The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1892
Page 5
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THE HKl'UBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WKDNKSDAY, APRIL <>, 1802. LGONA REPUBLICAN LGONA, IOWA, APRIL 6,1892. Oats 23 EggB 0!) Cattle. $0.00 (ffi $0.00 Wheat r.. .75 Flax 75 MARICET8. Corn ............ 23 Butter ........ 20 Hogs ........ 3.90 Barley ......... 25 Timothy ........ 85 LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. S. S. Sessions is in Pes Moines on business. Geo. Baily is acting as clerk for auditor Hofms. J. W. Hay is moving into the Lund residence. Quarton goes to Wesley tomorrow to try a case. Gertie Parish is very sick with paalarial fever. Smithy of the Goldfield Chronicle was in town over Sunday. ' A two year old son of Peter Bostrack of Wesley died Sunday. Board of Supervisors are in session. Full proceedings next week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nicoulin were in Charles city on a visit last week. The Wilson and Dingley party returned from California last Friday. Capt. Cooke returned from his pro- Mis*? Maude Cowan returned from Dos Moines Monday evening where she 1ms been taking le'ssons in elocution of Mrs. W. L. Wolfe, in preparation for the high school contest. The Epvvorth League of the M. K. Church will give a literary program at the M. E. Church next Saturday evening at eight o'clock. All are invited. Admission ten cents. Mrs. Amy Seelye came up from Des Moines Monday evening and left on the 9:30 train with her lather for Illinois to meet Mrs. Hedrick who has been spending the winter in Florida. There is a large demand for the UE- pimucAN's maps of Kossuth County. It will be necessary to get out a second edition to supply the demand. Everyone should have a copy of the map. Look out for the Spurgeon Entertainment April 14th in the Congregational church, proceeds for the new Baptist church. Tickets 25 cents, children 15 cents. Better than a supper. J. B. Jones has moved his family back to Algona where they will remain permanently. Mr. Jones will be back and forth between Algona and Des Moines but his permanent post office address is to remain Algona. J. G. llawson's barn on his farm southwest of town was struck by lightning Thursday night and pretty badly longed eastern trip yesterday morning. For anything and everything in the line of job work call on the REPUBLICAN. J. B. Jones of Des Moines came up monday afternoon on the three oclock train. The democratic county convention will be held in Algona Wednesday April 27. Miss Edith Call entertained a pleasant party of friends at her home Thursday evening. Licensed to marry: Ed Dolan and Ella Hickman, James Bard and Alice I Shriner. John Goeders advertises a special ribbon sale for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. D. A. Haggard and S. S. Sessions went to Des Moines yesterday on a business trip. For your spring footwear go to F. S. Stougli. He can lit you and can suit you in the matter of price. The Council met Monday as a board of equalization and adjourned without changing a single assessment. Watch for the opening chapter of our new serial story, "Allan Qnarter- main's wife," one of Haggard's latest. There will be no services at the Episcopal church next Sunday us ilev. Bowen will be absent at Emmetsburg. J. 15. Reed is prospecting for a new location in the northern part of the Co- Uinty along the proposed line of the new {railroad. Prof. Sii'ert of the Burt school spent damaged though it did not burn. It sunday m Algona and left Tuesday for FGoldfield to attend the district meeting ' of the Good Templars. We are forced to discontinue the Bill Nye letter for a few weeks owing to a lack of space. The letters will he resumed again later. A tAvelve pound boy arrived at C. M. Doxsee's Monday morning and Doxsee is wearing a smile in full proportion to the importance of the event. Regular meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star, Tuesday evening April 12th. A full attendance desired, and visiting members invited. \V~. A. Ladendorf is agent for an improved buglar alarm. If you are kept awake nights by the fear of buglars look up his ad in this paper. W. J. Patterson who has been teaching in Seneca township returns this week to Des Moines to resume his work in Highland Park Normal College. Rev. Fred Black, of Des Moines, a brother of Elder Black visited in Algona over Sunday. Rev. Black is a brother-in-law of Mrs. Rev. Flannigan. Rev. Randall who is traveling in the interests of the Cedar Valley Seminary of Osage was in Algona over Sunday and preached in the Baptist church. Mrs.Leonardllohn returnedyesterday morning from Monroe AViconsin whither she went about two weeks ago with the remains of her mother Mrs. Clark, ; Clear Lake Mirror: , Rev. AVhitfield expects to visit Chicago and eastern . Jowa next week in the interest of the 1892 Campmeeting and Musical "Festival. The Emmetsburg