Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 12, 1910 · Page 22
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 22

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 12, 1910
Page 22
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2 SUNDAY MORNING, OAKLAND TR5BUNEZ reat LAUGHTER READING FROM LELT TO RIGHT MISS ALZINA DE MONT, QUEEN MABEL FURTADO AND MISS- MYRTLE OAKES. BELOW IS PRIME MINISTER DR. GEORGE H. OHEA AND QUEEN MABEL IN CARRIAGE LEAVING THE CORONATION CEREMONY. .v - -. i LIGHT FESTIVAL SUCCESS Warfare in Society New Court May Be Thtee- cornerea. DOWAGER STILL LI IN BUCKINGH AM IfALACE " . ' ' : i :H! 1 - ' i . - I EDWARD'S WIDOW AT OUTS WITH i ..J-l, ts " AND IKE i Hi I niimi mqrv iff ,5i- MULL.I1 ! -T . 7 Circles . of i 1 Thousands Parade the Streets, Throwing Confetti in Great Mardi Gras. TWO DANCES TO" CLOSE 3-DAY CELEBRATION Eighteen-Mile Marathon to Be Run as Feature of Clos- , ing Hours. RAN' LKAN'DHO, June: 11. The big: cherry festival, which is one of the most unique celebrations ever given, is now in full swing in San Leandro and thousands are parading: the streets tonight, throwing confetti and making m,erry in the big Mardi Gras that is orje of the features of the attractive fiesta, (jostumes of all kinds are in evidence j and dancing in the streets and avenues of the city of cherries Is being- participated in with great enthusiasm j by 'the gay revelers. The parade of horribles was held this afternoon and met with the universal approval of the crowds, the grotesque costumes and other features bringing Iforth tremendous applause. tv!d dances to close Two dances will close thf evening's program,! one in the Masonic Temple and the qther in the IT. P. E. C. Hall. The grand march at both functions wijl be lid by Queen Mabel and her attendants, the queen to" be escorted by her prime minister, Dr. George H. Ohea. The -concessions have been doing a lively business throughout the dav, and will be open until a late hour tonight. Band concerts have been given constantly toy tne four bands stationed various prominent places in the ; SfxX - M A: ':' ; J MvX ' -'r " x i y I - -; 3 r- if : V ' - . j 1 .-.-r. .v.'.-.-.v:- J!- .-:.:.: .r.y-v-: L-: : ?L 1 . 1 In business and residnco sections of thf city, and wil be continued until a late hour tonight and all day tomorrow. . An eighteen-mile marathon footrace- will be the feature of tomorrow's program. The festival will be continued until Sunday night. The race will be open to all comers and a number of the most able runners in the United States have entered their names in the contest. The race will be held at the San Leandro baseball grounds at 2.30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and arrangements have been made to acommodate thousands of spectators. j 1 The contest will decide the championship of the Pacific Coast and is exciting great interest in athletic Circlt-a, Queen Mabel will crown rthe winner and the carnival fun w.illbe continued throughout the evening,' with the many attractive concessions forming the chief entertainment for the visitors. It was announced at a late hour tonight that more than twenty-five tons of cherries had already been given o v ( ; J& o d. OolBair t My. 4 Delays in Taking Kinged Leave Royal Abode dt ; Early Date. int ta 4. .4. IE St5 4 we 1 J (By IiADT 3IAR.Y SIAfEIXG.j LONDON', June 11.- AjoJyal do-( mestic crisis Is threatened, j! Zt is said that Queen Alexandra refuses j to give, up Buckingham Palace for ;the use of King George, and Queen Jrijar. The following paragraphia appeared In one of the staid London rjewjspapers this week, doubtless with tle Sanction of the king: i I ; ; "There is as yet no indlcatiojn wben Queen Alexandra proposes tt leave; Buckingham Palace, but f dbubtless ehe wlli go later on to Copenhagen with he.r sister, the Dowajrer Empress Of Russia." ; - . J Ml 1 It Is believed that Queen Alexandra, has no Intention of leaving Bbcking:- i ham Palace at once. ;,I j: Iw'f heard j from more: than one sofcnee that Queen Alexandra Is a little! piqued at" the attitude assumed by j Kisd George and Queen Mary upwards js(m of the institutions which were