Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 30, 1910 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Wednesday, March 30, 1910
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WEDNESDAY EVENING, OAKLAND TRIBUNE W1 "I.JW- V. TW MUlliL BAKED FOOD fresh, good, wholesome economical Rcadilx RICHMOND ADOPTS SEWER AND WHARF Council Takes Action Towards Acquirement of -. Both. RICHMOND, March SO. A commu-ijfcation from the Point Richmond Ca-jKal and Land Company signed by H. JUC. Cutting, in reference to the empty-i rt? of th r-ttv's storm sewer upon lands owned by Mr. Cutting, was read at the council session. The storm sewer for the Point side of town empties on what was marsh land just beyond the Santa Fe railroad. The land has since been acquired by the Cutting people, who are preparing -Jo fill in all of their land. Mr. Cutting stated in his letter that the company would begin filling in ' that portion where the c storm sewer empties in about thirty days. Mr. Cutting also suggested that the city continue the present sewer to the Cutting canal, where he would allow it to , empty. - City Engineer Hudson pointed out 'where if such an undertaking was accomplished, that at some future time the Cutting people might come alonj and demand the removal of the sewer or another continuance. And another thing which discouraged the undertaking Was that when the sewer was at the canal, it would be be- the water level, in which case pumps would be required. The discussion of the sewer problem brought about a- general discussion of the advisability of constructing a fivefoot sewer through the hill whih would forever after settle the sewer troubles of the west side. All the members of the council expressed themselves as heartily in favor of the municipal wharf proposition, that of tunneling the hill, and at ,the same time take the -sewer along. The sentiment expressed showed that the council is ready to take up both propositions and are only awaiting the presentation of petitions from the k serchants. , t A motion finally prevailed that the I dty engineer proceed and prepare "plans and specifications and estimate of cost for tunneling the hill for the construction of the ' five-foot sewer. Death of Well Known Elmhurst Matron ELMHUEST, March 30. The death of Mrs. Mary B. Burroughs, aged 77 years, occured here last night. The remains will be cremated and sent to relatives in New Jersey for interment. Mrs. Burroughs was a native of England and is survived by one .daughter, Mrs. L. R. Black. She has lived in this country for over seventy years and in the vicinity of Elmhurst for the last three years. Death was due to heart disease. Kins George ConvoKes r ATHENS, Greece, March 30. The proclamation convoking the National Assembly was read by King George in the chamber t6day, and was received with iheers. V Many a Clever Housewife " lias learned that to serve Post-Toasties Saves worry and labor, and pleases each member of the- family as few other foods do. The .crisp, dainty, fluffy bits are fully cooked ready to serve from the package with cream or good milk. Give the home-folks a treat. "The Memory Lingers" . Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich, OPPOSES ISSUE OF PARK BONDS N. K. Tidd Writes, Giving His Idea of Things as He Sees Them.' Editor TRIBUNE- As a citizen and taxpayer for about thirty-five years, I would like to ask you to print these few lines in your paper. In the first place, I would like to ask the mayor, and also the park" commission, what their idea is in bonding the city for more money for park purposes when they can't take care of the parks they have now. . The present parks, in my opinion, are garbage dumps, by the looks of them lately. We citizens pay taxes that are high enough now, higher than any other city in California, and I would like to know how it is that these parks are not kept clean and are not properly taken care of. In half of them the grass looks as if it had not been cut for six months. If it isn't cut soon we might Just as Well ask the citizens to vote for bonds for jack rabbits and let them cut it. The way the parks look now is a disgrace to the city of Oakland; they are full of dirt and filth, for want of cleaning. In the park on Seventh and Jefferson I have not seen a man for three or four weeks, except maybe on one day a week, and that on Saturday. SOMETHING "ROTTEN." There is something rotten somewhere, as I think the citizens pay eriough taxes to keep a man at all times to care for those parks. If a city the size of Oakland, with aU of the boosting It gets, can't afford to keep a man in the parks, I guess the neighbors will have to get in on Sundays and clean them up, and give Oakland a little more boosting, the kind that will help it to get to the top of the ladder. I have voted for bonds two or three times and I have had my taxes raised as high as I want them. I can't see what good you have done in the parks. All you have done that I can see is to raise the salary of a few of the higher-ups, and lowered the salary of a few men who were barely making a living, which I think is a disgrace to the city of Oakland. CONCERNING SALARIES. You have raised the superintend ent of the parks' -salary' from $90 a' month to $125, and then, from $125 to $175. Just think of lowering ten or twelve men's salaries from $90 a month to - $3 a day '. when they work and raising the other man's salary if he works or if he don't. Why don't you put him on day pay as well as the rest of the men and see how he likes it, for he is no better and don't even pay taxes, as quite a few of the other men do. Furthermore, think of having a time-keeper to keep time for twelve or fifteen men. and two or three bosses. There Ts- something rotten somewhere. If there is not a, change in the parks and the system they use taking care of them, you will see where your bonds are when the citizens come to vote for them, for this talk is getting old and is only a burden on the taxpayers. Yours truly, N. K. TIDD. : Old Watchman Falls Into Hold of Vessel SAN FRANCISCO, March 30. While walking along the deck of the steamer Kohala, lying at Santa Fe whaj-f, in China Basin, making his regular rounds early this morning, John Anderson, a watchman 65 years old, who resides at 1719 Stanton avenue, Alameda, stumbled over a loose plank and was plunged into the hold of the vessel. With extreme dif ficulty Anderson made his way to the deck, where he called for help, and an ambulance was summoned, which conveyed him to the Central Emergency Hospital. An examination showed that his left leg had been broken and that he had sustained other minor injuries. Search Being Made For Missing Woman SAN FRANCISCO, March 30. lrs. Margaret Gallagher of 1310 Folk street, wife of Charles Gallagher, a tile setter, mysteriously disappeared from her home on Saturday night, andNjespite every effort of her husband and friends to locate her, she has not been found. This morning Gallagher called at police headquarters and notified the detective bureau, furnishing a description of the missing woman to be sent to nearby points in a last hope of discovering her whereabouts. She is 32 years old, weighs 130 pounds, is five feet five inches tall and was attired in a blue dress when last seen. rU. S. Senator Daniel's Condition Is Worse DATTONA. Fla.. March 30. The improvement which had been noted In the condition of United States Senator Daniel during the last four days has ceased, according to his physicians, and while there has been no relapse a marked sluggishness- is- apparent- OPEN AIR SCHOOLS FOR AFFLICTED POP S Start to Be Made in Oakland to Test Efficiency of the Method. DR. FOSTER URGES ADOPTION OF PLAN Designs for Structure to Be Submitted at the Next Meeting. Two open air schools, for the benefit of weak and tuberculosis-inclined children, will be put into operation, beginning next term, on the grounds of the Swett school in East Oakland and the Cole school in West Oakland, according to the action of the Board of Education, who last evening decided to erect two temporary structures for the use of the open air schools an experiment, to be followed by more in case the trials prove successful. The decision was made after a lengthy discussion between the members of the board, who were meeting as a committee of the whole to discuss the matter, and Dr. N. K. Foster who spoke at some length on the matter. Dr. Florence Sylvester also addressed the board on the subject, speaking of the work done with the open air schools in other cities. TEMPORARY SCHOOLS. The schools, work on which will begin as soon as possible, will be temporary structures, each containing two rooms and capable of seating about fifty children. In this type of building the sides of each room may be almost completely removed, as well as sections of the roof, leaving the place almost the same as the open air. .As has been done in the East, the children will be wrapped in heavy clothes during the winter months, and the walls will be closed only In the rain. The two schools will be ungraded, any child of delicate constitution from the first to the sixth grade to receive instruction'. Two teachers will probably be provided by the board for each school, and the teachers from the nearby schools will probably .conduct classes during certain hours of the day at the open air institutions, which, it is estimated, will cost about $600 apiece. PREVENT TUBERCULOSIS. "We need the open air schools as a safeguard against tuberculosis," said Dr. Foster, in his address to the board last night, "for a large number of Oakland's public school children are poorly nourished, and this condition is almost certain to render them suspectible to the great white plague. The death rate . in this State from consumption is appalling, seven out of every ten In this State's population dying from the disease. A number of these deaths are due to consumptives coming from other States to California, but still there are a large number of native sons who have the disease, which is very contagious. "The open air school is the best thing we doctors know of to combat this disease in children, as our schools today are very poorly ventilated. The schools Have the best or hot air equipment, but this equipment, at its best, is far from perfect. Rich food and close quarters, such as most children have, will bring their crop of consumptives, and the open air school, at any rate for the delicate child, will do much toward guarding Tuture generations. "Children having tuberculosis, of course, should