Democrat speaks highly of the Jounstone performance and says that it was ''mind reading". Well maybe it was; we don't -pretend to know. Carter's cut sale still continues. Everything is going at away down prices as it will be neccessary to move what is left of the stock to the new quaters in a few days. Chris Ileise concluded riot to test the strength of the Sunday law and settled the case by paying his line. The barber shops will be kept closed on Sunday hereafter. Attorney Quartou was iu Bancrofy Saturday helping adjust a difficulty a couple cit&ens of that towa was insured in the Kossuth County Mutual. It is reported that the gale of last Saturday did considerable damage in the County by way of unroofing buildings and blowing down windmills. One or two houses in Seneca township were moved from their foundations. Every reader of the Burt REPUBLICAN should not read John Goeders ad. at the bottom of this column. Mr. Goeders has put in a complete stock of goods fresh from Chicago and invites you to come in and look over them. The Courier says it is tiresome to read the RKi'univiCAN. It takes mighty little exertion to make some people tired at this season of the year. It is all owing to the condition of the blood. The Courier should get a bottle of somebody's sarsaparilla and get rid of '•that tired feeling. State Superintendent Knuepfler has compiled a leaflet for the use of the school children of the state on arbor day—April ±2ud. Teachers who wish copies-of the leaflet will be supplied upon calling at the office of the County Superintendent. Oscar Xaudain expects to move his family to Ledyard as soon as Spring opens, lie expects to drive a breaking team during the coming season and thinks ho will have little difficulty in handling the plow. His arm is well healed up where it was amputated. Ilev. Bowen has accepted a call to the pastorate of the Episcopal church at Estherville and will move in a week or two. It is not yet determined what arrangements will be made for HIGH SCHOOL CONTEST. Tho high school will have an oratorical contest a,t. the Congregational church on Friday evening of this week, the Stli inst., for the purpose of selecting a delegate to represent it in the State contest to be held at Creston, April 22. The /irst prixe in the home contest will bo the honor of representing the cliool at Creston. The second and third prizes will consist of books. An admission fee of 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children who are members of the school will be charged in order to defray the expenses at Creston. Everybody come out and help us. The following program will be rendered promptly at 8 o'clock: INVOCATION Music Motion Song Chorus from 1st and 2nd Primary. Recitation Belle Tellier The Prisoner of Chillon. Kecitation Lulu Clarke OfTliino Own Country Sing. Kecitation : Nellie Hinchon The Polish Boy. Recitation Maggie. Haggard Rock Me .Sleep. Music-Duet Boatman's Song Ruble Smith and Frank Telliar Recitation Bertha Hancock "Jamie," Recitation >. ••• Maud Cowan The Eagle Rock. Music . .BeKind to One Another Chorus from rooms Four and Five. Decision of Judges and presentation of Prizes. BENKD1CTION. Following is the report of the city schools for month ending March 25th 1892: EPWORTH LEAGUE PROGRAM. The Fpworth League of the M. E. church will give a public program next Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, to which all are invited. Admission 10 cents. Miss Adams—Goethe. Miss Wise—Longfellow. Mr. Hays—Shakespeare. Miss Chesiey—Walt Whitman. Mr. Hutchison—Burns. Good music will be furnished by some of the, host talent in the city. YOU FLATTER US. Britt Tribune: Algona lias three of the best local newspapers of any city of its size in Iowa. No gush, simply fact. Just Received -A most Complete Line of•Spring Millinery THAT WILL MEET ALL DEMANDS. We can furnish anything from a 25c hat to the finest Opera Bonnett. We cordially invite the Ladies to inspect our stock. We also carry a Total enrollment i 5(17. Monthly ............. -18G. Avr. belonging 487.7 Av. attendance -Hi- Days lost 6*5. Pupils tardiness 10. Visits by patrons HiT. Per cent attendance »*•'•> Per cent punctually 09-95 Teachers tardiness '• No. neither nor tardy 225. Mrs. Ilorton's room reports the highest per cent, of attendance 98. High school second 97.0. Airs. Chron- holm, Wilkinson, Wise, Bailey, Call and Pettibone's rooms had no tardiness during the month. Mrs. Ilorton's room for 10 days of the 20 taught no absence, Miss Call's room 8. W. II. the church at this place, but it is possible that Ilev. DeForrest of Emmetsburg may be given an assistant and have charge of the church. Wesley is now an incorporated town. An election was held last Saturday and of the eighty-three votes cast seventy-six were for incorporation and seven against. A hard light has been made for the past two or three years for incorporation and the pro-incorporation party are jubilant over their