The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1892
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH S8, 1MB. ALGON A REPUBLICAN Paper of Kotsuth County and the Ctty <rf Algona.) RVERY WRDNKSOAV JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance ............ $1.00 One copy, six months. In advance .......... 75 One copy, three months, in advance ........ « Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made known on Application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in this part of Iowa. Steam power. THE KKPUHLICAN is an Aix HOME PRINT paper. No objectionable patent in- atdes. GREATER THAN HIS PARTY. I am a Democmt. That's true. I say it with a will, But something more than that I am— I'm David Bennett Hill.—Ex. "There are two democratic parties in this Stale,"says New York "Judge," and nobody knows which is the one." Now that all efforts to abolish the pro hibitory law have failed, we suggest to the legislature that some measure be taken to secure its more rigid enforcement. SAFETY OF NATIONAL BANKS. The National Banking System was 6rganlxed under an act of Congress passed in 1833. On the 25th day of September, 1891, 3,677 National banks were in operation, with deposits aggregating over $2,000,000,000. For the period of twenty-nine years the annual average loss to creditors has been only one twentieth of one per cent. Official data are not accessible as to banks, other than National, but Bradstreet's furnishes a list ef 117 institutions, consisting of bankers, brokers, savings banks, trust companies, and banks other than National which failed during the year ending June 30, 1891, representing losses to creditors of almost $17,500,000 an amount in excess ot the total losses of all the banks of the National system for the twenty-nine years of the existence of the system.— E. S. Lacey, Controller of the currency, in the North American Review. RE-SUBMISSION. Ex-Congressman Daniel Kerr, of the Ffth District, says the following sensible •word in favor of re-submission: "It ought to be conceded that as prohibition became the policy of the State by virtue of the people in which the issne was squarely made, it ought to so remain unless the people, on an issue squarely made,should reverse their former command." No change should be made in the prohibitory law until the question has been re-submitted at a non-partisan election and the real sentiment of the people of Iowa determined. "Re-submission" is the only thing to which the republicans of the legislature can give their consent and be consistent. The responsibility for the prohibitory law should rest upon the people and not upon the shoulders of any political party. Re-submission is the only door through which prohibition can go in order to get out of politics. There is no other way of throwing the responsibility back upon the people of Iowa. It is scarcely probable that the question will be re-submitted, because the democrats of the legislature and Gov. Boies are opposed to the idea. They want "prohibition" to stay in politics; they have found it an excellant club to use in pounding the republican party. They have a greater interest in retaining their hold upon that club than in carrying out the wishes of the people of Iowa. They are accordingly opposed to re submission. The cry of Governor Boies during the campaign was that the people of the State had had enough of prohibition. If that is true they would say so at a non-partisan election, but the democratic party is not in favor of a non-partisan election. Inconsistency thy name is the democracy! The Dubuque Telegraph, the ablest edited democratic paper in Iowa occasionally lets its zeal for free trade and the democracy get the better of whatever desire it may have to sustain a reputation for horse sense and a fair knowledge of economic principles. The American Economist has published a list of "nuts for free traders to crack." Among the nuts was the following: The population of .Liverpool, the great Chicago in 1880 was The population of 503,185 ; in 1890 it was 1,099,850, an increase in ten years of commercial center of England, was 552,608 in 1881; in 1891 it was 517,-; U5l, a decrease of over 34,000. The Telegraph undertook to crack these nuts for the Economist and in answer to the above delivered itself as follows: The contrast hetween Liverpool and Chicago is unfortunate for the cause of protection. While Liverpool showed a decrease of population in the last ten years the United Kingdom showed an increase of 8.2 per cent. On the other hand while Chicago showed a marked increase many counties in Illinois declined. The same is true of many counties of Iowa, 34 we believe including Dubuque county outside of the city. This merely shows Gov. Boies told the truth when he declared the tariff was robbing the farmer to build up great cities. The marked fact of the last United Str.tes census was the growth of urban and the decline of suburban population. This is a sad commentary on the tariff policy of this government. We understand from the Telegraph then, that the building up of cities is 8 bign and a cause of increasing poverty to the farmer. If that is true the interests of the farmer demand that our cities should stop growing. That the people who are engaged in manufacturing industries should have the work shops and the factories and engage in agriculture. According to the philosophy of the Telegraph the more men there are to raise the products of the farm and the fewer there are to consume them the batter it will be for the farmer, the better prices he will get for his corn and his hogs and his cattle. The Telegraph should have lived about the time of Columbus when there wasn't a factory on the continent and everybody had to farm for a living. It would have found its ideal state of society. The subject of supply and demand must have been omitted in the Telegraphs text books on political economy. Suppose everybody engaged in the occupation of farming. The number of those who got ricn at the business would be as small