naf and dear . to the late King Edward ij- J "Queen .Alexandra, within the pasj several days, conveyed to th Kins the Intelligence that it wptild j require at least two months for (lifer Ito pre pare and move her belongings; to her permanent town chouse a Marlboro Palace, j This was apparently ker answer to the hint t!hat she jwbud leave at her earliest convenienjeja. ij The i Queen-Mother keep tile royal standard flying over i JBucklngham. Palace In defiance to the etlquitte, for the old usage is that the jroyaj standard shall Qnly appear I ,aDoVe the castle when it houses the f-iilinl: powep. of Great Britain. ; Bj ! The snubbing of Queen j Mjary by Queen j Alexandra has furnished delectable gossip to the wing of the court society- inimical ito the new Queen.: It Is said that Queen Alexandra is angry because j Queeh Mary will not tolerate certain. jwpnru?n whOi were raised to social prestige through! the efforts of the late King tdward Indeed, it would appear that tpe warfare in society circles of llthje new I court will be three-corneireid. i -; -4 rtr- i THE MUSIC ISlll Latest Styles Best i Fabrics IHlbinidl-inniadlej ElegarDSIf SEE OUR SPLENDID STOCK Of Latest Imported English Novelties. No.'bought in stocK but fresh from the looms of standard maHers. Each year we offer this exceptional opportunity to our patrons and the discriminating dressers of OaKIand. ; There's more than value in these g'arments; there's the reputation of our shop also. Every merchant, broK-er, clerK or professional man can I afford an extra Summer Suit from one of these exclusive patterns. ervice5 Value 106 IVlerchant Tailor Franklin Street Near i 2th, Oakland Telephone Oakland 7722 e J Laoedl i away and the distribution wjill continue tomorrow. t j j '- PROCESSION SPECTACULAR. This afternoon's procession I at San Leandro was one pf the most spfctacular ever given in the section. Hundreds were included in the rank, large delegations representing all of the fraternal orders of the district and the cities of Hayward, T.ivermore and Is'iles being: present. The. I parade was formed in Davis street, near ! the city hall," and marched altng San i Lorenzo avenue tq Chumilia stredt, thence to Hyde strpet. and to Callen avenue as ; far as Hayward avenue, and up Estudillo i thmueh the laree lomamental arcih placed over the street, which, was lined with larg-e locust trees. ' and is one of the most beautiful lanes in the city,; and march- j ing as far as the new boulevard.! ! Pmm fherp the itiarade countermarched to Hayward aventie, and made a circuit of the principal business blockg. The line of march took the processionj through all of the principal streets of San Leandro, as well a the residence section, the houses ' being crowded with spectators, and the entire city in both business and residence sections being gayly decorated for the occasion. j . CROWD APPLAUDS. Many attractive features; called forth the applause of the throngs! that .crowded the line of march. The procession was lead by the grand marshal. Bud Eber, mounted on a Jet-black horse, and accompanied by twenty-five mounted aid?. This, detail Was followed by the city officials of Sain Leandro and Hayward in open (carriages and the officials and business men and professional men of Alameda county! The queen's float, upon which was seated Queen Mabel on a white &nd gold throne, surrounded by a bevy of pretty girls, who made up the ranks of her honor attendants, came next In the gorgeous pageant, and was accorded a tremendous ovation all along the line of march. Music was furnished for the first division by the San Leandro band lof forty pieces, the organization being followed by a company of the national guards from Hayward. dressed in parade uniform. The Athens, Berkeley and Estudillo parlors of the N. S. G. W. brought up thef rear of the first division. ' I One or the features or tne procession was the delegation from Haywird, the rivalry existing between San Leandro and Hayward causing the residents of the latter place to put forth every effort in making their delegation one j of the best equipped and most spectacular of the parade. . . . FORMS ENTIRE