleiirydn .' son AWMoffattdo 200 ,1 W Hlnchon do '^ X) OHBlossomdo 200 ,T D Mattiiuson do * oo Naudain Bros'&'w'lnkie'coai'for court house * • • • • * ''' A A Brunson stamps supplies etc o OB JohnUoederaJr matting Suptoffice ... - it ;io Jas Orr painting In treasurer s office.... 15 30 D A Haggard special tax collector 5012 ObedBobinson do... 0 CO J E McEnroe deputy aliRrlff fees etc.... 8. 19 J B Hofius stamps expenses etc Mil JO Graham 2 pr hand cults 0 75 MlkeHubbard work at ch * oo L C Chandler boarding prisoner . 51 oo Emmett County State vs Ilabbard and Bantzow 27 00 J D Butan clerk Kmmet Co do ;« 25 .1 G Graham sheriff fees do 1C 75 W E H Morse witness do l? 00 JM Pride do 1300 Jennie Bowman do f TO Walter sttebblns do g <o JW Callaban do 875 John Banter do ° TO Ignatus Bamer do 8 7y Seymore Allen do 8.5 ACJohnsdo 818 JPColllnsdo • 876 B W Haggard Defts witnesees do 10 00 Harvey Ingham do jo oo Mrs Hubbard do 1<VA " Mrs Bantzow do. J W Sullivan do. sary to build a bridge on west line of section 18, 100, 27. On motion, J. Holtz was appointed a committee to view and report at June session on bridge petitioned for Damages allowed as per appraiser's report, except Callanan & Savery were allowed $50 damages. On motion, the road petitioned for by D. C. Adarns, et al, commencing at . And prompt to cure, Ayer'a Pills act on the intestines, not by stimulating, but by strengthening them. They promote the natural peristaltic motion of the bowels, without which ' there can be no regular, healthy operations* For the cure of constipation, biliousness, jaundice, vertigo, sick headache, indigestion, sour stomach, and drowsiness, Ayer's Pills are unsurpassed. They are equally beneficial in rheumatism, neuralgia, colds, chills, and fevers. Being purely vegetable, delicately sugar- ooated, and quickly dissolved, they are admirably adapted for household use, as well as for travelers by lard or sea. Ayer's Pills are in greater demand, the world over, than any other pill, and are recommended by the most eminent physicians. Every Dose Effective Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer & Co., Lowell, J'" Bold by DruggtaU Everywhere. i, \ DAMAGE ON ROAD NO 3CC. JKrahn .............................. *?» » Wm Knoll .............................. »0°o Fred Keopka ............................. 30 00 (50 Hea'ey JHelgens 2000 line motion appoint Alpheus Johnson and J. C. Hatch a committee to view said grade and report the value thereof to the county auditor and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw a warrant for the amount so reported in favor of G. F. Holloway, the same committee to report on or before April 20, '92. At 3 o'clock, J. M. Steward being present and there being no other bidder present, it was moved and carried that section 10, 99, 27 be rented to J. M. Stewart for the season of '92 for the sum of $80, saicl Stewart to give satisfactory security for said rent On motion, the report of the Auditor of $105.75 transfer fees and $18.25 redemption fees received from Jan. 1 to April 1, '92, was accepted and placed between sections 18 and 19, 98, 29. ] northwest corner of section 20, 98,^30 At 12 o'clock m. board adjourned to 1 o'clock. At 1 o'clock, board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. Barnet Devine came before the board to make a bid lor the rent of section 16, 99, 27, and insisted on the board giving him a chance to bid. The matter was deferred. The following agreement was made with the petitioners for grade on west ine of section 21, 96, 29, to wit, said lg WniTrepto FrankAmes ............................. "J John Douglas .......................... ^ooo J A Foster ............................. 