be segregated, and a few tents In which to teach them would also be a good move. It Is extremely dangerous to keep them with the others." Dr. Foster's views were heartily seconded by Director Evans, who urged the board to try the experiment and, if successful, recommended that open air schools be placed in different parts of the city. UNGRADED SCHOOLS SUCCESS. "There is no doubt that the schools have met with success in the East," said Evans, "and at the present time several California cities. Including San Francisco and Alameda, are preparing, to try it out. The schools, of course, would have to be ungraded at first, but I have notices that children in ungraded schools in the country often are better advanced than those in graded city schools. . This is probably because the lower classes absorb knowledge from hearing the older pupils recite. I see no reason why' the idea should not be tried out." The motion to build the two schools was made by Director Orr, and plans for the new structures will be presented at the next meeting of the board. Dr. Foster and Superintendent McClymonds will consult together this week on the design of the buildings, and the cost of the buildings, and arrangement of details will come up next week. 18,000 Miners Due To WalK Out April 1 TERRE HAUTE, Ind., March 30. it was announced here that all work in the mines of District No. 1, which comprises 152 mines,' where 18,000 men are employed, would be suspended April 1st, unless an agreement was reached between the miners and operators. "The Spur of dire n e cessity doth breed a habit of inventiveness" Hence, Postum and Grape -Nuts One a drink the other a food both can be used at the same meal to build up fag-gfed brains and wearied stomachs. "There's a Reason" . Postum Cereal Co., Ltd, Battle Creek, Mich. JUDGE HOLDS TRIO ON CHARGES OF MRS KQVAGS Delaney and Aliens Must Answer to Accusation of San Leandro Woman THREE MEN PLEAD NOT GUILTY IN COURT Mother Denied Warrant for AN leged Kidnaping of Her Two Children SAN" LEANDRO,, March 30. The arraignment of J. C. Delaney, an -attorney of Hayward, Richard ' Allen and Alec Allen, whom Mrs. Mary Kovacs claims entered her premises some three miles out of Hayward last week, attempting to forcefully prevent her from returning to take possession, were- held in Judge J. N. Frank's court here yesterday, the three men being held over for trial on April 7th. Delaney and Richard Allen are held on three charges preferred by Mrs. Kovacs, who becured warrants for their arrest, charging them with battery, disturbing the peace and malicious mischief. Alec Allen is said by Mrs. Kovacs to have entered the house early in the morning while she was driving her husband to the railroad station and persuaded the children to leave their beds, telling them that their mother was seriously injured and was lying in the road in a helpless, condition. According to her story he placed them, clad only in ' their night clothes, in the tonneau of a large red automobile and drove furiously down the road in the direction of Oakland. She claims that she met them and that the oldest boy, aged 12 years, threw himself upon the driver, making it impossible for him to guide the machine, when he saw that the man's story was untrue, and that his mother was uninjured. CHARGES KIDNAPING. Mrs. Kovacs declares that the' man wished to kidnap the children and attempted to secure a warrant for the arrest of Alec Allen on this5 charge, but it was held that the evidence was insufficient to obtain a conviction and the less serious charge was placed against him. - A "John Doe" warrant was Issued for Alec Allen's arrest and It was with some difficulty that his identity was learned and he was placed under arrest by Constable Ramage. The three men have entered a plea of not guilty, and refuse to discuss the case, although Delaney admits that he and Richard Allen were on the premises, but denies any knowledge of the taking away of the children in which Alec Allen is said to be implicated. The trouble, it is said, was the result of a dispute over the sale of the property by "William Sherwood to Louis. KovaCs, Delaney acting as agent for Sherwood in the transactions. The latter's claim that Kovacs had not made payments agreed upon in the contract sale and the desire of the former owner to have the Kovacs family evicted for this reason, and the sale of the property declared null and void, is given as the reason that Delaney and Allen attempted to take possession of the place in the absence of the owners. PicKed PocKet of Her Old Style Dress SAN FRAXCISCO, March 30. The present dress reform in articles of feminine apparel has eliminated almost entirely the useful pocket. In consequence the light fingered gentry who purloin the watches and coin of the sterner sex have been forced to resort to purse snatching If they would ply their nefarious trade among the wives and sisters. Yesterday, however, on a Haight-street car, they singled out Mrs. R. A. Stone of 369 Haight street, Who chanced to have a pocket in her dress containing $50, which they deftly secured. i Life Diplomas for Alameda Pedagogues George "V Frick, county superintendent of sr-TimlWi in reecipt of life diplomas for the following Alameda county teachers: Earle Barber, Ethel