as the number of decent democrats in Du- buquo county. The Telegraph is only making a blame fool argument for free trade. It is only carrying democratic logic on the tariff question out to its natural conclusion. When seen in its real light the position of the democratic party on the tariff question is ridiculous. The country will grow rich and prosperous just in the proportion that its industries are multiplied and it will grow corre- sponningly poor, just as they are subtracted. The Telegraph knows it, and everybody else knows it who will put his brain through the exercise of thinking for a mement. The Telegraph knows that the building up of cities is a sign of prosperity and industrial activity, and it knows that the farmer is interested in the building up of cities just in proportion as he is interested in getting a good price for what he produces, and the Telegraph further knows that protection tends to build up cities and start industries that employ labor. Labor eats the products of the farm and'pays for them and the money goes into the pockets of the farmer. It is all one great argument to the farmer in favor of protection to American industries when he stops to think about it. The question is almost too one sided to admit of argument. So far from being a proof that farming is u nprofltable, the fact that the population of many counties in Iowa and Illinois outside of the cities has decreased during the past ten years stands as a proof of the exaet contrary. The older farmers are growing "well to do" and increasing the acreage of their farms while the younger men are pushing out to make a start in newer communities. If peaple were deserting the farms and going to the cities because farming was unprofitable there would be many uncultivated farms in the country. There is not an acre of land in Iowa that is growing up to weeds because farming is unprofitable, for it isn't. The scrawl of any one of ten thousand farmers in Iowa would probably be good for more cash at the bank than the signature of the editor of the Dubuque Telegraph or that of almost any other editor in Iowa. The farmer owes more to protection than he does to any other agency that has helped to bring about his prosperity. Deserving Praise. We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and haye never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merrits Dr. L. A. Seeetz Druggist. FOB SAI;E. A good five-year-old brood mare 25tf T. W. GILBERT. The PopttlcitiOA of Alton* Is about 2,500 and we should Say at leas one-half are troubled with some affection of the throat and lungs as those complaints are, according to statistics, more numerous than others. We Could advise all our readers not to neglectthe opportunity to call on their druggist and get a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs. Trial size free, Large Bottle 60c. and $1. Sold by all druggist. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of DeWitt's Sarsaparilla. Administration. Notice. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Administratrix of the estate of Peter Swanson, late of Kossuth County, Iowa, deceased. All persons in any manner indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the undersigned;and those having claims against the said estate will file them with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth Co., Iowa, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance. Dated this ICth day of March, A. D.. 1892. LENA SWANSON, Administratrix. By F. M. Taylor, her Atty. 25-28 Did you hear of Frank Bros, selling out? Well, they have done it, and tun man who bought the stock is stirring things up. You can afford to buy a suit you wont need for twelve months—they are so cheap. 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Never such Bargains heard of in your town. Come and take part of it While it lasts. H. Balcom. SUCCESSOR TO FRANK BROS, Frank's Old Stand.. FOR SALE. An improved farm of 160 acres on sec. 30 twp. 99 range 30, one mile south of the rail road now being located through said township. D. H. HUTCHINS, 22tf Algona, Iowa. To Real Estate Agents THE REPUBLICAN'S NEW MAPS Of Kossuth County are Order a supply immediately. The maps will be sold in lots of 250 and upwards. They are printed in three tints upon heavy paper and are of a convenient size. Write for sample of Map and prices. All orders are filed in the order received and will be filled in the order filed. If you are in a hurry for your Maps, get in your order immediately. THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN. MARLIN TRIFLE! ,FOR SALE ' EVERYWHERE -1ADL Br !,TH EMJARLIN Fl RE A HAVEN' CONK! Elegant! Exquisite! Artistic! NEW CARP Samples of which we have just received. Lower prices than ever before on an immense line of beautifully colored INGRAINS, heavy durable THREE PLYS, sensible serviceable TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, exquisitely designed BODY BRUSSELS, soft handsome VELVETS. The latest choicest colorings and designs in all grades. Our Carpets will speak for themselves, make friends and SELL THEMSELVES on their own merits. We can give you advantages impossible for others to offer. And have also exclusive control for this place of 's To show our samples in. You can see how each carpet will look matched up for a room from our samples. The effect is pleasing and gratifying. Reduction in prices on most grades. We offex no old stock but are showing the correct styles, the newest colors, and choicest designs in the market. Carpets, Largest Assortment, Lowest Prices, Best Makes, All Grades, Lace Curtains, Chenille Curtains, Rugs, Etc. Now is the time to make your selections. It will pay you well to come a long distance to see our styles and get our prices. If you are in a hurry we will surprise you how quick you can have your carpets delivered, "Sewed" (if desired) ready to lay on your floor. Give us a call even though you do not wish to purchase now. THE GRANGE STORE, General Merchandise J, I,

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