The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1892
Page 3
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it .T. A.. "BANCROFT. IOWA, MAH. 10. i89a.__ Hm-tl»-VV''Mt«ni U'.v. Chicago $ 24:1 r 20 i 4.35 28 75 Hurley Flax NORTH !i Hum Mixed \v;iv freight.... n 4 Mixed ',.. • •"' ""I'm wity fvi'lijl\t.....« mum 1'ivssoiiKH 1 .. ..'.i 0.">l»ni 01HJUCU nilMCCTORY. B ANCROFT rKKKr.YTKtU.VN CIIUIUJH. NPI'vk't'rt in the idinnl house., 1-1 Sfhool i\t I! p. m.. inViieliiim survive, ;it 2 )i. 111., tt^!_!! T •: «^>^?^^^ AMcntOFT SWEDISH r.UTIIIiJHAX nilUIKilf, ini-i'tlMti movnlntj and I-,VIMIIII(! one Sunday in prtoh'month mid two c.vonlui? meolinuH in a mniiUi. timidity School nt 11! m. cwiijli Hui}dH.y, Uidie'-! Aid Sonloty meets every other Krtday. HKV. A. ICLKSTHOM, Oats % .23 Oorii lEgtf* 18 ! OUlo $3 00 (it 4.00 Wheat. ^...70 Hny 4.00 •ru.v; MOWS OF TII is The Lochtu school closes next Friday A. A. Grose visited Algonn hist Sut- rday. Mayor Johnson was at St. Paul ou usiiu'ss last week. Bancroft has received 45 carloads of migrants this spring. Mallory & Ilofius received a new Jicbold safe last week. G. T. Constance was down from Slue Earth City last Friday. J—ntsT isAi'-nuT cnuni'ii. of Bancroft, r in" scvvlc.v diieli P.unlay at 10 ::w H. m. a nil << i, ni .' i-'iinilji.v .school at 11! in., l,<mls siipn'M' ?hV 1\rst Snndn'y in c;ich tnonili at 1 |>. in., iiniv- /•i- ni(.i!iiii(.t Thursday evciiinjv Uiynllsls "j<:t'.l, on Smiditv I'.vHniru;, OuVfiimit, meeting thei :,st I'-mliiv uvoiiliii,' incJich in...ilh, cliotr wiicliiso Satiminy eveiiini:. Kvcvyhody invited, stisinK- tM'S cspfiliillv wuleoniR. •' Kiev. L. A, ouMJnNB.rii.stor. B ANCROFT Ji. K. CHURCH, pruaclilni! eacli Hiindity at 10 :.';<> u. tn.iiMfl,s i>. in,. «lass mocttnc i.rcce.diviu; each Kervioo at vlnuing of second bell, Sunday -School at, 12 in., J'.p v/onli hpiiene on Tuesday evening. |imj,m meeting Tluirsday evening, «lioir roniwiml Fridav evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wed- iieMlIVy afteriiooii. A cordial Invitation IH ex- tendtiil to all to alien OT .JOHN'S <:ATi'.r>MO criuucn. regular si-r- O 'vices:, Instnierlmi from KHo in :an a. ni., mans and snrimiu Irom 10 :30to 12. Holy meets the tmrd'Sunday oE every month sifter rlJKNL'nnnn. Everybody is invited to attend tiicse services. FATUan A. J. SfniKMMKL, Pastor. SOCIETY DIRECTORY. n r>riOOUKfiSIVK r.OIXSK >*0, 503, A. /& IT F. AND A. Jl. holds its reBUUir 'vJ- 'N.p' coinmuniciition ac tlie Masonic Hall /% / \ on the 'Wednesday evening on or l)e' /•>•' v fore the full moon of eacli month. Visiting brethren always welcome. K. S. STRKATKK, \V. M. B K. K, DAVTHON, Sec'y. ANCBOKT LODGE NO. 517 I. O. OK G. T. meets at the f. O. of «. T. Hall on each nlay evening at 7 -.30 p. in. Visiting mem- mado welcome. .1. B. STBKATRB, <3.f. Saturday lu'.r* inado (i. V. STBKATKK, Sec'y. C KOWN juvKNiLK TRMrus meets in tlie I. f). of G. T. Hivll every Wednesday evon- inir at 7 :15 <!KO. A. SMITH, C, I. . J''KKU SMITH, See'y. V KBA LODCJK NO. 291 K. OF 1' meets everv Monday cvculng at I 7 :30 p. m. at the fc. of P. Uall. stranRei- ' Knicnts are invited to meet with us, / •. M. A. 'lUBNKB, 0. 0. A. J. ANDBBNB; K. of K. and S. • B ANCBOFT I.ODOB NO. 644 I. Oi o. F. meets every Wednesday evening at the K. of P. Hall at 7 :30 p. in. Visiting Odd Fellows are invited to our meetings. NV.T. HAT.IJ, N. G. r. E. KEMT. Sec'y. " T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Hag his Iwn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. - B. D. OWEN, City prayman. Will do all kinds of hauling in or near the city as - —Cheap as the Cheapest- and do it quick. Give me a trial. D. B. OWEN, Bancroft, Iowa. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. A. HUMISTON, AUCTIONEER. -._ Will cry sales iu any part of the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. r BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en arged at reasonable prices. F. A. BRONSON. Dealer in Sewing Machines. Carpets, Pictures an4 frajnea. BURIAL OA8KBT8 Ham Davison iin.'j been sick abed sev- ral days tluriiij,' tho past week. Bill Kye says tlie boys are not in it. 3ut that don't count for wisdom. 8.P. Hartshorn has bought Bray ton's ainous Clyde stallion, Lord Orton. A young gentleman named Arni- tron g is working in the Register office. F. A. Bronson returned from a busri- less trip to Minneapolis lust Saturday. G-eo. Bliss is neifrly if not entirely lie had the lightest form of liphthcria. Jas. Hunt of Ramsay is working for Nick Areud in the shoe making busi- les.s at present. 'Father Schemmel went to Prairie ownship last Monday on business and ,vili return today. Mrs. J. W. Hawkins of Des Moines ms been visiting her daughter, Mrs.A. ). Berry man, lately. Chas. Wilson has been at Chicago Baking in the sights and buying new ;oods during the week. The Ladies Aid Society of tlie Baptist littrch took in $21 at their chicken pie Social last Friday night. Mallory & Iloflus are continually en- arging and adding to their stock of ;oods. Look at their ad. Miss Lena Lodge, formerly of this place, is visiting with her friend, Miss Minnie Breese, at present. A new settler although rather young was reported at Mr. Me Adams in ftamsay a week ago Sunday. John Roberts family were made happy over the arrival of another democrat at their home a week ago Sunday. John Meinzers family south of town are happy over the arrival of a baby boy at their home a week ago Sunday. The Baptist people are making strenuous efforts to secure Rev. Zellhoefer of Eagle Grove as pastor at this place. S. S. Stinsons blacksmith shop had some of the shingles torn off last week by the storm and he has had a new one put on Julius Johnson, the lather, came back to Bancroft from a visit with his parents at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, last week. Frank Crosgwaait and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a bran new republican at their house last Friday morning. Campbell & Reynolds received a new stock of stoves, besides $500 worth of new hardware, last week. They seem to be booming. F. B. Ward informs us that his brother A. G. is improving rapidly and we hear that he will make Bancroft a visit in the near future. Chas. Stinson of Sheldon stopped off and visited his parents last Wednesday on his return trip from Philadelphia where be bad been on business. S. Mayne, F. M. Barslou, B. I. Brayton, A. Sundstrom and W. S. Stahl were delegates to the republican county convention from Greenwood last Friday. A new barn near tbe Bloor school- bouse was blown down torn to pieces and several hundred bushels of oats thrown to the winds by last Wednesday's storm. Miss Hilda Stenson, Adda Davison and Clarence Robiuon were chosen as delegates from the local B. Y P. U. to the district meeting to be helu at Fort Podge the last days of March. The sons, daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of Mrs. Jane Hartshorn gathered at H. Austin's and gave her a birthday party, on her 72ad, birthday, last Saturday. Sbejreceived many valuable presents, R. E. Davison imported a trio of Rose comb Leghorn chickens from Glenwood last week, also a fine Plymouth rock cockerel. They keep the breeds seperate and will sell Plymouth Rock eggs for setting purposes. Bill Nye, or the tall man, says that his thoughts have bees wandering again, this time to the Sam Johnson nigger show. This reminds us of the negro propensities ol his brother, Dave, but when ne connects it with am: city electioi} he reminds us'of, his _' m#&to I**".!