L. Engel-ritzen, Edna L. Gardner, " Grace D. Gregg, Reubena T. Jess, Mabel Langevin Adams, Mary E. Maguire, Mary E. Mc-Dougald. Anna Morris, Alice R. Prole and Daisie E. Travis. These diplomas were granted by the State Board of Education. KIDNEYS WILL ACT FIE Backache and All Distress From Out-of-Order Kidneys Vanish After a Few Doses. Hundreds of folks here are needlessly miserable and worried because of out-of-order kidneys, backache or bladder trouble. If you will take several doses of Pape's Diuretic all misery, from a lame back, rheumatism, painful stitches, inflamed or swollen eyelids, nervous headache, irritability, dizziness, wornout, sick feeling and other symptoms of overworked or deranged kidneys will vanish. Uncontrollable smarting, frequent urination (especially at night) and all bladder misery ends. This unusual preparation goes at once to the disordered kidneys, bladder and urinary system and distributes its healing, cleansing and vitalizing influence directly upon the organs and glands affected, and completes the cure before you realize it. The moment you suspect any kidney or urinary disorders, or feel rheumatism coming, begin taking this harmless medicine, with the knowledge that there is no other remedy at any price, made anywhere else in the world which will effect so thorough and prompt a cure as a fifty-cent treatment of Pape's Diuretic, which any druggfst can supply. Your physician, pharmacist, banker or any mercantile agency will tell you that Pape. Thompson & Pape of Cincinnati, is a large and responsible medicine concern thoroughly worthy of your confidence. Only curative results can come from taking Pape's Diuretic, and a few days' treatment means clean, active, healthy kidneys, bladder and" urinary organs and you feel fine. Accept only Pape's Diuretic fifty-cent treatment from any drug store &ny-3sher la -the world. . - v i BAD FOR ECZEMA. Water Frequently Aggrevates Skin Troubles. In certain inland European districts where water is seldom used for bathing purposes the people are almost immune from skin affections. The best authorities now agree that soap and water are to be avoided in the treatment of skin diseases, particularly eczema when present in the scalp or on the feet, as water is an irritant, and when not actually the cause of the disease, at least aggravates it. For this reason prescriptions put up in liquid or soap form, or containing grease or alcohol, have always failed. t The new skin remedy, poslam, is a flesh-colored ointment, containing no grease. Under its ' directions soap and water are forbidden. It may be used on the tender skin of infants with soothing and beneficial effect, and in eczema cases stops the itching immediately, rapidly restoring the skin to its normal condition. Every druggist keeps both the 50-cent size (for minor troubles) and the $2 Jar, and either of these may be obtained at The Owl Drug Co., as well as other reliable drug stores. But no one is even asked to purchase poslam without first obtaining a sample package, which will be sent by mail, free of charge, upon request? by the Emergency Laboratories, 32 West Twenty-fifth street. New York City. HUGH GALLAGHER IS SUED BY SISTER' PARTNER Accounting Demanded of Share of Profits in Undertaking Business. PROFITS REACH SUM OF $15,000 YEARLY Plaintiff Declares She Succeeded to Interests of A. P. Smiley. Miss Bessie Gallagher has Instituted suit in the Superior court against her brother, Hugh C. Gallagher, to compel him to make' an accounting to her of her share of the business which has been transacted by the Alameda undertaking firm of Smiley & Gallagher, from the year 1897 to the present date, After setting forth in her complaint that she and her brothers are both residents of the Enclnal City, Miss Gallagher alleges that in March, 1897, she and Gallagher entered into an agreement to go into the undertaking business jointly and that to this end they entered into a partnership agreement with A. P. Smiley, it being understood between all the parties that the profits and losses incident thereto should be equally shared and borne by all three of the parties. BOUGHT OUT SMILEY. Miss Gallagher further states that In December, 1900, she and her brother mutually purchased the right, title and interest of Smiley in the business and that while the concern paid expenses and no more up to about the year 1903, from that date to the present time the business has been thrifty and prosperous, averaging, the complaint, says, about $15,000 gross per annum, with net profits from 20 to 50 per cent of this amount per year. Plaintiff alleges that she has continuously and faithfully assisted in the conduct of the business since its establishment, thereby contributing equally with her brother to its growth and increase. TRUSTED BROTHER, Owing, however, to the confidential relationship existing between them as brother and sister, Miss Gallagher asserts that she has always permitted her brother, without question of interruption, to collect and handle all the moneys belonging to the business, without rendering an accounting, until March, 1900, when she claims to have made her first demand upon him for a statement of the business and a division of the profits accruing therefrom, which he flatly refused to