Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 3, 1906 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 3, 1906
Page 16
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r 16' SATURDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE I MARCH 3, 10OB UNPREEED N tt rvn -VL No Boom Experienced But the Investment t)f Home and Ropsign Capital Causes Property to Change Hands With a Celerity yhich Makes Dealers to Rej bice Kah n Brothers Sole Owners of Valuable Lots on San Pablo Avenue Hotel Men Want . I Drummers to Display Samples in This City Datlyecoird of Shipping in the Harbor to Be Inaugurated- CoiVtinued Activity in the Building Line Value of Cargoes Discharged at Oakland Wharves : Reaches Millions Every Month Public Works in Progress and Parks Donated to City Are. Enlarged and Beautified., S ENTEft MM 1 OAKLAND hrlH A I . "There will, of course, coma a time J was bought for the eRalty Syndicate j when the real estate business of ' this i because Mr. Whitehead fills the po-1 'f City will not be as active as It Is to- sliloii of cgcnry Superintendent of that w MM' .fl!HW !! 'T"V flay, but 1 must confess that I believe ' concern that time Is far distant I am not yelling. I want to buy a little mora because to hold, means to get more for It when I make up my mind to sell." The speaker was a far-sighted gentleman who has, shown his7 conn lence If KAHN BROTHERS BUY. Another Interesting deal which shows the faith of Oakland men In Oakland's property and Oakland' future. Is the aequl? known! tlon by Kahn Brothers, the we'.l dry goods deairt, of a large In Oakland . by putting hi" money Into j frontage on San Pablo aenue, extend- Iand. improved and unimproved. DEALERS DUOYANT. 1 The buoying of' the speaker !s ex-"perlenced by every real estate doa!er In Oakland because, during the pari week, the business has been more en- cou raging than it was ever known' to be In the history of this city. 1 aThe large offices with their numerous salesmen' have been thronged with inquirers after property of various kinds and agents are looking1 for special parcels of land and peculiar struo-tures for the purpose of satisfying the demands of strangers from abroad. ' In the northern part ef the city, in the Seventh ward and Frultval. many single lots have been disposal of to peopl who propose to erect him"!i. but the greatest Interest has cent "red In property on Broadway and Telegraph avefiue between Seventeenth and Twenty-fourth streets. ' E. C. Sessions reports that there his also been a number of Inquiries for water-front property and that the- Indications aare that at least one new concern will, before long, close a deal for a manufacturing site there. The largest deil in acre property of the week was the sal by the Realty Syndicate tjt- W. O. Henshaw of the Union Savings Hank of 125 acres of the old Central F.irlne Tract In Fruit-vale for $125,000. The .property will be subdivided and rold as lots. BROADWAY AND TELEGRAPH. - On Broadway and Telegraph avenue there has been not only & great In- t t . . , crease In the value' of holdings, but a number of the pieces have been sold and resold, each time netting the seller a handsome profit and. In some cases, , holders have declined princely advances on the price paid by them. This strenuous, seeking for land In that vicinity has been Inspired by the prospective erection of a depot terminal for the Key Route at Tnty-sec-ond street and Broadway, the beneficial effect of which It Is thought will be felt for several blocks on either slde as well as on Telegraph avenue to the west. BROADWAY AND TWENTIETH-I Fred A. Campbell Is Working to secure a, purchaser for the lot at the northwest corner of Twentieth street and Broadway, and is so confident that he will succeed that he has paid Helmke & Champion., the owners, $1000 for an option- of thirty' days on , the property. At the southeast comer of the same Intersection. ' viz.. Twentieth and Broadway. D.' .Edward Collins and Dr. Brinckerhoff who, a short time ago, bought the Brock property at that place, for $40000. have refused an of- iot tng northerly for a distance from Flf- teenth street. MAKE DRUMMERS ! . ' SHOW GOODS HERE The hptel men of this city are considering the question ;of trying to In-! duce local merchant to Insist upon the traveling salesman from, whom they , order- good to bring their samples to J chases from them. i The practice of these drummers is to open and display tjhelr samples in San Francisco and theh lnrlst'on, focal merchants going aerjoss the" bay to make- their selections. 