The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1892
Page 3
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THE BANCROFT NEWS. .T. A. Kclitor. BANCROFT. IOWA. MAR. 28. 1893. -Chicago Afc North- Western IVy. NORTH SOUTH f» B CHURCH DIRECTORY. PBEHBYTEBIAK CHCBCB in the school house, Oats $ .22 Eggs 09 CfUtle $8 00 (it 4.00 Corn $ 20 Butter • .80 Hogs. ,4.20 V^nlibl^-' qp« v/v iw -i.wv •«.>'^>f Q Wheat "....70 Barley 28 Hay 4.00 Flax •• 75 T1IK NKWH OF THE TOWN. Otto Bruer has been lying sidk at the *• O- G - '£• Phoenix House with pneumonia, and companj j the boy* all feel sorry, and are giving ^T^™ ™^™L£ ± S program for March 26, Cliff Stockwell, Capt.: holds &' B ANCROFT BWEDIBH LUTHERAN CHURCH, meStlnS morning and evening one Sunday -.3 p. m BandBy School at 12 m, the first Sunday in each month at l p. m - e rs •er meeting Thuysda>- evening, Loyali • on Sunday evening, Covenant meeting piay- . ., Loyalists meet • , eeting the last Friday evening in each month, cholp practice Saturday evening. Everybody Invited, stiang - ct -s especially welcome. ^ , CUMMtya . Fa8 t or . B ANCROFT M. E, OIITOOH, P««wWllg niwh Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. aim in,, worth League on Tuesday tended to all to attend these i serv cea. KKV. A. W. J-AjCK, Jt«laloi. S T JOHN'S CATHOLIC criuiiCH, regular scr- T Vffi instraotlon from 1Ci to10. :30 am, Siighmass and sermon from 10 :30 to 12. Ho y iiiSss p'ieh mornine in the week at 7 a. m.,Mai- ited Ladled Soeiety meets the flrat Sunday of -every month after tlie sermon. Young Ladie's Society meets the second Sunday of every •month after the sermon, Young Men's Society eels the third Sunday of every month after •t!he sermon. Everybody is invited to attend 4heso scrvIco j) rastol . SOCIETY DIKECTOEY. P ROOBKSBIVE l.ODGR NO. 503, A. F. ANI> A. M. holds its regular comminilcatloii at the Masonic Hall on the, Wednesday evening pu or bc- fore the full moon of each mouth. Visitiug R. K. DAVISOX, Sec'y. Bancroft lias a lumber trust. Dr. Busby was tit Algona Monday. Davis Bros, sport another new dray wagon. S. D. Drake was in tgwn last Monday. The Baptists will soon have a splendid pastor. Mrs. Harris' lecture was characteristically fine. Jerry Rusk is still dealing out December weather. Miss Alice Farvour was up from Btirt last Tuesday. II. O. Wilson of Ledyard City was down last Saturday. Henry Simpkins was at Algona on Monday of last week. B. F. Reed visited schools in these parts last Thursday. A new cattle and hog chute has been put in the stock yards. J. II. Savage, the Humbok'.t drummer, was in town Monday. Fred Arnold of Buffalo Forks paid us a brotherly visit Sunday. Geo. Stewart of Armstrong Grove was at Algona Saturday last. Tom Tobin of Wesley was over looking over the city last week. Geo. Rosenau moved on his place east of town last week. II. Austin closed his school in the Warner district last Saturday. J. I. Callanan of Des Moines has been in town for several days. li a 1 are i Becitation, Milton Miller, Select Bead- it ". „ ing, Cecelia Clark; Essay, Lewis Gray, Don't forget the lecture at the M. E. go m ^ and Smit , MeMM church tonight and Mrs. Harris on Fn-' day night at the Baptist church. Both are well worth hearing. |Grayund Stockwell; Select Beading, Grace Littlefield; Essay, C. W. Stock- The typo in the office at Algona should have said that Cliff Stockwell and lady attended a drama, and not a well; Becitation. Guy Streater; Debate -llesolved that there was more suffering caused by the War of the Bebel- lion than by the Bevolutionary War dance at Burt last week. Aff., Frank Tallman, Earl Bobison It is said to be a fact that not an Neg., Glen Davison, Clarence Bobison. Enterprise wind mill blew down in the A fire company has been organized recent storm although many other in town , U1(1 now thc tovvn comic n kinds were much damaged. should submit to the people the ad- G. O. Austin moved into the Drake visability of bonding the town to buy house in the north part of town last a lot near the M. E. church