The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 5
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALOONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 1«B. ALGONA RE PUBLICAN IOWA, APML 13, 1892. . ALOONA MARKETS. t)fttfl £2 Corn 28 Eggs 10 Butter 20 Cattle.$0,00 @ $0.00 Hogs 8.00 Wheat 75 Barley 25 Flax 76 Timothy 86 LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Jones, he pays the freight. Gertie Parish continues very low. lOc per doz. for eggs at Patterson Bros. Capt. Cook spent Sunday in Webster City. Geo. E. Clarke left Monday night on a business trip to Chicago. Herman Shulte is attending the wedding at Fred Koepka's today. Full proceedings of the board of supervisors elsewhere in this issue. Mrs. J. P. Taylor, of Charles City, is visiting her brother Mr. D. S. Ford. Prof. Sifert is to commence his spring term of school at Hurt next Monday. Miss Anna Rutherford is over at Estherville this week visiting friends. Mrs. W. W. Wheeler went to Des Moines Saturday to spend a few days. John Geoders is having a special sale of carpets for ten days only. See his ad. :• , The Rev. Fred Black occupied the pulpit at the M; E. Church Sunday morning. C. E. Walker started to Chicago on Tuesday night with two car load of cattle. II. J. Wilson and family of Fmmets- burg spent Sunday with their parents in Algona. Ed. Murtagh, of the Burt Bank, was a caller on his many friends in Algona Sunday. The cellar for A. D. Clarke's new building was commenced on Tuesday morning. Did you read what Dingley has to say about wall paper in our advertising columns? Chas. Nolte and wife visited with his parents at Godell, Hancock County last week. Don't miss the Spurgeon Entertainment tomorrow night at the Congregational Church. II. W. Butler of North McGregor has been visiting his father and brothers the past week. Mrs. A. J. Dunn, of Omaha, is visiting with her sister Mrs. John Galbraith, for a few weeks. The Algona streets are being well smoothed. The scraper has been at work the past two days. Miss Minnie Rruer of Bancroft came Hown to attend the contest. She was the [juest of Miss Nell Walker. L. C. Chandler has been having new [taint and paper put on the popular Phorington street restaurant. Mrs. Marion Hedrick of St. Paul, iMinn., is at home visiting her parents, f Col. and Mrs. Spencer. Miss Alcorn of Seneca was a visitor ' in town last week. Her school friends were all glad to see her. The Grand Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star Chapter visited the Chapter at Algona on Tuesday evening. County Attorney Joslyn left last Wednesday on a business trip to Cedar Rapids and returned Friday night. Among the many new settlers in the county is a Mr. Cooper of Jefferson who has rented Jim Mclnroe's farm. Editor Hays of the REPUBLICAN is off on a trip through the Southern States to be absent about ten days. J. W. Robinson has something to say to our readers in this issue about some of the goods he handles. See his ad. Mrs. J, B. Carmichael, of Omaha, is in the city visiting her sister Mrs. Dr. Barr, also her aged father, who is quite sick. The judges on the home contest of kAlgona high school were Miss Waters, [Prof. Chaffee, and Prof. Doderer of [^Bancroft. Wm. Leslie of Ledyurd was an Alf gona visitor Saturday. He says there is a rumor of a new paper at that place. Ledyard is booming. Alfle Chapin, who has been clerking for John Goeders in his store here, has |jgone to Burt to work in Goeder's new gtore at that place. S. M. Ferris of Burt stopped in Al- |ona a few hours Thursday while on iis way home from the Good Templar's meeting at Goldfield. The social which was to have been held at Mrs. Cooke's on Thursday evening has been postponed on account of the Spurgeon entertainment. The Epworth League program was well attended on Saturday evening. The entertainment was pronounced a ^.s»ceess by those who attended. A. M. Amsden, Queal & Co's. new gent at this place, was a pleasant call- r at-the REPUBLICAN yesterday. He [reports the lumber trade good. Th« people of Bujt «*$ b*vj ug aH j u "^'- J. F. Gilmore sold his farm in Riverdale township to John Wiebet of Illinois at $24.36 per acre. A nice mild snowstorm from the aoutheast is causing people to carry umbreUas this morning. It Is undoubtedly the last touches of winter we will get. We learn that Ben Winkie has sold his interest in the dray line to Naudain Bros., and that he has his eye on the job of sprinkling the streets this summer. The sound of the hammer and the ring of the saw can be heard all over Algona. This is a good early start for what seems to be a successful year's building. Regular meeting of W. C. T. U. at Reading Room Friday afternoon at three o'clock. A full attendance