consider. Miss Gallagher prays the court to order Gallagher to pay her a just and equal portion of the profits for the years covered, and for such other relief as may be just, together with costs of court. : . L. BEBHI IS TO SEEK DIVORCE Denies Rumor But Not in Way to Convince Her Friends. SAN FRANCISCO, March 30. Rumor has it that Maud Lillian Berri, prima donna of the Princess company, wife of Frank Moulan, the comedian, and daughter of Fulton G. Berry of Fresno, is about to seek a divorce, and though the singer refuses to verify the report she also refuses to deny it with any great amount of emphasis and gossips are interestedly awaiting the outcome. "I suppose the story started because Mr. Moulan and I are not playing ' together," declared the artress today. "I hear from him frequently, however, and though we are so far apart, there has been no talk of a separation, at least not yet." Miss Berri admits, however, that she might have told friends that she was going to assume a life of gay widowhood, but well, she was only in fun, she de-Clares, "and really she didn't think anyone would accept it seriously." Miss Berri is leaving for Los Angeles soon and unless she decides to institute suit before leaving here she will have to reside for three months in the southern city before beginning action. Jurgerwitz Case to Go to Jury Tonight Important legal business having required the absence of-Attorney A. L. Frick from the city, the trial of Fred W Jurgerwitz in the Superior Court for hte alleged murder of Claude F. Smith was interrupted today. It will be resumed before Judge Murphey of Mono county tomorrow, however, and the indications are that the case will be given to the Jury before night. The acquittal of Jurgerwitz on the ground that he shot Smith in self-defense is confidently expected by Attorney Frlds. MAUD Bakes, 'Roasts, Steams, Stews Takes from two to three hours to boll a ham on a stove, which means from two to threo hours worth of gas or coal. With the CALORIC Fireless, takes seven minutes to heat the radiators with gas to boil a ham. Quite a saving. Furthermore, the meat is better cooked this way, retains all the flavor. ELMHURST FAVORS .! PLAN Annexed District to Co-Operate With Oakland Clubs to Further Project. ELMHURST, March 30. The auditorium project, of the Progress and Prosperity committee of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce was last night indorsed by the Elmhurst Board of Trade, which met at Red Men's hall in this district for the consideration of this and several other problems. The organization also decided to affiliate with the Progress and Prosperity Committee in their efforts to further a bond call for the building. A report of Councilman R. C. Vose telling of the $14,000 appropriation for aflre house in the Elmhurst district was submitted to the bqard, and It was urged that at the next meeting of the city council, when the matter will be further considered, a delegation of the board attend the meeting to urge the immediate construction of the building. Secretary J. E. Hood reported that the Oakland Traction Company had complied with the request of the organization in regard to placing the sign "Elmhurst" on all ars passing through here, and that theSuburban Light and Power Companyhad promised to grant Elmhurst aT gas rate by July 1st. Hood was instructed to write to Superintendent of Streets Howe in regard to having the official grades established for this district. Resolutions were passed commending the action of 'the former sanitary board and the attorneys employed In getting quick action in the decision on the validity of the sewer bonds, and also-requested as prompt action in the Supreme Court, to which the case has been carried. Within the next few weeks street Improvements aggregating several hundred thousand dollars will be under way in the annexed district and East Oakland. BARE HMDS ARE . CAUSE OF PROTEST Writer Upbraids Mother Cruelty to Her Young Child. for Editor TRIBUNE: Many times we have seen it and eevry time we do see if a feeling of intense bitter indignation comes boiling over our entire anatomy until we think we must speak our minds on the subject. We would like to enter upon a vigorous upbraiding of the unsensible woman in question whom we see leading, we suppose, her little child of 3 or 4 years by the hand. "Well," you say, "but what of that, isn't that all right?" i"es, ;:-.?t far it is all right, but that isn't the poini That poor little bunch of humanity has a pretty warm checkered coat and paddies warmly gioved, but what of the lower extreme-ties? Look! it has only the thinnest of little white shoes and the flimsiest of little white sox leaving two poor little blue and red shivering bare legs exposed to the bitter cutting winds. REVERSES RULE. What a crushing of the old rule of former days', "Keep the feet warm and head cool for good health." But this is only one instance of many of modern times where good health is forgotten in the practice of a mode in dress which by some is considered style and fashion. However, to see a child dressed as described above is a sign of a lack of natural mother Instinct to care for her young properly and a gentle form of cruelty to children. English sox and bare legs are the proper thing