The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1892
Page 7
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REPUBLICAN; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARbn so, isoa. urt Republican. IOWA, MARCH 80, 1802. Jofan Butler moved into th6 rooms over , Marble's old store last Thursday. 0. B. Long is away for a few days and Mrs. L. is doing the work in the gallery. Mrs. Norton was able to be out to church last Sabbath we are glad to note. J.ohn Goeders has been to Chicago and bought a lot of new spring goods for his store here in Burt. Mrs. wooden has been very sick for a week or so but is some better now and is gaining slowly, There is considerable sickness in and 'jSout Burt just now aad Dr. Bcane ia on e^fo almost constantly. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sigsby, a son, weight, eleven pounds. Mr. S. is proud and all arc getting along nicely. ( Misses Hopkins & Butler rented rooms in Cady & Hallock's building. We understand they arc going to do general dress making. Levi Hodgson is so much better that he was out riding one day during the past week. He has rented' his place to N. Tyler. Ora Sheldon moved from town to Arons place one day last week; he cannot 'get possession of the place he bought of Mr Maley just yet. Just look in the show windows when you are in Burt and see what a fine display of good goods they have and just as cheap as you can buy anywhere else. The I. 0. G. T. organized last Friday evening with about 25 members old and new. Lodge will meet next Friday evening at half past 7 o'clock in the school house. *' The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cork died last Sunday morning, Funeral i services were held at the house, at 4 j'clock in the afternoon, conducted by |Rev. Forsythe, The fun loving young folks got up a surprise party for Miss Aggie Stowe last Wednesday evening and presented her with a nice plush album, it was her 17th birthday. John T. Pollard, a mason and plasterer from Bancroft, purchased a residence lot "in Buell's addition to Burt, just north of the M. E. parsonage. Thus they flock in from all around. Mr. Pollard began building a 16x24 house on his let last Monday. Geo. Eastman does the work. Burt Creamery Go's., report of business done for year ending Feb..27, .1892: To' tal amountof milkhandled—3,179,781 Ibs. Total arnt. of butter made—139,104 Ibs. Yield of butter per 100 of milk—4.37 Ibs Average cost,per Ib. of making—$0.0315. Highest price paid for milk—$1.20. Lowest price paid for milk—$0.57.—average £0.8125. Beginning with April 1st milk- be paid for according to its value, as [iown by the Babcock test. • - S. NICHOLSON, Sec. Card of Tlmuks. « ' We wish to thank all wh» so kindly as- listed us at the funeral of our child. ^ Mn. AND MHS. J. B. CORK. "0! how I dread to see my hair turii- ag gray," is a remark made by so many iadies. If they only knew that 7,5 cents (invested in one bottle of Beggs' Hair ^Renewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hes- ! itate to buy. Wo guarantee every bottle Sold by F. W. Dingley. li'xcliuivo Agency For the "Custom House" and "Nimrod" brands of cigars. The best 5 cent goods on the market. (23tf) E. J. GILMORE. PUMPS. Go to Graham & Elvidge for pumps. FOB SALE. One horse 8 years old, one Esterly binder, one harrow, one mower, one hay rftke. ELMEB HODGSON. 26 A choice line of fresh teas and coffees at Hudson & Langdon's. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. NOTICE. As I have sold my shoe repair business and am going away, I would kindly ask all who are indebted to me for work, to settle at once. I will be found at G. B. Whitnney's. Please oblige. Joseph Market. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. IJU11T, IOWA. Good farms for sale. If so, and we presume you do, call and see us. We. have Shoes for the Babies, Shoes for the Misses, Shoes for the Boys, Shoes for the Ladies, Shoes for the Men, In all sizes and styles, and at prices we know'will please. NICHOLSON & BUELL. NEW LINE , -OF- CTJB.T.&.XKS -AT— . M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Paper Trimmed. Geo. E. Marble Still Sells The best goods At the lowest prices. When we get into our new store, that will be soon, come and see us. Plenty of the best help, good goods and low prices are. bound to please, and we have them. Spring is here and you want rubber goods; get the best; we handle no second class stock. The ladies arc particularly invited to call—we have 100 beautiful pictures for them. