Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 18, 1906 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1906
Page 5
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EVENING OAKLAND ITOBUNE AFKIJLlS.yuU j Mmh i' i Earthquake, Fire and Dynamite Destroy Nearly the Entire City. Thousands of Wealthy Men, j s ! Are Now Homeless Bankrupts. ' WEDNESDAY Ml ill l 1 ' .V : - s ' -. - .! . KTTCTAL TO TRIBUNE. BAN FRANCISCO. April IS At noon to-day the known ttUmm AT MECHANIC PAVILION. polloamaa, kfuod la oot- CCte, kfild la lap. C woman kCted at Jl In aiAiww DWi brought la auto. OTHER DEAD. Mr kOad, I lnra, In oollaeps at MDOmg at tit floor of buratng krtginghoo at and Ml ion. Hoard crylngl TTt God eak. M mT - Bmo finma kOed to ootlip t brink oiim house at Valencia and Br- Mm WhaJey and 100, kOled la falling bousa, 8tinr and .Oermanla a venue, Jam Wbir. . wtf, NW Whadoy, Marl Whaley, tun addr, badly In- yarod.' ! ' Unidentlflsd man, burled In remains of Valencia-street hotel. Til ill DAMAGED Main Is Broken and the Water is Shut Off s in City, UNIVERSITY ESCAPES LIST, OF DFAD Otto "vyiaher, forty-five years of age. The Tvvclfi'-i -Teet dam is a wxecU. ,The Urn. v shook this city as It-haa never uecu. shaken before iq the history o the place wrecked ;the foundation of the arch where the. tide oVe Into Lake Merritt with- the THEATER IS result that the dam will have to be opened up at a great expense to repair the damage. For a distance of 200 feet the street on the south side of the car tracks has sunk and cracked This caused the breaking 6t the main water pipe twenty inches, in diameter and the rush of water lear ned away the sidewalk for a consider able distance. mm Th Majeatlo Thetr la almost a com - plot wmk. th rear nd, on th Ninth atrt aid, having fallen out, wall tho roof oavod Into tho auditorium of th bufldlng. At ino California street a ho us was i ahakn tm Its foundation and onto tho sidewalk. 1 To dow Hahnemann Hospital at Cal- Henri and Maplo streets, hi badly wreaked. Tho front of two wings were badly amcked. The hospital would have bb oooupfVd within a few day. That' soar people bar not been killed the fact that moat of the power station are destroyed. All of paaottoaBr, are tnoapaciuted for WA OF DISASTER. so' for- Tha Valencia Boarding Housej on Mission street collapsed as a result of - the earthquake, and many roomers , were burled In the ruins. ' Four dead were seen In one room. How many more suffered a similar fate Is not known. Rescuers are at work In an attempt to save the lives of those who majy still 'be living. i . Oential Park skating Foatofflo 1 building 4 ta blowing up VbSap HdssI 1U Sxth tii. Troop. aid by ld a P Co., Bwlft VOW Mji 1 (! Ok amoca; bouae de Cmcs ruined be 1 Ttn aweeptnc . whole .1 HI i KATWXRD. April 11 Th. shook was oareely a aerer a at Baa Leandro, i ... but the puouo damar wa wore. The 1 1 ' - Public library 'waa Terly cracked In I " a dosea direction, and In pUee pleoe dropped out. Th Palmtaa; bulldlna;. ' aoraer of B and Caatro streets, occupied by R. R. Kodgera' drug ator. waa also severely dealt with, specla21y th j 'i stock noloeed, and th rear wan of th Ha Brothers' new bulldlna; waa crack- IGHTII BE KILLED BERKEI4ET, April IS. By a seeming miracle the big University buildings that stand on the campus elevations escaped harm' in the earthquake shock,, which wrought such terrible damage throughout the bay region. Recorder James Sutton of the University said at 10 o'clock this morning: "I have made a personal examination of the buildings on the campus, and have received reports from deans of the colleges, and It appears that not one of the buildings Is harmed In the slightest degree. GREEK THEATER SAFE. Professor O'Nell of the chemistry de partment reports that the damage done to the' instruments m the . building will not aggregate -more than $50. California hall has not .a mark on it to Indicate that an earthquake occurred this, morning. The other buildings appear to be In the same condition. The Greek theater has -not a scratch, on its walls." There Is ho doubt, however, that the eaarthquake shock was felt on the cam pus. The seismograph In the observatory records the quakes. According to this 'instrument It lasted for 28' seconds. The oscillations were , from norCh to south. The record shows ttyat the big quake came at exactly 5:14:48 seconds A. M. j " TOWN UNFORTUNATE. The town of Berkeley waa not tunate as the University lit the matter of damage sustained. No lives were lost, nor were there' any nota-bte 1 dlsas- 1 ters to bunding, but the aggrtgatl damage in the shape of twisied structures, broken chimtit-ys and falling walls Will be many thousands of