1 IN1URIOUS TOlHOTELS. .' Hotel men declare that this saves the jdrnrmnera a lot of annoyance, causes jthe rpTf-hant a great deal of trouble jand loss of time, and gives to the San i Franclcco hotels the salesman's patron- a? which really belongs to tnip city, whose Wlf-hants ar? 'making the purchase, a , The loca hotel proprietors have pro vided rooms for drammers to display - - t-t 5 Ml Jl i .SSMIJ.UIHJIA a j Saturday; to ' the etfect that February T ! would Drove the banner month in the t number of instruments filed in the office X 'of the County : Recorder has been borne j out by results. Despite the fact that February. was three days shorter than J ; Jsnuary. the receipts of, the Recorder's I office were $240.85 greater than they had I ibeen during the preceding month. Had I the last month included those threfe day Uhe receipts would have been $500 greater Still, thus giving the receipts" of the Office Hi anexcess of $70.80 over those of Jaii' uaryv As it was, there was paid to the Recorder , for the filing of instruments during February $4120, which exceeds the i receipts of any preceding month in the T hletnrv ' nf the 1 nffipf. This showincr Is i exclusive of marriage licenses which have yet to be numerated. CAUSE OF ACTIVITY. The activity here noted is due to the unprecedented increase in all lines of business throughout the county and.lnl a special- manner, in mis city. An increase of ,: this Hind is an infallible Index of the prosperity which Oakland Is enjoying at the present time. . The number 'of ' inetrumentsXrecorded thus far this week would seem tolndicate that this rush of business to the office ls still in progress and bids fair to con tinue. Last week the record comprised the filings of six days, ending one week ago yesterday, i This week the filings comprise only the five days lending last Thursday evening. Despite this fact, the number of instruments recorded during the period, amounted to 755, as against 649 for the preceding week, an Increase lr favor of the present week of 106. The Bhowine for the five days ending last . : i 85 83 of Bella Vista avenue, 150 feet north of East Twenty-eighth street; $6721A W. Jennings, . repairs, southwest corner of Willow and Eighth streets; - $175. A. Russo, repairs, northwest corner of . Grove and Twenty-seventh streets; $100. T. Quirk, repairs, 819 Lydia street; $30. Tl ,A. Day, 171 Ninth avenue; $100. Feer JCasavia. repairs, 1520 Seventh street; $250. IMPROVEMENTS BY WARDS. The' Seventh Ward leads again this week in the . matter of improvements, with the First Ward. a good second, as will appear from the following: : t First Ward.. Second Ward.. . Third Ward Fourth Ward . . Fifth Ward. . . . Sixth Ward .. . Seventh Ward.. .$11,450 . 3,068 . 275 ! 6.142 . 8,529 . 11.82S .Thursday evening Is as follows: t ! Friday (one-half day) T (Saturday . (one-half day) T 1 theln samples In. but say, are seldom occupied, and will al ways remain so lfl continue to sacrlflqe Incur the expenses Francisco to accommodate drummers, when the, drummers this side of the bay! with their trunks when they have goods to sell. HUNDREDS OR When It Is considered!, that some firms In this city have to do business with more han a In a year, and have. ber of Instances, to clsco to meet these those rooms, they home merchants fhelr time and of going to San should come to HOME OF E. H. LOHMAN O.N SIXTEENTH STREET AND THIRD AVENUE, EAST OAKLAND. MMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMMM MM ' park and conservatory belong the DRUMMERS. iundred drummers In the larger num- go to San Fran-men, It can read- to Vtng his wjh the dru anf could ei fsr of $57.000j for the same. The i has a frontage of 183 feet and a depth of 150 feet. ' In ths sams vicinity, the Hyjur.ee Heal Estate Company has deals aggregating $50,000. Tht northwest corner of Williams anil Telegraph avenue has been sold three times In, a little more thar thirty flays, soma of the sales being conducted by Fred , A. Campbell. In the last sole, the owner. A. J. 