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 p er dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C, B. LONG, Photographer. STOP -AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! M. L, MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. • Just Returned»»Chicago -WITH A LARGE STOCK OF- New Spring and Summer Goods. As lam buymg for Two Stores it enables us to buy the gpods at BED BOCK PRICES which enables us to give our customers good bargains in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Furnishing; Goods, Groceries, And,iufaoti»evetyUii'ew8ljttndle. We invite the neo- 8t «* |U\V o V 1 I GIV1NO An Important Case Summed Up An Follows, Chfonlc Catarrh— Twenty Yearn— Settled on lyings-Could Get No Kollef- i'erinanent Cure at J.ast. NEW VIENNA, CLINTON Co., 0. Dr. S. B. Hartman & Co.— Gents: I take pleasure in testifying to your medicines I have used about one bottle and a half, and can say 1 am a new man. Have had the cattarh about twenty years. Before I knew what it was it had settled on my lungs and breast, but can now say I am well Wasintho army, could get no medicine that would relieve me. Yours truly, W. D. WILLIAMS, Probate Judge of Clinton County. While it is a fact that Pe-ru-na can bo relied on to cure chronic catarrh in all stages and varieties, yet it is not often that it will so quickly cure a case of long standing as the above. Hence it is that so many patients fail in finding a euro because of their unwillingness to continue treatment long enough. Many people who have had chronic catarrh for five ten, and even fifteen years, will follow treatment for a few weeks, and then, because they are not cured, give up in despair and try something else. Those patients never follow any one treatment long enough to test its merits, and consequently never find a cure. Its a well- known law of disease that the longer it has run the more tenaciously it becomes fastened to its victim. The difficulty, with which catarrh is cured has led to the invention of a host of remedies which produce temporary relief only. The unthinking masses expect to lind some remedy which will cure them in a few days, and to take advantage of this false hope many compounds which have instant but transient effect have been devised. The people try these catarrh cures one after another, but disappointment is the inveriable result, until very many sincerely believe that no cure is possible. CAfrAKIUI IS A SYSTEMIC DISEASK, and therefore requires persistent internal treatment, sometimes for many months, before a permanent cure is effected. The mucous lining of the cavities of the head, throat, lungs, etc., are made up of a net work of minute blood vessels called capillaries. The capillaries are very small elastic tubes, which, in all cases of chronic catarrh, are congested or bulged out with blood so long that the elasticity of the tubes are entirely destroyed. The nerves which supply these capillaries with vitality are called the "vasa-motor" nerves. Any medicine to reach the real difficulty and exert the slightest curative action in any case of catarrh must operate directly on the vasa-motor system of nerves. As soon as these nerves become strengthened and stimulated by the action of a proper remedy they restore to the capillary vessels of the various mucous membranes of the body their normal elasticity. Then, and only then, will thn catarrh be permanently cured. Thus it will be seen that catarrh is not a blood disease, as many suppose, but rather a disease of the mucous blood vessels. Ihis explains why it is that so many ex- cellant blood medicines utterly fail to cure catarrh. Colds, winter coughs, bronchitis, sore throat and pleurisy are all catarrhal affections, and consequently are quickly curable by Pe-ru-na. Each bottle of Pe-ru-na is accompanied by full directions for use, and is_kept by most druggists. ", Get your druggist to order it for you if he does not already keep it. A pamphlet on the cause and cure of all catarrhal diseases and consumption sent free to any address by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Co., Columbus, O. "My dear sir, I love your daughter and want to marry her, but she says you have a condition to your consent." "Certainly, sir. I want you to promise to keep Mailer's Sure Cure Cough Syrup in the house." "I will." "All right you have my blessing." All persons owing J. A. Hamilton must settle at once as there is a now member to be initiated into the firm. 23tf We have just received A Large Stock of WOOD AND STEEL LEVER HARROWS, Call and see them before buying. Graham. <& Elvidgo. GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. DANIELS & PHII^PS, HARNESS ASB SHOE REPAIR SHOP It wUJ pay you to call and order a »ew if you need anything in that line. P. C. QHUBB, President, J, MURTAQH, /'fl^^Wff W™ ^ 9 TIE OQTJNTT NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents, ^?M Unu<;AN Publishes more outside « i co " nt ry and surrounding towns publlshcd ?n Kos For the Bancroft NKWS see na.