dollars. fThe-First National Bank building, the tallest structure In the city, seems to te unharmed. The Homestead Loan Asso ciation building Is badly cracked. The steel girders of the Masonic Temple, which Is In process ot construction, tumbled over, two of them falling through the roof of the University laundry building adjoining, and also striking the Telephone Company's building. REMAIN AT POST. The night operators in the telephone building. Miss j McGreer and Miss Young, bravely stuck to their posts throughout the shock, remaining until relieved by the day force. The high school roof feel In, great holes marking the weak spots in the structure. School was suspended In the high school and throughout the entire school department. The West Berkeley Bank building. In process of construction, is badly damaged. The walls fell and the roof ! caved in. Policeman McCoy narrowly escaped death from a shower of falling stones from the bank building. The business blocks at Dwlght Way station, and at South Berkeley are s'ightly damaged. One or two small chimney firea called for the service of the fire department, but the damage from this source is practically none. 1 - BLUE AND GOLD GONE. The Blue and Gold ' managers at the . University received word that all th j material for'- the book, which was to have been issued next Monaay Dy tne Sunset "Press of San Francisco, has been destroyed, the building housing th Sunset Press - printing plant having ; been ruined this morning. Amalla, Wisher, thirteen years of age. Edwardf Marney, about thirty years of age. Mrs. Edward Marney, about twenty- five years of age. Unknown man, about twenty-five DAMAGE DOI III TIE CITY CCon'inusd From Page .) Bide of the store. The west side escaped R. W. Kinney & Co. Building at northeast corner of Ninth and Franklin street lost the south wall of the top story. , TENTH STREET. years of age. j . j A terrible fate met five persons who were lodging In rooms above the Enr i' ' 1' 1 pire Theater on Twelfth 1 street near i : ' . ! Broadway. The floor above the the- ; iy i ater Is used as a rooming-house, and five of the sleepers werei crushed to death by the falling of a; heavy brick wall which crashed through the roof and burled the people beneath the de- brls. F.lve of them never aw.oke from their slumbers, while others had miraculous escapes. iThe fate of the Wisher family was t 1 ' particularly distressing.- A father and j h K his daughter were crushed, while" Fre'-da, another daughter, eighteen years of age, was so protected by a chair and a broken 'beam that she was uninjured. In speaking of her escape Miss Washer siMd: 'Father, my sister and myself occu-pied our room together, each of us sleeping in a cot. When the earth-quake began I did not know what It was, and at first thought that we were 111 1II1IB In another train wreck. report from Diamond Canyo: says that a landslide occurred then during the earthquake, and that eight people were killed. Their names havt not yet become known. : : ' MARTIAL LAV IS T h The Board of Police and Fire Com- mlnionera held a meeting in the City Hall this morning and declared mar tial law in Oakland. Orders were issued to Companys A and F, Fifth Infantry, N. G. C.,"to re port for duty immediately. The soldiers were told that they are to parade. the streets of the city, keeping the thoroughfares free from people. v ' The Oakland Traction Consolidated sent notice to the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners, that, they . would i ' , ' !.'.. not run cars into the business district in the city, thus doing all in its power to keep people from flocking t the central portion vof the city. 1 We were In Then the crash one a short time ago. came. The room suddenly faded away. ' I was almost suffocated with dust, but , felt no pain," n 1 " : Tears filled the young woman's eyes as she thought of her father and Bis ter and her emotions overcame her. The three Wishers were traveling theater people, and the father and his twos daughters did a burlesque operatic turn.) They had only been in California three Weeks. Th new school buildings through iut th city were greatly, damaged by he earthquake. Prescott School was ompletely rased and wll have to be rebuilt. The other ; : schools, while very, materially damaged, did not suffer th fate of the Prescott school. IS the contractors will have to repair the damage from their own purses, som of them will be ruined financial- ly. In speaking on th subject with a TRIBUNE- man Councilman Baccus 1 said, "I cannot say .upon whom the damage to the school buildings will rest. The structures themselves are in an awful state. The damage at this time cannot be estimated. If