'Snyder, cleared several thousand dol-' lars. Clanclaru'o Brothers have refused to accept an advance of $10,000 on the purchase price of the lot they purchased on the west sld of Broadway 100 feet north of Seventeenth street, which sum would bring th.e rc'.'.lng price up to $40,000.1, V ' E.' A. Bushell. whs recently pought a lot at the northwest comer of fcroal-wajr and Twenty-second strcet.s.whlch is 100 feet square, his sold the same for 5,000. 1 TELEGRAPH AVENUE.- " On of the transaction on Tele graph avenue was the disposal of the lot at the: northwest corner of that 1 i ' r thoro 'rs j and;. Twenty-second streel, wh(ch baa a frontage of 65 and a depth of $6.4 feet. The lot was owned byi William lierrala . tha Ninth street saddler. It was bought by him . soma months ago, ,and cost $1250. Whlls he bell It ths property doubled In value and .Hertnle accordingly re ceived Sll.t00.for it. The ostensible purchaser was R- Whitehead. It U believed, however, that ths ict lly be understood wjhat the"hotel men directly and th community' Indirectly lose by thls accommodating practice. MORE THAN ONE CUSTOMER. Of course. It Is utadertood that It would be unreasonable to expect every drummer who reacaes' San Francisco samples here, especially drummer has a heavy outfit, expect to make a sale to perhaps only one firm lns this city. But that Is seldom the case. In the generality -of Instances, traveling salesmen strive to secure as many customers as possible in. a town, and are presumed to be willing to accommodate them with a view to Influencing their patronage. ' DRUMMER SEEKS EASE. . Such, however. Is not the fact in this Instance. The drummer simply accommodates himself by doing Just pre cisely what he does when he works a number of little suburban villages from a common center. He thus saves work and expense, and, later, congratulates himself on the manner in which he made his patrons cater to his ease and comfort. . 1 REVENUE FROM DRUMMERS. The hotel men say that Oakland is too large, populous, enterprising and Important to receive the treatment of a simple country town. Ths time of her merchants ought to be considered rnore valuable than to be spent at the caprice of ,' drummers. The money which drummers would spend here if forced to bring their wares to1 this city. would amount to thousands tof dollars' public. The fact is that the publfe is welcome to visit the place and exarri lne the beautiful botanical display which may there be seen. The present exhibit, however, is but the nucleus of what It -will some day be, but even now -it will afford entertainment to those who take pleasure In floriculture. IMPORTED FLOWERS. There are a number of fine palms and pretty flowers to be seen there, and among the latter xe two parteres of tulips, the bulbs of twhlch were spe cially Imported , fromi Holland. These present a very pretty sight and are alone worthy of a visit to ,the place. It Is the intention of the Mayor to have all kinds of rare flowers which can be " produced In California raised here for the pleasure of both local residents and visitors from the less fortunate regions of the East. This, oS course, is within the bounds of possijf blllty. and when It Is accomplished will produce an effect which will cause Oakland to be remembered when the tourist returns to his or her Eastern home. ' RUSTIC BRIDGE. The section of Harrison Boulevard on the west of the park and conserva tory has recently been Improved In a substantial manner. The "avenue Is brpad and commanding, and In the middle runs a park with a lawn studded with flowers. The creek which comes down from the hills Is spanned by a' substantial cement culvert with high balustrades, upon, the ends of which lamps .with Imposing standards' will be placed. A little further along the sarhe creek a rustic bridge Is In course of con struction. The work has progressed sufficiently far to show that the struc ture will be not alone beautiful, but will also be in harmony with the sur roundings. 