<?e 3. ^??hl°i?J^ 9 r ONI)RNT , H : ~ A " correspondence for * t i he *^h lI "y oAN sllould reach tul » office "his IS mind uesday evenl "8:. Please bear SWJ5A Born, to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bravender March 26th, a girl, weight 10 Ibs, Mrs. 0. P. Buker will teach the summer term oil school in district No. 1. C. M. Wnsson has been hired tr teach in district No. : ; J for the corning term. Chri8 Hokcnsoa has been very sick for some time, with some dyspeptic trouble. J. I. Callaimn of DCS Moines was in these parts last Friday looking at Oalla- nan & Savory's land. Miss Emma Hmith closed her winter term of school on Friday last, and after a week's vacation will return to teach in district No. 2. A. G. Anderson & Sons have just completed a good si/cd barn and granary for Mr. Bergreu anil have the dwelling house framed. The C. I. & W. li'y Co. has boucht Mr. Burkhead's farm in Sec. 18, Emmelt Co. for a town site, so we understand, paying Mr. Burkhead ig2o per acre. FODND: On March 22, a wild pony, XT ™ lth « w -, hltc S1 ' ot on forehead, 12 miles JN. W. of Bancroft. Owner can have same by proving property and paying 'expenses. CAUL ANDERSON, Swea Iowa, (Heceived too late for last week's issue.) Olof Pearson spent Sunday in Swea with relatives. John Bergstrom has returned to his old home at Chicago, to remain. Nils Anderson shipped a carload of fat cattle to Chicago last week. Isaac Isaacson's brother, of Worcester, Mass , will work for him this season. A. G. Anderson & Sons have just completed a good si/.ed bam for Mr. Bergren. Mr. Peterson and famity, from near DCS Moines, have moved onto R. M. Richmond's farm in South Swea. Mr. Bergren of Seneca moved his family up last week and will live at A. G. Anderson's until their house can be built. . K.V3ZSAY Dr. Howe is improving slowly and has done some riding. B. F. Smith is still selling land. Mr. Smith is improving slowly but is not able to leave his room. F. M. Richardson is Building a new bouse in Ramsay, John Ivleist 'and John Good are the carpenters. \Vortman Bros, arc putting in a new Stock of dry goods, groceries, and hardware for Their spring and summer Trade. Mrs. C. A. Willson is expected to arrive from Fayettc county today Mr. Willson will drive through with a team. Mr. H. Bruns has built a new house on his farm which is occupied by another strange gentleman. Mr. 11. Smith has moved into the house vacated by Mr. Boyer. Lots of new neighbors "are moving in, and around Ramsay, Mr. Keneda has moved into the house occupied last year by A. G. Smith' and Mr. Banister occupies the house where W. T, Hall lived last summer. WIIITTEMORE. - Miss Birdie Hotelling came home from Cedar Falls last Tuesday evening. Miss Lixxie Fleece is taking lessons in short hand and typewritine; at Algona. The Baptist pulpit was filled by Rev. German, of Hawarden, last Sunday morning and evening. Goo. Boyle, who was under the doctor's care for a number of days, is out again attending to business. ' Our public school reopened Monday after a two week's vacation with the same teacher at the helm. J. M. and Wm. Farley, Joe DeGraw and others took in the shooting tournament at Emraetsburg Friday. Mrs. Harris reorganized the Good Tem- plars lodge at this place at the close of her lecture last Wednesday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd have moved into the, south part of town. Mr. Floyd expects to commence business about April first. Arthur Tellier and sister, of Algona, visited over Sunday at A. H. Hotelling's. Miss Tellier remained to assist at the concert Wednesday evening. An M, E. Mite Society was organized at the parsonage last week with, nine members. The society will meet first with Mrs. E. Chrischjlles Wednesday, April 18, at 2 p. n». The object the ladies have in view is to finish »od paint the M. E. parsonage. The Ladies' Aid Society will meet with Mrs. J. E. Beattie next Thursday afternoon at the usual hour. The ladies netted quite a little sum at the supper given last week by Mrs. Qoetsch owing to the kind and liberal patronage of the business men, (or which favor they wish to return thanks. Calkins Hotel daBS jm^WH . f fl? Ledyard Times. Are Your Wants JA.8. RKNDALL, 0 Editor. LEDYARD, IOWA, MAR. 30, 1892. Oats 