is desired as there is important business to be attended to. Attiie high school contest Friday night, one of the finest parts of the program was the singing of Miss Fahenstock's pupils. They were a credit to her teaching. Dr. Pride was called to Hampton last week on account of the illness of his mother. He returned the fore part of this week, leaving his mother in a recovering condition. Mrs. D. D. Townsend left Thursday night for Elgin, Illinois, where she will visit until about the 18th with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Langdon, when she will go on to join Mr. Townsend in Chicago. Now after having closed barber shops, restaurants etc., the good people of Algona are going to see to it that gambling in all its forms is stopped. Algona is one of the most moral towns in Iowa. Rev. Fred Black of Des Moines, brother of Elder Black, will supply the vacancy in the Lu Verne appointment left by Rev. Eighmey, who has been forced to give up work temporarially on account of ill health. Bancroft Register: Editor Hays was up from Algona last week calling on our people, but to the Register he came not. Sorry Ellis that you feel bad about it but we didn't have time. In a case before Justice Thompson, Saturday, in which Harry Dodge sued Joseph Whalen for the purchase price of some oats, the case was dismissed, and taxed to plaintiff, after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for the appearance of the plaintiff. A mass meeting of the I. O. G. T., W. C. T. U. and Alliance will be held in Algona May 19th and 20th for the purpose of promoting the interests of temperance. Goop speakers will be in attendance from abroad. A full program will be given later. Regular Meeting of Jamss C. Taylor Relief Corps will be held Thursday Eve. Apr. 14. A full attendance is desired. n "Allan Quartermain's Wife"—our new serial story will be found in the REPUBLICAN next week. Lack of space forbids running it this w,eek, as intended. Remember the Spurgeon sixty view entertainment, at the Congregational Church, Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Come everybody and give the ladies of the Baptist Church substantial encouragement in their liberal assumption of $250 on the new Church. Tickets 25 cents. Children 15 cents.— W. II. Dorward. C. E. Walker has a hen that has been taking Easter Sunday into consideration. She has layed a double sized egg twice this week. One of the eggs was exhibited to us, and it measure 6i inches in diameter one way and 8 inches in diameter the other way. The town has been well stocked with typewriters the past week. The Smith Premier man was here and put in several on trial. A few days later the Remington agent came and placed several on trial by the side of the Smith Premier. The machines will bo well tested the next thirty days. The Young Ladies Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. church gave a very interesting program on Sunday- evening. The young ladies made a strong apeal to their audience in behalf of foreign missions and gave a great deal of information on the necessary preperation of those who intend going to the foreign field. Letters remaining uncalled for in the Algona P. O. for the week ending Apr. 9, 1892. Mr. Frank McCarl, J. II. McArthur, Geo. G. Roseman, Frank Schwartz, Mr. Lonnie Smith, Mr. Alonzo Smith, C. Thompson, MissR. Waild, Mr. Louis Felheimer, Gus Johnson, Fred Sumner Clarke, Eugene Criss. Now while Algona is being worked up by the stimulus of a lityle building boom it would be a good time for those who are in favor of electric lights to agitate the mutter. Many neighboring towns of lesser size and importance than Algona have excellent systems of electric lights. The expense of putting in a plant would be considerable and it ia a question for the property ownersof town to determine whether it is an that could be afforded, tt be remembered, however, that of The marriage of Miss Mary Koepka to Gus Daken is on the program for today, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs Fred Koepka, south of Burt. Mr. Daken is of Emmetsburg, and Emmetsburg will be their home for a spell when it is their intention to move to Burt. Jay Hodgman's delivery horse showed a fine burst of speed Saturday evening. It got scared at something while Jay was unloading a parcel on Thorington street and never stopped its mad career until reaching the Hodgman residence. Part of the wagon remained attached to the horse and the rest was strung along the route. Brunson & Waterhouse have ordered quite a novelty in the way of a nickel- in-the-slot machine. They will use it for selling their popular brands of cigars. All the smoker has to do is to but in his nickel and out comes a cigar, while