7 : charged cargoes at that wharf. Those 109 ships Represented 80,000 tons. The average al'ue of. each ton, it is test! GREAT TONNAGE. IN- OAKLAND HARBOR Adams wharf, on the north side of the harbor at the foot of Alice street, is only one Qf the many places at which vessels load and discharge in this city, but! at the same time, it serves to give. one an Idea oft he part played by the Ac mated, was $30; 'That would make thec aggregate fvalue of; the- cargoes dis-Jharged at one-,wJiarf alone in two months in Oakland, $2,400,000. When to this Is added the value of the ma-ferial discharged 'at the twenty other wharves in this city, one may realize to what great proportions the shipping business grown. ,; j f . . This prpperty ias a frontage of 150 feet on San Pablo avenue, 150-feet on Broadway; and 75 feet on Sixteenth 'street; It! had a depth varying; from 200 to 300, feet. The purchaser was the Kahn Realty Company, which com- prises Messrs. Sol, "Henry and Fred Kahn and Arthur Bachman, .the last mentioned; being of the 'wholesale to bacco firm of Bachman & Son, of San Francisco.! BlY ! OUT PARTNER The brothers Kahn held a two-thirds and Mr. Bachman 4 one-third Interest in the property. Messrs, Kahn have bought the interest of Mr.: Bachman and accordingly the title to the property .Is now vested In them. ' Just how much money was paid foT the Baohman Interest Is not known, Messrs. Kahn decline to impart the Information, contenting themselves ly saying slriply that Mr. B&chman real ized a handsome pclflt by th deal-.GREAT! INCREASE IN VALUES. There is no reason to .doubt this statement because it- Is known that Henry Butters, who owns the property adjoining jon the north and running o the south line of Sixteenth street, has declined an increase of $125,000 over ... and above, what he paid for the same when h"e bought it about! two years and, a half ago. I It was' bout the same tltne;that the j Kahn Realty Company jpurchased the lot in which A. Bachman had : a one-third intejrest arid It is certain that this property has Increased in value time. Arrangements have now been made for the holding of these meetings hereafter in the headquarters bf the Chamber of Cotnmerce- : ;- - DUSTLESS v AND j MUDLESS STREETS Clean streets are essential to good healthSas well as to the comfort of the citizen 'landfthe welfare of the munici pality. Flying dust or sweepings of the thoroughfares carry germs of disease. For the' purpose of guarding against infection from, this source, an Oakland gentleman has Invented a sanitary street sweeper which is said to do its work in a most satisfactory m.nner. Monday . . Tuesday . . Wednesday Thursday . : Total ... ....129 ...174 ....164 ....120 The several kinds of work are as follows: f Repairs, 22. " f One-story cottages, 8. One and a-half -story cottage, 1,. Two-story cottages. 4. Tankhouse, 1. Mill. 1. - Tank. 1. Storehouse, 1. Laundry. 1. ' ' x Telegraph tower, 1. Store. 1. ' SOME- NOTES OF IMPROVEMENTS .756 ADVANCE ; IN BUILDING WORLD The buiiding record this Week is hardly as demonstrative as was that of last week. This, is due to two causes. One of these, is. the prevalence of rainy weather, which always has an unfavorable effect upon building operations, both in the rnatter of applications for; the construction of abodes and Industrial institutions. The other cause 'is the fact that THE TRIBUNE'S record of buiiding permits closes one day earlier , this week than it did last week. .;'.'' j Despite these facts, the permits for new structures .and improvements, both In volume and the value of the work cal-- led for by them, make a creditable showing, the aggregate value of the improvements for five days, being $36,290 against $50,000 for six days of - last week. The greater number of applications made for permits to , the Board of Public Works comprehended alterations to and repairs of structures already in existence. Next to this feature come homes, some This contrivance, however, is Intended for paved streets. Unpaved, or rather, macadamized thoroughfares, however, must