The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on February 9, 1916 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1916
Page 2
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PLAN TO ORGANIZE -KANSAS DAY CLUBS IN EVERY COUNTY Republicans to Form Local Part y Or. ganizations in All Parts of the State. TTOELD BUILD UP SENTIMENT. Eepublicans Getting Heady to Boll Up a Big Majority in JfOTember Leavenworth County Bepnbli-cans to Consider Plan. There is a movement on among the Republicans of the state to form active working party organizations in County Kansas Day Clubs. They wrould be branches of the main central club but would afford every Republican in the state a chance to become a member, whether they cared to go to the big annual meeting in Topeka or not. Since the party conventions have nearly all been abolished some kind of a central club organization of this kind is needed in Leavenworth and all the other counties In Kansas.' The Leavenworth county Republican Committee meets Saturday when it may be discussed inform ally and later at the time of the county convention a Kansas Day club can be organized. A club of this kind tould have an annual ban cuet with prominent speakers and it- wnnlH affrtvA n. snlnrilrl nnnnrtim. ity to gee Republicans together. As It is, the members of the party hard 2y know each other any more and they are loosing interesting in the organization. The big Kansas Day meeting held in Topeka in January did the party much good and coun "ty meetings would have a like ef fect. STIRRED UP ENTHUSIASM. Otis I. Benton of Oberlin, who is M t . f T J" "W-V in iavor 01 organizing ivaiisas. ay clubs and says they will be formed In the Sixth Congressional district, eays: "If there were doubts about a sweeping Republican victory in Kansas next November, they were all dispelled by the enthusiastic Kansas Day club meeting at which 3,000 members of the party gatherd. It was a tremendous outpouring of Republican enthusiasm that represented every county in the state." Mr. Benton further declared that the Kansas Day club organization was a nucleus for the building of Republican party organization in tha counties ana in every community, and that annually on January 29, the Republican men and women of every county in the state who find it inconvenient to attend the state-wide rally should meet at home and enjoy ' a ' banquet and program similar to the Topeka meeting: : These gatherings would tend to cement Republican Ventiment, inspire a broad- To help you get up on time these Wintry mornings $1.00 Alarm Clocks . . These clocks . are made for us by the well known New Haven Clock Co., and have a guarantee for One Year. Is heavily nickled and has solid brass case. Sell regularly for gl.OO. Special this week for Fuller & Faulkner Hardware Co. S. TV. Cor. 5th and Cherokee Sts. J ' Phone 519. : 8PECIAL RQ 69o SMALL PIMPLES ON BABY'S HANDS And Feet. Grew Larger and Spread Rapidly to Limbs. Itched and Burned. Caused Disfigurement. HEALED BY CUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT ""When my baby was about one year old, email pimples appeared on her hands and feet. They grew larger and spread rapidly to her limbs until it seemed that her whole body would be covered. The pimples were hard and red. and seemed to have clear watery heads which oozed out water that hardened, and formed scales. They itched and burned and were Tery much aggravated by her clothing. 'Wherever the eruptions appeared, it caused great disfigurement. "We began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment. In a week she was entirelj healed." (Signed) Mrs. W. G. Carpenter, Amelia, Neb., July 14,. 1015. Sample Each Free by Mail With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad dress post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston. Sold throughout the world. er patriotism, and give young men and women an opportunity to re count and extoll the services anJ sacrifices of those who, in its half century of unexampled growth and history, have builded our splendid state. PRINCIPLES OP THE CLUB. "The platform of principles of the Kansas Day club," Mr. Benson said, "contains twenty-eight words: 'An organization to promote Republican ism, and to call together in a social way, upon the anniversaries of Kan sas' admission into the Union. 