success. . J. C. Frank has gone to Waterloo to take temporary charge of the clothing business formerly conducted by his brother who is now connected with the Western Farm Land Company. Julius goes with the expectation of a return to Algona some time in the future, and the REPUBLICAN hopes that his expectations will be realized. Through an oversight last week we failed to chronicle the birth of u ten pound boy to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Switzer who live about four miles east of Algona. May the young man live to grow up in the image of his father and become one of the prosperous farmers of Kossuth county. A noted bicyclist ventures the following among other suggestions, which wheelmen would do remember as the riding season approaches: In a a hilly region a person should have his suspenders geared low and the upper rim of his trousers in advance of the center of foot action when going up the grade. This will grant a forward inclination of the body which will keep one's dinner in front and prevent the liver from scraping against the lower vertebrae and tendons of the dorsal I'm. Mr. A. Ericksou for the past year manager of the Queal lumber yard left lust Wednesday for St. James Minnesota where he is to take charge of another of the C^ueal yards. There are various rumors as to the cause of his removal but it is well understood that there was nothing wrong with his management of Mr. Queal's business. His removal to §fc. James is probably altfng the line of a promotion to a more responsible position. Mr. Brickson is a competent business man and was successful in building up a /good Company, We And IIOAV the cigar stores and restaurants uro to close on Sunday hereafter. Notices were served upon the two cigar stores Monday by A. Hough. At a recent meeting of the school board of Fenton township, the following schedule of teachers wages was fixed for the ensuing year—a slight advance over the -wages formerly paid: summer term: 1st grade. &-J2; 2d grade, $29; 3d grade. $2(5. Winter term: 1st grade, $34; 2d grade, $:-H); 3d grade, $27. The notice of Incorporation of the Algona Cooperative Creamery Co- is published in this issue. There is every believe that the creamery us a co-operative institution will prove a source of pro (it to the stockholders, and a benefit to the farmers of the community. From the number of shares already subscribed there is no reason to doubt that the creamery will start out with plenty of patronage. There is territory immediately tributary to Algona sufficient to support several creameries. There is money in dairying and through the Co-operative creamery the farmer gets all the money there is in it. The newspaper editor follows hard upon the heels of the surveyor and has his paper going before the original plat of the now town is completed and a post office has ben established. "The Thompson Herald" was one of the new papers among our exchanges this week. Thompson is' the ne\\ r town in Winne- '•The LeMars Normal School Association"has just been incorporated with a capital stock of $100,000. and a fine school building will be immediately erected, if Algona would put a corporation like that behind the Northern Iowa Normal School! Some move of the kind will be necessary to make the School what the town would like to see it. There is a great deal of uncertain- j ty about State appropriations.With the stimulus of a little money the school could be put in a flourishing condition and started out upon the road to become a selfsupporting institution. If great things are expected of the Northern Iowa Normal School, great things will have to be done for it, and the people of Algona will have to see that great things are done. That is the present Normal School situation. Much is being said in the papers just now upoc the subject of good roads. It is to be hoped that the dirt road with its mud holes and chuck ruts will one day be a thing of the past in this County. A movement for good streets in Algona would not be untimely. State street has been almost impassable ever since the frost began to go out of the ground. The busses were auandoned a couple of weeks ago for light buggies and carriages. The draymen and teamsters who are so fortunate as to possess four horses manage to get through the mud. but Jay Uodgnian's ten cent delivery horse lias had u hard time of it. The ten cent delivery business has got to go on, mud 7 ov no mud and Jay is hardly to blame for Liu: cruc'ty pratic- ed on his horse. The, ci'.y of Algona is the culpable, party. Any reasonable expense incurred by putting u bottom in the street that will stay there would be; a'n'iatU:! 1 of economy. Among which is the Celebrated Jackson Waist, Extra LongWaisted Dress, Form Corsets, Gloves of all kinds* Hosiery, Toilet Articles, etc., etc. Setchell & Setchell. Wall Paper! CHEAPER THAN EVER BEFORE! The Ball is Started, And we are going to keep it rolling; fall into liiie witk the crowd that centers at the Drug Store of F. W. Dingley,. An elegant line of dress guirnps, rjassamcnteries, silks at, ; , trimmings in and fancy iSii'rcuKT/ij <fc SETCIIELL. Call and sec the display of spring and summer milliucry on our opening days, Friday and Saturday,-the l.ltli and Itith. 