be taken into account when sani tation and comfort are under consideration, and on such thoroughfares the machine in. ruestlon would be inoper-1 of which have been ! erected for specu latlv purposes, ibuy tne majority or which are intendeid as abiding places for the owners, all of whom have families ative. , i ' To those ! streets, however, Mayor Mott has been giving a great deal f attention, and hopes to be able 1 to' keep dependent upon them. . WORK IN DETAIL. ThA - ImnrnVAmenta called for by the the dust from them from blowing into permits are as follows peoples' eyes, carrying disease mi crobes, and at the same time, saving! the city from a great part of the ex pense which It-incurs for the sprink ling of them. ! NEW PREPARATION. Jean Sourlet, repairs, 143 Moss avenue; $40. . A. H. Watklns, two-story four.room cottage, south side Seventh street iou feet east of Market; $2ioO. - i Mrs. M. E. Church, two-story, 12-room flats, west side of i Telegraph avenue, no feet north of Thirty-seventh street; $4500. c- h Wa-laworth. one-storv. six-room His honor hopes tc? accomplish . this cottage, north sldei of Fifty-fourth street, by a new preparation which nas peen e- -'7" introduced In Eastern cities 'but whlch. Twenty'.8econd' street; $280. thus far, "has never been used on the? George Roeth, repairs, 1821 Fifth street; . .. f" - " ; "' . $40. - cast. . 1 , -oniHnm T. Gaivan. one-story, five- Tho. TioTO invention is a liauld. and room cottasre. west side of East Oak Mayor Mott has ordered BOO gallons of eex, iu Lof It to be serit to this city for the pur- Mi89 e. Cockertoh, repairs, 1464 Filbert nose of experimenting with it with the street; $100. ; pooer ",C""C ,1 n.tr. Marrovetk. seven-room cottaxe Intent of adopting it if it snouia prove Bt aide oak j street. 80 feet north of 8th street; $380O. Worirv Mohr. tankhouee, 863 San Fab METHOD OF WORKING. ho avenue: $200. I m.. ir fV ll,M r,t 1nM Blanchara & Ascnerueuor. ram, uurui Plans for a four-story brick and -terra cotta ijuilding at the southeast corner of Twelfth and Harrison streets are now In the architect's hands. The lot at that corner is 100x100 feet. It belongs to the estate of the late Mrs.xF. M. Smith. The proceeds from the building will be applied to the support of the children's homes on Fourth avenue, which were establish ed , by. Mrs. Smith. ;' , ENLARGING CENTRAL BANK. plans are now being perfectedfor the proposed . enlargement and improvement of: the Central Bank: building, atthe corner of Broadway and Fourteenth streets. The enlarged structure will hav a frontage on Broadway of 85, feet. Marble men are now here preparing to-bid upon the work, having, come ; from as far as Baltimore. TEN-INCH MAIN. The Contra Costa Water Company haa commenced the digging of the trench on Second street, ' from ' Adams Wharf to Myrtle street, for the purpose of laying a ten-Inch main to- supply water in abundance for fire -protection in the water front district. This ; new main replaces one of four inches. : ,r - This work is being done at the instance of the Water Front Improvement Club. - . . . This organization has appointed a committee to confer with the City Council andrequest the" establishment of a fire engine-, house in the lumber district in the vicinity of Adams wharf. The club hopes to be granted two engines, the sec-one one of which will be located In the western part of the district- between Washington and Myrtle streets. : EXTENDING BOULEVARD. Street Superintendent Ott has made arrangements to secure 1000 loads of earth for the purpose of extending the Lake Merrltt boulevard from the corner of East Eighteenth street and Lake ON ADD R EGAL TWO .. .. ....... Shore avenue." The soil is being taken from an excavation which Is being made for the foundation for a new building at the northeast corner of Third avenue and East Sixteenth street. ' . h . L IVirhnr 1n th unbulldinar Of this city. every year, because it would, oe spent if This wnarr is ownea Dy me uamana to be successful- a street sprinkler with, the proportion Wegj. j100 iteratlona, 675 T,hlrty- not in hotels alone, but along many lines of trade, and, getting into