3000 IsaacAmes ............................ 0 . 0 " Thomas Hanna ROAD NO 3C7 Lenord and A B Sheldon 3000 Eva Bosa Melnzer *•••• 3°j~ SignaO Warner 3000 E A Kleiman... 3000 ABCrammond 24 oo Conrad Johnson 2 * j>°. KNValentlne £* 00 JnoKoswell 23 00 A'D Clarke & Co «* W AB'Straus 24 00 0 0 Chubb petitioner to ditch said slough in such I 98, 30, and to vacate so much of county | §g^V 1 " 1 *" remove all surface highway as lies wholly within sections Peters to view said | 29 and 23 in said township, was de-, Jno Nymiin clared vacated and relocated, as peti-1 Casper Barnhart The American people are rapidly becoming a race of nervous wrculis, and tho following suggests the Best remedy: Alphonao Hempfling, or Butler, Pa., swears thut wtiennbia eon was speechless from gt. Vitus Dance, Dr. Miles* Great Restorative Nervine curedhlm. Mrs. J. R. Mlller.ofVolpar- oiBO.Ind., J.D.Taylor, of Loftansport, Ind., each pained 20 pounds from taUintr It. Mrs. H. A. Gardner, of V istula, Ind., was cured of 40 to 50 convul- elons a, day, and mudWicndaolie, dizziness, back- ncbo, and nervous proetratlon. by one bottle. Daniel Myers, Brooklyn, Mich., Bays bis daughter was cured of insanity of ten years' standing. Trial bottles and line book of marvelous cures, FRBB at druggists This remedy contains no opiates. t Dr.Mlles' MedicalCo.,Elkhart,Ind. * TRIAL. BOTTLE FREE. Sold by F. on flic. On motion, the county treasurer running thence east on section and terminating at the northeast corner of same section, was established ^^ „„„„„ as per commissioner's report, damages I oharfesDammann ** oo allowed as per appraiser's report, costs 'iydlaDeUrick 0 " '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'•'.'.'.'.'.'•'• so oo assumed by the county. Sgggffi?* 0 " 1 '" ** ™ On motion, the road petitioned for| WE Thompson by Martin Thompson and others, commencing about ninety rods east of northwest corner of section 32, 98, 30, and running thence east on section line to north quarter post of section 33, «««* M»n t Tra* A C*. fautnut**, wort.5Tste.dll7«dm.d.m»i«.jrtortjr : o. I bicui*»ble to bmy »n l.U.d wdkolM • •mill taimer hotel. If I don't inofioRdct that, I wiUgo . to work k«in »t tho builn.w In whl.h I n>7 monor True it Co.: 8h»ll we initract and ittrt jron, nwd*rt. If wo*>, and If T»n*«kj. Urn* be »blf tobny anl»land an u ,, . to. Money'can b« earned .at onpRctr Una of work, ran- IdlyTnd honorably, br those of ftthorVax, wan* or old. and In their own localities, whewer ther fl»«. .Any one Joseph Thompson appraiser on roads.. WF Hofius do | Myron Schenck do ROAD NO. 303. 12 00 2400 •2400 5 30 > •Terylhlag. No' rltk. Yon can devoter« v epare momenta, or all yowr U*M to the work. Thto entirely new lead brin« wonderful^a«- eew to»verjrworker. Befinnen are •aralacno" ••* *f per week and n»ward», and more after a little sipe-. .^Te ean farniah yon Iheemploynienl-wo teaehytfl • SB. ThliU an age of marreloua thlnga, and hereto. will reward every taduetriona worker. jrom are, tnd wh»t«T«r TOO »ro doing, yon want U taow*bont tain wonferfmlwork kt once. Dilnjr me»ntmuchroon»r loat to you. Mo ipae* to explain here, but If YOU will write ta an. w« will raik«allplafi to yon FRET TJtVEdi CO.. Box 4OC Addreaa. was authorized to redeem the ei of se; section 36, 95, 28, from sale of '91, said sale being erroneous On motion, C. Mereness was allowec an exemption of $7.33 on the two am one-half acres of forest trees on set o section 30, 98, 29, said trees having been missed by the assessor. On motion, the report of the cler of courts of fees from Jan. 1 to Apri 1, '92, amounting to $129.90, was accepted and placed on file. On motion, the bill of