4he young Republicans of the state.' "The last six words are in 'keeping with the principles of our party, for Republicanism stands for youthful spirit, activity and the progressive ideas that have immeasurably blessed our state and nation. "In the great campaign before us I hope that every gray-haired vet eran of the Republican party in Kansas will forget the count of years and consider himself a young Republican and actively aid in the election of a Republican president, a Republican governor and state ticket and eight Republican con gressmen from Kansas who will help in the enactment of laws that will insure a square deal in life to every citizen. That is what the Kan sas" Day club stands for, and I be lieve the inspiration and enthusiasm that will radiate from the recent great meeting will bring these re- suits, as well as to elect a Republican legislature and fill the court houses I of Kansas with Republican officials. "The Republican newspapers of the Sixth district are first in the state to set a standard for the party I in November," Mr. Benton said. "They promise 10,00 mjority all along the line, and they are going to do their part in making that prom Ise good. We are united up in the Sixth District and are going to do our best to deliver the Republican good3. If the other seven districts do as well as wo confidently be- lieve the Sixth will do, Kansas wiU roll up 30,000 Republican majority. the greatest since 1888 when General Ben Harrison received 2000 plurality Certainly this is a consummation desired not only by all good citizens, but "especially by every Republican man and "woman in our state." FOB MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN. Effort to Be Made to Build T. M. C. A. "Every man and boy in Leavenworth a member of the Y. M. C. A."- this Is ono of the golden dreams of O. TV. Foberg, general secretary of the association, but while he does not feel sanguine of accomplishing this very soon, he is planning a campaign which is ex' pected to increase the present mem- bership considerably. Beginning nxt Monday C. G: Gloeckler of Ml Pleasant, Iowa, will conduct a membership campaign in Leavenworth for the Young Men's Christian Association, which it is hoped, will add many men and boys to the roll of the organization. Mr. Gloeckler has had much experience in this kind of work and 2?is services here are welcomed b" Y. M. C. A. men of the city. It is likely that several teams, each contesting of six or eight of the present members, will be organized to carry out the work of campaigning. The team3 will work in competition with each other for the greatest number of new members which can be secured. Some reward, such as a r upper served by th losers, will be arranged for the team obtaining the greatest number of new members. The campaign will probably last for several weeks. THE DAILY TIMES 10 CENTS PER WEEK. RIFLE CLUB PLANS TO MK EXTENSIVELY Interest In Winter Shooting May Swell Membership to One Hundred lVhen Spring Opens. Members of the Leavenworth Rifle Club have set one hundred &a the mark to be attained In membership before the season opens for work on the outdoor range. There are now fifty members in good standing and about twenty who have failed to keep up with their club dues. A vigorous campaign Is now being conducted and interest in the indoor gallery work is at high pitch. During the next two weeks, a team of five men with one alternate will be selected to go to Kansas City to compete in a match with the National Rifle Association club in that city. The second match will be shot in Leavenworth and others will follow. Members of the club are urged to attend the practice shoots to qualify for the teams which will meet the Kansas City "cracks." "It is hoped," said one of the club members yesterday, "that a cltv which has had so much to do with the history of the West, as Leaven-wort will be able to put a first class team into the rifle shooting field. Then, too, the military influences about Leavenorth are such that the city ought to have a first class club and team to represent it in competition." MAY CHANGE NAME. The club has petitioned the general secretary of the National Rifle Association at "Washington D. C, to change the name of the club from The General Leavenworth Rifla Club, to be The Leavenworth Rifle BEGIN OUTDOOR club. This is in conformity withwork the policies of the association to have the clubs bear tho names of their respective cities as far as pos sible. Entries for tho individual gal lery rifle shooting championship of the United States will close Marcb 1. Any member of the Leavenworth club wishing to participate In the national match will forward his name to George Seitz, secretary, not later than Feb. 25. One club mem ber has already entered the matcher.. Judges are appointed by the Nation al Rifle Association and all shoot ing is done on local ranges under proper supervision. The position 13 prone at seventy-five feet, fifty shots bleng fired within an hour. Gold and bronze medals will be awarded. JANUARY A WET 3I0"TH. 5o Records Were Broken, However, K. S. A. C. Statistics Show. Manhattan, Kan., Feb. 8. January was the fifth wettest month of that name in the 57 years in which the Kansas State Agricultural college "cords