The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 30, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1892
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGOKA, IOWA, WKMB8DAY, MAHCtt 30, 1892, IC AN (Qfflcfat Paper of Kwmth Oowilv and the Entered fit the post ofllce hi Algona us second class innll matter. Jl>UBr,tSHE» KVKHY WEDNKSDAV JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terrns of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance ............ One copy, six months, in advance .......... 75 One copy, three months, in advance ........ 40 Subscriptions continue 1 till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable anil will be made known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this jmrtoflowa. Steam power. „„,,„ THR IttcruBLicAM is an AH. HOME J>KINT paper. No objectionable patent in- Iowa's exhibit at the World'3 Fair should be an immense corn palace, and among the exhibits in the corn palace •shoule be the present governor. The Wesley Reporter is going to en- Jarge. We are glad to note it. The Reporter is a good little newspaper and should be appreciated by the Wesley people. We suppose it is. A town is sized up by the outside world more from the 'character of its newspaper than any other one thing. The newspaper is what reaches the outside world and tells of the town. Every citizen who is 1 loyal to his town, will help the editor to make & good newspaper, he will not'be penurious with •his patronage. Iowa's appropriation.'for an exhibit at the Columbian exposition is $125,000. 'Iowa could have appropriated twice that ^amount and never missed it. We make ; the observation not because we would •have favored a larger appropriation, but 'because it is a pleasing reflection to •know that the appropriation could have 'been made without serious embarass •ment to State financies. Iowa's appropriation is small compared with the appropriations of some other States, but it is not because the State is stricken with poverty. I cannot refrain from sending a word of good cheer on the prospects of the re publican party. On all leading measures relating to the industrial and financial interests of the people, we ore strong and growing stronger. On the contrary, our opponents are weak and growing weaker. They are divided; we are united. If we do not win it is our own fault. We will be justly censurable if, with such great measures involved, every republican does not feel that lie is appealed to personally and that victory in the election depend on him.—tames G. Elaine. DEMOCRATIC ECONOMY. The River and Harbof bill has been completed aud carries appropriations amounting to $20,700,000. It is calcu- ated to make Judge Holman lie awake nights in despair. While it nominally .ppropriates $282,400 less than the total if the bill reported to the last Congress, here were items in that bill amounting o $2,140,000,on account of improvements of Galveston and Baltimore harbors, St. Mary's River and some other water iourses, which Democratic leaders propose to put into the Sundry Civil Ap- >ropriation bill this year. The proposed appropriations in the bill reported are nearly $2,000, 000 greater than in the River and Harbor bill as reported in the ast Congress. If the increase stopped short with the mere expenditure of a Couple of millions the bill might be considered as subject to Holman's objections )Ut it authorizes contracts to be made and appropriates small amounts of money to be paid thereon which will require upward of $25,000,000 to carry into effect. As examples of these contracts may be mentioned one for the improvement of the Mississippi River from St. Paul to its mouth, which it is estimated will eventually cost $12,700/000; a 21-foot channel through the Great Lakes from Duluth to Buffalo, which will cost $2,840,000; improvements in Savannah Harbor, $2,792, )00, and various -other like enterprises. There was a time when the Democratic party bitterly opposed internal improvements at the expense of the federal government, but the (River and Harbor bill as prepared for the present Congress is an indication that they are running riot u an opposite 'direction.—New York Press. The legislature will adjourn tomorrow after a session of about three months, having done very little to compensate the state for the salaries paid its members. Aside from making a few approp riations very little of importance wer accomplished. The World's fair gets $125,000. The Agricultural College, Soldiers Home, and Boys Reform School gets appro priations. Th.e State Dairy Association .gets $1,000 per year and several other minor appropriations have been made 'The legislature v/as tconomical in its ap propriations but it is a question ^if tha can be said as as an argument in its favor The most important act of the .session was.the passage of the Australian >ballo bill. A good shaie of the session was fooled away in the attempt to do eome thing with prohibition and the law >is U stand .just as it is. Gerrymandering received its first hare blow a few days ago at the hands of the .supreme court of the State of Wisconsin the court deciding that the recent redist ricting of the State by the democratic leg Islature was unconstitutional. Gerry mandering is the gravest offense in th< category of political crimes. All partie .have been caore or less guilty of its prac tice, the democratic party in particular •Down in Missouri another democratic .gerrymander has been committed. At th last Presidential election the republican ivote was about forty-five per cert, of the entire vote of the