Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 13, 1908 · Page 35
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 35

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1908
Page 35
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Hi SUNDAY MORNING X- OAKLAND TRIBUNE. SEPTEMBER 13, 1908 53v .Good News for Those - Who Need Furniture - The big furniture warehouse of W. X " Culllgan at Twenty-second and Grove streets will be the mecca for the thrifty furniture buyers of Alameda" county for the next ten days. The Board of Trade has authorized Mr. Culllgan to place on sale at prices never before known the entire stock of his big warehouse, and in addition five full carloads of furniture bargains that will be on display on the floor tomorrow, or as soon as space rtA to accommodate it. Mr. Culligan must satisfy a claim of $10,500 which his creditors hold against him, and to produce this sum the prices will be cut on this great quantity of furniture and floor coverings to one-half the factory cost. The opportunity that is herewith presented is without a parallel in the history of merchandising in Alameda county. While it is extremely disastrous to the Board of Trade to accept such a small proportion of the value of this furniture stock in lieu of all indebtedness, it will prove a bonanza to those who desire to buy, for the prices at which, this merchandise is marked are low onnnirh to clean it all up in a few days. On account of such a sacrifice in "price all sales will be strictly cash. Mail orders accompanied by check, money order or draft will be filled in ... rfi..- of their receipt. AMERICAN WOMEN IDLE AND ELEGANT PARIS, Sept. 12. Count dHausson-ville, who Is the representative of the aristocracy In the French ' Academy, has an article in the Gaulois entitled "Notes on the United States." He has been twice in the United States and had studied the country under many aspects . Commenting on what he calls the double life of the American world, he writes: "The life intense, full of business and somewhat brutal of the American man. and the life Idle and elegant of the wora- - en." he says - that except in Boston the women are better educated in general than the men. ISSECOi LADY OF MEXICO MEXICAN STATESMAN'S WIFE VISITING OAKLAND WILL DEDICATE CHURCH AND BURN THE MORTGAGE Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Which Will Be Dedicated Today. DEAFNESS CURED By New Discovery "I Have Dem otirtrated That Deafness Can Be Cured." Dr. Guy Clifford Powell. The secret of how to use the mysterious and invisible nature forces for. the cure of Deafness and Head Noises has at last been discovered by the famous Physician-Scientist. Dr. Guy Clifford Powell. - Deaf -ness and Head Noises disappear as1 if by maple under the use of this new and wonderful discovery. He will send all who suffer from Deafness and Head Noises full information how they , can be cured, absolutely free, no matter how long they have been deaf, or what caused their deafness. This marvelous Treatment is so simple, natural and certain that you will wonder why it was not discovered before. Investigators are aton- ' lshed and cured patients themselves marvel at the quick results. Any deaf person can nave mil lniormauon now to be cured quickly and cured to stay cured at home t without investing a cent. Write today to Dr. Guy Clifford Powell, 3504 . ianlc 5iag.,reoria. 111., and get full information of this new and wonderful dls-' eovery, absolutely free. Mrs. Ramon Corral, Wife ofj Vice-President and Probable Successor of Diaz, An Interesting Woman. Mrs. Ramon Corral, the. wife of Vice- President Corral of Mexico, and wno visltin in Oakland, is believed to stana the "first lady of the land" in the soutnern r public before long, because of th( prominence of her husband as a candi tat to succeed President DIaa. The latter has emphatically said tnai he would not accept another term as President, and at the proper time wants the people to elect a successor to mm. Those who are acquainted