have been kept The precipi tation was 1.47 inches, or .77 of an inch above normal. The depth of snow was 6.5 inches The average temperature was 26 degrees, or 1.3 degrees below nor al. The highest temperature was 67 degrees on January 4; the low est,. IS degrees below zero on the thirteenth. While both temperatures- aro unusual no record was broken, j In the last 57 years there have been but two winters in which the temperature did not go to zero or lower. The average minimum tem perature for the 57-year period Is 7 degrees below zero. FIVE LANSING ARRIVALS. White Woman Married Mexican and Engages In White Slavery. Five prisoners were "dressed in" at the state prison yesterday by Record Clerk Hudspeth. One was a woman. She Is white but her name is Mary Martinez. She married a Mitirari nnr? was sent to the orison from Riley county to serve a term of five veara for white siaverv. Four male prisoners were received from Reno County. They were: Frank Pendleton, burglary, second degree, five to ten years; Charles Hoke, lar ceny from freight car, one tt seven years; wuiiam weaver, third degree' manslaughter, one to three years, and JTrttvTi RiirlcB. errand lar((nv '- Ks tr 6even years. Burke engaged in a big cattle steal shipping the stock in car load lots. ONE JOn ABOLISHED. June Clark, City Inspectors Is Re lieved of Collector Duties. Complaints "have been made to mem bers of the city commission recently regarding sewers being clogged in various sections of the city. Commis sioner Harry Dolde took up. the matter and suggested that City Inspector James L. Clark be relieved of his duties as assistant collector of occupation tax and be required to inspect sewer conditions. Mr Dolde maintain, ed that this would net the city a sav- A New Remedy for Kidney, Blad Dear Readers: I appeal to those of you who are othered with kidney and bladder trouble, that you give up the use of harBh salts or acholic medicines and in their place take a short treatment of "Anuric" I have taken many of Dr. Pierce's medicines for the past 'wenty-five years with good results. I suffered with kidney trouble for some years. , I recently heard of the newest discovery of Dr. Pierce, name- ly, his ''Anuric" Tablets. After using amined the urine this will be care-same I am completely cured of my fully done -without charge, ' and you kidney trouble. A doctor pronounced me a well preserved woman for my age, all due, I believe, to Dr. Pierce's nedical aid. MRS. MELINDA E, MILLER. Note: Dr. Eberle and Dr. Braith-waite as well as Dr. Simon all dier-tinguished medical authorities agree hat whatever may be the disease, the 'irine seldom fails in furnishing us with a clue' to the principles upon ing of more than $80. per month and his Idea met the approval of Mayor Crancer and other members of the commission. Because of the manner in which the officers are employed, several weeks may be required to make the change but it will be accomplished. The matter was put into the form of a -notion by Mr. Dolde and It was passed unanimously. TODAY At the Theaters "FATTY AND THE BROADWAY STARS," AND A FIXE ARTS. "Fatty" Ar buckle, better known to his parents as Roscoe," but never called that since he weighed over 390 pounds, is a real star among stars at the Orpheum today and tomorrow in the Triangle-Keystone, "Fatty and the Broadway Stars,' where In Fatty has the role of a janitor in a moving picture studio when the Broadway stars come trooping in for the day's The picture is notable because those big: star comedians, Joe Weber, Lew Fields, Willie Collier and Sam Bernard take part, and "Fatty" loom up like a fool moon among- them. "Jordan Is a Hard Road," is a Griffith Fine-Arts-Triangle with Frank Campeau in the lead, supported by Dorothy Gish, Fred Burns, Sara Truax, Owen Moore and other Griffith players. The story of a bad man who tries to reform, but commits just one more crime that his daughter's future happiness may be assured. "THE DRIFTER" A BLASTER FILM, AND SAMMY BURNS. The big 5-reel Mutual Masterpicture feature, "The Drifter,' with Alexander Gaden and Miss Lucille Taft as the stars, is at the Lyceum today. The play is from the pen of John B. Cly-mer. A great many scenes required a race track setting, so the director, Richard Garrick, took the entire company to New Orleans. It is a play of deep human interest, dealing with some of life's most complexing problems, a drama of the gambling evil, and one of the strongest plays the Mutual Masterpicture organization has made in many, weeks. A Falstaff comedy, a "laff-lifted," acted by the falstaffiest funniest fun-makers is "Harry's Happy Honeymoon," or the harrowing adventures of two newly weds. jay'Yorke enacts the role of. Harry while Isolde Illian is Hilda, his bride. They are given a rousing welcome by college boys when they arrive with d baby they didn't kidnap. 