Z. Roberts of $3.22 for lumber was not allowed. On motion, the claim of A. U. Heckart for damage to domestic animals by dogs was allowed to the amount of 75 per cent, of claim. Claimed $25, allowed $18.75. On motion, the claim of Silas Cook for damage on road No. 363 was not allowed, said claim being barred by statute of limitation. On motion, the bid of Dr. F. H. Cutler to doctor the county poor in the 5th district, comprising the north three tiers of townships in Kossuth manner as to water, Geo. II. slough in ten days after ditch is completed, and if found free from surface water, then the county to do the necessary grading to make a good road. On motion, the consent highway petitioned for by G. Stenson and others for road beginning 80 rods west of the east quarter post of section 10, 99, 30, running thence east on half section line to said quarter post, was laid as ROAD NO. 309. ROAD NO. 371. s N w Aicorn. Theodore Helgaseu.... . ROAD NO. 372. tioned for, provided the petitioners pay all damages.' Costs of commissioner and appraiser assumed by the county. On motion, the road petitioned for by Paul Hoeck and others was laid _ follows: Commening at the southeast I «™ f^^^ ou roads . corner of section 19, 98, 29, running cwGoddarduo. thence north one-half mile. Caspar | o A Searie do Barnhart allowed $30 and John 25 00 30 00 25 00 00 00 4000 10 oo POOR FUND. petitioned for, providing the costs be Wyman $15 damages. Paul Hoeck, no paid by the petitioner and without damages. Costs assumed by the expense to the county. county. On motion, George H. Peters was On motion, appointed a committee to confer with a committee from Winnebago county in regard to building a bridge on the f . mi , v I g coffin for poor *• «« J G Smith goods poor farm 57 34 WHY 13 THE _ ^ W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE county for the remaining nine months of '92 for $100 was accepted and F. H. Cutler declared county physician for said district. Resolved that the county auditor is hereby authorized to allow the owner of swi of sel, section 23, 100, 26, to redeem from tax sale of '90, by paying the actual tax against the land with penalty and interest from date of sale po * easy, and Because we make more dithananw other equals ed shoes costing from fl.OO to »5.00. 00 Genninelland.aewed, tbe IJnart catf offered t county line between section 12, 99, 27, Kossuth county and section 7, 99, 26, Winnebago county, and the auditor to notify the auditor of Winnebago county of the action of this board. Moved and carried that the auditor have school land section 16, 99, 27 and section 16, 100, 28, appraised according to law, that the same may be offered for sale. Resolved that Mrs. Colby, Mrs. Lemke and Carl Miller be allowed $8 per month each, out of the poor fund, from April 1 to November 1, 1892. On motion, J. O. Rawson and H. C. Hollenbeck were made a committee to view and report on all grades petitioned for that have not been acted on at this meeting, and report at the June meeting. On motion, the road petitioned for by A. B. Sheldon, et al, commencing at the north east corner of section 12, 97, 29, and running thence west on section lines to the northwest corner of section 7, same township and range, was declared laid as per commissioner's report. Damages allowed as per ap- the school fund loans made by the auditor and not heretofore acted on were approved. The report of the state executive council having been received, showing the mileage and valuation of the railroads in the county, the following apportionment was made to the different townships for taxing purposes: BURLINGTON, CEDAR RAPIDS & NORTHERN. Garfleld twp 4.30 mi $3,140 per mile $13,502 MINNEAPOLIS & ST. JLOUIS RY. Lu Verne twp 6.57 ml »3,500. per mile 922,995 LuVeme me 1.23 mi 83,500, per mile,. ...