in the hottest summer weather only, and strictly out of place regarding health and style at any other time. Any woman who dressed her child in this fashion at this time of year has the letters "Fool" imprinted upon her visage by every one whose eyes come in contact with the unwholesome sight. UNDER BAN OF LAW. It would be Justifiable that such persons exposing the health of little ones in their charge by this manner of dress be arrested for cruelty to children. Seeds of the dreaded white plague that we are so dexteriously trying to fight with money and brains can be sowed in childhood in this manner. Mothers and guardians of the tender young, take it unto yourselves; barring looks, how com fortable would you be with the English sox and dresses to the knee during our present wintry weather? Nurses and doctors, won't you help to thwart this silly, shallow . brained, unsightly, health-destroying fashion? C. B. MeCOLE, H Walsworth-avenue, Oakland, ' . AUDITORIUM Caloric Fireless Cook Stoves $15.00 $18.00 $23.00 Terms to Suit SCHOOL PROJECTS Various Projects Will Be Discussed by Board of , Education. Special appropriations, to be called roe in the school bond Issue, will be th subject of discussion at the next meeting of the board of -education, who will talk"" over the- proposed bonds and th needs of the Oakland schools Tueaday evening. Several improvements plan-' ned by the board, which will cost considerable sums, will be considered, and, if thought advisable, requisitions foif these will be placed in the call for bonds. These extras include a playground In Kitchburg, several open air schools, and. campus improvements for the Fremont high school, where the board Is considering purchasing extra land for an athletic field. These matters were to have come be. fore the board last night, but, on account of the length of time consumed by the open air school discussion, the matter was laid over to the next meeting. Try Murine Eye Remedy for Granulated Eyelids and Pink Eyea, It Soothes. Tom Johnson SeeKin'g Better. Health Abroad LONDON, March SO. Tom L. Johnson, former Mayor of Cleveland. Ohio, who arrived at Klshguard yesterday on the steamer Mauritania, is stopping with friends In Regents Park. Mr. Johnson is visiting Europe with the hope of. Improving his health. . ' COLDS CAUSE HEADACHE; LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. the world-wide Cold and Grip remedy, removes cause. Call for full name. Looit for signature E. W. GROVE. 26c Reason this out. If Tungsten globes cost more In the first place than ordinary globes, but give you better light and cut your power bills In two, aren't you saving money? Century Electric Co., 1375-77 Broadway. Writes of Intent To End This Life SAN DIEGO, March 30. "I am tired o living and by the time you receive' this I shall have "passed away. Good bye, Sam," wrote Andrew J. Toungberjp, assistant foreman of the local electric company, to the foreman, Samuel W. Mo Gjverney, Monday- night, and since then no trace of the writer ha been found. HELPFUL HINTS ON HAIR HEALTH Scalp and Hair Troubles Gen- erally Caused by Carelessness. v JV Dandruff is a contagious Slseaa caused by a microbe which also produces baldness. Never use a comb or brush belonging to somo one else. No matter how cleanly the owner may be, these articles may be Infected with microbes, which will Infect your soalp. It is fax easier to catch hair microbes than It Is to get rid of them, nA a single stroke of an infected comb or brush may well lead to baldness. Nerer ' try on enybody else's hat. Many a hatband is a resting place for microbes. If you happen to be troubled with dandruff, itching scalp, falling hair or baldness, we have a remedy which wa believe will completely relieve thes-i troubles. We are so sure of this that we offer U to you with the understanding that it" will cost you nothing for the trial if it does not produce the results We Claim. Xilia I t: 1 1 1 la v.aiicu .v all "93" Hair Tonic. We honestly believe it to be the most scientific remedy for scalp and hair troubles, and we know of nothing else that equals it for effectiveness, because of the results it has produced in thousands of cases. Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is devised to banish dandruff, restore natural color when its loss has been brought about by disease, and make, the hair naturally silky, soft and glossy. It dos this because it stimulates the hair foUlctoa. destroys the germ matter, and brings about a free, healthy circulation of blood, which nourishes the hair roots, causing them to tighten and grow new hair. W'a want everybody who has any trouble with hair or scalp to know that Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is the best hair tonic and restorative in existence, and no one should scoff at or doubt this statement until they have put our claims to a fair test, with the understanding-that they pay us nothing for the remedy If it does not give, full and complete satisfaction In every particular. - Two sizes, 60 cents and J1.00. Remember you can obtain Rexall Remedies in Oakland only at our store The Rexau otore. xno uwi urua . In OND ISSUE UO., Adu . m . teenth and Broadway and Sixteenth an& pftn Pablo airenu- f

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