circu lation, would benefit the whole com munity : ; J The course the hotel men ! will pur sue to gam their point nas not yet been decided upon. i 1 BEAUTIFYING ' GIFTS OF BEAUTY Dock & Warehouse Company, and, for some time past, has witnessed an activity which had theretofore been un known in that section. The place has literally been besieged byvessels of all descriptions. Some times the ships have - stood three abreast, their masters patiently await ing their turn to get a berth at the wharf to unload. ALL KINDS OF VESSEL8. In style and purpose these vessels "We have not got much to go on yet.", said Mayor Mott to THE TRIB UNE reporter today, "but we propose ranged from the small coasting scow to Improve and make as beautiful what and 'steamer to the leviathan sea we have got as possible." ! going clipper ship and steam liner. The' Mayor referred in this manner I These, with an array of stevedores to the work Of beautifying the vicinity land jack tars, presented a. scene of of Adams' Park at Grand avenue and activity which wvas metropolitan in the Harrison Boulevard, oo which stands I highest degree. the graceful floral conservatory which. VESSELS AND TONNAGE, with tht ground upon which it stands.! Of course, where there waa such a was a gift to this city by.Edson F. crush ot vessels there must nays been Adams. I something doing, and this la attested OPEN TO PUBLIC. I by the fact that, during the months of It' is not generally knojwa that this I January and February. 109 vessels dls- everi to a; greater extent than did Mr, Butters' jirchase because it is nearer thejfheart ; of the business -district. BUfLD AT 8IXTEENTH. . Dr. Kahn of San Francisco, who has purchased tae northeast corner of . Six- tenth streertmnd San Pablo avenue. Is having plans prepared for a new structure ton that corner. The pres ent occupants ofthe premises, the pro prietors of a cyclery, a lodging house and a coal yard, have been notified to vacate. The .sise of the building -which is to be erected. howevenrwill kepend upon the extent of the business; of the proposed tenants. The structure will be built to accommodate, him. ! BIQ SALE. Next Tuesday at 11 o'clock, G. H. Umbsen & Co, of San Francisco, vlll offer for Sale the Mayhew ranch, lo cated near lrvington.i on the Narrow Gauge Railroad, consisting of 833 acres more or less, in four separate parcels, at public auction in.front of the Court House on Broadway. s- - - - MEETING PLACE-OF i REAL ESTATE MEN . This interest In the realty business la pleasing to the members of the Oak land Real (Estate Dealers' Association. the meetings of which organisation are usually held at one of the local hotels where practical subject and appetia lax flandfc are discussed at the tram of 4 per cent of the compound to 96 R. H. Morris, ji I I4-Vt atraAt stKK I B1AL11 . O w per cent of water. M George Hammer, alterations. The compound is diffused through southeast corner of Franklin and First the water and when the latter Is freed rmaira 1S11 Fourth ave- ffm the sprinkler, it forms a upon the surface of the street. This water. crust nue: 150. Charles 6pearj windmill tanK. Racine street; Z00 incrustation is impervious to q q, Terry alterations, 1115 6194 East It is also dust proof. WANT RECORD OF LOCAL SHIPPING wtiati Twenty-second street; $280. ,(n in RtnrUnar. rnlr southwest water falls upon It, the water rolls off. 0f spring street and Harrison ave- There is thus no possibility of form- nue; $30. ; . , Thomas Jiiuopouo, rwyiurs, iv woo ing mu4,i even In ; rainy weather. The way. ,o. . dust beneath the crust cannot force Its Mrs., M. Shumway, one-story cottage. . .. :.to(. south side of Firty-nrtn street. aus reel way, through the Incrustation and can- fnQf Gro;vi: J30o . v not, therefore, annoy pedestrians. In jirs. Johanna Walsh, 4-room cottage! fact.' the compound has practically the J north side of Twenty-nintn street. 