DIVISION. - The Hayward delegation and the Hayward band of thirty pieces formed the entire second division, which was formed in Estudillo avenue, south of Davis street, joining the procession at that lace. The delegation was led by the drill team, numbering and followed iby 200 school boys and girls in festive! array. The little girls were dressed in pink, with carriage, drawn by two white horses. The third division was made up of floats of the various fraternal orders of San Leandro and the surrounding cities, the splendidlv decorated float entered by the IT. P. E. " C. of San Leandro bringing forth great applause. AUTOS ,1 N PARADE. The band of the San Leandro Boys' Club, ; which was recently organized, under the direction of D. U. Toftelmier. and which now thas a membership of more than 100, led the forth division. The boys were uniformly clad in white duck. This division was escorted by Assistant Marshal M. Borgei A feature of the division was the long array of decorated automobiles and carriages, which followed the business floats that were elaborately prepared for the occasion. Among the most attractive automobiles was one entered s by A. S. Vagar. The machine was entirely covered with cherries fastened on a net, not a part of the automobile i showing through the white and red Imass of Royal Anne cherries. Another attractive machine was that entered! by R. H. Collins, the automobile being) a bower of red roses and greens. Both (were greatly applauded. The prizes f or ( the various entries of floats ana carnages will be awarded by the general committee tomorrow. than fifty silver cups and other valuable T01NS IN CLASH 1MB CELEBRATION San Rafael and San Anselmo Dispute Over Fourth of July Posters. SAX RAFAEL, June 11. "Take your signs down or we will tear thjm down," wrt& Town Marshall George Martin . of San Anselmo to the San Rafael committee in charge of the Fourth of July celebration, j ' "We. jwill not take our signs out of your town," said San Rafael.1 "Unless they are gone by Monday," More , replied j San Anselmo, I "we will arrest your citizens who are to blame." , ' The towns are but two miles apart, a"nd both are follciting the patronage of the neighboring towns. San Rafael's publicity committee placed posters around San Anselmo. j San (Anselmo was Indignant over the fact that the neighboring town invaded its territory and ordered Town Marshall to notify the Sasn Rafael offic-take the posters down. Spanish-American war veterans. who are arranging the affair for San Rafael, i hurled defiance at the rival town and challenged Martin or anyone else to remove the signs. ! . Trustee J. B. Lovell said . that he Is frizes have been orrerea by tne committee n charge. The aides to the marshal who led the various divisions or the parade were as follows: j MANY AIDES IN LINE. First division P. Hoare, J. Woods, E. K. Strobridge, J. j Mcintosh, J. Curdy and J. G. Turner. i Second division Fred Lassen, Captain Inman, Tom Lavln, Harry Smythe, Harold Meek and Dr. Carpenter. Third division W. Hammond, Er. EJveleth, J. J. O' Toole, M. Brouson, R. B. Meyers, Jack Graydon and Charles Blankenshlp. Fourth division Joe Rose, M. Rogers, I. XT.- Toffelmier, H. C. Barton. W. Muntz, T. M. Nevan and J. L. Donovan. Thousands thronged the public booths, where cherries were given away to the guests or san ieartaro at noon time, ions nn1 ,, atl c i. , of cherries were furnished to visitors, j ""S I to bu. a lot.a' San tAnselmo, if Martin ials to The GIG FEATURE - : t r ; ! ; ; i ;i E - ! ihd Bell The Management of Theater Announce Person I . nel of New Orchestra. . . : I with a view to giving the patrons of the Bell Theater more tfiati their money's worth at all times, j Important changes and additions- havj recently been made in the Bell Theater brches- tra that places it In a class! with the finest theater orchestras in jjth country, number of instrument! fconsid-ered. The Bell Theater ha$i tis rep-i theatrical. house on this slle jof the bay. They study to give tleir large clientele the very best thinks jln the line of vaudeville novelties jthtat can be secured. The price of ar &H does not hinder them from securing