he is lighting his cigar the machine plays a piece of music for his enjoyment. It will be here in a few days and in the meantime Fred is» giving the music himself. S. C. Spear and wife expect to leave this week for Maine where they will make their home indefinitely. Mr. Spear has a position with the Des Moines Loan and Trust Company and will look after its interests in Maine and several other eastern States. Mr. Spear has tried the east once or twice before and couldn't stand it; we look to see him return again to Algona within a year. J. W. Tennant is building a nice addition to his hotel. The Tennant House has been improved several times since it came into the hands of Mr. Tennant, but this present improvement is probably the most expensive one. The addition adds eight nice rooms besides a large sample room fourteen by twenty- seven feet. Mr. Tennant is now in better shape than ever to entertain his patrons. A few days agoR. J. Hunt was carrying a large chunk of coal up stairs and while he was struggling up the steps with it he remarked to a man who was with him that if it should fall on his toes it would mash them. When he got to the top of the stairs he thought he would prove his statement, so he threw down the chunk of coal with all his force. It landed on his big toe and sure enough it mashed it. R. J. claims that he did not intend to maph the toe, but rather the chunk of coal. Doc. Leatherman's team took a lively trip around town on Friday afternoon. It started from the express office while the express was being removed from the carriage. The team made real good time notwithstanding the bad condition of the roads. It ran from the express ofllce to the Northwestern depot and there some men succeeded in stopping it. There was no damage done to the team or carriage except the natural wear and tear of the trip. It is said that the two maddest men in town over the closing of the barber NEW OPERA HOUSE. Algona is to have an opera house The young business men of Algona have organized themselves into an in corporated company for the purpose of furnishing first-class amusement in suitable building. At a meeting held last night the following directors were elected: B.W. Haggard, T. F. Cooke F. W. Dingley. 8. S. Sessions, Leo Peugnet, E. E. Sayers, Chas. C. St Glair. The board is in consultation 'with A. A. Call with the object of securing quarters in the fine building to be erected this season on Thorington street. It is expected to have a ground- floor opera house, fitted up in city style with folding opera chairs, etc. The boys expect to put about $1,000 in stage scenery and furnishings. A committee has been appointed to canvass the older business men, and to see what they are willing to do. It is a project which, if carried through, will cause the erection of the finest opera house in this section of the State, and will be a, credit to the town. Algona has long needed something of this kind, and now that we are in a fair way of getting what is so manifestly needed, all property owners in Algona should give substantial encouragement to the project. .«! shops on Sunday are Bob Warren and Jack St. John. It seams to the REPUBLICAN that Bob should have some regard for the standing of his paper in the opinion of the better class of people if he has none for the Christian Sabbath, and the laws of Iowa respecting Sabbath observance and the publication of immoral advertisments. The closing up of a barber shop on Sunday is a very small matter but it is sufficient to show the lay of public sentiment and mark out the dividing line between the better element and the rowdyism of a community. The high school contest was held in the Congregational church last Friday evening. The speakers were greeted by a full house of earnest listeners. The contestants all did themselves credit. Miss Bertha Hancock was chosen by a uiianmous vote of the judges to represent the Algona school at the state contest which will be held atCreston in the near future. Miss Maggie Haggard got second prize and Miss Nellie Hinchon third. A good musical program was given by Miss Fahnestock'spupilsandothers. Every one"went home well pleased and feeling that Algona School would be well represented at the state contest. The audience seemed to be perfectly satisfied with the decision of the judges. Remarkable talent was shown by several of the contestants. The receipts from the sale of tickets were $57.95. A man by the name of Dale, from the vicinity of AVest Bend, was in town Saturday and started out to paint the town, after filling up with strong water. He started vvithllackmau's billiard and lunch room, north of the Tennant Housa 1 , and never got any farther. He found out that Algoiia wasn't