the con- tractors have te pay for th ruin to the buildings, several of them ! will be practically ruined financially.' RECENT. ARRIVALS. Mr. and Mrs. Marney and did a turn entitled "Lost In Africa." ' They were only recent arrivals In this city, having 1 come from Denver two weeks ago. Th unknown man took a room at the lodging house two nights ago. His name i i ! ' - la not known.. There la no register kept 1 at the place, and no -one seems to know anything about th man whoa body was found crushed under the wall. The Empir Theater building i lmrae dlately behind the Kaha ; building that fell and caused the disaster. The theater . : - 1 ' . building la a low one and th wall tower- lng high above fell and crashed through the roof as if It had been so much straw. Enquirer Tjuilding Arches of the ar- 1 I" ' ' i cade on the top story-badly sprung and several of the massive pieces of the stone cornice were shattered UDon the walk. The front walls of the structure 1 i are also cracked. e- . j - ' Novelty Candy store, 1069 Interior 1 jars overturned and broken. Sllberberg, No. 1061, millinery Glass shattered In front. Novelty Theatir Pronecnium arvh de stroyed and auditorium littered with or namental plastering , from the ceillns. TWELFTH STREET. Bushell's Building A complete wreck, containing also the Empire Theater. It was in this structure that the first loss of life, which is elsewhere referred to in detail, was sustained. Uhl Brothers, between, Broadway and Franklin street Celling broken down, stock mixed up. I R. H. Chamberlain, adjoining Stock jumbled up and shelving shattered. Metropolitan Furniture Company-South and west walls shattered. St. Paul Building East wall started. W. P. Fulled & Co. Floors caved in, ; stock of pairrtc inextricably mixed and stock of plate glass in the c rear nearly all destroyed. . James Cahill, paints and wall paper 1 1 Stock mixed , in middle of floor and in terior furniture ruined. . 8. H. Steward, leather findings.N o. 406 Damage" sustained only nominal. Merritt Hotfse, northwest corner of Twelfth street Plaster oft - walls and celling throughout the structure. Oakland Chamber of Commerce Exhl- 1 bits in' glass Jars destroyed. These Jars In som Instances were two and three: feet In height and were filled with fruits and vegetables raised In the vicinity of Oakland. Nearly all the Jars were broken into fragments. s C. F.' Salomonson, No. 399, cyclery Windows broken. ; I j N. Cobbledlck, No. 401, paints-Front badly broken and shattered. Herman N. Card, adjoining, paper stock inextricably mled. Charles I Sturm Shattered glass and . shelves. BIG BUILDINGS IN SAN FRANCISCO DESTROYED BY. FIRE AND DYNAMITE: ' r WELLS, FARg6 & CO'S' BUILDING AT SECOND AND MISSION STREETS. J 5 , . ARONS'ON BUILDING, THIRD AND MISSION. GRAN!) OPERA HOUSE, THIRD AND MISSION. EXAMINER BUILDING AT THIRD AND MARKET. - SAN FRANCISCO CALL BUILDING AT THIRD AND MARKET. ; . ' THE1 NEW. MONADNOCK BUILDING, OPPOSITE CHRONICLE. , EMPORIUM BUILDING. '-' 1 THE OLD FLOOD BUILDING AT FOURTH AND MARKET. . v i - :;. ' THE LICK HOTEL AND RUSS HOUSE ON MONTGOM- ERY STPT , . , V N WINCi.--R HOTEL ON THIRD STREET. "-..... ' , i .. . 1 TILLMAN, BENDEL & CO. ON MARKET. . PALACE HOTEL IS BURNING, AND EXPECTED; TO BE DYNAMITED AT AY MINUTE. r t- THE FOLLOWING BUILDING WERE! DAMAGED AND DESTROYED BY THE TEMBLOR: I NEW CITY HALL. j . MAJESTIC THEATER. ; " ; ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING. , ; ST. FRANCIS HOTEL, ONE CORNER HAS- FALLEN OFF. . ' , l. ; ;.! ;ht : THE NEW FAIRMOUNT HOTEL. THE SACRAMENTO STREET SIDE HAS FALLEN OUT.j TTTF. nRPTTF.TTM THEATER. i i ANGLO-CALIFORNIA BANK A TOTAL LOSS. CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE AT SANSOME AND CALIFORNIA STREETS. ! MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE BUILDING. 4'' i THE R. G. DUNN BUILDING AT CALIFORNIA" AND SANSOME STREETS. Mtrxxr WATT OT? TTTRT.IP.'R' ' THE WASWTWflTflM 1 x 1 1 v A., a J .aw .aw Smf J w w w vBAAMMa, STREET SIDE COLLAPSED AND ALL THE PRISONERS ALLOWED TO GO. THE WHOLESALE GROCERY STORES IN THE LOW- . ; .