/ only Ue bw iwi m WU cb life * • A part of the depot roof was blown of? by last Wednesday's storm. John Boiirdman of Spencer lios very sick with pneumonia at Gar Bolster's. Rev. Richie's sermon at the M. E. church hist Sunday evening was very fine. Another olnb dance was held at Campbell & Reynold's Hall last Friday- night. « Alfred Leonard (.•nun! home from ifigbland 1'ark Normal College last Friday. Prof. Andyrson rtundayed at Algona with Dr. Morse in the ubpi-rici; ol' Mr;;. Anderson. The most terrific windstorm ever known in these parts look place last Wednesday. A sister ol' Miss Ma-mi e Kennedy of Algona made her a visit tlie latter part of last week. W. A. Chipman and wife of Portland visited relatives in town last Saturday and Sunday. Cliff Stockwell and lady went to Burt last Saturday to attend a dance at that place. Mrs. Henry Ilobn, has been pretty sick with some kind of malarial trouble for some time. W. V. Wills preached a very acceptable sermon at the M. E. church last Sunday morning. Rev. Williams returned from his trip to Des Moines. Grinnell and Lime Springs last Friday. T. H. Conner has been'in town for a week buying. Clumber for his new five room house lie is to erect in Seneca township. Mr. Conner has made heavy investments in this part of the county and seems to be -well satisfied with his bargains in land. I. O. G. T. program for Mavr:h 19, Company Q, J. A. Freeh, captain: Instrumental Music—Myrtle Gallion. Itccitutlon—Knunu Barslou. Heading—J. B. Recitation'-?Otto Bruor. Song—Lel.i Davison. BecitiUiou-ltob Wilson. Reading—Mary I.inge. liecitatiun—Mabel Johnson. Song—Adda Davisou and C. L. 'Ostniniler, Taper : "College Life"—Alfred Leonard.' Original Talk—J. A. Freeh. Violin Music-Chas. Odoll. Kecitation—Minna Bruer. Song—Mary Barslou and Lizzie .Ilingficlorl I. 0. (4. T. Resolutions. Recognixing the fact and fundamental principles of our order, that all license is wrong, because it makes the state, si partner in crime and because it is a failure in stamping out the evils of ntomporance, 113 proved by Iowa ex- iencc and the governor's statistics, e 51. Resolved. That as n lodge of Good emplarsv/e earnestly and emphatically rolesf and remonstrate against the as.sage of the infamous Gatch bill o\v under consideration at DPS Moines IK! bis it. Re.solvwl, That we denounce the reachory of Senator Galch in violat- ig the pledges of thy Cedar Rapids lati'urrn on which ho w;.is elected a« eiiatcr. ]!e it J'MrUicr Resolved, That si copy ol' jtioiiii be furnished the local papers, a opy i.^nt to the legislature and a copy •e spread on the. lodge records. BY OttDKH OK CO3I3IITTKI5. 01 n D P. n " g O £ W 10 cn I o o O Ul S. Ul I u> I While The Band is We want you to read this and put it down in your Vest pocket and when you are in need of anything in our line. come right to the Bancroft Tea We have just added to our Stock a, full line of Spice Co, YMoi'V f'o)' Mn 1 ticket. In the election for four school direc- or;-i Iiii-it Monday, Jas. Gallion and lenvy Merrifield were eleot,fe(f AYithout pposit.ion. For the other two offices here were four candidates viz. S. Sten- oi), G. W. Smith, A. A. ReynqJuH, O. - 1 . ]3riglijim. T)ie following was tbe r ote. Xo. votes cast 108, thrown out 2. \.. A. Reynolcs 135, O. T. BrighamlS-I, 3. Stenson 32, G. W. Smith 2,5. FOK KKKT. 200 ucres of land, good barn, well, liouse and wind mill. Well improved arm and near a school bousu. All plow- ng clone. Call at Mallory & Hofius' tore. Now is the time ijp buy your Knbber Booty. We also have on oui' |lielves the inoHt c-ompleto line ot ; :Crock|ry and Glassware ever shown in Ba^roft, Come in find sec; us. We defy Conipetion,: |Free Delivery. Wo handle the • . Celebrated Sleepy E> e Flour. ft, Hi Kutray. Strayed from my farm in Ramsay ownship last fall two steer calves qne ct black and the other black and white. jiberal revgnrd to the finder. Leave word at the post office. , A. HOMISTON. For Sale. A pair of mules, weight 2100 Ibs, age 5 and 7 years. Inquire at the Phoenix