3rd EPISODE "LORD- JOHN'S JOURNAL." AXD NESTOR HIPP. The third lihatallment of "Lord John's Journal" entitled "Three Fin- gered Jenny," the powerful drana of mystery exceeds in thrills and love in- ' terest any of the preceding install- ments. -"Three Fingered Jenny" is on of the most exciting- moving- picture plays ever shown ' on the screen and will certainly add to the already tremendous popularity of this serial. Lord John unearths some new secrets concerning1 the - mysterious Gray Sisterhood and the picture is one of absorbing interest from the start to the finish. "When Aunt Matilda Fell," is one of those rollicking Nestor cooaedies with Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran and Ethel Lynn that always entertain and cause a person to forget dull care. SEPTE3IBER MORJf," MUSICAL COMEDY, COMIXG TO H03IE. Next Monday night the Soldiers Home Theater offers "September Morn,' a clever stage melange farcical comedy, .travesty . and pantomime, set to music and further enlivened by frequent dancing numbers, in which all the modern dances figure largely. It comes almost direct from the La-Salie : Opera - House. . .Chicago, where favorite in its long run covering 256 consecutive performances. It has been characterized as being quite the brightest and breeziest musical comedy of the season, being an evening of extravagant farce and travesty, music that slips along- in a riotous tumble of melody as does all the tango tunes, out of which4 it is made, and dancing that is spirited and expert. "September Morn's' company !in-cludes a large cast of principals, and with its coryphees numbers over thirty people. The chorus is said to be one of great beauty a lovely string With splendid pace and vigorous action. ' der and all Uric Add Troubles. f which It Is to be treated, and accurate knowledge concerning the nature of dlsease can tnus De obtained. If baci scalding urine or frequent urinati0I1 bother or distress you, or j uric acid in Moot has caused rheumatism, gout or sciatica, or you Buspect kidney or bladder trouble , Wita nr thai-cp. t hit Surdcal Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.; send a sample of urine and describe symptoms. You will receive free medical advice after Dr Pierce's chemists has ex will be under . no obligation. Dr. Pierce during many years of experimentation has discovered a new rem edy, "Anuric," which is found to t thirty-seven times more powerful thar lithia in removing uric acid from the system. If you are suffering froai backache or the pains of rheumatism, go to your best druggist and ask for a 50-cent box of "Anuric" put up by Doctor Pierce. Advt.' ELL-AWS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. One package prpves it 25c at all druggists. HE IS WANTED, BUT NO IN WINDY CITY Wilbur Gcod. As there are about six lively outfielders on the present combined squad of Cubs and Whales, it looks as if Manager Tinker will let at least one of his stars go, and indications are that the one will be Wilbur Good. TOXGAXOXIE. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Sanders an. nounce the marriage of their daughter, Florence, to Norman F. Butter-field of Washburn, Tex., on Saturday, January 29. The marriage took place in the parlors of Hotel Moore in Kansas City Mo. The ceremony was per formed by Rev. J. McClure of the Methodist church. Mrs. Butterfleld is I the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sanders and lived here for a number of years. She attended high school here, and at the time of her marriage was living with her parents, en their farm near Neely. Mr. Butter- field lias visited here a number of times. He is a nephew of C. W. Cor- J l,t,l. Wl A il ;SU41G Will f iniM.e meir nouie uu a, rancn near Amarillo, Tex. It snowed here all day Friday. The snow fall was preceded by a heavy fall of sleet which has coated tne roads and sidewalks and made excellent skating for the young people but dangerous walking for every one. Matt Graham of Leavenworth was in town Friday on business.- Miss Marie Newsome went to Leavenworth Friday afternoon to spend a few days with relatives. Dr. T. D. Seeley "has returned after spending a couple of days in Topeka. Miss Florence Hyre went to Leavenworth Saturday to visit friends. Word has been received here of the sad death of Charles W. HImpel, Jr.. at San Antonio. Tex. He had been ill for the last few months and went south about six week ago accompanied by his father. Charles was 24 years old and was the oldest son of Charles W. Himpel, a prominent farmer. He was a graduate of the Tonganoxie High School, and had lived here nearly all his life. Mrs. Himpel left , for Texas on Friday and arrived there a few hours before her son passed away. AMUSEMENT. K Lyceum "3IFTUAL