19 @ .21 Corn 00 Eggs 11 Butter 18 Cattle $0.00 Hogs 0.00 Wheat 05 Barley ... .25(o>.30 Flax. $ .77 Hay 0.00 Have you seen carpenter John, lately? F. M. Evans of Bancroft was in town Monday. Mrs. J. Rosenau has been quite ill with la grippe, The farmers ore making preparations to commence seeding. Rev. Williams of Bancroft preached to a full house Sunday evening. Mrs. J. F. Rendall and daughter Minnie, also Floyd Green, arc ou the sick list. Rev. T. S, Bailey of Cedar Rapids is expected to preach some evening next week. Arthur Lathrop recently sold his farm west of town to-a Mr. Latimer for $10 per acre. Tom Albright, of Algona, was tip this way the other day engaging a job of breaking. Robinson Bros, of Vernon Centre have bought a half section of land not many miles from Ledyard. Mrs. A. B. Lewis and daughter Martha, of Delavin, Minn., are visiting friends relatives at this place. Chas. Lewis, of Vernou Centre, Minn., bought 120 acres of land joining Gus. Errengreen the other day. Do you want a good map of Kossuth county? If so, call on the TIMES editor with the small sum of 25c. Sam Moore, of Elmore, was in town last week. He is working the country down tnis way in the insurance business. The lecture by Mrs. Harris at the Trimble building on Thursday of last week was well attended and much enjoyed by all present. The beys are putting in their leisure hours hunting, and many are the geese and ducks that come into town on their backs. Fred Calkins has consented to get married within the next four mouths in consideration of the promise of a new clock as a practical compensation. A.llie Odett was taking in our town one day last week. He has a farm a few miles west of here, and is making preparations for putting in his crops. Tanner & McLaury received the front for their store building last week. They will have a nice building, which we un- nerstand they intend using for restaurant purposes. F. M. Trimble has on a good stock of furniture and is expecting more every day. He will soon be ready to serve the public with anything in his line at reasonable figures. How's this? John Dennis has pressed since July 1st I'oOO tons of hay, and pitched the most of it himself, and ho is 3-1 years of age. Let any of our young men beat that record if they can. Charles Sharp of Elmore has been doing the mason work ou the Jenks building the past week. This building when completed will be a valuable addition to our hotel accommodations. The good people of Swea are beginning to patronize our town, and seem to be well pleased with us. We take -the liberty of saying that the business men of Ledyard are well pleased with them. No more pleasant and agreeable patronage could be found in Kossuth county. QR. RUSS, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. Office in Miller Bros. Drug Store. LED YARD, - - - IOWA. Water I Water! I am prepared to put down wells in all parts of the country at the lowest prices. Supply of water warranted. Cash or on time. H. O. WILSON, Ledyard,' Iowa. W. O. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders, LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work a specialty. Give us a trial. * B.J.Johnson, TONSORIAL ARTIST. (At 0. A. Ordway's office.) Satisfaction guaranteed at customary prices. C. A. ORDWAY Dealer in Coal and Hay, Ledyard, Iowa. to say to the public that he will ° * l*r£e ajaoimt o| Many and Yaried? CALL ON WE US & CO. AT THE Farmer's Supply Store And Have All Your Wants Supplied. Yours in B., I. and Z. Rendall & Grannis. lias a full stock of Furniture and is now ready to accommodate the people of Ledyard and Vicinity. Call 011 Mrs. C. A. Ordway, over Ordway's agricultur- implement store. FITZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And- Ledyard, Iowa. We carry a full stock of Millinery Ctoods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc, We are ready to please the public. A. E. KEG-LEY. Ledyard Livery, -'Feed —And- Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices.. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, - - -..•-. Iowa-,. GORDON BROS., —Dealers in— FURNITURE^ Funeral Supplies of Finest Quality. Wood, Cloth and Metallic Burial Oases and Caskets. Household Goods]at rock bottom prices delivered free at Ledyard. Gordon's Furniture Store, ELMORE, - - MINNESOTA.. Agency for the Celebrated McCormick Binders and Mowers, Co. Mowers, Minnesota Chief Threshers, Rustifbrd Wagons and Buggies, Best Gaixg and Sullqr Disc Harrows, Force;Feed and Broad Fanning Mills, Pump*, Land Rollers, Audio ;.-*,'

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