State, and yet the dem •corals managed to elect thirteen out o the fourteen congressmen. Gerrymander ing is a blacker political crime titan buy ing votes or stuffing ballot boxes. It is robbing a people of representation. The i\ r ew York Press gives the follow ing figures as to the increase of Urban population in the United States: In 179G one-thirtieth of the population was found in cities of more than 8,000 population; in 1800, one-twenty-fifth; ic 1810 and l&.'O, one-twentieth; in 1830, one-sixteenth; in 1840, one-twelfth; in 1850, one-eighth; in IbGO, one-sixth; in 1870, more than one fifth; in 1880, half •way between one-fifth and one-fourth and DOW in 1890, pretty nearly one-third The figures given furnish muck for the political economist to think about. The free trader will argue that it all goes to prove that farming don't pay, that the farmers are all leaving the country ant going to the city. The Dubuque Tele graph made some such argument as tha a few days ago and said it was all due to our tariff policy, this building up o large cities. According to the Tele graph's logic the farmer of 1790 had an immense advantage over the farmer o to day. Mark Twain. This noted humorist lives in Hereford Conn., and by his own writings has made life more pleasant to thousands.' By the use of Haller's Sarsaparilla & Burdock thousands of lives have been lengthened and life made pleasant. Both are bene factors and Uotb are entitled to the thank by Dr. &. A- WAtfttS, VOB SAU, ~^^^^^^^^^^^v-^-^-^-^^^^-XXS - >^ - «^'^^V>* s- ^ si> ^^ > ^^ NX r?OR SALE—A first-class Sewine Machine at r a bargain. Inquire at the KKPTOU "A* O f• ce. If you contemplate purchasing a machine t will pay you to look up this one Before buy- ne. It has never been used and will be sold at better figure than any agent will give you F OR SALK-lmproved farm of ico acres on Sec. 80 twp. 99 range 30, one mile south of he rajlyoad now being located throuoU said ownshlp. D. H. HUTOHINS. F OR SALE—Good nve-ycar-old brood mare. 25tt T. W. GitnfeUT. CTOUGH la selling home made harness at $27 O Gall and see him. N OT RUN AWAY-WeTiave noTTutT^ay or closed our doors as It might appear at mr former place of business, buthave removed o better and more commodlns quarters, one door east of the Rutherford House, where we can keep a better supply of different kinds of Sewing Machines, also supplies and repairs for all makes of them. We shall also keep for sale Organs and Pianos, all at figures that defy competition, quality considered. Please give is a call.—J. B, WINK EL. Propoposal for the Erection of a School House. Notice is hereby given that propoposals for iho erection of a school house in suDdistrlct No ,hree In the district township of Springfield, jn Jhe county of Kossuth and State oi Iowa. Wi be received by the undersigned at his oraoein said township, where plans and specifications may be seen, until one o'clock p. m. April so *•-. p., l»«, at which time the contract will be let to the lowest responsible bidder. The board reserve the right to reject any or all bids. Dated this 29th day of March. 1802. ' SIMON SCHNEIDER, 28 - 9 Sec. of Board of Directors. No Weinen is beautiful with a bad skin, covered with pimples, freckles, moth, or tan. I have been asked many times what will remove these unsightly Wemishes. No face paints or powders will remove them, as they are caused by impure blood. The only sure remedy I have ever seen is Sulphur Bitters, and in hundreds of cases I have never known them to fail.—Ed- itress Fashion Gazette. The kind of women who would make their husbands obey and stand around are the kind of women who don't have any. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of DeWitt's Sarsaparilla. Wonderful. E. W. Sawyer, of Rochester, Wis., ? prominent dealer in general merchandise and who runs several'peddling wagons, had one of his horses badly cut anc burned with «, lariet. The wound refused to heal. The horse became lame and stif notwithstanding careful attention and the application of remedies. A friend handed Sawyer some of Haller's Barb Wire Lini ment, the most wonderful thing he eve saw to heal such wounds. He applied i only three times and the' sore was com pletely healed. Equally good for all sore cuts, bruises and wounds. For sale bj Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Hood's Pills cure liver ill' jaundice, bil iousness, sick headache, constipation anc all troubles of the disgestive organs. 70R RENT-Small office room. Inquire of . the REPUBLICAN. LITERARY NOTES. The second article in the series of papers on 'The Great Capitals of the World," now being published In Harper'sWeekly, will be a description of St. Petersburg by Vicomte Eugeno Melchior de Vogue. It will appear In the number of the Weekly published Marah soth, and will be superbly Illustrated. Harper & Brothers have just published a little hand-book, invaluable to students, letter-writers, ahd liteiary workers, entitled, Everybody's Writing-desk Book, They now announce a companion volume, uniform In style, called Everybody's Pocket Cyclopaedia. •-.•.-. ART STUDIO. People of Algona: Trusting that I shall secure your patronage, I havs located in this city. I paint portraits of anv size in oil or pastel, make them in crayon.also. To those who wish it I give instruction in drawing from the cast, landscape, figures, etc.,in oil, crayon and pastel. Studio in the second story, north room, of the Comstock building. 