$4,305 CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RY. Per mile, 95540, L Leasin J G Smi L A Sheetz medicine do » •;> 1J A kJilVUVtJ J...WM..V...— ^ Bailey Bros, goods for poor 3i »T Naudain Bros. & Winkle coal for do.... 3T 05 1 60 4 61 Naudain JM Farley do. GE Boyle goods do... ' "' Frank Winkel meat do * 40 W F Carter goods do »*' Chrischilles & Herbst do 12 5.2 W U WJo^ies'pastur'inB stock poor'f arm.. 10 25 WF Carter goods do... -J-*" B J Hutchinson horse do '•*> £> A D Clarke flour do } •$! Wm Nolan corn do.... " •«» GM Howard hardware do.. <2 oo Bennett & Anderson meat do 10 69 BME Savers medicine and'attendance do 8 75 Isaiah Fry looking after poor BRIDGE FUND. 12 00 ^"^e^royered^or^jnVe^'Freach irted shoes which cost> from ttJBto •13£0. I 00 Hand-Hewed Welt Shoe, flne calf, _. >• stylish, comfortable and durable. The best 3toe ever offered at this price; game grade aa custom-made shoes costing from $6.00 to «S.OO. «BO 50 Police HFoei Farmers. TRailroad Men 9 V • and Letter Carriers all wear them; floe calf, seamless, smooth inside, heavy three soles, extension odie. One pair will wear a year. SZi this price; one trial will convince thosa who want a shoe tor comfort and service. 3»O 25 und 82.00 Workiuzmun'a shoes 9&» are very strong and durable. Those who have given them a trial will wear no other make. DoTvc' #4.00 iiHil 81.75 school shoes are DOT 9 worn by the boys everywhere; they sell on their merits, aa the increasing sales show. - $3.00. Iluud-Hpwed shoe, best Im Uongula, very stylish; en,uuls French rted shoes costini; f run i §4.00 to $0.0(). *.50, 82.00 uu for .. ., . d 81.75 shoe Misses are the best flue Uoiiaoltt. Stylish uud durable. Caution.— See that W. L. Douglas' name and price are stamped on the bottom of each shoe. IW-TAKE fVO «ITBSTITUTE._«I Insist on lot-al adverting dealers supplying you. WT L. JDOI/GL.AS, lirocktou.Maas. Sold by F. S. Stongh, As-eut., At 5:30 o'clock J. O. Rawson appear- praisor's rep ed and took his seat. the county. On motion, a tax of $4.23 assessed to O. F. IJale in Riverdale township was abated on account of double assessment. At 0 o'clock, board adjourned until 9 o'clock, April 5. At 9 o'clock a. m.. April 5, board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. J. O. Rawson, committee, reports in favor of building bridge between sections 5 and 8, Garfleld township. Report accepted, and on motion J. O. Rawson was appointed a committee to build a 32 foot addition to the bridge on said line. II. C. Ilollunbeck, committee on bridge over Des Moiues river on township line between Portland and Plum Creek, reports in favor of building bridge. On motion, H. C. Hollenbeck was made a committee to build a bridge on said line. On motion, G. II. Peters was appointed a committee to repair the Dan Long bridge. On report of G. H. Peters in favor of building a bridge over Lindsay Creek between sections 33 and 34, 97, 27, H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed a committee to build the same. On motion, G. H. Peters was pointed a committee to build two barges over iii praisor's report and costs assessed by The matter of laying a county highway across the right of way of the 0. M. & St. Paul railway in Whittemore village coming up for final hearing, the motion being to defer final action until the June session, the yeas and nays being called for. Lovell, Hollenbeck and Rawson vote yeu and HolU no. Motion carried. On motion, the county highway petitioned for by Joseph Polglaze, et al, beginning at the Minnesota state line at the northwest corner of section 9, 100, 29,»and running thence south on Lu Verne ine 1.30 mi ,.....