- ' ' i - '' 's ER PART OFTHE TOWN ARE ALL DESTROYED. HOW Tamal Parlor Columns ARROW ESCAPE. On of thos who had narrow escape from death was A. B. Van Slyk. who was trying to get out of his room when th crash cam. Th wall earn through the roof and ' Van Blyke was thrown up against th door of his room and waa pinned In so that, h could net move until, hi door waa cut away. He waa finally, liberated, however, UtU the won for hi axpertene. Miss SYeda Wlafaar,- as aoon as ah got out or the building, waa taken, to the home of. Mr. Frd Boraln. at 189 Seventh trt, wbr h Is betner tek-m ear of by tender trlands. With her I The tea to have been given by th Misses Downey at their hoaaa In Berkeley on Thursday afternoon, AprU ' 1906, baa been indefinitely postponed. . - I .. : ' ;" " V I father and sister goo. Miss j Wisher 1 Th nuMia aehool Wn nnfm I fela that her occupation la gon End her closed until Mmday. means of livfllhood ttken from tie End ; Bctmlze's H. i sprung. . The Inn Windows smashed. Santa Rosa Wine Depot Windows and i bottles broken. t ' ' : Hook Brothers Furniture Large front windows broken and stock broken, i FOURTEENTH STREET. Cerrtemeri Glove Store Broken window. J. J. Hanifln. liquors Broken windows and bottles. ''K' . i - ' ' ' i ' ' John P. Maxwell, hardware Front demolished. ; Mow.eQ-Dohrmann Co. Large plate windows broken -and extensive damage wrought among tancy glassware and china, on both Fourteenth and Washing ton street fronts. The house In which th five people met their death thla morning on Twelfth atraet near Broadway, la the earn nous In which th solitary man who was killed her In tSu earthquake of 18S8 met his i ... - , - fata. .The structure was erected, about that time and has been known as the Eushf'I block, A three-story, thirtyj-five room fash ionable apartment house at 565 Eleventh street, was moved flv; feet to the eastward froia its foundations, the top of the first story slanted five or six feet more to the east, leaving the house Wok ing bent, and- the whole housed sank sev eral feet, the basement underpining Pe- lng demolished. : v i . Probably seventy persons wer In th house, and not one was hurt.' Among the residents .was a woman and her 6- months-old baby; Mra Bouck and . her ( -years-old child, and, Mrs. Hansen and their tw children, I and H years old. Others stopping there were Mrs. Orchard and -granddaughter. It years of age; Miss Kottlrtger, Mr. Buchanan, Andrew Stur- tevant, and W. H, Davenport. , . TELLS OF QUAKE. Probably the .rst . on to notice the 'quake wa J. L. Mitchell, for thirty-five years - Southern; Pacific ticket agent at Pleasaaton and for th last two years employed in the ear department of the aame road at West Oakland, who had been sick for some weeks with pneumo nia but had recovered sufficiently to have returned to wora a, eoupi of days before. "I seemed j to hear,' at intervals during the night. 'crackling sounds, as of light wood being ; broken In the room," not sleep. At the first shock Z awoke my wife beside me. She awakened . a grown daughter in the room with us; and one in ther oom back, separated from us by folding doors. My first oonOem was to get the daughter In the rear room out, which had scarcely been accomplished, when the: roof over 'that' caved in. I then broke out a front window w&a my wif calling back a daughter ywh was crazed from fright and -wno , was vainly striving to get out by the ha& door, which waa fastened by tne sag- oc the building, we jail got out the front window, our rooms being on the ground floor. 1 ( ' I; ".' " '- ,' i'v.fi .om tvtth MitcheiL "alter we were o'nt and Id. got . my husband safe into tho next house, i wen, paos. fot my I switch and my atockinga, Mr. Litchell's panta and underclothing, and then I went back and got my diamonds. I round them in th dark by th aparklo. but one: atone out- of one of the rings was gone. Before that, though, I aaw Mrs. Cora Stanford, a woman who weigh 200 pounds and la crippled with rheuma tism, eitting on ine winaow. am m ground Moor room near us, and begging someonei to help her. I don't know bow I ever aid it, but I ' lifted her out of teh window and helped her to th lady's, next door, and friend of her aoo cam and took her away with them. N. "Tom Lewis, a young man of 20, living - across the street,: waa th nero oi in occasion. He brought two ladder and' placed them, at the upper balconies, and the people la tho upper stories, oam down over them. Lewis proved a hero. He helped every oney and they wer all soon -out without ; accident, ' except that a tank of water in th attio for fire pro-: tection, burst and came down Into th rooms below, especially on- O. C. Tuner. ; After the peopi were out ' Mr, Lewi helped them to get their belongings out. : Ho was , just too -good for anything.' The houee - had "recently been bought try Dan T. Meek, of Oakland. H and his wIe ha-e . another houE. Sh waa . in this one, but wa so afflicted by th eartliquage that eh could not b seen. he said to a TEIBUNB reoorter todpy. "Whea Governor Cumnslna of lvw ac-eused the Senate of being ths su ; servient tool of veitd Interests the Hon. k lev Fl-kins naturally felt that it was nt in :r todpy, J to show the proper resentnient--Cb--3

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