26 FLORENCE CURTIS. Canada maple syrup—something fine at LANGDON & HUDSON. ,~H»»~» . "This town seems to be making great progress," said a visitor to a resident of Boomville, 0. T. "You are jist right, stranger. Why. we've had to enlarge the jail twice. There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put to -gether, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctor pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable Science has proven catarrh to be a consti tutional disease, and therefore require; constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitut ional cure on the market. It is taken in ternally in doses from 10 drops to a tea spoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ef the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case i: fails to cure. Send for circulars and tes timonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by all Druggists, 75c. At the REPUBLICAN Office, ov sent postpaid to any ad dress upon receipt of price. The only correct map of Kos suth County in existence. Address, REPUBLICAN, Algona, Iowa. CLOTtfSNG / To Be GIVEN AWAY! H. Balcom, of Sioux City, has purchased Frank Bros, stock of Clothing, and has added a much larger stock to it, which will all be sold at LESS THAN ACTUAL COST. WE ARE GOING TO SUPPLY THE WHOLE COUNTRY*- / With everything in the shape of Men's, Boy's and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Underwear, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, eta Anything you want, at your own price. The Entire Stock will be Sold Regardless of Value! Never such Bargains heard of in your town. Come and take part of it While it lasts. H. Balcom. SUCCESSOR TO FRANK BROS. Frank's Old Stand. OrtRATINO OVER IN IOWA, MINNESOTA - AND SOUTH DAKOTA SOLBD TRAINS BETWEEN Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via the Famous Albert Lea Bouts. St. Louis, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via St. Louis, Minneapolis & St. Paul Short Line. AND / Elegant! Exquisite! Artistic! BETWEEN CHICAGO, CEDAR RAPIDS AND SIOUX FALLS, S. D. CHICAGO AND CEDAR RAPIDS Via tho Finuous Albert Lea Haute. SPIRIT LAKE Great Iowa Surnmer Resort. For Railway and Hotel Rates, Descriptive Pamphlets and all information, address General Ticket aud Passenger Agent. CHEAP HOMES On line of this road in Northwestern Iowa, Southwestern Minnesota and South Dakota, where drought and crop failures are unknown. Thousands of choice acres of land yet unsold. Local Excursion rates given. For full information as to prices of land and rates of faro, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. All of the Passenger Trains on all Divisions of this Railway are neated by Steam from the engine, and the Main Line Day Passenger Trains are lighted with the Electric Light. Maps, Time Tables, Through Rates and all Information furnished on application to Agents Tickets on sale over this route at all prominent points in the Union, and by its Agents, to all parts of the United States and Canada. BF~For announcements of Excursion Rates; and local matters of interest, please refer to the local columns of this paper. C. J. IVE8, J. E. HANNEGAN, Pres't and Gen'l Supt. Gen 1 Tkt. and Pasa'r Agt, CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA. Matson & McCall want to see you. Call in and they will show you everything in their line. We are prepared to Fit and Suit Everybody, Matson & McCall , flJcEi and Nervous HeiuJiifbe, Backache, &izzinesg,aioi> bid Fcara, Hot Swishes, Nervous py»pepflia,S>HlI«e»8, Confusion, Hys. « r i as '« F i t8 ' S ,*' VitMS ' »<"»ce, Opium Habit, I>rcpkeiin«>H», etc., are cured J»y »r. Blilcst' Kowtorative Nervine. « does not contain Opiates. Mrs. Sophia C. Brownlee, UoLund, Fla., suffered with Epilepsy for 60 years und testllica to u complete euro; Jacob o,?i r p;^,la. Oregon, bad been suffering with Nerr- JSfh^ h rl } °.? J or four y ears - cou » not Bleep, StniSfiw» S?f H" un £" ¥ UBed Dr - w" 0 " 1 Re - atoratlve Nervine; he is now well. Fine books i P iu^o n m dl '^ glsta - Dr - Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills, so doses for 25 cents are the best remedy for Biliousness, Torpid1 Wvwf etc?, eto. Or. Wines' Medical Co.,Elkhart,lnd, 1BIAX BOTTLE FREE. Sold by F. W. DINGLBY. ^ -RIFLES EVERYWHERE MAL'1- i-.. r TH E(V,ARU w Fi RE ARMS£U -H Samples of which we have just received. Lower prices than ever before on an immense line of beautifully colored INGRAINS, heavy durable THREE PLYS, sensible serviceable TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, exquisitely designed BODY BRUSSELS, soft handsome. VELVETS. The latest choicest colorings and designs in all grades. Our Carpets will speak for themselves, make friends and SELL THEMSEL VES on their own merits. We can give you advantages impossible for others to offer.. And have also exclusive control for this place of id Garnet Exli To show our samples in. You can see how each carpet will: look matched up fora room from our samples. The effect is pleasing and gratifying. Reduction in prices on most grades. We offeT no old stock. but are showing the correct styles, the newest colors, and choicest designs in the market. Carpets, Largest Assortment, Lowest Prices, Best Makes, All Grades, Lace Curtains, Chenille Curtains, Rugs, Etc, Now is the time to make your selections. It will pay you well to come a long distance to see our styles and get our prices. If you are in a hurry we will surprise you how quick you can have your carpets delivered, "Sewed" (if desired) ready to lay on your floor. Give us a call even though you do not wish to purchase now. THE GRANGE STORE, General Merchandise

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