$ 7,202 tuVerne twp .06 mi • 332 Sherman twp e.66 mi 36.896 Irvingtou 4.63 ml 25,096 Cresco 1.001 ml o.5«5 Algona ine 1.72 mi 9,629 Union twp .79 ml 4,377 Plum Creek 5.65ml 31,801 Portland .43 mi 2,382 Burt 5.67 mi 3 i'*l* Greenwood 3.06 mi i«,620 Bancroft.83 ml.... 4.598 Bancroft Ind 2.26 ml 12,465 Harrisonl.22 mi 6,759 Ledyard twp 6.32 ml 2MJ3 Springfield 6.07 ml 33,628 CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE BY. Per mile, 95,225. Wesley twp 4.79 ml. Prairie 1.21 ml Irvlngton6.94 ml.. . AlKonalne 2.07 ml Cresco 4.09 ml Whlttemore 4.19 mi Whittemoreinc2.06 On motion the county auditor was authorized to draw warrants on the different funds for all bills allowed at this session. 11 25 11 23 A ll JJIUCi Ual*AT!«iv »"* «.. — o- - , - - John 0 Ulll &Co lumber do.... 30 48 H 0 Hollenbeck committee work 460 GHPetersdo » °.° JOKawson do.......••••••• " ;" Taylor & Bmne bridge plank '' » J 1N8ANK FUND. A L Seeley care of Parmalee... ••••••••• A A Brunson commissioner of insanity and other fees in case of W Parmalee A A Bronson case and other fees James A A Brunson case and other fees Geo AA^Brunson case and other fees' Agnes Murry • THE LIGHT RUNNING * * "DOMESTIC" /^ IS THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH, CHAIN-STITCH, And BUTTON-HOLE. Three Machines in One! Buy the "DOMESTIC," It is the BEST every way. Simple, Practicable, Durable, AGENTS WANTED I SEND FOR CIRCULARS AND PRICE LIST. "DOMESTIC" SEWING MACHINE CO. For Sale by CHICAGO, ILLS. J. 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Manitot Kesolved, That the members of this Board are entitled to the sums set opposite their names as per diem and mileage at this session: G. H. Peters 2i days, 16 miles $11.96 J. O. Rawson 2 days, 16 miles 9.80 H. C. Hollenbeck 21 da, 12 mi 11.40 L. D. Lovell 2* days, 14 miles 11.60 J. Holtz 24 days, 17 miles 12.04 On motion the board adjourned sine die. Attest, J. B. HOFIUS, Auditor. section lines and terminating at the southwest corner of section 33, 100, 29, was declared laid as per commissioner's report. Damages allowed as per ap- praisor's report. Costs assumed by the county. On motion, the county highway petitioned for by A. B. Sheldon, et al. commencing at the northeast corner of section 33, 07, 29, and running theuce west on section lines and terminating at the northwest corner of section 31, 97, 29, was declared laid as per commissioner's report, Damages allowed as per appraiser's report, an* costs assumed by the county. At 6 o'clock the board adjourned to 9 a. m., April 6. At 9 a. m.j April 6, boaW ia CLAIMS ALLOWED. COUNTY FUND. Bailey Bros, goods for court house $ 2 70 j e Widmau. tax receipts etc iO 50 j W liobluson, jail locks and repairs.... H 10 Hum & Carver, mortgage record etc .... 18 40 Uuraut Bros, goods for court house..... 8 20 U 0 purintor, road tox lists and seal.. : 2t> 50 Peter Purvis, material and work m Treas ofllce G H Lauisou, assessor Algona incorporated •• •; 1! E iUivisou assessor Bancroft E liThomas, assessor Wesley ••••••;• 3 -» °° Eiiiuiet Co, State vs Hubbard and Rant- Two Dally Trains to Montana an* Pacific Coast. On and after April 3d, trains on the Northern Pacific «'y will run as follows: Train No. 3 will leave StT Paul 9:00 a. mi dally, running through to Bpokan?, Seattle, Tacoma and Portlan* yla Butte. Montana. Train No. l will leave St.Paul 4-16 p. m. daily, running through to Spokane, leattle.Tacoma and Portland via Helena. Montana. Both trains carry complete equipment of Pullman first-class sleepers, tourist sleeping cars, free colonist sleepers, day