facts 'state that an analysis w -" political situation Bhow there are three strong candidates iur They are Vice-President Corral, Minister of Finance Jose Ives Limantour and General Barnardo Reyes, formerly Secretary of War and now Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon. These men are permitting their friends to Inaugurate campaigns in their behalf throughout the country. CORRAL IS ACTIVE. Vice-President Corral has been the mnct artlve in Dromoting his political th neoDle. He. like the other two men, is pro-American in his sympathies and believes in a liberal policy to encourage people of this rountrv to invest in Mexico. His po litical c.-eanizatlon is being extended all over the country, and some of the ablest officials of the Government and nrominent newsnaners are said to be espousing his cause. . Mrs. Corral has been a guest In OaK land since Monday. She has been in ill health for some time and her doctors advised her to try a, change of scene. DAUGHTERS IN CONVENT. Mrs. Corral has two young? daughters In the convent in San Jose and a son, Ramon Corral Jr., at Notre Dame in San Francisco. It was partly to be near her children that she decided to spend a few weeks here. Because of ill health her visit has been a very quiet one, but before she departs there will probably be several affairs given in her honor. Mrs. Corral is a dignified and dis tinsruished appearing woman with, the soft and charming manners of the Span ish. 'y' IIIIUIMI III I II n III! I III III ill nil i u llii u I III Lll GAY PARISIENNES CALL CANADIAN TOMMY BURNS THE IDEAL MAN TO LOVE (By VANCE THOMPSON.) PARIS, Sept. 1J. Who are the men that Parisian women would wish to be loved by? Such is the question proposed by La Vie Parisienne, the oldest aristocratic paper in the capital, and the answer is given by a symposium of its readers. Monsieur Le Bargy, the romantic actor of the Theatre Francalse, shares first place with Tommy Burns, the American fighting man. Monsieur de Max, the statuesque tragedian,, who used to be Sarah Bernhardfs, leading actor,' is second. Further down In the poll Maurice Barres, the distinguished academician and' literary gatylist, gets the same figure as the wrestler, Paul Pons. Kaiser Wilhelm and General Picquart figure in the list. One voter, Isabelle Fa' ton!, of the National Opera Corps de Ballet, answered, "My ideal is ettht-r Rockefeller or Pierpont Morgan." For Rent Two Largo Floors 25x80 ft. Class A BulWlng. Elevator service. One block from 14th and Broadway Rent very reasonable. Call or address 222 Sari Pablo Avenue 500 HOUSES DESTROYED TO ERECT MONUMENT ROME, Sept 12. The Immense monu- 1 ment to Victor Emmanuel, the largest of Its kind on earth, which has been called "the incubus of Rome," has beanidl Venczia twenty years in building already, and It. Austrian Embassy, is to ie pulled dol pror-apiy will take ten years more to to upen up the view of the monument. c7rz7iTTci(-r77ui7uT7T7od houses huvl been pulled down to make room for thl mass of marble, end the cost has beta enormous. Now tho beautiful talazzla for veius the seat of tlx SAVE MONEY . AVOID PAIN iBtlti Eilracted Without Pain Acknowledged to be the easiest and best painless extractors in Oakland, i Until Sept.-15 wo have decided to make our bust sets of ; teeth -for $3.00 iTtkTH WHDVTrVOX SET OF TEETH $3.00 - Z2K GOLD CROWNS 2.00 GOLD FILLINGS 1.00 SILVER FILLINGS 60 BTHDQEWORK 2.00 'No i-barge for extracting when teeth are ordered. A written guarantee for 20 years with all work. BOSTON DENTAL PARLORS 1155', WASHINGTON ST. HOURS Wevk days. 9 to 9; Sunday. t to 12. Notice of Sale of School Bonds CLEARING HOUSE BANK REPORT TO ASSIST IT CEREMONY Interesting Dedication Will Be That Of Grace M. E. Church Today. Dedicatory services of the Grace Meth odist Episcopal church, corner ' Thirty- fourth and Market streets, will be held this morning. The Rev. Dr. . Barnhart, i pasiur oi me cnurcn, wm presiae. Among the ministers who will partici pate are the Rev. John Kirby, Dr. Coyle, the