75 xeet ' . ( west of Union street; $o50. effect of salt water with none of the B n. Campbell. ' one-and-a-half story that material on cottage, northeast corner of Montgomery pipes and on iron which it strikes- .Robert WaldermJiith. storehouse and Mayor Mott says the Invention is of j laundry, 118 Frank iln avenue; $80. of Ninth street, 26 feet east of Harrison; The growing importance and the great increase in the business of Oakland har bor afford pleasure to the resident who takes , an interest In the advancement of this city. At no time in the hlitorv of Oakland did so many vessels leave from and arrive at this port as do today. This is due to the fact that the popu? lation of this clay has greatly increased and that the necessities of so many more people have swelled the demands for all kinds of goods, more especially , of fuel and material for all kinds of '.structural work. BUSINESS OF THE PAST. This constantly increasing shipping business has suggested, and, In fact,: rendered necessary, the establishment of some central place where the arrival and departure of vessels -could be recorded' and where" definite information could be had regarding the movements of ships which ply between this city and ; other ports in all parts of the world. Thra id known to th writar Tin titv located even on an inlet . of any of the great lakes, whloh la touched by any considerable number of vessels, which has not such a place established for the convenience of the public, as also of that of mariners themselves. WITHOUT A SYSTEM. Oakland, however, situated as she is. practically on an arm of the sea, and the terminus of vessels which seek for-f orelgn shores as well as ply along the .racine coast, is an exception to the rule. These vessels when they reach San Francisco report to the Merchants' Ex change, or the United States Custom House, or both, and from either one place or the other, information as' regards their arrival or departure may be obtained by Interested people,- even before the intelligence Is published in the news papers. I foreign origin and that is is very ex pensive. He will, however, give it a test and his effort in this direction will be awaited with interest. This ia pleasing ' to ' contemplate, but It becomes all the more gratifying when one consider that the tonnage for these two months is nearly double what it ,wa during the same months of last year. J In the- latter months the number of vessels which discharged - at Adams wharf was only eighty-one. while the cargoes represented only 48,000 tons. The comparison shows' an Increase in favor of this year of nearly nrty per cent. FEBRUARY LEADS SI 20. M Charles cross, alterations, west siae or Eleventh1 avenue, 150 , feet south of East Twenty-eighth street; $140. Pacific v Wireless Telegraph Company, station, southeast corner of Washington and Thirteenth streets; ii&z.. Anthony . Amanrae, storeroom, . west side of Oakland avenue. 800 feet north of Walsworth avenue; $450. Otto Walter, alterations. 1SJ Twelfth street;' $1675 v f ',: t..; t J. Coleman, repairs. 840 West street; $85. S. Dickey, one-story cottage, west side of Bay Place, 240 feet north of ..Twenty- j.ith rrAr inn - t V A. jonnson. - two-story cottage, west I side of Adams street; 300 feet north ot Perkins street; $2800. . . - . . . . AJ.X XVXVVrVXVX VV UAIi aid of , AUmf Itrmt 2011 ft north of Perkins; $400. The prophecy' In -these'. columns,' last! - 0.& Huntley, two-story, north side SCATTERED ALONG THE HARBOR. The harbor of Oakland is miles in length. and vessels may be found at wharves at various places between the Bou.thern Pacific shipyards and East Oakland. :, .... As It is- now. to ascertain, 'whether or not a certain vessel has arrived at or departed from a certain ' dock, the slow and tedious method-of telephoning to the owner of the wharf must be resorted to. ,- SUBJECT FOR LOCAL BOARDS. This is a subject;., which.: it has been suggested, should be ' taken : up by the Merchants' Exchange, or the Chamber of Commerce. It should be one which would be especially appropriate for con- siaerauon oj uu mior : orKaniniiun. which proposes to make a specialty , of looking after the commerce of the harbor. ' ADVANTAGE OF MOVE. j If some central place were established where the news referred to could be gathered or reported. It would enable- TSI . . . : . ? . A i V - ' ' ' . v I A

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