27-28 . • E. REEVE & Co. At Frank's old stand a complete line of Spring and Summer Suits have been added to the stock already on hand, also a line of' shirts, overalls, etc. Anything you want in the store at almost half price. Must be sold out in a short time. II. B.VLCOM. Our Prices are the Magnets That atrract the masses. For example, we can sell yoin Nice Gilt Papers 'as low as 15c per double roll. We 'lisa have a Nice Line of Papers at 8 Cents per Double Roll. If You Have not Seen our Line it will to do so, bago County along the proposed line of the new railroad. The town started out with an auction sale oi: lots last week. The bidding was spirited and lots were sold at a rate to indicate that Thompson is going to make another of the live little towns of northern Iowa. We hope the Herald will be able to wiggle along until the town gets large enough to support a newspaper. , The patent medicine man was with us last week and endeavored to have the Begister insert his advertising at less than hal-f -rates, but it wouldn't work, lie told us how he had secured numerous contracts at such figures and that he made one with the Al£° na BE- PUiuavAX for $12 that amounted to $2ti at our rates. We quoted him the same rates we charge our home men, and we want to say right here that if any of our advertisers find where we are doing advertising of same nature cheaper for another we will agree run their "ail" the remainder of .!. 11. Jones is unloading another car of tile celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons to flay. This is th'c second car of those wagons received by Mr. Jones this season. The popularity of the Cooper wagon is another evidence of what an honest-made vehicle will accomplish for its owner or manufactuaer It is hard to keep up with the demand for the Cooper. WANTS, FOB SALE, ETC. I 7OK HAL15—A lirrit-cluss Sewing Macliiiic ar a bargain. Inquire at the UKi'ur.Ui.'Ajc ol- lice. If ycm contemplate yini-chasing a machine it will piiy you to look up this oiifl before buying, li lias never been.used aiul will Ije sold iit a butter figure than any agent will give you. J; JilCNT— Small the ItKi'UJ'.r.u'A ofilco room. Inquire to' the year for nothing. If a patantmedicine vender wants advertising in the Register he has got to pay what other, men pay for the same class of advertising. We have absolutely one p,rice and that price goes or there is no go to it. The above is from the liancroi't Register of lust week and is- about as near the truth as a patent medicine man and a newspaper editor are in the habit of hitting when they are making a bargain. The REI J UB£IOAK has not made a contract at $12 with a traveling patent medicine man since the present management has had charge of the business. The REFUJJUCAN carries considerable foreign advertising but gets good rates for every Hue of it. Ellis is requested not to publish anything like the above again until he knows what he is talking about It is an uncalled for piece of business t'oi an editor to priut a thing of that kind ; intended to damage A|gona if to wkea be bus no ' {making the 8t° f/ , . J.$~ t&yeling a contemporary ptJJwrJty for U)—A. FA KM. A iinaru'j- or half .section of sjiyil lilhiUle hind in N. W. Iowa, mprovod yrofterrefl.' Will pay ope to three liousiiiul cash. Must be a bar^iiln, A«l<lr«ss arly and be precise in description to avoid de- ay. EDWIN GILES, •}7-:il Pipestone. Minn. P ooins to Hont Furnished or unfurnished in- L\.<inire at this ofllce. -J7t£ B5F = Here is what it will cost to paper a room 12 ft. square, and 8ft. liigli with 8c paper: 5 rolls side wall paper at 8c per double roll 40 3 rolls ceiling • " " " '" 10 5!< yds border, 3 band, oc per yd . - 27 Total .:(.. .83 f Can you afford it? ^ \ i ._ . !5i p= JSl"ow if you wft^t to papier with nice gilt paper this*is what it f will cost you: >' 5 rolls side wall paper at 15 per double roll .. viv .775 3 rolls ceiling paper at 15c per double roll .. •.'? 30 - 51 £ yds border, 3 band, 5c yd .*! '•. , .27 i Total.. ....;.... 1.33~~ We also have two brands of READY MIXgD PAINTS One of which is the linest paint miinufactured: Eemember we have a- full line of Paints of all kinds, White Leads. Oils, Artisl's Materials, etc. etc., which are of the best quality obtainable, and Qtir prices lowest. » FRANK W.DINGLEY. •\L H J H J DAYS Special sale 2000 Thursday, Friday and Saturday TV a, ©, f -fj ALL NEW SHADES. 3OO YDS. CHINA SILKS, 300 yds. Velvets, 2,000 yds. Dress G-oods in all the Latest Novelties. 500 yds. Dress Trimmings. Special invitation to the Ladies. Your Obedient Servant, JNO. GOEDERS, Jr *

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