it, providing the -.act has the elements of success and is sure to please their patrons; Their business lsjoHly? limited to the seating capacity of their house, and when one is familiar with' the great crowds that frequent this theater. daily pne must go back! of the superficial reason that people will go to a theater anyhow, ; and trace the real cause, viz., the beat show Ih town for the money and a, show that? is picked to please their patronage with nary aholdover act. if j The announcement then tpf a big Improvement in their orchestra, an added expense, etc., is only j following out the plan of the management to give the public better mysic, abetter acts and better service all! around. The members of the new! fbrchestra inelude C. Mlltner, violirij leader; : W. J. Dugan, piano; J. ValergaL clarionet; Tom Valerga, comef; lO. H. Schemmer, trombone; Gjj Johnson, drums. All are recognized artists, iwell known to- the musical fratrnity of PflllfAlTilfl gnH man tx' Vi r Vra-O-A brnA.- ience in the. most prominent orchestras in the country. i! ! I 9 ni Havward boys' more than 100. another detail in red, the girls streamers of various colors that one another in the center of the each girl carrying a large bouquet of white American beauty roses. Tlie boys of the delegation were clad in khaki suits of brown, the face of each forming the -center or a large yellow sunflower. The delegation was headed by a boy in parade dress, bearing aj. "Sunflowers taisea in tiaywara. More than 200 Hayward business and Drofeseional men. clad in linen dusters. .and wearing gray plug hats, followed. I They were preceded by Mayor Charles 4 Heyer, seated in & beautifully decorated holding crossed street. small sign. Although the entire crop of black cherries has been picked for more tnan aweek, a large number of trees were held iri reserve by the committeet, and an ample supply is on hand for all in attendance. hand for iii;si WilLSue Railroad For Cutting' Tree ! SAN" ANSELMO, June 11. According to Treasurer L. R. S. Holmes, a suit wil be filed by the ijown against the Northwestern Pacific j Railroad company for cutting down a large oak' near th railway station and marring the beauty of the town. i "When the town gave the railroad company the right-of-way to build a double track," said Holmes, "It, was not intended that they should cut down the trees that beautify our town, unless they were on the right-of-way." On the other hand, the railroad company declares that the tree at the station was immediately in front of the path of their new track. -ecessary, and erect a five-foot fence forty feet long, as a sign board for San Rafael's posters, should the other notices be torn down. . ! The largest Independence Day . celebration ever held in this city is anticipated by the citizens f San .Rafael. What do you know about this? See page 11. Big Class Completes ;Grainmar School WorK j- - : ... MIL::. VALLEY, June 11. The commencement exercises of the Mill Valley gramrr ar school were held last 'night at the Outdoor Art clubhouse at which 23 students were presented with diplomas. The (graduating class consisted of Lottie Anters, Heflry Agezelow, Helen Fen-ton, Jack Finn, Ruth Johnson, Margaret Han-old, Murield Henderson, John Johnson, i arian Lundaulst, Gertrude Tobin, Irene j McDonald, Hazel Mills, Velma Manniug, Maurfce Murphy, Edith Sherman, Dorothy Schllngman, ? Emily Van Tasselj Marion Wosser,! Vernon Ward, Jutare XTtsuml. i The officers of the class are: Dorothy Schllngman, president; Hazel Mills; vice-p: esident; Margaret Harrold, secretary, and Lottie Ankenr, treasurer. ; THE BANNER Milliner Wholesale Store Selling 'Re-tall BETTER TRADE HEIJtE $100,000 Worth of ;FIne . Millinery Sacrificed I ' At Less Than Half Price Special This WeeK $6, $7 and $8 $045 , Trimmed Hats j Braids. . 10cr 15c and 20Of yd. 50c Flowers, etc ,1.250 Children's Hats from 45c;up- Special Sale on Otrichi -jruid. . Willow names. 91 Market; Vtr' Fifth. l.pH 1S19 Fillmore. Nmt OTtrreii. SS-fO Kisaios. Ntu m " 8an Francisco odIt. j j . .ForohuiDc Office, 7S BroMiray, JTrw Tork City. j : j , ..... - -

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