Rev. Dr. J.. Morris of Boston, the Rev. Dr. F. D. Bavard. George Hutchinson, president of the trustees, will burn the mortgage. The church waa built two years ago, at a cost of $9000. It was orlsrinally in tended for a mission church, but within 1 the last year its indebtedness iias been cleared. The church was not dedicated at the time it was completed, because of its financial condition. An unusual feature of the dedication will be the omission of a church offer ing. The Rev. Mr. "W. C. Evans, superintendent' of the Oakland district, will preach in the morning. The Rev. Mr. Edward Maclellan will deliver the sermon In the evening. An interesting program of music ' will M REV. J. M. BARNHART, Its Pastor 1 N. Stromberg. W. N. Russell, H. J. Jenkins. Anson Weeks. The church stewards are: "W. N. Rus- ; sell, R. W. Buffum, W. N. Stromberg. John Wesley Percy. Mrs. A. M. Palmer, Mrs. R. E. Vealt, Mrs. E. Dargasso, R. E. Veall. H. J. Jenkins, A. H. Piepenburg, Mrs. R. O. Watkins, Mrs. Clara Mad- docks, Mrs. W. N. Russell. Ladies' Aid president. Mrs. W. N. Rus sell : Epworth League president. Miss chorister, Mr. a. h. Holdings -for the Week Are $7,652,125 Less Than They Were for Week. Hi Notice is hereby given that the Board or Supervisors of the Countv of Alameda, State of California, will, on the 2Sth day of September, A. D. 1908, at the hour . 9t 11 o'clock A. M., at the office of fcaid Board, in the Hall of Records, In t'ie said City of Oakland, in the said . County, at the regular meeting of said , Board, sell to the highest and best bld-.Uer for cash, the bonds of said - -Frultvale School District in the 'sum of One Hundred" Thousand Dollars, said bonds to be In the sum and denomination of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) -vech. and to be numbered from one () , to one hundred (100) both Inclusive, and to bo issued in twenty (20) series of five (5) bonds each, one of. said series of Tflve (5) of said bonds to be paid each year until all of the series have been paid, with Interest thereon at the rate OA five per cent (5) per annum, payable semi-annually on the 15th day of January, and the 16th day of July of each- year until said bonds are paid, said .bonds and the interest thereon payable in Gold Coin of the United States; and Notice is hereby further given that sealed proposals shall be made to the said Board of Supervisors of said County of -Alameda for the purchase of said bonds, or any portion thereof, not less in number than one (l) entire bond. said proposals to be left with the County i Clerk of said County of Alameda at " ) his office in the Hall of Records of said County of Alameda, in the said City - . a fit 1 Ian I s r- Kajma th kn.iv 11 o'clock A. M. of the 28th day of Sep tember, A. v. 1308. That each proposal must be accom panied with a certified check or a cash deooslt in the sum of two per cent (2"3t) of the amount of the proposal, payable to the Chairman of the Board of super .visors; that said check, or cash deposit. . will he returned to the unsuccest rul Wd . der. in case of the rejection of his pro posal and that the check, or cash de- , posit, of the successful bidder will be forfeited In case he neglects to pay for -th bonds bid for by him on or before the 16th day of -October, A. D. 1908, ten (10) days notice to mm or tne accept ance of his biT having been previously alven In writing, said Board, nowever, reserving the right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. Said notice is alven pursuant to the resolution of the :.sald Board of Supervisors adopted on the jiotn day of September, A. D. . isus, pur .suant to the report of the Board of Trus tees of Frultvale School District, of the election of said . bonds, at an election held on the 22 nd day of August. A. D. .1908. in said Frultvale School District, to which said resolution and report an the proceedings thereon, ' on file in the office of said Board of Supervisors, ref erence is hereby specifically made for : further particulars affecting the issuance ' ind 'the sale oi said norms. (SEAL) JOHN P. COOK County Clerk and ex-offieio Clerk of the . Board of Supervisors of said County NEW YORK, Sept. 12. The state ment of the clearing-house banks for the week (five days) shows that the banks hold $51,992,825 more than the requirements of the 25 per cent re serve rule. This is a decrease of $7,- 652,125 in the proportionate cash reserve as compared with- last week. The statement of averages follows: Loans Jl, 322,730,500, increase $21.