West Bend. Marshal Daily appeared on the scene, and told Dale to come with him. But Dale thought that he didn't care about going with Daily. The marshal was obliged to use considerable force before he could convince him that it was the proper thing to do, but Daily finally convinced him satisfactorily, not until some, blood was shed, however. Jje was immediately taken before Esquire Taylor, and paid $10 for fete flip, to he a "bad m^a" The Weather-Crop Bulletin says that compared with the average of the past fifteen years the season is about a week late; but the general conditions are more favorable than at the corresponding date last year.' The first half of the week was warmer than the average for the season, but freezing temperature prevailed the last three days. No .especial damage, however,,is likely to result. There was a general excess of rainfall through out the state' which has delayed seeding, but the soil is well saturated at a greater depth than at any time within the past five years, and grass has made a fine start. The acreage of winter wheat in this State, though increasing in recent years, is still relatively small. The reports indicate that in about two thirds of the counties wherein it is grown its condition is fair, and in the other sections it is not promising. Winter rye is generally in good condition. All kinds of live stock have come through the winter in excellent condition: there is an abundance of feed remaining in store, with the prospect of early pasturage. On the whole the outlook for the farmer is quite favorable. If you want a p.arpet can do for you. see what Taylor On sale at Taylors—25c hats for ladies and children. When? Now. Who? J. A. Hamilton & Co. What? Their new and complete stock or pine and hardwood lumber, fence pickets, and the celebrated Powervell Felt Roofiing. Where? Head of State street. 26tf An elegant line of dress trimmings in guimps, passamenteries, jets and fancy silks at SETCHELL & SETCHELL. Call and see the display of spring and summer millinery on our opening days, Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th. 27-28 E.REEVE & Co. Bowyer's stock of Watches was never larger. 27-28 WANTS, FOR SALE, ETC, pASTlfii^Gjr^^ J. for pasturage for this season. I have a good pasture of tame and wild grass with running water, 4 miles 8. W. of Algona. Terms reasonable. 28-20 L. E. SHERWOOD. F OB 8AI,E-A llrst-class Sewing Machine at a bargain. Inquire at the KBPDBUOAN of- H. co - ,f £ you co "'emplate purchasing a machine it will pay you te look up this one before buying. It has never been used and will be sold at a better iigure than any agent will give you. F OK BENT—Small ofllce room. Inquire of tllC IlEl'UBLICAN. W ANTUD-AFARM. A quarter or half section of good tillable land in N. W, Iowa, improved preferred. Will pay one to three thousand cash. Must be a bargain, Address early and be precise in description to avoid de- y- EDWIN GILES, 27-31 i'ipestone. Minn. R ooms to Kent Furnished or unfurnished in quire at this office. 27tf Don V Read This Unless you want to Save Money in buying HARDWARE! t^~ These are a few of my Goods: Baker Barbed Wire. Family Gasoline Cook Stoves. Gasoline Stoves (New Process.) Iron and Wood Pumps. A n i • A x- ™ , Building Hardware at Lowest Prices. All kinds of Metal Hoofing done at Bottom Prices. Please call and get Prices of J. W. Robinson. W Pap CHEAPER THAN EVER BEFORE! The Ball And we are going to keep it rolling; fall into line with the crowd that centers at the Drugstore of F. W. Dingle^ Our Prices are the Magnets For Cample, we cau sell you aouble rol] ' 8 Cents per Double Roll. If You Have not Seen our Line it will Pay you to do so. is what it will cost to paper a room 12 ft. and 8ft. high with 8c paper: o ro l! s si< !, e . wal1 P a P er at 8c Per double roll ..... 40 2 rolls ceiling " " •• ..... J£ yds border, 3 band, 5c per yd ____ ..'. '. '. .'.'.'.'.'. \ 37 square Total Can you afford it? if you want to paper with nice gilt paper this is what it will cost you: 5 rolls side wall paper at 15 per double°roll"7t7.. " 75 '" 3 rolls ceiling paper at 15c per double roll 30 5J£ yds border, 3 band, 5 C yd Total., 1.33 We also have two brands* of READY MIXED PAINTS * ,,S De 0 ! wbich is the finest P ain t manufactured Heniember we have a full hue of Paints of all kinds, White Leads. Oils, ArtisJ'sMaterials, etc. etc., which are of the best quality obtainable, and our prices lowest. • ' FRANK W. DINGLEY. JIB IO PER CENT. Discount FOR 10 DAYS, ONLY, On our Entire Stock of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. All in need of Carpets should take advantage of this Sale Curtains, Drapery. Bugs, Etc. /

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