on the hill week find Wm. Odell and family are and dig a well and get an unlimited •tinning the Austin House. supply of water, then lay mains Miss Adda Davison closed a sue- through the principal streets for then, cessful term of school in Burt town- there would at least be water enough ship last Friday and she has been | in case of fire to put it out, not to say hired again for the summer term. , anything of how handy it would be if the merchants could get water right in the church thoroughly renovated when of them would be willing to Mrs. Harris speaks Friday night. ta '» "mount by the we°" « .of same. We hone th; B. D. Sterling is talking ot going out be tectod from fn , e . of the pump business on account of the' a certain amount by the week for the use of same. We hope that the town may While The Band is Playing We want you to read this and put it down in your vest pocket and when you are in need of anything in our lin$ come right to the Bancroft Tea and Spice Go. We have just added to our Stock a full line of BOOTS and SHOES Now is the time to buy your Rubber Boots. We alno have on our shelves the most complete line of Crockery and Glassware ever shown in Bancroft. Come in and see us. We Competion. Free Delivery. We handle the Celebrated Sleepy E> e Flour. defy arrival of an American citizen at his home Tuesday morning. Tally one for the Bepublicans. S. Mayne attended the Iowa State Bepublican Convention at Des Moines Th« Blood in the Mir," Runs the old saying, and everything (bat ever makes part of any organ of the body must reach its place therein through the blood. Therefore, if the blood is purified JVt3[-»UlJllL>aul VJUI.l V CII tlUil liu i-'V.J A.A^IU^W I last week as a delegate and was elected and kept in good condition by the use of ANCUOFT LODGE NO. , r )17 I. O. OF U. T. meets at the I. O. of (5. T. Hal on oaeh .Saturday evening at 7 -.30 p. m. Visiting members made welcome. •!. B. ISTHKATEB, C.I. O. F. STKKATBII, Sec'y. _____ _ _ /^ROWN JUVENILK TKMl'LF. meets ill tllO I. 'V-» O. of G. T. liall every Wednesday evening at 7 -.15 GKO. A. SMITH, C. T. FRED SMITH, Sec'y. _ _ V EHA T-.ODOK NO. 291 K. OF I" meets every Monday evening at 1 7 :30 p. m. at tlio 1C. of P. nail, stranger ' ICniL'lits are invited to meet with us. ^^ M. A. luiiNEii, 0. C. A. J. ANDRKNE, K. of K. and S. B ANCUOFT LODGE NO. 544 T. O. o. v. meets every Weanes- . . evening at the K. of P. Hall :30 p. n ,° Visiting Odd Fellows are invited to our meetings.^ ^ ^^ N Q P, E. KENT, Sec'y. _____ B. D.OWEN, City Drayman. There will be services at the Lutheran church next Friday morning. Miss Carrie Sorenso-n will teach the Lochtu school the coming term. Mrs. G. W. Smith returned from her visit to Canada last Saturday night. Clarence llobison visited friends at Algona the latter part of last week. Mrs. G. R. Woodworth came over from Clear Lake last week for a visit. Cast your optic on 'the Bancroft market report this week Mr. Elmore Eye. Mr. Iloiius father of our merchant one of the Assistant Secretaries, so says the State Register. It rather seems to us that the Board of Health should see to those persons who have left dead animals lying inside the corporation. They should be removed at any rate. Prof. J. F. Doderer and Miss Minnie Breese were married last night but as we send our last copy to Algona at two o'clock Tuesday can give no particulars until next week. E. B. Eddy of Portland will deliver a lecture at the M. E. church tonight on the subject "Mountain Life in the Sixties." We hear warm words of praise for him where he has spoken before and we hope he may have a full house. Wm. Kiunie has bought of Thompson Bros, west of town as fine a driving team as this country affords. They Hood's Sarsaparilla, it necessarily follows that the benefit of the medicine is impart every organ of the body. Can anything be simpler than the method by which this excellent medicine gives good health to all who will try it fairly and patiently. A line line of saddles at F.S. STOUOU'S 1'I.YMOtlTII KOCK KCJOW. Pure bred Plymouth Rock Eggs can be had at my residence for if 1 per setting of Is now settled in its newly arranged building in the BK'iniOXD BLOCK where we are prepared to treut you in the best of stylo. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign und (ioiiifslic e.xcliiitice sold. Collections made promptly and a pnienil banking IMMIICSS Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rwit s. 'nought aud transacted, 13. l l. E. DAVISON. R. A, B. M, RICHMOND, - President. RICHMOND, Cashier. Correspondents and References. of Will do all kinds hauling in or near the city as -Clean as the (meanest-- and do it quick. Give me a D. B. OWEN, trial, Bancroft, Iowa. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. was up from Algona several days last week. Geo. W. Wood worth, Jr., came home from Highland Park College last Saturday. 1 Mrs. B. F. Hayden of Hurt township visited i'nends in Bancroft the first of the" week. Sundstrom has on a new stock of sewing machines, and supplies, organs and watches. Now that we have a new Marshall everybody should sustain him in keeping good order. The NEWS has gotten out several very fine pieces of job work in the past few days. The Greenwood board of directors had H meeting in the Phoenix sample room last Monday. II. J. Doderer of llockwell City has been here visiting and attending his brother's wedding. C. F. Higley and family have moved FOK KK.VT. 200 acres of land, good barn, well, house and wind mill. Well improved farm and near a school house. All plowing clone. Call at Mallory ct Hofius' store. A. HUM1STOK, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales In any part of the county. 20 •years' experience. Satisiactlon guaranteed. BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. FABRONSON, Dealer io Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL. CASKETS Unkertaking^a Specialty. DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES AND CUBE, tr into town and are living in the 'Alex Carpenter bouse. E. S. Streater is buying eggs in the building formerly occupied by the Elmore Mill company. Chas. Wilson returned from his Chicago trip last week under one of those Chicago dude hats. Great is the battle on the Bancroft grain market and. farmers are getting good prices for grain. Father A. J. Schemmel went to Algona and Whitternore today to assist in the Easter Confession. J.B.Johnson has just received a new stock of dress and dry goods which he is selling cheap. Peter Byrne looks like a lineal descendant of St. Patrick since he had his moustache shaved off. Miss Laura Suiidstroni and Mrs. Olof Anderson went to Algona last Satur day to visit at C. L. Luud's. Mrs J. A. Campbell and Mrs. J. G, Graham visited witb relatives of the former at Des Moines last week. Bev. Bloeraeudaal of Ramsay preached in the German language at toe schoolhouse last week Wednesday. The emigrants keep pouring in and a person may see from one to five unloading their goods here most any day. B. Springer is the name of the new clothing tirni occupying the old Barslou store. They opened last Thursday. A- Sundstrom and A. F. Steinburg expected, to go to Emmettsburg to see the Marshall Budd Grimm shoot this week. Herman Shvittz returned homa $Q are Morgan stock, coal black in color, and exactly matched,and the team will weigh a trifle over 2100 Ibs. They are hard to beat. If the Buffalo Forks M. E. church can be secured, Mrs. Harris, District Lecturer of the I. O. G. T., will speak there next Tuesday night and endeavor to organize a lodge, and we feel sure that she will be successful. We hope all the people in the surrounding country will be present. What came near being a fire took place Sunday afternoon. A hot cinder was thrown into the flax banking around A. J. Berryman's house which communicated to the straw and but for the timely assistance of the neighbors would have burned the house. This is another proof that we should have water works right away. At the Board Meeting last Monday evening Henry Merriiield was made president of the board, and made a neat speech; also the new directors were sworn in, when business began. K.stray. Strayed from my farm in Bamsay township last fall two steer calves one jet black and the other black and white. Liberal reward to the finder. Leave word at the post office. A. HUMISTOX. For Sale. A pair of mules, weight 2100 Ibs, age 6 and 7 years. Inquire at the Phoenix House. G. F. HOLLOW AY. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des ?ilnincs. lovu St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnc«ni:i Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Pilchard Roosman, Claverack, New York. Pioneer Land, Loan and Insurance Agency of Bancroft. Established in 1881. A large list, of wild lands 1'or sale. Improved farms and village properly for sale or rent. Fiirm loans on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance writien in six diiTerent companies. Call on or address us. HOW I EARNED AN ISLAND. They allowed bills, rented the vacant room to the Good Templars for a year, and a motion was made and discussed which was to hive Prof. Doderer at $75 per mouth, which resulted in a tie vote. Enterprttlntr Yonnc Man: True i Co. instructed and started me. I worked steadily and made money falter than I expected to. 1 became able to buy an inland and build a email summer hotel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go to work again at the business in which I made my money. True * Co.: Shall we instruct and start you, readort If we do, and if you work industriously, you wilt in due time be able 10 buy an island and build a hotel, if you wish Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Clothing All of which will be sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a laige stock of Ready-S¥§ade Clothing which will be sold cheaper than you can buy the same class of goods in any otber store in town. I also handle all kinds of lltQB DO BDIO IU UUj UU iBluiiu auu uuuu u uwiiw*, •* jwu •• •to. Money can be earned at our new line of work, rapidly and honorably, by those of either sex, young or old, and in their own localities, wherever they live. Any one can do me WOFR. E.uay tu luuiu. i» w .UIU.DU w.o,. k...,4 b . ( *<.» risk You can devote y« ir spare moments, or all your time to thowork. This entirely new lead brings wonderful euc- cosa to overy worker. Beginners are earning from S25 to SS5O per week and upwards, and more after a little experience. We ran furnish yon the employ ment—we teach you FltF.K. This is an age nf marvelous things, and here is another gieat, nseful, wealth-givingwonder. Groat gains will reward every industrious worker. Wherever you are, and whatever yon are doing:, you want to know about this wonderful work at onco. Delay means much money lost to you No space to explain here, but if yon will write to us. wo will make all plain to you FHK15. Address. Tit UK <b C'O., Itox tOO, AueuDta. Maine- F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business. BOYS LOOK HERE! If you want to goto a.spelling school, o.r exhibition, or take your girl out riding, I have some good horses and buggies at the P OF SPRING We will NpJL.?Jg....II^4gIgP,L4.- All are invited to call and look the stock over. To let you at reasonable prfces. PHCENIX BARN. Jas. Whalen, Proprietor. LAND & If you want your Farm Loan renewed, or want ^o get a deed,—see me. I can save you money. A limited amount of money to loan on 80, 60 or 90 days time. A. large l^t of W»& |»4 improved farms for Bale. Call a,ft<i see m* iff04$ fewyiog* Offle* on^arouad ftww to lasalpu Wock. , ALGONA REPUBLICAN Together only cost the small sum of 3 cents per week'. We do fine Job Work, print Stationery at Bed ftoofe Figures and do everything m the line of the Printers Art A. FRECH. are always sold loaded ready f<8J£,\ immediate use. They can lutes used for roll films or glass plit^,- mfr The new * ^\ ggKlM KodrtJ can be loaded in daylight. Registers exposures and locks a new film is turned into place. " to G, m Tti!

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