-999,100; deposits, $1,420,061,900, increase $17,420,500; circulation $54,493,- 100, decrease $230,700; legal tenders $80,496,700, decrease $722,100; specie $3126,511,600, decrease $2,574,900; re serve reauired $355,015,475, Increase $4,355,125; surplus $51,992,825, de crease $7,652,125; ex-TJ. S. deposits $54,358,550, decrease $7,598,125. The percentage of actual reserve of the clearing banks at the close of bus iness yesterday was 28.72. The statement of banks and trust companies of Greater New York, not reporting to the clearing-house, shows that these institutions nave aggregate deposits of $1,043,008,700; total cash on hand, $101,189,100, and loans amounting to $943,959,100. Irene Maddocks: be given, and the choir will render sacred I Piepenburg; organist, Mrs. Clara E. Mad music. The services will be as follows: MORNING SERVICE. Organ Voluntary. Antiiem, "Praise Ye the Father". .Gounod Hymn by Sunday-echooL Responsive Reading. The Gloria PatrL The New Testament Lesson. Notices and Collection. Offertory Alto Solo, "But the Lord is Mindful of His Own" Mendelssohn Mrs. J. M. Barnhart. Sermon. Burning Mortgage: .... .G.' A. Hutchinson Dedication Rev. W. C. Evans. Ph.D., Oakland District Superintendent. Doxology and Benediction. EVENING SERVICES. Orchestra. Hymn. Anthem, "Be Ye Followers of God James H. Rogers The Choir. Scripture Reading Responsive. Duet Mrs. A. H. Piepenburg, Miss Irene ' Maddocks. Violin Solo J. Mars ton Notices and Offering. Soprano Solo '. Selected Miss Irene Maddocks. Orchestra, "Judex" Gounod Anthem, "Benedlctus," E-fiat major. . . George W. -Warren. Offertory, "O Divine Redeemer". .Gounod Mr. A. H. Piepenburg. Sermon Rev. Edward Maclellan Hymn. Benediction. The church trustees are: George A. Hutchinson, president; R. E. Veall, secretary; , Elmer N. Hortman, treasurer; Charles Armstrong. A. H. Piepenburg. W 'V docks; ushers, George Miller, John El liott, John Stemle, and William Miller. EDISON TO DO NO MORE INVENTING SEATTLE, Wash., Sept 12. Thomas A, Edison, the wiaard of the electrical world, has arrived in Seattle on a vacation trip, which he is taking on the Pacific coast Edison , has laid aside the commercial part of his work and announces that he will do no more inventing. His efforts hereafter will be directed toward discovering new things in science, and he will be confined only to the things he likes to do best In the Pacific Northwest he Is investigating the immense water power which is now going to waste In many places. He advocates the develop-i ment of water power as a means of husbanding the world's supply of coal. Some day, he says, scientists must discover a substitute for coal, the supply of which is fast diminishing. flCHTOR DEfiimiD WORKS REJECTED City Refuses to Pay $400,000 for Plant, Keported to be Out of Date. SAM FRANCISCO. Sept. 12. The di rectors of the Sanitary Reduction Works, fcrmio-b President C. L. Tilden, declined yesterday to accept the city's offer of 3U0,UW lor xne wmia'j' chise and real estate and demanded $400,000. This demand the hospital and health committee of tne iscaru oi super visors declined -to conaldor, and put the matter over for another rweek with a suggestion to President Tilden that he use the Interval In endeavoring to unng nis association to more "easouable telms. "As we have said .before," said Chairman Payot w e making a most liberal offer in proposing to give ?soo,ooo for what really has no vaiue except as a real estate proposition. - Tha land is worth perhaps $200,000, ana as ; i.'o.OUO was paid for it