House. G. F. HOLLOWAT. your ma First Small Boy—What does do.w'en you lie to her? Second Small Boy—She tells pop I take after him. Charles Stewart Purnell. The death of this noted and brilliant Irishman was caused by the neglect of a simple cold. Had lie used Haller's Sure Cure Cough Syrup his life might have been spared many years. Is now settled in its newly arranged building in tbe RICHMOND BLOCK where we are prepared to treat you in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign mid domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a genurnl banking business transacted, Passenger tickets tp or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. A. R. M. RICHMOND, B. RICHMOND, President. -• Cashier. Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. . Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines. Iowa. Ht. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota •-.•••• Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosman. Claverack, New. York. . • • '• — _ onujt Mani Tn>» SiCo. (nitcqcted »nd itirted men worked steadily «nd made money fut«r than I expected to. I became. »ble to bur »fl lileod and build • imall iumtner hotel. If I don't locned at tbat, I will co to work again at the bnilnen In which I made 017 money. True is Co.i Shall we Initrnct and itart yon, raadert If we do, and if yoa work induitrloaaly, yoa will in doe time be abletobnyanliUnd and bnild a hotel, if yonwieh to. Money can be earned at pnr new line of work, rapidly and honorably, by thoie of either nz, young or old, and in their own loeautiei, whererer they UTO. Any one can do the work. Eaiy to learn. We fyrniib every thing. Ne risk. Yoa can devote y» ir epare moment!, or all your time to the work. Thli entirely new lead brinn wondertal enc- eesi to every worker. Beginner* are earning from MS te> •SO per week and upwardi, and more after a little experience, we can farnlih yoa the employment—we teach yoa FREE. ThU i» an age of manrelone thlnge, and here U another great, metal, wealth-giving wonder. Great gataf will reward every indnitrioni worker. Wherever yon are, and whatever yon are doing, yon want to know about thli wonderful work at once. Delay mean! much money loft U >. No epaee to explain here, bnt ifyoo will write Pioneer Land, Loan and InsuraMe Agency of Bancroft. Established in1881.' A .large list of .wild lands for sale. Improved /arm* and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest..'time.'and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies. Call oh Oraddress'us, R. M. EICHMOND & GO. B. Hats, Caps, $<pJlS, Shoes and Clothing All of which wilji|>| ^ld|3HEAP. I am just receiving a large stock of ; Ready-Made Clothing •which will be sold cheaper th^fou can buy the same class of goods in any other Btpr« in $|, I also handle all kinds of yon. o *pae« to explain here, bnt ify we will make allplalnto you FREE. Addret CO., Box 400, Anfiut*. to u, BOYS LOOK HERE! If you want to go to a spelling school, or exhibition, or take your girl out riding, I have some good horses and buggies at the Phoenix -- Barn To let you at reasonable prices. PHCENIX BARN. Jas. Whalen, Proprietor. . F. B. ANDERSO^ pyperintends this braach of my business. ffYOUWAMTI.ANn If you want your Farm Loan renewed, or want to get A deed,—see me. I can/avfi you money. ; , ^ limited-aipounVo| monejj to loan on 30, 60 or 90 days time. U , V A, lar^e list Of wiW and improved, farms for sale. Call aud see we before buying. Large New Stock OF SPRING GOODS* At WILSOFS of Bancroft. We will Nolb be Undersold^ All are invited to call and look the stock over. House andSign Painter, Graiir, Paper Haier, and all work iu tJus toe, BT Satisfaction Guaranteed. BANCROFT, Don't go without the Home News when the Bancroft * News •& To We do ther 01 e k jo of a

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