PICTURES "It certainly Is a plenre to ran p let urn that are not padded from one end to the other. "CHUCK". TODAY'S DOPE SHEET Mutaal Masterpicture De Loxe Edition "The Drifter" Fenturlncr h rtarminsr actress, LUCILLE TAFT and ALEXANDER GADEN In five dandy reels. FALSTAFP COMEDY. "Harry's Happy Honeymoon" With JAY YORKE It's a fanny one. Friday's Masterpicture i "The White Rosette" Five parts. uuu TODAY WILLIAM GARWOOD IN "Three Fingered Jenny'' Third Episode of "Lord John's Journal," AXD EDDIE LYONS and LEE MORAN IX Jfestor Laugh Fest, "When Aunt Matilda Fell 4 Miss Mae Reardon went to Leavenworth Saturday to visit friends. Miss Bernice Cronemeyer, who is teaching the Mayginnes school at Hoge, went to Leavenworth Saturday to attend a teachers' meeting. Miss Tine Uhl visited In Leavenworth Saturday with friends. Rev. Theodore Shafer left Saturday for Mllford, Kan., where he -ent to hold services in the Congregational church there on Sunday. Roy Zimmerman went to Leavenworth Saturday. Mrs. Rufus C. Nance went to To-pejka Saturday to visit her brother, A. H. Rice, of Des Moines, la., who is in Topeka for a few days on business. Supt. Vernon Lantls attended the teachers' meeting ia Leavenworth Saturday. Miss Lenore Cain has returned to her home in Olathe after spending: a week here at the home of her' broth er U. lie Uia.II i Miss Mariorie Kennedy spent Satur. day with friends in Leavenworth. Sh was accompanied by Miss Florence wingert and Miss Hilda Kllnef , f . - Charles Harbaugh made a business trip to Leavenworth Friday. Miss Ruth Lltphen spent the weekend at 'the Sigma Kappa Sorority house in Lawrence. Mrs. Arch Meinke is seriously 111 from a severe attack of the pleurisy. Miss Anna Gardner went to DeSoto Friday to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gardner. William Wade of Kansas City spent Saturday at his farm south of town. Miss Georgina Bleakley, who lias been ill for some time, is still in a serious condition. Misses Silva McGonnell and Nan Armstrong, who spent the week-end at their homes in Lawrence, returned Sunday. Frank Wright went to Kansas City Saturday to visit his wife and sister Mrs. Joseph Machlr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Orrick, who were recently inarried, left Sunday for Topeka where they will live. Announcement has been received of ijtMr, mfim in ii r in ii mil in mi mj m mu, unit m .Him! mi man Wm mitim in n i i imrmilfl hit 1 1 , 1 HI PP QD RO ME etter Li 9 hi At Less Expense Brascolite Illumination An installation of this kind of fixture means more and better light with less expense of operation. By the use of the new Nitrogen Lamp in connection with this style of fixture you can double your candle-power and greatly decrease your lighting expense. We have them on display in our show room. Tholen Brothers AMUSEMENTS. ORPHEUM TODAY Triangle Plays CONCERT ORCHESTRA TODAY Griffith production. "Jordan 8s a Hard Road" Featuring: Dorothy Gish. Otthi Moore and Franlc Campeau. a tory of the northwest that strikes like a thunderbolt. KEYSTONE COMEDY, "Fatty and the Broadway Stars" Featuring Roscoe Arbuckle, Mack Sennett. William Collier, Weber and Fields and Sam Bernard. Matinee 2:30 AH seats 10c MKbt 8 tOO lOc and 20c. TOMORROW J. WARREN KERRIGAN the popular favorite In "Son of the Stars" with an exceptional cast, beautiful scenes and an unusually strong photoplay. and Buth Boland and Frank Ma to in the 7th Episode of the "Red Circle" SOLDIER'S HOME THEATRE HondayNight,Feb.14 The Show Ton Have Been Waiting for Rowland &DIPComDanv Clifford's DIU of 30 la the Ronsfng- Musical Comedy Hit 'September Morn" Another La Salle Opera House (Chicago) SUCCESS Ton Must Hear the Jingle Songs and See the Great Tango Chorns. Call Post Fund TSo, 3, Soldiers' Home Exchange. Eeserred Seat Sale Friday. the marriage of Genevieve McKinney and William McKinney In Kansas City. Mrs. David Jones entertained the Bluebird Embroidery Club Saturday. The afternoon was pleasantly spent in doing fancy work. Mrs. lones was assisted in serving a two course luncheon by Mrs. Erna Bailey. Those present were: Mrs. Van Noy, Mrs. . Thomas -Frederick. Mrs. Eugene Blevins, Mrs. Lloyd Rhodes, Mrs. Wil, liam Anderson, Misses Viola Bond and Lena Anderson. After LaGrlope Whatr Coughs that "hang on after la-grippe exhaust the strength and lower the vital resistance. F. G. Prevo, Bedford. Ind., writes: "An attack of la-grip 01 left me with a severe cough. I trieo everything. I lost in weight and got so thin it looked as if f would never get well. I tried Foley's Honey and Tar and two bottles cured me. I am now well and back to my normal weight.' Foleys Honey and Tar gets rlsrht at the trouble. It is a safe, reliable remedy. Mehl & Schott Dru Co. Advt. (4)

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