originally, certainly that is allowing a handsome margin'.' lor increase in value. SAYS PLANT IS ANCIENT. "The plant ltaelf ia antiquated, insufficient and inadequate, and : Its acquisition by the city merely means that we will be cut to expense to remove it. "The franchise the company claims to hold it not an exclusive privilege, and is therefore of no actual value. In short. aa I have said, the only thing of value is the land, but ; it is considered advis able to offer $300,000 instead of $200, 000 as an Inducement for a peaceable WHO HAS NERVOUS TROUBLE? Read this special FREE TREATMENT OFFER for sufferers who call THIS WEEK. Dizzy anil despondent spells are often experienced by nervous sufferers and when accompanied by failing memory, pain in the back, tired feeling in the morning, fear of impending evil, thoughts of suicide, serious fears of coming insanity and poor sleep, dangerous nervous trduble threatens. Complete prostration follows nervous exhaustion. We will give to all sufferers who call ANY DAY THIS WEEK EXCEPT WEDNESDAY free consultation, examination, and one trial treatment without charge, to demonstrate his New Method Electro-Medical Treatment. We have the best treatment in the world for Nervous, Stomach, Kidney Diseases and Catarrh. One free treatment will convince any sufferer that quick and permanent relief is at hand if the case is curable. Don't wait for your nervous troubles to run into Epileptic Fits, St Vitus Dance, Paralysis, Heart Failure, Insanity, Weakness or " Death. We exact no fee for professional services . from the poor and hard working classes and arrange to have fheir medicines furnished at moderate cost, by the month. Hours, 10 to 4. Free consultation. DRS. BOLTEY & LOB AY 1018 WASHINGTON ST. Cor. 11th, Oakland, Opp. Hale's. - V " i j It Is indeed a pleasure, for me to ' recommend the Drs. Boltey and Lobnr System. It has cured me of a very serious nervous and stomach trouble. MRS. VAL C. JACKSON. r R. F. D Woodland, Cal. TIE UNION NATIONAL BANK Of Oakland, California N. W. COR. TWELFTH AND BROADWAY UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Established 1875 OFFICERS JAMES L. DE FR EMERY, President GEO. D. GRAY, Vice-President IE. F. JORDAN. Cashier. : GEO. ROETH, , Vice-President GEO. SCHA1IMEL Ass't Cashier. "75 Talking Machine Fire! T J In order to accommodate our constantly increasing patronage we have established a branch store at 222 San Pablo Ave. for the ' convenience of our customers. Here will be found all the newest models of Edison and Victor Phonographs and a complete stock of all the latest records. It will be our constant aim to make this new store second to none. In order to get you acquainted with this branch store we. are going to give away absolutely free a new $75 Phonograph. All you have to do to win this beautiful instrument is to visit this store on or before Saturday, September 19, 10 P. M., and get a ticket which entitles every adult to one chance on this valuable prize. Drawing takes place Saturday evening, September 19th, at 10:05 P. M.r r 1 r Oakland Phonograph Co. LARGEST PHONOGRAPH DEALERS OS THE PACIFIC COAST. 222 SAN PABLO AVENUE 472 ELEVENTH STREET, OAKLAND, ANj 1220 FTLIiMORE STREET. SAN FRANCISCO. II lf? ..... Wm 0i li It i r l I II lA:v,'-'.'r.' If I :f i Crosses Great Salt Lake by Daylight CHICAGO DAYS 3 Close connection for all Eastern cities. See Cape Horn Devil's Slide. Echo Canyon Lake Tahoe. Superior equipment Drawingroom Sleepers Diner Library Observation Car Periodicals Electric ThvAs& . throughout. Low rate for round trip tickets to principal A Eastern cities. September 15th and 16th. ' Kansas City, September 23-24-25. ,! Denver, September 14-15-21st to. 27th", ' inclusive. . "; Final return limit, October 31st - Southern Pacific Company G. T. PORSYTH, D. F. & P. Agent. W. F. HOLTON, " . C. P. &T. Agent;. Corner Thirteenth' and Frankliii Streets, Oakland. Phones Oakland 543, or Home A-2543. QI Alameda. settlement." 1

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