The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1892
Page 7
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 1892. IOWA, MARCH 10, 1882. UliMT IIOM'K WKYT.S. Stockwell was down from Ban- id spent Sunday. !>t.terelt is pointing the interior of [n & Buell's store, ebbins of Algona is here.hclptng el paint Buell's store. Itoddard is back from his east- joking as bale and hearty as of Algona is putting the touches on S. J. Oncill's new c. | Stowd is able to be out around bulls hardly able to do much 3arrie Anderson of Seneca is vis- jd doing some dressmaking at Mrs. Easterly's. Uses Emma and Carrie Wolcott spent Sunday with their sister Effie at the [tfayhew Hotel. John Goeders is filling his store full of Fdry goods that ate a credit to the store [and to the town also. John Shaeffer is back from Des-Moines | and is doing the wagon repair work in I'.his father's blacksmith shop. George Beard has hired to Wm.Shaeffer nd is again wielding the hammer in the blacksmith shop. The new Butcher Mr. C. L. Grab has taken possession of the shop and will be found ready to slice up the steak to all. Te bespeak for him a liberal patronage I Our photograph gallery suffered con tiderably from the wind of last week, bul It. Long has scraped up the pieces and • is again ready for business. BertHallock forgot his overcoat last Saturday and left it in the waiting room at the depot and now the coat can't be found. If anyone took it and will return 4V to him at Algonathey will be rewarded The Burt Brass Band concert was wel attended and the boys did well. Thii is the first time the boys have played ii public and every body says they an making rapid strides toward perfection net proceeds §29.85. Mrs, Anna Harris will be here Mondaj )*March21. to give a temperence k-ctur i'for the purpose of organizing an I. O. G T. Lecture to be held at rbe Presbyterian church. Let everyone interested in the cause of temperence come and hear her. We can just as well have a lodge of fifty or a hundred members as not. Don't you take anybody's word for it, but when yon'are in Burt just drop into Jnb. Goeder's store and see for yourself how much of his old stock that he has had on hand in Algona"for fifteen years" . I believe someone says be has sent up i here to work off ou the intelligent people of Burt and the surrounding country. Mr. Eddie delivered alectun; last Monday evening on his personal experience and travels through the Rockies iu I860. The lecture was well attended considering the rough roads. The proceeds go toward procuring a new bell for the M, E. church at Buffalo Fork. He will give the same lecture for the same pur pose in Bancroft and Algona in the near future, go and hear him it is a good one. The heavy wind of last Thursday blew B, E. Alger's new barn that he was just building almost to kindling wood. He said it just twisted off every studding there was in the barn and be barely escaped being badly hurt himself. He had a bin of outs in one corner of the barn and the wind strung them out so thin on the ground that it will be hard to save auy of them. But he succeeded in getting out his horses and cows before the wind took the barn. This is a pretty heavy loss for Mr. Alger. We also notice that F. Nicholson's windmill has descended from Us high tower. By tbe way,there -was considerable damage done hern in lown. The telegraph sign was twisted from its place and did some big tumb ling before the agent could capture it. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west of OFFICE. THE COUNTY. NEWS. Koportod by Special Corri'spomlents. THK IlKi-uniitoAN publishes more outside news from tlio country and surrounding towns Mian all tlio six other jiiipcra published in K.OS- suth county combined. For MIC liancroft Nrcws see pitgo 3. To DoiiHKHi-ONDHNTH :—All coi ivspondenoe for the URPUIIMOAN should reach this olllce nor later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this In mind. J; B. CORK, Eleal Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. NOTICE. As I am going to quit shoe repairing y April 1, I will ask you to bring all the ork you need done this spring and have t done while you have a chance to have , done neat nnd cheap. Joseph Markel. Good farms for sale. Following is Hebron township's subscription's to the Russian Relief Fund published nt the request of a subscriber. Amel Raul $1,00, Herman Doeg $2.00, L. A. Houge 50 cents,Ives Veurn50 cents, Wm. Emke 50 cents, Erick Toquam 50 cents, Charley Khoda 50 cents. Wm. Goodrich $2.00, T. B. Brown $2.00, H. L. Baldwin 50 cents, Ole O. Quam 50 cents, R. A. Richardson $1.00. 6f this plant!. Mr. Grove is accompanied by his daughter Mrs. Kellogg, of Neb. The, severe wind storm of last week damaged sonic of die new buildings, took a good doit) of the roofing oil of Kuux/s brick block, tipped over a new barn be longing to Andrew Cosgrovc and almost .put n slop to business. -»-•«<•»••• — W. E CI.OHSON:—Your Paiu relief surpasses all puin remedies I have, ever used, E. Ross, Pres. People's National Bank, fndnpendi.Mii'e. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheet/,. A Splendid Line of Just received, U be sold cheap, ar,d trimmed ready for use. Don't forget to examine our Tliinder Counter" it will pay you. NICHOLSON & BUELL. NEW LINE —OF— Wall - Paper AND CTJRTAXXTS W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Wall Paper Trimmed. Geo. E. Marble Still Sells The best goods At the lowest prices. When' we get into our new store, that soon, come and see us. Plenty of the best help, good goods and low prices are bound to please, and we have them. Spring-is here and you want rubber goods; get the best; we handle no second class stock. The ladies are particularly invited to call—we have 100 beautiful pictures for them. 8J3NKCA. Mrs. Carolan is slowly recovering it is to be hoped that she will soon be up again. Considerable damage was done by recent wind storms in the way of breaking sails out of windmills etc. Mr. Wm. Shaw and family of III. moved here Wednesday last to make northern Kossuth their home. Will Hamilton experienced an exciting runaway Friday last. Not much damage was done however outside of breaking his hay rack and harness. CUKSCO Chester Dutton closed a very successful term of school in the Jones district last Friday. Mr. Isaac Fry has rented his farm to Matthew Kelley who will take possession in a short time. Mrs. Clara Curtis of this place is visit ing her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Sabin of Fenton. ** Mr. J. R. Dutton is enjoying a visit from a son-in-law who expects to buy a Kossuth county farm in the near future. BURT TOWNSHIP. Joseph Elvidge has rented his farm and moved to Burt. He is now engaged buying hogs and cattle. Mrs. McElwain is going to Linn county, Iowa, on a visit to children and friends. She will be gone about weeks. Edgar Tuthill does not believe in face matters and has accordingly down a well 222 feet deep. The water comes within 30 feet of the surface. The stock wont go thirsty. NOTICE. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Farmer's Co-Operative Co at Burt, Saturday, March 26, for the purpose of issuing stock and transacting such other business as may properly come before it. J. M. MOORE, Sec. ,TAS. raTCNnAljL,. Iflclitor. /LEDYARD, IOWA7 M AR7To7 18927 Oats 19 @ .21 Eggs 11 Cattle $0.00 Wheat 71 Flax $ .79 Corn.. Butter. Hogs.. Barley Hay... .... 25 18 @ 20 . . 4.35 . 30 0.00 RILEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE. It Is a fence for open countries, for It cannot be blown down. It Is the feneo for low lands, for It cannot be washed away. It destroys no ground whatever, and if beauty bo considered an'advaiitsiKH. it Is the neatest, and handsomest farm fence in the world. In short, it combines the good qualities of ail fences In an eminent degree, and as soon as introduced will become the popular fence of ilio country, ft is beautiful and durable It is strongnnd will increase the price, of your farm far more than any other fence. It will lust much longer than any other fence. It is a. grent, addition, occupies less ground, excludes loss sunshine, has no superior as a fence. It is struiimer than any other fence and will turn any slock no matter how breachy. It is plainly visible and is not dangerous fi stock like Iwrli wire. The best horse fence in the world. It will protect, all crops from a half grown chicken to a wild ox. His the most uniform, and l>y comparison of cost much the.cheapest. Kept fur sale. In all parts of Kossuth rouiily. Made by lliley & Young, Iowa. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristp Cabinets, $3,00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. $3 SHOE OEM? THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? It Is a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread to hurt the feet; made of the best fine calf, stylish and easy, and because we make more shoes of th STOP -AT THE— One span horses 7 and 8 years old. farm machinery. House and two 26 ELMER HODGSON. i'UMPS. to Graham & Elvidge for pumps. i. L. M&YHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable iu connection with hotel. W HlTTKMOllE. Rev Johnson of Corwith spent Sunday in Whittemore. Miss Lucy Rawson came homefrom Algona Friday evening. Dr. Pride made a professional call in this vicinity on. Monday. Mrs. Lea'ch and Mrs. H. P. Hatch, visited at Algona last week. Ladies' Aid Society will meet with Mrs. H. P. Hatch next Tuesday afternoon. John Spilles moved his house into town last week, and intends to repair and rent it. Dr. Davies was over from Emmetts- burg Monday assisting Dr. Pride in professional work. School election Monday proved to be quite exciting, resulting in there-election of the present director. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Geo Hanna to Miss Zora Newman next Tuesday eveuing.- Rev. Erickson tilled the Baptist pulpit Sunday morning and evening. He took the train east Monday evening. There will be temperance lectures at the Baptist church this week both Thursday and Friday evenings, delivered by Mrs. Annie Harris, turn out everybody and hear her. Temperance wor.k wont hurt Whittemore at all. grade than any other manufacturer, it equals Hand, sewed shoes coating from $4.00 to $3.00. 4&E. 00 Genuine Hand-sowed, the finest calf «Pv» shoe ever offered for $5.00; equals French imported shoes which cost from 83.00 to $12.00. <&» 00 Hand-Sewed Welt Shoe, flno calf. JJJ'fro stylish/comfortable and durable. The best shoo ever offered at this price j same grade as custom-made shoes costing from $0.00 to $9.00. ffiQ 50 Police Bhoe; Farmers, Railroad Men «P O o and Letter Carriers all wear them; fine calf, seamless, smooth Inside, heavy three soles, extension edge. One pair will wear a year. O> A 30 flno calf; no better shoe ever offered at 3>dSi this price; one trial will convince thoso who want a shoe for comfort and service. O*n 25 ami $2.00 Worliiiifrman'B shoes ifUBtu arc very strong and durable. Those who have given them a trial will wear no other malce. IS&irrtiefl $2.00 ami 81.75 school shoes are Ee\jy& worn by the boys every where; they sell on their merits, as the Increasing sales show. D <r»«4iA<e? S3.00 Iland-Nowed shoe, best WtmClU IC<9 Dongola, verystyllsh; equals French Imported shoes costing from 84.00 to SG.OO. Ladies' 2.50, 82.00 anil Sl.75 shoe for Misses are the best fine Dongola. Stylish and durable. Caution.—See that W. L. Douglas' name and price are stamped on the bottom of each shoo. B2T TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE..^ Insist on local advertised dealers supplying yon. W. to DOUGLAS, Brockton, Blaas. Sold l>y F. S. Stongli, Aarent A GOOD SEAMSTRESS HOUSEHOLD KECESSin AND A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY IS ONE OF OUR NEW T.Km'AKJ). Five residence lots in Ledyard were sold last Friday. A. J. Dunlap received the election as subdirector of schools last Monday. Relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis visited witli them at this place last week. J. B. Kendall succeeds Prof. Sifort as C. T. of the Good Templar's lodge at this place. Parties west of Algcna moved up last week to their farm near town, bought of C. A. Ordway last fall. Mike Lentsch has sold oue of his chestnuts to Mason Hinckle of Elmore, consideration $90. We understand that Wm. Burton of Springfield township has been elected delegate to the Republican State Convention. , Mr. Grannis received a telegram last Thursday informing that his elevator at Dundee, Minn., had been wrecked by the storm. Mr. Clow moved his household goods into town Saturday. We understand he intends putting in a meat market here soon. H. Wilson has been putting down a well for Mr. Scoville near his new residence. He has struck water at a depth of about 60 feet. We need a good doctor, a good lawyer, a good shoemaker, a public park, sidewalks, a brass band, an I. 0. 0. F. lodge and a good church. The Johnson boys are busy cleaning seed flax for Dunlap & Co. A. J. says he has the best mill in the market, capable of cleaning 300 bu. per day. W. S. Freeman was called to Mason City last Friday as a witness on a law suit, touching a brakeman that had been killed on the road where he (Freeman) was at work. The farmers of this vicinity seem to be urging the season. We saw P. O, Breed- yard taking out a new corn plow the other day, and another farmer took out a new mower. John Zachery arrived on Wednesday last with a carload of stock and household goods and will stay with us again this summer. His family reached Led yard on the passenger Friday. Prof. Sifert was called to Burt by tele gram as soon as school was closed here, to take charge of the school at that place. The Prof, leaves many friends at this place who sincerely regret that he has to leave them. We wish to call the attention of the Gentlemen Public this week to our extra Spring Stock of Hats. Lowest Prices. Kendall & Grannis. B.J.Johnson, TONSORIAL ARTIST. (At C. A. Ordway's office.) Satisfaction guaranteed at customary prices. Calkins Hotel First class accommodations for day and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom. F. THIMBLE, Proprietor. W. 0. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders. LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work a specialty. Give us a trial. FITZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And— INSURANCE. Ledyard, - Iowa. We carry a full stock of ftftillmery Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. We are ready to please the public. A. E. KEG-LEY. Leya'rd Livery, —And— Feed SEWING MACHINES. SWEETSEK, Ind., Dec. 12,'91. W. IS. Closson, Independence, Iowa. Depr Sir—I haye a eister afflicted with a curved spine, and her side has been running for two years. They have tried every remedy and doctors from all over tbfr state and it seems that none bus done her auy good nnd they have given up all Ibopes of her recovery. My uncle, Mr. |Lewis Smith, ttlls me liiR wife u-us afflicted for several yoira mid your medicine cured her: ho recoaimem!,i it very highly. You may send me a boltlo of th« same— enclosed find OIK- dollar. WM. GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the G- C. CHUBB, President, E. J. MMRTAGH, O.ashieri We have just received A Larjre block, of w m n, IITEB umn WESLEY. E. P. Flint visited bis .sister iu Mason City last week. The building boom contiuucs. Almost every day sees a new house commenced. April 2nd has been fixed as the day upon which Wesley will vote on incorporation. Mrs. Ben Peterson of Minneapolis is spending a few dayp with tbe family of Ole Peterson. Miss Ann Longbottom who has taught south of town for two terms has been engaged for the summer term. Wra. \Yhitsou has purchased L. V. Hill's house and lot in the north part of town and has already taken possession. W. P. Giddings and family are just recovering from a severe of la grippe accompanied with cankered sore throat. E. F. Bacon wishes to sell his stcremand merchandise that he may give his entire attention to his duties as president of the new savings bauk. The annual election of the independ ent district of Wesley being held today resulted iu the election of H. C. Holleu- beck. orey of Mason City will take of tho Alliance store in, pj«ce of »'ho FOR Fun. PARTICULARS ADDRESS iationalSewingMachineCo. • UpCC««OR« TO JUNE MANUFACTURING CO. BELVIDERE, ILL. Manufsctortrt of Flno Fwnlly Stwlsg Machines. Has a full stock of General Furniture and is now ready to nccoinmo- dute tUe puoplc of Ledyard A crazy social is advertised for Tuesday eve of this week at the Trimble house, which we are not able to report at this writing, but from the fact that the good ladies of tbe town are at the bottom of it we predict a good success. Rev. Williams of Bancroft preached an interesting and effective sermon at this place Sunday evening to a crowded house. This is his lira; service here. We think that we voice the general sentiment in saying that any luture service will be highly appreciated. People all around us are beginning to open their eyes to the fact that they can buy general merchandise, hardware, ready-made clothing, boots aud shoes, hats , caps, machinery and furniture just as cheap in Ledyard as you can in any town in Kossuth county. Cal Ordway has struck a new competitor in the house-moving business. He will have to rustle to move a building the distance that Mr. Clow's house was moved the other day in tht same length of time, and then if he does it as cheap we are afraid he will soou be wanting to quit the business. Several emigrants have unloaded here the past week. Among them John Zacu ery, who will live in town, Mr. Havland, brother in-law of F. O. Quist, who will move onto a farm of Grannis Palmers', and a number bound for Winnebago county about sixteen miles cast. The windstorm of \Veduesday last did considerable damage in this vicinity. C. Dunlap & Go's, implement house came near being a wreck but was saved by be ing propped up. A barn on the farm of G. & P., to be occupied by M. Havland, was thoroughly damaged, also the barn recently built by Mr. Clow in our village. Reports come from the farmers of a like nature. One farmer from near Ramsay was in town Friday and said he had seeu three or four windmills on tbe road that had blown down. Jas. Warburturn re 1 ports that his corn crib was moved 60 or 80 rods by the wind, being turned over and over like a tumbling weed. Scott Wickbam says bis hay racks were taken by the wind and hung up in the trees. >- tH* 4 LOST: Between Ledyard and J. H. Jacob's place, A tumbling rod to horse power of well machine. Finder will be rewarded by returning to H. WILSON, Ledyard. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa- GORDON BROS., —Dealers in— Funeral Supplies of Finest Quality, Wood, Cloth and Metallic Burial CHSCS and Caskets. Household Goods at rock bottom prices delivered free at Ledyard. Gordon's Furniture Store, ELMORE, - - MINNESOTA. Agency for tbe Celi-braled McCormick Binders and MOWE C. A. ORDWAY Dealer in Coal and Hay, I Iowa. Wishes to say to the public that be will to do a large amount of * ^ffff^tfi ^S ^1?^ ^M^^MPfiH ^JS* Mpwers, Minnesota Oi<;^ Threshers. Riishibrd Wagoj and Bus BeBt <>,'i;^ Disc UMIAKS, Force F..-.•..; u> LttlHl limit) , And in tact ( 41 M'i_' . First Class j^&^i, S,"

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