coaches and d Throug a h 8 PuUmanand tourist sleeping cars will leave Chicago 10:« p m daily, via Wiscon- Sn Oentral LineTfor Montana and the Pacific Northwest. First-class vestibule sleeper will i«ave Chicaeo6 p m daily, via 0. M. & Bt. By., tor luttSI Spokane and Portland .These through sleeDlug cars attord the best of, aocommoda- tons and enable travelers to avoid all trouble or delays froin change of cars en route. The dining cars on the Northern Pacific Line continue to meet with favor with the traveling pub1 IS No efforts are spared by the company to make this an attractive part of the service. With the superior accommodations now offered tourists/business men or settlers will find the Northern Pacific Line the best route to Minn., North Dakota, Manitoba. Montana. Idaho, Oregon? Washington, British Coluuibia, Alaska a Montau 0 a r , U Eastern and Western Washington folderv'Wonderlaud"book, Sportsmen s guide. Yellowstone Park.Broadwater Hot Springs and Alaska folders for the season of 1892 are now A "* - • - - of these publications mailed • 'or District Pas- ontana. Wabp. Oregon ^.ySSH Is the only line with through sleeping vice from Chicago t<» these states, arfl line running both P«» m »? *« l ff to J,*5*, onlst sleeping cars west of Bt. PaulL and apolls. Passengers from the east sbould ask for through ticket! Via the Wisconsin Central line and Northern Pacific railroad, thus securing theadvanti_ = ------ . man first-class and Pu ° feature of the Northern Pacific,, on tickets to western point lowed the privilege oFaw Wash., and all points wes plnK over at Bpokaue of there for tne pai- ., p0 The°dln?ng c n a B ,-l a on d8 the Northern Pacific are an Important part of his service, and In con- npotlori with the grand scenery make thin a favorite toe for tourists to California and other "gtotrtet VSienger'agenU of Northern Pacific railroad will take pleasure in supplying Montana and Washington folders above referred to- also maps, time cards and any special information desh-ed; or application can be made to Chas. H. Fee, G P & T A. N P BK, St. Paul, Mhm, 19yrl $1,000 Can be made in 6 months selling Tunlson's Atlases, Charts and Wail Particulars free. 29 50 02 00 11 00 Address : H, C TUNISON, Chicago, Ills, Minn. |» oo •» jo 87 08 J B Laird, ink well Perkins Bros & Co, deed record Carter & Hussey, supplies •>> B F ttued, co Supt *•' .1 W Hlnclion. printing and stationery.. W L Joslyii, first quarter salary and e*- Y1A11K6& ... ,...•••«•« ••«•••••• ' *w vv JHO Wood.'assessor Greenwood- 23 oo j J Budlong. trustee Greenwood ^ W J B Robinson, assessor iwinBton^ «< - -Jobnsos. ' 'Grey,, do 1 VmT LEGAL BLANKS, Warranty Peed, Omit Claiiu Deed, teases, Kewl Estate Mortgage, Cb»ttt«l Mortgage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Original Notfcpe, l*»d Contracts, Contracts <•» Building School Hon»«, Jfoiiea Trf»l. Prolate of WW, *ax Sale #*$*«*«, Plrtrtot TvurMiag HI*** PrunkenueHS—Liquor Habit-In all tne World there is but One Cure. JJr. Huiiieb' Golden Specific. It cau be given m a cup of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the peisou taking it,, effecting a speedy and permanent ewe, wneiuei the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousands of drunkards have been cured who have taken the Golden SpeeUlo In their coffee without their knowledge, ana today believe they gult drinking of their own free win. No harmful effects results from ite administration. Owes guaranteed. Ben4 wr • • ^-ticukrs. Address in cow* eifleCo., 186, Bace street, circulars and f ullj fldeuoe, Golden Cincinnati, i | | ;, v . , • . \ I \\ (. I • • i

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